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n ewsmagazine crusader the · summer fun · baseball salpointe catholic high school · 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 · may 2010 · vol 59 issue 6 htfrepetce 0 `1


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2 · table of contents the crusader 27 women s tennis lady lancers win state championship beating xavier in the final match photo sean logan lacrosse with a record of 13-2 the team goes into the semifinals against chandler photo sean logan 28


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may 2010 table of contents · 3 crusader the newsmagazine 13 senior section a review of the class of 2010 s last year at salpointe this section includes eight senior snapshots and a look at the number of colleges seniors are attending photos courtesy of sean logan brandon cawthorne and the publications staff news 07 10 stuco results the results from the 2010-2011 student council elections education cuts in budgets have caused arizona schools to drop academically features and entertainment 24 22 23 pop culture a preview of upcoming summer blockbusters music and more their summer vacations summer activities fun things anyone can do over review restaurant review of the tucson tamale company by staffer delaney hare sports baseball the lancers play against trevor brown in the state playoffs men s track the team continues to have mixed success in their season but hopes to place in state 29 31 columns claire s conundrum 06 unity la vie en rose 07 we are salpointe time of streiff 09 a world without streiff the dignoti deal 12 ethical fallacy freshmen sophomores juniors 27 men s tennis the team finished their season by working hard during the semi-finals against brophy.


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may 2010 news · 5 crusader newsmagazine the editorial volume 59 2009-2010 may 14 2010 arizona interscholastic press association first place general excellence 2006 07 2007 08 national scholastic press association best of show spring convention 2007 all american 2006 07 2007 08 pacemaker 2006 07 columbia scholastic press association gold crown award 2005 06 2007 08 gold medalist 2006 07 2008 `09 quill and scroll society george h gallup award 2007 08 arizona press women gold medalist 2008 `09 the end approaches h the crusader is published by the salpointe journalism class circulation is 500 and it is distributed free to students it is distributed electronically to 8000 parents alumni faculty and staff to contact us call 520 547-9388 write to 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 e-mail https the crusader does not necessarily reflect the views opinions or policies of salpointe catholic high school or its administration editor-in-chief editorial board jada streiff `10 assistant editor natalee dawson `11 opinions editor news editor k aila schubert `10 natalee dawson `11 features entertainment editor kyle dignoti `11 sports editor art editor sean logan `12 r ebecca hildreth `11 news staff members kyle dignoti `11 claire dainelson `12 nikki fujiwara `12 josh pettigrew `12 monika brady `10 catalina contreras `10 delaney hare `10 justin jenkins `10 isamar molina `10 sandra otero `10 mckenna ronquillo `10 kaila schubert `10 jada streiff `10 monika brady `10 delaney hare `10 sandra otero `10 amanda martinez `13 emi omick `13 sports features entertainment senior section isamar molina `10 josh pettigrew `12 adviser ms michelle mathews head of school fr bob carroll o.carm ere we are in the last week of school we ve been dreaming of it since approximately the second week of the school year some of the seniors have been anticipating the coming week since freshman orientation we want to get on with our lives and by lives we really mean vacation the 2009-2010 school year brought with it all the triumphs and tribulations one can expect from high school we faced conflicts and compromised turning our otherwise-doomed football season into an opportunity to support those suffering in our society we had the courage to make the right choices stamping our thumb prints onto posters in our respective patios with the blood drive we learned how to give completely despite the inconvenience or physical pain this community said goodbye to fr fred tillotson thanked kay sullivan for her excellent leadership and welcomed fr bob carroll into his role as the new head of school these are only some of the changes we faced over the course of the year this school changed in many ways for the better the greatest strength a community can have is the strength to receive a changing world without altering its purpose this school from an institutional standpoint has succeeded in this but so have we the students who fill the linoleum-tiled halls of salpointe at the start of a new year it is normal to expect perfection we want the perfect grades the perfect athletic record the perfect social life it s only natural that we fail and compromise and sometimes even lose our sense of an unchanging purpose purpose ultimately we recover we come back stronger our surroundings change but we do not our goals change but our determinatin remains the seniors are currently undergoing one of the greatest changes of their lives they are heading out into the real world where their futures will be completely in their hands in the process they have set an example for the rest of the school how to embrace the future without abandoning the ideals of your past all of us will have to face that principle head-on in the coming years let us never lose sight of the end it grounds us it makes us use our time and our resources the right way and for the right reasons we won t always be who we are in this moment and that s probably not a bad thing we anguish over the unending class periods and complain about myriad nuisances we act as though this time in our lives is the hardest even though for most of us it won t be so here it is the call to action use this last week study for your finals even when there are a thousand things you would rather do feel the liberation that comes from a job well done prepare for the future but not so much that you lose the present then go off into the blazing world of summer and enjoy it once again study for your finals twenty years from now don t be surprised if you still keep your horizons yearbook in your attic don t be surprised if you open its pages to discover that despite the changes in your life your purpose has remained constant don t be alarmed if you find that you actually enjoyed this many many people do.


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6 · news the crusader claire s conundrum united we stand divided we fall and live up to the reputation of excellence that the upperclassmen before you have set use the previous upperclassmen as role models did you like the advice they gave you what else could you add to help others did you like the way they treated you if not then change it start by treating the underclassmen differently while salpointe does break many of the negative aspects associated with high school it does keep up a few of them in the form of class competitions some rivalries between classes are meant to be fun but there are a few that actually have underlying antagonism enmity is a vicious cycle it takes courage and strength to break this cycle even though it takes only simple actions i know it s elementary but treat others how you would have wanted to be treated when you were in their shoes the classes should not be pinned against each other but seen as one family working towards a greater good that greater good being our home salpointe unity stuco results student body president robert lopez president of the senate gaby gonzalez vice-president brock kyle bakewell treasurer jason azar 2012 corresponding secretary harry hwang 2012 recording secretary brianna grembowski interclub council president amanda seaney 2012 class of 2011 president vice-president treasurer secretary kasey barghout unavailable clay willet michael miramontez i am lucky to consider salpointe my second home i was pleasantly surprised considering that movies and tv shows dramatize the torment of high school i was welcomed into a sort of family during my orientation and the bond that i created at that point only grew from there it turned into a sense of pride and belonging at salpointe and i am sure i am not the only lancer who has experienced this it is evident in the way we interact everyday at salpointe there is an emphasis on class activities which has turned into competition between the classes but now that the upperclassmen are leaving its reputation will be in the hands of the underclassmen the upperclassmen are our role models they set the precedent for how to maintain the character of salpointe the best way for them to do this is by showing us they need to teach us how to properly treat the underclassmen give back to the community and make the most of the time we have here while the upperclassmen are teaching us through actions we as underclassmen ready to take on this responsibility and need to be willing to learn from the juniors i have learned how to survive stress piled in the form of schoolwork and what to expect from the toughest year to come they have valuable advice about teachers and how to make junior year easier the seniors have important guidance on all the experiences we should encounter before our last days at salpointe such as kairos and other activities to look forward to by senior year they can teach us leadership and pride simply through their actions so for those underclassmen who are making the transition to becoming upperclassmen you need to keep in mind that you are becoming a role model for the incoming freshmen and sophomores you should think before acting but the discord crept among us feeding on our faults and fears the houses that like pillars four had once held up our school now turned upon each other and divided sought to rule and for a while it seemed the school must meet a certain end what with dueling and with fighting and clash of friend on friend but we must unite inside her or we ll crumble from within i have told you i have warned you let the sorting now begin ~the sorting hat harry potter and the order of the phoenix claire danielson `12 staffer class of 2012 president vice-president treasurer secretary greg gilles sean logan will wallace brooke harris class of 2013 president vice-president treasurer secretary special election christine cole special election maeve mcgeorge members at large unavailable


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may 2010 opinions · 7 i approaching the end with gratitude sometimes there s too much homework it s kind of cold and we have finals coming up there s never enough time to get anything done still we get to see our classrooms decorated with plastic garlands and miniature christmas trees our teachers stock the coffee mugs on their desks with candy canes mr calkins tears past us on his bright red motorcycle pelting us with snack-sized candies we are the lancers buried under sweaters but now we re coming to the end this part of the year is by far the hardest it isn t summer yet no matter how much we daydream about the possibilities during class the shiny newness of the first few months of school is gone replaced by a mix of nostalgia anxiety and eagerness our seniors are preparing to graduate our juniors are preparing to be seniors and more importantly our sophomores are getting ready for junior year seriously good luck we all carry the common identity of our school we all stand on the threshold of something beautiful and unknown we all define this school even as we prepare to leave it i have one more year to live with these traditions i have one more year to hear morning announcements to wear polo shirts and to replace lost id cards no matter how much time you have here make the best of it wander the campus when all its occupants have gone you ll see what you bring to our halls and you ll see what this community has given you we are salpointe we are salpointe la vie en rose ve wandered the empty halls of this school many times during the last three years as a crusader staff member i have stayed late to work on the paper and found myself wandering through freshman patio at sunset searching for a way out of the school through some unlocked gate with the grass lawns devoid of students converse-clad feet there is always a certain soft stillness to the campus gone is the frenzy of unexpected exams gone is the excitement of winter formal and prom gone are students who sit on concrete benches and scramble to finish forgotten homework everything is calm and empty the leaves of trees seem electric in the golden light of sunset despite the beauty of our campus each time i walk through its emptiness i come to the same realization the magic is gone it leaves with us when we go just as it enters with us on the first day of freshman orientation it makes me wonder what is this school really the answer i think lies in each one of us and it is constantly changing at the beginning of the year school is thrilling school means returning to social interaction without the inconvenience of planning ahead it means eating those warm delicious cookies offered at the snack bar again salpointe means watching the sky turn pink and orange and purple over the mountaintops while maroon-and-gold clad football players chase the ball across the field it means getting all the syllabi signed by your parents and then knowing you ll never actually look at them again this school means everything exciting and filled with potential and as much as we pretend to complain about its advent we wouldn t trade the coming school year for anything we are salpointe cheering from the bleachers and then we get into the time just before and after winter break which feels pretty miserable natalee rose dawson `11 assistant editor mark hoddad smith 7053 east tanque verde tucson arizona 85715 520 885-2842 fax 520 298-6083 w w w electriccafe c o m


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may 2010 opinions · 9 a world without streiff he time has come for the class of 2010 to graduate and take their first steps into the next phases of their lives the past four years have been unique and unforgettable before i came to salpointe i had never been so stressed over a chemistry final filled with so much school spirit or eaten so much panda express yet every test every home game and every bite of chow mien was what made my time here so distinctive looking back on my experience i think high school can be classified into five areas of importance attitude academics after school appreciation and after graduation part 1 attitude high school can be intimidating but the main secret to survival is that you shouldn t try to become anything that you re not don t fake who you are just to fit in fitting in takes time sometimes a long time but if you re acting like someone you re not then it s not even worth it as a friend of mine would say check yourself before you wreck yourself bottom line you need to be confident in who you are and in the end people will admire you for who you are not who you pretend to be part 2 academics stay on top of your work this is crucial sometimes you may get by without even opening the book you were supposed to read for the past month raise your hand if you have used sparknotes but it is not enough just to get by don t waste you time trying to get by you have a genuine opportunity to learn don t blow it the second part of academics is not to stress over the little things while you are at school don t worry about your prom date or what is really in the manager s choice focus on actual school things and worry about the other things after 3:00 by separating school from the drama that comes with it you are more likely to get better grades and have an easier time understanding the information taught in class bottom line school matters make it your top priority and do the best you can every day part 3 after school after school do something other than sit at home and play your x-box join a club go out for a sport write for the newspaper get tutoring for math make sandwiches for the homeless it doesn t matter just do something have fun with your friends hang out with new people talk to someone you normally wouldn t talk to on the weekends make smart decisions don t go out and get wasted because you can or do something else you might regret you don t need to drink and do drugs to have a good time there are other ways to spend your saturday nights it really isn t cool and you are potentially risking so much addiction injury pregnancy and even death bottom line be smart be safe and you can still have fun part 4 appreciate it carpe diem shout out to latin class seize the day appreciate the time you have here and don t just let it time of streiff t parting words of wisdom pass you only have four years in high school hopefully only four and that might seem like a long time but ask any senior and s/he will tell you that it goes by quickly you may hear that often but in truth you will never believe us until it is you standing there getting your graduation caps and gowns so make the most of it and don t fall into senioritis because it is a hard habit to kick bottom line don t waste your time waiting for school to end be appreciative of the fact you go to school in the first place part 5 life after high school it is customary for a student to go to college after high school and from personal experience i can tell you that simply applying for college is a hassle first name last name why you want to go there what you want to do who you want to be what s your gpa what s your life story all in 500 words or less please mail your check to the admissions office it is a time consuming act that starts the second you begin your junior year you study so hard you become afraid that you have no more space left in your brain then you take the psat sat act stanford 10 s all before you are even able to apply to a college however in the end getting your acceptance letters from all of the places to which you have applied is definitely worth all of the hard work when it comes to choosing the right college the one thing that you should really look at is if it is the right college for you of course that depends on what your expectations are not you mom s not your dad s or even uncle joe s ask yourself about academics weather extra-curriculars sports or even if there is an in out burger what do you need to be happy then pick the best match bottom line go to the college because it is the best match for you not best for someone else these tidbits of senior wisdom i pass on to you by following them i have had a fun and exciting high school experience and i thank each of you for that i wish you all the best because this is my last column in the last issue of the crusader i will leave you with this quote that i summarizes my philosophy just relax have fun enjoy it all your job is simple be your personal best meet new people make new friends make smart decisions possibly find a career possibly find love and take risk after risk after risk so that you can figure out what you love and what you don t harlan cohen so long lancers it s been an amazing ride and a special thanks goes out to everyone who has ever read time of streiff jada streiff `10 editor-in-chief


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10 · news the crusader a recent studies show that arizona ranks among the lowest in the nation for educational spending while arizona legislators work toward a solution salpointe looks to find its place as an alternative to low-performing public schools by claire danielson natalee dawson schools pay you also need to look at what you are doing with the money said morgan arizona test scores outranked the national average in 2006 according to the arizona department of education the arizona legislature is considering implementing a tax known as proposition 100 to increase the state sales tax to 6.6 percent and raise $1 billion for the next three years with $2 out of every $3 going to k-12 and university education the new proposition would make up for the 8 budget cut from last year that amounts to $385 million or $374 per student in district schools and $297 per student in charter schools if the tax hike fails then schools will loose $437 million adding to the loss of the $385 million in recent legislative sessions this year without proposition 100 the budget cut will be up to 17 opposers of the bill say that it does not matter how much money is thrown at the schools because test scores will not be affected most of that money goes toward extracurricular activities like clubs and sports that would otherwise require participants to pay schools have already factored funds into the budget by raising the participation fees in sports activities by $100 or eliminating sports programs this raises an issue for students who rely on sports to get them noticed for college scholarships it also makes playing sports more difficult for economically challenged families other schools plan to cut staff as well as extra-curricular activities for parents and students budget cuts would mean larger classes fewer physicaleducation and music classes and fewer ccording to a 2005-2006 ranking arizona came in last out of all 50 states based on the quality of education for public and charter schools morgan quinto press mqp a kansas publishing and independent research company conducted the study to show the smartest states and arizona placed last mqp based their study on money spent per student standardized test scores graduation rates teacher salaries and teacher/student ratios this study was not so much an intelligence rating which would be based more on iq as it says but a ranking of the different states school systems and education rates states were graded on 21 factors including student achievement and attendance positive outcomes strong studentteacher relationships and school district efficiency other factors are the number of high school graduates reading writing and math proficiency percent of schoolage kids in public schools high school drop out rates student-teacher ratios and class size morgan quinto is the stupidest company in the nation said tom horne arizona s superintendent of public instruction at the time of the research the proof of the pudding is in the eating we look at test scores scott morgan founder of the morgan quinto press blames arizona s low ranking on its below average spending per student the amount of money spent per student is a legitimate way to measure schools if for no other reason than it indicates a state s commitment to education morgan stated in a press release the money you spend does matter but librarians counselors and reading specialists said janice palmer a lobbyist for the arizona school boards association kevin mccarthy president of the arizona tax research association and supporter of proposition 100 said that the budget emergency is too severe to vote down a temporary tax raise since 2000 arizona has never ranked higher than fourth from the bottom in perstudent spending according to the u.s census bureau the state did receive about $500 million in federal stimulus money to help fill k-12 budget gaps caused by lower enrollment for the 2008-09 and 2009-10 school years the final $90 million of the stimulus money is factored into next year s budget already.


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may 2010 news · 11 ay the price the state accepted the stimulus money under the condition of spending at a 2006 lower level however if this proposition does not pass supporters say the spending budget will dwindle below that previous level this would require the state to ask for waivers that would cause penalties if not granted with their education compromised and extra-curricular opportunities narrowed many students may turn to private schools like salpointe where government funding is not an issue though salpointe has also suffered financially in the recession it has worked to keep programs in place and to help students afford a quality education as well as to keep its reputation for being among the best in the city despite the recession salpointe will not change its academic foundations or co-curricular programs said mrs kay sullivan salpointe s development director those areas are our strengths ,and we will not sacrifice them due to financial strain that is part of what has made salpointe unique on may 18 voters will have the opportunity to weigh in on proposition 100 i think that the low performance of schools is reflective of the nation s opinion of and the value put on education said emma mcmahon `11 photograph above budget woes students sofia herrera `12 and jackie tylutki `12 were astounded to hear that arizona was ranked the worst state for education and wonder about the effects of proposition 100 which would increase funding for arizona s public school systems through the implementation of a sales tax increase photograph by claire danielson


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12 · news the crusader the dignoti deal sb1070 is racism legalized when our governor signs into law a bill that makes it a criminal act to drive in our state without proper documents after all we welcome immigrants right 38 of tucson s retail economy comes from mexican visitors we love and desperately need their business instead we spread a message of alienation and make an attempt to push them out of our state our city s economy is reliant on mexican business the economic effects of this bill are gargantuan congressman raul grijalva is encouraging people to boycott the entire state of arizona and members of the business community are threatening to withhold having meetings and conferences in tucson and phoenix the moral effects though are even greater in a state where in some areas hispanic people make up the majority of the population how can we allow our state legislature to pass a law that allows police officers to question people because of their ethnicity it s demoralizing to think that our governor is so misguided that the best idea she can put forth is one that marginalizes a large portion of her constituency it s a bill inspired by the legislature s fear of immigrants and is creating a huge racial divide the federal government needs to step up and take control of this situation before our state s already hard hit economy is fatally wounded viva la raza ethical fallacy o this day many members of the public have used the term driving while black dwb for africanamericans unlawfully stopped by the police people often deny this practice and for good reason it s racist and unconstitutional in 1995 a new jersey judge found that fifteen african american motorists were unlawfully stopped and charged by the police and dropped the charges the only thing the group was guilty of was dwb in arizona dwb is taking on a new undercurrent of racism that targets hispanics arizona recently passed the ill-named support our law enforcement and safe neighborhoods act sb1070 requires a reasonable attempt to be made to determine the immigration status of a person during any legitimate contact made by an official arizona state senate probable cause is all the police need to search people for citizenship if there is reason to believe that the person is here illegally so now dwb driving while brown has become law and governor jan brewer gave this new string of racism her approval with a grand smile and the wave of her pen brewer opened up the pandora s box of racism that apparently exists in our state s capitol the state senate initially passed the bill sb1070 and immediately fired up those on both sides of the issue should a driver who appears to be latino fear driving on arizona s streets resoundingly no we are taught in schools that judging a person based on appearances alone is wrong but what does it say to our state s young people t kyle dignoti `11 features entertainment editor


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may 2010 2010 senior snapshots senior crossword puzzle across 2 motivational speaker from sadd two words 4 senior prom queen two words 5 2010 spirit fairy two words 7 first lancer value five words 8 the only patio without grass 10 senior life skills play two words 11 new head of school two words 12 don t eat the 17 last kairos for the class of 2010 three words 18 first home football game was against this school 20 date of twenty-ten graduation three words 21 salpointe colors 22 teacher prom queen 2010 23 school mascot 24 graduation year of the perfect ten two words 25 female graduation speaker two words down 1 male graduation speaker two words 3 mc s for humanities christmas show last names only three words 6 statue in freshman patio in of three words 9 student body president two words 13 2010 senior gift two words 14 prom king for class of 2010 two words 15 editor-in-chief of the crusader two words 16 first kairos for the class of 2010 three words 19 senior class president two words


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2010 senior snapshots w class of 2010 ith finals quickly approaching the class of 2010 is getting ready to take their first steps into the world of responsibility after four years of high school the students of the senior class prepare to clear out their lockers and leave their high school experiences behind august 11 2006 marked their first official day as freshmen at salpointe catholic high school exciting possibilities loomed before each of them there were clubs to join sports to try out for and classes to choose it was this same year that the freshman football team went undefeated and each person started to feel a sense of unity sophomore year began with hugs and hellos to old friends who had parted over the summer students had finally found a place where they felt they belonged and started to adapt to the high school lifestyle it was in this year that students began to create their own identities while still upholding their lancer values junior year challenged the class of 2010 on an academic scale with an increased workload and preparation for sats the class came together as a whole helping each other through this challenging year when senior year began there was a charge in the air fueling many feelings of accomplishment and excitement for their last year they explored possible colleges journeyed on kairos and showed how they could be the perfect 10 on saturday may 22 the seniors will take their final steps as high school students and though they will not be returning as students they will forever be lancers.


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2010 senior snapshots jimmy lepore gpa 4.084 college attending ucla intended major electrical engineering extra curricular activities drama nhs vice president young democrats choir favorite class ap calculus bc childhood ambition an imagineer engineer who works at disneyland best high school memory preforming in get smart and getting an a on the museum project quote hakuna matata timon pumba favorite school lunch steakette define salpointe in one word community favorite band artist frank sinatra what will you miss the most at salpointe the teachers and my friends renee guerin gpa 4.15 college attending boston college intended major classics extra curricular activities model un kairos 208 leader humane society favorite class ap gov with mr e childhood ambition singing doctor i couldn t choose so best of both worlds best high school memory kairos quote when in rome st ambrose hidden talent closet cook favorite school lunch apple favorite teacher mr gibalski define salpointe in one word salpointeshoelace-space-commerce-pigeons favorite band artist jack johnson what will you miss the most at salpointe the people.



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