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camp 2010 by george 1


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-abseiling -archery/slug guns -the swoop -mudrun -kayaking -orienteering -flying fox/hammock -water slide -bush swing camp activities 2


p. 3

1.kyacking-i enjoyed it because it was fun and challenging at the same time 2.the swoop-i enjoyed it because it was scary first but then it was fun 3.archery-i have never done it before favorite activities 3


p. 4

i am most proud of i am most proud of going through the mudrun i did not want to do it at first but with a bit of encouragement i did it 4


p. 5

i learnt that i should never hold back and i should try everything facing new challenges 5


p. 6

food-main meals dinner 1st night-chicken and vegetables breakfast both days-choice of cereal,toast or porridge lunch 2nd day-pasta and salad dinner 2nd day-roast beef and vegetables lunch last day-hot dogs and wedges with salad 6


p. 7

people in my cabin -conner -jordan parents -matua -keith -george -talor -trent -kyle -matthew my cabin 7


p. 8

funny camp memories my funny camp memory is doing the mud run and having a mud fight with my camp parent 8


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the end thank you for watching my keynote by george 9



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