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free there s life in the inner west issue 184 every fortnight can google stop global warming inner west win movie tix the deep blue sea this must be the place is taking over the hardt annandale distributed in leich newtown petersham stanmore berfield rozelle balmain ha mba drummoyne waree ord five dock conc texting while sexing do you do it plus family passes to the royal easter show it s a cia plot quit laughing cos maybe it is joe vs the macchiato murdoch s man in the inner west writer blogger and tv personality joe hildebrand photo by ben cregan chinese comfort food


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inner west whispers pssst pass on a whisper you ve heard to we are c!ao latte leftie anti-corporate crusaders take note just because a company is evil doesn t mean you can make up whatever stories you like about them as latte leftie has learnt retraction ciao would like to apologise unreservedly for latte leftie s recent `your imac is made from the crushed skulls of china s orphans column ciao now accepts that no body parts oriental or otherwise are used in manufacture of any of apple s exquisitely designed products it has also been brought to our attention that latte leftie s allegation that 5000 factory workers from the province of shenzhen were buried alive in a giant glass box in october last year in order to serve as steve jobs servants in the underworld arose from a mistranslation apple contends and ciao accepts that mass human sacrifice has never been part of the company s think different approach to doing business statement from latte leftie while i refuse to acknowledge that i have in any way misled you my trusting readers i concede that i should have more clearly labelled my work `paranoid antiglobalisation agit-prop rather than `well-researched impartial investigative journalism in my drive to hasten the process by which capitalism would collapse under the weight of its own contradictions i wrote things in this column that in a narrowly literal sense did not necessarily accord with reality though by the by i do not resile one iota from my belief that mcdonalds thickshakes are manufactured from choko pulp and pig fat rather than dairy products it was the humblest day of my life when i agreed to appear before the australian press council and was ordered to do a one-day course on `journalism do s and don ts at the local community college if i have made it more difficult for my fellow progressives to make unsubstantiated and faintly ridiculous claims about the clandestine activities of coca-cola halliburton nike news ltd nestle monsanto rio tinto or shell i beg their forgiveness i now consider this unfortunate matter closed n email with your dilemma leane senzamici newtown for sale signs are going up all over inner west restaurants and pubs l man about town and owner of the welcome hotel and aussie youth hotel glebe damian silk is said to be climbing out of a hole the receivers came in last year after the company he started with his dad australian independent brewers nose-dived into debt a private investor snapped up the aussie youth a day after auction for $5.1 million meanwhile the welcome in rozelle sold under the hammer for $6.5 million both sales reflected stronger than expected yield results which was a good thing as it was rumoured there were a number of debts damien needed to pay hopefully the welcome retains its charm we ll miss the glory days of damian jumping on the bar leading us in a drunken cacophony of advance australia fair l nortons on norton is also set to go under the hammer billed as being an icon of norton st you ve got to be kidding nortons on norton restaurant was recently reviewed in the sunday telegraph ­ the food was described as inedible the late-opening pub has a colourful history if only a good operator could get in there and turn it around l concord loses another restaurant crazy lobster grill has lots of bills under the door a `for lease sign and some unhappy creditors the owner only known to us as sasha originally owned rodizio on norton st before moving to concord to open tauras spanish tapas and the crazy lobster grill he is said to be running a restaurant in double bay l in leichhardt it s bye bye to mythos martini bar and berkelouw wine bar osvaldo polletti has also announced it s closing but don t worry they re planning a relocation and won t be gone for long l apologies to maria from the merchant of venice ­ there are actually 12 shops in the italian forum food melissa leong photography nudzejma avdic winsor dobbin wine this somewhat grainy but fabulous old image is of a young mr grace on a rocking horse on the verandah of abbotsford house which a.e grace of grace bros success purchased in 1906 he is thought to be emulating the australian light horse aif the house is located on abbotsford cove drive and is known for its two towers that stand on either side of the imposing front steps the grace family sold the grand victorian mansion to nestlé in 1917 and their factory operated at the site until 1991 source thanks to paul mckenzie and canada bay council n nm c!ao history jo grace design russell edwards art director kids don t miss out on school holiday cooking fun editor nancy merlo publishing sonia komaravalli contributors russell edwards ben cregan nigel bowen fred cruzo jared ingersoll shanel salih 8-15 year olds note these are hands on classes but no knives will be used actual cooking will be done by supervising staff aprons provided ciao things we love this peeling old mural in haberfield is a reproduction of an illustration used to advertise house and land packages in the early 1900s when the inner west was just starting out it still manages to brighten up the corner of ramsay and kingston streets although there s no need to advertise this popular area nowadays c!ao s voice fu nd ra is er ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 0405 032 032 ­ leane 0405 509 805 ­ sonia school holiday co wh er e 323 parra matta road leichhardt free 2 ho ur parking at rear ti me morning se oking fun at fwdhq in leichh ardt what s in out in out · the old school convenience store on johnston st ­ so jam packed only one person can fit in the aisles at a time · marrickville ­ the inner west s most up and coming suburb · the pope s sombrero · hidden gems like gatto matto trattoria five dock ciao is locally owned and produced please recycle printed by spot press marrickville ssions 11am-1pm m-5pm afternoon sessions 3p · people who collide with other people because they re texting and walking at the same time · accidentally leaving your mic on while journalists are recording when will you learn obama · wearing sunglasses inside · wasting electricity subscribe tired of missing out on your copy of ciao why not subscribe it costs just $75 per year to have ciao home delivered to your doorstep email with your address cover joe hildebrand defects to the inner west and betrays his daily telegraph loyalists photo by ben cregan bookings essential 2 clarification at home with carmen lo surdo issue 183 pg 9 carmen has never worked in catering this was a misunderstanding on the part of the writer we are very sorry for any confusion or embarrassment this mistake has caused c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west!


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we caught up with writer joe hildebrand at the news ltd local the aurora hotel murdoch s how did you come to be residing in the inner west i once wrote a column slagging off erskineville as some horrible doctor moreau concoction half thirtysomething yuppie and half unbearable late-teens hipster ­ you fuse them together and throw in a little dog and you ve got this grotesquerie i m told that the column was posted on the noticeboard in the local pub saying `shoot on sight or `do not serve drinks to this man or whatever then i got together with my current girlfriend and of course she lives in erskineville she loves erskineville we have to move in together in erskineville so it was either the girl and erskineville or no girl and no erskineville i accepted that for love ­ and i m nothing if not a romantic ­ i would have to wade waist deep into the very bowels of hell what kind of helpful feedback do you receive wandering the streets of erskineville an unforeseen consequence of appearing on the abc is that people who hate the telegraph know i work for the telegraph there s a guy at the rose hotel who every time i walk past will yell out telegraph scum other people come up and say keep doing what you re doing i love the way you stick it to them that always makes me frightened because i m never quite sure what they are talking about half the people think i m a dirty lib and the other half think i m a dirty communist so when people say keep up the good work i wonder who i m meant to be going after men come up and say my girlfriend really loves you can i get a photo with you for her i m like if your girlfriend really likes me shouldn t you be punching me up right now what are you doing encouraging this living among we pretentious pseudo-intellectual elitists must give you plenty of ideas for columns yes but sadly they are other people s ideas living here has made me very enthusiastic about hipster bashing but that is already what i believe the hipsters call naff that s unfortunate because there is so much joy to be had in bashing hipsters ­ they are so inherently deeply deeply annoying but it has all been said what do you make of your new neighbours at the telegraph they used to call me `the communist because i didn t necessarily agree with everything that genghis khan set out in his various policy manifestos i used to be a student socialist a dirty little hippy and the inner west has reminded me of that and made me realise just what an annoying contemptible stupid pointless immature selfish little brat i was because i see my [younger self reflected in the inner western community do you subscribe to the theory it s easier for right-wingers to be funny i do the right is all about darwinism and there is nothing supportive considerate and nurturing about jokes the old saying is that the only important common element to all good jokes is that someone has to lose their dignity there s nothing funny about three people standing around telling each other about how much they respect each other s point of view how they can work together to make a better world and that if one of them loses their job the others will provide a welfare net but if one of them slips on a banana peel and cracks their head open that s funny if they get hit in the nuts at the same time that s doubly funny where do you place yourself on the political spectrum these days convention dictates that a journalist shouldn t declare their allegiances but anyone who has read anything serious i ve written be it on asylum seekers or the assassination of kevin rudd or the policy positions i like i believe i said on q&a that my favourite politician was paul keating and still people think that i m a right-wing psychotic murdoch lapdog so i m not sure how many more clues i could possibly give away to where my political sympathies tend to gravitate towards what do you make about the moral outrage echo chamber that s such a big part of the mediascape nowadays if you say just about anything about anything it s oh my god that s so offensive i can t believe you would say that the extremes on both the left and the right try to censor things ­ both are completely absurd 4 man and both are the enemy of anything funny i was going to do a tweet today that said if foreigners want to be welcome in our country they should learn to say `don t taser me in english but i thought `you just can t say that and the reason you can t say it is because it will immediately be seized upon by the outrage brigade ­ it will be completely misinterpreted for all the wrong reasons half the people will think that i m serious and more frighteningly probably agree the other half will think i m a horrible racist monster and say i can t believe you re making a joke out of someone dying what if it was your son the point i was trying to make ­ that it was an absurdly heavy-handed response from nsw police where clearly the main problem was the guy wasn t able to speak english and therefore they just decided to shoot him with an electric gun ­ would be completely lost your paper routinely hammers alp members who live outside their electorates what do you make of news ltd employees who spend their days decrying the pernicious influence of the decadent urban intelligentsia then retire to their inner west residences it is certainly entirely hypocritical and entirely cringeworthy of me and if anything it just makes me love outer western sydney even more i m a self-hating inner westie so i try and compensate for that hypocrisy by flogging myself with a horsehair whip every night before i go to bed n photo ben cregan joe s guide if there s one thing that the average inner westie aspires to even more than getting one of their tweets on q&a it s being invited on as a guest for joe one led to the other i used to hang shit on people who were on q&a as one does on twitter and eventually people on twitter started saying `joe shou ld go on q&a q&a put joe on and eventually they did i suppose it was a twitter campaign but what the abc didn t realise is that most of my follow ers are spambots automated software in califo rnia so they really got suckered in on that one i went on the drum before q&a i think that s like the kiddies pool i had done tv shows before but q&a is terrifying because you re supposed to know what you re talking about i think a lot of people espe cially nontelegraph readers were quite alarmed firstly when i came on the show without a pair of red horns and a forked tail and secondly when i could appa rently at least fake an impersonation of someone knew how to read so it s all about managing expectatio ns so what advice do you have for all thos e aspiring journalists/bloggers/tv stars who see themselves as the next joe hildebran d back off i m barely managing to make a living on my own ­ i do not need any competition i had to do a talk at uts and the attendees kept saying `how can i be like you how can i be a multi media superstar i m like `do you really think i m going to tell you do you think i got where i am by telling other people how to be super-famous celeb rity journos no it s a secret there is a book out there but i m not telling you where you can get it to multimedia stardom joe hildebrand has been a prominent daily telegraph columnist since the middle of last decade but for non-hate-media-consuming inner westies he remained under the radar until last year when he started appearing first by tweet then in person in the more respectable media forum of q&a at around the same time he was getting a taste of tv stardom the 35-year-old ex-melburnian suddenly found himself a tabloid interloper in broadsheet territory it was a culture clash that nigel bowen just had to learn more about want more go to @joe_hildebrand http joehildebrand and keep an eye out for his tv show dumb drunk and racist screening on abc2 in may.


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april june 2012 treading lightly eco-living in the inner west saturday 5 may 9.30am 12.30pm making great compost rsvp leichhardt council 9367 9227 wor k ev shops ents free april thursday 19 april 7pm 9.30pm how to reduce your power bills ashfield council civic centre activity room 2 260 liverpool rd ashfield rsvp ashfield council 9716 1921 june saturday 2 june 10am 4pm diy upholstery rsvp leichhardt council 9367 9220 saturday 19 may 8.30am 1.30pm sustainable food organic market tour rsvp city of canada bay 9911 6411 tuesday 5 june 6.30pm 9.30pm sustainability film festival palace cinema norton st leichhardt rsvp leichhardt council 9367 9220 saturday 21 april 9.30am 12.30pm backyard gardening rsvp city of canada bay 9911 6411 saturday 19 may 9am 12 noon growing food in small spaces summer hill community centre 131 smith street summer hill rsvp ashfield council 9716 1921 saturday 28 april 10am 2pm sustainable food tour rsvp leichhardt council 9367 9220 saturday 9 june 9.30am 12.30pm sourdough breadmaking workshop rsvp city of canada bay 9911 6411 saturday 28 april 10am 12.30pm greenway eco history walk meet at lewisham station rsvp ashfield council 9716 1921 saturday 26 may 9.30am 11.30am growing herbs at home woodstock community centre 22 church street burwood rsvp burwood council 9911 9911 saturday 16 june 9.30am 11.30am backyard veggies woodstock community centre 22 church street burwood rsvp burwood council 9911 9911 may tuesday 1 may 6.30pm 8.30pm energy carbon price greenhouse gas emissions what does this mean for you concord library 60 flavelle street concord rsvp city of canada bay 9911 6411 venue details provided at time of booking limited capacity bookings essential for all events visit partner councils websites for further information.


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community life see the real inner west ­ by bus imagine you wanted to introduce a tourist to real life in the inner west naturally you d choose to travel by bus well you would wouldn t you it s not as silly as it seems forget lonely planet s instructions trendy glebe hip newtown and the big tourist drawcards listed everywhere get amongst the real people here are five fabulous itineraries all road tested and rated just for you r oad test rant do cyclists really cause congestion i don t think so when i heard barry o farrell s recent claim that cyclists are causing congestion on the roads i was enraged surely congestion would be reduced if we had more cyclists and fewer cars i mostly walk everywhere but must admit to owning a small two-door car which i use a couple of times a week i like the idea of riding a bike but i m scared of the cars i recognise there is no escaping sydney s hills vastness or the weather which all encourage car usage but it is a choice if cyclists choose to overcome these adversities why are drivers so against them if i was suddenly in a crowded place should i be allowed to remove certain people based on their personal preferences now let s discuss some common complaints about cyclists 1 bikes don t follow the road rules yes it s annoying when a cyclist pushes to the front of the traffic but so do motorbikes and yes it s annoying when a cyclist ignores a red light but haven t we seen more annoying driving and breaking of rules by taxi drivers revheads and sunday drivers 2 cyclists don t pay rego yes but cyclists don t pollute the environment not paying rego is a benefit of riding a bike i don t see people refraining from intimidation in their 4wd that s the benefit of owning one right because i never see much dirt on them perhaps we should pay cyclists to ride instead imagine if we were all getting paid to become fitter and healthier me included perhaps baz having saved all that money on health care would be able to cough up the cash for more bike lanes finally stop in a part of sydney east balmain now as rich and rarified as manhattan s upper west side in moderate late afternoon traffic my trip took a fraction under an hour but i still missed my connecting ferry verdict please not the light rail detour 490 italian odyssey drummoyne to hurstville 1 hr 13 mins from lyons rd my 490 set off on time with no reason to stop till rodd point where an italian nonna flagged us down she got on had a lengthy consultation with the driver and then got off from my experience of daytime bus travel through our italian heartland i have to say this is not uncommon setting off again it wasn t till burwood that the driver started to dawdle at burwood westfield he announced to his sole passenger me that he d have to wait for 8 minutes i figured i d take a toilet break but had no idea where to go or how hard it would be to find my way out i did finally 30 minutes later but then my spirits had sagged from mall fatigue and i headed home verdict mission aborted 507 three bridges spectacular city to macquarie 1hr 31min victoria rd s buses have it all they re frequent fast and have amazing views from the magnificent anzac bridge overlooking glebe and white bay cruise boats coming soon to five dock and hunters hill at iron cove from the heights of the gladesville bridge 412 the grand tour king st wharf to campsie 1hr 24min the transport infoline lists city to campsie as 25 mins via cityrail so why anyone would opt for an extra hour through the back streets via broadway camperdown petersham lewisham marrickville dulwich hill and earlwood is anyone s guess of course most go only part of the way though one passenger was already on board when make sure you get a window seat on the 412 i got on near the ferry wharf and was still there at campsie station true you can also see to the city skyline olympic park he did appear to be asleep or perhaps dead and ­ on a clear day ­ the blue mountains stay verdict slow and scenic onboard and you re in for an epic meander through m41 the red hot metro marsfield to putney meadowbank north ryde and finally 90 hurstville 1 hr 27min don t tell anyone but our numbing minutes later macquarie uni verdict previous state government actually got something what value right when it introduced the red metros the m41 445 social kaleidoscope campsie to is one of the network s circular routes and goes east balmain 1 hr 3 mins beamish st campsie through the outer limits of the inner west rhodes concord burwood enfield campsie metro is a is like working-class shanghai about as asian bit of a misnomer though it s slow valiantly and exotic as the inner west gets my 445 then i stayed for the entire trip in chronic saturday traffic headed off through greek and lebanese hurlstone park portuguese petersham italian leichhardt still 1 hour 45 minutes verdict take a good book mixed rozelle affluent and very anglo balmain to n russell edwards how many times have you overtaken a cyclist only to have them catch you at the lights take a chill pill 3 sydney roads are too small for bike lanes like anything new the transition from majority driving to majority riding needs to be handled delicately why not complain about the cars getting bigger if all cars were smart cars we d get four lanes out of two if all vehicles were bikes we d get six or eight the bike lane from waterloo to the city along bourke street was highly contested during construction and is now heavily used by riders helping to reduce congestion 4 cyclists hog the road how many times have you overtaken a cyclist only to have them catch you at the lights ­ take a chill pill i don t see cyclists holding people up for too long in any case ok so there was that one time a cyclist held up a bus but that s an unusual incident what about the time that guy dumped soil on the harbour bridge we didn t then ban all tradies from using the bridge i don t see why cyclists should be continually singled out and blamed for congestion n the sydney cycling guide is a free map covering kingsford marrickville birchgrove circular quay centennial park and leichhardt call 9265 9333 for a copy or download at n maps of the cooks river cycleway three creeks ride and the inner west art ride are also available at http n emelia newtown memories of black cockatoos wheeling overhead or see beautifully drawn vividly coloured botanical worlds ­ it s all part of the exhibition running until april 9th strange brightly coloured domes will be growing like wild mushrooms from the gallery floor too come along for the launch between 2pm and 4pm saturday 7th april n where pidcock st camperdown for more information visit http tues 10th april to sat 12th may a day with the animals this year s easter show is set to be the most exciting yet with new rides and shows plus tonnes of interactive farm experiences to be had there will be something for everyone this year ­ from the new super slide in the kids carnival for the thrill seekers the world champion unicyclist and a fire-juggling comedy show for those looking for a laugh if you re a foodie don t miss the show s first ever food and wine garden featuring some of the finest produce from around nsw the show is also the place where the country meets city offering city dwellers the chance to get their boots dirty learning about life on the farm ­ kids can meet enormous bulls horses pigs chickens and even learn how to milk a cow and where else can you say g day to a real aussie farmer n for more info visit to win a family pass to the easter show email info@ciaomagazine and tell us where you got your ciao win tix what s on compiled by nancy merlo email month of april calving it up info@ciaomagazi attn nancy free community events listings are get cooking do you and your kids love food and cooking the new food wine and design hq is open offering cooking classes and events that provide an opportunity for groups and individuals from corporate private and community sectors to gather collaborate share and exchange through the activities of cooking educating and eating this creative experience provides a forum for learning enjoyment and empowerment they offer a range of cooking classes including kids cooking classes during april special offer book one kids holiday cooking classes and receive a $10 voucher for a second class 6 n for more information and bookings visit or call 0417 208 772 sun 1st april to sat 12th may music at leichhardt town hall `site and sound is an exciting new music program that will breathe life into leichhardt with vibrant live musical performances throughout april and may you re sure to find something to suit your taste with everything from orchestra to dance to band performances set to storm the stage the metropolitan chamber orchestra mco will launch the program apr 1st to be followed up by the something really epic battle of bands on april 13th and satsang `a musical celebration of peace from april 20th to 22nd professional dancers will also run youmove student dance workshops from april 30th to may 4th which includes a performance followed by a dance class for students of all levels the mco will then close the program with a final concert on saturday 12th may n for information and booking details visit saturday 7th april odd bod garden acrylic on canvas by moira kirkwood work of susan dalziel tom gillan martin ison tracy johnston and moira kirkwood and offering a ride along some curious roads shudder at the shadows hiding in the children s playground enjoy childhood five ways of seeing five ways of seeing is the new exhibition at chrissie cotter gallery showcasing the lord of the flies it s the classic story a plane crashes on a deserted island and the only survivors are a group of schoolboys by day it s a tropical paradise but each night a terrifying beast inhabits their dreams thrust into a teenage version of survivor before long this wellbehaved group turns into a murderous tribe adapted by nigel williams lord of the flies is a powerful allegory about loss of


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n local gigs sunday 1st april n local movies dead to me cobra skulls chris duke the royals the gun runners dividers this one s not my usual style but cobra skulls free c d u le tiwinkoebts movies passes cobra skulls have caught my attention due to their interesting lyrics and ideas about environmental philosophy which is totally metal 7pm downstairs sandringham hotel newtown $15 saturday 7th april sean penn as you ve never seen him before this must be the place a frolic with freddie goes badly wrong for hester like the aging goth rocker at the heart of paolo sorrentino s first english language film this is a very strange place plus stunningly original hypnotically engaging and very funny cheyenne sean penn had been a cult star in his prime but after one of his depressive songs are we talking about robert smith here leads to the suicide of a fan he quits the business and now shuffles about in a mansion in ireland living very well off his tesco shares bored and cynical he heads off to new york for his jewish father s funeral then after learning of his dad s suffering at the hands of a auschwitz ss guard who is still living in the us sets off to find him on one of the oddest road trips across the american heartland you will ever go on the talking heads david byrne who also performs provides the soundtrack and his quirky songs usually mashed up set the tone for cheyenne s odyssey he returns a changed man and the ending like the whole film is a genuine pleasant surprise m15 at palace norton st and hoyts broadway from april 5 n thanks to hopscotch films we have five double in-season passes to give away details below the lander configurations jarek czechowicz skippy s brains lander just produced a new release and are finally back doing live shows after an extremely long recording process which is great because they re a wonderful band to see live dreamy atmospheric post-rock with soaring male vocals ­ get into it bald faced stag leichhardt $10 12 at door saturday 7th april the deep blue sea so dim is the lighting in terence davies melodrama about sex and guilt that you might need to take a torch the setting is gloomy post-war britain lit only by 20-watt light bulbs and dim gas heaters in an astonishing long first scene we watch hester rachel weisz swallow some pills and turn on the gas the camera hovers over details in the room and then swirls over the beautiful but stricken woman while an overblown violin concerto soars this is bravura film-making ­ and the story is a grand romantic tragedy unburdened by any traces of modernity or irony hester has walked out on her respectable hubby a good egg and taken up with a cad freddie tom hiddleston he s a handsome dashing cove and hester is passionately hopelessly smitten trouble is his response to any emotion is to hit the sauce bottle relive his glory days as a wartime pilot and enjoy a singalong at the local pub beware of passion hester s pompous mother-in-law warns her it always leads to something ugly maybe but if this pleasable movie is any guide ­ carnal electrifying beauty too m15 from april 12 n thanks to transmission films we have five double in-season passes to giveaway details below the best of the rest goodbye first love i raved about mia hansenløve s father of my children new film last issue and i m not going to say anything more except ­ go that s an order the young girl lola créton crushed by the dissolution of a passionate relationship was 15 at the start of this largely autobiographical story the actress was 16 but it s always intriguing to see how relaxed the french are about sex on screen once we in oz wouldn t have raised our eyebrows either but post-henson we seem to have gotten ourselves into a right neurotic pickle about all that ctc at palace norton st from april 5 the specials this one is a little expensive but well worth it for the history of the band the specials have been around since the dawn of time see the 1980s and changed the face of british music with their politically driven ska punk anthems 30 years on these guys are still incredible live and will ska your face off even if you re not yet a fan enmore theatre $97 n claire albrecht titanic 3d unless you actually do live on pandora you ve probably already seen the highest grossing most acclaimed best ever yadda yadda yadda ­ several times james cameron s achievement truly was sensational and few will ever regret spending 3 hours 14 minutes with the doomed lovers jack and rose but in 3d definitely if you ve only seen this on a small screen leonardo dicaprio and kate winslet at her most translucent look amazing in any dimension especially rose in that naked scene oh kate the only movie that makes men cry it s claimed yep it did again m15 from april 5 n dvd favourites local musicians catch a break madonna got one the beatles got one and now it s your turn are you an aspiring musician struggling to crack the industry well here is your chance for that one big break the break is marrickville council s free live music event held annually to uncover hidden talent in the inner west local musicians have a chance to break into the music industry by performing at the event on sunday 15th april at tillman park the event offers a platform for emerging acts to play in front of a real festival audience and one act will win the chance to play on the marrickville festival stage in october 2012 as well as live music the break will feature food stalls and a jumping castle to keep the kids entertained throughout the afternoon the events also marks the beginning of marrickville council s youth week 2012 activities which will include a range of other musical development workshops to assist musicians break into the music industry the future hipsters are notoriously easy to poke fun at see abc2 s hilarious portlandia on thursday nights no surprise that miranda july whose film the future screened at last year s sydney film festival is a friend of that cult tv show s creators the humour here though is far darker a 30-something couple sophie miranda july and jason hamish linklatter find their lives lack meaning and purpose so they decide to get a cat not much else happens except bouts of depressive melancholia whimsy and lots of wry jokes sophie heads to the suburbs and has an affair jason saves the planet by selling trees door-to-door the cat dies hipster newtown may well laugh the rest of us will too ­ at them m15 available now n reviews re could your band be the next you am i innocence and civilisation and the division of good and evil that exists within us all running wednesdays to saturdays at 8pm and sundays at 5pm tickets are $30 25 for concession call 1300 131188 for bookings n 542 king st newtown more info at http from weds 11th april n tillman park unwins bridge road tempe for more info look up the break on facebook or visit wednesday 11th bookings at 9367 9211 n balmain library 370 darling st leichhardt library italian forum wednesday 11th april youth week at marrickville marrickville library is offering a number of activities to celebrate youth week 2012 one of which is the street art on canvas workshop where young people are invited to create street art using aerosol paint paint markers and stencilling to be exhibited at the library the session runs from 10am to 2pm at marrickville youth resource centre jarvie park marrickville a jewellerymaking workshop will also be running monday 16th april from 3pm at marrickville library cnr marrickville and petersham rds there are many more activities available for library members aged 12 to 18 years old see marrickville council website for details n bookings are essential call 9335 2173 to reserve your spot peppa pig taking turns one-day show will come to the centre on monday 16th april 10am 11am and 12pm peppa is a loveable cheeky little pig that loves playing games dressing up and jumping in muddy puddles her adventures always end happily with loud snorts of laughter so bring the kids along to meet her n marketplace 100/122-138 flood street leichhardt holidays at the library balmain and leichhardt libraries have an exciting program of activities running during the easter holidays pop into balmain on wednesday 18th at 2pm to celebrate where s wally s 25th birthday with lots of fun and cake bookings on 9367 9211 enjoy an interactive and educational drumming singing and dancing music session at leichhardt with earthbeats on tuesday 17th from 2pm book on 9367 9266 or budding detectives can also help solve 50-year-old mystery case 005 the mystery message in a bottle suitable for 5-12 year-olds at 2pm scooby doo can do weds 11th to fri 13th april win double movie passes see a show pop into marketplace leichhardt these school holidays and see a free show with the kids the scooby doo `ghostology show will run from wednesday 11th to friday 13th april at 11.30am 12.30pm and 1.30pm in the centre court so everyone should have a chance to check it out also a special to be in the running to win a double pass to the deep blue sea this must be the place and/or a family pass to the royal easter show just email your name and postal address to info@ciaomagazine telling us where you picked up your copy of ciao give us an order of preference too and we ll do our best remember our competitions are all posted on our website only at the movies april 5 become a facebook friend and you ll get a reminder even before the issue hits the street community glamour at its best 7


p. 8

kitchen with melissa leong use your noodles comfort food means different things for different people for some it s bangers and mash while others hit the macaroni and cheese for us chinese and many more i m sure it s hard to go past a steaming bowl of wonton noodle soup slurping is mandatory serves 4 the soup ½kg pork bones ¼ cup dried shrimp 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger peeled and sliced 2l of chicken stock 1 bunch of bok choy sliced into lengths the dumplings 1 packet of fresh wonton wrappers you ll need about 6 dumplings per bowl 500g pork mince 300g green prawn meat 5 spring onions finely chopped 1 tblsp sweet soy 3 tblsp rice vinegar 1 tsp sesame oil 1 generous pinch of salt 1 generous pinch of white pepper 1 tsp dried chilli flakes to serve 1 packet of fresh thin egg noodles sliced bbq pork from your local chinese bbq store coriander or chopped shallots for garnishing 1 bring the stock with pork bones and ginger to the boil and simmer for 1 hour add dried shrimp and continue to simmer for another 20minutes the dumplings 2 combine all of the filling ingredients together and allow to sit for half an hour place 1 tsp of filling in each wonton wrapper and fold there are several ways to do this but the simplest is to wet two adjacent sides with water and fold in half the important point is to ensure the dumpling is completely sealed when you get confident you can youtube other techniques to get fancy to serve 3 bring soup back to the boil sift out bones and dried shrimp cook egg noodles for 3-5minutes until al dente at the last minute add the bok choy boil a separate pot of water and cook the wontons for 5 minutes they ll float to the top when cooked drain the wontons and assemble into bowls with soup noodles and vegies top with bbq pork and coriander or chopped shallots n wonton noodle soup wine with winsor stellar riesling howard park 2011 porongurup riesling this is an absolutely stunning wine from a west australian label that has a formidable reputation for quality rieslings ­ its great southern riesling is always a standout this new sub-regional wine offers wonderful delicacy and purity of flavour with plenty of length it is the vinous equivalent of drinking from a fresh mountain stream and would be a fabulous match for sushi and sashimi $35 red flag red knot 2011 cabernet sauvignon red knot is the entry-level label for impressive mclaren vale winery shingleback offering vibrant young red wines at very reasonable prices vintage after vintage this features ripe dark berry fruit flavours has french and american oak adding structure and interest and has impressive tannins for a wine so young and affordable a good choice for taking to a barbecue or casual dinner party $15 at the markets n best quality rockmelon grapes baby eggplants and rhubarb bargain chardy tulloch 2011 chardonnay the hunter valley is better known for shiraz and semillon and perhaps even for verdelho than chardonnay but there are some excellent examples about including this value buy from a long-established family winery this is a very modern style low in alcohol at 13.2 and extremely fresh and vibrant fruit-driven with some creamy notes and restrained oak this is crisp clean and enjoyable $16 n n just arrived white and red dragon fruit mandarins and limes in the vegie department it s broad beans and pine mushrooms n in season granny smith pink lady and cider apples sugar plums passionfruit pineapples and oranges both navel and valencia plus green yellow and red capsicums and carrots n ending apricots lychees nectarines and peaches are all gone until next season and will be missed christian s salad one of my favourite dishes would be a roast pumpkin and walnut salad it is very healthy and fills you up without so many calories ingredients baby spinach cherry tomatoes halved roast pumpkin diced or thinly sliced whichever you prefer walnuts avocado persian fetta olive oil balsamic vinegar and salt method 1 first roast up your pumpkin and set aside 2 second prepare all your other ingredients then plate them up with your pumpkin and top with persian fetta fishes and loaves with a christian 3 dress your salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and add salt to taste jared s chocolate easter cake dear readers of my column this column is temporarily out of order due to unforeseen circumstances and a big fat slice of life it will resume back to its normal amazing informative and witty self very soon thanks for your understanding and in the meantime enjoy my chocolate easter cake ingredients butter for greasing plain flour for dusting 500g good-quality dark chocolate with around 53 cocoa solids chopped 250g unsalted butter chopped 10 eggs a pinch of salt 50g caster sugar 35g plain flour method preheat your oven to 205°c prepare a 22cm spring-form cake tin by rubbing with a little butter and dusting with flour have ready a lightly greased flat ovenproof dinner plate large enough to cover your tin gently melt the chocolate and butter in a double saucepan while this is happening separate your eggs placing the yolks in one bowl and the whites into an electric mixer with a whisking attachment when the chocolate and butter have melted add a pinch of salt stir well and remove from the heat to allow it to cool slightly while this is happening start to whisk your egg whites when they ve formed soft peaks sprinkle in sugar and continue whisking for about 1 minute until the sugar has dissolved now add the flour to the egg yolks and mix you now need a clean bowl in which to mix everything start by pouring in your melted chocolate then using a whisk beat in your egg yolk and flour mixture using your hands fold your egg white mixture into the chocolate one-third at a time being careful to combine everything but not overwork working quickly pour the batter into your prepared tin and pop in the oven for 15 minutes after 15 minutes gently place the prepared plate greased side down on top of the tin and put the tin back in the oven for 12 minutes once cooking has finished resist the urge to lift the plate but if you do and the cake looks runny don t panic this is what it s supposed to look like and place the cake still covered in its tin on a wire rack in a cool spot for 24 hours the next day carefully lift off the dinner plate you ll find the cake will have sunk in the middle and looks a little ugly but don t judge a book by its cover carefully remove from tin and slice using a heated knife to serve with berries and cream your cake should have the texture of a smooth pâté and will keep at room temp for 2 days do not refrigerate enjoy at home with christian marchegiani drummoyne local christian marchegiani is the founder of thump boxing and the underdogs program which aims to help kids triumph against bullying and draw attention to the problem in schools throughout the inner west and beyond here christian tells ciao what s important about nutritious food and why carbs aren t so bad what foods are good for training and building muscle it s important to include a variety of foods that contain protein carbohydrates and fibre too many people think they need to cut out foods with carbs because they will put on weight but the reality is that carbs give you the fuel to exercise and get through your day it s like petrol for a car foods with protein help the muscles recover after exercise while enhancing their growth how important is the nutritional value of ingredients when it comes to your cooking when i cook i make sure i choose foods that are natural have minimal saturated fats and are low in salt nothing beats fresh foods especially 8 ones that are close to nature processed and packaged foods will not give you as much nutritional value as raw foods that are fresh what s your favourite food to indulge in nothing beats a wood fire pizza and gelato i enjoy every bit of it and do not feel guilty about it i allow myself one indulgent meal per week if you could invite anyone over for dinner whom would you invite i would invite sports author and journalist daniel lane who has written over 10 books on australia s best athletes i have read them all and would love to know more about them he would have so much insight on sports stars and what makes them so great what ingredients do you always have in your kitchen olive oil balsamic vinegar lemons avocado and walnuts you can use these ingredients to give your meals so much flavour and nutrients they can make a bland meal such as tuna in spring water taste great.n interview nancy merlo


p. 9

n ciao s mailbox n sustainability the great green hope maybe it s time to stop trying to force easily spooked politicians to act boldy on climate change and get behind innovative corporations that are changing the world this letter of the week is from a regular competition entrant tales of love and lust are always winners with us jm i haven t entered one of your competitions in a hundred years and am now three girlfriends down the track from the last time i catalogued my woes with one of them so as to entertain you ­ with a view to winning tix so currently i am seeing this amazing opera singer who is herself between houses due to touring interstate a lot and she is going to crash at my place for a few days next week before going off on tour again when she asked if this was ok i said er yeah but when she asked if i d be cool with coming home to her in the evenings i hesitated bad move and said um i m sure it will be fine thinking `omg i m used to my private space when the required response should have been oh yes that will be fabulous honey now all of this preamble brings me to the free tix comp pls pls pls can i win something french i mean any french film tix to get her and me out of my tiny house of an evening keep on rockin ciao jm n send us your letters to info what is the main driver of change money this is why the government has loaded up the economic system with a carbon tax however the labor government and majority of businesses in this country miss the point expensive carbon does not lead to innovation it can in the long run but in the short run and who knows how long we ve got direct investment in innovation is critical i have given up on thinking governments can help ­ they can t driven by agendas and political pressure they lack the courage of their convictions so i now look to those who solve all my other problems the real masters of the universe ­ google google is a visionary business yes we know they would like us all to have gmail accounts and get excited every time there is a new google graphic but they also want the whole world to be using google without any fossil fuel reliance they have now spent over $984 million in renewable energy technology including wind farms solar cities and other large-scale energy projects in california these projects are capable of powering 350,000 homes google has developed a `solar city model which has a customer design a solar system for their home google purchases the system up front and in return receives a portion of lease payments from the homeowner this kind of innovative financing removes a major adoption barrier for homeowners ­ the upfront cash required for systems ­ and makes solar power accessible to homeowners who would otherwise not consider it google is not the only technology business investing in future energy sources graeme wood s company wotif com donated $15 million to queensland university to set up the global change institute a research centre focused on international issues such as population growth and energy innovation is the cia the new asio it s easy to put the boot into clive palmer about his cia conspiracy theories and just about every self-styled humourist in the land has now done so prompting a rare backdown from the man who like the agency has pumped huge amounts of money into right-wing political parties over the years but the really bizarre thing about cia conspiracy theories is how many of them are true these days no-one except john pilger still argues the cia was behind the dismissal of the whitlam government but it s now a matter of record that the boys at langley conducted whacky drug experiments involving dosing people with lsd without their consent engaged in numerous assassinations or in the case of fidel castro hare-brained attempted assassinations of left-leaning politicians imported smack into the us during the vietnam war check out mel gibson s air america for hollywood s action-comedy rendering of this hilarious escapade snooped on over 7000 us citizens involved in the anti-war movement despite being meant to only spy on foreigners and more recently tortured alleged terrorists and even if the likes of palmer and pilger stray into the realm of tin-foil-hat-wearing paranoia cia involvement in australian affairs is hardly unheard of when wikileaks published us diplomatic cables last year it was revealed that alp powerbroker mark arbib was in regularly spilling his guts to us embassy `staff about the internal machinations of the a local look at national news changing the world by googling these types of business leaders are driving change at a faster and more profound level than all the world governments put together they may be driven by profit but because their businesses are rooted in technology it seems a natural progression to look at energy innovation internet businesses seem the best placed to lift inertia and get us off the grid other businesses such as general electric are following google and investment in sustainable technology has increased five times over that of 2010 even agl has bought a wind farm so keep googling the tech companies might be the only ones without a vested interest in the existing grid i hope that world domination is in their mission statement tech companies that are slow to adapt to changing energy requirements include 1 apple 2 facebook 3 linked in 4 aol n cindy mullen but the really bizarre thing about cia conspiracy theories is how many of them are true labor party and this nation s government in 2009 mark latham published a 2006 email from an erstwhile colleague who was then preparing for a us study tour stand by for emails explaining george bush is a great statesman torture is justified in many circumstances and those iraqi insurgents should just get over it one of the excerpts read let s catch up when i m back from the us and i ll show you my cia-issued ankle holster that old workmate is now the prime minister and though the remarks were obviously made in jest generations of labor politicians and union leaders have queued up for free trips to america on the understanding they d be indoctrinated in the wonders of us-style capitalism and democracy between visits to disneyland and the empire state building yet funnily enough the cia is more likely to be derided than denounced nowadays it s beginning to be seen as faintly ridiculous sort of like a giant american version of asio when you re the most lavishly funded intelligence-gathering operation the world has ever seen yet you fail to predict significant geopolitical events such as say the collapse of the soviet union and the events of september 11 people start to take you about as seriously as clive palmer n nigel bowen workshopping at the watershed we all have the power to become economically savvy and environmentally friendly upcyclists with a little help from the creative people at the watershed in newtown marrickville council s sustainability resource centre the watershed is calling all residents to have some imagination and take something that could be wasted and breathe new life into it at the upcoming upcycling workshops we all have drawers full of old clothes and furniture lying around outside that could be used again upcycling involves converting waste and useless products into better quality products that can be useful again led by a local expert these workshops will focus on revitalising practical hands-on skills such as mending there will also be tips on updating an old sewing pattern and restyling garments by adding details such as pockets or frills by using appliqués or embroidery the `update a pattern workshop will be held saturday 21st april 1pm-3.30pm while the `restyle a garment workshop will run saturday 19th may for those of you who are a little more outdoorsy there are also workshops for home organic gardeners that run throughout the year as well as green cleaning and green baby care workshops check out the watershed workshops page at for more informaiton n the watershed 218 king st newtown call 9519 6366 to book your spot status update our pick of the best so serve a raw pigeon with gravel and a dessert that is incomplete and you are #mkr champions laughable program never to be watched again winsor dobbin winsordobbin march 27 transform your clutter into compost community glamour at its best 9


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2012 2012 inner west local business awards sponsors are proud to show their support for local business and the community major sponsor the award winning parkland and harbourside setting of breakfast point makes it the idyllic choice of home for many successful local business families breakfast point is proud to support local businesses in their aspiration for excellence snap happy email your snaps to media partners some local ladies enjoying international women s day with mayor rochelle porteous sofia is a little art critic-in-themaking at tali gallery support sponsors burwood council is proud to be a sponsor of the local business awards the awards recognise local businesses for their hard work and commitment to the community burwood council wishes all participating businesses good luck in the awards ash eld council is proud to promote community based enterprise by sponsoring the local business awards good luck to our hard working local entrants leichhardt council is proud to again sponsor the 2012 inner west local business awards we wish all our businesses the best of luck and encourage residents to nominate their favourite local business as a way to recognise their great work norton plaza is a proud sponsor of the inner west local business awards we wish all nalists a hearty congratulations on their nominations for business excellence nia karteris dimi lafazanos and olympia from the greek festival of sydney at the launch of tali gallery s owl exhibition anthropologist triin pehk her daughter sofia ash eld mall is proud to be a support sponsor of the local business awards for 2012 ash eld mall prides itself on being your `everyday centre and wishes all the participating businesses good luck in the awards strath eld plaza is proud to have a strong representation within the 2012 inner west local business awards strath eld plaza also recognises all its retailers that are nalists and winners the calibre that is required to attain an accolade such as nalist and or winner of the inner west local business awards canterbury bmw is an avid supporter of its local community and a proud long standing sponsor of the local business awards we wish all contestants the best of luck this year and welcome all to experience our excellence in customer service burwood plaza is proud to be a sponsor of the local business awards we pride ourselves in providing a convenient safe and enjoyable shopping experience and wish all participating businesses good luck in the awards marketplace leichhardt are proud to support the 2012 local business awards marketplace leichhardt is your local shopping centre of convenience o ering free parkign woolworths target aldi and over 80 speciality stores birkenhead point outlet centre is proud to be a sponsor of the inner west local business awards for 2012 and wish all participating businesses the very best of luck ash eld business chamber is very pleased to support the local business awards we wish all participating members good luck in the awards but especially those who are members of ashbiz success women s network is proud sponsors of the local business awards together this business community can be connected inspired and successful television sydney is proud to be a sponsor of the local business awards and a supporter of the local communities associations clubs and local producers who air their programs on tvs aboriginal elder aunty faye consul general of greece vassilios tolios launch koukouvagia:boobook exhibit at tali gallery canterbury bmw driving strong relationships ava with artist danielle sullivan getting creative at tali gallery s owl mosaic creation workshop or dine in y a takeaw e om free h y r delive bon gusto pizzeria trattoria restaurant traditional southern italian cuisine pizzeria open 6 nights a week from 5pm bookings are advised licensed and byo wine delicious southern italian gourmet pizza traditional pizza freshest pastas tender veal chicken seafood dishes check out our website proudly managed by awarding business excellence since 1985 new location opposite petersham post office shop 1 2 98 -106 audley st petersham ph 9560 5358 for our complete menu and restaurant specials vote online 10


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welcome to rozelle markets even pets enjoyed the carnival of cultures canada bay mayor angelo tsirekas chats with residents at rhodes peninsula neighbour day liz from newtown is at rozelle markets every weekend sometimes to sell sometimes to buy but she is always here it s her sunday morning ritual grab a cup of tea and some bargains she sells brick a brac which she sources from auctions and buys table lots today liz is also selling a collection of her sons eclectic hats one of which is on her head he is in the performing arts and has collected a lot over time liz is also a wealth of knowledge so stop by anytime just for a chat it was her lucky day as she won the stall draw every week all the stalls go into a draw and the winner gets it free that day sydney s favourite second hand market every saturday and sunday 9am ­ 4pm darling st near victoria rd the crowd was all smiles at ashfield s carnival of cultures in ashfield park busting a move with the kids at ashfield s carnival of cultures nominations now open the sustainability awards is our leading initiative to recognise local champions who demonstrate outstanding contributions in environmental economic or social sustainability of our city i encourage you to get involved simply visit our website and complete a nomination the first 20 people to nominate themselves or someone else will receive a complimentary ticket to the prestigious awards night in august i look forward to reading your nomination entries close 4 june 2012 tel 9911 6555 fax 9911 6550 su stainable community glamour at its best ci ty program the sustainability awards are a program of awards recognising the contribution of business community organisations and individuals in creating a more sustainable city mayor angelo tsirekas city of canada bay 11


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astrogirlzarro your stars for the week from our real astrogirl aries expect a wave of jupiter energy to bring positive financial vibes fortunately you won t have to rob a bank the panel says melissa taurus thanks to retrograde mars in your house of children you will cry `omg i left the baby on the bus which is strange considering that you don t catch public transport he s cute looks like he d be a good friend but nothing more gemini venus in your sign helps with developing self-love in a healthy nurturing non-perverted way cancer the moon and neptune work favourably with your sign to bring about a religious experience without the aid of drugs or pink floyd records leo mars retrogrades through your money sector review your financial options plan to rob a bank then leave town for good virgo venus triggers you career sector you will get ahead by using your greatest assets smiling seductively and batting your false eyelashes nancy something about this guy reminds me of super mario all he needs is a red hat libra expect holiday romance roman holiday-style when venus spends time in your travel sector scorpio you rethink your friendships when mars retrogrades in your social sector clear facebook of cyber deadwood and start again sagittarius there will be delays with professional progress when mars retrogrades in your career sector slow down and review where you re headed to the gutter capricorn you pine for long-buried travel dreams when mars retrogrades in your travel sector prepare for that excellent adventure hot or not would you like to take a long walk with this man i like the shirt and very happy smile i enjoy walking along the beach and the sunset too he has good taste adam can you write me a story natalie aquarius venus helps you reconnect with forgotten creative desires such as one-finger cavandoli macramé you stitch `n bitch with panache adam 22 is an editorial assistant and freelance movie reviewer whose ideal woman is a pisces you dream up creative ways to get the rellos together without murdering each other when venus visits your domestic sector n http brunette who can handle copious amounts of sarcasm because he certainly likes to dish it out adam enjoys watching movies in his spare time and pretending his opinion of them matters but his absolute favourite past time is taking long walks on the beach while staring longingly into the sunset do we detect a little of that famous sarcasm his best piece of relationship advice is to always apologise even if you don t mean it we have a feeling adam apologises a lot me red holy ricotta bocconcini mozzarella this guy is sooooo cheesy alberto s no.1 pizzeria restaurant was established 33 years ago and has been successfully catering to the locals of the inner west ever since autumn special spend $50 or more on t/a or home delivery and receive a free 500ml gelato valued at $9 we have over a dozen flavours so ask us for your favourite available everyday spend prices are ex gst gluten free pizza bases available in medium sizes 11 inch 589 king street 9519 4262 dinner 7 days 5 pm till late lunch pick up or delivery for lunch orders over $100 well connected restaurant quality cafe prices cafe wine bar open throughout the holidays pizza pasta we can cater pizza or pasta for your next event just give us 24 hrs notice shop 9/39 45 norton st leichhardt dine in takeaway or delivery see our website for more tasty deals 12 95728870


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promotion fashion photography nudzejma advic stylist shanel salih hair and makeup david cranson from ubeauty makeup hair leichhardt location the little marionette annandale cream wish lace dress $160 from adam eve me brown neo esanima ankle boots $269 from bacio collection pretty pink west australian argyle pink diamond heart pendant with chain $349 from viva watch and jewellery white flamenco blouse $355 black fitted skirt $209 white joseph ribkoff fur jacket $495 from bacio collection black `danielle suede heels $110 from ungars shoes pretty pink west australian argyle pink diamond heart earrings $349 from viva watch and jewellery marketplace sources bacio collection ungars shoes shop 62 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st 9560 5795 shop 71 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st 9550 0842 jeanswest shop 23 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st 9568 3181 adam eve me white `peggy batwing shirt $50 cream `bookie high knit $40 black `fiona skinny leg pants $60 all from jeanswest taupe `zensu leather boots $130 from ungars shoes shop 43 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st 9569 9778 viva watch and jewellery shop k2 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st 9572 7000 pretty pink west australian argyle pink diamond heart ring $299 from viva watch and jewellery community glamour at its best 13


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remembering sal tosto sal tosto bellezza norton st plaza leichhardt was a remarkable man with an astute sense of business a big kind heart and a fabulous sense of style we are sad to see his passing and wish his friends and family all the best he will never be forgotton 2012 ~


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lifestyle ask sal single bowl kitchen sinks one of the busiest spots in a kitchen is the sink which is why it s important to choose one that fits your needs there s a huge variety available in the market where single bowl sinks help in balancing out small kitchens and provide ample space for washing dishes multi-bowl sinks help you efficiently wash and dry dishes in separate bowls colorful sinks are perfect for adding the right aesthetic variation to a neutral kitchen and if space allows your kitchen can also be made complete with a bar sink buy durable stainless steel stainless steel has become the preferred material for making kitchen sinks because of its nearly unbreakable construction light weight and durability single bowl sinks ­ preferred by homeowners single bowl kitchen sinks have become popular because they re versatile and help give any kitchen a modern appeal another advantage is that they can be cleaned easily making them more hygienic these sinks come with a single pot and plughole and provide a large space for washing up making them perfect for kitchens with limited space work freely in a single bowl sink single bowl sinks are deep enough and provide ample space to allow you to work freely which makes them an ideal option for small kitchens furthermore kitchens that already have single bowl sinks are easy to remodel as one can easily replace the old sink with a new one of same size an affordable option single bowl kitchen sinks can be easily matched with other fixtures in the kitchen enhancing the décor of the room apart from this when compared to other models these sinks are a very affordable option n for more info call salvi messina owner of renovation boys tel 9519 5511 running with ryhan ripped the new big in the past the `michelin man look was the body gymgoers wanted but today guys want the aesthetically pleasing physique with the performance of an athlete to match the question is how do we get `ripped pumped 24/7 here are some guidelines for experienced lifters who have hit a plateau 1 the rep chart the most important information any experienced lifter will need 2-6 repetitions aim for more strength conditioning 8-12 aim for more hypotrophy conditioning increased muscle size 15-20 aim for more muscle endurance using these variations week to week will boost results 2 zinc taking zinc from food or supplements helps carry testosterone in the blood stream and reduce the production of estrogen in males it s essential for growth and development 3 leg training aim to train legs twice a week with adequate rest in between for muscle repair use supersets heavy sets and high rep sets to help promote growth working the biggest muscle groups entices consistent oxygenated blood flow resulting in greater muscle size 4 take a protein supplement 5 minutes after weight training after resistance-training tissue damage is created leading to a muscle-building effect but without the proper nutrients muscles cannot recover fast enough a protein supplement post workout gives 100 absorption into the blood stream 5 do a weekly session of sprints it caters to different muscle fibers activation helps with speed agility and fat loss one of the simplest forms is 5 sets of 1km sprints aim to complete each set in under 4 mins with a 1-2 minute rest between understand the above will only work if your nutrition is in exceptional form according to your body s ability n from more info email property of the week cosmopolitan `italian forum apartment 86/19a-23 norton st leichhardt secure your spot above all the action in leichhardt s iconic italian forum complex an ideal elevated placement floods the breezy apartment interior with light and provides a picturesque outlook overlooking the forum s piazza sip an espresso and absorb the unique cosmopolitan ambience from your juliet-style balcony or take a stroll amongst the array of dining shopping and entertainment options on norton street aesthetic upgrades are in the pipeline and the boutiques are enjoying a new lease of life as sydneysiders flock back to norton street s prized retail and dining hub this two-bedroom two-bathroom property with one car space is an exciting and low maintenance investment prospect features include a gas kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite benches internal laundry security intercom system and access to the forum gym entry via balmain road for sale offers from $480,000 agent sally thomson 0419 751 945 n callagher estate agents 9569 4888 amore spicy inner west ciao asks and inner westies answer have you ever sent a text updated your status or answered a call while having sex yeah i ve answered my phone and had a conversation with someone amy 23 five dock my sex life has never been that bad that i need such distractions caitlin 21 ashfield i might have answered a call once but besides that one time no courtney 25 lewisham updated my status no i have answered a phone call but obviously stopped then continued texting i think would be challenging danny 26 balmain if i ever have to answer a call or text during sex i stop in the middle only if i think it s important then continue kerry 24 five dock yep some calls need to be answered seb 29 petersham no i have not after yes but during wow that s some serious multitasking adam 31 petersham who updates their status on facebook during sex no way katey 23 lewisham i ve answered a call and i have to admit it s fun trying to stay quiet and not letting the other person know you re going at it mel 22 pyrmont man people must be having boring sex if they can do that during it victor 21 leichhardt bitching lyrics inner westies might get all flustered about singing along with rap music that drops the n word but they don t seem to have a problem with the b word the hampshire hotel is a cosy pub on parramatta road camperdown that can bulge with rugby teams and rockabilly dancers on some nights or host just a smattering of regulars on others this saturday night was more the latter footy was on the big plasma but the commentary was of a societal kind in the form of the latest rap tunes being played on the jukebox the rhyming stories spoke of loss frustration and the difficulties of america s primarily african american working class in the new world order a story probably not so familiar to middle class white drinkers in this gentrified piece of one of the world economy s best performing nations then jay-z was in the house with an old classic announcing to the world that he had 99 problems but a bitch ain t one one of the smaller televisions showed the accompanying black and white images of angry young men and grim cityscapes instantly the mellow vibe shifted just a little a couple of tidy looking lads drinking low-carb beer at a high table began nodding their heads to the beat or was it in agreement if you re having girl problems i feel bad for you son s e x dat ingand re l at io n s h ip s rap music has often struggled with accusations of misogyny perhaps more recent rappers have toned down the girl hate a little or maybe all genres of music have now become virtual porn in an attempt to get the teen bucks and therefore desensitised us to the notion of a woman as no more than a trophy on the other hand perhaps women have come so far since the song came out it was now ironic anyway the postgraduate student behind the bar thrusting her cocked elbows at the patrons and swinging her hips to the beat didn t seem to mind according to some music critiques its lyrics even lurk on the edges of the mainstream lexicon a way of saying that those trying to fry bigger fish by default don t have to worry about attracting the opposite sex i m just not sure if the guys spending saturday night alone at the hampshire were as convincing as jay-z in claiming that they had 99 problems but a bitch ain t one got to admit though it is catchy n jason dunne is an inner west writer and author of everyone is henry miller a good night out with jay-z a lanky fop en route to the bathroom suddenly developed a slight swagger i got 99 problems the solitary young man standing at the bar was also clearly familiar with jay-z s thoughts and joined others around the room in a collective shout but a bitch ain t one solidarity was in the air it s hard to take outrage at injustice seriously however when those venting that rage like jay z seem to revel in reducing half the population to the level of a sexual or domestic minion community glamour at its best 15



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