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class 4as outstanding blog by christian and dawuud class 4a did this,mr hall creblog that class 4a goes on ated a new blog site,at lowerplace primary school last week at school,so we could share are learning by posting examples ofwork linking to other sites and schools in our class 4a mr hall has a when mr hall wants to post a comment.class 4a have had 650 hits on the website people have visited from 14 different countries including pakistan japan usa and hong kong mrs earl i think 4as blog is fantastic i love the all coments that the children have made and the intresting things you are learning keep blogging !


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class 4as brilliant brainy blog by saffa and aneesah mr hall the teacher of class 4a has made a class blog to find it you need to type in your computer 4as teacher mr hall started making the blog 3 weeks ago mr hall made the blog on the computer he did this to help us learn and have fun countreis and places,to look at their blog class 4as teacher mr hall said i really enjoy pushing on the blog,and its great to share our work he made it on the computer and he got ideas each time class 4a did a lesson ,he took pictures and put them on the blog mr hall made the blog so other people could go on it and write comments mrs earl said class 4as blog is fantastic mrs richards said wow amazing information on class 4as blog they have been writing comments about their work and then posting them.they also have been quadblogging and getting other schools from other this is a picture of class 4as blog


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class 4a fantastic blog by naveed and asad class 4a lowerplace mr.hall created a blog.4a have had 650 hits.also 4a have had 14 different countries visiting our website also 4a could quad blog countries/people also we have posted examples of are work .also we could post comments people go on are website because we have our learning on we have quad blogging with 3 different is called great wood primary school.also we are quad blogging with a school in spain lancashire.mrs.earl said i love all the comments and keep blogging also misses richard said wow a amazing information on your ww2 topic this our blog write in google at the top write


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class 4a blog by ethan mariam and class 4a the blog is brilliant also it is very good because every thing on the blog helps you learn and al it wants you to do is to be clever and any time you can post a sticky finally you can also to do message this is at scince week we have got a world for us to see how we have visted us so if any of you out there come to our blog and then you can have a look who has visted our blog this is when holly faheem.


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4a s new blog by aysha and mariyah,lowerplace on the blog mr hall has put a earth and when somebody is on the blog class 4a will know they have had over 650 hits people have been visiting mr hall made the blog 3 weeks there blog from pakistan jaago ,he made the blog by the pupan usa america new york pils going on the blog and posting and south africa class 4a comments about the subjects he have been quad blogging with has put on the blog schools and the schools are escola mossen ton claven mrs richards said wow great wood primary school amazing information on your and tehtherdown primary world war topic mrs earl school mr hall made the blog said i love all the comments by adding things on the blog that the children have made mr hall a teacher at lower-place school made a blog for class 4a,the website to go on the blog is this is a picture of class 4a s brilliant new blog.does nt there blog look so good?


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4a s popular new blog by ellie.d and komal.s class 4a s brilliant good lovely ,nice and impressing new blog in the fantastic primary school 4a has been playing on their blog also 4a has made links for games and challenges mr hall made links by going on the internet and coping links from the internet and then pasting them on the blog mr hall made it for children and adults for all over the world to enjoy last week at lower place was science week


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4a s brilliant blog by ali and hamzah class 4a lowerplace this blog is for people on the computer the website for those of you who have not been on 4a s brilliant blog here is the website have had over 650 people on our blog including pakistan,usa japan hong kong,south africa and new zealand.this blog is the best in lowerplace primary school.we made this blog 3 weeks ago .we post examples of everyone s brilliant work and pictures we have been quadbloging with 3 different schools the schools are called great wood primary school in lancshire tether down primary school in london and finally escola mossen ton dave that s in set the blog so then class 4a can have fun and learn like he has put some maths games to help us with our maths.he also put on this really cool game called bradford telescope it helps us learn about the moon,sun and earth this blog is fun,exiting andbrill said hamzah class 4a s excellent and brilliant blog.


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4a s amazing blog by mohsin and moez ,from lowerplace class 4a has created a clave is a school in spiblog they are going to an.class 4a had a visiter make it in a newspaper from great wood praimy class 4a are doing it to school theadown praimy share our learning by school class 4a have had posting examples of their 50 hits.mrs earl i think work class 4a s blog is fantactic i love all the compeople have visted from ments that the children 14 different counhave made and the tries,including pakistan intresting things you are japan,usa,and hong kong i really enjoy post learning keep bloging mrs riching on the blog and it ards wow amazing ingreat to share our work escola mossen ton formation on year ww2 4a is going to make our blog a lot better i think that on the classes or schools will come to our blog.


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class 4as brilliant brainy blog by raees and assam class 4a class 4a has been doing work then mr hall has been putting class 4as work on the blog so people can see what class 4a has been doing in class mr hall been quad blogging from the schools escola mossen toh clave class 4enjoyed posting a also really on the blog we really enjoyed the blog and it was brilliant so lots of different countries are messaging to lowerplace primary school mr hall said i really enjoy posting on the blog and it is great to share our work


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the greatest blog of lowerplace written by sundas ,louiza aqsa lowerplace writers a picture of 4a s blog one of the newest teachers that has come to lower place school all ready has enjoyed it here although mr hall is new ,all of the school has decided to make their own class blog to show every thing to the children s parents what we have been domrs richard s said wow amazing ining so far mr hall `s class formation on your world war 2 topic blog is the bestest in the mrs earl said keep on blogging whole of lowerplace school on the blog we have lots of visitors from different country s 4a have been playing on the blog ,it is so fun and it has 650 hits 4a have so many games for their learning it is so fun because it has clips of 4a and 4a have fun games like bamzooki and our blog has challenging games too people see what 4a has been doing because then 4a and the other schools can talk and look at each others blog.


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4a s super blog by ammaz and liam from 4a on the blog you can see all of are work i really enjoy posting on the blog mrs.richards said that wow amazing information on your wourld war 2 topic mr.hall $aid we have also have been quadbloging class 4a created a new blog site they did it last week also they wanted to share our learning they did it by posting examples of work linking to other schools the brilliant class 4as blog they have created an outstanding blog at lowerplaceprimary school we have been working on it brilliant the last week it means learning can be shared.


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class 4a s outstanding blog by daanyaal and faheem news reporters from lowerplace class 4a created this amazing and colourful blog the website is 4a they created this last week they have got contact with london s school blog and spain s blog so they can share there learning by posting the website to them they enjoyed posting on the blog we have 662 hits on the blog we have been telling people about the blog on the blog you can post comments and they can quadbloging mrs earl said i think class 4a s blog is great.


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class 4a fantastic blog by holly and shiza class 4a lowerplace primary school it was created by class 4a and it is about our learning.thelowerplace blog wedsite is and it was created 3 weeks ago.we do this to share our learning.we post examples of our work and linking to other sites and other schools blogs.everyone in class 4a said that they loved the has been putting lots of pictures and information on the blog.he said ireally enjoyed posting on the blog,and its great to share our work he also said that we had over 650 hits on the blog recently mr.hall has been linking to other schools around the world and even the head teacher likes it here is what she said i think class 4as blog is realy good.i love all the comments that the children made and the intresting things class 4a are learning.keep blogging people have visited from 14 different countries,rochdale,pakistan,japan,usa and hong kong.we have had over 650 hits.mrs richard said to us wow i love the blog it is realy good and i love the information


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4a s incredible blog by chrsitopher and ellie g we have been working on a class blog and we have games on it and louds of chats around the world and you get to downloads of stuff we have done in class.we do all kinds of fun things in class 4a and you can go on our website class 4a have been making a new blog site to visit it is at this happened last week and class 4a are doing it to share our learning by posting examples of work and linking to other sites and schools class 4a have been making our class blog with maths games on it.



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