Ten Reason to Hug Your School Librarian


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incorporate into your lessons we will also help you identify areas where you and your colleagues can make curricular connections 2 want to improve your students thinking skills the information literacy skills we go on and on about are really skills that support the transferable skills of critical thinking analysis reading writing and effective communication teacher-librarians instruct and support students as they define problems frame good questions search for and evaluate information for quality authority and relevance we teach about effectively and ethically synthesizing information from a variety of sources to create original knowledge products and we teach about communicating information effectively we will even help you design assessments that value these critical skills 3 not sure that your students get a full picture of the best resources available then work with your librarian to create pathfinders which incorporate research guidance of all sorts search strategies relevant call numbers and help selecting the best web sites portals quality databases and more check out these models for creating pathfinders http mciu.org spjvweb/pathfindermodels.html 6 concerned about achievement current research shows that school libraries are key to learning in the largest study of its kind rutgers university professors ross todd and carol kuhlthau revealed that 99.4 of students indicated that the school library and its services including roles of school librarians have helped them with their learning data revealed that libraries are dynamic agents of learning and demonstrated the school library s role as an agent for individualized learning knowledge construction and academic achievement see the findings of the ohio research study http www.oelma.org/slfindings.html 7 want to improve your practice teacher-librarians study various pedagogical strategies and techniques for delivery or instruction we work with many teachers observe countless strategies read educational journals and follow trends supported by research and observation we intimately know how to integrate inquiry-based project-based and problembased instruction we can help you differentiate projects to meet the needs of all the learners in your class while understanding your own teaching style 8 concerned about cut-and-paste plagiarism and ethical use of information your librarian will help you teach age-appropriate documentation skills develop style sheets and work with the faculty to develop policies promoting full-school academic integrity 9 want help integrating educational technology into your program to engage students and meet curricular and technology standards librarians can help you select software databases and online resources to meet your curricular needs we design information systems and create web sites that lead students to the best resources online we are expert in the presentation and productivity software that facilitates communication competencies see the literacy standards at ala s information power http www.ala.org/ala/aasl aaslproftools/informationpower/informationpower.htm which resonate clearly with iste s nets http cnets.iste.org/students 4 lonely double-team your students get out of your classroom and collaborate use the library or its technology labs as your classroom your librarian will teach with you while you present the content you know so well your teaching partner will help you deliver such transferable skills as information seeking evaluation analysis synthesis and communication 5 taking a graduate course librarians can help you get the materials you need we can lead you to specific online educational journal databases and professional portals we can order materials from other libraries and show you how to order eric documents online check out on-demand documents http searcheric.org 10 tired of leading alone administrators technology directors and department chairs can rely on teacher-librarians as leaders in the areas of information literacy technology reading and instruction to research and help present materials and strategies to faculty we are happy to develop technology integration inservices to demonstrate new research strategies and resources and to teach faculty how to create environments promoting academic integrity we will gladly share what research tells us about best practice in instruction principals may want to download assessment materials at http www.ala.org/ala/aasl/aaslpubsandjournals aaslbooksandprod/aaslbooksproducts.htm#principals librarians get their kicks from making you look good not only do they help learners learn they help teachers teach we are waiting with open arms so stop on by 6 may 2004 www.classroom.com 800 638-1639 © classroom connect



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