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Robert Morris University's third volume of EGG, the University's arts and literary magazine.

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advising editor s note our first installment of egg was titled gen{o}sis this title was chosen to give birth to our new art magazine the second edition was titled exogamy in order to define the celebration of diversity at rmc and the vast range of art our multicultural community produces this installment of egg is entitled leveler leveler is defined by the american heritage college dictionary as editorial board design editors diana l aguado bas 2002 javier govea bas 2003 student editor n 1 one that levels araceli ortega bba 2004 2 one who advocates the abolition of social inequities faculty advising editor all human beings are capable of producing art from finger-paintings to epic poetry each has the right to create his or her own art and send it off into the universe revealing yourself artistically is often frightening but the rewards can be beyond one s greatest expectations the egg is an instrument for anyone at rmc to share his or her artistic talents and we are extremely fortunate to have such creative individuals on all our campuses and encourage those who feel artistically inspired to share their work with this publication regardless of rank race gender color or creed students faculty and staff have chosen to take this leap and share their creativity in multiple styles traditions and media rmc artists show their pride through egg leveler we look forward to many more brilliant editions of egg to come mick mcmahon i faculty advisors keith driver jacob knabb jane ungari ii leveler robert morris college arts literary magazine march 2003 peace mick mcmahon special thanks to mike viollt mab krueger don haynes for inquiries please contact us at egg no iii eler leveler lev egg no iii


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terry l adams woman 3 movement trapped untitled denise a gray 53 diana l aguado 53 109 67 amila hadzalic cheryl heidegger marcellus hendricks love fusion 8 thebeatoflife 70 wildyellow 71 morethanafather 101 dyingtogetinshape 102 untitled 63 2 linda alharsha andres arana salvador birrueta with open eyes anime girl 62 i miss you t.j conception 69 week 9 69 week 1 0 71 the edge untitled proverb 73 67 107 dressgreens 22 perspectivefromthe l 25 ridereadrainrearrun 25 tiltheendoftime 28 innocence 64 iii joy m hlavaty jennifer kranz 70 mike kelly 86 shelly lamantia 27 john w mccoy 106 zinnia mercado 28 j f mueller stephanie bryant gerardo casales iv abstract 8 intimate view my baby sister message in a bottle blindstrust self-reliant night school i wonder 21 26 26 74 30 deisi escalante silviano estrada killingtime 15 stairs blocking my way michael james finley carrie fletcher javier govea melting in a psychotic wonderland untitled egg no iii eler leveler lev patrick m murphy jr sorrowday 19 dreamer 20 lostseduction 29 lostpassage 52 noending 105 dead at 98 or later 7 taswood beach lovers the zombies 4 saystina 16 108 egg no iii


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kelly meister charles ott joann pantano edward f russell alexander sancen father 68 54 the chicago bear self portrait 6 you can go home again in a 1990 buick super majesticcity 13 weeklyroutine 19 easywayout 72 labyrinth 22 one more class enemy piguah 9 waiting 17 parallelity 85 riding downtown 87 24 sue song v neer spinner 1 85 23 dr herman e stark nicole taylor philosophical reflections on pinocchio four asses and a muse 14 ler eve l cover design by diana aguado egg logo by javier govea egg no iii eler leveler lev egg no iii


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i miss you i can t understand why god took you so soon but i will always remember you in the sun and the moon there is so much pain that i can feel but it s still hard to believe that this tragedy is real there is not much room left in my heart for another then that of my best friend who is also my brother to me it is proven that life isn t fair but down in my heart you will always be there i will never forget all the times we had they were all mostly good but sometimes bad i cannot cut this tag of blame off myself for not bettering my life and sharing with you the wealth and when it comes to my dying day to reach you behind the gates of heaven there is no price i wouldn t pay i love you and can t wait to see you again love always and forever your sister cheryl heidegger woman 2 3 egg no iii eler leveler lev egg no iii by terry l adams


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the zombies the zombies sit in the kitchen eating newspapers and reading cereal boxes while aging pastries cry out for a vacant stomach hidden behind the comic strips and stock reports isn t it funny how a pastry would want to die in the prime of its life rather than grow old gracefully on the radio the traffic man preaches his gospel while the hypnotic helicopter blades act as a metronome for the heart breathing life into these lumps of clay after a cup of coffee and the pill of the month the pilgrimage begins these urban disciples board the rail-cars two by two while lovebirds sing heathen chants and flowers blind the eye with anathematic colors they have again been saved from the flood of life as the steel tumbrils march on to the shrines of auschwitz and new york the serpent slithers through armies of corn and wheat swept by the west wind into attack they pummel the serpent but the zombies feel nothing they just sit in the belly eating fortune magazine with a side order of money and a bloody mary or twelve the serpent creeps into mecca inc 1929 and vomits up the zombies while the station-man passes out briefcases and brains the zombies go to their alloted tombs and the necropolis becomes alive with death the zombies play human being and sing the chant of the ticker tape and battle with sharp pen and sharper tongue the high priests acheive sacred coronary and litter the streets from their high-rise offices while initiates await their first ulcer then dow jones passes out and the serpent eats up the zombies bringing them back to suburbia the land of supreme vegetation the zombies remove their duracells and lie like ragdolls until god comes on the radio one day by accident or chance or fate a zombie was eating his morning newspaper when he got an obituary caught in his throat ten year old girl dies he couldn t spit it back up so he swallowed it as he digested it he was poisoned with a crazy notion that there s more to life than death so he gave up being a zombie and became a poet now he gives nickels to children and listens to bach and smiles isn t it funny how a zombie would want to live in the prime of his death rather than rot gracefully by patrick m murphy jr 4 5 egg no iii eler leveler lev egg no iii


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self portrait my body burns to ashes in less than three hours three more minutes to crack crunch grind my bones one hour more to cool dead at 98 or later in ireland dragging the urn my granddaughters plan and pray they cry and laugh stumble their way i watch them smiling listen isaiah says selena isaiah s what we read she loved that man s poetry the images he named the other two shake long straight hair frown that psalm that song cecelia says she quoted #63 or was it 36 when we brought her our tears our troubles our longings our stories remember you know you know the one that says her heart longed for life like the earth parched lifeless and without water that s the one we need oh no says sarah it s that part in genesis the one where old lady sarah laughs out loud that s the one she d want remember she said she said sarah and abram were married for a century for chrissakes or something it was before abram changed his name to abraham i think gram said sarah laughed out loud in god s very face when god told her she d birth a son it matters not my dears i whisper read what heals your own hearts i say to deaf ears read my poems i say read my poems by j f mueller spoleto 2002 6 7 by joann pantano egg no iii eler leveler lev egg no iii


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love fusion man and woman individuals yet one brain and loin heart and soul hand and hip words of love and silent gestures ephemeral and eternal naked gentle caresses and deep thrusts over and over again by denise a gray piguah 1 abstract 8 matitiyau was staring bleakly out the window taken a bit off guard by 2 the relentless rain pattering against it curious since it was only early october 3 4 matitiyau and yoshua were sitting shiva at their apartment in tel-aviv it was small and humble it had a small bedroom with just enough space to fit a makeshift desk an old bunk bed an inefficient closet and a tiny window over the head of the top bunk a kitchen with a small sink with a curtainless window above it an overhead cupboard with the door off its hinges a refrigerator with a broken light and a small oven/stovetop a bathroom in which the shower floor and the rest of the room was indiscernible a showerhead seemingly arbitrarily placed on the wall with no curtain to indicate the beginning of the shower or end of the toiletry a small sink with a small mirror cabinet above it and an old toilet with rust stains on it and in the living room was a rugged couch meant to be a third bed a threadbare loveseat to its side a lamp that dimly lit 5 the room not on this day however an old face clock on a table next to it and a tv sitting on a few milk crates against the wall today the apartment also had an overwhelming feeling of distressing despair so thick one would think it was the only thing supporting this abode and its inhabitants and keeping them from simply fading away into a miserable history you know i would have given him the bed yeah yoshua i know top bunk even if he wanted it it s ok i know it was a silly fight i m sure we would have figured something out by now yeah i guess so hey mat yes who s coming over this afternoon again 6 my saba effraim he s lived here since the start of it all in 1948 came down from hungary ­ managed to escape the ss time oozed by slowly for the two tormented roommates they sat ­ lost in twisting thoughts and foggy ideas each staring despondently at a different wall silent absorbed speechless the rain lightened a bit and there was a knock on the door shalom saba 9 1 2 piguah means hit literally in hebrew and is used to describe suicide bombings in israel s dry environment it usually doesn t start raining until late october or mid november egg no iii eler leveler lev by gerardo casales one of the most populated cities in israel ­ in the middle of the country right off the mediterranean sea 5 6 4 shiva is the customary week-long mourning period when the friends and family of a loved one sit on the floor and abstain from any kind of work or pleasure 3 during shiva one is not allowed to operate any electrical appliance saba is the hebrew word for grandfather egg no iii


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10 shalom matitiyau shalom yoshua how are you boys doing today it s been already what five six days how s your tuchas ha ha saba funny but we re just not in the mood for joking now we don t understand we re confused why did they have to kill him saba why was he walking by that exact café at that exact moment what did he ever do to harm them why do they hate us saba why oh matti if i knew the answers to all those questions i could be 7 doing a better job than sharon but from my experience we just can t get along with those sorry excuses for human life we ve tried reasoning with them we ve tried dealing with them we ve tried living with them but the pigs won t accept us they are set in their violent ignorant narrow-minded heathen views and so there is no way to reconcile with them anything short of a genocidal threat is a waste of breath what more can i say but effraim why do they abhor us so are we not both human beings sharing the same world apparently not they see us as a weed in their perfect muslim garden that needs to be exterminated ­ sounds familiar eh and this is exactly why we forged our own state out of the belly of the beast we are the eternal defiant thorn in their side that will not grow out they will eventually have to accept this nation or find somewhere else to wreak havoc yeah but 8 oi vey i m sorry boys but i have to go pick up safta now once again i m terribly sorry and i wish you both the best i ll see you boys at dinner 9 10 on friday shalom ve lehitraot 11 speaking of which who s bringing us dinner tonight mat oh um my friend from the university no not the crazy one studying humanities yeah that s the one fine but you know he s just gonna drive us nuts about all his political revelations and so ons and so forths he just kinda gets on my nerves sometimes you know yeah i know but i m pretty sure he ll take it easy on us tonight besides he s bringing over schnitzel fries and salad he can t be all bad shcnitzel you say hmm not too bad the rain had ceased to patter the sun was at rest the sea was asleep and the living mob had poured into the streets in order to enjoy each other s company and melt into the colors of the night yoshua and matitiyau sat still in their dim peaceful apartment awaiting dinner and a long haughty conversation the only sounds emitted were from the ticking of the clock and an occasional deeply delivered sigh hello anybody home yes yes come on in moshe hey fellas how goes the sitting fine moshe just fine ­ uh matitiyau said something about schnitzel oh the schnitzel right well that um i right here you go i brought 12 some of my mom s home cooked g vech moshe don t ask i m sorry this is all i could get never mind let s eat the three sat eating g vech and bread in a mournful silence that is suddenly interrupted by moshe s outward inflection you know this didn t have to happen there s no reason we should be at each other s necks there can be peace in the middle east but we must first come to realize that it is us who cause the unsettled rivalry i mean think about it they had more land here before we did and we just came in and busted them out i mean it s no wonder there s still some hurt feelings and deep seated grudges held today after 53 years not to mention the poor position we put them in have you ever been to the west bank or gaza strip life is unbearable there i would go crazy and kill a bunch of people too if i had to suffer that lifestyle day in and day out why can t sharon just pull his head out of his ass and realize he s not going to get anywhere before he steps down and recognizes the hardships they re facing i mean honestly what s the big deal you know what moshe what mat 13 shtok fine i can see my political disclosures are not welcome here anyway i gotta go home and read some machiavelli it s been great seeing you guys let me give you my condolences one again and part in peace good luck shalom ve lehitraot shalom lehitraot it was well past dusk and the two crawled into their beds yoshua on the top bunk and matitiyau on the bottom they said their goodnights and matitiyau was slowly drifting to sleep but yoshua couldn t get comfortable he had not been sleeping well lately and tonight was no exception 11 egg no iii eler leveler lev 7 8 ariel sharon prime minister of israel 2001-present safta is the hebrew word for grandmother 9 in the jewish religion the sabbath begins on friday night and is customarily welcomed with a family dinner with blessings over wine 12 13 10 11 g vech is a middle eastern vegetable stew shut up shalom ve lehitraot common farewell meaning goodbye and until we meet again while sitting shiva one is also not allowed to cook egg no iii


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majestic city umnhrgmn mati are you sleeping matitiyau mmmmmm what yosh i was just wondering what you think about all this you haven t really said much about it me um well i guess i don t know i guess i m kind of in the middle i mean there s just no way that they could be completely wrong all the time and we could be completely right i mean i d like to believe everything saba says and rest assured that this land is rightfully ours and we live on it justly but that just seems too easy i know suicide bombers and everyday conmen seem to be highly visible but they can t all be like that you know there s just no way they could all hate us that much besides kids are taught to hate that s the problem these virtues have been handed down from generation to generation they have endured i believe in an equal peace however where they must come to accept our existence and respect our well-being and we must come down off this high chair of pride and history we sit on there must be compromise i see no other way no other way what about you mr 20 questions me oh um well i don t agree with saba i don t agree with moshe so you re with me on this one i knew we were living together for a reason well no i wouldn t say that either what you re not on the right you re not on the left and you re not in the middle how could that be maybe i m to the side to the side i don t know it just doesn t make any sense by neer spinner by alexander sancen 12 13 egg no iii eler leveler lev egg no iii


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four asses and a muse great blasts of hot air come up from the canyon like the breath of bad dogs a powerful incentive to press on the mountain in its three-headed confidence looms incapable of doubt and looks like tomorrow as it reaches for everything you thought unapproachable wearily the donkeys plod the hills and carry half the family fortune on their backs i suppose this is an authentic experience and it s good for us but what do i know i say feeling a trifle embarrassed without knowing why we go on for another mile when we reach the plateau we unpack the saddlebags and find some comfort there she s reading her own diary over again and ignores us it s best that way what we can offer is nothing she wants her lover the tour guide claims he is an incarnation of ferdinand magellan and that donkeys are much like ships whatever we are impressed with the disharmony of things and our own self-insistence on perfect moments such as when a fire crackles in the dusk the serious problems of life however are yet to be articulated or even felt most of us are thinking of goods and stores of bribes to the authorities of our endless litany of personal trials and triumphs she s beautiful you whisper and as i watch she begins to weave a rare almost perfect melody of the night the pages of her diary blowing up to tease her fingers as a breeze freshens the encampment and induces her to look up by silviano estrada killing time 14 15 egg no iii eler leveler lev sit arms folded against everything we ought to know by nicole taylor at us a smile or the thought of one almost gone because nobody seems to worship her but the circle of trees in which we egg no iii


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says tina love is just for fools says tina talking to her favorite ragdoll men will woo you then they ll use you leave you crying for your mother tina says she ll never marry she won t be wooed by a suitor at the door a handsome suitor calls to win the hand of tina he is sure she ll want to marry for she s such a homely ragdoll come right in says tina s mother tina someone s here to see you i think tina s going to like you says her mother to the suitor who is at the door dear mother it s a handsome suitor tina tina scowls and chokes her ragdoll i assure you i won t marry tina dear i long to marry i can t live my life without you such a sweet domestic ragdoll tina slaps the handsome suitor please give him a chance now tina says her dear homebody mother have this man removed dear mother i do not intend to marry won t you hear me out sweet tina can t you see that i do love you tina laughs and kicks the suitor then she beats him with her ragdoll tina walks off with her ragdoll tell this man goodbye dear mother i don t need a handsome suitor telling me he wants to marry give in and men think they own you they will learn they don t own tina i won t marry any suitor this i tell you my dear mother your sweet tina is no ragdoll by patrick m murphy jr waiting the incessantly shrieking cube was crying 5:30 the week had barely begun i want it to be friday it s been over a month since i ve seen the sun what day is it again monday right-off to school early shirt-shirt-pants-socks-no time to brush toast-toast-peanut-jelly-milk breakfast tuna-crackers-bar-apple lunch it s been dark for over a month left-left-flip-right-flip dance music today left-right-left-right-left-back-park wow i m on time i m numb everything s cold in the absence of lightand i only can see while dreaming at night i want it to be friday after this one i ll want only three more one moon cycle one month it s been over a month and i m dying to seethe beautiful light that s taken from me 18005696972151369712990820119725260745139 numbers a wire a couple satellites and then finally a voice like looking at a picture of the sun there is so much left to desire-both ways i to bask in familiar warm rays and her to love in heart-warming ways if a picture holds a thousand words then a thousand words must hold a million desirestransmuted in 10,15 20 minutes a month s worth of lust must be confined into a peanut shell of time i m biting my tongue-bleeding words from my mind 16 17 egg no iii eler leveler lev egg no iii


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sorrow day like a hot spring i m potent-set to explode and spill all the thoughts i d no longer hold but not be like oedipus ­ stupid and bold so i could tell stories he couldn t have told the luminous cube quiet and waiting winking at me-1:30am-in silence knowing it will shriek once more in but four and a half hours i hate the cube without which i d be lost i now hate the sun i find myself lost is it dark again so soon or did it never brighten i see the sun-forever engraved in my eyelids but whose warmth is only emitted by one it s been so long so long i ve almost forgotten how bright a day could actually be i forgot i m numb by javier govea waiting i rose i moved i lie tomorrow again i ll try to pass the time in an overcast world till my sun returns with passion unfurled by neer spinner 18 19 weekly routine i sit alone in my room crying so much my eyes are swollen shut waiting for that bastard to call he s not going call like he said he was i sit alone in my room yelling kicking screaming biting feeling sorry for myself angry for letting him do this to me again i sit alone in my room staring at my cat and asking him what i did to deserve such pain he gets up and leaves egg no iii eler leveler lev i sit alone in my room finally realizing that it s over i wake up it s next week he does it to me again by alexandra sancen egg no iii


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dreamer i wonder life has given me wonderful things but it has also given me many painful sorrows i must live today and today only and wonder if there will be a tomorrow i have a terminal health condition that has shattered most of my dreams however i sometimes wonder how wonderful those dreams could have turned out to be love is one of those things that lifts me up to keep fighting the battle but then when i am all alone i fall back into my deep sorrow another thing that lifts me up is my lovely 5 year old daughter then again if i am gone tomorrow she will have no one to love her i also have very good friends who have given me love and support however i sometimes wonder if they notice that i do not want them in my life any longer i would like to leave them with the best memory of me the one that once was there for them and always gave the best of me the one that once fought a battle until the last day that she could breathe by zinnia mercado 20 21 egg no iii eler leveler lev egg no iii by javier govea



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