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f orest h ills s chool n ews physical education teacher mr denon carpenter again wrote and received a grant to enhance the physical education program for elementary students the grant awarded by the ing run for something better school awards program helped support a new exercise initiative for students the program was a huge success in its first year with over 100 participants in grades 4 through 6 meeting three times a week from september through the first week of november students participating in the program completed one day of distance running one day of cardiovascular games/large group games and one day of relays drills or concepts associated with running in addition three events were held that were open to all the students in grades 4 through 6 on october 19th the annual 1.5-mile cross country race was held with 121 participants mitchell chunta set a new grade 5 boys record and cassie smith set a new overall girls record the two tied for 1st place at 10:57 the pumpkin run held after school in mid november attracted approximately 184 participants this event was a 1.5 mile obstacle course in which students hurdled 50 square hay bales climbed over round bales ready set go raced over under around and through the gaps in a 50 yard fence walked across two 30 foot rope bridges on the nature trail and carried a 10 pound pumpkin ¼ of a mile through the race on black friday a 5k/10k family walk/run was held where students were encouraged to invite classmates and family members siblings or parents to create a team of up to 4 people to complete either a 5k 3 mile or 10k 6 mile course there were 17 teams and approximately 60 participants for the remainder of the year two winter outdoor races are planned one of which is a pumpkin run human sled dog race ing run for something better grant enhances elementary pe program vol xxxii no 2 winter 2011-2012


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in this issue of the newsletter my message as superintendent of the forest hills school district is one of appreciation and thanks to everyone in the community who has made my transition a very positive experience in addition my wish to you the parents students staff and residents of the district is that the 2012 new year brings each of you an abundance of joy and prosperity let this coming year be better than all the others this district has experienced numerous positive initiatives and accomplishments over the past year i am proud to announce that for the first time in 5 years each building has successfully met the pennsylvania department of education s criteria for ayp ­ adequate yearly progress it was a monumental cooperative effort in which every individual or group contributed in some way to ensure the students of our district were ready to take on the challenge of last year s pssa tests it was a unified effort beginning with the cafeteria workers who prepared breakfast to the teachers who worked diligently beyond the normal hours of the day tutoring our students i especially want to extend my appreciation to the students for the commitment and dedication they put forth to achieve ayp they are to be commended for this tremendous accomplishment in may of 2008 forest hills embarked on an adventurous endeavor in the spring of that year a local architectural firm began the initial phases of a feasibility study to address the possibility of consolidating the existing middle school and high school this initiative was based on a number of existing factors such as the districts declining student enrollment replacement of antiquated infrastructure in the two buildings consolidation of existing facilities and construction of a stateof-the-art building to address the educational needs of our students the final presentation was completed in october 2011 which reviewed a wide array of demographic data physical plant conditions and other pertinent information every aspect of the educational process including transportation curriculum financing and extracurricular activity was discussed the next phase of a construction project is the selection of an architect which will systematically assist the school district through the plancon process plancon is an acronym for planning and construction workbook which is a set of forms and procedures used to apply for state reimbursement this document will serve as an initial component that is mandated by the pennsylvania department of education when a school district entertains the possibility of constructing a new building or renovating existing structures the administration and board will now focus on soliciting information from various firms in an attempt to possibly retain an architect for this project finally albert schweitzer stated you must give time to your fellow man even if it s a little thing do something for others something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it the forest hills school district has embraced superintendent s message these words by dr schweitzer by continuing to participate in numerous dress-down days that are scheduled throughout the school year the day also known as dress-down friday is an american and canadian trend wherein some offices may celebrate a semi-reprieve from the constrictions of a formal dress code the dress-down day at forest hills is a day during which employees are allowed to wear casual attire at work and students are permitted to wear hats providing they donate a small sum of money to a specific cause or nonprofit organization mr robert dill forest hills high school social studies teacher and national honor society advisor voluntarily coordinates the scheduling of the district s dress-down day activities each year mr dill and nhs members are contacted by the area s nonprofit groups and individuals requesting financial assistance the funds collected on these school days are used to assist with medical expenses funeral costs and also provide financial assistance to various nonprofit organizations i am proud to say that during the 2010-2011 school year students and staff generously contributed almost $37,000 i thank the students and staff members who unselfishly donate monies throughout the year to assist individuals and organizations in their time of need five graduates of forest hills or its precursor schools were honored at the forest hills alumni association distinguished alumni banquet on saturday october 8 2011 they also were recognized at the forest hills vs central cambria football game on the previous evening forest hills alumni association proudly announces the members of the distinguished alumni class of 2011 mr frank alcamo is a 1938 graduate of south fork high school mr alcamo has had a distinguished career as an educator author and community servant he is the author of the windber story ©1983 the south fork story ©1987 and the summerhill story ©1992 ms felicia probert is a 1979 graduate of forest hills ms probert s career in law enforcement and resource protection first with the national park service and later with the bureau of land management where she has worked for the past 25 years qualify her as a real life ranger 2011 distinguished alumni 2 mr gary poborsky is a 1960 graduate of south fork croyle gary is an entrepreneur humanitarian and community leader he is recognized as a leader in the environmental remediation industry constantly bringing new technologies methodologies and products to the industry.


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on december 13 mrs myers substitute teacher ms mary rhoades led the second grade class on an international journey over several weeks the second grade studied a unit on the culture and geography of new zealand after carrying out a portion of her student teaching in a classroom in auckland new zealand miss rhoades decided to connect the two classrooms the students communicated through a private website where they shared pictures and comments and learned about the similarities and differences between the two cultures the second graders compiled a list of information they were eager to share about themselves as well as photos of the landmarks of the school they also generated a list of questions which allowed them to inquire about favorite foods and holiday traditions the unit concluded with a video chat session between the two classrooms students discovered differences in time zones seasons school year duration sports classroom procedures and dress codes the students even experienced a demonstration of a native new zealand dance the haka which is traditionally performed before rugby games the goal was to have each student acquire a sense of a cultural identity and an awareness of a world outside of their own most importantly the students witnessed the beauty of differences among people 2nd graders skype new zealand e lementary s chool grade 4 students walked to disaster s edge at the 1889 park for some fall education and fun students participated in 3 activities including tree identification pumpkin weighing and a visit to the coal miners museum the field trip was packed full of hands-on activities all were thankful for the beautiful weather to enjoy the day outside hannah persio kaitlyn cameron count their pumpkin seeds in this picture mr daniel mihalko is a 1969 graduate of forest hills mr mihalko is retired from the us postal service where he was inspector in charge of congressional and public affairs for the postal inspection service in washington dc dan is an accomplished award-winning artist and illustrator whose work can be viewed at disaster s edge visit distinguished alumni continued from page 2 forest hills school nurses served as preceptors for several senior nursing students from st francis university the students left the course with a better understanding and appreciation of the roles of the school nurse two nursing students partnered with each of the school nurses to provide a service learning project the projects focused on the healthy people 2020 goals healthy people 2020 provides national goals to guide health promotion and disease prevention to improve the health of all americans the project at the high school under mrs strayer s direction included a bulletin board placed outside the cafeteria dealing with the topic of stress it was filled with information on stress reduction such as test-taking tips study tips how to and how not to deal with stress the st francis students briefly described some conditions signs and symptoms such as school phobia anxiety and depression the college students listed who can help when they are stressed this bulletin board provided excellent information to students who are dealing with many stressors at the high school level asthma education was the project topic at the middle school a national health promotion goal is to increase the proportion of persons who receive asthma education the senior nursing students developed an educational powerpoint program and pamphlets that school nurse mrs harshberger can use to educate both students and adults information included the signs and symptoms of asthma triggers treatment and how to use an inhaler appropriately in order to promote a healthy lifestyle a walking program was developed for elementary students in kindergarten through third grade a running program is already in place for grades 4-6 and it was felt that the younger grades needed a wellness program the st francis students developed a program to take place over the recess period and those students who sign up will be grouped and compete with other groups as to the distance walked incentive tokens will be given to the students upon each set distance walked mrs varner hopes this program will be implemented for the 2012-13 school year program and engineering design as well as technology management for various companies john an advocate for science and technology in schools established the 8th grade young women in technology program introducing young women to careers in technology nursing students service learning projects mr john logrando is a 1967 graduate of the first class of forest hills john is retired from a career in 3


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the drama department cast members under the direction of ms kim rolla and mrs kelly myers put on four performances of high school musical for the general public on three days in november in the high school auditorium the cast of over 50 actors and actresses from grades 2 through 6 auditioned last may and practiced on mondays and tuesdays after school in the high school auditorium the high school musical chorus under the direction of mr kevin balog included students from grades 2 through 6 the 60 singers sang in two groups at the public performances for the third year in a row all elementary students attended special performances during the school day the students performed this broadway junior production with the help of many staff parents custodians and high school students who spent countless hours in preparation and support high school musical chorus director mr kevin balog accompanied the grade 6 chorus as they visited four local personal care homes and the forest hills senior center in south fork on december 8th and 15th the students sang christmas and holiday song selections for the residents many of the residents joined with the chorus in singing for the holiday season the students presented the residents with christmas and holiday greeting cards made by elementary students in their art classes mr jay elias videotaped and took still pictures of the performances that was broadcast on the community outreach channel 182 the grade 6 chorus brought christmas and holiday greetings to community residents as part of a community service activity singers visit care homes the mobile dentist smile program visited forest hills on november 15 and 16 2011 a team consisting of a dentist dental assistant and dental hygienist set up a dental office in the elementary school students seen were given a cleaning x-rays and examination by the dentist and when needed sealants applied a total of 53 students participated in the program this is the fifth year for the program initially the mobile dentist visited the school once per school year but due to the positive response of this program two dates have been set up for this school year the mobile dentists will be returning on may 17 and 18 2012 information regarding signing up for the may dates will be sent to families in the spring the student council once again participated in the easter seals million pennies campaign students brought in pennies and filled the milk jugs in their homerooms from november 7-december 15 many of the participating homerooms filled two or three milk jugs in 2010 the elementary school collected $2,241.25 for easter seals and were the top fundraising school results of this year s penny drive will be learned in late january 4 dental smile program million pennies campaign


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using the scientific method of research sixth graders under the direction of dr anne kondo explored the chemistry of eggs the presentation began with dr kondo sharing her experiences as a chemist and discussing potential jobs which incorporate the need to understand and use various concepts of chemistry during the hands-on portion of the presentation students observed and developed a hypothesis in order to determine the layers associated with an egg then the students experimented with the processes of identifying and separating each of the seven layers in addition dr kondo provided the opportunity to learn about carbonate and its effect on the shell of an egg the chemistry of eggs bonus opportunities are without a doubt a great way to boost quarterly grades however they also offer much more than the possibility of a grade enhancement they allow students to independently explore topics in greater detail to share and enhance the classroom curriculum and to integrate specialized talents when presented with a bonus opportunity in ms ohler s science class dasha kirby pictured here was ready to take-off she combined knowledge learned in the classrooms from the variables unit her in-depth research and her developing acting talents in order to perform a biography of noted american aviation pioneer amelia earhart the students in mrs hostetler s 4th 5th and 6th grade gifted support classes have had the wonderful opportunity to learn all there is to know about postage stamps thanks to the efforts of mr and mrs joseph bell both retired teachers with 75 years of teaching experience between them mr and mrs bell are members of the american philatelic society a u.s national stamp collecting organization who provided most of the stamps and materials necessary for these students to gain a wealth of information about postage stamps their own country and other countries around the world the bells made several visits to mrs hostetler s classes and each time they brought with them an abundance of stamps materials and a variety of activities for the students to complete both in and out of the classroom all of the activities focused on research writing geography and creativity the students have learned so much and have truly enjoyed their time spent with mr and mrs bell and in turn the bells have enjoyed being back in the classroom sharing their love of stamp collecting amelia earhart visits fhes postage stamp project pictured experimenting are kate brendel and caitlin glass student council held their fifth annual holiday door decorating contest this holiday season doors were decorated by the students and on display from december 19-23 this year s winners were door decorating contest pre-k mrs summits charlie brown s christmas kindergarten mrs reininger s brightest class in kindergarten grade 1 mrs krise s merry christmas to all and to all a good night grade 2 mr hunter s not a creature was stirring not even a mouse grade 3 mrs stombaugh s jack frost grade 4 mr pcola s i m hardrock i m coco i m joe grade 5 pictured above mr lashinsky s mr l got run over by a reindeer grade 6 mr brezovec s despicable me life skills mrs kundrod s gingerbread houses 5 mr mrs bell with mrs hostetler s class.


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what started out as a videoconference with the pro football hall of fame in canton ohio has turned out to be a fun and unique research project for the students in mrs hostetler s gifted support classes it began in mid-october when students met and talked with mr jerry csaki a member of the pro football hall of fame s educational programs staff prior to this videoconference mrs hostetler s students broke into groups consisting of reporters tv broadcasters statisticians historians and artists after visiting the pro football hof s website and researching the answers to a variety of questions the students realized how this entire experience connects to and strengthens what they learn in school core curricular areas such as language arts math geography science the arts technology health and history can be found everywhere even in the pro football hall of fame currently the students are compiling the information learned and are working collaboratively to produce a broadcast they will then send this broadcast to the pro football hall of fame and who knows perhaps the students in mrs hostetler s room will be part of this oneluke tercek quinn spangler of-a-kind museum dylan wechtenhiser eva spangler and its website and claire bawiec on november 17 2011 twenty-three grade 5 and 6 students attended a reading competition in bellwood pa they were accompanied by their coach mrs yahner and volunteers mrs roberts mrs seftic ms garlena and mrs roman the fifth and sixth grade teams each read 42 books in preparation for a battle of comprehension each team participated in three rounds of questions derived from the assigned books they faced three other schools from the surrounding area at the end of the competition each teams total points were tallied both teams worked hard and did a wonderful job representing forest hills the sixth grade team tallied a total of 57 points to earn a 2nd place ribbon each team member received a ribbon with great pride knowing that they were only 5 points away from earning the grand prize 1st place trophy all team members are highly motivated and mentally prepared to win the 1st place trophy at the spring reading competition at forest hills middle school pro football hall of fame during red ribbon week pre-k and kindergarten students attended a drug awareness program presented by heather vitko rn from st francis university the students learned about taking medicine and/or candy from people and who the safe people are around them the 3rd and 4th grade students attended an anti-drug program demonstration presented by cambria martial arts academy which promoted a respect your body theme it included students from the elementary middle and high schools who train at cambria martial arts academy they showed their classmates that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind allowing for an easy way to say no to drugs fifth grade students attended an anti drug presentation from mr mike messina from community action partnership during this presentation the students wore goggles simulating being under the influence of alcohol they were then asked to perform routine activities demonstrating the impairment alcohol causes all of these programs provided important information to the students in an entertaining manner allowing for students to take home the anti-drug message each year the students in mrs ho-ho-hostetler s gifted support classes look forward to making a very special christmas gift for their parents and each year this special gift involves sewing yes sewing as soon as the thanksgiving break is over the students start asking what the project will be for this year and this year the students made these adorable reindeer these gifts made with love and by hand are truly priceless to the parents who received them red ribbon week presents for parents reading team takes 2nd 6 front row lucas myers makennah gray phillip yuhas back byron daubert ben wechtenhiser quinn spangler alexus bobak and alyssa penrod


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this christmas season middle school students gave back to their community at a time when many kids become more concerned with themselves than others the students at forest hills have proven that christmas is a time for giving student council held a dance to benefit toys for tots on friday december 16 students who attended were all asked to donate a toy the benefit dance which was suggested by 8th grade student council member blake ivock is part of the middle school student council s community awareness initiative mrs shannon curry who is in her first year as student council advisor explained that the council has always been involved in charitable events such as the million pennies campaign for easter seals and a math-a-thon fundraiser for st jude s she praised the council s former advisor mr semonick for the council s community mindedness he was a wonderful teacher and left me very big shoes to fill mrs curry and principal mr edward alexander decided on events like toys for tots to demonstrate to the students that charity isn t just about raising money for a cause i wanted the kids to realize that it s not just about giving money but giving of yourself your time and caring for others in mid-december student council made christmas decorations for rose of sharon home in st michael student council members who manned a craft table outside of the cafeteria during lunch periods made decorations and encouraged other students to create some decorations as well this project was spearheaded by teacher mrs colleen dibuono christmas is for giving m iddle s chool eighth grade family and consumer science students discussed centerpieces in a unit on table setting in december mrs judi alexander owner of country hearts flowers and wife of middle school principal mr ed alexander and her mother janet maquilken brought in supplies and demonstrated the art of making centerpieces the activity was based on a christmas theme with students using various types of greenery carnations and ornaments to create their own unique centerpiece centerpiece demonstration pictured are abbey richards left and kayla makin winners at pa farm show kristen kundrod theresa yuhas cheyenne helsel and gage mccall collect toys for tots the middle school competition reading team competed at bellwood-antis on november 15 2011 three different teams competed at the competition the teams represented their corresponding grade level the 9th grade team the unicorns pictured here won second place at the competition forest hills will host the spring competition in april courtney cecere right and grace martin-bromley won first and second place respectively in the pennsylvania state farm show 1st annual stick horse race the students are pictured on the floor of the equine arena with their prize-winning pink draft horses during the draft horse pleasure show on thursday january 12 2012 the unicorns take 2nd 7


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9th grader kristen kundrod was the recipient of a $25 wal-mart gift card sponsored by the cambria county district attorney s office on november 18th the district attorney s office gave a presentation on the topic of avoiding destructive decisions to the freshman class the focus of the presentation was driving and the law and how the laws have changed as these students prepare to obtain their driver s license to qualify for the drawing the students were asked to complete a survey while discussing this presentation with their parents and return the survey to mrs hirsch ms guidance counselor kristen s name was randomly selected from the group of students that returned the survey on january 8th the middle school nurse mrs harshberger met with girls from the local salix girl scout troop to instruct them on basic first aid techniques the group consisted of junior cadette and senior level scouts the girls were working on the requirements for their first aid badge the nurse reviewed the first steps in response to an emergency checking calling and care the contents of a first aid kit were examined and students discussed how to make their own simple first aid kit the nurse and students talked about asthma inhalers and epi pens used for allergic emergencies and how to use them properly the group discussed how to respond to different scenarios such as sprains broken bones shock weather related emergencies burns choking and insect stings and bites topics included prevention of accidents and illnesses the session concluded with a chat about possible careers available in health care the troop leaders are mrs lisa russic and mrs rose chuckalovcak avoiding destructive decisions scouts learn first aid middle school drama presented two one-act winter productions on december 22 and 23 in the middle school auditorium the first production recess asked the question what do you get when you mix a young substitute teacher with a classroom of the seemingly dumbest and funniest pupils found anywhere cast members included emily miller cari kestermont noah simpson chester middleton samantha bear kathryn jordan cassie miller alysia gearty brooke plows mikala hamara and maegan biglin the second production began with angela singing on the first day of christmas my true love gave to me as she waited for a bus cast members included kristen kundrod noah simpson james mangus emily miller hannah kloster-malmed rachael miller cassie miller tyler miller amber jordan brooke plows nick lineman kate chaney chester middleton gabrielle shaulis toni smay courtney cecere and claudia shrefler lights and sound for both productions was by kaitlin willett drama presents two plays be the change you wish to see in the world mahatma gandhi 8 on november 11th we as a country celebrated the bravery of our service men and women who valiantly protected and continue to defend our country from foreign threats the history department enlisted the help of a vietnam veteran and retired teacher to come and share his unique story with the students he used his experiences to teach the students the importance of veterans day and the significance of being a true american citizen ed mihalacki served his country during the controversial 1960 s and the vietnam war as a high school student he enlisted in the united states army within a few short years he found himself 8,000 miles away and in a hostile environment he served his tour in vietnam and vowed that if he made it home he would make a difference in the world mr mihalacki fulfilled his promise on november 9 2011 he brought his story to the hearts and minds of our students as they assembled in the auditorium they did not realize that they were actually walking back into the annals of history mr mihalacki had a wide-array of historical memorabilia from vietnam including maps pictures and artifacts he personally brought back to the united states the students interacted with these objects as mr mihalacki discussed the purpose and importance of the vietnam war we were honored to have such a dynamic and impactful speaker in our school that day he brought to life the reality of war and what it truly mr satka mr alexander mr means to be a hero teachable moment mihalacki mr long and mr sakmar


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the annual fall blood mobile challenge was held in october against central cambria high school our goal of 65 units was surpassed collecting a total of 67 units central cambria came up with 56 units giving forest hills its first victory in the history of the football bloodmobile challenge the trophy was awarded at the football game blood challenge h igh s chool news from humanitarian club the students against destructive decisions organization has been very active spreading their message of making smart and safe decisions under the guidance of mrs amanda williamson the students are eagerly organizing activities and campaigns that help in their effort to keep our district healthy and safe a few of the activities sadd has sponsored this year are red ribbon week members made over 300 red paper ribbons that were used to decorate the high school for the nationally celebrated red ribbon week campaign each ribbon represented our school s pledge to remain drug-free sadd members also traveled to the elementary school to perform `healthy decision themed skits for the 4th grade students and finally with the help of the school board and various other student organizations sadd brought ms cara filler a nationally known speaker to the high school for an assembly cara s heartfelt and fun presentation left students and staff with an unforgettable message of making smart and safe decisions project sticker shock with the cooperation of st michael beverage sadd members placed nearly 400 stickers on alcoholic products at the local distributor as part of a state-wide campaign project sticker shock reminds parents marlee zubek joan see sadd smith scott george on page 13 so happy we re sadd the high school humanitarian club continues to step out to help the community and those in need 2011-2012 began strongly with the annual light the night walk at upj despite a downpour soggy students and staff walked the course and raised a record $1,000 for the leukemia and lymphoma society members who walked in the rain are pictured above the club continued its efforts with the forest hills tailgate party setting up a booth and chancing off two themed gift baskets raising almost $100 a clothing project with the trinity lutheran church of sidman came next as the club with the help of staff and students from the high school collected between 30 and 35 bags of gently used clothing this project is completed each year and we will again partner with the church for a spring food drive as part of a senior project three plastic tubs of children s band-aids were collected for the children s hospital of pittsburgh elementary and high school students and staff helped on this project the bandaids were hand delivered to the hospital in honor of a young cancer patient who receives his treatments at children s hospital the next project still in the planning stages is a cheyenne sabo winter walkathon to raise dani middleton money and shoes for the national non-profit organization soles 4 souls if everything goes as planned february 4th will find us walking the grounds of our campus as we raise money for this worthy cause we are inviting other clubs to join us as always it is important to note that members of the humanitarian club are volunteers who choose to get involved any member can submit an idea and then chair the committee that sees the idea to fruition leadership skills are refined and polished as projects are completed lance armstrong s quote whatever your 100 looks like give it is this year s humanitarian club theme 9


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the annual snowball dance winter in central park was held december 6th in the gym students on court representing the sophomore class were courtney durica alexis novotny samantha smith ben buchkovich dustin ohler and shawn fessler representing the junior class this year were briana kostan maggie madison nicole miller abby shaffer shawn dell cory fessler cody law and jared shope and representing the senior class were sam deitle megan gould lexi leventry haleigh mccall loren opdenhoff katie owens justin gdula scott george jon moschgat john levi ohler avery pakstis and brady wright snowball queen and king were megan gould and john levi ohler congratulations to all on the court and the snowball queen and king of 2011-2012 on october 13 2011 nearly 80 juniors and seniors traveled to the renaissance faire in manheim pa and even though it rained all day yet again the students had a wonderful time learning about the culture of the elizabethan period in the poster design contest senior breanna kaufman won second place while junior alyssa miller took third place for her entry this is the second year that alyssa won accolades for her art work at the faire also during the course of the faire day senior kelsey bartek was recognized for her service to the school and tanner richardson also a senior was recognized for his community service a return trip to the faire next october is anxiously being awaited by the students even if it does rain snowball queen megan gold king john levi ohler renaissance faire winners forest hills is going green gold and pink during breast cancer awareness month in october seniors morgan mccormick and breanna baumgardner organized a pink-out day as part of their graduation project their goals were to increase breast cancer awareness and raise money for the joyce murtha breast care center we did not want to complete a typical graduation project we wanted to support a local charity that tackles a universal illness ­ breast cancer described morgan these ambitious seniors exceeded their goals they designed pink-out day shirts and organized a school-wide pink-out day on october 28 2011 we did not know how many shirts we would sell noted breanna much to their surprise students school personnel and community members ordered more than 700 shirts the girls also encouraged high school students to wear their pink-out shirts and to participate in a human ribbon in front of the high school the final phase of their project ­ raising money for a local charity ­ was certainly the most impressive accomplishment of this senior project morgan and breanna presented representatives of the joyce murtha breast cancer center a check in the amount of $4,200 we are truly grateful to the entire forest hills community for its support of our project and more importantly for helping to combat breast cancer morgan and breanna acknowledged 10 pink-out day it was an emotional day that i will never forget said scott george one of approximately 140 seniors who traveled to washington dc on november 14th the trip primarily funded through the commua student snaps a photo nity foundations for at the vietnam wall the alleghenies was to provide students with the opportunity to tour several memorials and monuments and to visit the holocaust memorial museum students toured the world war ii korean war vietnam wall and the lincoln memorials many war veterans who were visiting washington for veterans day weekend talked to the students finally the students visited the holocaust museum a solemn memorial to the millions who were persecuted during one of humanity s greatest atrocities although it is a solemn place this museum brought history to life for me noted victoria hazlett the trip was organized to show appreciation of the students efforts in earning adequate yearly progress ayp on last year s pssa test bringing history to life


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the lady rangers 2011 varsity soccer season was a memorable one filled with many first-time accomplishments under the strong senior leadership of loren opdenhoff megan gould and paige kendrick the girls maintained an unblemished record 17-0 en route to the team s first laurel highlands conference championship their success continued through the district 6-aa playoffs where the ladies collected key victories against ligonier valley and westmont hilltop before falling to top-seeded juniata 1-0 in the front samantha dively murphy cononie chandrika milavec megan gould tightly contested championship kayla walls loren opdenhoff kimberly boyd middle tiffany ringler larissa game drager jena wilson joan smith jessica penatzer megan ross caitlyn despite this brief setback the gallaher briannah baxter back samantha knepper brooke novotny larissa lady rangers continued to compile roman johanna pisarczyk briana kostan marlee zubek paige kendrick milestones with another team first ashley lucas casey gallaher a piaa state playoff victory over clearfield on november 12 a tough loss against the eventual state champion mars ended the girls sensational season in the state quarterfinals casey gallaher 35 goals/29 assists megan gould 34 goals/12 assists and briana kostan 24 goals/22 assists led a powerful offensive attack throughout the year while goalkeeper megan ross 14 shutouts and a strong core of defensemen kept opponents off the scoreboard returning 9 of 11 varsity starters and many key contributors from an undefeated junior varsity squad the girls hope to continue forest hills tradition of excellence in 2012 the varsity girls volleyball team had a strong rebuilding year under first year coaches head coach abby gearhart assistant coach amanda stefanik and volunteer coach jodi boyd seniors captain victoria hazlett and co-captain julie marks were voted by teammates and coaches as mvp and gold star winner respectively victoria was also selected for the cambria county all-star team and julie was selected lhac mvp junior cocaptain brenna wright led the team with 101 kills and a hitting percentage of 34 other juniors making an impact on the varsity team were dana bodenschatz and sydney harteis lakin stiffler brianna neff and keri ondrejik all received valuable playing time first row clair kennedy victoria hazlett julie marks second row lauren mcgrath maggie madison dana bodenschatz brenna wright sydney harteis third row coach amanda stefanik brianna neff lakin stiffler keri ondrejik coach abby gearhart sammie smith madison kundrod sami hook coach jodi boyd varsity girls soccer earns laurel highlands conference championship r anger s ports girls volleyball stats 11


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the girls finished the season with a record of 8 wins and 4 losses they placed 2nd at the laurel highlands conference meet beating 3 teams that they had lost to earlier in the season the girls finished 3rd at the district 6 meet and qualified for piaa state meet in hershey where they placed 20th members who ran in hershey were kacie erb chelsea chizmar kelly beyer calli smith cari kestermont and haleigh mccall sophomores kacie erb and chelsea chizmar and senior kelly beyer led the team kacie erb was the teams #1 runrow dakota dumm kelsey molnar kelly beyer haleigh mccall ryan mcner her best performance was at the queen row 2 coach dan krestar calli smith becca michuk chelsea chizmar district meet where she finished 3rd tiffany glass teresa yuhas cari kestermont kacie erb coach row 3 coach kacie was the team s top finisher at the dave molnar ebin blaisdell adam warren derek dumm alex leer devin state meet where she placed 65th dumm tim kestermont conor dimond jake keiper coach tom hunter chelsea chizmar was the team s #2 runabsent alexis novotny alexis swanson ner her best performance was a 4th place finish at the conference meet both girls were named to the west central all area cross country 1st team kelly beyer was the team s #3 runner she placed 20th at the district meet and was named to the west central all area 2nd team the boys cross country team had their best season since 2005 they finished with 10 wins and 4 losses they were the only team to defeat the conference champions richland and lost to the district champion bishop mccort by only 2 points they placed 6th at the district vi meet juniors conor dimond derek dumm and tim kestermont led the team conor dimond was the teams #1 runner his best performance was at the district meet where he placed 3rd and qualified for the state meet he finished 164th at the state meet conor was named to the central western all area 1st team tim kestermont was the team s #2 runner his best performance was a 20th place finish at the big valley invitational derek dumm was the teams #3 runner his best race was a 19th place finish at the conference meet the girls team will return 4 of their top 7 runners next season and the boys will return its top 5 runners expectations will be high for an exciting 2012 season the forest hills varsity boys soccer team finished the 2011 season with a regular season record of 12-5 co-captains scott george and julian gallina the team s leading scorers were named to the laurel highlands athletic conference team and played in the first ever tribune-democrat santa fund all-star game where julian scored the north s lone goal scott was the first forest hills player named the district vi representative to the pennsylvania soccer coaches association allstate team the defense was anchored by seniors with goalkeeper nick penatzer corner defenders todd momberger and andrew lallemand dominating opponents returning in multiple roles seniors nick deitle and avery pakstis alternated between providing ball control in the forward and midfield ranks while seniors ryan mcqueen and dakota dumm moved from center midfield to defense and back again as the unsung heroes of the season junior sebastian pehlke an exchange student from germany displayed dazzling footwork in the successful cross country seasons boys soccer finishes 12 5 midfield as well the team is well-stocked for next year with several players already experienced members of the varsity led by jeff leach ben buchkovich jesse erb patrick gaydos todd harteis tyler mangus rylan nadonley and jesse wehner with the addition of jon cepek jon hersh and garrett horner in the sophomore class and andy buchkovich bolstering junior class veterans jared bunn and trevor sculthorpe we expect freshmen jacob lowstetter anthony maticic tanner mccall nathan penrod and thomas smith to continue this year s record of success into 2012 and beyond 12


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the forest hills rangers football team completed the 2011 season with a 14-12 loss to penn cambria in the opening round of the district vi piaa playoffs despite the season ending loss the rangers enjoyed a successful 8-3 season as co-champions of the laurel highlands athletic conference the rangers were led by a group of seniors who compiled a 34-6 record over their careers seniors were d.j burkey bobby clifford logan fyock justin gdula scott george mike long nathan lucas chad mccusker josh minor cody moss john ohler jon sanders jordan shostek anthony unger and spencer zock offensively the team was led by the passing exploits of justin gdula who passed for 1,663 yards and 19 touchdowns the receiving corps was led by junior jared shope with 46 receptions for 929 yards and 9 td receptions d.j burkey had 25 receptions for 474 yards and 5 td receptions the running game was led by junior shawn dell who rushed for 688 yards and 10 touchdowns anthony unger rushed for 463 yards and one touchdown they were complemented by sophomore jared rangers co-champions of laurel highlands krug and freshman joe donoughe who rushed for 138 yards and 101 yards respectively on the defensive side junior shawn dell led the team with 58 tackles he was closely followed by senior lineman john ohler with 47 tackles and zack pinkas with 42 jordan shostek and jared shope each had 36 tackles d.j burkey 29 and anthony unger 28 rounded out the top tacklers sack leader was jordan shostek with a team leading 8 sacks anthony unger was close behind with 6 sacks tyler shima led the team in interceptions with 3 and fumble recoveries with 3 scott george was successful in 34 of 38 extrapoints and was 3 of 5 in field goals for a total of 43 points the punting duties were held by jared shope and joe donoughe d.j burkey led the team with a kick return average of 26.9 yards and a touchdown jared shope led the team in punt returns with 10.2 yards per return although bowing out of the playoffs early the returning rangers are looking forward to next year when a new chapter of ranger football will be written girls tennis rebuilds sadd continued from page 9 front rachel blanchetti maggie long alicia wolfhope emily goldyn cheyenne helsel back asst coach clair long kara hritz emily shirt ,jodie sabol kayla makin coach john waksmunski and other adults that it is illegal to supply alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 chain-of-life tree chelsea chizmar priscilla gaunt and melanie gaunt volunteered time to decorate sadd s christmas tree with the theme of `the chain of life the garland used on the tree was over 520 links long and contained the names of every student in grades ten through twelve a poster hanging beside the tree pleaded with students to not let a decision break the chain of life 13


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the girls cross country team had its best season ever they finished with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss and won the runner-up trophy at the laurel highlands invitational 8th grader kaitlyn kline and 7th grader tricia varner led the team tricia s best performance was at the uniontown invitational where she placed 3rd kaitlyn s best performance was at the forest hills invitational where she placed 6th the top boys were 8th grader gage mccall and 7th grader kyle molnar gage finishes 7th at the laurel highlands meet for his best performance and kyle s top performance row 1 gage mccall ali maurer tricia was also at the varner kyle molnar row 2 coach dan laurel highlands krestar kaitlyn kline coach dave meet where he molnar kylie debias coach tom hunter placed 8th absent courtney cecere josie smith cross country sports at the middle school 8th grade team members 1st row tony hribar dalton faith ty rickabaugh erik kudlawiec and christian stepien 2nd row coach johnson robby bambino luke helsel zachary long blake ivock and coach bambino 3rd row tanner gavlak hunter stiffler brandon culbert steven dusack and james nevins football 9th grade team members 1st row-josh facciani tristan louchart josh gould jacob colbert paul lauffer,and coach carpenter 2nd row jacob miller andy pinkas jarrett bowen hunter wright dominic eppley and ian shugars 3rd row coach brezovec evan sherle dallas mcclintock steven kish devon michaels and coach sakmar 4th row jordan schrock adam peschock ian wieczorek logan madison garett varner and aidan shugars the boys soccer team was comprised of eleven 7th 8th graders members of the team worked hard and competed to the best of their abilities throughout the entire season leading scores included ryan bedont jonas wissinger ian slifko and alex hook key defensive players included wyatt martin bromley trevor smith and carl smith tim ondriezek austin brenna and jonathan lacko did their best to control the middle of the field goalie dominic panick worked hard trying to keep opponents from scoring 14 7th grade team members 1st row-coach ashbrook barry miller dakota miller ryan boyle devin claycomb dylan partsch conner hudson and coach carpenter 2nd row nathan wingard devon kakabar,garrett kundrod tristan corrente jared wehner brady rosmus and noah rummel 3rd row nathan kundrod garrett donoughe nathan yoder devin martin slade miller and hayden block 4th row james kleinman austin miller matt norton tyler kish nathan valko corey katrancha and griffin jennings boys soccer the 2011 junior high girls soccer team completed their most successful season in team history with a record of 6-3-2 the team showed a tremendous amount of skill dedication and perseverance the strong defense was lead by ashley rok and gabby vogel leading scorers for the season were samantha martin-bromley and alyssa peretin girls soccer


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the golf team raised their record to three victories for the 2011 season the team had several returning players with experience which helped the team play with a determined focus at each match the returning players were seniors jared adams nathan facciani seth fry chris mccall and dan johnson juniors luke keiper loren krupa ben ressler jack scott jacob smith and ryan wilson and sophomore garrett mccall the 2011 team was supported by some very promising and talented new members including freshmen abbey richards derek makin and kevin wilson and sophomores mike mcgrath and nicole richards the 2011 most valuable player award went to nathan facciani for his consistent performance in all his matches is helping your child with homework difficult check out study island an internet resource available for every fh student in grades 3-12 study island provides mini-lessons on math and language arts concepts examples and practice math problems help students understand classwork and provide needed practice to become proficient reading practice on study island helps students become better readers the lessons and practice are gradelevel specific and can be accessed any time over the internet students can access study island at usernames and passwords are required students already use study island regularly at school and should know their username/password contact director of education mrs sral at 814-4877613 x3249 if you have any questions golf on the upswing homework help available the marching rangers held their first annual alumni band night during homecoming featuring alumni on the field side-by-side with the current members if you are an alumnus of the marching band come out and join the band for next year s homecoming the marching rangers were also proud to showcase their new uniforms for the entire season along with the new drumline if you haven t seen the marching rangers yet it is still not too late the band participates in many local parades as well as the indiana high school bandfest and at the richland high school bandfest this year s marching rangers have 58 members in 8th through 12th grade the halftime show was a classical collage featuring ride of the valkryies beethoven s 5th symphony carmina burana morning music and beethoven s 9th symphony you may not have known the titles but you surely recognized the melodies marching rangers good better best never let it rest until your good is better and your better is best at the annual reorganization meeting of the forest hills school board on december 7 2011 the current president mr fred russell was reappointed to the position for 2012 also reappointed were board 1st vice-president mrs tracy helsel and 2nd vice-president mrs deborah petrunak other board officers are secretary mr john bopp treasurer mr robert mactavish and assistant secretary/treasurer mr rick daniels combination committee meetings will be held on the second wednesday of each month in the district office board room at 6:00 pm prevailing time except when national holidays fall on the scheduled date the regular monthly board meeting will be held immediately upon conclusion of the combination committee meeting the board retained atty gilbert caroff as district solicitor for his 52nd year and mrs tracy helsel was reappointed as seated mrs deborah petrunak mr gilbert caroff mrs psba liaison tracy helsel standing dr tim ondrejik mr jared mr russell mr bopp mr mactavish mr daniels and mr cronauer mr robert mactavish mr john bopp mr george were appointed to the greater johnstown career and galen george mr rick daniels and mr fred russell technology center joint operating committee 15 school board reorganizes for 2012 ~tim duncan~



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