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free there s life in the inner west 183 16th march 2012 every fortnight we find the best hot cross buns in town the last word on kony diesel live in lilyfield is taking over the hardt annandale distributed in leich newtown petersham stanmore berfield rozelle balmain ha mba drummoyne waree ord five dock conc win movie tix a dangerous method le havre theatre tix nuns concert tix the london klezmer quartet slacktivism s terrible triumph inner west switching off inner westies embrace earth hour win family passes to the royal easter show climate change activist alice simpson-young photo by ben cregan carmen s on the park tigers five dock the perfect place for cocktail parties dinner parties weddings great food great service in a relaxed comfortable setting contact carmen direct on 8789 6333 tigers five dock 20b barnstaple road five dock nsw 2046 p 02 8789 6300 f 02 8789 3614 e


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inner west whispers pssst pass on a whisper you ve heard to we are c!ao latte leftie finally latte leftie meets his match and is rendered speechless dear ll ­ i ve never given a rat s about politics and stuff but i hate warlords who kidnap kids and make them shoot their parents and be sex slaves in their army so when i realised i had the power to change the world just by forwarding on the kony video i felt really happy and cos i wanted to do everything i could i even bought an `action kit which had cool stickers and bracelets in it my friend kristal told me that there used to be this really random std called aids but then all these celebrities started wearing ribbons to the oscars about it and then aids was like completely cured so i know that if enough people buy this cute kony bracelet he won t be able to go and kidnap nelson mandela s grandkids and make them mine blood diamonds anyhoo arabella who s a real stuck-up bitch who thinks she s so good because she got the marks to get into an arts degree at uni loser was like the whole leane senzamici newtown the nsw business chamber has given barry only 7.5/10 what s their beef l the business lobby group are pleased with his efforts but feel a little let down that one of their key objectives keeps getting sidelined ­ the call for local government reform and amalgamation of the 41 sydney councils into 10 larger and better resourced councils while minister for local government don page has said that the government s policy was no forced amalgamations of councils no one can deny that there are rumours flying around of improving efficiencies ­ particularly across joint projects such as parramatta rd the greenway and high street business development it s difficult for marrickville council to even speak to leichhardt council about parramatta rd let alone talk about funding as a result no one takes responsibility and the neglect is disappointing while many will put their heads in the sand and pretend it s not going to happen the smarter councils will be looking to amalgamate so as to get a bigger slice of the pie l although the premier has promised to return powers and local decision-making to communities he doesn t want them to get too powerful super-councils with charismatic leaders are an outcome barry should avoid having 41 not so powerful not so efficient councils actually makes the state government look good l which council staff members have secretly been meeting with state ministers to ensure their projects don t get shelved l which liberal councillors have been hauled into head office to make sure they step up their local election campaign l in other news sick of waiting for yasmar local and state government to get their act together ­ makes its move to meadowbank as early as next term food melissa leong columnist jared ingersoll c!ao history if enough people buy this cute kony bracelet he won t be able to go and kidnap nelson mandela s grandkids and make them mine blood diamonds kony thing is bogus how come you never cared until last tuesday when it s been going on for 25 years i was like der arabella facebook wasn t even around for most of the past 25 years so how was i meant to know about anything or change it then i rubbed her nose in it by pointing out most people in africa aren t even on facebook because like they don t have electricity connected to their grass hut and so it s up to young people in countries like australia to fix all their problems for them i reckon the us should send their army to the jungle in africa and hunt down this evil kony childsnatcher ­ after all what could go wrong tiphani newtown ll replies i give up n email with your dilemma winsor dobbin wine this photo which appears in concord a centenary history was taken circa 1905 and shows genteel ladies wearing wide-brimmed hats and supervising their children while enjoying themselves at a party in the yard of yarralla house concord yarralla house is one part of the historic walker family estate and one of the largest 19th century estates remaining in metropolitan sydney it features the work of both edmund blacket and john sulman ­ two renowned architects of the time the estate is also of significance because it incorporates an entire 1790s land grant within its boundaries ­ a very rare find n nm jo beaver design russell edwards art director editor nancy merlo publishing sonia komaravalli contributors russell edwards ben cregan nigel bowen fred cruzo jared ingersoll shanel salih and rachel borthwick how to use an old tv in newtown things we love no it s not the matching couch though credit due it s the creative reuse of the box the owners say they ve ditched tv viewing altogether we re not exactly sure what they now get up to in their spare time but early morning sightings of a slightly messier table suggests they are rediscovering the good old art of conversation ciao c!ao s voice what s in out in out · garlic bread · breakfast at the new ps café dulwich hill · kimchi pancakes from newtown · the award-winning gelato sweets at trovatino café wareemba · drinking guinness kissing leprechauns on st patrick s day at the welcome · introducing yourself to your neighbour on neighbour day march 24 · garlic breath · black socks with white shoes · parramatta road in peak hour · joseph kony suddenly the most hated man on earth · $2 shops not selling anything for $2 · riding your bike without a helmet · inconsiderate neighbours mowing the lawn at 7am on a sunday ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 0405 032 032 ­ leane 0405 509 805 ­ sonia ciao is locally owned and produced please recycle printed by spot press marrickville subscribe tired of missing out on your copy of ciao why not subscribe it costss $75 per year to have ciao home delivered to your doorstep email with your address cover alice simpson-young is the co-ordinator of the inner west sydney youth climate action network check out this issue s feature to find out how she ll be celebrating earth hour on march 31 photo by ben cregan c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west 2


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the big switch off giving up on facebook and all the stuff we love `tis the season the deny yourself so we spoke to some inner westies about what their giving up and what they hope to achieve by doing so if we were to strip ourselves of all defining factors ­ age sex socioeconomic status religion ­ we would be left with a disarmingly simple dichotomy underneath it all we humans are a rather uncomplicated bunch we either facebook or we don t let s leave discussions about the latter group for another time perhaps the previous century where these slowcoaches would be found dragging their feet meanwhile we social-networking junkies can be even further differentiated anecdotal evidence suggests that facebook users can be compartmentalised into the following subcategories l the addict eternally logged-in banal status updates life documented in profile pictures l the nervous/compulsive user checks their feed several times per hour for fear of missing out on x s progress report on the impending birth of their pet dog s babies l the silent user aka `the conscientious objector stalks facebook for juicy gossip/updates yet rarely proffers their own l and finally the type of user that brings me much chagrin the temporary deactivator this is the facebooker who fits into one of the aforementioned categories yet occasionally feels it necessary to log out and leave the dark world of social networking for a short time but not before squeezing in one last status update informing their friends of their planned exile exasperating as they are these temporary deactivators are spearheading the growing campaign for deprivation `giving up appears to be the trend de jour christians will contend that they ve been doing it for eons and rightly so followers of christ abstain from a chosen pleasure throughout the 40 days of lent in recognition that jesus fasted for 40 days and nights in the desert centuries later the idea of going without something we enjoy has transcended religion and culture ian walsh is a stanmore resident who is attempting febfast an initiative that encourages participants to abstain from alcohol for a month to raise funds for charity the money raised goes towards helping australian youth take control of their lives by overcoming alcohol and other drug problems pointing out that february is the shortest month and therefore the most suitable for a month-long experiment with teetotalism walsh is quick to add that his decision to stay sober was the result of a number of factors it was about seeing if i could do it as much as it was about getting fit ­ i m carrying extra weight as a result of indulgence over the festive period i m also saving money although that wasn t the original objective throughout febfast participants were no doubt licking their lips in anticipation of parched march a charity event which aims to shine the spotlight on sydney s bar culture as they counted down the days until the liquid amber and sugary sweet cocktails could meet their lips once again many were no doubt asking themselves `why am i denying myself so why are we programmed and often encouraged to give up on what we love enjoy and depend upon as children we are taught to never give up that satisfaction comes from hard work and determination in succeeding in what we put our minds to disconcertingly adults are conditioned to believe that the same outcomes are to be expected if we do the polar opposite that is not doing what we enjoy will ultimately 4 expecting the lifestyle overhaul to be a challenge sasha took to social media to document her progress it keeps me honest i find that if more people know i have quit sugar the more answerable i am to my choices if a slice of cake is offered during an office birthday i know i am being watched i can flex that `no muscle even more gerry on the other hand is less public he maintains that he has quit sugar for his own satisfaction and his progress is a personal matter advertising my change in lifestyle gives people a license to try to ruin it for me they ll be expecting me to slip up at any opportunity five weeks in to their iqs mission and the pair are still going strong although sasha admits that she devoured a sneaky bag of chocolate bullets one friday night interestingly i didn t feel the rush i expected it was tasty sure but i didn t feel the need to go back for more perhaps we give up as a nod to our rebellious youth doing the exact opposite of what others expect of us maybe it is simply to pursue other vices or it could simply be a way of trying to regain control of our appetites ­ and lives ­ in some small way whatever the motivation don t give up on giving up n words rachel borthwick photo ben cregan give up for good what are you doing for earth hour alice simpson-young left inner west co-coordinator of sydney youth climate action network we are having a candlelit party at my house with all my friends filled with acoustic music card games yummy food and a lot of chit chat hopefully people around the world do the same and support this massive environmental event fiona mccleary right climate action newtown i see it as an opportunity to take some time out for myself i will be at home with the candles lit the television and laptop off reading a good book i appreciate how quiet earth hour is bring us the hapiness we so desire journalist susan maushart imposed a digital detox on her young family for six months in 2009 the winter of our disconnect is the honest account of what happens when a technologically dependent family of three quite literally `pulls the plug on a major part of their lives maushart sums up her experience and the pressing question of `but why in one simple yet enlightening statement in the end paradoxically it taught me that the only way forward was to go back again maushart switched her devices back on after the experiment as many of us would agree for such sacrifices to be permanent would be unrealistic and unsustainable for a writer and her three teenagers it did however teach them a treasured lesson to switch off and talk more gerry mangle and his wife sasha are another young couple that has given up sugar that is inspired by the success and media attention of david gillespie s the sweet poison quit plan the annandale couple is determined to eventually eliminate the sugar from their diets gillespie gave up sugar after scouring medical journals for reasons to explain his and his peers weight gain media personality sarah wilson is also a staunch supporter of the `i quit sugar iqs movement and has published her own e-book giving devotees a strong platform from which to launch their new lifestyle of withdrawal sasha started the i quit sugar program for health reasons she looked at her diet and realised that `sweet was the overriding taste she was addicted to it says gerry the couple then decided to quit sugar together leaning on each other for moral support and motivation you have the power on march 31st at precisely 8.30pm australia will turn out its lights for just one hour once a year individuals have a voice collectively they are campaigning for an end to climate change in 2007 the inaugural earth hour was staged in sydney it was proof that everyone from children to politicians has the power to change the world they live in fast forward five years and the event has garnered worldwide support the world wildlife fund is expecting five million supporters in more than 100 countries this year to turn off the lights to protest the degradation of our natural environment fiona mccleary of climate action newtown and alice simpson-young of the sydney youth climate action network pictured above left are just two of the supporters who will be using earth hour as a chance to enjoy doing things they normally wouldn t like playing games and music by candle light while switching off for an hour may seem little more than a token gesture the idea is to motivate individuals and businesses towards embracing behavioural change 2012 sees the dawn of a new era the `beyond the hour supporters whose goal is to lead the push towards lasting change for a common cause starting small can be the first step towards giving up our over-dependency on electricity n get involved in earth hour by visiting http to find or register your own event.


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make an appointment and bring in this ad you ll receive 20 off your next colour service monday thursday only


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community life nice buns hun as easter approaches i hit the road in search of the perfect hot cross bun before i set off though i seek some professional advice from the land cookery chairperson of the country women s association nsw pauline hunt who says eater buns should be slightly dark with a shiny glaze soft and light with plump pieces of fruit evenly distributed throughout and an even balance of spice and fruit sounds simple enough but can it be done r oad test rant what s all this fuss about tattoos really about the recent move to ban visible tattoos from the nsw police force and the subsequent action by various pubs and restaurants to introduce policies against tattooed patrons is so obsolete and ridiculous i can t believe it s even been considered state opposition leader john robertson made a fantastic point when he criticised the police proposal saying tattoos are a complete side-issue when our streets are under siege from drive-by shootings i don t think the public gives two hoots whether a police officer wears a tattoo ­ only that the streets are kept safe thank god someone said it no one gives two hoots of course no one but the usual handful of naysayers that enjoy complaining about `the youth of today because they ve got nothing better do there are more important issues the police force should be worrying about while it s reasonable that employers want their employees to look respectable in the scheme of things tattooed officers is a low priority issue furthermore is assistant police commissioner michael corboy so out of touch with today s society that he hasn t noticed every second person has a tattoo an employee from town hall pub balmain told ciao that they do not have any policy against tattoos and couldn t foresee that one would be developed because too much of their clientele would be banned and it would be very hard to force people to cover up ­ particularly during an aussie summer available i scoffed mine down in 30 seconds and want another now price $2.60 or $12.50 for six rating 5/5 crispy inn bakery newtown this bakery certainly lives up to its name the bun from here was definitely the crispiest ­ a little too crisp actually with little spice flavour a little less fruit than most and a burnt dark brown on top price $1.30 rating 1/5 bakery on booth annandale i wasn t off to a great start when i stopped off at this bakery which has been around for a while ­ and makes great tarts and sweets ­ yet still hasn t mastered the art of making hot cross buns these yellowish-brown buns tasted ok but were a little tough to chew price $1 rating 2/5 newtown bakery newtown with really no spice taste at all and no cross on top i m not exactly sure whether this bakery s buns count as real hot cross buns ­ they re more like bread rolls filled with sultanas ­ but at least they re light and soft they are also one of the cheapest price $1 or $11 for a dozen rating 2/5 le chocorêve stanmore the buns from this café are flatter and denser than usual but quite nice and a perfect gold brown filled with lots of candied citrus fruit flavour and little nut pieces as well as sultanas they are also beautifully spiced and super sticky on top price $1.60 $9.50 for six or $18 for a dozen rating 3.5/5 the bakerman erskineville this little hot spot in erskineville only makes hot cross buns on weekends go on you know you want to but they do so all year round so you can enjoy an easter treat whenever buns that smelt of cinnamon and nutmeg you desire all pastries here are made in-house and price $1.30 rating 4.5/5 ­ damn near perfect although i couldn t get them to give away the secret to their buns maybe if i eat enough of them i ll be locantro fine fods leichhardt a little more expensive but worth every cent ­ once able to figure out the secret ingredient good plan you take a bite you ll realise why more fruity than i thought so now if only i could get my hands on one ­ i visited the cafe on two different days only to spicy they look like a traditional bun but surprise find they d already sold out i guess that says it all you with bits of sweet dried cranberry inside as get in early n nm well as the standard sultanas limited numbers bakers delight rozelle leichhardt burwood the good thing about this franchise is that they cater to many tastes between the three locations you can find fruitless traditional mocha and chocolate-flavoured buns and they tell you the kilojoule count too ­ is chocolate really worth that extra 90kj all locations had fresh light and fluffy tattoos are no longer a reflection of criminal behaviour they have become so mainstream tattoos are no longer a reflection of criminal behaviour they have become so mainstream that if we start excluding those who have made the choice to get inked ­ which is not an illegal act last time i checked ­ we would be rejecting a huge number of people the licensee at balmain s monkey bar sean wagstaff also said he would not be making any bans against tattoos and has a full sleeve tattoo himself he points out that he doesn t have a criminal history and it has nothing to do with his behaviour when inside a bar or pub we worry more about dress code having a tattoo is trendy these days and you ll find even kids that have studied at harvard might have a tattoo he said there are just too many variables to consider when banning tattoos ­ who will judge which tattoos are acceptable and which are not what about those who made a regrettable decision to get a tattoo before they ever considered entering the force and can t afford to have it removed will we be missing out on officers with fantastic potential because they have a tattoo i should point out that i have no tattoos just a realist s perspective on the world we live in perhaps in an ideal world no one would feel the need to express themselves through permanent body art but that s not reality people have been using tattoos as an expression of beliefs and creativity since ancient times and it s about time the nsw police force caught on n nm free blues fest beat the blues and enjoy some tunes at leichhardt council s free blues music festival the action kicks off at 5pm at lilyfield s war memorial park on sunday march 25th aussie music icon diesel a fixture on the australian music scene for 25 years is playing at 7pm­ along with boogie pianist jan preston 6pm and talented guitarist steve flack 5pm the evening promises three hours of spectacular music to groove along to singer-guitarist mark lizotte aka diesel sold in excess of 800,000 records and become a household name known simply as `diesel having released a brand new album titled `under the influence the album is dedicated to his musical heroes presenting some familiar songs in ways you ve never heard before ­ it s diesel in as good a form as you ve ever heard him get along with you picnic and rug and don t miss steve flack blues band comprising of steve flack mike smith the atlantics colin burgess masters apprentices mick o shea rose tattoo and mal green split enz the festival is part of the family-friendly `sunset series ­ a series of free events catering to a range of musical tastes n where cnr moore and catherine st lilyfield sunday march 25 what s on compiled by nancy merlo email tuesday 20th march thurs 22nd march ­ sun 15th april diesel info@ciaomagazi attn nancy free community events listings are 10 plus booking fee for tickets call 1300 get tix or visit n to win tickets email and tell us where you find ciao saturday 24th march close the gap discover the important health connections between genetics food body ecology and posture on close the gap day when the crucial links between genetics food and posture and how imbalances in these three areas affect longevity will be discussed you can find out how genetics affects the way we process different food groups learn how to better balance your inner body ecology for increased longevity and understand how our eating habits impacts on our posture n 7:30-8:30pm urban nature 216 enmore road enmore for more info 6 nuns gone wild there s everything from blackmail to disobedience bongs smoking sex tapes and hardcore liquor to keep you entertained in the outrageous play nuns by robert luxford playing at the imperial hotel 35 erskineville rd erskineville this is a hilarious comedy about three nuns who decide to rebel against their mother superior and attempt to establish smoking rights these are definitely not your average nuns they even have a juicy secret that will bring their mother to her knees ­ i wonder what it could be running thursdays 8pm saturday at 6pm and sunday 8pm tickets are $15 bad girls with bongs st mark s easter fete st mark s primary school is holding its annual easter fete giving the community the opportunity have fun while raising money for the school open from 9am to 3pm there will be rides entertainment chocolate wheels and yummy food to enjoy the kids will be entertained with games body art face painting easter craft and plaster painting there will also be a variety of stalls selling toys vintage clothing cakes and books plus a raffle draw ­ 1st prize is sponsored by oroginale jewellers at birkenhead point come along and help raise funds for new computer equipment and facilities for special needs students entry is free for more info st mark s artists-in-the-making visit n st mark s primary school 31 tranmere street drummoyne sunday 25th march tangled in the park summer is not over yet so for those of you who enjoy outdoor movies here s another free screening of the hilarious and touching


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n local gigs saturday 17th march n local movies aqua it s nineties time i am so terribly excited about this but i m kind of wondering how long their set list will be ­ as far as i can remember they only had two hits doctor jones and barbie girl but yes i did own their entire album mock me i dare you enmore theatre nsw $55 +bf tuesday 22nd march free c d u le tiwinkoebts movies passes the cranberries another nineties classic that i am genuinely sad i will miss the limerick band were responsible for favouring my high school years with hits such as `zombie and `linger and i actually think that with gig prices these days $98 is fairly reasonable so buy me a ticket too while you re at it thanks enmore theatre $98 +bf turn back the pineapples errr boats le havre sailing into troubled waters a dangerous method put two of our hottest stars michael fassbender and keira knightley together with the king of body horror david cronenberg and naturally you get cinema that sizzles now add unspeakable desires like father-fixation and masturbatory lust well they were unmentionable in carl jung s times now we talk about little else it s a slow burn sort of heat though all the more satisfying for the disciplined restraint mr cronenberg shows viggo mortensen is super cool as freud the father figure of psychoanalysis who disapproves of his disciple jung s unorthodox methods ­ namely hanky-panky with his beautiful patient sabina she inadvertently becomes the centre of the two men s intellectual debate and leads to jung s embrace of a more carnally liberated view of psychotherapy there s a delicious cameo from vincent cassel as a randy loon all the actors are fabulous especially knightley during her early unhinged scenes that s before the good doctor errr how shall i put this delicately releases those unnatural urges ma15 at palace norton st from march 29 n thanks to paramount and transmission films we have 10 double passes to giveaway details below the best of the rest the rum diary bruce robinson hasn t made much since his cult 1987 hit withnail i and at first glance this early hunter s thompson novel seems a perfect fit and it is great fun but like the boozy hunter character kemp johnny depp it s also a bit deranged thompson was a famed gonzo writer ­ a gun-toting drug addicted genuine american hero and this is the story of how on a failing newspaper in puerto rico the young writer found his `voice luckily in `60s he couldn t blog otherwise we would never have heard of him m15 on now irish legends the cranberries friday 30th march the herd thundamentals it s about time we had some good elefant traks hiphop shows hopefully the herd are still up to their old tricks and producing good music even if they aren t always sticking by their ethical codes anyway get along to this ­ i only wish it was at the forum my hands down favourite venue for hiphop and most other genres manning bar sydney university camperdown $31.15 +bf n claire albrecht in aki kaurismäki s wry deadpan comedy the inhabitants of a rough port neighbourhood in the french city of le havre all rally round to protect a young african refugee blondin miguel and keep him out of the clutches of the authorities ­ represented by a glum-faced inspector jean-pierre darroussin but is this for real the hyper bright colours over stylised art-direction and saltof-the-earth characters all poor-but-noble with hearts of gold even that hardarse cop signify very clearly no we are in that working-class paradise romanticised by so many for over a century marcel andre wilms the downbeat weathered protagonist who first befriends the boy is a bohemian poet and shoe shiner his surname is marx ah ha and he has a faithful dog laïka named after the first russian canine cosmonaut slowly we get it this is the world as it is not yet for 90 ironic funny gorgeous minutes we re in a much better place one where people behave with charity and kindness towards refugees and those in need the miracle is ­ we believe it this is a funny and fabulously optimistic film i loved it pg at palace norton st from march 29 n thanks to sharmill films we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below n reviews re n french film festival hit journos as lunatic lowlifes win tix the best in show it s the show everyone waits for the biggest carnival in the southern hemisphere the show that shows off the best in show ­ the sydney royal easter show running from april 5th to 18th the easter show will bring all the usual fun games food rides and amazing agriculutral displays to sydney olympic park along with some new exciting surprises don t miss the world class `circus circus performance in the amphitheatre or the sinbad high dive show in the park the free australian-themed `showtime spectacular in the cba arena featuring the sydney royal rodeo series the showtime freestyle motox stunt motorbike riders and a pyromusical fireworks display is also set to wow the crowd there will be 300 showbags on offer 160 food outlets and thousands of animals to get up close to so get your tickets from now buy earlybird tickets before march 20th and save up to 15 per cent n to win a family showlink ticket to the easter show email and tell us where you got your copy of ciao and what you love or don t like be honest about us challenges and can increase confidence which flows on to a positive impact with family and friends n info and bookings visit www or call 9799 4844 sunday 1st april goodbye first love last year s father of my children was just about ciao s favourite film of 2011 now s the time to catch a early peek at mia hansen-løve s second acclaimed feature ­ it s screening this sunday at 6pm and on tuesday 6.45pm at palace norton st even better news is that a cinema release is just around the corner so check ciao next issue pouty teens long languid silences moody tantrums ­ we love them but everyone who can remember that first big romance and the crushing reality of breakup will just adore this achingly beautiful film ctc grab a showbag or two or ten animated movie tangled at the rhodes waterside park corner of mary street and shoreline drive hosted by the city of canada bay entertainment starts at 6pm while the feature film ­ suitable for all ages ­ kicks off at 8pm donations will be accepted at the event raising funds for communities for communities charities so come along and help a good cause refreshments available n for info call 9475 5252 tuesday 20th 27th march step right up a new program designed to give women the confidence to find their hidden talents will be held at the drummoyne community centre every tuesday in march from 11am to 1pm stepping up follows the successful stepping out program run by the infants home and sponsored by the city of canada bay ladies are welcome to join workshops in life story writing and journaling to practice putting their thoughts and dreams on paper the use of creative activities helps navigate life s kegworth autumn fare the annual fare in support of kegworth public school leichhardt is on from 9am to 3pm april 1st as usual there will be plenty of food art rides and entertainment to keep visitors young and old happy and the famous cwa baking competition will be returning judged by mrs morna wilson former nsw chairperson of the cookery division scones banana cakes and chocolate cakes will be tested with prizes for the winners of each division check out this year s handmade craft too ­ there will be some very cool bags accessories and dolls on offer n where 60 tebbutt st leichhardt the camelot from 7pm april 3 the quartet is a collaboration of four of europe s most talented klezmer musicians ­ ilana cravitz fiddle susi evans clarinet carol isaacs accordion and indra buraczewska double bass prepare for a musical odyssey that crosses countries and continents tickets $25 available at n camelot 19 marrickville rd marrickville to win tix email the kids of kegworth tuesday 3rd april win double movie passes theatre tix to be in the running to win a double pass to a dangerous method le havre nuns and or london klezmer quartet at camelot just email your name and postal address to telling us where you picked up your copy of ciao give us an order preference too only at the movies march 29th trailer ­ © 2012 lago film gmbh talking cure productions limited rpc danger ltd elbe film gmbh all rights reserved the london klezmer quartet direct from the uk the london klezmer quartet evokes an amazing emotional response through their superb musical talents and will keep people dancing laughing and crying throughout their show at community glamour at its best 7


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kitchen with melissa leong taking advantage of plentiful in-season produce like corn avocados and tomatoes makes this south americaninspired salad quick and delicious and it costs just pennies to make while the media would have us believe that within each of us lies an inner master chef waiting to burst forth sometimes when it comes to home cooking simple economical and tasty rules over overwrought recipes and ten thousand ingredients wine with winsor super savvy oakdene 2011 sauvignon blanc a really lovely light and refreshing style of sauvignon blanc made more in a dry riesling style than the out there kiwi style what i like about this geelong wine is its restraint it has only 11.9 alcohol and is crisp and refreshing with some nice fruitdriven characters a wine for enjoying while it is still young and fresh ­ it would be great with oysters and other seafood dishes $21 corn and avocado salsa ingredients 2 ripe but still slightly firm avocadoes 2 ears of corn husk removed 1 cup of grape tomatoes cut in half or vine-ripened tomatoes diced dressing the juice of half a lime a few drops of fiery habanero sauce like el yucateco kutbil-ik from any gourmet food store or tabasco salt and pepper to taste a splash of pedro ximenez sherry vinegar 1 rub each ear of corn with olive oil salt and pepper 2 heat a barbeque or grill plate to high and place the corn on the grill turn regularly until it has a light even char on parts of the corn this will help give the salad a smoky flavour this should take around 5-7 minutes 3 once the corn is cooked allow to slightly cool before slicing the corn from the cob place corn in a bowl 4 halve pit and dice the avocados into small cubes and place in the bowl with the corn squeeze a small amount of lime juice on the avocado to prevent it from going brown 5 add the halved grape tomatoes to the bowl 6 season with salt and pepper sherry vinegar and a few drops of hot sauce stir gently to combine all the flavours 7 serve with anything from a beautiful grass-fed t-bone steak or any of your barbecue favourites n sweet sensation forest hill vineyard 2008 noble riesling a superb sticky from western australia made all the more impressive by the fact that it is the first wine in this style from this boutique producer it is an aromatic rich and intense wine lusciously sweet with citrus ripe fig honey and stone fruit notes but it finishes with crisp and lively acidity pair this with a game terrine at the start of a meal or with a lemon pannacotta at the end $30 delicious fresh ingredients like grilled corn are perfect for salads bargain bin charlie s blend 2010 shiraz by kangarilla road this is the new entry level wine from respected mclaren vale winery kangarilla road ­ and it is a great buy for those on a budget with some sweet juicy fruit characters leading the way it is a simple undemanding wine perfect for enjoying with food and friends soft and approachable it would be terrific with pizzas pastas or an early autumn barbecue $15 n at the markets n in season fruit granny smith apples great for apple pie $2 5 william pears add firm slices to a salad $2 5 autumn plums $2 7 queensland bananas $2 5 plus limes are plentiful at 40-60 cents just arrived dragonfruit and persimmons n in season vegetables herbs $1 2.50 a bunch tasty carrots $1.50 2 brown onions excellent value $1 2 whole pumpkin $1 1.50 just arrived chestnuts $6 12 rain has affected green vegetables so beans zucchini broccoli spinach lettuce and other leafy vegetables will be scarce n tony trim trim s fresh marketplace leichhardt all prices per kilo leichhardt council presents sunset series the series festivalseries the sunset blues sunset the diesel 7pm 8pm jan preston 6pm 6.45 pm steve flack blues band 5pm 5.45pm 2012 sunsetsunday 25 march 2012 series the the w waste ise sunset of sunset war memorial park corner series series catherine and moore st lilyfield 5pmthe 8pm bring a waste free picnic free event e ent s this is a leichhardt council free event 8 for more information visit


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carmen s cozze ripieni this is my mum s cozze ripieni stuffed mussels recipe it s delicious and easy to make ingredients napolitiana sauce homemade is always best plenty of garlic basil parsley and parmesan cheese to taste olive oil as many mussels as you can eat method 1 first up prepare your napolitana tomato sauce throwing in plenty of garlic and basil then turn off and set aside until mussels are ready for cooking 2 make your own breadcrumb mixture using day-old pane di casa italian bread broken up with parsley garlic grated parmesan cheese and a touch of olive oil to moisten 3 shuck your fresh mussels and fill with your breadcrumb mixture then close up the mussels 4 bring the napolitana sauce to simmer again on medium heat drop in the mussels and cook for about 15-20 minutes 5 serve with crispy toasted ciabatta bread and enjoy carmen flexes her mussels in the kitchen phones and food don t mix eating for sheer pleasure i never have the ring tone of my phone on and i don t answer calls from blocked numbers my voicemail message politely says i m sorry i can t take your call right now [not always true i ask that you leave your name and number i check my messages once a day so don t expect a call back until tomorrow it s all so bloody boring this modern world ­ not only can you be contacted anytime but we allow intrusions into parts of our life that do not deserve them so i ve set the stage for a `bloody modern life rant now picture me sitting there in my office my phone flashing away with arrogant urgency i get a text from my wine-industry mate sam want some free wine sure i reply immediately i know there will be a catch but am ready to be roped into something because i m confident i m in safe hands tuesday afternoon i m in the kitchen at danks street depot short staffed tired with the phone ringing and emails rolling in i m grumpy and sam is late i have a big group coming in at 1pm and the wine guys rock up at 12:45pm with 20 bottles to try and a pot filled with rabbit rillettes and a loaf of crusty bread that s just how they roll terrible timing out comes bottle number one what s the deal with the free wine i say thoughtfully swirling a slightly cloudy lively white wine sam says right ok it s about now its about what s in the glass it s about being present loving ­ not liking ­ taking time out and considering letting yourself go being free to enjoy releasing all else from now not your typical wine review but i expect nothing else from this philosophical gourmand so as instructed i took a couple moments out from a stressful day it wasn t a long time but it was 10 minutes during which i didn t worry about anything just sipped on an interesting wine and i fell in love with food and wine all over again i fell in love with the notion of eating and drinking for pleasure eating is a wonderful and intimate action what you put into your body nourishes energises and becomes part of you there s nothing else like it how cool is food i know this sounds like the ramblings of a mad person but today when you eat whatever it is you eat burger sandwich degustation the scrapings off the bottom of a peanut butter jar do it just for you don t worry if it has calories if you paid too much if it s organic just eat and allow yourself time to enjoy and please turn off your phone n jared ingersoll at home with carmen lo surdo carmen lo surdo is the manager and namesake of carmen s on the park the wonderful restaurant inside tigers bowling club in five dock carmen has been running the restaurant since april 2010 but has worked in the hospitality industry her whole life coming from a background in catering carmen says she loves now being able to see her customers enjoy their food which she didn t get to see while working in the catering business where food is simply dropped off at an event here she chats to ciao about her favourite dishes and why she wants to invite gordon ramsay to dinner what s your favourite dish to cook at home for your family the dish i love to cook for my family is one that i grew up with my mother s rigatoni ragu topped with pecorino cheese it s a dish that is simple yet special my family love it what do you love about the restaurant business i love the friendships that i have built with my customers over the years if you could invite anyone over for dinner whom would you invite and why i would invite gordon ramsay and my mum so he could feel the heat in a real sicilian kitchen i m sure nonna would also be watching over us what is the secret to good italian food it s about passion and patience for me it s also about trying to recreate those tastes and smells that i grew up with what ingredients do you always have in your kitchen i always have plenty of homemade tomato sauce homemade white wine vinegar a good olive oil fresh herbs and chilli grown on my own balcony and of course garlic n interview nancy merlo need a cure for your energy bills leichhardt council and kinesis are offering a free carbon surgery to diagnose your energy problems and prescribe a cure book in for a check-up when saturday march 31st 9.30am-12.30pm where balmain library meeting room bookings are essential ph 02 9367 9381 e community glamour at its best 9


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n ciao s mailbox n sustainability the power in your hands turning your lights out for earth hour is a good start but if you re serious about cutting back on electricity don t forget about the tv computer kettle and microwave this letter of the week is from one of our competition entrants thanks a lot for the funny joke patrick hello,i get my copy of ciao home delivered which suits my lazy arse just fine i enjoyed this week s edition my favourite article was about the secret beaches last monday i went down to dawn fraser pool it was shut due to recent rainfall events crying shame as i could ve done with a cleansing swim but really not so cleansing from what you say almost went a-wading from fitzroy park right next door but the barnacled rocks and soupy looking water put me off it was nice to lie in the shade with your paper though i also enjoyed your `rant column about bringing back some of the realness to the inner west the piece reminded me of a shit joke i made up on the weekend which i will now share with you q why did snoop dogg visit the bait and tackle store a f reels good luck in the competition to me and best regards to youse patrick n if you d like to make a comment on our latest issue go to and head for the letters page as soon as i get home i walk into the bathroom turn on the light and wash my hands then i walk to my bedroom turn on the light and take off my shoes then i go to the kitchen turn on the light and make a cup of tea then i walk into the lounge room turn on the light and veg out none of the lights are turned off again until i go to bed that s four lights and i m just one person who can only be in one room at a time when i lived in a four-bedroom share house there was a light on in every room after 5pm plus a tv always on even if only the cat was watching no one worried about the energy bill between us it was about $80 every three months a small price to pay for the being so indulgent fast forward 15 years electricity has been partially privatised electricity prices have doubled and the incoming carbon tax puts more pressure on households to flick off their light switches the average three-person household in the inner west uses 7300 kw of electricity a year produced by 3.7 tonnes of coal the weight of 3 small cars every kilowatt hour of electricity used creates 1.07 kg of carbon pollution compared to only 0.244 kg for natural gas and 0.231 kg for lpg gas so the average house relying solely on coal-powered energy is responsible for seven tonnes of greenhouse emissions a year that s a lot when households are aggregated yet households only account for about a third of all nsw electricity use the rest is government and business a computer left on for a year generates the same amount of carbon pollution as a car travelling from sydney to perth and that s just computers lots of other business machinery is left on all the time so does turning the lights off when you re not in the weary dunlop was hung like a gerbil and private simpson was more than just good friends with his donkey at gallipoli there i ve said it darkened the good name of two australian war heroes in the most salacious manner imaginable in a local newspaper with an audience not much smaller than that of channel ten s girly gabfest the circle should the mainstream media and hater-filled blogosphere now revert to its default setting i will have my intelligence physical appearance basic humanity and right to go on living called in to question in an epic angergasm of ranting blog posts brutal tabloid headlines today tonight hatchet jobs and spittleflecked talkback radio calls i carry no brief for ms stynes ­ i d never heard of her until `yumigate ­ but if there s one thing that gets my bullshit detector squealing louder than a pre-pubescent justin beiber fan it s the australian people engaging in one of their periodic orgies of self-righteous indignation cynically egged on by the fourth estate stynes in the context of a live tv show made a foolish remark of the type we ve all unthinkingly made and immediately regretted she immediately apologised to the only person who had any legitimate right to take offence that person graciously accepted her apology shrugged off the affair and made it clear he was not interested in participating in the unfolding media circus perhaps he was just putting on a brave face but i m a local look at national news all the beautiful people are enviro-friendly room actually help reduce carbon emissions yes but it s really only a fraction of the electricity equation most household electricity is used on hot water 31 refrigeration 13.7 heating 11.9 tv and entertainment 9.5 lighting makes up only 6.8 of your total electricity bill ­ or 251kg of coal so this earth hour don t make it tokenistic although dinner by candlelight is always genuinely special make an effort to understand and try to curb your naughty electricity habits drinking wine in the dark has never felt so rewarding inner west usage kw and their ausgrid costs · microwave on for five mins 0.067 1cent · 1500w hair dryer on highest setting for 10 mins 0.25 6 cents · 100w incandescent light for one hour 0.1 2.5 cents · boiling 500ml of water 0.047 1 cent if the kettle is boiled twice a day then energy saved by only boiling 500ml each time instead of 1.5l over 1 year 68 $17 · energy consumed by appliances on standby in a sydney home per year assuming 10 per cent of energy consumption is standby 765.4 $191.35 n cindy mullen just days after the dud root furore a report was released exposing a widespread culture of sexual abuse within the australian military inclined to believe an individual who spends his working day fighting taliban jihadists has a sense of proportion that rules out getting too worked up about some ill-conceived gentle mockery about his intelligence and lovemaking abilities if only the rest of us had a similar sense of perspective the point isn t that audiences should become so jaded that they lose the ability to experience disgust or anger they could pursue a media career themselves if they wanted to achieve that kind of detachment but that they should save their righteous indignation for issues that warrant it just days after the dud root furore a report was released exposing a widespread culture of sexual abuse within the australian military hundreds of servicewomen and not a few servicemen it revealed had been bastardised and raped over recent decades curiously neither the media nor the general public seemed anywhere nearly as interested in these victims tragic stories as they were in the non-existent hurt feelings of corporal roberts-smith but hey it s not like being left psychologically devastated following a vicious sexual assault is anywhere near as serious as having someone you ve never met make a poor joke about your performance in the sack is it n nigel bowen support for indigenous arts up for grabs a fantastic studio space inside the addison road centre available for a one-year residency applications are now open for marrickville council s aboriginal and torres strait islander atsi arts studio program supporting aboriginal artists who contribute to our area s rich art and cultural life a studio space located within the addison road centre is on offer for a 12-month term of residency and both emerging and mid-career crafts people are encouraged to apply via the council s website applications close on wednesday 4th april indigenous artists are further invited to register their details to receive and share information about exhibition openings and grant opportunities lucy simpson is a contemporary indigenous designer who recently completed her year-long residency at atsi her unique textile creations ­ which blend both her yuwaalaraay ancestral traditions and contemporary traditions ­ are the next to be exhibited at the addison road gallery from thursday 22nd march mayor of marrickville councillor morris hanna said through her unique textile designs the artist is making an important contribution to the inner west s artistic life and creating the next generation of indigenous storytelling come along to see lucy s work and check out the studio located at hut 37 inside the addison road centre from 6pm to 8pm during the launch rsvp by calling 9335 2249 status update our pick of the best hey hippie ladies i drive an electric hybrid now let s go for a cruise justin marando february 27 via facebook for iphone we love lucy n for more information call council on 9335 2249 votes close soon with nominations for the inner west local business awards closing on wednesday 28th march there s not much time left fill in a nomination form today every vote cast goes into the running to win an apple ipad2 an impressive number of diverse businesses have been nominated for an inner west local business awards this year with the most voted for business having the honour of being named a 2012 finalist and possibly the most outstanding in their category the next step in the awards process will soon begin once finalists are decided they will be independently judged using a customer-focused criteria based on business fundamentals such as value for money attentiveness and knowledge of staff members merchandising and the overall appearance of the business the judges will be anonymous to ensure accurate judgment and the competition is set to be fierce 10 n local business awards all finalists will be invited to attend the awards presentation evening which will be held on wednesday 16th may at burwood rsl club the presentation offers a fantastic opportunity for outstanding local businesses to be rewarded and also serves as a great networking opportunity for business owners voting coupons can be downloaded from and lodged directly from the website or mailed to precedent productions at po box h211 hurlstone park nsw 2193 all voters go into the running to win a 16 gb apple ipad2 n for more info call 8577 5060 or visit local s celebrating their awards in 2011


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party town trinidad offers a true taste of the caribbean winsor dobbin reports you ve travelled halfway across the globe to get here so what is another 14 kilometres for those who associate trinidad and tobago with sun sand and surf it may come as a surprise that the waterfront trinidad capital of port of spain does not actually have any beaches it has cafes bars cricket pitches calypso musicians steel bands limbo the annual carnival and rum ­ lots of rum ­ but no beaches so you get on a bus or jump in a taxi and a few minutes later ­ after a spectacular ride through tropical scenery ­ you ll find yourself at maracas bay a worldclass beach to match anything you d find in thailand or tropical north queensland think a semi-circular sandy beach populated by beautiful people and surrounded by steep cliffs covered in tropical green many of the visitors don t come to maracas bay for sunbathing and a wave or two however they come here to eat the beachfront is dotted with stalls selling an island speciality known as bake and shark bake and shark is the favourite local fast food a fillet of shark meat prepared with herbs and spices ginger and pepper then deep fried and served in a sugary bun with a selection of salads including tamarind pineapple and an exquisitely hot pepper sauce pair one with a carib or stag beer or a planter s punch of angostura bitters fresh fruit juice and rum and you have a feast fit for a prince at a pauper s price trinibagonians argue over which is the best bake and shark stall but the longest line seems to be at richard s ­ where you create your own sandwich by adding as many salad items and condiments as you wish trinidad s many cultures ­ african indian south american british and spanish ­ have melded to create a unique cuisine ­ although it is also said there are more kfc shops per head here than anywhere on earth for authentic food experiences visit the port authority canteen on the edge of the harbour ­ a favourite with city workers ­ or stop at one of the stalls that dot the road between port of spain and maracas bay and sample some fresh coconut or dried tropical fruits other specialities include roti an indian maracas bay flatbread served with a variety of spicy melting pot of people who love to party ­ as will be curry dishes trini curry shrimp a spicy discovered by the australian cricket team and their rice dish known as pelau and the creole-style dishes fans when they play a test match in port of spain like callaloo spinach and coconut soup and the crab and shrimp fritters served at the upmarket veni mangé next month restaurant in the capital horse and pig s tail were also trinidad is by far the largest and most populated of on offer during the carnival the two islands but even combined they only have a trinidad just 11 kilometres off the coast of venezuela and geographically originally part of south america not only has an ideal climate for producing world-class rum a product of ripe sugar cane but is also a cultural population of just over a million people tobago is a 20-minute flight or 2.5 hour ferry ride away trinidad was a spanish colony from the arrival of christopher columbus in 1498 until taken over by the english in 1797 it is this year celebrating the 50th birthday of independence from britain and is today dotted with gracious colonial buildings in various states of disrepair both islands move to a musical beat with trinidad the birthplace of steel pan calypso soca and chutney all intensely individualistic musical styles ­ and while there is wealth from the local oil boom life here moves at a leisurely pace the locals particularly over the carnival period in february operate in a sociable semi inebriated state they call liming ­ a state induced by the excellent angostura rums and fine trinibagonian brews the local marijuana may also have something to do with it although there was no sign during this year s carnival a bacchanalian celebration of music and bare flesh during which many participants wear masks or play mas in the local dialect what was noticeable was the friendliness of the islanders ­ and the lack of aggression put several thousand australians under the sun all day with plenty of alcohol and pretty girls and you would have a very different result travel celebrating 20 years we are very excited to have launched our new look website this month check it out as we regularly update it with the big specials plus our own handpicked favourites and unique travel ideas we are focused on informing you about great family specials single traveller deals special interest/something different trips and luxury deals to keep in touch more often ­ join our e-newsletter via the website or like us on facebook if you prefer you can also book travel insurance accommodation car hire and sightseeing tours and passes online via our website n global village travel 13 beattie street balmain free car park next door tel 9555 8355 ciao reader offer $250 off a trafalgar tour book any tour from the trafalgar tours europe britain 2012 brochure of 15 days or more to receive $250 per person this offer is valid until 13th april 2012 for travel in 2012 as per brochure for bookings made through global village travel limit of 1 voucher per person per tour conditions apply linea john pty ltd trading as global village travel licence number 2ta003595 caribbean queens that said the locals are immensely competitive whether it be steel pan bands competing for honours or chutney singers a mixture of indian music and traditional trinidadian soca sounds there are championships galore it is this competitive atmosphere that has produced such great sportsmen as west indies batsman brian lara ­ the prince of port of spain ­ and former sydney fc striker dwight yorke after whom a stadium has been named in tobago trinidad is gritty and real tobago is dotted with more typical caribbean resorts but port of spain has quality accommodation including the hyatt regency on the waterfront ­ the ideal base from which to sample the many bars and cafes on ariapita avenue ­ and the trinidad hilton built on a hillside overlooking the city and the green expanse of the queen s park savannah a vast parkland that comes alive during carnival the kapok hotel known for its cocktail bar has a caribbean feel cruise ships visit here in their dozens from november to april while yachties congregate in chaguaramas just outside the capital and explore the many nearby islands carnival is the best time to visit but port of spain residents will tell you carnival is a 12-month state of mind here n words winsor dobbin don t walk rum angostura which makes both aromatic bitters and world-class rums is synonymous with trinidad and tobago ­ and visitors are welcome to visit its distillery and museum in the port of spain suburb of laventille the bitters have been made from the same original and secret recipe of herbs and spices since 1824 they are used as a food additive as well as for adding an extra element to cocktails like pink gins singapore slings mojitos and champagne cocktails rum is a newer venture but angostura produces around 7-8 million cases a year ­ including two that have gained popularity in australia the 1919 and the 1824 a tribute to the year the company was founded see for details n qantas operates services six times per week to dallas fort worth and daily services to los angeles with onward connections to miami and port of spain with code share partner american airlines return economy fares from sydney to miami with connections in either dallas fort/worth or los angeles start from $1753 to book visit aperitivo izz ired p woodf urant resta ar wine b a ining le vate d pri availab n room event functio r next for you 163 norton st leichhardt 2040 02 9564 0003 tue wed thur fri sat 5pm-12am sun 5pm-10pm community glamour at its best 11


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2012 inner west local business awards 2012 do you know an outstanding business in the inner west that deserves recognition for their service nominate your favourite business in the local business awards and put yourself in the running to win a 16gb apple ipad 2 and carry pouch major sponsor snap happy last week we celebrated international women s day at petersham town hall leichhardt s ladies clothes swap and bairro email your snaps to vote win an ipad 2 section 1 please tick one of the following categories automotive services bakery/cake shop beauty services butcher café child care services delicatessen/gourmet food fashion shop fast food/takeaway florist fruit vegetable shop hairdresser health fitness home based business longest serving business home furnishing store/electrical store jewellery store new business pet care pharmacy pizza restaurant professional services real estate agency restaurant seafood outlet service trade specialised business specialised retail business wedding services media partners these marrickville girl guides were the hostesses at marrickville council s international women s day at petersham town hall the ladies from fifties frocks at iwd support sponsors on the dance floor at iwd petersham town hall lmc staff get ready for the big swap number of years in operation youth award nominee s name 25 under must work at nominated business below section 2 please nominate an outstanding business business name address suburb business ph signature date postcode canterbury bmw driving strong relationships sue glover and louise plum local girls julie ellen and lily eco-shopping and drinking bubbly nb only customer signed coupons will be accepted in the count customers are restricted to one vote per category section 3 enter the prize draw your name your contact number any personal information including contact details other information you provide will be used strictly for this program and will not be provided to any third party download more coupons from the dressing up for australia day in the park one groovy lil man proudly managed by local business awards website closing date wednesday 28th march 2011 post to the inner west local business awards po box h211 hurlstone park nsw 2193 enquiries tel 02 8577 5060 photocopied coupons are accepted multiple coupons accepted in one envelope vote online flying the aussie flag on australia day at enmore park terms and conditions · awards businesses that receive the highest number of nominations become finalists the number of nominations needed to qualify will vary for each category finalists will be judged using a separate criteria to determine the winner in each category · prize draw promotion is open to all regions in which the local business awards operate nominations within a region close as stated on the coupon the overall promotion commences 10/2/12 one draw will be conducted at precedent productions level 1 30 floss st hurlstone park nsw 2193 the draw for the advertised prize will be conducted on 19/12/12 and the winner will be notified via telephone by 5.30pm on 19/12/12 the person whose coupon is drawn randomly from all participating area coupons in the local business awards 2012 will win the advertised prize prize consists of 1 x apple ipad2 16gb and pouch total rrp $612.00 picture is for illustration purposes only actual product may vary any change in the value of the prize occurring between the publishing date and the date of the prize is claimed is not the responsibility of precedent productions prize is not transferable and not redeemable for cash authorised under nsw permit ltps/12/00991 12


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cooling down with a gelato at bairro wowee everyone was shaking their hips at petersham s bairro food festival maria enjoys a good clothes swap joanna and janick swap some bags meshea shelly burrows and her family have been operating meshea lifestyle on short st leichhardt for the last 10 years it has become an institution for comfortable clothing exquisite gifts family values and good old conversation they have decided to shift their focus to their new home in the southern highlands and it is with regret leichhardt says goodbye shelly tells ciao how she feels about the move why did you decide to start meshea and why have you decided to move on i started meshea not knowing it would ever become this wonderful unique store and it was like small building blocks i ve had my family and wonderful wonderful girls work with me and they ve all brought on board their strengths we have bought in the southern highlands as we both love old english and french country and the highlands gives you this we opened a small meshea lifestyle bowral and i m having to work to build the brand we have local customers and customers from canberra goulburn and wollongong coming and loving what we do and yes we do get to see some of our leichhardt customers when they are down here i still have my agency in norton street where i m very busy and i travel with the agency and i travel around nsw doing layering nights and our bowral store holds regular layering nights and we raise money for local charities which makes us feel fantastic we also haven t lost meshea lifestyle leichhardt as the new owner larissa and i will work closely together we do all our buying together pete s shed furniture is still there and trucking out the door and our fantastic merchandising is still done by mischa and she works between the leichhardt store and the bowral store leichhardt councillor lyndall and renee make a swap the end of an era what was the highlight of your time at meshea honestly the friends we have made just from running a store in this fast crazy pace world we live to have really have developed great friendships is so special words we heard almost every day and now larissa hears every day is wow this is a beautiful store and we have been a heaven for people wanting a little of france in leichhardt what have you seen change over the last 10 years more and more younger couples move to leichhardt from lots of different work industries we have a very diverse range of customers and i have watched some little girls grow into beautiful young women or my customers families grow another rewarding experience yes there are some stores that are closed but in every suburb i travel to shops come and go and yes we need some new stores but we honestly need new stores no more of what we already have but independent people have to have the money and the commitment to do this and honestly this is not easy with high rents and wages what does the future hold for you our daughter is expecting a baby in the next week so this is so amazing i have to keep working my agency and i have the lovely kristy helping me while chey is on maternity leave so between the agency and the bowral store my hands are full we ll have lots of visitors and i ll enjoy being a great granny to our little bailey what is your advice to other business owners in the local area be true to yourself find your niche find your look and be proud of what you do i love standing our the front of meashea and seeing jenny from billy lous shoes so busy she had a unique idea and leichhardt mums love her we need more of this help grow leichhardt into a great village don t be worried about the economy customers will support you if you keep being unique customers please shop local as we must support each other be friendly and enjoy what you do and look after your customers they are a visitor and should be treated with the same hospitality to our very very special customers from the bottom of my heart thank you for honestly loving what we created to you and your families be kind to each other all that we have is our soul so when down in bowral please pop in and see us or find us on our facebook page community glamour at its best 13


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astrogirlzarro your stars for the week from our real astrogirl aries the new moon in your sign marks the astrological new year making this an important time to set goals for the next 12 months its alignment with uranus brings freedom which works well with your selfish nature the panel says paul taurus jupiter and venus join to heighten a hedonist phase of love and luxury others look on in envy as you savour the gifts from the universe with abandon very cute pretty smile looks like the kind of girl you take home to mum gemini venus joins jupiter in your spiritual sector try deep tissue massage to get centred even though it is really physical torture disguised as healing cancer your working life will have that dinosaur jr slow/fast thing happening when mercury visits your career sector and does the backward shuffle be patient with career goals the mountain will come to you justin leo you ll become fed up with routine and photocopy your bum out of frustration get out of the office and into the sunshine wow a girl i would introduce to my mum my nonna and my godmother virgo venus aligns with jupiter in the house of higher learning if you re frustrated by the dumbing-down of well everything now is an ideal time to explore academic possibilities libra the new moon in your love sector triggers a new romantics cycle where you don pirate pants and dramatic eye make-up to impress your lover scorpio venus joins jupiter in your relationship sector enhancing your animal magnetism watch out world scorpio on heat sure ain t pretty sagittarius jupiter and pluto ground you by focusing on work and wellbeing before your eyes glaze over remember that overhauling your daily rituals improves the big picture of your life capricorn you will live in the moment with the help of jupiter and pluto finally you release those stodgy beliefs about ambition and reconnect with your creativity aquarius mercury takes a backward step with your money avoid geezers with gold dentures and dubious cockney accents selling hot items off the back of trucks could you put an even bigger smile on mel s face hot or not or dine in y a takeaw e om free h y r delive john definitely looks like someone you want to get to know but can she cook pisces uranus and mercury merge for serious fiscal risk-taking read the fine print or your dough will resemble that elvis presley film easy come easy go n http mel 22 is a sassy journalist and newsreader for 2sm radio whose ideal man is someone smart funny respectful easygoing and charismatic mel loves both chilling and going hard in her spare time spending time with friends and family or going out and playing hockey are great but reading a book or watching a dvd and lying around doing nothing can sometimes be better she says are there any guys around man enough to keep mel company a few of our panelists are up for the challenge daniel very girl-next-door looking but as a newsreader i hope she doesn t dominate the conversation so the first and last word you d get in is hi alberto s no.1 pizzeria restaurant was established 33 years ago and has been successfully catering to the locals of the inner west ever since autumn special spend $50 or more on t/a or home delivery and receive a free 500ml gelato valued at $9 we have over a dozen flavours so ask us for your favourite available everyday spend prices are ex gst gluten free pizza bases available in medium sizes 11 inch 589 king street 9519 4262 dinner 7 days 5 pm till late lunch pick up or delivery for lunch orders over $100 bon gusto pizzeria trattoria restaurant delicious southern italian gourmet pizza traditional pizza freshest pastas tender veal chicken seafood dishes check out our website traditional southern italian cuisine pizzeria open 6 nights a week from 5pm bookings are advised licensed and byo wine new location opposite petersham post office shop 1 2 98 -106 audley st petersham ph 9560 5358 for our complete menu and restaurant specials open throughout the holidays pizza pasta we can cater pizza or pasta for your next event just give us 24 hrs notice dine in takeaway or delivery see our website for more tasty deals 14


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lifestyle ask sal give your bathroom a modern look there are many ways to make a bathroom look unique but a bath shower rail is the best way to give a bathroom a modern look there are many kinds of rails available to suit the needs of every bathroom the design of the rail coupled with adjustable shower arms add to the decor sophistication and functionality of the bathroom homeowners can make their bathrooms a unique space in their homes from high-pressure showerheads to rain showerheads there is ample choice available in the bathroom accessory market to help every homeowner beautify their bathroom in the they desire family bathrooms often need flexibility but that does not mean that you need to compromise on the design of shower rails the modern designs of bath shower rails suit the modern sensibilities of every home the dual showering function of adjustable shower rails suits the needs of all members of a family the adjustable feature adds to the accessibility and comfort while showering the showerhead is easy to use and its height can be adjusted by sliding the head across the slider rail there are different designs of showerheads and one can choose the showerhead that best suits the design theme of the bathroom these can be installed in all types of bathrooms depending on the size and theme of your room the high quality construction of the shower arms and showerheads makes them usable for years to come they also come with a guarantee that ensures replacement in case of faulty hardware these bathroom shower rails are easy to maintain and easily cleaned using household cleaning materials n for more info call salvi messina owner of renovation boys tel 9519 5511 running with ryhan sugar good or evil i remember being a kid and hearing that wonderful sound of the ice cream man coming a mile away i couldn t wait for my favourite flavour nowadays we know most ice cream has abundant amounts of sugar in it and sugar isn t good for us or is it there are different types of sugar consuming large amounts of glucose fructose lactose sucrose maltose brown sugar and malts over prolonged time comes with huge consequences such as type 2 diabetes increased cholesterol and obesity weakened eyesight interference with protein absorption increased risk of osteoporosis anxiety and the list goes on some researchers say sugars have worse side effects than alcohol or smoking one of the main contributors to heart disease and strokes is a high triglyceride level ­ a form of fat used to transport fats around the bloodstream manufactured by sugar and starch however going without sugar for too long can result in a binge sugar feast so how do we stop ourselves from over-indulging the answer is moderation a lifestyle change that some of us haven t mastered yet we need to learn to eat smaller portions and how to have a bite and say that s enough unless we continuously remind ourselves to make these changes we will be stuck in a circle of vulnerability just have a bite and put it away for the day sugar cravings also start from boredom get out of the house and exercise fuel your body with great endorphins from fitness and proper foods to match and you ll be one step closer to a healthier lifestyle tell yourself you re not missing out on any bad foods but controlling the amounts you eat doing this will give you the power of self-control and determination be strong with your decisions at the end of the day we only have one body and we need to take care of it n from more info email or facebook ryhan vengetas property of the week stunning contemporary penthouse 704/1 roseby st drummoyne boasting front row views across sydney s iconic harbour to the city skyline this impressive top floor apartment is designed to optimise light space and epitomises a sense of grandeur chic and ultra-contemporary this 144sqm in total penthouse is a stunning proposition with sweeping harbour views northeasterly aspect and a whisper quiet position in the marina point apartment complex offering spacious open plan living quality gas kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite bench tops two full marble bathrooms and internal laundry all rooms enjoy the breathtaking water views from floor to ceiling windows the wrap-around verandah providing the perfect setting for al fresco entertaining enviably located within manicured parkland gardens at the steps to birkenhead marina the shopping centre and city transport a quality lifestyle opportunity auction on site march 31st at 10.30am view saturday 10am-10.30am wednesday 6pm-6.30pm agent lynn jenkins 0414 132 232 8789 4311 n devine real estate concord 9743 1369 amore spicy inner west ciao asks and inner westies answer how important are looks when searching for a partner looks aren t everything i want to know that i m with someone who has a great personality and can actually hold a decent conversation emma 18 glebe superhot womanman being able to leap tall buildings is ok but the true mark of a superhero is not just the powers at their disposal but that they choose to use these powers for the greater good whether it is the ability to become invisible or telepathically communicate with dolphins the common thread linking these civic-minded marvels is their utilitarian benefit to civilisation but one does not have to go to the movies or flick through a comic book to find such ubermensch in cool bars vaunted bistros and cliquey cafes throughout the inner west he sits confidently ­ but not with a large `s on his spandex suit or his face hidden behind a mask concealing his true identity for super hot woman man shwm the signifier of his sublime power is the hot girl at his side and in some cases even the hint of indifference towards her with her in tow he can talk to children in the park ­ even offer them lollies ­ without raising suspicions of unspeakable deviancy he can stop for skimpily clad swedish backpackers hitching down the highway assured they will happily jump into the back of his jeep behind him and his gorgeous co-pilot he can even stop a stranger on king st to ask for the time and not be suspected of begging bouncers on the door of the flashiest clubs normally capable of stopping a coal train from entering are rendered impotent as he brushes by with her at social gatherings credulous strangers assume his put a picture of her on your red hot pie profile and just watch what happens hey just walk up to a babe in the post office supermarket or church picnic and watch her leap at the chance of a threesome the average-looking guy who s recently acquired a supermodel consort will notice the ubiquitous look of mild puzzlement from fellow citizens wondering `how the hell did he get her i.e what are his secret powers but this just puts a shwm even more in control as lesser beings speculate about how he came to be so blessed is he the new mark zuckerberg is he a master of esoteric tantric techniques is he hung like a mule is he a big-time drug dealer the catch 22 for aspiring behind every powerful man is a pretty woman shwms is that to attract a perfect 10 when you re only a 6 you do need to be dull words must be coded gems of wisdom while single girls find him and his most inane anecdotes as pretty special in some way but hey no-one said being a super hero was easy and neither is using tasty as christian bale in bat-tights and when it comes time to spice up an already heady your powers for good instead of getting laid n jason dunne is an inner west writer and love life with a second uber-babe to share with his girl opportunities to meet a willing third party abound author of everyone is henry miller s e x dat ingand re l at io n s h ip s hey good looking looks are important but they are not the deal breaker they do play a big part but you have to be sure that your personalities are still compatible even if he s smoking hot looks cause attention personality captures the heart ashleigh 20 five dock well you have to stare at the person everyday ­ i want someone who doesn t hurt my eyes raymond 19 petersham anybody who thinks looks are not important is kidding themselves it s simple darwinian evolution ­ women want a man who is strong and has good genes and men want a woman who is youthful and can bear children a sense of humour which is the cliché thing that people say they look for in a partner will get you nowhere but the friend zone jessica 23 annandale i would like a good-looking man but as long as my man makes me happy then that s all i need katrina 20 five dock if a girl looks classy and beautiful then i ll go for it but if she is trashy and looks dirty well there is no chance so looks matter 100 per cent pete 20 five dock community glamour at its best 15



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