Daisy s Camp Reflections


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camp 2010 by daisy 1


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camp activities the camp activities were mudrun swoop abseiling kyacking raft building orienteering flying fox and hammock slug guns and archery bush swing water slide burma trail glowworms camp fire and hot pools 2


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favourite activities my first favourite activity was the swoop because it was a freaky and fun experience.my second favourite activity was abseiling because it was scary at first but then it got more relaxing.my last favourite activity was the mudrun because it was really fun 3


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i am most proud of i am most proud of doing the abseiling.the reason why is because i hated leaning across the edge because i felt like i was going to fall.but in the end i was shuffling down swiftly 4


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what i have learnt about facing challenges the things that i have learnt about challenges are mud is gross but when you play in it it s fun.also abseiling s scary but you need to know that your hooked up and nothing will let you fall 5


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the food the food for morning and aftertoon tea was baking and for breakfast we had cereal toast and porridge.for the lunches we had hotdogs ,salad wedges and pasta bake salad and coleslaw.for the dinners we had a roast and pork salad potatoes and gravy.lastly for the puddings we had chocolate cake and ice-cream and apple and rhubarb crumble with custard 6


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my cabin in my cabin was claudia zoe georgia and yurim.it was funny when georgia found toilet paper in her bed 7


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funny camp memories my funny camp memory was when mr simeon went down the water slide and did the biggest splash ever 8


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thankyou thankyou for watching my camp keynote me 9



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