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a non-profit community resource since 1972 funded by our advertisers distributed free by your neighbours volume 41 no 2 march 20 2012 earth hour to darken the beach by melinda drake earth hour 2012 is on saturday march 31 from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m many lights in toronto will be turned off in an effort to raise awareness of climate change last year over 135 countries participated in the global initiative but is one hour enough does earth hour make a difference the planet is long past the point in terms of the critical need for action where one hour of turning out lights and turning off tvs on march 31 is meaningful said bruce crofts one of the guiding members of the east toronto climate action group an organization formed 10 years ago to address environmental issues locally we need much stronger action as a result crofts and his wife susan won t be doing anything special for earth hour instead they have made lifestyle changes such as installing solar panels ondemand hot water and foam insulation in their home tyler hamilton editor of corporate knights magazine and author of mad like tesla underdog inventors and their relentless pursuit of clean energy agrees that earth hour in and of itself may not be enough it shouldn t be this one day of relieving guilt but a reminder that these are things we have to do all the time in our daily lives he said earth hour is good for raising awareness hamilton a father of two will be turning out the lights lighting candles and playing cards during earth hour i think it s important especially if you have kids to take part in it because it raises an issue that you don t necessarily think about 365 days a year but at the same time i think it s important that as a parent you emphasize to your children and yourself that we need to stop thinking about it as just one day a year and that what we do on that day is something we should try to do every day he said ward 32 councillor marymargaret mcmahon is an environmental activist who embraces earth hour she hosts a neighbourhood black out earth hour party we turn our breaker off for five to six hours and use beeswax candles and wind-up flashlights everyone shares a little talent for entertainment like a ceileigh she said mcmahon believes earth hour is making a difference i think any chance we get to be more mindful of our impact on the planet is a good thing she said photo phil lameira jake dignam tries his luck at ashbridges bay hoping to catch a pike march 14 was a beautiful day to get out and enjoy the first taste of spring inspired advice for danforth and gerrard inside by jon muldoon a packed house at the naval club at gerrard and woodbine gathered on march 7 to hear a visiting australian speak about how a little bit of effort and a lot of creative thinking transformed a partially abandoned downtown in an industrial town in australia into one of lonely planet s top ten cities of 2011 the evening was arranged by the danforth east community association deca and the gerrard east community organization geco to help spur ideas and inspiration for dealing with closed-down street-level buildings in both of their respective neighbourhoods one such idea is arranging temporary occupancy of shuttered storefronts marcus newbury started renew newcastle several years ago with a goal of making some of the many closed-up storefronts available to people with interesting ideas it s not all businesses not all art galleries and there s an intentional mix of everyone from 20-yearold hipsters to retired seniors making crafts while previous ideas for the town had focused on attracting highend chains to the downtown area newbury had a different plan instead we filled it with things you can t find anywhere else he said and now people drive past the high-end chain stores in the suburbs to go downtown we didn t build anything we didn t buy anything we don t own anything what we ve done is change the way systems work anyone with an interesting idea and initiative can apply renew newcastle will arrange for a space on a rolling 30day cycle meaning the owner of a building can take that space back at any time on 30 days notice that means owners don t have to pass up the chance for paying tenants while the temporary residents spruce up the building and simply by inhabiting the space make it more attractive to both the public and potential paying tenants another key to the concept is drawing talent from local pools everyone who has inhabited a storefront through the organization has come from the neighbourhood newbury also emphasized that the idea is not necessarily to incubate successful new businesses ­ although that has sometimes been the result some of our most successful projects lose money and they re going to continue to lose money for as long as they exist he said another aspect of the project s success is its independence from politics only one of the 70-plus projects housed through renew newcastle has needed rezoning the system is designed to do things that don t need permission or help from municipal governments answering a question from the crowd about dealing with local governments newbury replied allow me to metaphorically demonstrate dealing with the city then proceeded to bang his head on a nearby counter several times interestingly some of the biggest laughs came from the five city councillors in the room newbury advised going for the lowhanging fruit when approaching building owners we re not trying to solve the hard problems we re trying to solve the easy ones start with the buildings that could be used tomorrow and find a way of using them tomorrow other questions focused on issues like graffiti and parking problems but he again emphasized that for the renew newcastle model ignoring those issues and staying true to the goal of giving lots of people chances to explore lots of ideas was the key to its success belynda blyth from geco said the presentation was inspiring and some aspects of renew newcastle could definitely be applied to some of the derelict storefronts on gerrard west of coxwell cont d on page 24 beach bikers rally for a cause see pages 18-19 plus police beat 4 deja views 7 community calendar 10 bmn s neighbourhood 11 food and wine 12 eye on business 13 on the child side 14 write on health 15 on the wild side 16 entertainment beat 17 beach metro history 21 reel beach 22 athletes feats 23


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2 beach metro news tuesday march 20 2012 celebrating 40 years serving the beach traditional period 1 866 423 7661 landscape concepts the professionals since 1971 the skills that will eventually pay the bills on march 7 students from all over the city participated in the annual tdsb skills competion in various schools across the city including danforth cti youssef maachar 17 left a danforth student finished second in the auto collision competition ian kotis 16 below left who finished third in the auto services competition checks the brakes on a vehicle winner of the job skills competition simon li below shows off his handmade bow and arrow danforth had 21 students win medals in the competition photos phil lameira we offer a full design and build landscape concept providing you with a fully detailed no obligation quotation not just an estimate carried out by our highly trained craftsmen to meet your highest expectations with over forty years of experience all works carry a written five year warranty interest-free payments available natural interlock stone custom woodwork decks fencing retaining wall support our local merchants if you saw their ad in beach metro news let them know fire on the beach · screens · tool sets · cleaners · wood · gas · electric praise for 42 hubbard not universal by phil lameira some long-time market-rent residents of 42 hubbard boulevard who were dispersed three years ago had believed their rents would stay the same or at least close to the rates they were paying rosemary dyson who lived in the building for over 33 years was shocked when she was told that the rent would be almost double when she was offered her unit back after renovations were complete dyson who moved briefly to a unit on stephenson road was paying $870 per month when she moved out in 2009 when she was offered the same apartment back she was told her rent would be around $1600 she declined the offer and decided to buy a house with her daughter instead i loved it there it was my home said dyson who partially regrets the decision not to move back in the confusion may have stemmed from a meeting that took place prior to the tenants moving out toronto community housing representatives provided a letter with a promise of first refusal meaning the tenants at the time would have first choice to move back into their units but there were no promises in regards to rent rates staying the same at that meeting we committed to setting the new market rents in the building at rates that are comparable to rental units located in the surrounding neighbourhood said jeffrey ferrier assistant director of strategic communications at toronto community housing ferrier added that the new market rates fall within the scale of similar one-bedroom and two-bedroom units in the beach few buildings and apartments are as close to the lake as 42 hubbard blvd former ward 32 councillor sandra bussin was in attendance at the meeting and confirmed that market-rent tenants were never promised that their rents would remain the same the market rent was exceptionally low said bussin as for dyson she regrets not having anything in writing and claims that other market tenants feel the same way i had planned on staying there the rest of my life she said 2 blocks west of woodbine 2 blocks west of woodbine proudly canadian 416-698-3473 kin t gs on ro ad queen st woodbine ave 1828 queen street east gorgeous bright and sunny town home with parking on a great street fully renovated with flair attention to detail and high-end finishes spacious openconcept main floor with high ceilings hardwood gourmet kitchen and powder room shows 10 $599,000 victorian upper beach so ld


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celebrating 40 years serving the beach antonella mega centre with supporters of her imprisoned husband hamid ghassemishall display a scrapbook which will travel across the country in support of the iranianborn canadian citizen ghassemishall recently had the suspension on his death sentence lifted which was in response to an espionage charge tuesday march 20 2012 beach metro news 3 window coverings inside out factory direct · factory pricing · blinds your music store in the beach not a scratch dent but factory showroom · repairs a blemish sale guitars up to 60 off if your guitar didn t come with a 32 mobile drive commercial residential since 1985 416 694-0060 free measure free lifetime service policy you didn t buy it from scarboro music open monday thru friday noon until 9:00 pm and saturday 9:30 until 5 pm beacher s death sentence reinstated by bill maclean hamid ghassemi-shall a beach resident of iranian descent has been languishing in evan prison in tehran since 2008 on a trumped-up espionage charge hamid had been sentenced to death in 2009 but that sentence was suspended shortly thereafter the suspension has recently been revoked and hamid could be executed at any time i am absolutely overwhelmed said antonella mega ghassemi-shall s wife it seems like it never ends it was canada s foreign affairs department that contacted mega to tell her that the sentence had been reinstated the minister of state for foreign affairs dianne ablonczy had gone to bat for ghassemi-shall in the past and sent mega a letter as recently as march 9 she told mega that foreign affairs had written to the iranian government and that she should give it time to work in my opinion foreign affairs haven t been doing their job mega said they are just waking up and finally realizing that they [the iranian government are serious mega said that she received a phone call from her husband at 5:30 a.m on march 9 she said that although it was wonderful to hear his voice it was very difficult to make him feel better he said to me i can t take it anymore i don t know what i m going to do she said mega is convinced that the recent pressure by united nations countries on the iranian government over its nuclear program is what s driving the iranians hardline approach to ghassemishall she is certain that they view him as a political prisoner even though a new judge on the case was convinced that ghassemi-shall is innocent of espionage he is unable to re-open the case or overturn the sentence i m not going to give up mega said but it s taking a physical and emotional toll on me my life is upside down she is in regular contact with hamid s sister in iran who visits him three or four times a week mega also has strong support from amnesty international which has recently set up a travelling scrapbook which will work its way across the country gathering support for the plight of hamid ghassemi-shall view it at scrapbook for more information including how to write to foreign affairs visit scarboro music 1051 kingston road at victoria park 416.699.8333 email fast and friendly service for most musical instruments game designer faces dragons by bill maclean she didn t slay the dragons but neither did doreen dotto convince them to give her any money dotto the beacher who developed and has been actively marketing the child s reading game ukloo appeared on a segment of the popular cbc program the dragons den on march 14 she was asking for $50,000 and a partner to help her market the award-winning game to a larger audience dragon bruce croxon although sympathetic to dotto s frustrations in teaching her child to read was not convinced he wanted to invest but he did invite her to coffee to discuss child literacy the other dragons said she didn t really need their help ­ that she could do it herself if she put her mind to it in a last ditch pitch kevin o leary who once developed reading software for children in a former business venture offered money but only reluctantly and with conditions in the end the other dragons convinced dotto she didn t need it i ve made some calls since reported dotto i received three licensing deals and took the canadian offer from everest toys in ancaster ukloo is in production now for distribution in the united states and australia it was an opportunity to get advice from established pros dotto said of her dragons den experience it gave me the confidence to go out and slay my own dragons for information on the game visit if you want to drink that s your business if you want to stop that s ours call alcoholics anonymous 416-487-5591 20 gerrard st e t.o · m5b 2p3 416-598-4898 covenant house please help neglected abandoned and homeless kids who ve been victimized nassau accent chair comes in brown or grey fabric this chair would compliment a den 295 family room or living room 1974 queen st east 416-690-5224 in the beaches 7 days a week


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4 beach metro news tuesday march 20 2012 celebrating 40 years serving the beach east toronto s only coin operated car wash pet wash at quarry beach your partners in grime 2 dog wash stations car wash only $2 7 dog wash only $5 self serve car wash bays victoria park ave mcdonalds danforth ave cl quarry plaza shampoo and conditioner included warden ave mo on always spray the foam brush with the power spray wash gun for 5 seconds before using reason this will eliminate the grime and dirt on the foam brush from the last customer quarry car wash tip r re d x gerrard st e 150 clonmore drive 150 clonmore dr photo phil lameira city of toronto crews work to fix a watermain break on gerrard st e just east of victoria park on march 8 the road remained closed for several hours between blantyre ave and clonmore dr police beat get your dog barking up the right tree 3198 danforth avenue danforth pharmacy want to learn how to communicate with your dog by sheila blinoff an argument at the golden mile plaza on eglinton avenue east escalated into a stabbing on march 4 an 18-year-old man pulled out a knife and began stabbing a 52-year-old woman the couple knew each other other shoppers stopped the attack by grabbing the assailant ismail arnia has been charged with various offences including attempted murder police would like to commend those citizens who assisted and speak with any of them who have not yet contacted the police call 416-808-4104 an arrest has been made in the investigation of an alleged advance fee loan afl scam victims with poor credit ratings were offered loans but had to first wire a service fee through western union they never saw the promised money over $193,000 in fees was sent in 235 transactions damion mcpherson 33 has been charged with various offences police believe there are more victims if you have information contact detective alan spratt at 416-808-7300 scott powell 33 of toronto is wanted in connection with a sexual assault investigation in the gerrard and jones area on feb 7 a man was assaulted while he slept if you have information call 416-808-5504 crime stoppers anonymously at 416-222tips 8477 online text tor and your message to crimes 274637 or leave a tip on facebook a 17-year-old youth reported that on march 7 at 8:15 p.m he was at danforth and warden avenues when two youths approached him produced a handgun and demanded he empty his pockets he did so and the suspects grabbed his lighter and fled two women approached a 29-year-old in an apartment building at main square one indicated she was armed although no weapon was seen the women who appeared to be in their 20s took his cell phone cigarettes and cash the victim received minor injuries a 35-year-old man reported that on march 12 at 2:10 a.m he was at woodbine and queen street when a man approached him from behind searched his pockets punched him in the jaw and then fled empty-handed the victim was treated in hospital for his injuries police from 55 division will be partnering with community members auxiliary officers and students from mohawk college in a graffiti eradication project `project picasso runs from march 24 to april 24 and crews will be identifying problem areas throughout the east end then painting over or removing graffiti police will make arrests and lay criminal charges with a zero tolerance policy for anyone caught damaging property during the initiative the project is a result of numerous community complaints canadian tire at lakeshore and leslie and benjamin moore paints at queen and carlaw are providing paint and other necessary supplies pet dog obedience training class or private new classes starting every month call for scheduling and pricing family fun agility behaviour modification counseling pet first aid courses gift certificates available call now 416-690-2793 helping people and their dogs since 2003 self storage your neighbourhood storage centre 4500 chesswood dr north york on 6 dawes rd toronto on buy with zero down discover how to buy with no money down and obtain free computerized listings with pictures of all available homes 416-739-0000 416-690-8585 re/max hallmark realty ltd brokerage · men s haircuts $10.00 · children seniors $8.00 1048 kingston road at victoria park ave 647-349-4015 tuesday friday 8am-7pm saturday 7am-5pm sunday monday closed


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celebrating 40 years serving the beach tuesday march 20 2012 advertisement beach metro news 5 are beachers a bunch of whiners by phil lameira with seven community organizations that pop up every time the word `development is mentioned many ­ including the people involved ­ may wonder if beachers are a bunch of whiners suffering from a severe case of nimbyism or simply residents that will fight at length to see their neighbourhood stay as is ­ packed with history and full of character jason self a member of friends of queen street foqs said at a public meeting on march 15 that one of the challenges that ward 32 councillor mary-margaret mcmahon has at council is convincing other councillors that beach residents are not whiners the meeting attended by some 150 residents was planned as a follow-up to mcmahon s recent walk along queen street that looked at the segment study funded by developer reserve properties the study suggests that queen street between woodbine and lee could potentially see four sites developed in the near future the gas station at the corner of queen and woodbine the beach mall at queen and waverley ends at queen and elmer and td bank on queen at lee mcmahon was not in attendance as she was on a planned vacation for march break and was given short notice of the meeting self repeatedly said that we are not against development and emphasized that foqs welcomes development that fits with the character of our neighbourhood what that means is instead of the proposed six-storey building that is planned for queen street east buildings should be limited to four storeys and no more than 12 m in height self referred to the beach urban design guidelines put in place back in 1990 which state that developments should maintain appropriate streetscapes in 2002 the official plan for the city of toronto pushed for development in what they defined as `avenues roadways with increased pedestrian traffic that can benefit from development the avenue and mid-rise buildings study guidelines stated that developers could build as high up as the width of the street which on queen street is roughly 20 m or the equivalent of four storeys in 2010 city council voted to remove queen street from that study after ward 32 councillor sandra bussin and ward 30 councillor paula fletcher put forth a motion to protect the heritage nature of many parts of queen the frustration it seems stems not from developers applying for zoning exemptions but from the process that sees these developments grow beyond zoning bylaws after exemption requests are put forward to the committee of adjustment the exemptions are not being adjudicated in a fair way and there are too many exemptions to the rule said jan hykamp organizer of the greater beach neighbourhood association sooner or later we are going to be completely re-zoned based on exemptions rather than a comprehensive plan self said some of the objectives of the group include protecting the historical properties and adding more trees along queen street we re not here to say `stop all development and we never want change no that s not it because it s very easy for opponents to say `you re just a bunch of nimbys said self the residents seem to accept that development is inevitable and in some cases desired hans looije of the beach triangle residents association also spoke at length about the issues his area has had with sewage problems due to new developments going up the group feels those concerns along with parking and transit should have been addressed and studied prior to development approvals so you re gonna have for residents [and visitors worse parking you re gonna have more traffic and you re gonna have more unreliable transit said looije as a result of the concerns by beachers mcmahon has initiated a visioning study to address such things as densification character traffic and parking and report on their impacts on the community the problem is that it will not be completed until late summer or early fall this opens the door for more developments to be approved in the meantime foqs has requested that the study be fast-tracked and that all re-zoning applications be frozen until it is completed some residents suggested filing an application for heritage conservation district designation a process that could be lengthy and not guaranteed the proposed development at 1960 queen st e the current licks location has been delayed by six months and the developer is now entitled to bring it to the ontario municipal board the [lick s developer has actually been fairly open and trying to work with residents said self a few residents expressed their disappointment that mcmahon was not present at such an important meeting and that she should be doing more i believe the politicians play a major role in all of this and if there s a lot of crookedness on the politician s part then it really isn t fair they should not favour one side more than the other said maria de lima a resident in the beach for 17 years everybody should benefit equally a resident also claimed to have heard mcmahon calling beach residents whiners so are they the beachers really care about their neighbourhood they might get a little vocal and very passionate but i think deep down they really care about the neighbourhood said george papasimitriou who has lived on lee avenue for 15 years there s nothing wrong in being concerned about your neighbourhood and the area that you live in said de lima it s now or never concluded self development can be good we just want clear rules which of these costly homeseller mistakes will you make when you sell your home toronto a new report has just been released which reveals 7 costly mistakes that most homeowners make when selling their home and a 9 step system that can help you sell your home fast and for the most amount of money this industry report shows clearly how the traditional ways of selling homes have become increasingly less and less effective in today s market the fact of the matter is that fully three quarters of homesellers don t get what they want for their home and become disillusioned and ­ worse ­ financially disadvantaged when they put their home on the market as this report uncovers most homesellers make 7 deadly mistakes that cost them literally thousands of dollars the good news is that each and every one of these mistakes is entirely preventable in answer to this issue industry insiders have prepared a free special report entitled the 9 step system to get your home sold fast and for top dollar to hear a brief recorded message about how to order your free copy of this report call 1-800-694-7010 and enter id 1000 you can call anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week call now to find out how you can get the most money for your home courtesy of henry bliss sales rep re/max hallmark realty ltd brokerage not intended to solicit properties listed for sale surprisin gly afforda ble gracious retirement living in the beach n full-service retirement living n nutritious delicious meals n housekeeping laundry n activity social programs including full nursing services call susan turner to book a personal tour beach arms retirement residence 505 kingston road toronto ontario 416-698-0414 celebrating 15 years in the beach till the end of march get 15¢ waffle cones with the purchase of an ice cream 5 april th `find the bunny with the money is back 9 open the week before easter to 9 the nutty chocolatier 2179 queen street east toronto on 416-698-5548 10am good friday to 8pm name age phone


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6 beach metro news tuesday march 20 2012 celebrating 40 years serving the beach in my opinion taking a look at the cold hard facts of ward 32 development we have many issues that dominate our days in our office but planning is by far the most complicated timeconsuming and intense toronto is a growing city and so too are our neighbourhoods in order to limit the amount of greenbelt and farmland we sprawl into our cities must intensify and accommodate development indeed the province has mandated us to do this with the places to grow act according to modest estimates there will be about a million more torontonians around in the next couple of decades unlike many other north american cities construction continues to boom with 119 condo developments underway in the city right now each month at the toronto east york community council we approve numerous developments that range from 8 to 80 storeys and considering the natural beauty amenities and appeal of ward 32 it s no wonder people want to move here the trick is to balance this growth against our social city-building and environmental priorities local planning especially on queen street east has been largely ad hoc and reactive resulting in a patchwork of decisions made with politicians and developers apart from the one statutory community consultation required of each development proposal the public has not really been involved people are very disappointed distrustful and confused about the planning process understandably so i have worked hard in my first year in office to raise awareness and engagement around planning practices and policy to date we have · organized a planning 101 workshop with our city planning department · invited highly acclaimed planner and ward 32 resident frank lewinberg of urban strategies formerly ken greenberg s partner to mary-margaret mcmahon ward 32 councillor speak to our community · hosted an informative evening talk with the reputable and plainspoken paul bedford former city of toronto chief planner with 30 years experience · coordinated a segment study walk to look at learn and hear about development possibilities along queen street east · passed a motion at council to request a visioning study of queen street to gather stakeholder input and finally create a plan for the area still having spent a lot of time speaking and listening to residents and stakeholders i am struck by how much misinformation is circulating for instance some people ex press concern about six storey developments coming into the neighbourhood and setting height precedents but these precedents have already been set by my predecessors a six storey building at 2012 queen st e across from the library was built in 2002 there already are several five storey buildings on the south side of queen st west of woodbine take a look around next time you are out for a stroll i am on record as opposing the continued existence of the ontario municipal board in toronto because it interferes with our ability to plan our own city and neighbourhoods the omb can and has set the sorts of precedents that in my opinion have had a negative impact on neighbourhoods the official plan adopted by city council encourages development in appropriate locations of the city specifically to the centres and to the avenues by doing so it steers inappropriate devel opment away from our residential streets queen street east in the beach as well danforth avenue and portions of kingston road and gerrard street east in ward 32 are designated as avenues city council adopted the mid-rise guidelines for most avenues as a means to shape development by encouraging buildings that fit into the local context the mid-rise guidelines limit the height of buildings to the width of the road including sidewalks and ensures that there is an appropriate transition to existing residential if the official plan was amended to remove queen street east in the beach from the designated avenues governed by the mid-rise guidelines the consequences could be disastrous a `wild west of planning that would throw open the doors to developments well in excess of the prescribed six storey limit cont d on page 30 beach metro community news published by ward 9 community news inc is a non-profit non-partisan community newspaper founded in 1972 and published 22 times a year it is distributed free by volunteers in east toronto and west scarborough and paid for by our advertisers general manager sheila blinoff ext 24 editor jon muldoon ext 23 advertising manager dianne marquardt ext 26 editorial assistant and ad rep bill maclean ext 22 reporter/photographer phil lameira ext 25 classifieds webmaster melinda drake ext 27 accounting assistant judy doucette ext 21 office 2196 gerrard st e toronto m4e 2c7 phone 416 698-1164 fax 416 698-1253 website next issue april 3 advertising deadline march 26 at 5 p.m circulation 30,000 executive brian mercer president mike howarth vice president julie digregorio secretary kelvin francis treasurer paul m babich past-president and christina blizzard and david windrim advisors this newspaper accepts advertising in good faith but does not endorse advertisers or advertisements all submitted editorial material is subject to editing issn #0838-2956 letters to the editor mexico may be safer than the beach judging by recent criminal activity my mexico is safer than the beaches i ve just returned from my annual winter sojourn in beautiful puerto vallarta mexico and opened beach metro news sheila blinoff s police beat page has 16 stories on local crimes i m safer in the resort towns in mexico we go out any time of day or night the boardwalk malecon is alive with families the discos are vibrant with young people the pristine beaches are filled with surfers and swimmers the stores are welcoming shoppers with special deals and many of the restaurants have line-ups because the food is delicious and inexpensive there is a thriving arts scene with weekly gallery walks the locals are friendly and accommodating and hotel staff works very hard to ensure great vacations the drug crime that you hear about is mostly in border cities and fights between gangs ­ and we have those in toronto puerto vallarta has drop-dead gorgeous sunsets over the beach awesome whale watching great mountain adventures fabulous restaurants worldrenowned scuba diving and hotels that range from clean and comfortable to 10 star luxury we ve been travelling there for 35 years and will continue to enjoy our safe `home away from home we invite our fellow beachers to experience our mexico pat silver support animals in today s society there are more than just guide dogs for the blind there are support animals for other reasons such as autism and seizures in ontario we are lucky enough to have a law that enables people that need a service animal to have more of a choice in animals i am one of the people who has a non-traditional emotional support animal ­ i have a rabbit the role of an emotional support animal is to provide comfort to a person with an emotional disability depression post-traumatic stress disorder anxiety autistic spectrum disorder or anxiety no matter the type of animal or the work they do they all need to be treated with the same respect as a guide dog here are a few simple `dos and don ts to follow when one meets an assistance animal team · don t distract the animal from their working position by calling clapping or offering food do allow the assistance animal to serve as a working partner without distraction · don t attempt to pet or touch an assistance animal this also applies to your children it s okay to point out an assistance animal but don t touch · do speak to the person not the animal when greeting an assistance animal team · don t be insulted if your request to pet the assistance animal is not granted do understand that the animal is working and petting will dis tract them from their job · don t automatically tell the person that there are no animals allowed do ask if the animal with them is an assistance/service animal if they say yes or it is clearly obvious no further access questions are necessary · don t assume that the animal is not an assistance animal because the person doesn t look disabled an assistance/service animal is clearly recognized by a vest tag or sign my emotional support bunny rides around in a pet stroller it has signage on it ­ [emotional support animal and [service animal kim casper last name withheld cont d on page 30


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celebrating 40 years serving the beach tuesday march 20 2012 beach metro news 7 david van dyke deja views it s not often someone calls and tells me they have a beach photograph from the turn of the last century my heart leaps in anticipation ­ is it a usable image will i be able find the right spot are there any houses or original structures still standing such is the case with this beautiful photograph donated by peggy feltmate peggy was paging through an old photo album of her great aunt s and found this fantastic beech avenue streetscape check out the clouds of dust the car barreling down the hill left behind thank you peggy do you have a photo you d like to share please call me at 416-691-4774 constituency office 1821 danforth avenue toronto on m4c 1j2 tel 416-690-1032 fax 416-690-8420 web e-mail matthew kellway m.p beaches­east york 155 main street toronto on m4e 2v9 t 416-467-0860 f 416-467-0905 email office hours · monday 10am-5pm · tuesday 1-8pm · wednesday closed · thursday 10am-5pm · friday 10am-4:30pm ymca we build strong kids strong families strong communities homesellers find out what your home is worth in today s real estate market ­ free quick over-the-net evaluation east city ymca nursery school program 2 years to 4 years ymca playing to learn curriculum indoor and outdoor activities nutritious snacks mornings 9:00 a.m 12:00 p.m afternoons 1:00 p.m 4:00 p.m call for appointment and more details east city ymca 907 kingston road 416-694-1159 re/max hallmark realty ltd brokerage check out beach metro news website


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8 beach metro news tuesday march 20 2012 celebrating 40 years serving the beach bryan da r bar r le r or e st so li expert legal solutions real estate· estates corporate i job stress · managing conflict · improving work performance · developing your career 416-686-4699 2234 queen st e by appointment cit martin gladstone ll.b solicitor notary public animal vaccination service healthy pets see their vets a walk-in clinic serving toronto for 40 years 2432 eglinton ave e toronto ont m1k 2p8 416 752 8511 tue thur 2-6 pm sat 10-3 579 kingston rd suite 111 at main 416-693-9000 your lawyer in the beach · microdermabrasion · body treatments · facials · aromatherapy massage · spa packages · ear candling · waxing · manicure/pedicure · sunless spray tan · gift certificates norman shiffman m.d f.r.c.p cosmetic dermatologist facial rejuvenation botox restylane acne treatment removal of unwanted spots laser hair removal experience makes the difference botox-2000 treatments laser hair removal-4000 treatments 2533 danforth ave at main 416698-5521 2279 queen st e · 416.698.2944 shiatsu therapy 15th anniversary special 45 mins $40 reg $55 · · · · · neck and back pain sports injuries chronic fatigue muscle pain acupuncture available spring special 1 microdermabrasion 2 juvaderm $69 $100 off second syringe ·botox cosmetic for sweating ·sclerotherapy ·radiotherapy for face veins ·chemical peels marlene gacser cst c ac 416-694-4090 certified shiatsu therapist and acupuncturist 1986 queen st.e suite 206 dr cathy andrew 416-691-1965 quarry plaza seniors adults · foot care problems children · examinations david allison d ch chiropodist corns callous full nail care heel pain warts custom made orthotics 2494 danforth ave #205 above shoppers drug mart west of main street · toronto linda bronicheski b.mus ll.b barrister and solicitor 47 main street at lyall 416-763-6884 east side animal hospital 3110 kingston road ph 416 264 8387 wellness exams vaccination and deworming heartworm and flea prevention medication and pet food spay neuter and other surgeries laser surgery digital radiography dental radiography ultrasonography boarding 416 691-4348 open saturdays learning problems gifted child assessment of strengths and needs behaviour problems in distress or bereaved counselling to help you gain control for children adolescents and adults insurance coverage possible beaches location 416-433-9726 reaching your achievement potential dr a lynne beal ­ psychologist new patients welcome call us 416 264 8387 ex-weight watchers leader now acorn personal fitness because fitness is personal call to discuss your fitness interests personal trainer available for in-home training your home or mine contact us to find out how you can advertise on our website 416-698-1164 ext 26 facebook beachmetronews twitter @beachmetronews norm spence personal trainer specializing in pilates 416 716 2367 visit the studio at call or email maureen 416-451-5276 i ll do the work you do the working out studio at victoria park kingston road in-home training available.


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celebrating 40 years serving the beach tuesday march 20 2012 beachmetronews 9 professio na ldirecto ry self-governing health professions health holistic therapies wellness mediation separation divorce custody access property support lawyers barrister solicitor estate planning/real estate/business house calls 416-767-cass 2277 x 207 416-795-4899 cell 416-491-0273 fax chiropractors ashbridge s health centre dr emily howell jackie leesun chiropractic acupuncture orthotics registered massage therapy massage therapy registered massage therapists dr karin rummell associates optometrists 1914 queen st e e of woodbine mon sat by appointment personal training private fully-equipped studio achieve your fitness goals today andrew walmsley b.p.e leslieville personal training 20 leslie st free parking qualified and experienced family mediation susan bellan garry m cass dragonfly therapeutics intuitive reiki treatments workshops sharon madsen hsc rmt woodbine gerrard call 416-737-7717 registered massage therapy 416-999-1727 fair agreements · affordable rates 416-691-5757 beaches optometry clinic 416-709-6654 1522 queen st e 416-465-5575 dr linda chan 951 kingston rd west of victoria park in-home personal trainer 416 888 6465 psychotherapy abina murphy r.i.h.r spiritual psychotherapist past life regression reiki master glover associates barristers solicitors notaries real estate family litigation wills estates corporate dr tyrrell ashcroft dr thien dang-tan omega health fitness art acupuncture chiropractic graston 1089 kingston rd at victoria park megan conway rmt crhp associates queen hammersmith open 6 days/wk therapy lounge optometrist massage therapy · reflexology 2245 queen st east · 2nd floor evening weekend appointments available 416-691-1991 416-691-3700 queen and woodbine 647-317-6017 416-916-7122 dr david jeong dentist 2107 danforth ave at woodbine subway new patients welcome open saturdays kew beach health clinic naturopathy · homeopathy · clinical nutrition · · matrix energetics · · bowen therapy · 416-693-5611 dr scott dunham david faed nancy christie m.t.c mindfullness psychotherapy · depression · trauma · anxiety · relationship · creativity · free initial consultation 416-691-3768 criminal lawyer kew gardens health group 2181 queen st east suite 305 at lee chiropractor urban calm therapeutics stephanie gage rmt cami rahman rmt caitlin mcaulay rmt 1789 queen st east unit 6 416-690-6168 690-0000 barrister solicitor 416-907-0103 416-698-3157 416-696-1800 dr d caplan family dentistry open 6 days a week new patients always welcome 2200 queen st east at balsam 416-691-8555 balsam dental · stress reduction · psychotherapy · tai chi gentle approaches to change 416-264-8669 shirley russ bsc ma kathryn wright family law mediation 2239 queen street east animal chiropractic dr mark t garbutt d.c certified animal chiropractor jen goddard r.m.t neville park health group 2455a queen st east catherine allon bsc med psychotherapist personal coach 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individuals and couples services disponibles en français 47 main street at lyall 416-699-1175 christine kato b sc d.v.m 416-698-9027 kato animal hospital 2830 danforth ave east of dawes rd judy gould ph.d experienced psychotherapist relationship difficulties · anxiety depression · body image concerns physical illness · free consultation linda bronicheski lawyer beaches family law effective resolution of family law matters architecture/design stephen g king architect b arch oaa mraic serving the beach since 1987 residential restorations home inspections commercial interiors landscapes complete project services from design through construction 416-690-2112 dogs cats pocket pets housecalls available 416-694-4380 816 pape ave at danforth 647-991-4225 47 main street toronto 416-763-6884 child adolescent and family therapy trauma bullying and addictions youth in conflict with the law sports performance counselling for youth child and adolescent counselling siegi a schuler ph.d candidate rsw 416-362-7472 dr lynn wells psychologist practice restricted to the identification of giftedness and to learning problems and disorders in all ages houghton veterinary housecall services vaccines examinations diagnostics palliative care and home euthanasia provided for your pets in the comfort of your own home the law office of shaunna kelly criminal lawyer phone 647-340-6651 fax 416-203-2332 lawyers dashwood dashwood barristers solicitors life management corporate coaching member ontario association of architects 416 694-8181 adr-mediation dr barbara houghton mpsquared coaching merrill pierce cca icf 416.824.2626 w morris design architectural and interior design consultants design concepts and permit drawings wesley morris arido idc aato 647-221-5516 416-690-1236 geoffrey j dashwood 961 kingston rd tel 416-690-7222 toronto m4e 1s8 fax 416-690-8738 vet on wheels dr jody levenbach psychologist children and young adolescents assessment · cbt social skills · parent coaching gerrard mobile 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architectural and structural design drawings for building permit applications residential commercial and light industrial renovations additions new buildings and tenant works 416-691-3943 barristers solicitors notaries public 300 main street o reilly moll forrest advanced therapeutics since 1989 neville park health group 2455a queen st east kevin oates r.m.t assoc bus 416-270-9898 98 scarboro beach blvd 416-690-6257 open saturdays now magazine 1398 queen st e east of greenwood ave voted best massage therapist michael taylor p eng · 416-316-3248 insured and bcin fully qualified 416-690-3324 denise m f badleycostello family real estate wills business immigration small claims court 2069 danforth ave woodbine 416-469-3879 open 7 days physiotherapy beaches health group® yvette sedgewick 2212 queen st e 416-690-2076 kew gardens health group massage therapy · physiotherapy osteopathy · naturopathic medicine chartered accountant · corporate personal tax · specializing in small to medium 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416-693-2274 local in the beach 416-698-7070 degen s health group dr wade whitten d.c dr tanja degen d.c cpt dr christina carreau n.d 1092 kingston rd 416-694-4090 a listing this size in the professional directory is available for only $111 for six issues emily c larimer bryan r dale barrister solicitor real estate · corporate wills estates www.advanced su willson b.mus r.m.t assoc resource one specializing in small business since 1980 corporate/sole proprietor tax returns bookkeeping services · tax planning financial loan strategies 927 kingston rd w of vic pk now magazine 2234 queen st east 2nd floor · hours incl evenings saturdays · 416-686-4699 at victoria park beside manchester arms voted best massage therapist 416-699-5320 · free parking 416-694-6767 roland 416-698-7976


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·10 march 20 2012 cal 3/16/12 11:18 am page 1 10 beach metro news tuesday march 20 2012 celebrating 40 years serving the beach anglican 470 woodbine m4e 2h6 you are always welcome sundays 8:30 a.m and 10:30 a.m with church school also wednesdays 10 a.m 7 p.m baptist norway the church of st john the community calendar hall hosted by beaches/east york mp matthew kellway at hope united church 2550 danforth ave 6:30-8 p.m find out about proposed oas cuts and how seniors can be protected info 416-467-0869 2 march 24 cantemus singers present viva italia at a new venue st aidan s anglican church queen st e at silver birch 7:30 p.m directed by michael erdman the concert features renaissance madrigals motets and allegri s famous miserere tickets $20 adults $15 seniors/students available at the door info 416-578-6602 march 24 live band `playback at royal canadian legion branch 1/42 243 coxwell ave 8 p.m all welcome info 416-618-7999 march 24 the shakespeare readers at the beaches library 2161 queen st e 2-4 p.m reading timon of athens part 1 volunteer to read or simply listen all welcome info 416393-7703 2 march 25 4th annual beachy-clean day 11 a.m 1 p.m meet at the leuty lifeguard station dog treats refreshments bbq info chris yaccato toronto beaches dog association 416-820-0790 2 march 26 annual meeting of applegrove community complex at 56 woodfield rd 6:30 p.m light supper followed by business meeting nominating new board members volunteer awards and recognition to vote membership must be obtained by feb 25 to confirm attendance contact susan fletcher executive director at 416-461-8143 before march 21 info 2 march 26 osteoporosis support group at scarborough village recreation centre 3600 kingston rd at markham rd 10 a.m.noon topic exercise to ease osteoporosis admission/parking free info 416-396-4051 march 27 beach garden society at adam beck community centre 79 lawlor ave 7:30-9 p.m general meeting and fabulous flower show speaker steve biggs on `veggie crops that wow new members and guests welcome come early and enjoy informal discussions with members and view the flower show light refreshments served wheelchair accessible note march meeting date changed from march 20 to march 27 info 2 march 29 ward 16 council meeting parent engagement at east york c.i 650 cosburn ave 7 p.m hosted by beaches-east york trustee sheila cary-meagher special guest is chris spence director of education tdsb all welcome info sheila carymeagher 416-395-8413 2 march 30 friday forum with decadent desserts at birchcliff bluffs united church 33 east rd warden ave kingston rd 7:30-9 p.m birchcliff bluffs minister cynthia scott takes you on travels through france the louvre chartres cathedral loire valley pyrenees and carcassonne and spain barcelona refreshments $10 at the door wheelchair accessible info 416-694-4081 2 march 31 25th annual spring sprint organized by the beaches recreation centre advisory council volunteers needed before and on the day of the event please send contact info to 2 april 1 life through a jewish lens at the beach hebrew institute synagogue 109 kenilworth ave 2 p.m film i am joseph your brother discussion to follow free admission info 416-694-7942 2 april 1-28 art exhibition at ida s art studio 21 madelaine ave victoria pk danforth featuring three talented young artists emma brender charlotte croft and jaime raymond landscape animal and people all painted in oil and acrylic free admission info 416-686-7384 2 april 2 book club at community centre 55 97 main st 7 p.m info 416-691-1113 2 april 5-8 the events of easter celebrated in words and music at st john s catholic church 794 kingston rd one special observance will take place on good friday april 6 at 7:30 p.m when the ancient tenebrae service will be performed tenebrae observes christ s passion with readings and choral rendition of healey willan s beautiful music info paul williams 416-699-2518 3 april 6 dramatic reading of the gospel of mark by canadian actor kenneth welsh at beaches presbyterian church 65 glen manor dr 8 p.m suggested donation $20 3 april 14 were you there an easter drama with music at birchcliff bluffs united church 33 east rd warden ave kingston rd 7:30 p.m events of easter told through word and song $10 per person supports food bank and church refreshments follow wheelchair accessible info 416-6944081 3 april 21 50th anniversary of the 525th brownie pack at presteign-woodbine united church 2538 st clair ave e west of o connor 2-4 p.m meet with old friends brownies leaders pack leaders junior leaders and parents brownies please bring a pic of you in your uniform if you have one rsvp 416-757-0387 joan 416-690-7711 kim 905-839-4140 lori 4 tuesdays sept to may support group east york chapter schizophrenia society of ontario at toronto east general hospital 825 coxwell ave 7 p.m for families and friends of people with schizophrenia info 416-691-1740 r march 22 old age security oas town special events the cross the great triumph of love reflections on the central symbol of our faith 7:30 p.m 9:00 p.m ­ lenten series monday april 2 7:00 p.m ­ holy eucharist the way of the cross 5:30 p.m ­ parish supper begins 8:00 p.m ­ the maundy thursday liturgy tues wed in holy week april 3-4 maundy thursday april 5 7:00 p.m ­ the holy eucharist in the chapel institution of the lord s supper foot washing and stripping of the altar 10:00 a.m ­ children s good friday programme 11:00 a.m ­ the solemn good friday liturgy 8:00 p.m ­ the great vigil of easter 8:30 a.m ­ holy eucharist 10:30 a.m ­ choral eucharist the rev geoffrey sangwine good friday april 6 easter eve apri 7 easter day april 8 416-691-4560 mr brian fairbrother children youth the anglican church of st nicholas birch cliff 1512 kingston road 416-691-0449 holy week easter services palm sunday april 1 8:30 a.m ­ said eucharist blessing of palms 10:30 a.m ­ the sunday of the passion with the liturgy of the palms monday tuesday april 2 3 ­ 7:30 p.m ­ holy eucharist wednesday april 4 ­ 10:00 a.m ­ holy eucharist 12:00 noon ­ ecumenical lenten lunch program 7:30 p.m ­ sung tenebrae service maundy thursday april 5 ­ 7:30 p.m ­ institution of the lord s supper including foot washing and stripping of the altars 9:00-11:00 p.m ­ gethsemane watch friday april 6 good friday ­ 9:00 a.m ­ stations of the cross 10:30 a.m ­ good friday solemn liturgy with children s program in robinson hall saturday april 7 holy saturday ­ 8:00 p.m ­ easter vigil sung eucharist followed by a resurrection party sunday april 8 easter day 8:30 a.m ­ sung eucharist 10:30 a.m ­ sung eucharist priest-in-charge the venerable dr michael pollesel an legion baron byng beaches branch 1/42 243 coxwell ave 1-3 p.m info 416-465-0120 tuesdays above the beach free playtime drop-in at forward baptist church 1891 gerrard st e at woodbine 9:30-11:30 a.m for children 0-5 years and their caregivers info r wednesdays french conversation group for adults 7-9 p.m this is a group of about 10 people at the intermediate level and above if you are highly motivated and interested in joining please call leave your number if the answering machine responds 416-699-4681 fridays friendly french conversation group at calvary baptist church 74 main st rear entrance lower level 9:30-11:30 a.m all levels welcome don t use it you ll lose it info diana 416-698-6537 fr sundays the subjective science of meditation inquiry into the writings about awareness from works by ramana maharishi i am that by nisargadatta maharaj the power of now by ekhart tolle and commentaries on the bhagavad gita and upanishads by swami chinmayananda bring questions info 416-254-6355 r beach interfaith outreach lunch and fellowship for adults is held monday through friday from 11 a.m 1 p.m until may 18 mondays at corpus christi catholic church tuesdays at st john s norway anglican church hosted by st john s and st nicholas anglican church wednesdays at beaches hebrew institute thursdays at st aidan s anglican church hosted by beach united church and fridays at kingston road united church co-hosted with st aidan s anglican church info 416-691-6869 calvary grace pascoe care centre in conjunction with daily bread food is open tuesday and thursday mornings 9:30 a.m.12:30 p.m for distribution of food and clothing to clients residing between woodbine and victoria park and danforth to the lake donations of food and clean clothing accepted on those days enter from parking lot at rear of calvary baptist church main and benlamond info kathie or susan 416-6912899 e/o family service toronto offers educational workshops for those caring for aging relatives parents or friends sessions include coping with change and loss healthy caregiving and advocating for your relative info and registration lynne gallagher 416595-9618 fr danforth/coxwell library 1675 danforth ave ·april 4 special screening of nfb documentary force of nature the david suzuki movie 6:30 p.m in recognition of earth day info 416-393-7783 2 if drinking has become a problem we can help alcoholics anonymous 416-4875591 e/o east toronto climate action group are citizens who are concerned about smog climate change and other environmental issues as they impact the city and particularly east toronto we meet monthly and welcome your involvement and support info fr relaxation workshops relax your jaw relax your arms monthly stress-busting holistic solutions for tmj or rsi repetitive strain issues workshops and weekly classes to learn to find dynamic support from the whole skeleton to support inter-related movements of the jaw neck shoulders hands arms attending to how you move effort comfort direction ease helps improve your action whatever it is learn to address stress strain fatigued over-use with feldenkrais® movement sequences that are easy to remember so you can do them at home register marlene kennedy 416-406-0054 r st john s catholic church choir welcomes new members we practise thursdays 7:30-9 p.m and perform sundays at 11 a.m at 794 kingston rd 3 blocks east of main st you don t have to have musical training to sing with us but you do have to like singing and want to be with others to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts we are friendly and welcoming and our leader is a wonderful music teacher info paul r williams 416-699-2518 beach photo club meetings are held every 1st and 3rd thursday of each month from september to june at st aidan s 70 silver birch ave 7:30 p.m everyone from the novice to the experienced is welcome the only requisite is an interest in learning about the photographic arts r/fr free low income tax clinics at community centre 55 97 main st wednesdays until march 28 by appointment only info evonne 416-691-1113 fr income tax clinic at woodgreen community services 815 danforth ave march 1april 28 tuesdays wednesdays thursdays 1:30-4 p.m saturdays 2-4 p.m free income tax preparation for low-income individuals and families to book an appointment call 416-645-6000 ext 1186 or email 3 red door family shelter seeks individuals to serve on its board of directors red door is looking for those who want to participate in the development of this vibrant and growing organization that provides critical support services to families experiencing homelessness if you are interested in this opportunity and wish to contribute your skills and passion to the red door please submit a letter of interest and cv to nominating committee nominatingcommittee@reddoorshel tuesdays live jazz band at royal canadi or post 21 carlaw ave toronto m4m 2r6 no later than april 2 2012 at 5 p.m no phone calls please info 2 west scarborough seniors 55 club is now offering memberships for $35 for march 1-aug 31 in addition to our many activities we now offer pilates and fusion fit classes visit us at 313 pharmacy ave info 416-755-9215 ext 236 2 50 off sale at pegasus thrift store 931 kingston rd on winter clothing shoes boots purses and accessories in the clothing boutique all proceeds at this not-for-profit store support programs for adults with disabilities 2 birchcliff bluffs united church 33 east rd kingston warden ·april 5 maundy thursday service 7 p.m at iondale heights united church 115 ionview rd ·april 6 good friday service 10:30 a.m ·april 8 easter sunday sunrise service 7:30 a.m at sunnypoint park kingston rd st clair at the end of brooklawn ·april 8 easter sunday service 10:30 a.m homemade hot cross buns and coffee following service wheelchair accessible info 416-694-4081 2 glen rhodes united church 1470 gerrard st e at rhodes ave in the heart of little india join us sundays 10:30 a.m for creative worship and fellowship as we journey through lent and on maundy thursday at 7:30 p.m and good friday at 10:30 a.m we are celebrating our 15th anniversary as an affirming congregtion and put our belief in social justice into action through our food bank and community dinner on the 4th monday of the month at 5 p.m join us as we journey through our second century of service info 416 465-3755 r beach united church the heart of the beach located in st aidan s church 70 silver birch rd all are welcome to worship nursery care discover signs of god s promise in lent sundays 10:30 a.m ·april 1 dramatic palm parade ·march 22 speaker s series stories about storytellers douglas gibson editor for a munro pet p gzowski r davies w.o mitchell and a macleod 7:30 p.m at juice and java queen wineva ·march 25 taize music with reflections 4 pm ·april 7 beach jazz and reflections with bill maclean vocalist and brian stevens piano 4:30 416-691-8082 2 st aidan s church queen st e at silver birch ave sunday services are at 8:30 10:30 a.m church school nursery at 10:30 mid-week service wednesdays at 10:30 a.m all welcome 416-691-2222 2 beaches presbyterian church 65 glen manor dr s of queen in the heart of the beach worship in a family-friendly relaxed environment sunday school and nursery coffee and new friendships are free lgtb friendly sundays 10:30 a.m minister rev matt mckay info 416-699-5871 r fallingbrook presbyterian church 35 wood glen road corner of kingston road and wood glen inspiring lenten and easter services ·april 1 string along with friends 10:30 a.m featuring the halcyon string quartet ·april 6 good friday in conjunction with kingston road united church a moving dramatic presentation at fallingbrook of christ in the concrete city which deals with the relevance of christianity to us today ·april 8 joyous easter service 10:30 a.m info rard w of coxwell our sunday services 10:30 a.m with a separate children s program are for setting aside time and space for reflection and inspiration searching for wisdom and inspiration wherever it may be found sharing what is common between us ­ the human condition listening for the unique truths of each individual visitors and inquirers always welcome ·march 25 purposes and principles with rev wayne walder a free and responsible search for truth and meaning we also offer meditation music nights spiritual cinema tai chi potluck dinners and more info 416686-6809 2 ·march 29 reconciliation penance service 7:30 p.m ·march 31 palm sunday services mass 5 p.m ·april 1 palm sunday service mass 9:30 11 a.m ·holy week presentation sunday evening monday-wednesday evenings what was jesus doing in the first four days of holy week frank o neil will be leading the discussions ·april 5 holy thursday mass of the lord s supper followed by adoration 7-9:30 p.m ·april 6 good friday the lord s passion with communion service 3 p.m stations of the cross 7 p.m ·april 7 holy saturday easter vigil 8 p.m ·easter sunday april 8 mass 9:30 11 a.m info 416-694-0382 rd 3 blocks e of main st ·masses saturday 4:30 p.m contemporary music sunday 9 a.m children s liturgy 11 a.m choir ·weekday masses monday-saturday 8:15 a.m holidays 9 a.m ·reconciliation saturday 3:45-4:15 p.m ·pray the rosary each morning mon sat 20 min before mass all welcome info 416-698-1105 r neighbourhood unitarian universalist congregation 79 hiawatha st s of ger corpus christi church 16 lockwood rd st john s catholic church 794 kingston


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tuesday march 20 2012 neighbourhood news in brief by melinda drake beaches-east york mp matthew kellway will hold an oas town hall on thursday march 22 to explore the implications of the government s proposed cuts to old age security joining him will be mp wayne marston official opposition pensions critic they will discuss and answer questions about what these potential changes will mean to seniors the meeting will be held at hope united church 2550 danforth ave across from main subway station doors open at 6 p.m for a 6:30 p.m start time on saturday march 31 kellway will host a federal budget debrief to explore how the budget to be released march 29 will affect constituents this meeting will take place at danforth mennonite church 2174 danforth ave east of woodbine subway station doors open at 2 p.m and the event runs from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m for more information visit or matthewkellway you can also reach him by phone at 416-4670860 or email matthew get to know the gerrard india bazaar neighbourhood a little better at a gerrard street east meet greet on thursday march 22 the recently-formed gerrard east organization community geco is holding this a second community walk as a follow-up to one held a couple of weeks ago that event was so successful that the group only managed to complete half of what they had intended organizers are hoping to revitalize the area which lately has seen some buildings and storefronts remain vacant for long periods of time or fall into disrepair the walk is intended to celebrate the positive aspects of the neighbourhood the walk will begin at bombay chowpatty 1386 gerrard st e at woodfield at 6 p.m and end at udupi palace 1460 gerrard st e at craven around 8 to 8:30 p.m for more information visit toronto district school board trustee for beacheseast york sheila carymeagher will host a ward 16 council meeting on thursday march 29 at east york collegiate institute 650 cosburn ave at 7 p.m carymeagher welcomes special guest chris spence tdsb director of education to discuss parent engagement everyone is welcome for more information call 416-3958413 or email members of the danforth east community association deca are clearing out their around beach metro s 11 everyone has a story to tell branko talks immigration art and gold by jon muldoon although it s true that everybody has a story some are more blessed with an abundance of stories ­ and the willingness to share those stories ­ than others branko resimich is one such individual resimich came to canada in 1952 from trieste on the border of slovenia in northern italy after being beat up in school in zagreb his first job was firefighting in the bush in northern ontario they called me into the office after a month and said okay here s your $10 i said what they said you ve got to pay for the pants and the hat and everything said resimich and the guy looked at me and he said here s your money you re fired not speaking much english at the time he looked around for the fire until it was explained that he was now out of work he then headed south through thunder bay to hamilton eventually ending up in toronto resimich spent a year at the ontario college of art but left school to support a new family i didn t have a nickel to my name i was so hungry he said although he never finished art school resimich never stopped working and continues to sculpt and paint to this day despite a lack of major commercial success however the stories resimich has to tell aren t limited only to the immigrant experience and the art world for many years he ran a coin and second-hand store on church street dealing in coins jewelry and art amongst other items and here is where the stories start to become even more fascinating i know everything about diamonds gold paintings he said according to resimich a nameless representative of the bank of america used to come in every week for gold which the representative claimed was being put into a bank vault until it could be legally imported into the u.s shortly after regulations changed and the man stopped coming by his store two rcmp officers came to the shop and told resimich to lock the door and take the phone off the hook they said branko you re the biggest smuggler of gold in the world i said what me resimich said millions of dollars worth in gold had been funnelled through his store eventually making its way to fort knox however when he told the rcmp officers that he was paying income taxes they let him off the hook he told a story of buying a watch from a man off the street of a brand he had never heard of at the time immediately after paying $200 for the watch he sold it for $1,000 three months later it sold again for $10,000 he said the watch brand patek phillipe another story is of a painting that came into the shop which was traded for a diamond ring years later the painting sold children s closets and offering gently-used toys clothes books and outerwear at a kids gear sale on sunday march 25 at kimbourne park united church 200 wolverleigh blvd the fundraising event starts at 1 p.m and winds up at 5 p.m community centre 55 is holding a silent auction on friday march 30 to raise funds for the many programs it offers event organizers promise some great bidding items along with door prizes and refreshments the fundraiser runs from 6 to 8 p.m at 97 main st if you would like to donate something for the auction or for more information call cameron at 416-691-1113 ext 226 or visit the final film in the `life through a jewish lens adult education series will be screened sunday april 1 at 2 p.m at the beach hebrew institute 109 kenilworth ave expulsion and memory descendants of the hidden jews is about jews in 15th century spain who were given a choice of expulsion or conversion to catholicism the screening will be followed by discussion and admission is free for more information visit or call 416694-7942 in recognition of earth day sunday april 22 the danforth/coxwell library will hold a special screening of force of nature the david suzuki movie on wednesday april 4 at 6:30 p.m this national film board production takes a look at the places and events that shaped suzuki s life and was a people s choice documentary award winner at the 2010 toronto international film festival the library is located at 1675 danforth ave for more information call 416393-7783 the 525th brownie pack is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a reunion on saturday april 21 at presteignwoodbine united church 2538 st clair ave e from 2 to 4 p.m all former brownies leaders pack leaders junior leaders or parents are invited to drop by and meet old friends bring a photo of you in your brownie uniform to rsvp only if you are planning to attend email or phone 416-757-0387 416-6907711 or 905-839-4140 anyone who still uses snail mail we know there are some of you out there will want to know that the beaches postal outlet on queen street east at lee avenue will re-locate to the hallmark store 2140a queen st e on march 30 branco resimich with one of his terra cotta sculptures for $15,000 it was allegedly worth $250,000 and had been stolen from westminster abbey there are doubtless many other stories to be told but as resimich said that s a part of the story the rest is going to be in the book he s hoping to find an editor or ghost writer to help him set his stories down in print if his visit to the beach metro news office is any indication resimich has a well of stories that could easily fill a book without a dull moment the question some readers might be asking is whether any of these stories are true it s said that every story has at least a grain of truth with the resources available here there s no way to double-check all the facts but whether his stories are accurate recollections or exaggerated memories they are still stories worth telling maybe resimich summed it up best himself mixing north american and translated croatian idioms when he finished by saying life s not a bowl of cherries don t take it seriously today we re here tomorrow we re gone and the day after that god knows where we are 5 minutes ­ 5 questions by bill maclean sheila cary-meagher toronto district school board trustee ward 16 beacheseast york is a busy person it took a while to get her to the phone and then she wasn t sure what i was asking about once we got going though she got into the spirit of the call 1 your favourite place in the beach ­ that s hard i would have to say my house i moved in to it 46 years ago and raised my family here every night i come in the front door and i know it sounds corny but i say hello house i just love it 2 what s the last movie you saw ­ you know i don t remember i haven t been to the theatre in more than a year 3 beer wine or whiskey ­ definitely not beer i don t drink very much so when i do i want the very best say a fine chablis or a very good scotch sheila admitted to preferring blended scotch to single malt something with very smoky overtones 4 what are you currently reading ­ i m not a reader because i m dyslexic i love being read to though my first husband read me the iliad the odyssey and all of the sherlock holmes mysteries anything i read now is for work 5 cat or dog ­ neither i m allergic to animal dander i admire them from afar but i can t touch them but if i had to pick i d say i m probably more doggish 6 heels or flats ­ i love the look of heels but for ladies my age flats are it bill suddick has been the beach metro cartoonist for the past 29 years bill and i have developed a rapport over the years we both have cottages up north and we re both hockey dads as you can tell by his answers bill s got a great sense of humour 1 your favourite place in the beach ­ i have several ted reeve arena for one it s my second home i ve spent a heck of a lot of time there throughout my kid s hockey career in fact i ve spent so much time there they painted me into the mural well okay i painted myself in but don t tell them that i also enjoy the boardwalk when i can get down there which is rarely 2 what is the last movie you saw ­ hugo very cool movie some of our students at seneca college worked on the visual effects and won a little statue or something called an oscar borat s in it too bonus 3 beer wine or whiskey ­ all of the above dark or hoppy beer like mad tom from muskoka brewery has been a fave lately as i write this i m drinking something called barking squirrel which sounds like it was brewed specifically for beach residents i also like single malt scotches which are reserved for special occasions like birthdays ­ in march i like a decent red wine with italian food and if pressed i ll sip a dry white get it if `pressed did you know dry wines are made with raisins no 4 what are you reading ­ cornered by ron maclean it s an insightful look into the nhl sports broadcasting hockey night in canada the cbc and of course one of my favorite guys don cherry is ron maclean related to you by any chance [no he s not by the way ­bill 5 cat or dog ­ well we rent to a cat a very affectionate cat she gives us affection we give her food and water and toys and endless cat treats and cable and internet we also let her play with our son she s a very nice cat but doesn t travel well when we move to the cottage we plan to get a dog too i have no problem having both in the house


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12 beach metro news tuesday march 20 2012 celebrating 40 years serving the beach the main menu lunch sandwich special with soup or salad monday to friday 11 am 3 pm except holidays a taste of spain in ontario only $7.95 10 discount for seniors and their family on monday nights from 3 pm to 9 pm excluding alcohol and holidays daily lunch dinner specials weekend brunch all day breakfast 2560 gerrard st east east of victoria park dine-in take-out catering · 416.690.2098 mon-sat 7 am 9 pm · sunday 8 am 5 pm i t s summer in our ontario greenjan main houses with tomatoes cucumbers and peppers ready to harvest these is an author are the essential ingredients for this cooking instructor and caterer spanish menu from foodland ontario you can take a quick trip to spain for 416-265-8445 dinner while enjoying the taste of fresh and locally grown food from ontario romesco sauce originally a sauce for a fish stew this roasted mixture of tomatoes peppers and garlic can be used as a sauce for fish chicken or vegetables its bright colour and smoky flavour make it a popular dinnertime addition if possible make ahead to allow the flavours to mellow 2 tomatoes 2 sweet red peppers 1 head garlic 2 tbsp 25 ml extra virgin olive oil 1 slice day old crusty bread 1/2 cup 125 ml slivered almonds 2 tbsp 25 ml sherry wine vinegar or red wine vinegar 1/2 tsp 2 ml each salt and smoked paprika pinch cayenne pepper preheat oven to 400°f 200°c line baking sheet with parchment paper using sharp knife core tomatoes cut in half and squeeze out seeds arrange tomato halves on prepared baking sheet cut pepper in half and remove stem and seeds arrange cut side down on baking sheet cut top off garlic to expose cloves arrange on baking sheet drizzle tomatoes peppers and garlic with olive oil bake about 30 minutes or until skins split and garlic is soft place baking sheet on rack until vegetables are cool enough to handle meanwhile cut crusts from bread and cut into cubes place bread cubes and almonds on another baking sheet and place in oven about five minutes slip off and discard skins from tomatoes and peppers squeeze garlic from its skin coarsely chop vegetables and add to food processor with squeezed garlic cloves bread cubes and almonds vinegar salt paprika and cayenne process sauce until almost smooth yet stiff with extra texture from almonds taste if you like add more vinegar for a zippier flavour basque chicken stew serve this hearty chicken stew with a green salad mashed potatoes and crusty bread to soak up the flavourful juices michelle rogers catering services 647-501-5016 complimentary hors d oeuvre for new clients serving the beach gta and beyond for 10 years 2 tomatoes 1 lb 500 g boneless skinless chicken thighs 2 tbsp 25 ml extra virgin olive oil 1 onion chopped 1 red pepper chopped 1/2 cup 125 ml serrano ham or prosciutto chopped 2 cloves garlic minced 1/4 tsp 1 ml salt and smoked paprika 1/4 tsp 1 ml black pepper cut tomatoes in half crosswise and squeeze out seeds chop tomatoes trim excess fat from chicken thighs and cut in half in dutch oven or large saucepan heat 1 tbsp 15 ml oil over medium heat cook chicken in batches until lightly brown two to three minutes per side transfer to plate add remaining oil add onion and pepper cook until softened two to three minutes add ham garlic salt paprika and pepper cook one minute stir in tomatoes nestle chicken in sauce and bring to simmer until juices run clear when chicken is pierced about 15 minutes serve immediately serves four gazpacho salad the flavours of the classic spanish chilled soup are captured in this rustic salad serve with any grilled meat fish or poultry 2-3 slices of crusty day old bread vinaigrette 2 cloves garlic minced 2 tbsp 25 ml extra virgin olive oil 2 tbsp 25 ml sherry wine vinegar 1/2 tsp 2 ml salt pinch each pepper and crumbled rosemary salad 3 medium tomatoes 1/2 cucumber chopped 1 yellow pepper chopped 3 green onions sliced preheat oven to 350°f 180°c arrange bread cubes in single layer on baking sheet and toast until golden eight to 10 minutes whisk together garlic sherry wine vinegar salt pep per and rosemary cut tomatoes in half crosswise squeeze out the seeds and chop coarsely add to mixing bowl with cucumber pepper onions and croutons pour dressing over toss well but gently transfer to serving bowl or platter let stand 5 minutes to soften croutons before serving serves four specializing in hors d oeuvres and party platters ur ating o celebr ary nivers th 25 an 012 h 31 2 marc volunteers needed please leave your contact information at the front desk of the recreation centre or contact springsprint register at the beaches recreation centre 6 williamson road march 20 21 22 26 27 28 7:00 ­ 9:00 p.m $25 per person cash or cheque no race day registration bottoms up a taste of tuscany in tuscany easter weekend specials · lamb cutlets · new york steaks · medallions of pork tenderloin · catch of the day · florida snapper · pastas · supreme of grain fed chicken · choice of regular menu a reservations suggested also sunday brunch 11:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m 7 brimley road · 416-264-2337 the dogfish lounge is open on weekends in april drop by and enjoy a beverage and tasty snack h tuscany is there a more beautiful place on earth this part of central italy produces many famous wines all based on the sangiovese grape every year in february the docg consortiums of chianti classico vino nobile de montepulciano and brunello di montalcino invite journalists from around the world this year from 39 countries to preview the last several vintages of their wines that are about to be released as well as barrel samples of the most recent vintage once again this year i made the scene and am happy to report my findings the huge chianti classico denomination is recognized by the black rooster symbol on the bottle made from a minimum of 80 sangiovese and aged for about one year two years for riservas the vintages that are currently being released or available are the 2008 to 2010 vintage in the few days in florence there were some 450 wines from 150 producers available for tasting a massive undertaking indeed if you chose to taste absolutely everything from what i tasted the 2008s are coming around nicely and starting to evolve with lots of harmony the 2009s appear to be excellent showing plenty of toasted oak ripeness concentration and good acidity real crowd pleasers indeed this classic vintage is full of textbook flavours of toasted black cherry leather violets mineral earthiness and even walnut the wines are well structured with plenty of fruit focus my tasting of the 2010s proved inter edward finstein a.k.a the wine doctor wine writer educator judge consultant 416-269-7963 esting last year when tasted they were barrel samples with good colour aromatics and balancing acidity now with a year of evolution they have morphed into highly drinkable round supple wines with good fruit and softish tannins a vintage that in my mind will provide easy accessibility and earlier drinking vino nobile is produced around the hilltop village of montepulciano and made from at least 70 sangiovese known locally as prugnolo gentile and aged at least two years three years for riservas before being released its sister wine rosso di montepulciano can be released after seven or eight months most of what was available for tasting from 34 wineries were the 2009s 2008s and 2007s the 2009s are not overly rich but displayed reasonable fruit balance and extract the 2008s are elegant with abundant red fruit and floral notes not excessively rich in extract but infinitely enjoyable over the shorter term the 2007s are well-balanced concentrated and have lots of aromatics the occasional 2010 rossos are very tasty and consumable for many the king of tuscan reds is brunello produced around the hilltop village of montalcino exclusively from the grape of the same name local name for sangiovese the wine is generally aged two years in oak and at least four months in bottle however most producers will not release their regular bottlings until approximately 50 months after the harvest and an additional 12 months for the riservas front and centre this year were the 2007s awarded five stars by the consortium the 2006s last year were awarded five stars as well it s not too often brunello boasts back-to-back five-star vintages although a good vintage with fair concentration and solid structure the fruit doesn t seem as opulent the tannins are firmer the alcohol higher and the wines more austere they will probably age decently and more than likely drink earlier than the 2006s but overall the 2007s just aren t as sexy there were numerous samples of the 2006 riservas so i took full advantage of trying them most are rich concentrated savory and just darn right fabulous needing five to 10 more years of aging brunello s kid sister rosso di montalcino must age for six months in oak and six months in the bottle before release many 2010s were available for tasting fruity soft and supple these wines are drinking nicely and easy to like lovers of sangiovese take note recent vintages of wines from chianti classico vino nobile di montepulciano and brunello di montalcino continue to provide great sipping that is truly a taste of tuscany


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celebrating 40 years serving the beach tuesday march 20 2012 beach metro news 13 eye on business by bill maclean in the last edition of the eye on business i mistakenly referred to reflexologist dale jones as a he she is in fact a female and i apologize for that error · omega health fitness is a recently-opened cutting edge health and fitness facility at 1089 kingston rd run in partnership by dr tyrrell ashcroft and dr thien dang-tan dr ashcroft has been running a clinic from her home for the past eight years as a referral service after meeting dr thien dang-tan who had been working at several large us hospitals they decided to combine their complementary skills and open a facility to as they say take their patients to the next level omega health fitness combines top quality treatment with medically supervised personal training programs are specifically tailored to your personal needs by qualified experts who using state-of-the-art equipment will safely help you attain your fitness goals omega health fitness is also there to treat underlying dysfunctions and remove barriers that limit your performance so that you can get back on the road to optimal health and fitness both drs ashcroft and thien and their staff have worked with professional and olympic athletes including those who participated in the 104th milrose games in 2011 to find out more or to get a personal tour of the new facility call omega health fitness at 416-903-3789 or visit the website at · sanderson entertainment law is moving its office to the beach the firm provides legal services to music and arts clients regarding copyright contracts trademarks clients include recording artists songwriters engineers music publishers managers fine artists painters photographers and art galleries to name a few this move comes down to family said attorney paul sanderson the new location is walking distance from my home it will allow me more time for my family plus it permits me the opportunity to get more involved in the beach community sanderson is also a musician author and photographer his book musicians and the law in canada is in its third printing for more information on sanderson entertainment law visit · you may remember the shabsove brothers eric stuart and alan who used to run the roastery on queen across from kew gardens the guys are still in the coffee business with their new factory outlet café called mountain view coffee located at 26 logan ave eric called us to say that they continue to roast 100 shade-grown organic coffee every day at their location near weston and wilson for wholesale delivery to restaurants cafés and offices the new outlet acts as a distribution centre we are open monday to friday from 7:30 a.m to 5 p.m said shabsove we do sell coffee by the pound to the public it is a popular spot for early morning commuters jumping on the lakeshore and gardiner for more information on mountain view coffee call 416-694-5455 or visit · the nutty chocolatier 2179 queen st east is celebrating 15 years of business in the beach we have watched all the neighbourhood kids grow up through our store and watch new families develop said brenda brooks in some cases we have hired the kids as their first jobs so drop around to the nutty chocolatier and help them celebrate their 15 years in the beach for more information call 416-698-5548 or visit them on-line at · trendsetters has been a well-known hair salon in the beach area for many years owner lisa balslov is branching out with a new project in connection with local royal canadian legions balslov attends the legions ladies nights with a team of models hairstylists and makeup artists she does a demonstration of hair styling and make-up on a model then invites ladies from the legion up for a make-over i think it s a wonderful way to brighten up their lives says balslov the main store on kingston rd closed awhile ago and balslov operates the business out of her home lisa is also very active in training and job placement in hairstyling if you would like to find out more about this call lisa balslov at trendsetters 416-690-2454 · carlo baldassini emigrated to canada in 1958 graduated as a barber in 1960 and began working at harry s barber shop at 1080 kingston rd the shop moved to 1048 kingston rd in 1964 and carlo bought it from harry in 1974 he retired in 1985 now carlo is back with his son robert who has been a barber himself for 20 years together they have renovated the old shop and renamed it wilkinson barbershop and hairstyling drop in and have a visit maybe get a good haircut call them at 647-349-4015 · are you a fan of pasture-fed free-range eggs but tired of spending the hugely inflated price for them beacher alysa golden sure was and decided to do something about it golden has started a social enterprise called eggy weggs where she has sourced `happy chicken eggs from hope eco farm an amish farm coop in alymer i can access a limited supply of these most beautiful eggs for only $6.50 a dozen i know that you and your family will enjoy eating these healthy lovingly produced eggs said golden the social aspect of the enterprise comes from golden s commitment to donate 25 per cent of the profits from eggy weggs to a community not-for-profit you can begin by emailing golden at and filling out the online form then just wait until the following week and you can pick up your small flock free range eggs at one of her local depots what could be easier for more information visit her website at dr thien dang-tan dr tyrrell ashcroft alysa golden of eggy weggs gareth mclean 3 makes short work of a bowl of red pepper and goat cheese soup for over 20 years during lent members from seven churches in southwest scarborough have been meeting on wednesdays for soup sandwiches and a short service hosted by the congregation of st nicholas anglican church at 1552 kingston road the lenten lunches are open to all there are three more on march 21 march 28 and april 4 at noon for information call 416-691-0449 photo phil lameira


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14 beach metro news tuesday march 20 2012 celebrating 40 years serving the beach on the child side dinner for four for life in a hurry here are a lot of aspects of parenting i m not particularly good at and meal planning would be among the top three it s not that i m a bad cook in fact i m a very good cook it s that i struggle to remain organized enough in our hectic lives to remember the contents of the refrigerator in times of panic last week a friend came by the house and marvelled at a meal plan that i had tacked to the refrigerator door laying out the days of the week the dinner meals cross referenced against the boys activities for the week she commented that she dreamed of being that organized i laughed modestly and thanked her then drew her attention to the pair of robins at the bird feeder in the garden i didn t want her to notice the meal plan was from two years ago and i d not been organized enough to take it off the door since the reality of our life is that the dinner hour in our kitchen resembles more of a drive through than anything else we are rarely in the kitchen for dinner for longer than 20 minutes during the week the rational one and i return from work the kids parachute in from after-school sports and the dog runs circles around everyone twice while everyone scrounges for snacks and drop backpacks in the traffic lanes in the meantime i m covertly searching the cupboards and refrigerator for something that will meet the highly diverse nutritional and psychological needs of the famished and that s really at the heart of the meal planning challenge for me it s the competing priorities of my organizational abilities versus each family member s desires at the dinner table i ve got one almost-15-year-old who wants nothing more than to put on weight and keep it on while concurrently wanting international culinary excellence on his dinner plate i ve got an 11-year-old prepubescent who can t stop eating sweets and carbohydrates sitting on that raw edge of puberty food is a sanctuary away from the pressures of life an oasis of yumminess in a chaotic world the rational one has shared that eating is just an irritation t christine yerrill he d be just as happy taking a pill like the characters in willy wonka a true bachelor when we met i remember he once tried to convince me that eating vegetable thin crackers constituted eating vegetables you can see there are diverse needs at my kitchen table what i hadn t remembered from my own teenage years is the perpetual state of hunger in which teenagers live hungry teenagers are cranky reverting into an almost infant-like state giant squalling and helpless in the face of their own distress they seem unable to reach a cupboard to put a granola bar in their own mouth in a quest to avert the `death by starvation of teenagers in my kitchen i have come up with some really really fast dinners that can keep the ravenous hordes at bay i cannot claim that these are the most nutritious meals you can fix that i m sure but they feed teenagers and feed them fast first is a classic that never fails to comfort after a bad test or failed playoff run ­ grilled cheese and tomato soup rumour has it i make the best grilled cheese in the beach according to many grade three guests and i ll let you in on my secret ­ this grilled cheese sandwich could fell a cardiac patient ironically it also effectively eases teenage angst use real butter white bread the whiter the better and thick pieces of good old cheddar put it in a frying pan with more butter and cook on medium heat meanwhile heat the campbell s condensed tomato soup with milk and pull the saltine crackers out of the cupboard between the fat the cholesterol the lack of fibre and the salt it nurtures the child-like spot in each of us finish it off with a bowl of ice cream and life will be really be okay again prep time six minutes my second fastest meal is a whitewoman-raised-in-mississauga indian meal okay so i cannot really do spicy spring session starts now beaches suzuki school of music the internationally successful suzuki method allows children to experience the joy of music making in a caring environment we offer piano violin cello new toddler and parent class please contact ines pagliari director 416-726-5729 musically enriching lives in the beach since 1994 kids help phone ­ 1-800-668-6868 or national eating disorder information centre 416-340-4156 or french montessori school · broadview and mortimer 416-467-1618 · kingston road and fallingbrook 416-690-9305 part time and full time programs available planting the seed for the future broad view 18 month-old to 5 1/2 year old having been raised by a ukrainian father and a british mother ukrainians only have two spices ­ dill and garlic ­ and the british well it s recognized that cooking wasn t really their forte so i m a cheater but i totally love indian you need a jar of butter chicken sauce plus any other indian sauce chicken chick peas rice and a package of good naan get a pot of rice going meanwhile sauté the chicken with some onions don t cheat and undercook the chicken or you ll regret it for about ummm three weeks and then throw the butter chicken sauce on top and heat it through in the meantime drain a can of chickpeas and mix with the second jar of sauce and heat serve up the butter chicken on the rice with a side of curried vegetables and some warm naan and in 15 minutes you re eating faux indian finally the kids absolute favourite is when the rational one makes dinner i said he couldn t cook but he does have two specialties left over from the bachelor days first he makes a mean pot of kraft dinner he fusses over the sauce and it shows so in a pinch on a saturday afternoon he will show off his inner saucier the real favourite is when dad makes breakfast for dinner and whips up a bacon egg and toast meal that would put any greasy spoon to shame he does what i cannot and serves everything hot on the plate at the same time for as many diners as are present add a good strong cup of hot coffee and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice and you are ready for parent teacher interviews tonight again i would warn that these ideas are not for seven days a week you will die if you eat this way regularly until i m able to hire oprah s chef away from her or willy wonka delivers roast beef and yorkshire puddings in pill format it s all about me being head chef i still fantasize about those days of good meal planning and cross referencing it against the boys activities but then i remember that we have to get the youngest to the rink for a game in an hour and it s a 30 minute cross-town drive in rush hour so if we re not hitting the drive-thru i ve got to make him something to eat now and fast learning through play 18 mo 2.5 years old ­ tues thurs am 2.5-3.5 years old ­ mon wed fri am 975 kingston road kingston road united church 3.5-5 years old ­ mon wed fri pm 416-690-9935 now accepting fall enrollment for 2012 become a part of your child s preschool journey community centre 55 will hold its 11th annual breakfast with the easter bunny on saturday march 31 from 8 to 10 a.m the first seating will be at 8 with a second seating at 8:45 the egg hunt will happen at 9:15 the pancake breakfast will also include crafts and other activities for kids as well as a vist from the easter bunny and hamper for more information contact evonne at 416-691-1113 beach metro news file photo breakfast with bunny is back


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celebrating 40 years serving the beach tuesday march 20 2012 beach metro news 15 write on health teeth in a day ­ reality or marketing respect · resourcefulness · responsibility fully accredited montessori program full-day casa 2 years 8 months ­ 5 years elementary grades 1 ­ 6 extended childcare extracurricular programs now accepting applications for 2012/13 d ental implants have made huge strides in the past 50 years in fact implants have gone from a `fringe science with very poor success rates to an accepted mode of clinical practice with very high predictability and very high success rates for those who are not familiar with the term `dental implants they are a permanent fixed non-removable replacement for missing teeth implants come in wide array of shapes and sizes and can be used to replace a single tooth a row of teeth or an entire dental arch implants can support a removable denture a fixed denture a porcelain bridge or individual porcelain crowns most if not all patients are candidates for dental implant placement but there are factors which increase or decrease the chances for successful implant placement for example smokers tend to have lower success rates than non-smokers similarly diabetic patients tend to have somewhat lower success rates as well the health of the jaw bone in the area of implant placement plays a major role in the success rate and the ease or complexity of treatment required in order to place implants there dr allan katchky is a dentist who practises in the east end 416-694-2220 needs to be a certain quantity and quality of bone in the area of the missing tooth or teeth depending on how the teeth were lost originally gum and bone disease or injury for example it is sometimes necessary to replace damaged or missing bone with a bone grafting procedure in the past implants required a lengthy period of integration firm attachment of bone to the implant before teeth could be attached to the implant in the early days of implants this integration period was up to six months typical integration periods today are in the range of 8-12 weeks much shorter than previously but is there any validity to the concept of `teeth in a day some dental offices are marketing the concept of immediate tooth replacement enabling chewing on re placement teeth in one day there is a newer technique which allows for an entire dental arch to be replaced using four implants and a fixed denture attached to the implants known as the `all on four technique early studies have shown this to be a viable treatment option for some people however not everyone is a candidate for this approach similarly some offices are marketing a `same day solution for single tooth replacement again patient selection must be made carefully as not all situations lend themselves to this approach the concept of integration of the implant over a period of time before placement of the tooth has been studied over many years and is `time tested whereas immediate chewing on an implant is newer has less research behind it and comes with greater risk of failure each patient is unique and as a result each situation should be evaluated individually if you have questions about your own dental needs or are curious to find out if you are a candidate for permanent tooth replacement with implants it is best to consult with your dentist for detailed information and treatment recommendations 79 hiawatha road 416 694-6273 a small school with big ideas ward 9 co-operative playschool · preschool children 2 1/2 to 5 years of age · monday to friday 7:30 am to 6:00 pm · registered early childhood educators · walks to st denis and balmy beach schools 70 silver birch avenue church of st aidan 416-698-4179 spaces available final hamper s christmas academy diploma at the age of 10 jacob kinsella will forever be the youngest graduate from the hamper s college of christmasology at the university of northern lights this young man was the last one to graduate as the college has been closed down in the past years the college awarded degrees and phds to a large number of volunteers that helped with community centre 55 s share-a-christmas program which provides less fortunate east end residents with food and toys at christmas time kinsella who has been volunteering with his family since he was five years old is honoured to be awarded his diploma it s a lot of fun to do he said i like it because you get to help people in need during christmas a student at st dennis catholic school kinsella also volunteers as a beach metro community news carrier a sensitive way to teach art off 10 birdsr y earl summe r fo amp c jacob kinsella recieves his diploma from hamper s college of christmasology representative nancy culver ­ also special event and volunteer coordinator for community centre 55 ­ at centre 55 last week kinsella will be the college s last ever graduate photo submitted for children adults seniors special needs are welcome 416-686-7384 21 madelaine avenue victoria pk danforth ave leroux froebel bilingual school · programs for children 18 months to 12 years · early reading math french · music and creative activities · children walked to/from adam beck williamson rd st johns and kimberley schools 72 main street in calvary baptist church at main st benlamond healthy earth visit us at k thanu yo with your support we have helped to build two schools in africa our work globally continues we re off the grid we have gone green with bullfrog power ­ clean reliable electricity some schools may imitate our curriculum but we re the real thing a reputation built on years of excellence proudly serving the beach since 1992 416.690.5969 e-mail services · nursery school · junior kindergarten · senior kindergarten · grade 1 · after school tutoring grades k-6 inspiration is the key to learning enriched kindergarten bilingual nursery school now accepting registrations · one to six ratio · individual guided reading program · writing skills · math · science · global awareness · theatre and music · small teacher/child ratio · highly skilled teachers · arts and crafts · cognitive · music · drama · french · global awareness 416-698-1923 2206 queen street east



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