Egg - Volume 6


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Robert Morris University's sixth volume of EGG, the University's arts and literary magazine.

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editorial board student design editor ashley lessmann student editor kristin fedor faculty advisors mick mcmahon cher jolliff john beer keith driver david pyle theodore scholz indicates award-winning work egg robert morris college arts literary magazine september 2006 for all inquiries and submissions please e-mail us at i


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table of contents nejatt abdelrahman struggle within terry adams italy ii the princess italy i diane allen dad quintin allen tis me tiffany barnett seasons of love leslie bartosz haunted by you trying to fit in give me liberty heather brady hell i don t know ricardo cepeda searching nicholas r dworsack majestic night rest the future never looked so bright rhonda evans native joann flores motherland 22 14 19 107 47 83 60 46 66 87 27 8 21 32 64 67 65 yaneli flores it s not your fault nancy gabl memories of the heart where have i been marlena d grisby-james greed laura gutierrez and then comes pain nina harris my pen sonia hernandez living in a global world cassandra hewlett division emily holman alcohol precious jackson my hips priscilla jibowu time salvador jimenez self portrait en agua army of me working kathy king chotal and the pipe kyle lafontaine memoir of a drug addict 52 88 105 20 68 50 59 15 11 38 7 10 26 71 40 iii ii


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ashley lessmann cover design lent viii the silent era shomontelle lewis this life bitter sweet memories take off the mask angelica martinez untitled the person dr natan a mendes the clock j f mueller uncle dan choices with gratitude to the great mary oliver amber mustoe old house water bubbles maegen neal mirages lydia noble the gardener jose ortiz temptations jamie payne diversity unavoidable 1 43 90 9 63 109 84 104 33 12 44 25 39 57 91 31 3 85 kathy pomranky unical calligraphy jacqueline y prince i speak volumes allison sanchez fiona apple marissa smith even in laughter sarah smith separation leslie surrett sun going down kathleen tempinski tall ship serenity rebecca ullman a phone call away christina villanueva the goal melanie williams my peace mark wroczynski dinner for 7 the cupcake bond girl paul zacsek sunrise for bloodshot eyes 51 36 35 78 86 115 45 80 16 2 81 58 70 108 111 iv v


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cover design special thanks to mike viollt mab krueger paula diaz vi ashley lessmann orland park campus 1


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the goal the goal pinching biting kicking screaming laughing chanting singing dreaming running jumping splashing kicking watching waiting sleeping thinking stop go wait stop go wait wait wait wait not now but soon someday anyday now i wish it were today now now not later wait someday anyday now laughing crying sleeping weeping pushing pressing waiting holding steady now anyday now just wait and see now today is here now temptations the temptation of the young woman was too great but i still held my ground she knew how to move and motivate me she whispered sweet things in my ear that made me forget all about everything i reply i can t do this why not i have someone in fact i love this girl i am currently with and she doesn t deserve an unfair lover i love you though you can t forget about the times we have spent with each other over the years she is nothing compared to me i wore this outfit for you didn t you notice it s your favorite color she wore a green dress which glimmered in the sun three inches above her knee her dress blended remarkably well in the crystal clear virgin sands i don t know what to say to you to make you come back to me she argued you see this ring lola she gave me this ring one year after we met i pulled out the ring and it glimmered like the sun on water it had a sapphire ruby in the middle that often glowed when i was with my lovely girl she made me wear it on my left hand right next to my pinky she told me that my emotions come through this ring the sapphire can change its colors at any moment 2 christina villanueva chicago campus 3


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i can give you the world jack i can give you anything you want just only ask and it s yours i can give you more rings you know me i can afford to keep you happy she replied i love her though but i love you and i need you look lola i used to love you i don t love you anymore she gave me a kiss i felt her warm lips contact mine and her hands were brushing against my legs who am i kidding lola i still love you but in order for this to work i can t have you be seen with me wait what am i thinking i am with another girl `till death do us part good-bye forever lola as i was returning home i noticed that the sand on the beach felt very frail and heavy i couldn t stop thinking about that kiss that almost convinced me into getting in her pants i eventually blocked it out of my head and forgot about the whole ordeal as i walked through the back door of my house i took a shower and went to bed where i noticed my girl sleeping ever so sweetly on the opposite side of mine i went to take off my ring the sapphire was black early the next day around six in the morning i woke up with lola on my side with her green eyes fixated at me while i slept i woke up startled and confused lola what are you doing here i said whispering i came to see you silly what where is my girl what did you do with her don t worry honey she won t be bothering us anymore for now on what did you do with her you crazy whore well if you must know she is somewhere special somewhere she belongs she might be closer than you think you can take a few guesses on where she is i ll give you some hints you live by a beach right well maybe she went for a swim or a dive or a drown ha so how `bout another kiss the ring was a dark red at this time i noticed that lola changed her appearance she resembled my girl in every aspect the only difference was her eyes her eyes stood out like a sore thumb when she looked at me she had a hungry look on her face as if she wanted me but couldn t you re sick lola and you need help no i just need you for right now you took the most precious thing away from me i tried to run away but i couldn t i felt a sharp pain in both my legs that prevented me from moving what s happening to me lola what did you do to me well jacky-poo you ran away from me once and tried to break my heart by marrying that whore that you call your girl i knew that she forced you into marriage jack don t worry about that anymore remember jack `till death do us part 4 5


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time what are you going to do to me well jack i don t forgive very easily so i believe that you re going to die ha you won t get away with this i will yell and everybody will hear well try not to we are going to die like true lovers i have it all planned out jack it will be like romeo and juliet i will drink this potion which will only give me less than a minute to live then i will kiss the man that i love and he will die with me at the exact same time we will be eternal lovers jack i won t let you do this lola she drank the potion and muttered some words to herself then she kissed me she lifted her head up in triumph and she died instantly i was still alive i looked down at the ring it was turning red then green then black just as i was closing my eyes for the last time i looked up and saw the reflection of my girl through the window she was standing in the closet laughing to herself my eyes were closed i died the ring was clear `to the stars and moonlight shinning yes the time has come that long day ago that was when the water was hard no i don t like it i love it the light washed away the day yesterday was not the best i like it now that it s calm the water is soft and the clouds are clear that day ago is now 6 jose ortiz chicago campus priscilla jibowu chicago campus 7


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searching this life i do not want to end up on the streets where violence is constant and poverty has increased where everyone s mind is full of regrets and mailboxes are searched for welfare checks i don t want to see my kids suffer wondering why the father role is being played by my mother thinking maybe if my parents would have done better we would ve stayed in a home instead of a trailer i think about this and push harder in college because the generation before me is lacking this knowledge with no degree there is no solid future in hand and the streets will become our very best friend my kids will not have to worry about mommy i ll buy them a house and myself a ferrari we ll go on trips and won t have to fret cause i kept a promise and didn t forget 8 ricardo cepeda orland park campus shomontelle lewis chicago campus 9


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self portrait en agua alcohol alcohol has exiled you from my life your psychotic behavior has killed our love marriage was to be our sacred institution now divorce is inevitable alcohol has made you violent has taken your loving ways and turned you into a monster alcohol has taken a strong man and turned him into a weak and pitiful soul to criticize and act as you do breaks my heart alcohol has impaired your interpretation of truth and made you an overbearing lunatic alcohol has been a part of your past the meaning of your present please find a way to not let alcohol identify your future alcohol is only a substance that cannot bring you joy and love only loneliness and sorrow 10 salvador jimenez chicago campus emily holman peoria campus 11


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uncle dan deep voice calls us home names the characters from the listening children waiting for the story and their names giggling each time another character is introduced song leader storyteller absent-minded uncle loved each one even when he confused our names hummed to himself and didn t hear the humming except in his head boomed how great thou art and my son joshua with equal fervor generous with his smile and a pat on the head or shoulder acknowledging each of us as part of his world invented stories to make us laugh and teach us how to be in the world made us know the world held a place for us sacred somewhere waiting for each to find it my legacy my own from those from whom i sprouted uncle dan dear dear often missed sibling to my mother only one among many who loved me fall 1997 12 j f mueller chicago campus 13


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italy ii division division of race race divides culture culture divides religion religion divides sexuality sexuality divided humans humans divide the world what divides you 14 terry adams orland park campus cassandra hewlett chicago campus 15


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a phone call away knock it off you little pee-stain that s it you two get outside and pick the weeds after almost half an hour of bending over a bed of unwelcome foliage my back aches and my mouth is like a barren desert as i pour icy cold water into my mouth my eyes are overwhelmed by the blinding light of the sun thwapp arrgghh i find out that i officially have sunburn as i slap the mosquitoes off my shoulders i can still feel the heat rising from the humid earth there is sweat beading on my forehead as i bend down to pick the millionth prickly weed my annoying brother thinks it will be funny to throw a few at me thwip-splat hey make sure you get those out by the root or they ll grow back platrunk my idiot brother is a real comedian he thinks it s hilarious to throw sticks and weeds at me oh you ll be sorry you little twerp as our punishment nears an end my brother tries one more time to irritate me this time with a worm i can feel its slimy body stick and then roll down my back dangerously close to my breaking point my dad brings me back to earth and says becca are you going to help unload the van oh uh yeah well the time has finally come to move into my college dorm no more fighting with my brother on a daily basis no more hanging out in my best friend s basement i can still imagine what it was like there is no echo only the sound of laughter the music of dance dance revolution loud talking and pool balls hitting against the side of the table smack `holy shit that hurt you better run because your ass is mine the ping-pong paddle war had begun ending with everyone s butts and thighs smarting in pain boy am i gonna miss those days i try to hold back a tear as i lug my huge suitcase out of the van and roll it up to my home for the next 3 years i am actually in chicago i am so excited to finally be here but it s gonna be a big change coming from a small town like freedom wisconsin i want to show dad that i can do this that even though i am his little girl i can still be grown up and live on my own four long hours away even though the move was a big change for me it is all a big blur it was full of things like meeting my new roommate grocery shopping getting my books for class on monday and just trying not to show on the outside that i m breaking on the inside tension ran high and it only made it more difficult to keep an even temper sunday came way too soon the day that mom and dad were going to go back to wisconsin i am in my room putting up pictures of all my friends 16 17


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the princess back home hoping that my roommate and i are going to get along here it comes i can t hold it back anymore i start to sniffle and dad hears me becca are you going to be okay i hope he doesn t see the tear running down my cheek yeah i ll be fine my nose runs whenever i do a lot of cleaning he ll never buy that why does my voice have to shake so much his hand is on my shoulder now and i break i heave a big sigh and my shoulders tense as my chest shudders and my tear ducts open up like the hoover dam i m gonna miss you dad i turn to face him and he pulls me into the biggest hug i can ever remember getting from anyone every memory i ve had with him is summed up into this hug becca i just want you to know that even though you are down here and i am in wisconsin you will always be my little girl and i am going to miss you so much i can hear my mom silently weeping in the other room and i feel a tear fall on my neck that is not mine i hold on tighter we are only a phone call away i knew he was saying this to comfort himself as well as me 18 rebecca ullmann chicago campus terry adams orland park campus 19


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greed the world today is comprised of greed from the stock market mortgage companies corporate america and the government greed participation in white-collar crimes is more prevalent today than ever a result of greed young people s minds today are twisted families divided children in a hurry to grow up always grasping for more just look at the iraqi war more bling-bling overpowering countries the need for more oil all simply because of greed obesity and many other diseases in most cases is the result of nonetheless greed can t say no can t push away from the table can t stop at one plate because of greed difficulty in being satisfied and thankful for the present because of greed greed today is the heartbeat of america we want to own everything control everything because of greed no regard for survival no regard for quality no regard for human life all because of greed oh america the beautiful it s now 2006 will this disease be our demise or will someone finally wake up and take heed our eventual death as a nation will no doubt be the result of greed majestic night 20 marlena d grisbyjames chicago campus nicholas r dworsack peoria campus 21



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