The Day of the Storm


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the day of the storm written by room 11 after the july 2008 floods in new zealand 1


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the day of the rain by tamehana the waves are big said the teacher and theres a tornado said all the children a man said your school is going to drown a kid said are we going to drown no we had a super flag so a boy took his jersey and used it as a flag and a helicopter came we went home and the school just stayed there and went back to te akau ki papamoa when the rain stopped 2


p. 3

the day of the rain by holly all the kids were all stuck in big deep puddles they are sinking in the ocean a big shark is swimming real fast in the ocean the shark is coming so they are paddling to te akau ki papamoa the shark was scared so he swam back to the ocean 3


p. 4

the day of the flood by aaria once upon a time i went to school and when i got outside i saw the rain and our school was floating i ran home and i called out to mum the school floated back to te akau ki papamoa and everyone was safe 4


p. 5

yesterday it was pouring down and there was a big tornado our school got caught in it we went up into the sky then we went down right into a war one of us got hurt from one of the army teams then our teacher said it was home time we said but how then i got an idea so i asked one of the army teams if we could borrow one of their army aeroplanes they said yes so we climbed into the aeroplane and asked if one of them would fly us home and another one would pull our school back to papamoa they did it -now the adventure ends george 5


p. 6

it was raining outside and our school was flooded we paddled to australia and then we bounced and bounced back to our school and then we had lunch manaia 6


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once upon a time it was raining and the school bobbed on the puddles and floated away i opened the door to let the fresh air in i got water in a cup to drink all the children swam back to land and threw a rope to the classroom and pulled the rope to shore we were safely back to school skye 7


p. 8

once upon a time at a school it floated and it was at our school we drowned in the class the children were in the class then a helicopter came to rescue our school they put a rope on the school and took them back to te akau ki papamoa kyra 8


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once upon a time there was one school with one class one day it was raining the rain stopped the next day but the next day it did the same thing while it was raining the puddles made a tornado the school flew up in the air just before that we jumped out then the tornado stopped we had to wait until it would rain again for the school to come down and it did the school fell down in its normal place lucas 9


p. 10

once upon a time i went to school and the school lifted up on to the water and there were lots and lots of waves the school was floating down the road and we hit a car nobody got hurt and the seats were slippery i came back to te akau ki papamoa and the school came back too jayden 10


p. 11

once upon a time it was raining as the stream came past the pods and the roof blew off it was getting stormy mrs beesley said hometime but how are we going to go home said one of the kids she took off her sweater and she wrote sos on it a helicopter saw the sign and they were right on time to get rescued tanisha 11


p. 12

once upon a time there was a school a tornado was aiming at them there were gusts of wind five miles away just then one of the children felt rocky stuff they looked out of the window they were floating on a whale in the sea the tornado was on them the tornado blew them to africa they got a rope and tied it to a tree then a rescue helicopter picked them up and the school too and took them home cody 12


p. 13

yesterday i was at home and my home got flooded and it wobbled and flobbled it tipped upside down and then i couldn t breathe i died and my classroom cried i got rescued by a helicopter and i got buried in a graveyard jamie 13


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the day of the rain by karena yesterday it was raining dring dring it is hometime said kate it is a flood said kate how are we supposed to get home on a jetski or a jetboat i said i hopped on the jetski and lucas and jayden hopped in the jet boat the school got trashed from the water lucas and jayden and me got to te akau ki papamoa school and i got home safely 14


p. 15

once upon a time it was raining a tornado came and we went flying in the tornado we landed in a tree then we wrote a flag that said -help us then a helicopter came and jayden skye holly and me hopped in the helicopter we went home and the school fell off a waterfall and broke down the next day we built a new school with a new playground anika 15



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