Egg - Volume 10: Tenable


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Robert Morris University's tenth volume of EGG, the University's arts and literary magazine.

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editorial board student editors johnna calvillo laurie johnson editors note it is our pleasure to present the tenth edition of robert morris university s egg while working on this edition we learned that titles of the first five editions had chronological significance we wanted to take to the opportunity of publishing the tenth edition to return to this tradition however we didn t want to stay within the same conventions so we chose a title that related to the numeric place in the series as well as the essence of egg as a literary and arts publication according to the random house dictionary tenable is defined as a capable of being held maintained or defended as against attack or dispute b capable of being occupied possessed held or enjoyed as under certain conditions we chose tenable for the prefix ten signifying the tenth edition as well as its application to ideas knowledge and creativity creative minds ­ artists and writers alike ­ transform their thoughts into an expression with the purpose of creating something they are personally willing to stand behind writers turn their thoughts into words painters form their ideas into an expression of paint and other materials on a surface photographers carefully frame their vision in the pictures they take and manipulate and so on this publication holds an assortment of these creative expressions that the creators were willing to stand behind by submitting the work we would like to reciprocally stand behind this assembly of creative expression from the people who are robert morris university please enjoy tenable sincerely johnna calvillo laurie johnson student designers johnna calvillo laurie johnson faculty advisors editors michael mcmahon john flaherty paul gaszak egg tenable robert morris university arts literary magazine 2010 facebook search rmu egg


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a special thank you to michael p viollt president mablene krueger provost paula diaz dean of the college of liberal arts artwork egg clue by ebony alllen


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the once and future clifford ratza where have all the great men gone the heroes in your mind we need them now to carry on they seem so hard to find concealed perhaps when they appear once human just like us revealed in wisdom s future year though flesh has turned to dust greatness dwells in each of us awaiting the chosen call so do what you must without a fuss o er time your stature grows tall standing ovation robert hutchison 8 egg tenable 9


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in my eyes tanginia tasker so many people standing around some going left some going right some look as if they re staring at an actual object there s really nothing much to it black and white is all i see no main focus no real subject i wonder did i miss it did i look over it in my eyes it is just another picture bridge frank samaniego bridge tell me what you have seen have you seen new lovers holding hands or old ones in endless fights have you seen the rising and lowering of the tides have you seen families on long summer trips or heard the laughter of little kids have you heard the cry of a weeping widow or the cries of grown men going to war leaving their families behind have you smelled the smell of a freshly baked pie made for a grandmothers grandchildren and the smell of a hard day s work on a beaten and tired man do you connect all these people to each other or keep them farther apart 10 egg tenable 11


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the nerve of youth clifford ratza youth s steely nerves a treasured gift bestowed in early years it makes them sure and makes them swift protects them from their fears alas it does not last too long time wears it away it goes when one s no longer strong and caution rules the day so propose a toast ­ let youth run free have their sights set high let them stretch and let them be may that spirit never die the birth of the egg ebony allen 12 egg tenable 13


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rain for the walking norb pranger droplets of water crash upon the pavement collectively bigger than me yet smaller in whole i feel the burden of rain i feel the story it tells it tells a story of cleansing it tells of a new beginning it may be in misery it may be in hope but rain never arrives without a feeling it ends many days and begins many nightmares but rain may leave ever so slightly rainy days and mondays always get me down melissa kirk 14 egg tenable 15


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what is this jamahl deberry big giant eyeball there you are staring at me and it s kind of weird what is it hala daqqaq the light shines atop the heads through every strand of hair i can feel the restlessness i can hear the gasps of awe pale faces stare ahead anticipation lingers in the air like morning dew resting on a flower someone yells look heads snap jaws drop behold there it lies every breathless person in the room not seeing the same object for beauty is not defined 16 egg tenable 17


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lonely adventure john edwards standing here alone waiting for king to hear his sound echo in my head his voice starts to crack raspy and bold howling through a microphone almost as old i know these blues of which he speaks i feel his lyrics running through my veins they re alive their sorrow minds and empty hearts talk to me the words more majestic than let it be then lucille s strings start in with a harmonious tune like the voice of a siren on a clear cool day the rap-tap that echoes behind helps put me in a trance but you wouldn t be able to tell with just one glance amidst the sea at the house of blues no soul is lonely i ll keep this in mind as i walk the streets home to a grave-like bed so empty and cold that in this world i am never alone sonny s blues joseph tury 18 egg tenable 19


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this cell joron evans days hours seconds they all fly away but for now it seems i m here to stay behind these bars there s not much choice it s so easy to lose your voice such it is of a misinterpreted indication it leaves me here to wait for vindication so here i sit locked up of my own accord the alternative is more than i can afford which is worse i cannot tell only that my heart is locked in this cell the hand that life dealt hope hendricks i used to think that the ace in a deck of cards was to be most trusted i used to think people couldn t change for the betterment of life yet throughout all my thoughts i was the one at fault i loved and trusted blindly i didn t listen to the ones i loved most now look at me i lost the one most dear i can t get you back no matter how much i cry and pray i can t turn back the hands of time the king left and came back the queen is now long gone the joker became me as the ace betrayed me yet remember no matter where i go no matter what i do mom and cornelia i will always miss you 20 egg tenable 21


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college william ramsey i get up every morning hungry for the snooze button and five more minutes my hot morning shower will be second questioned as i scramble my mind for an answer to this homework before my next 8am session last night s 12-pack tried to sprain my ankle as i ran through the kitchen to hit the door could have woken up in time for breakfast but last night i decided to smoke just a few times more damn i forgot my lighter my keys and my bus pass three pages two sources and one graph is what i have to bullshit for next class an a here a b there if i got a c in math i still passed so who cares when s this class going to be over i m starving here s a cough and two yawns to another two hours of freshman reading about global warming finally class is done and i can start to try out lunch fast food ramen soup and a pop-tart for brunch and don t forget the cigarette for dessert and some soda in a water cup for some burps i just missed my train and the conductor saw me coming he must think waiting in the depths of cta hell is pretty funny but i ll be the one laughing when they go broke and he loses his job and all his money my college experience is very unique and procrastinated everything i do is last minute but hey at least i made it 22 egg tenable 23


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the door brandi ramirez tonight is the night i bid you farewell tonight is the night i dare to walk straight into hell a doorway stands before me tall and dark it just appeared before me in the middle of the empty park through the opening i can see the flames the bright red light in the darkness almost blinding me a voice calls forth telling me i do not need my sight to see a chuckle rumbles through the dark in my chest my heart races i move towards the door a few paces a smaller weaker voice inside my head tells me to run to run away away from the door but something keeps me still and i sink to my knees onto the floor i look to the skies the stars shining bright i stand but it takes all my might something keeps me still something keeps in place something else inside me tells me to scram post haste the doorway widens a scream can be heard from above a shadow is cast one of a bird i look up to see a big black raven he swooped down and through the door a flame rose up the bird no more instead in its wake a man stood i would run now if i could tall and foreboding he walked to the edge he stood before me his eyes a bright gold a shiver ran down my spine strong and cold he tells me i do not need to fear but in his voice something different lurks i think i can almost see him smirk something doesn t feel right should i flee i guess my adventure tonight was not meant to be as he steps forward i step back the doorway expands behind him big and black fear finally strikes through me i think i m strong enough to run to my right up rises the sun relief washes through me the man lets out a short sharp bark the door disappears and once again i am alone in the park 24 egg tenable 25


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the woods anonymous i walked a long time until it was only me and the trees gray sentinels against a gray sky hushed frozen still i am the only noise sluggish steps and labored breathing the snow is knee-deep lying down i imagine when they find out mother will be crying father will be silent i will be free as cold creeps into my clothes and skin i shake violently at first then i feel nothing i am nothing i am so tired it s been a long time since i have slept soon i will be as silent as these noble trees i follow their reach to the sky an eerie dream laurie johnson 26 egg tenable 27


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history in the making celeste jones the right pair of shoes is a must in this game it is important to have the right cushion to surround the feet the right way without the perfect grip on the soles you would slide all over the court i know all about getting the wrong shoes in my freshman year on valley university basketball team i discovered that buying the expensive and exclusive michael jordan shoes was the worst thing i could have done on my first day i tried to impress coach smith but i slid directly into him he wasn t too fond of me but i learned my lesson and that would be the same day that i cashed in all of the opportunity and hard work i had put in for over four years later i noticed coach smith in the stands giving me the thumbs up that day i would show him i was ready that day would be the day sky williams changed history i was never really uncomfortable with my size i was always taller than anyone in my family i was also the biggest girl or boy in my school from first grade through high school i think a lot of people around me felt uncomfortable with my height being a 16-year-old 6 10 female was not something you saw every day in the small town of justice mississippi i was also the darkest girl in the school which didn t help with the african jokes i heard every day from my classmates when i was 21 i was 7 2 i didn t think it was ever possible to get this tall though my grandfather was 7 7 and most people told me i looked just like him my parents owned a small cleaning service on the outskirts of town we struggled but made the best of every moment we shared there was always a problem with racism in my small town race played a role when it came down to the haves and the have-nots we were the have-nots my grandmother said that my eyes told a story of strength from our ancestors and that my skin was as smooth as silk she made sure that i was never caught up in self-pity she taught me to love myself first and then everyone else would love me too my grandmother had my mother name me sky because she felt i came from angels up above to tell a story it has been over two years since i laid her to rest at the start of my junior year in college i woke up one winter morning to a phone call from my mom telling me that grandma was sick i told coach smith that i would have to miss a game to go home to be by her side he understood and i was on the first train to mississippi i got home just in time to squeeze my grandmother s hand and to tell her i loved her she looked me in the eyes and told me to always look to the sky to see her cheering me on i missed my grandmother and as i laced up my shoes and stepped on the court to attempt the biggest thing that had ever happened in my small town of 2200 people i wished she were there to give me a hug and the words of encouragement i so needed the buzzer rang and the time was now the crowd was laughing loudly and i felt like everyone was looking at me the crowds in college were huge but this was louder than i had ever heard as i ran to the bench with the rest of my team i could feel all the eyes of the world on my shoulders the coach pulled us closer and told us to stay focused we all put our hands in the center of the huddle and said team with my size it didn t help that i could never find clothes to fit me my pants were inches too short and my sleeves never seemed to reach my wrists i wore glasses all through high school but coach smith made me get contacts when i got to college 28 egg tenable 29



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