Egg - Volume 2: Exogamy


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Robert Morris University's second volume of EGG, the University's arts and literary magazine.

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ed it o r s no t e after the overwhelming success of the first edition of robert morris college s literary magazine egg gen{o}sis a multitude of students faculty and staff were once again eager to share their talent and ideas with the rmc community the most challenging aspect in creating this magazine was choosing from the vast number of submissions for each was wonderful in its own right our staff sought encouragment knowing that this is not the last edition of egg there will be many more editions in what will become a longstanding tradition if the response we received on the first two magazines is any guide the multicultural atmosphere is one of the most attractive features of rmc permeating throughout the halls of our campuses making it an ideal place to work and study constantly we learn from the many brilliant people who grace our halls whether instructors teaching students or students educating their instructors all of us have unique backgrounds and experiences that mold who we are individuals as well as representatives of our cultures the egg is a celebration and marriage of the creative talent of all cultures represented in our community which is why we chose to title this edition exogamy according to the american college dictionary exo g amy is defined as n 1 the custom of marrying outside a social unit such as a tribe 2 biol the fusion of two gametes that are not closely related the poetry memoirs fiction artwork and photography that follow are the marriage of our creative multicultural community and a testament to the vision that unites rmc and makes us such a rich community we encourage you to enjoy egg exogamy and share a taste of our culture with your own exogamy sláinte mick mcmahon egg i exogamy


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edi to ri a l bo ardstude nt s rodney broaddus shirley cruz ivan jackson fa c ul t y john beer paula beer greg hill julie jung mick mcmahon sheila o donohue michael singletary lisa skoler jenny stelzer jane ungari ryan wilson gerard wozek des ign staff shirley cruz michael jankowski exogamy robert morris college arts literary magazine december 2001 special thanks to mike viollt deb dahlen don haynes exogamy egg ii exogamy


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t ab le of contentsjamesbalt ru m 68·coyote steals everything is told g re g b o rg m a n 7·i am only a number 25·to the woman i never knew rodneyb ro addus 29·jewish ghetto l o re n a m c a b re r a 12·what about me s a br inacastro 24·confusion c har l e s co nd e 4·anger a is h a co n ne l l 3·reflection of a strong mind c har l e s co ttle 67·flower delarakm cullough 51·mother of mine maria da vila 2·lonely a ng eladav is 31·a mother s love a nt o i ne d e nt o n 50·1865 m ar cu s eatm o n 28·pain rhodal in efatokin exogamy egg iii exogamy


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34·eternity massielf ie r r o 40·i m sorry ursu la f it zpatr ic k 42·disappointment d o ro thyflo re s 5·shattered dreams gajjar ma yurgajjar 47·fake f re dericke g e ig e r s r 6·i don t want to die alone ism a e l go m e z 58·alone with you j a v ie rgovea 21·furious night a ri janahajda re v i c 52·story from my childhood g on zalohernandez 4·amazing love a m ir alijessa ni 40·i knew i d miss you k a r ri njohnson 30·sister sister rh o nd a r m ay s 20·a poem isn t just a poem debo ra hmccu ll ough 66·only in my dreams patsycollins me y e r exogamy egg iv exogamy 41·dear black mother


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j u a n lu is m un o z 46·conviction m i c he l e ne lson 60·speakable losses tresia ni sbett 37·where was i going robert nu nn 55·sorry ei leen owsi an y 27·butterfly me 45·is a rose the symbol of love 56·wasted childhood m i ke parsons 38·where can it be griselda qu ezada 11·reflection of life a ng e l r iv e r a 39·the sky is the limit c hr is t in e s a nt a na 22·the red man i am regi na ld scott 74·artwork 14·a child of the holocaust a nd reac storey 78·what do you see 10·the visitor joesyn og a 26·leaving exogamy egg v exogamy maddytataro ff


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8·wind chill deniseth om pson 48·the answer katiev on derheide 35·she s the one je n ni ferw ag ne r 32·far away shirleya walker mo o r e 43·sugar mama delp hi ne w h it e 36·mom w il li a m l w il s o n 59·the killed in action 44·tears sene ca g wo odson 33·this i pray exogamy egg vi exogamy


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exogamy graphic designed by shirley cruz exogamy egg 1 exogamy


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l o ne ly by maria davila lonely i feel as i walk talk and smile always hoping it will only be awhile i stroll down the lonely lane where only i can feel the pain tears crawl down my eyes as i look upon the sky lonely i walk talk and smile oh how i feel so unworthy i look around me and i wonder how can i feel that warmth inside me i lose my hunger and i feel cold i look around me and i feel lost i need a hug i need but a word to comfort me like a child would stars and rain can heal my pain as my mind wonders and my heart remains cold and sad my lonely heart proclaims with only the hope that one day it will change exogamy egg 2 exogamy


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re f l e ct io nofas tr o ng m i nd by aisha connell exogamy egg 3 exogamy


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anger by charles conde a loud tone of voice fist tightening while you grind your teeth heart beats faster you breathe through your nose you can taste your own blood when you bite the inside of your cheek you focus on that one item feel their pain when you bite them i m not like that today a mazi ng love by gonzalo hernandez amazed amazed why so amazed easy comes easy goes amazed amazed one day you are here the next day you are gone amazed amazed enjoy the love exogamy egg 4 exogamy


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s ha tt e re d d re a ms by dorothy flores she was only eight when her father took her in his bedroom and made her do what she was told god watched and did nothing as her father did what he pleased her innocence gone forever and the worst was yet to be now she s twenty-five and has never been truly loved never will she bear a child the lord has seen to that no child no man no family of her own a punishment of her past not a day goes by that men don t flirt poor guys don t know how much she s hurt if they only knew what god has done made her an outcast because of her father s fun she has nothing to live for and she s too afraid to die not a day goes by that she doesn t cry a lonely old lady is what she s afraid to be oh lord won t you please set her free exogamy egg 5 exogamy


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i don t want to die alone by frederick e geiger sr i do not want to die alone i do not want to die alone i want to be with someone somebody surround me with the children god s children for nation building the adults are too chaotic too confusing trouble they are too bizarre the children bring forth life a gift of happiness alone i would not be my soul would feel happiness freely those little smiles mean more to me than life entirely exogamy egg 6 exogamy


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i am only a num ber by greg borgman i am only a number brought in as five without my numbers i would not be alive i am only a number my name doesn t matter in a family of eight i am only extra chatter i am only a number when i drive my car i am only a number when i go in the bar i am only a number working 9 to 5 everyday i am only a number to receiving my two weeks pay i am only a number at my bank it s the same i am only a number for creditors to blame i am only a number even at my school to use my name would only be cool my name is gregory i would like everyone to use it my numbers are worn i don t mind please abuse it exogamy egg 7 exogamy



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