FY08 DCE Annual Report


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Division of Continuing Education FY08 Annual Report

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annual report division of continuing education dce report 2007/2008 kansas state university


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welcome the kansas state university division of continuing education dce is a service organization to the university we work with university units to provide support services to extend k-state s teaching and research to people in kansas the united states and the world through online credit and non-credit learning opportunities distance education courses degrees certificate programs conferences and non-credit programs k-state through the division of continuing education provides place-bound students access to the university through distance learning and provides working professionals with the opportunity to enhance their skills gain updated information in their fields and stay ahead of the curve in their careers k-state is a nationally known provider of distance education and during the 2007-2008 academic year the division continued to provide leadership with continuing growth in this area of 14.42 during this academic year k-state faculty a distance student and various credit and noncredit programs were recognized by national continuing education organizations as being one of the best in the great plains region and in the nation this annual report summarizes the highlights from 2007-2008 for a variety of learning opportunities coor dinated by the division including distance education degrees 2 2 partnerships with community colleges conferences and noncredit activities intersession and evening college the report includes statistics of each college s efforts through the division and a feature story of a distance student from each college the division of continuing education is proud of the partnerships established with university colleges departments and other higher education institutions these include 2+2 efforts with community colleges in kansas and other states and through consortiums such as the great plains interactive distance education alliance it is very rewarding to visit with distance students who have the same pride about k-state that is so easily found in manhattan.


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table of contents 3 1 division statistics your college at a glance architecture planning design agriculture arts sciences business administration education engineering human ecology technology aviation veterinary medicine 22 20 24 faculty and conference resources recognition and honors scholarships and division listing


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dce student profile academic year 2007-2008 gender female male 57 43 location kansas united states international 81 18 1 age 18 or less 4 19 to 25 59 26 to 35 19 36 to 45 9 46 to 55 7 56 and on 2 ethnicity american indian multi-racial prefer no response asian other mexican 3 hispanic 5 black african-american 79 caucasian 1 1 6 3 1 1%


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division statistics academic year 2007-2008 student credit hours undergraduate graduate 26,768 18,159 44,927 student credit hours undergraduate distance education evening college intersession off-campus ufm esl 14,544 5,724 2,810 1,861 1,598 177 student credit hours graduate distance education esl off-campus annual programs intersession telenet 2 evening college 7,335 5,333 3,155 1,850 434 43 9 1


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academic year 2007-2008 total conferences noncredit programs face-to-face mediated 108 72 180 engineering veterinary medicine outside youth groups higher education agriculture extension arts sciences education human ecology architecture 79 27 26 13 13 07 07 06 02 geographical range of conferences noncredit programs 27 state 18 regional 1 local 20 national 34 international we had participants from all 50 states in the state conferences we had participants in our face-to-face events from argentina australia belgium belize brazil canada china ecuador france germany hungary india korea mexico israel italy japan new zealand norway peru philippines poland portugal singapore south africa south korea spain sweden switzerland taiwan thailand ukraine uk and the us in the international conferences


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we provide logistical support for students broadening their range of architectural awareness in cities around the country college of architecture planning design academic year 2007-2008 ach year the department of architecture provides opportunities for their students to visit urban centers so that students are exposed to a broader range of architectural analysis students who are in their second year of study travel to dallas texas third-year students explore architecture in another u.s city which varies from year to year during fy08 the division of continuing education provided logistical assistance to send 73 students and three faculty members to dallas texas and 74 students and four faculty members to san francisco california the study tours provide the students the opportunity to visit with practicing architects view a variety of structures noted for their architectural styles and gain a larger perspective of the needs in urban planning and design e 1,036 student credit hours 741 295 ug gr percent change in sch over last year -18.1 147.9 ·share of division sch 2.2 3


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w ed k-state as an undergraduate student earning her bachelor s degree in animal science with the animal product option once she graduated and began working in the meat and poultry industry she realized it might not be such a bad idea to take her education a little further i wanted to michelle jones go back to improve my standing and expertise in the food industry i was able to gain a lot of food k-state alumna chemistry and composition knowledge during master s program in food science my studies jones said for jones the decision to continue her educaith reports of salmonella and e coli outtion at k-state was a no-brainer much of the breaks all too prevalent in news headlines faculty in the food science program knew her these days concerns about food safety are being from her time as an undergraduate student and pushed to the forefront making sure that food she found that their helpfulness and availability is processed safely and handled according to was just as strong as she completed the distance federal regulations is a job that requires a lot of program know-how i ve known these professors since 1996 they according to michelle were there when jones a k-state alumi needed them na with an on-campus i ve known these professors since just as much bachelor s degree and were 1996 they were there when i need as theywas an a master s degree when i through distance edu ed them just as much as they were undergraducation her alma mater ate jones said when i was an undergraduate is the place to get that since know-how when it starting the comes to food science master s degree k-state is ranked one of the highest jones made a switch to entrepreneur when she institutions they re on the cutting edge began working as an independent food consulof research in the industry jones said tant in new york in her new role her educajones graduated from k-state s online mastion in food science is crucial here in new york ter s program in food science in august 2007 city there are a lot of restaurants and the health originally from kansas city kansas she attenddepartment here is famous for shutting them down jones laughed restaurants hire jones to come in and inspect their establishments and she gives them a full report on issues they need to improve before their next health inspection all that extra knowledge in food science pays off when she teaches food safety and handling techniques to restaurant personnel i m also able to do consulting for manufacturers and food importers and slowly but surely i m getting new clients so this next stage of my career is getting exciting i m hoping it will continue to grow jones said.


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college of agriculture academic year 2007-2008 4,492 student credit hours 3,133 1,359 ug gr percent change in sch over last year 5.7 8.0 ·share of division sch 9.6 quick facts · the department of homeland security dhs national center of excellence for food protection and defense ncfpd recognized k-state s food science program as a national education leader · k-state helped form the agriculture interactive distance education alliance ag-idea a consortium of 23 institutions · thefoodsafetyanddefensegraduatecertificateprogramwasstarted · k-state s master of agribusiness mab program celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2008 5


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joel digirolamo k-state alumnus master s program in industrial organizational psychology oel digirolamo has taken a big step after all a lot of people dream of one day owning their own business and not many can drum up the there were times when i d be in singapore courage to do it but kansas state university s or china on business trips participating in class distance education program was that little somediscussions i was able to keep up with my courses thing extra that pushed him into the next phase even when i was literally on the other side of the of his life planet digirolamo said the residence compoin 2001 digirolamo was working for lexnent provides you with a sense of commumark international and feeling the strain of the nity with your fellow students and proeconomy he realized that it might not be such fessors i met people in a bad idea to dethe program that i will velop some skills i was able to keep up with my probably stay in touch outside of those he with for the rest of my already possessed to courses even when i was on the life and that wouldn t make himself more other side of the planet have happened without marketable with that on-campus part a bachelor s degree the fact that the miop program is based in engineering from purdue university and an on practical rather than theoretical applications mba from xavier university digirolamo figcomes in handy by focusing on problem-solving ured his next step would be to pursue a master s and communication it gives digirolamo the degree in psychology the only problem was that perfect background for his new business turbohe didn t know where charged leadership a consulting firm based in i asked a friend of mine who is a clinical psylexington kentucky chologist what i should go into and he mentioned i ll mostly be doing workshops working with industrial and organizational psychology digiteams to improve their processes and communirolamo said so i went out and started looking cation and understanding of each other teaching for programs and k-state s master s in industrial them the value of different viewpoints digiro organizational psychology miop program fit lamo said the bill perfectly it takes management to a whole with the increased level of understanding new level it goes into the scientific research of behind the psychological aspects of business and the behavior of people in organizations and i success digirolamo has the tools he needs to very much liked that because it blended my mba step into the unknown with his new consulting experience with my engineering background business while he was working on his master s degree the degree has given me the knowledge and digirolamo remained employed at lexmark the confidence to use as a springboard to move something that was made possible by the online forward and to go out into business on my own portion of the program digirolamo said j


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college of arts sciences academic year 2007-2008 · the applied statistics graduate certificateprogramwasstarted · the public administration graduatecertificateprogramwas started · k-stateconcurrentclasseswere offeredforthefirsttimeatriley county high school in fall 2007 · generalorganicchemistrywas offeredthroughdistancedelivery andforthefirsttimeink-state history,achemistrylabwas made available at a distance 14,818 student credit hours 12,603 2,215 ug gr percent change in sch over last year 8.0 15.1 ·share of division sch 29.7 quick facts 7


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leigh garza k-state student bachelor s degree in business administration s a military spouse leigh garza knows the attend on-campus classes as part of her distance challenges of trying to get an education while degree program in general business the flexibility facing the continual possibility of having to reloof the program gives her a more stable schedule cate on a whim garza was up for the challenge for spending time with her son but she wanted a guarantee that she could finish it s great because it doesn t affect him garza the degree program she started even if the army said i m still the one picking him up from school needed to transfer her family to another every day area garza s enthusiasm paid off she was featured after moving from fort hood texin a student profile in as so her husband could be stationed the april 2008 issue i didn t know what the of military spouse at fort riley kansas garza earned an associate degree in science through magazine which highatmosphere would be barton community college courses like but it s been great lighted k-state s eduoffered on post a partnership effort cational opportunities between the community college and for today s military k-state for the spring 2008 semester she decidspouses k-state s distance programs ensure that ed to continue her education by earning a bacheven if fort riley isn t the last stop for garza and elor s degree through k-state her family she can take the credits she s already so many of my hours transferred here even earned with her wherever she goes k-state s disfrom my community college garza said and tance education programs and special programs the process of transferring them was easy with the military allow garza and other service the k-state distance education program in members and their families to finish a degree general business is one of the reasons that garza from anywhere in the world now a senior in accounting chose to continue her i m just going to go to school full time and education at k-state while her husband was staget it done garza said tioned at fort riley with great determination garza is still on i was apprehensive about going back to track to complete her bachelor s degree from kschool at first garza said i didn t know what state no matter what challenges of military life the atmosphere was going to be like but it s been may come her way thanks to k-state s distance great programs degree completion in the midst of rewith a full load of classes and a lot of enthulocation really can be a guarantee siasm garza is taking advantage of the option to a


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college of business administration academic year 2007-2008 3,454 student credit hours 3,136 318 ug gr · the bachelor s degree in general business received the largest number of applications to date · several 2+2 agreements for the generalbusinessmajorweredevelopedandimplementedwith community colleges in kansas and other states percent change in sch over last year 15.6 29.2 ·share of division sch 6.8 quick facts 9



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