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The new coursebook from EnglishCentral, a preview of Chapter 1

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englishcentral by sara davila with john goranson series advisors dr.charles browne aaron jolly 1 englishcentral 1 by sara davila with john goranson building practical and communicative english skills through engaging authentic videos i personally think it s the best site period for english language learners it provides listening speaking and reading practice all in an extremely engaging way larry ferlazzo larry ferlazzo s websites of the day larryferlazzo.edublogs.org i tell everyone i can about englishcentral it s incredible i ve been waiting for something like this for years janet goodwin ucla applied linguistics co-author of teaching pronunciation a coursebook and reference guide only gutenberg would understand my joy when i first saw englishcentral david deubelbeiss efl classroom 2.0 former professor at ewha university graduate school of tesol www.englishcentral.com watch learn speak 0228 ec 1 cover.indd 1,3 12 2 28 9:21


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0228 ec 1 cover.indd 4,6 12 2 28 9:21


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credits englishcentral 1 published by e-future ltd 4-6f lk building 196-8 jamsil-dong songpa-gu seoul korea www.e-future.co.kr developed by education designers 1451 dunsan tower suite 502 dunsan-dong seo-gu daejeon korea www.educationdesigners.net in cooperation with englishcentral inc 5 water street arlington ma 02476 usa www.englishcentral.com layout and design englishcentral acknowledgements the producers and developers would like to express our gratitude to the following people who lent their energy and expertise to creating this new series anne hendler wilma luth helen smith nina k iscovitz daniel craig ralph cousins julien edge katherine sirgey james wu peadar callaghan and bryan stoakley © 2012 e-future ltd all rights reserved no part of this publication or related recordings manuals workbooks or website printing may be reproduced stored or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission from the publisher reproduction of any parts of this book through photocopying or recording without the permission of the publisher is an infringement on copyright law photographs getty images istockphoto wikimedia commons all wikimedia commons photographs are either in the public domain or used under creative commons cc by-sa 3.0 all other images used by permission tm 2 cover_new.indd 2 2/28/12 5:38 pm


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welcome englishcentral 1 takes forty-eight of englishcentral s engaging and authentic english videos and brings them into the modern language classroom using an approach that is communicative and effective for each of the course book s twelve units there are four high-interest videos providing practical language input pre-watching watching and post-watching activities help learners comprehend and use the videos english and concepts humanistic task-based learning develops learners four skills vocabulary games cultural notes practical-usage tips and reading activities complete each unit making englishcentral 1 an exciting choice for efl conversation or integratedskills classrooms at the middle years to post-secondary levels 3 online offline your language solution cover_new.indd 3 2/28/12 5:38 pm


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table of contents unit title and summary of listening skills speaking skills theme videos in unit and activities and activities task-based activity key reading activity key writing activity word fun unit tit the self-introductions pages 10-21 you and me 1 · unknown · michelle obama · abduction · b.o.b listen to personal introductions and information introduce yourself and share personal information help a friend prepare for a job interview read an email to a teacher write a personalintroduction email crossword puzzle fur compa pages 7 pe daily conversation pages 22-33 my life 2 · the future of shopping · david from the dentist · charade · the american identify interests feelings activities routines talents and abilities ask common questions and report information write a profile of a secret agent read a student s journal entry write about university life scrambled words and sentences ho interes 8 hobbie intere pages 9 4 what happened pages 34-45 3 discussing news · the touch · what happened · woman unexpectedly gives birth · man reports own crime listen for information about memorable events that occurred recently ask questions to clarify information and understanding make a comic strip read a newspaper article about divers saved by dolphins write a report of an unexpected event sentence cryptogram out in th 9 mov pages 1 · air mail · your time is now · michael jordan that s inspiring · wishing won t inspiration and help 4 listen to what inspires and motivates people discuss desires goals and how to be thankful make a cheering banner to inspire an athlete read an email asking for help write a helpful reply to an email word square hidden words your op 10 motivation opini pages 46-57 pages 11 great teams teamwork pages 58-69 5 · push yourself · any given sunday · the a-team · furry vengeance identify favorite sports teams and opinions about competition and teamwork share ideas about competing working in a team and handling conflict suggest pros and cons regarding issues hire new people for your crimefighting team read an application form write about a competition you experienced crossword puzzle the wo live 11 global i pages 1 talented and exceptional people fitting in pages 70-81 being unique 6 · lilly · blown up by nose · the fastest knife thrower · lady gaga and ellen fitting in distinguish information related to the distant past from information related to the recent past explain about people s abilities and talents give opinions on issues create a world record and plan how to set it read a blog posting about lady gaga write a blog posting about a performer word square hidden words vacation trave aroun wor 12 pages 1 cover_new.indd 4 2/28/12 5:38 pm


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d fun unit title and summary of listening skills speaking skills theme videos in unit and activities and activities task-based activity key reading activity key writing activity word fun rd puzzle furry companions pets pages 82-93 7 · we see · i need meat · denver the dog is found guilty · the ultimate dog tease organize information and advice give advice and ask clarification questions write a profile of a pet who competes in a pet show read a news story about a famous dog write about a dog you know board game ed words ences how interesting hobbies and interests 8 · it s a book · the new 911 carrera · dad makes the tough play · argument clinic identify opinions about books phones computers cars and other interests roleplay buying and selling a car answer yes/no questions explain details keep a conversation going write a profile of a book and then recommend it read the back page of a novel write about your interests and experiences in middle school word puzzle pages 94-105 e am out in theaters movies pages 106-117 9 · salt · rio · the social network · mr popper s penguins understand and record the features of philanthropy analyze opinions about movies make suggestions about how to solve problems pitch a new movie and then ask how to make it better read an article about the concept of genius write about a genius scrambled words and sentences 5 uare words your opinion opinions pages 118-129 10 · the purpose of getting good grades in school · our music is colorless · get rid of the crappy stuff · alina ibragimova judge advice listen to opinions about school and music describe pictures give advice support opinions check agreement create a board game read a magazine advertisement for a music theater write about the greatest place you ever visited word chain game d puzzle the world we live in global issues pages 130-141 11 · everything deserves a why · differences between british and american english · why bother · green car of the year organize information about nature and environment get the gist of opinions about policing and enforcement identify types of english ask why to elicit more information compare british and american english create and describe a movement and a strategy to manage its growth read a university s website to get key information write about what you want from a university word puzzle uare words vacations and traveling pages 142-153 around the world 12 · do you speak english · pumping it up · the magic of dublin · business etiquette tipping while traveling analyze and record information about traveling fitness and etiquette ask for directions give directions give advice plan a trip and make a travel itinerary read a travel brochure suggesting scandinavia nordic countries as a travel destination write about a trip you want to take crossword puzzle cover_new.indd 5 2/28/12 5:38 pm


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getting started with englishcentral it s easy to start studying with englishcentral just follow the steps and recommendations below 1 access code you will receive a premium access card use this to register as a premium member of englishcentral 6 this card will expire on november 11 2012 2 registration go to the class page url given by your teacher http www.englishcentral.com select the enroll in class button fill out your details including your access code cover_new.indd 6 2/28/12 5:38 pm


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you are now registered in the class and can begin studying in the course 7 3 your my class page students study using their my class page find the course videos there complete all the units to graduate from the course watch learn and speak the videos learn words from the videos with englishcentral s quiz it looks like this watch learn and speak the four videos for each unit complete the unit vocab quiz monitor your activity in the progress bar cover_new.indd 7 2/28/12 5:38 pm


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getting started with englishcentral 4 the player students watch learn and speak videos using our unique player here s how it works watch mode repeat press this button and replay slow down slow the speak so you can hear it clearly hide speech subtitles hide other subtitles word help click on a word to hear it spoken and get a definition hidden challenge hiding two words randomly on each line of video improves one s listening skills 8 learn mode type words type the hidden words from the transcript line study words see the definition and listen to the word favorite words add words to your favorites for continued study later next word advance to the next hidden word in the video speak mode record speak the video and get immediate feedback repeat press this button to replay compare compare your pronunciation with the original pronunciation feedback red unrecognized yellow inaccurate green accurate p unnatural pause pronunciation achievement bar shows green when over 50 percent is accurate pronunciation achievement score a-f hidden challenge hiding two words randomly on each line of video improves one s listening skills cover_new.indd 8 2/28/12 5:38 pm


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5 the word quizzes students learn words from the videos using our special quiz here s how it works an innovative spaced repetition system using authentic video and script a spaced repetition system is a way to learn a large number of new words in the least amount of time words enter into long-term memory transcript multiple choice selector available in multiple languages to help the learner recognize the vocabulary learning progress bar shows the number of learned studied wrong and total words video plays the video line with the vocabulary to be studied timer learners can concentrate on learning and memorize effectively within thirty-second time limits 9 6 getting help · · · getting help is easy on englishcentral look at our help pages just click the link at the bottom of every page contact your teacher for general assistance or contact us at http www.englishcentral.com/contact-us consult our tutorials on our youtube channel at http www.youtube.com/englishcentral good luck learning with englishcentral cover_new.indd 9 2/28/12 5:38 pm


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unit 1 you and me getting started what do you say when you meet someone new share your ideas with your partner when i meet someone new i say 1 let s prepare a what is the first thing you should say when you meet someone new what s your name nice to meet you hello i just go there 10 b match the word with the definition 1 invitation 2 exist 3 safe 4 proof 5 identification 6 rule 7 arrest 8 trauma · an injury or shock that lasts a long time · what must or must not be done · take somebody to a police station to ask questions · a person or group asks you to visit · to be · there is no danger · a document that gives information about a thing · something showing that a thing is true c check your answers with your partner 2 let s watch a watch the video put a check next to the topic martin harris gets married martin harris remembers who he is martin harris visits friends unit 1.indd 10 2/28/12 5:36 pm


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b watch again put the ideas in order from 1 to 5 i have a wife how did you lose your memory what s your name my name s martin harris i remember passports and family photos c watch again how does martin feel when he meets a man with the same name how do you know share your ideas with your partner 3 your turn a meet three people in your classroom write their answers 11 a hi my name is mira what is your name a where do you live sara name live b hi mira my name is sara b i live in the dormitory best friend id sara in the dormitory mira passport b fill in the blanks use a word from the box arrest rule kinds memories safe invitation 1 2 3 4 5 6 there are many of candy which one is your favorite what are your of summer 2011 there is a in this classroom speak english only did you get an to the party i feel on the train at night when i m with my friends or family the police wanted to him they thought he hit the old woman c check your answers with your partner unit 1.indd 11 2/28/12 5:36 pm


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2 make an impression 1 let s prepare a which of the following would you discuss with someone new explain your answer to your partner my name my age my birthday my family my hometown when i meet someone new i would talk about because b circle the word that has a similar meaning 1 relationship 2 kindhearted 3 respect 4 committed 5 talent 6 law 7 offer scholarship helpful invitation hungry trauma rules jump comfortable friendship safe memory happy gift papers take disagreeable professorship new honor connected arm teachers give recyclable 12 8 resistant c check your answers with your partner 2 let s watch a put an x next to the topics michelle s family does not talk about michelle s birth date michelle s best friend michelle s hometown michelle s first job b watch again fill in the blanks michelle s family introduces michelle michelle was born on 1964 she and her brother craig grew up in her mother stayed and her father worked at a water plant she studied in college michelle and started dating after college c watch again think about when michelle met barack obama how did she feel how do you know share your ideas with your partner a michelle met barack when they were b:yes!andherfirstimpressionofhimwas a uh-huh but she also thought b yeah i agree i think she unit 1.indd 12 2/28/12 5:36 pm


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3 your turn a role-play student a write student b s answers a hi my name is noah what is your name a where were you born yuhlan b hi noah my name is yuhlan b i was born in sydney student b turn to page 21 student a student b name born age study name noah born hong kong age 20 years old study humanities write your personal information in the boxes below name born age study 13 change partners role-play again use your personal information b write a summary of the video use the words below in your summary relationship kindhearted respect resistant expect committed c write the number of each expression below its picture 1 a little bit 2 lift others up 3 make a great impression 4 didn t have his act together unit 1.indd 13 2/28/12 5:36 pm



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