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© josé alfredo maiorca choreography by paulo ribeiro photography by josé alfredo


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choreography paulo ribeiro dancers new cast eliana campos leonor keil rita omar gonçalo lobato peter michael dietz e romulus neagu music f chopin 24 prelúdios piano by pedro burmester light design nuno meira light operation cristÓvÃo cunha set concept paulo ribeiro set construction paulo matos nelson almeida production companhia paulo ribeiro co-prodution centro cultural olga cadaval ­ festival de sintra 09 sÃo luiz teatro municipal teatro nacional sÃo joÃo ­ festival dancem 09 teatro viriato image design cathrin loerke photos josÉ alfredo video joÃo pinto design graphic production dpx teresa vale time of performance 70 minutes


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paulo ribeiro about maiorca in 2009 it met 25 years since without major ambitions i did my first choreography first was a solo for a group for friends personal very personal whose main concern was in peculiarity of the movement my movement that had nothing to do with the one that was developed in those days then immediately after in a colective way came other pieces that were outlined in the dance field from then on i never stopped when i wanted to do it started to receive calls of greater responsibility and challenge suddenly in six years i was a recognized choreographer nationally and internationally like many of my colleagues i was hostage to the greed of programmers to find the emerging the need of fresh meat the impatience to find the novelty in any way the new that is projected and droped according to the opportunity and the wind direction got used to relativize never let me delude by


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moments of high profile and media i was charting my course with a conscience that my work is beyond the markets i was and continue to be a loner not walk to the bilge keel i have no limited material or identifiable element my work is wild and unpredictable surprises me and the ones who have been regular partners in this long adventure despite all there is something that has remained along these twenty-five years which has to do with the fact that i enjoy working next to life and working in happiness and love to think the world and have a political dimension and a human one very human the body and its infinite possibilities fascinate me its not the movement that count is its genesis not the heart the soul many years ago jorge salavisa challenged me to choreograph the preludes of chopin interpreted by pedro burmester by then i felt not able to face such challenge today it makes sense over the years i colected many ways to compose many acuity that have allowed me to create vitality of emotion and meaning the challenge is this to constantly go further be more effective in order to make dance an art that call us all regardless of verbal ability to be translated i return to the essence of create dance the size of the music leting us carry with no claim the rationality often reductive of reason the challenge started with jorge salavisa when he preview that the vigorous movement of choreographer paulo ribeiro and the romanticism associated with the music of chopin could result in a creation of strong temperament paulo ribeiro was encouraged to choreograph the preludes of the composer interpreted by pedro burmester but by then other choreographic will eventually postpone this challenge after the creations around the book of disquiet of fernando pessoa and its inherent theatricality the return to pure choreography and the capacity of the gesture to create diverse drama was imposed as a pressing need paulo ribeiro returns to the essence for the choreographer is not the movement that counts is its genesis not the heart the soul chopin was in favor of the primacy of form to the detriment of the soul.


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it is in this counter-cycle that choreographer and composer meet in maiorca the choreographer creates dance with the music dimension provoking the public to be carried with no claim to rationality often reductive of reason after 25 years of creation the greater challenge for paulo ribeiro continues to be to make dance an art that call us all regardless of the particularities of each one abaout maiorca the humor is also present and the movement joins perfectly with the scenery many scenic solutions are perfect designed and executed with mastery between them choreographic moments of sublime poetry maiorca is like a poem with many beautiful verses that now must be filed to combine themselves in order to result in a major ode joão costa http 21 de junho de 2009 paulo ribeiro focused and thrown open manner that interstice knew how to extend it by using a personal dramaturgy never losing sight of the main ideas or emotions that identify the preludes choreography and music are offered generous and each other breathing space among abstract solutions or more dramatized ones the lyricism can become humor and exuberance in subtlety paulo ribeiro constantly introduces new themes and dramaturgical ideas and details where the author lines show a permeability sensitive and subtle to the universe of chopin he built a very own poetic in the apex of the composer s universality leaving clearly visible the link that connects him to the present luísa roubaud público 24 de junho de 2009


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biographies paulo ribeiro choreographer born in lisbon worked as a dancer in several companies in belgium and in france before becoming known as a choreographer his first performance concerning choreographic creation took place in 1984 in paris in the company stridanse in which he collaborated as a co-founder and which he took to several contests in the mentioned city obtaining in 1984 the humour award and in 1985 the 2nd award of contemporaneous dance both in the volinine contest in his return to portugal in 1988 he started collaborating with the lisbon dance company and with ballet gulbenkian for which he created taquicárdia revelation award of the newspaper sete in 1988 and ad vitam respectively with the solo modo de utilização interpreted by himself he comes to represent portugal in the europália 91 festival in brussels his career as a choreographer expands in the international plan from 1991 on with the creation of works for renown companies such as nederlands dans theater ii encantados de servi-lo and waiting for volupia nederlands dans theater iii new age ballet de genève une histoire de passion centre


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chorégraphique de nevers bourgogne le cygne renversé he still created for the ballet gulbenkian inquilinos quatro Árias de Ópera in collaboration with clara andermatt joão fiadeiro and vera mantero and comédia off -1 in the meanwhile paulo ribeiro has been rewarded in 1994 with acarte award maria madalena de azeredo perdigão due to his work dançar cabo verde a commend of lisbon 94 ­ european capital of culture conjointly produced with clara andermatt and in 1995 he founds the company paulo ribeiro supported by the ministry of culture for which he has been regularly creating choreographies such as sábado 2 rumor de deuses azul esmeralda memórias de pedra tempo caído orock ao vivo comédia off -2 tristes europeus jouissez sans entraves silicone não memories of a saturday with blue whispers malgré nous nous Étions là masculine and feminine working with his own company allowed him to develop more effectively his personal language as a choreographer the work rumor de deuses was distinguished in 1996 with the awards circulação nacional attributed by the instituto português do bailado e da dança and circulação internacional attributed by the centro cultural de courtrai both concerning contest mudanças 96 paulo ribeiro has been receiving several other relevant awards prix d auteur in the v rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de seine saintdenis france new coreography award attributed by bonnie bird fundlaban centre great-britain prix d interpretation collective attributed by adami france bordalo award by casa da imprensa 2001 in accumulation with his work as a choreographer paulo ribeiro held between 1998 and 2003 the position of general and artistic director of teatro viriato crae centro regional das artes do espectáculo das beiras that obtained in 1999 the almada award of the instituto português das artes do espectáculo owed to the activity developed in the area of dance between 2003 and 2005 he was the artistic director of ballet gulbenkian for whom he created the works white and organic beat organic spirit organic cage these pieces were recentely restaged with great success for the ballet de lorraine in 2006 white feeling and in 2008 organic beat


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in september 2006 he resumed his functions as general and artistic director of the viriato theatre leonor keil born in ponta delgada in 1973 she began her studies in dance at the dance school of maputo mozambique and concluded her training at the school of dance at the national conservatory of lisbon as a performer dance theatre worked with joana providencia madalena vitorino marta lapa joão fiadeiro paulo ribeiro francisco camacho amelia bentes josé wallenstein claudio hochman john mowat rafael santos giacomo scalisi tpo company italy she was assistant to choreographer joão fiadeiro at branco sujo and to paulo ribeiro in new age for the ndt 3 the netherlands in film highlights her participation in só um minuto by pedro caldas contra ritmo by joão figueiras pas perdu by saguenail and o barão by edgar pêra with the company of paulo ribeiro where is a regular performer since 1995 she was awarded with an honorable mention for her performance in the work rumor de deuses in the v rencontres internationales de chorégraphiques seine saint denis 1996 and in 1999 was awarded with the emerging talent award jose ribeiro da fonte by the portuguese institute of performing arts in 2002 she was one of the performers chosen to participate in the vif du sujet the festival d avignon to which she invited the choreographer javier de frutos to create solitary virgin she is since 2003 the responsible for developing educational projects under the edge of lugar presente in viseu.


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peter michael dietz danish residing in lisbon since 1993 and in recife from 2000 to 2005 dancer choreographer and teacher he studied at the european dance development center eddc in the netherlands where he finished the course as bachelor of dance as performer worked in companies joão fiadeiro circular ar amelia bentes jangada de pedra aldara bizarro and companhia clara andermatt currently working with paulo ribeiro company collaborates also with the project republica dança of giacomo scalisi and co-creation of nuno nunes has done consulting for choreography with madalena vitorino in vale in 2009 he was artistic director and professor of cem centre in movement where he continues to teach taught courses and workshops in several institutions almada dance group pro-dança marta atayde studio forum dança cem chapitô eddc holland escola superior de teatro e cinema companhia instável balleteatro companhia clara andermatt among others he has presented his works in europe and brazil among his creations are versão live valquírias made in brazil debaixo dos lençois valquíria voltando solo sem som quase sem pegadas brasília nova dança seven solos for eleven scenes falling through currently is working on a project entitled godog.


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romulus neagu born in 1973 with training at the school of choreography in bucharest deepens later his studies in contemporary dance with christine bastin karine saporta thiery bae jeremy nelson joseph nadj amanda miller and felix rukert between 1989 and 1990 he worked at the lyric theatre craiova romania between 1991 and 1996 worked at the national opera of bucharest then passing by orion ballet company also in the same city and the ventura dance company zurich after that he works regularly with the company paulo ribeiro since 1999 he also participated in several projects led by karine ponties josé wallenstein nuno rebelo welcome fonseca john mowat claudio hochman and né barros highlights of his choreographic creations fabulations romania 1995 and manole i br rainer bucharest 1995 possibility bucharest 1996 the rite of spring 1998 inside presented at the young choreographers festival in hannover germany bucharest 1998 silence romania 1999 the test for a possible eros viseu 2006 and the invisibility of small perceptions viseu 2008 in 2009 he presented his latest creation from the myopic teenager in collaboration with the actor graeme pulleyn and musician luis pedro madeira he also received as choreographer and performer several prizes among


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which stands out fabulations award in 1995 at the international choreography festival in iasi romania possibility award in 1996 at the national dance competition in constanta romania interpretation award in 1997 international choreography festival in iasi romania in 1996 he was elected performer of the year by the association of critics choreographer and performer romania in 2007 he received the trophy aquilino ribeiro category inclusion for the rehearsal of a possible eros since 2000 he has been developing a regular program of training in dance creating various projects for specific groups specially immigrant communities and disabled people eliana campos born in porto in 1981 begins her approach to the area of dance at eight years old at the school of ballet compassos until 1999 the year he entered the higher education in the law school of the universidade católica portuguesa porto in 2002 suspends the law school and entered the escola superior de dança in lisbon that finishes in 2006 in the same year developed in partnership with the dancer antonio cabrita the project and movie certatim as an interpreter integrated the following parts in 2004 by me in 2005 just like everybody out there and las palomas and in 2006 gestos pernas e o resto é conversa she also created her own pieces in 2005 kolk and certatim and in 2006 movimento in may 2006 participates as a dancer in a video clip of singer david for song our hearts will beat as one in 2007 works as an interpreter in with drooping wings by the choreographer né barros since early 2008 has worked in advertising both in print and television recently worked with the contemporary dance company of Évora as interpreter in pieces life olho fogo estudo para fausto 2.8 and to boxe and held shows as a performer and co-creator in the project dance in school in 2009 she worked as an interpreter in the projects to fail out adega uma carta coreográfica e palácio


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within the area of fine arts works as an assistant and model since 1998 with the painter and sculptor jorge curval rita omar born in mozambique but now living in portugal start her training at the age of 15 against the wishes of her family ba in dance at the superior school of dance in lisbon 2007 she obtained an erasmus scholarship at the instituut voor dans lier belgium and made part of the project dance beyond borders 2009 where she presented her work at festivals like dancekiosk hamburg and festival outlet brausweg germany she continued her education by attending workshops with norman taylor ariella vidach joão fiadeiro stephanie schober davesne alain véronique vialar ferran claire van dick susanne link tony biyang retina dance company thomas kamp jan zobel peter michael dietz jean paul bucchieri antonio carallo amelia bentes ludger lamers teresa rannieri victor garcia and bruno sky fly she worked as a dancer performer with rui junior toca a rufar carlos saura movie fados joao botelho michael lazic patrick bana antonio tavares marco di camillo among others gonÇalo lobato began his studies in dance at the national conservatory of lisbon having completed eight years of training in 1995 he participated as a dancer in rui nunes piece the art of riding the entire saddle and the following year in the upe project dance for nine years lived in belgium where he worked as a dancer and choreographer for the company charleroi danses plan k under the direction of frederic flamand he also participated in several projects such as ss headed by josse de pauw to brugge city european capital of culture in body-work participating in the creation of frederic flamand for expo hannover in 2005 he worked as a guest dancer with the ballet de marseille danced compota the


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project directed by paula pinto and ehora created by antonio cabrita pedro manuel silva and pedro paz in the same year creates the group babiloniautopica with which he presents fragility h in malaposta cultural center in 2006 participates in the creation of medium rare by pedro goucha in 2007 diable aux corps jerome and isabelle meyer in korzo producties in the netherlands and in delicado sofia silva who was made in luxembourg and ramallah palestine 2008 since 2006 he organizes every year the festival of contemporary dance solos in collaboration with the cultural center of malaposta.


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history the company paulo ribeiro is a portuguese company of contemporaneous dance founded in 1995 in the sequence of several years of work of the choreographer paulo ribeiro with some of the most prestigious european dance companies in these forteen years of activity 1995-2009 this company conquered an important position among the most recognized portuguese companies of contemporaneous dance having a regular presence in the main national stages as well as through all europe brazil and united sates with twenty eight productions that always arised the interest of the public and of the critics and with a global audience of more than 80.000 people this company received some of the most important national and foreign awards it is since 1998 the resident company in teatro viriato in viseu it has created and implemented its own project where besides its activity of creation production and artistic itinerancy is still developing an important pedagogical project conjointly with the local community that includes dance and theatre regular classes and specific projects for the school audiences ­ now also in a new space in viseu ­ lugar presente.


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performance career 2009 19 and 20 june festival de sintra 09 première 2 and 03 july teatro viriato viseu 10 and 11 july festival dancem 09 ­ t.n.s.joão porto 11 september centro cultural de Ílhavo 27 october theatro circo braga 2010 26 27 and 28 february teatro m são luiz lisboa 03 april teatro-cine de torres vedras 12 april festival de belgrado national theatre nis serbia 25 april mostra palma amb la dansa palma de maiorca spain 29 april teatro municipal de bragança 01 may centro de artes de portalegre 08 may teatro virgínia torres novas 17 may teatro académico gil vicente coimbra 22 may teatro pax julia beja 29 may centro de artes da figueira da foz 04 june teatro das figuras faro 19 june teatro aveirense aveiro 08 october centro cultural vila flôr guimarães 13 november teatro josé lúcio da silva leiria 19 november teatro avenida castelo branco



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