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Housing crisis in the inner west

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free there s life in the inner west 182 2nd march 2012 every fortnight win movie tix reclaim the lanes keep newtown weird how to recycle your mobile coriolanus margin call headhunters plus french film festival the weir at new theatre inner west our secret beaches discover that well-hidden swimming spot near you plus women s day in marrickville is taking over the hardt annandale distributed in leich newtown petersham stanmore haberfield rozelle balmain mba drummoyne waree ncord five dock co local students and artists pushed to the limit local student shanel salih camps out photo by ben cregan tentrification treading lightly eco-living in the inner west the ladies clothing swap is a fantastic opportunity for you to rid your wardrobe of those items that you never wear and swap them for something that you ll love ladies clothing swap date time wednesday 14 march 7-9pm venue the exchange hotel beattie street balmain wor k ev shops ents free rsvp is essential please call 02 9367 9220 or there s probably someone else out there who would love to wear those items that you never get around to getting out of the drawer bring those old clothes along to the ladies clothing swap and trade your old clothes for something fabulous clothing swap horiz banner ad.indd 1 1/03/12 2:31 pm


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inner west whispers pssst pass on a whisper you ve heard to we are c!ao latte leftie viva la revolution righteous rightie has been sacked and i m back now we need to make sure penny wong becomes pm dear ll ­ where have you been progressive politics has gone haywire in your absence and i ve been left bereft of guidance about whether i should be in gillard or rudd camp forlorn leichhardt ll replies apologies to you and the millions of other right-on readers who look to this column to be told what to think forlorn i ve been tied up in recent weeks undertaking a study trip in venezuela observing how chavez is creating a bright socialist future of course when it comes to the choice between backing a childless atheist ex-communist career woman from inner city melbourne and a god-bothering middle-aged family man from brisvegas there is no contest but what i ve found most disturbing about the recent leadership contretemps is that with the exception of yours truly no-one s yet realised that the only way the alp can now save its soul and atone for its many boganpandering sins is to put an inscrutable eurasian lesbian into the lodge chif s immigration minister arthur calwell was fond of observing that two wongs don t make a white but i assure you despairing comrades penny wong will make it right not in the sense of actually giving labor a chance of winning the next election ­ i think we all need to accept and secretly rejoice that tony abbott will be in power longer than menzies ­ but by refraining from the low-rent populism that both gillard and rudd have reduced the party of keating and whitlam to i for one am confident that when the mad monk starts slashing the lower orders wages and using their tax dollars to fund millionaires health care maternity leave and private schools wong will maintain a laser-like focus on appearing on q&a to discuss gay marriage rather than going on that mel and kochie show to feign outrage at the treatment of fickle proles too stupid to even comprehend they don t get to elect the pm n email with your dilemma work experience shanel salih the wiggles save enmore but who will save ocean foods l a bunch of child-loving skivvy-wearers are rumoured to have bought alfalfa house and rescued the food co-operative from falling into the hands of greedy landlords yay for the wiggles we think there should be a street sculpture built in their honour right outside the enmore theatre l palace cinemas has finally had their da approved the plan for four extra cinemas lodged in may 2011 has taken less than a year ­ a relatively short time for lmc the national record-holder of lengthy das well done to leichhardt council for getting this through ­ now we ll all be able to throw more popcorn at audrey tautou l although someone tweeted that it was k-rudd who asked for mark arbib s head i think it was albo he s the only person powerful enough to unseat these faceless men albo seems to have escaped unscathed tweeting thank you to all those tweeps who contacted me on the alp leadership particularly the fine residents of #grayndler we think a `tweep is a twitter peep but we can t be sure albo s up with the lingo l businesses that have been rejigged this week include le pain quotidien new management taking over soon and meshea lifestyle this saturday shelly and the crew welcome in the new owners also ficus in balmain becomes the cottage and the new jack atley gallery opens its doors in rozelle l drummoyne businesses have taken strong action against the widening of lyons rd with many shops like mr liquor and ocean foods to lose street frontage it s unlikely the rta will proceed local liberal mp john sidoti who promised to diminish rat runs through five dock and drummoyne is likely to find himself caught between local residents wishes and fatty s strong commitment to realising his m4 east vision leane senzamici newtown food melissa leong photography nudzejma avdic in the `30s marrickville became an important area for wool manufacturing and vicars was the first and largest woollen mill in the area this image shows the employees at vicars woollen mill circa 1943 marrickville metro has been sitting on the site for the past 24 years but the next time you do your grocery shopping there be sure to keep an eye out for the original façade thanks to marrickville heritage society for the image from marrickville a past worth preserving available to buy 35 plus postage by calling 9588 4930 or emailing n ss c!ao history jo beaver design russell edwards art director welcome to rozelle markets editor nancy merlo publishing sonia komaravalli contributors russell edwards ben cregan fred cruzo jared ingersoll shanel salih and michele freeman ciao things we love street art skulls ghosts and monsters make for great graffiti this very cool piece by colab is on the back wall of tortuga studios 31 princes highway st peters if you spot any hidden gems like this one send us your pics thanks to street art enthusiast and local blogger nadine emans for this one johnny base peter lead singer antero drums from ashbury matt lead guitar from rozelle c!ao s voice what s in out in out · asking the people of australia for their vote · supporting the aussie music industry · the new afghani restaurant in five dock · crime books ­ what is it that s so enticing about bad guys · brightly coloured shoes · apple raisin bread from revolver café annandale · visiting a local art gallery during art month · gillard and rudd · high rent along king st s retail strip forcing the little guys out · my stick figure family car stickers so cheesy · ambulance police vehicles using their sirens just to get through traffic · the `check-in option on facebook why facilitate your stalkers · cracked footpaths in petersham ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 0405 032 032 ­ leane 0405 509 805 ­ sonia every weekend rozelle markets doing a mighty fine elvis impersonation showcases wholesome dedicated bands then there s antero matt and booker the last week it was the flat cats who dog who all play their part in creating a play all around the inner west johnny cool and relaxing vibe at rozelle markets the base guitarist is from pymble rozelle markets has broken such but he also busks around the emerging bands as the crooked place you might see him at fiddle band and simon kinny the hub or newtown lewis while strolling station peter the through the markets lead singer is from make sure you keep petersham and is an ear out for those absolutely mad he easy beats that make puts 120 into his weekends at rozelle performances and markets so enjoyable you might even catch sydney s favourite second hand market every saturday and sunday 9am ­ 4pm darling st near victoria rd ciao is locally owned and produced please recycle printed by spot press marrickville subscribe tired of missing out on your copy of ciao why not subscribe it costss $75 per year to have ciao home delivered to your doorstep email with your address cover faced with high rental prices in the inner west ciao s own student intern shanel salih tried camping out in a local park the flies and lack of wi-fi access proved to be a bit of a problem though photo by ben cregan c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west 2


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so you want to live here the inner west s property market is still going gangbusters that might be fine for owners but for young families artists and especially students it s a huge problem michele freeman reports when i first moved to newtown i used to revel in the cheap and colourful lifestyle of the inner west friends music makers pubs and grub were all within a one-kilometre radius and instead of spending my days at uni i would explore vacant buildings and warehouses find five-dollar meals all along king street and go to underground and illegal parties in the many nooks of the neighbourhood i loved that secondhand bookshops independent stores anarchist film nights and covert direct action planning were all more popular than the boutique shops and the biodynamic yogurt and yoga places that reign today and i paid 70 bucks a week in rent but hey no one enjoys listening to people harp on about `the good old days even when i first moved here the old guard would crap on endlessly about how run down and cheap the area used to be back when it was the domain of poor immigrant families and not boho activists students and artists one of the reasons we inner westies fall into the trap of talking about who had it best and when is because the times they are a changing art colour and diversity will hopefully always have a home in the inner west but there is no denying that due to a lack of affordability there s been a steady dampening of the area s vibrancy the many shades of the gay pride flag are in danger of turning grey this is mostly thanks to the fact that as recently estimated by the economist magazine australian houses are overvalued by 56 per cent ­ the highest in the world ­ on a historical ratio of rents to house prices directly related to these ridiculously high property prices but of more relevance to the transient artist or student of the inner west is chronic shortage of rental housing which exposes tenants to uncontrolled rent increases in december last year the sydney morning herald reported that the average rent for a sydney apartment ­ not house ­ was $450 a week this is an average calculated across the whole of sydney the rent in the inner city is much higher and while the most pressing crisis is rental stress hitting single parents the unemployed and low income families what is interesting in the inner west is how the rent squeeze is pushing out the very people that helped make the area so desirable to cashed-up property buyers in the first place as local artist mickie quick said at the three minute sydney event back in 2009 artists can simply no longer afford to pay the rents here as part of a grand tradition dating back to at least the `70s he explained we [artists look for cheap properties in depressed areas and through our activities we raise values there and next thing you know the area is being gentrified after that artists cannot afford the rent in that area so they move to the next economically depressed area usually further out and the cycle continues when i spoke to some of the people at one inner west artist collective i found that the only way they could 4 n housing affordability the facts and figures pay for their large warehouse studio was because their parents had bought them a home in the area over 10 years ago when that didn t mean shelling out close to a million bucks so they didn t have to worry about rent for housing others at this warehouse slept on the floor of their studio or couch surfed at friend s places choosing to pay rent for their art space over rent for a living space because it had reached a point where they needed to choose between the two but the area s lack of affordability isn t just pushing out artists it affects students families saving to buy people with incomes too low or employment too insecure to qualify for a mortgage and people who simply choose to not prioritise income-generating work think mothers community gardeners care givers and musicians the other danger of these rising costs is that the people remaining have little spare time left to do anything other than work in order to afford to live here so it becomes a double whammy community life and social capital taking a hit from both sides this is something that barbara pocock from the centre of work+life keenly observed when she said we used to make ourselves in the street or the community but we make ourselves increasingly in the workplace that s an observation echoed by british psychologist and author oliver james when he travelled to sydney dreaming doing research for his book affluenza he said he found a city in thrall to american values and a puritan work ethic that robbed life of joy and real meaning middle-class sydney which the inner west increasingly consists of he noted is packed with career-obsessed workaholics a harsh call and maybe not quite fitting for this area which is still home to a whole lot of life but a timely warning perhaps it seems some serious alternatives need to be considered if we don t want to find ourselves living in a grey zone alternatives not just in terms of housing ­ although medium density and subsidised housing would be a great start ­ but in terms of how we value the things that don t generate large amounts of income so often our society labels these pursuits as inferior and the nonmonetary value they provide to our communities goes unrecognised and unappreciated no one got rich studying a phd or by perfecting the art of a good homemade baklava but our communities are greatly enriched by the people that choose to do those things anyway we should thank them and make room for them not make it impossible for them to pay their rent n words michele freeman pic you can always camp out shanel finds an affordable spot in a stanmore park photo ben cregan you re l inner city housing is more popular and so much more expensive in sydney between 1994 and 2002 the real median house price five kilometres from the city increased by more than 100 per cent while at 40 kilometres it increased by less than 50 per cent l once we were tenants in the nineteenth century sydney was primarily a city of tenants it was not until after world war ii that home ownership became more common than renting in sydney l averages and medians in 2011 the average house price in inner west sydney was $800,000 ­ $900,000 but the average in any market is distorted by the extremes a more accurate figure is the median the spot where there s 50 per cent above and 50 per cent below l it s a stressful business in 2008 it was estimated that 95 per cent of lowincome renters in the marrickville area were experiencing housing stress which represents an increase of 40 per cent since 2001 there was no affordable housing stock available for purchase for very low to low income households l social housing on the slide there are approximately 80,000 houses and apartments in sydney let to qualified low-income tenants by the nsw housing department and only a further 8,000 by non-profit housing associations cooperatives and welfare organisations provision of subsidised social housing in sydney has declined over the past decade l cooperate the alpha house artist cooperative in erskineville is the only example of a housing cooperative in the area in 1994 the 12 connected townhouses were finally built after a long battle with the state government alpha house was the first group in nsw to be funded as a co-operative.


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2012 inner west local business awards 2012 do you know an outstanding business in the inner west that deserves recognition for their service nominate your favourite business in the local business awards and put yourself in the running to win a 16gb apple ipad 2 and carry pouch major sponsor marrickville council presents vote win an ipad 2 section 1 please tick one of the following categories automotive services bakery/cake shop beauty services butcher café child care services delicatessen/gourmet food fashion shop fast food/takeaway florist fruit vegetable shop hairdresser health fitness home based business longest serving business home furnishing store/electrical store jewellery store new business pet care pharmacy pizza restaurant professional services real estate agency restaurant seafood outlet service trade specialised business specialised retail business wedding services the ladies lounge media partners support sponsors celebrating international women s day thursday 8 march 2012 4pm ­ 7pm petersham town hall crystal st petersham a pop-up ladies lounge created for the women of marrickville featuring performances market stalls and information booths showcasing community organisations home-based and local businesses both run by and for women drop by the ladies lounge snap up a bargain take a load off and enjoy all welcome presented by number of years in operation youth award nominee s name 25 under must work at nominated business below section 2 please nominate an outstanding business business name address suburb business ph signature date postcode canterbury bmw driving strong relationships nb only customer signed coupons will be accepted in the count customers are restricted to one vote per category section 3 enter the prize draw your name your contact number any personal information including contact details other information you provide will be used strictly for this program and will not be provided to any third party download more coupons from the proudly managed by local business awards website the office for women s policy supports iwd events sponsored by closing date wednesday 28th march 2011 post to the inner west local business awards po box h211 hurlstone park nsw 2193 enquiries tel 02 8577 5060 photocopied coupons are accepted multiple coupons accepted in one envelope vote online phone enquiries 9335 2222 or visit terms and conditions · awards businesses that receive the highest number of nominations become finalists the number of nominations needed to qualify will vary for each category finalists will be judged using a separate criteria to determine the winner in each category · prize draw promotion is open to all regions in which the local business awards operate nominations within a region close as stated on the coupon the overall promotion commences 10/2/12 one draw will be conducted at precedent productions level 1 30 floss st hurlstone park nsw 2193 the draw for the advertised prize will be conducted on 19/12/12 and the winner will be notified via telephone by 5.30pm on 19/12/12 the person whose coupon is drawn randomly from all participating area coupons in the local business awards 2012 will win the advertised prize prize consists of 1 x apple ipad2 16gb and pouch total rrp $612.00 picture is for illustration purposes only actual product may vary any change in the value of the prize occurring between the publishing date and the date of the prize is claimed is not the responsibility of precedent productions prize is not transferable and not redeemable for cash authorised under nsw permit ltps/12/00991.


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community life discovering our secret beaches the inner west is not known for its beaches but there are pretty little coves all around our waterfront some you can actually swim in and for the purpose of this road test we do for those who detest chlorinated water and lap nazis it s hard to swim locally there are some proper beaches but your definition has to be pretty broad mine is a sandy patch where you can get into the water without slicing up your feet on shells or syringes and when you emerge don t immediately have to call the poison hotline lo and behold they do exist r oad test rant keep newtown weird chris lego is a collective member of reclaim the lanes here he explains what the festival is really all about in a previous article about the inner west ciao #177 18th nov 2011 there seemed to be a little confusion about the events that reclaim the lanes puts on we are a loose collective of about 50 people who put on free laneway reclamations/street parties in the name of community spirit and creative use of urban space why we gather to `dance with no purpose an awesome t-shirt slogan for us by the way is pretty simple and thanks to ciao for the opportunity to explain ourselves we are asserting our rights to inhabit space and fill it with music art spontaneous events kids activities bands free food and decorations we believe in the spirit of organic free events we think that the spirit of free celebration and carnival are vital to a sense of joy for those living in the high pressure environs of the inner city in these uncertain times mostly the laneways are used to dump rubbish in we re more interested in dumping ideas mobile music and art installations there we hope to be an antidote to the pressures of gentrification and commercialised highly regulated entertainment we are trying to bring some of the realness back to the inner west like in the good old days that everyone reminisces about we need to keep newtown weird minutes skinny-dipping after dusk if you re game some evidence of amorous activity in the bushes though it might have been wildlife it was dark cabarita beach the inner west s very own bondi is so popular it has parking meters though after years of going there i have yet to see anyone in the water its three-star water quality rating really means poor though on the sunny early morning i tested it was calm and pleasant swimming i managed a couple of laps facing direct north this is a magnificent sun trap in winter and the people-watching scene on sundays is sensational elkington park balmain there s a lovely sandy cove on the western side of the point great for a late afternoon picnic as it s sheltered from the prevailing winds above the dept of environment s beachwatch report has daily monitoring of the nearby dawn fraser pool and lists this spot as good but the faecal contamination likely reports ran everyday while i researched this story all summer water temp at time of test 23° time in water 4 minutes taste test salty a bit suss skinny-dipping not recommended a little-known swimming spot in balmain a taliban-like group of resident vigilantes who won t let anyone do anything in callan park certainly not enjoy themselves water temp 22.5° time in water 25 seconds what was the dark shape taste test brackish skinnydipping definitely not even sunbathers require burqas and a council permit see callan park master plan sec 245 appropriate leisurewear rodd point drummoyne there are several beaches on the peninsula none recommended the sand looks clean and sailboarders use them extensively but for a century and a half industrial toxins drained into iron cove and in its upper reaches they re still there wading out from the shallows you can feel something nasty attempting to penetrate the pores of your feet at dusk the rats come out to frolic the lawn is always closely cropped because when the rodents are finished with the leftovers from the nearby greatest fish shop in the universe they ll eat grass or anything including you n re callan park rozelle two small pretty beaches lie just inside the northern borders of callan park both are ok for swimming if you re not frightened by persistent urban myths of dog-eating sharks in the vicinity the real danger comes from `the guardians quarantine point abbottsford nice for the late afternoon sun and at low tide the northern sandy strip is secluded by bushes this far up the harbour official water quality declines to fair an assessment backed up by my taste test don t swim if you have an open skin abrasion water temp 23° time in water 4 we are trying to bring some of the realness back to the inner west we have done three of these events in the last two years including one as part of the sydney fringe festival which won a `spirit of the fringe award between 700 and 1500 people show up to the reclaim the lanes rtl events depending on the weather we are distant cousins of the reclaim the streets parties of the 1990s and 2000s which took over roads around the inner west and cbd with no permission in a protest against the dominance of car culture in our cities these days rtl aims to cultivate positive relationships with the police our neighbours the media and our punters it s all about positivity and creative expression nobody gets paid or promoted we re not getting rich or famous it is a political event but our signs and banners say things like `love thy neighbourhood `keep it weird and `be excellent to each other some of us have been living in and around newtown putting on this kind of stuff for a few decades others are just starting to get involved we put on free community events just because we care and just because we can sharing music art and celebration is a great feeling it s about the spirit of doing something organic it s about us our surroundings joy in an urban setting and community spirit we want to rediscover the forgotten laneways of our neighbourhoods with all our friends and a sound system find us on facebook check out pictures of past events and perhaps come join us on march 17th for reclaim the lanes 4 we re meeting at 2pm at the hub opposite newtown station it ll be fun we promise n chris lego inspired by ann brashares popular series the sisterhood of the travelling pants and each neighborhood will be able to add one pair of decorated jeans to represent their community on the tour the workshop is a great opportunity to get creative while supporting the jeans for genes day cause recommended for people aged 10 to 16 years old the workshop runs from 11am to 3pm march 17 n newtown library 8­ 10 brown street newtown a marrickville messiah always wanted to sing but never joined the choir now is your chance for one weekend only leichhardt espresso chorus invites the community to come and sing along at `a marrickville messiah from friday 23rd to sunday 25th march at marrickville town hall anyone and everyone are encouraged to join the group choir and take part in the inspiring musical workshops and social events of the weekend ­ including an exciting performance of handel s 1741 oratorio messiah there are no auditions required and participants are provided with learning aids and a score so they can practice their part before starting the event unites local community singers and talented international soloist including allegra giagu soprano richard yardley alto richard black tenor and alex knight bass ­ conducted by michelle leonard workshops cost $120 or you can just grab concert tickets available for $45 or $35 for concession and $85 for family passes the public performance will be held at 3pm on sunday ending a fantastic weekend and community initiative on a high note n for more information email or visit what s on compiled by nancy merlo email sunday 4th march sunday 11th march info@ciaomagazi attn nancy free community events listings are friday 16th march lost in celebration of art month over twenty art studios throughout the inner west will open their doors to the public on sunday 4th march from 10am to 4pm lost leichhardt open studio trail is a unique opportunity for the community to take a peek at various creative spaces and experience different artistic genres including street art video painting sculpture mixed media stencil art illustration ceramics and glass art n for more information visit or call 9367 9379 6 petersham food and wine fair marrickville council will hold its 10th annual bairro portuguese petersham food and wine fair on sunday 11th march from 10am to 6pm the fair will take place on audley and fisher street and is expected to be a sensory treat with tons to do and see the streets will come alive with a party atmosphere featuring traditional portuguese and brazilian music and dance groups delicious food stalls beers wines and lots of activities for the kids the event is free n for more info call marrickville council on 9335 2142 pics in the park `pics in the park is finishing up for the year with tim burton s colourful and quirky film alice in wonderland on friday 16th march the film is a great one for the kids to see ­ it explores the magical world of alice s childhood as she reunites with her old friends and discovers her destiny alice in wonderland will bring the community together one last time for an outdoor flick screening at the village green at mort bay park mckell st balmain from 7.15pm n for further information call 9367 9220 or visit alice in wonderland saturday 17th march saturday 17th march jean genies national tour newtown library is inviting the community to find their inner fashion designer by decorating a pair of jeans to donate to the jean genies national tour which stops off at the library from the 15th to the 23rd march the jean genies exhibition is reclaim the lanes the community festival reclaim the lanes is returning for its fourth year in a celebration of the forgotten and underused urban space in the inner west the parade leaves from the hub newtown at 2.40pm sharp and ends at 9pm ­ stopping at two secret laneway locations to experience the potential of these forgotten spaces along


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n local gigs thursday 8th march fatboy slim ajax the least exciting out of the picks for this week this may well be a disappointing show but at a surprisingly cheap price it d be worth seeing this superstar and his fancy new visual performance tricks enmore theatre $50 +bf monday 12th march free tickoebts in d u le w movies passes three revealing giveaways st vincent oscar martin tickets now someone get me tickets st vincent if you haven t heard by now is one of the rising stars from the asthmatic kitty group headed by pop folk legend sufjan stevens her voice enthusiasm and rocking guitar skills make this an absolutely necessary investment at a fantastic venue go the factory theatre enmore $45 +bf wall st greed exposed scandinavian flesh exposed political lust exposed margin call that 2008 s gfc was caused by big bad bankers may be an absurd over-simplification but it is a comforting populist myth those nitpicking online about j.c chandor s electrifying account of a fatal 24 hours on wall st by saying it s more complicated than that are missing the point this is a morality tale a clear-sighted exciting and mesmerising fable and sure it points to something rotten at the heart of capitalism but it s not economics 101 the troubled trading-floor boss played by kevin spacey is the conscience of the film yep bankers do have one and his is a particularly gut-churning performance equally good is jeremy irons as a pinstriped thug ahhh the baddie has to be a brit the glittering nyc skyline plays a role too as a constant backdrop to the fast-paced boardroom action it s a very talkie drama and stanley tucci paul bettany and demi moore all get some fabulous well-scripted lines an insatiable hunger for money the driving force of everything that makes our world tick oozes out of their every word it reveals a reality that is as ugly as it is doomed ctc at dendy newtown from march 15 .n thanks to the becker film group we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below headhunters after the dragon tattoo saga we now know that scandinavian men are not gentle socialists but violent and corrupt brutes and thanks to every other sbs stereotype we ve ever seen we also know the women are blonde tall incredibly beautiful and usually naked that s all confirmed in morten tyldum s sensationally twisty tale an adaption of jo nesbo s international bestseller roger brown aksel hennie is a powerful and arrogant recruitment consultant in norway living way beyond his means to pay for his own lavish lifestyle and fund his wife diana s synnove macody s up-market art gallery roger dabbles in art thefts and after he nicks a valuable painting from corporate honcho clas nikolaj costerwaldau all hell breaks loose pity rog didn t twig exactly who clas was and who he worked for but by the time he does he s literally buried deep in shit effortless straddling both crimethriller and art-house headhunters is a edge-of-your-seat jawdroppingly tense ride of course there s a hollywood remake in the works but unlike the made-for-tv dragon movies this crisp cold original will be very hard to beat ma15 from march 8 n thanks to rialto distribution we have 5 double in-season passes to give away details below coriolanus shakespeare s most overtly political play is not everyone s favourite and yet it speaks to us all especially now as a study of the way ambition and vanity kevin rudd corrupts and destroys without doubt this is one of the bard s greatest works and ralph fiennes who stars in his own directorial debut is sensational as the unhinged coriolanus he s the power hungry control freak at the peak of his career kevin 07 in the roman army ­ rewarded by high office by a political fixer the straights brian cox but his pride and lack of discipline quickly bring him unstuck and he is forced out spurned and burning with wounded ego he turns on his former colleagues joins rome s enemies and launches an attack on the state itself atta boy kev using the original dialogue but a contemporary setting is a masterstroke and we soon get it especially the tv news show anchors acting as a shakespearean chorus the hyper-realistic battle scenes set in bosnia are brutish and tense ­ cinematographer barry ackroyd the hurt locker and fiennes have delivered the goods this is an amazing incredible achievement shock and awe oh wow ctc from march 8 n thanks to icon films we have 10 double in-season passes to give away details below n reviews re melbourne s oscar martin thursday 15th march mick harvey continuing on the rocking guitar skills trend is mick harvey australian legend after having spent the last year letting england shake see pj harvey he s back for a tour of his own material largely from 2011 s sketches from the book of the dead notes live enmore $23.50 ga n claire albrecht french film festival it s hard to say which of the regular foreign language film festivals are norton street s most popular but one thing we know we do like our cinema fresh feisty and french the alliance francaise french film festival always livens up norton st around this time of year and 2012 s selection of the best drama comedy art-house and documentary from europe s most innovative and prolific film-producing nation may be one of the best line-ups ever some films will get a cinema release later this year including opening night s tuesday 6th march special delight the poignant and free-spirited declaration of war many cinema-lovers prefer the sort of fare that can only be seen on the big screen at festivals they would be well advised to check out two we caught a preview of the politically charged yet charismatic the snows of kilimanjaro or the stunning hard-hitting drama based on a 2001 true story presumed guilty about an average guy falsely accused of paedophilia the festival winds up with a treat on sunday march 25th with the francois truffaut classic the last metro starring gerard depardieu still slim and hunky and catherine deneuve n palace norton st and palace verona tues march 6th to sun march 25th we have 10 double in-season passes to giveaway for sessions of your choice some restrictions apply to enter see below n ciao s french film fest fave delicacy audrey tautou is so ravishingly pantswettingly beautiful in delicacy that it s impossible not to award her best role since amélie as our favourite ok that s a bloke s response but the female reaction to this achingly bitter-sweet romance at my preview was if anything more intense audrey tautou in delicacy the way expect to enjoy music games kids activities picnics in the lanes and public art as part of the day s entertainment the event is run entirely on donations and is guaranteed to lift your community spirit n visit for more info or to donate win tix sunday 18th march keeping newtown weird carnival of cultures ashfield council is holding a `carnival of cultures at ashfield park from 10am to 4pm the day will provide loads of entertainment including musical and choir performances and cultural dances while the kids will have a great time with the giant slide jumping castle animal farm pony rides and face painters badminton table tennis and multicultural games will also be available for families and friends to enjoy together `carnival of cultures embraces a wide variety of international foods market and community stalls allowing all cultures to make their mark on the day plus artspace will showcase local arts and crafts as well as host a drawing workshop the carnival also features a free plant giveaway for residents n ashfield park 10 ormond st ashfield for more information visit impress a young lady who is in town from dublin what starts off as a night of smooth talking and sexual tension soon twists into a bizarrely mystical story not to be missed performances run 8pm wednesday ­ saturday and 5pm sundays tickets $30 at n new theatre 542 king street newtown to win a pass to see the weir email and tell us where you get your ciao weds 7th ­ tues 13th march new theatre 80th birthday new theatre is approaching its 80th anniversary and to celebrate they re screening a diverse series of modern and classical plays `the weir is one of the nine contemporary plays showing from 7th ­ 13th march telling the hilarious story of four men in a cut off irish pub attempting to win double movie passes theatre tix to be in the running to win a double movie pass to margin call headhunters coriolanus the alliance francaise french film festival and/or the weir just email with your name and postal address telling us where only at the movies march 8th you picked up your copy of ciao you can enter just one ­ or all of them give us an order of preference if you do community glamour at its best 7


p. 8

n ciao s mailbox n sustainability free there s life in the inner west 181 15th february 2012 every fortnight the inner west s yoga epidemic coverline xxxx xx xxx xx xxxxx win movie tix late bloomers a separation dvds the hunter free belly dance lessons an apple iphone a day there are over 24 million mobile phone subscribers in australia and on average they upgrade their handsets every 18 to 24 months each one is a whole handful of toxins gone well where exactly it s estimated that there are nearly 16 million phones stored at home and work ­ 70 per cent of people have at least one old mobile phone while 32 per cent have two or more so based on these figures if everyone in the inner west has a mobile that s around 50,000 and probably another 40,000 stored away waiting to get chucked out a quick audit at my place found two lgs and i m up to my 10th phone since 1996 which isn t too bad in the early days my phones were precious treated well they lasted a few years and were used to make calls and text ­ nothing more over time our relationship with our phone has changed they ve become replaceable as their functionality improves our need for them increases but strangely their lifespan decreases ­ maybe because we use them more ­ and cheaper prices usually make it easier to buy a new one rather than fix the one you dropped in the pub toilet so what do we do with this vast amount of stored energy the worst thing is to throw your old phone in the bin mobiles contain a cocktail of highly toxic elements like cadmium arsenic and lead the good news is that 90 per cent of a phone s material can be recycled the energy and raw materials used to produce new phones contribute significantly to co2 emissions it s estimated that up to 90 per cent of these greenhouse gases can be saved by recycling mobile phone materials rather than using virgin resources further 300g of gold can be recovered from approximately one tonne of recycled mobiles which saves mining 110 tonnes of gold ore phones can also be donated for use in developing countries is taking over the inner west annandale distributed in leichhardt newtown petersham stanmore rozelle balmain haberfield drummoyne wareemba five dock concord plus xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx something really epic xx xxx xxx xxx x xxx xxxx xx xx x xxx xxx you don t have to live like a refugee thank god when i was studying journalism one lecturer was fond of arguing the news should actually be called `the olds his point was the stories you read in the newspaper are always the same with only the names changing `family values-promoting politician outed by gay prostitute lover `prominent economist predicts recession boom `dog saves owner s life by dialling ambulance when it comes to the tabloid media the number of plotlines is reduced but the narratives are much more lynch-mob generating `billions wasted on aboriginal benefits `paedophile coming to sodomise your children and in recent years `hordes of queuejumping reffos living it up at taxpayers expense the last one of those got a controversial outing courtesy of the daily terror a few weeks ago rather than adding to the predictably polarised commentary i d like to remind everyone about what happened nine years ago when the then terror editor and then leichhardt resident david `penbo penberthy wrote a similar piece entitled `illegals live in five-star luxury determined to disprove the argument that establishments such as villawood resembled imagine gaols penbo proclaimed that condemned by their critics as concentration camps australia s detention centres are providing asylum seekers with everything from dvds and pay tv to classes in yoga flower-arranging and driver education what s more the article went on to claim when they weren t down-dogging brushing up on their ikebana or out taking driving lessons pampered reffos were jamming on electric guitars lounging around in a mini swimming pool getting their hair done at the on-site salon and the horror perusing copies of the tele provided to them free of charge as it turned out penbo hadn t bothered with the inconvenience of actually visiting a detention centre sorry refugee holiday camp before writing about them and when some troublemakers who had pointed out they d never seen any swimming pools fender stratocasters foxtel or hairdressing salons media watch gave penberthy a serve penberthy s initial response was straight a local look at national news busy clever people with multiple careers caption xxx xx xxxxx x photo by ben cregan meet the slashies this issue s `letter of the week actually came via telephone here s what one of our new readers thought of righteous rightie s last rant hello ciao i ve newly moved from queensland to annandale new south wales and just picked up your little paper for the first time the first thing i read was `i m right you re wrong where the new columnist righteous rightie was forced to explain his relationship with australia s richest woman anyway i loved it and i d like to comment on the all journalists are communists statement i don t know that there s any other political philosophy that makes sense at the moment as even jingoistic americans are starting to realise now they re faced with a near-bankrupt police state plutocracy bye from diane a long-term communist well not too communist ­ more of a democratic socialist maybe n if you d like to make a comment on our latest issue go to www.ciaomag.wordpress com to post a comment of your own don t be an ipolluter currently only 3 per cent of mobile phones are being recycled probably because most of us don t know where to drop them or can t be bothered but you can help change that dismal figure today drop-off points · will send out up to 10 satchels per person to return with old phones girl guides australia are also collecting phones so find your local group · vodaphone ­ the italian forum norton st leichhardt · ashfield council e waste day ­march 14th 7 propsect rd summer hill · reverse garbage ­ addison rd marrickville n cindy mullen wareemba goes bagless next time you re offered yet another plastic bag at your local grocery store stop before accepting it do you really need that plastic bag this is the slogan that canada bay council and the sustainable city committee have emblazoned on posters throughout wareemba shopping village in promotion of the `bagless in the bay trial program the program ­ which is driven by locals and supported by the council who have assisted with the distribution of mail outs and flags throughout wareemba ­ aims to encourage people to use reusable bags when shopping and raise awareness of the environmental degradation plastic bags can cause single-use plastic bags can take up to 1000 years to break down and use fossil fuels in their production so the ideal outcome would be if people stopped using them altogether the trial will end as the month of march begins and council will then assess the results and whether to expand the program into other shopping villages it doesn t take much effort to bring your own reusable `green bag to the shops they come in heaps of colours and designs and they re a lot tougher than plastic bags too bags are for sale in most local iga and grocery stores n for more information on canada bay s environmental initiatives visit penbo hadn t bothered actually visiting a detention centre sorry refugee holiday camp before writing about them from the murdoch editor playbook i have nothing to contribute to the bourgeois dinner party you pass off as a tv program he thundered but to his credit penberthy accepted an invitation from a refugee activist to tour villawood and ended up writing an honest and moving article about what he encountered there ­ detainees despairing that australians would help beached whales but not boatpeople detainees barely holding on to their sanity after years dwelling in a kafkaesque limbo it would be interesting to see what kind of follow-up article the current occupant to the terror s editor s chair would write if he too took the time to visit villawood n lucien johnson status update our pick of the best i ve come to the conclusion after my trip to the beach today that the definition of `happily married is he s happy and she s married lina punturiero mazzitelli monday 23rd february wareemba local business owners members of the sustainable committee and mayor angelo tsirekas or dine in y a takeaw e om free h y r delive bon gusto pizzeriatrattoriarestaurant delicious southern italian gourmet pizza traditional pizza freshest pastas tender veal chicken seafood dishes check out our website traditional southern italian cuisine pizzeria open 6 nights a week from 5pm bookings are advised licensed and byo wine new location opposite petersham post office shop 1 2 98 -106 audley st petersham ph 9560 5358 8 for our complete menu and restaurant specials


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make an appointment and bring in this ad you ll receive 20 off your next colour service monday thursday only


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kitchen by guest chef chui lee luk claude s restaurant wagyu shin poached in a dark fragrant stock make a poaching stock with aromats i use a thumb-sized piece of fresh ginger a clove of garlic 1 eschalot halved 2 -3 stalks of shallots 4 dried shiitake mushrooms reconstituted in hot water 1 thumb-sized piece of dried angelica root 1 cassia or cinnamon quill 1 tsp five-spice powder 2 cloves a generous pinch of coriander fennel dill seeds 1-2 pieces of dried mandarin peel a couple of cardamom pods these measurements are approximate as with many asian recipes continually taste and adjust to suit your palate as you go wine with winsor bargain basement deakin estate 2009 cabernet sauvignon now here s a wine that offers terrific value for money deakin estate has been given a new-look label which i can t say i favour but there is nothing wrong with what is in the bottle the fruit may be from the unfashionable sunraysia district of victoria but my goodness there is plenty to like some cracking dark berry flavours and plenty of palate intensity along with impressive structure given the price tag an excellent barbecue proposition $10 classy white rolling 2011 central ranges chardonnay it s hard to keep everyone happy when it comes to chardonnay some people prefer the ultra-lean modern cool-climate style others prefer a big more weighty and oaky offering this wine sits nicely in the middle of two styles unashamedly cool-climate from the central west of new south wales with some attractive citrus and peach characters but also with a fair lick of oak to add creamy complexity it is a soft well-structured wine that s very easy to drink $18 chef chui lee luk takes a break outside her restaurant this recipe came about after a recent culinary excursion to hung s delicacies a humble restaurant in northpoint hong kong mr hung is a specialist in poaching in master stock and presents carefully carved morsels such as goose chicken pork and even tofu in his welcoming restaurant he inspired me to look at doing the same thing with wagyu beef shin here s what i did you will also need dark soy rock sugar salt for seasoning 1 wagyu beef shin 1 in an oven-friendly pot large enough to fit the beef shin bring a small amount of water to the boil with these elements in it and let it cook for 30 minutes until the aromats are fragrant 2 dissolve some rock sugar the circumference of a 50c piece and a splash of dark soy sauce add a good amount of salt so there s an exchange of savouriness between the meat and the stock 3 bring this mixture to a simmer and add the shin top up the liquid to cover the shin if necessary but re-balance the seasoning by adding more soy salt and sugar so that the flavours are still strong 4 loosely cover the pot with foil and place in a pre-heated oven at 160 degrees for approximately 3 hours the shin should be tender but not falling apart at the end of the cooking process 5 once you ve taken it out of the oven let it cool in the liquid overnight and slice thinly to serve the stock is also nice to serve as a broth n at the markets n in season fresh pistachio nuts lychees great in cocktails white and yellow peaches n best quality green black and red grapes also local corn and baby eggplants n high prices all the rain has badly affected herbs including coriander dill continental parsley and english spinach ­ prices are high and quality is low n scarce pineapples they re small too gold and target beetroot and borlotti beans n until next season farewell green almonds blood oranges usa blood plums aussie mangoes and currants proper pinot duck shoot 2010 yarra valley pinot noir you can easily spend upwards of $30 for coolclimate pinot that is nowhere near as good as this budget offering from the angove family who are now spreading their horizons beyond sa it s a soft smooth and dangerously easy wine to drink with strawberry and plum notes and surprising complexity as the name suggests it would best be enjoyed with a roast duck from chinatown $16 n sterling silver cottonwood leaf 4 rawson ave drummoyne opposite school ph 02 9181 5263 or tue fri 10 4pm sat 10 2pm or by appointment 10


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brendan s coriander pesto one of my favorite things to make is coriander pesto it goes with anything you can spread it on toast toss it with pasta stir it into baked potatoes use as a marinade for pieces of fish or chicken before barbecuing ­ the options are endless 2 bunches coriander 2 cloves of garlic 45g toasted peanuts or cashew nuts 1 large red chilli 2cm piece of ginger 1½ cups vegetable oil or peanut oil too for tea and tea for two 3 tblsp fish sauce 1 tsp palm sugar juice of 1 lime method 1 wash your coriander well ­ not just the leaves but the whole plant roots and all 2 put all the ingredients into a blender and blend till the mixture becomes a smooth or chunky consistency ­ it s up to you what you prefer 3 when you re happy with the consistency you can either store the pesto in fridge for later use or use immediately in cooking warning no matter how much pesto you make it probably won t even last for a day because it s so good enjoy n for more information about too s cooking school classes visit it s really not self abuse the art of blogging blogging like masturbating is a perfectly harmless pastime generally fun and sometimes even helpful before i elaborate further i should tell you i ve been running restaurants longer than there have been food bloggers so i have a perspective of life before the food blog i arrived in sydney way back when there was just one notable voice in the sydney food scene ­ good living every tuesday i d wake early regardless of what had transpired the night before and drag myself to the servo to buy the herald i d chuck away the useless bits i.e anything not good living scan short black for gossip read the review and check out the score inevitably i d then return to bed i also remember when danks street depot got its first mention and how swamped we were in the weeks following if there was mention of a particular dish then bam that s all we sold for about three months such was the power of the publication good living however is no longer a lone voice in the wilderness these days it competes with any individual with a camera and internet access when food blogs first appeared i questioned why anyone would bother reading them over the years more and more started to materialise some of good quality and i realised their worth in addition to the fact that blogs provide their writers with an onanistic self-gratifying platform through which to release creative tension they re a great resource i soon started checking them out to get a sense of what people thought of my restaurants and other restaurants hot on the heels of the food blogging movement came websites promoting people s comments and reviews then came facebook and twitter now i spend time each day viewing dozens of restaurant menus and pictures of the food from all over the world without stepping outside my kitchen unfortunately however some bloggers are dodgy i m saddened by those that arrogantly sniff about for `free stuff offering me the opportunity to use pictures of their feed in exchange for a fee yes this really happens then there are those who simply publish nonsense we live in a noisy media-saturated world and unfortunately you have to sift through a bit of nonsense to get to the good stuff but it s worth it there s some absolute gold out there and that wealth of knowledge benefits everyone arming consumers with the tools to make informed decisions the trick is to find ways of screening out the static n jared ingersoll at home with the toos brendan and kevin too are the brotherly duo that run too s cooking school on parramatta road in annandale the brothers have been in the hospitality industry since the `90s and love sharing their skills and passion for cooking with inner westies eager to learn about food they run speciality classes for men women and kids and here brendan tells us where he learnt to cook and why he loves marrickville so much where did you learn to cook i did my commercial cookery course in 1991 at east sydney tafe and my apprenticeship in seafood restaurants and hotels in sydney i spent the next 10 years in fine-dining restaurants brasserie cassis restaurant 41 and restaurant international what s your signature dish my signature dishes are custard-based desserts like crème brûlée and crème caramel does cooking at home save money buying fresh produce and cooking it yourself is a significantly cheaper and healthier option than eating out because you know what you put in your dish where are the best places in the inner west to buy affordable but good quality ingredients one of my favorite inner west suburbs to shop in is marrickville i can get fresh fruit and veggies seafood meat and all types of exotic asian ingredients from shops along illawarra road vietnamese beef noodles and the best pork rolls can also be found here dare i say essential ingredients in your kitchen soy sauce fish sauce and chillies fresh cut chillies in soy sauce or fish sauce are the perfect condiment for fried rice n interview nancy merlo annette kellerman fanny durack aquatic centres akac has something for everyone · lap swimming · children s pool · seniors hydrotherapy · group fitness · learn to swim · aquaerobics · personal training · fully equiped health club and wellness centre fun for the whole family outdoor pool and kids lesiure pool swimming lessons call akac or view website to find out more annette kellerman aquatic centre black st marrickville phone 9565 1906 enrolling now fanny durack aquatic centre station st petersham phone 9550 9145 community glamour at its best 11


p. 12

astrogirlzarro your stars for the week from our real astrogirl aries mars retrogrades in your work sector causing you to perfect detail with a fine toothcomb usually reserved for picking nits the panel says taurus neptune flaps his fins in your friendship sector causing you to ask why am i friends with these losers be discerning about whom you let into your circle helen he looks like a sweetie with a nice heart ­ you can see it in his eyes gemini mercury opposes saturn and you suffer foot-in-mouth disease make sure you re wearing stiletto studded mimcos for maximum impact cancer the moon and jupiter join in your friendship sector on february 27th enhancing your nurturing qualities your chicken noodle soup is comfort to a friend in crisis leo with the sun transiting you become a real-estate agent extraordinaire you may boast that you re in control but the suit is wearing you mate virgo the sun and mercury in your relationship sector has your heart throbbing when the universe brings you two-for-theprice-of-one hot romance lucky sod anna ooh la la very nice libra venus in your relationship sector psyches you up for some unrestrained lovin they ll be gone before you get a chance to suck that post-coital cigarette scorpio neptune and the sun join forces in your house of fun you ask the question `am i having fun yet if your clothes aren t beersoaked or reeking of urine then i d say `no sagittarius you lose your mind under the transits of the moon mercury and uranus to your sun nothing can save you this fortnight face it you re a loser who thinks they re jesus without the carpentry skills capricorn the sun mercury and neptune do the cosmic dance in your third house of communication compliment the boot-scooting moves with some gentle chanting and toning just to confuse the peeps aquarius the moon in your sign on february 20th means that you are a cerebral cornucopia of outlandish ideas and dodgy schemes taking the conventional route is not an option for the water bearer hot or not could nour be your little darling great smile kind eyes and knows his food ­ what more can you want jenny pisces you are in the thick of pisces energy with the sun mercury and uranus swirling around pointlessly unleash the inner michelangelo and direct some of that energy productively n http nour 33 is the co-owner of little darling diner in balmain we love a bloke who isn t afraid to don an apron and this outgoing family man has one of the cheekiest smiles in the inner west which earns him even more points he loves good food and coffee and can always recommend a decent bottle of wine nour can be found working the floor of his restaurant most days of the week so if you like what you see pop in and say hello ms red that smile is too cute to be true lucky the man fur on the chin is there to rough him up a little alberto s no.1 pizzeria restaurant was established 33 years ago and has been successfully catering to the locals of the inner west ever since summer specials mon/tue/wed combo $15 schnitzel chicken or veal pasta with napoletana sauce spaghetti or fettuccini salad sat/sun special $16.50 pasta with meatballs or chicken spaghetti or fettuccini two for $30 trading hours tues wed 7:00am 5:00pm thurs sat 7:00am 10:00pm sun 7:00am 5:00pm 12 589 king street 9519 4262 dinner 7 days 5 pm till late lunch pick up or delivery for lunch orders over $100 ph 02 9810 5255 open throughout the holidays pizza pasta we can cater pizza or pasta for your next event just give us 24 hrs notice dine in takeaway or delivery see our website for more tasty deals


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promotion photography nudjezma avdic model rebecca lomas from bliss models leichhardt stylist stevie-grace michaels location callan park hair makeup david cranson from ubeauty makeup hair fashion black wide pants $89.95 round neck top in black $29.95 jacket with cross grain trim in animal print $139.95 from noni b danielle black suede shoes $149.95 from ungars shoes bitter choco dress $89.95 cream top $79.95 faux fur shawl $49.95 belt $25 from sussan django juliette nauru boots in choc suede see below $149.95 from ungars shoes lonely girl dress $49.95 from miche boutique belt from liana collina shoes in black $129.95 from ungars shoes marketplace sources noni b shop 75 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9550 9648 miche boutique liana shop 68 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9550 9288 shop 34 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9564 3806 sussan django juliette nauru boots in choc suede $149.95 from ungars shoes shop 41 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9568 5626 ungars shoes shop 71 marketplace leichhardt cnr marion flood st tel 9550 0842 caroline morgan dress in rust $49.99 from liana community glamour at its best 13


p. 14

lifestyle ask sal those very useful mirrors in many modern homes bathrooms are becoming a symbol of luxury and relaxation as people equip them with the most stylish spa-like amenities such as multiplehead showers whirlpool tubs and oversized plush towels but many homeowners find it difficult to maintain the serenity of a spa as the bathroom becomes strewn with all the necessities of grooming like toothbrushes deodorants razors and hair products which need to be stored away to prevent the bathroom looking messy so whether you want to add a touch of style to your bathroom or make it more functional mirrored shaving cabinets are a great option unlike the old medicine cabinets that were basically a hole in the wall with a mirror as a door mirrored shaving cabinets available today are not only stylish but come with a lot of storage space there s a huge variety available in different sizes styles and finishes so choosing one that suits both your requirements and your décor shouldn t be too difficult they ve become one of the most important accessories in modern bathrooms to make the room seem clean and organised and since cabinets store the essential items we use in our daily routine they help save a significant amount of time as you can get ready without moving from one room to another most bathroom cabinets come with a mirrored door which is either hinged or sliding so that the users can easily access the cabinet furthermore many of these cabinets feature adjustable shelves so that you can easily fit in whatever you need ­ whether it s hairspray perfume or contact lens solution cabinets are the perfect place for storing items that require dry storage space they can be recessed into the wall to give your bathroom a flush clean look and thus complement any bathroom traditional or modern n for more info call salvi messina owner of renovation boys tel 9519 5511 property of the week breathtaking warehouse conversion 1a lord street newtown n environmentally friendly car share tucked away at the end of a discrete cul-de-sac this innovatively converted freestanding warehouse is zoned for commercial and residential use making it unique and versatile with potential to add a second storey set on a 283sqm parcel of land the property retains revived hallmarks of its heritage including soaring cathedral ceilings and exposed timber beams it s been designed with `healthy principles including cross-flow ventilation solar passive design environmentally friendly paints and water-heated polished concrete floors the expansive open-plan living area encompasses a sleek stainless steel smeg kitchen the spacious bedroom features vast storage while the bathroom features a claw-foot bath every room opens to landscaped garden and terrace for easy entertaining secluded yet unbeatably convenient just footsteps to king street and pubic transport to the cbd view wed sat 12.30pm auction 1pm on site saturday 10th march contact shannan whitney 0411 385 444 n bresicwhitney glebe 8575 5555 frasers property leads the way if you re an inner city dweller limited parking heavy traffic and inflated petrol costs make carsharing options increasingly attractive allowing you to drive whenever you need to without the costly expense of owning a car a great option for those who think a little `greener in 2009 mayor clover moore launched the goget car share scheme at trio camperdown supporting frasers property s commitment to sustainable urban development the spectacular trio complex comprises 397 apartments 42 without car spaces and was the first high-rise development in australia to introduce car sharing the car share at trio has been an unqualified success and now 20 of the complex households are signed up to car share with numbers steadily rising and cars accessible to the wider community also following on from this success 44 car share spaces have been included in the first stages of the central park development chippendale with more to come car share spaces at central park will be publicly accessible available to the wider community as well as to central park s residents and workers said adam sparkes of frasers property australia furthermore the adjoining public transport hub makes public transport use accessible and logical and private car ownership a costly inconvenience n for more information call 1300 857 057 or visit n local business n promotion is your business the business the inner west local business awards 2012 are booting up for another fantastic competition launching on monday 5th march now is the time to register your business so your fans can vote for you many businesses already familiar with the awards will automatically be registered but if you re a new local business then get to it an exciting new category longest serving business has been introduced this year aiming to highlight outstanding businesses that have endured the test of time and served the community for many years also in the spirit of international women s day which this year aims to improve the economic standing of women it s time for all the fabulous female entrepreneurs in the inner west to get involved last year the cupcake room run by joanne gabbe was just one of many nominees representing the ladies of the inner west who will be in it to win it this year voting coupons will be available in ciao throughout the awards and voters will be in the running to win an ipad 2 voting closes wednesday 28th march n for more information call 8577 5060 or visit international women s day running with ryhan the sex question why is it harder for women to shift weight than men i m always hearing if i even look at a dessert it goes straight to my thighs but my partner just cuts his portions down and he loses weight true in some ways but the answer to this is simple men have more testosterone than women which carries a higher percentage of muscle mass than oestrogen which women have more of this means that men find it easier to lose fat due to the energy needed to carry muscle mass in their bodies generally the more muscle the lower the fat level will be although this is a generalisation it does give you a simple understanding of how the different bodies work but don t stress ladies you don t have to look like the hulk to be leaner it just might take a little longer to get your results here are a few secrets that only my clients know about to help you along 1 omega 3 oils not only help lubricate joints but decrease fat storages activate your lipolytic genes which burn fat turn off the fat storage gene lipogenic reduce inflammation and stress and the list goes on 2 lower cortisol levels in large levels this stress hormone can increase belly fat storage besides controlling your stress levels taking a probiotic such as bifidobacterium lactis and vitamin c will help decrease the abdominal body fat storages 3 work those legs working the biggest muscle groups will activate major motor units in your body offering a higher level of intensity and results keep your repetitions higher than 15 and feel the fat burn off 4 check your thyroid levels the thyroid gland regulates metabolic processes including energy use an underactive thyroid can cause unusual weight gain among other symptoms always consult a doctor before a change in diet/exercise girl power in marrickville international women s day has been celebrated since the 90s this year the theme is the economic empowerment of women in marrickville the annual day supporting women s achievements is to be held on thursday 8th march and marrickville council will be celebrating between 4pm and 7pm with a pop-up ladies lounge at petersham town hall in line with this year s theme charity `dress for success will be accepting donations of good quality business attire for disadvantaged businesswomen who are re-entering the workforce all local women are encouraged to attend the event to celebrate the contributions women make to society while enjoying some live entertainment and snapping up a bargain from the range of market stalls there will also be information booths and free sweets and snacks on the night so don t miss out in leichhardt leichhardt council is also inviting local women to their celebrations at leichhardt town hall from 6pm to 8.30pm the evening will acknowledge the unsung local achievers volunteers and those who have gone above and beyond to make a significant contribution to women s economic development n call 9367 9220 to rsvp by tuesday 6th march or for more information local s celebrating their awards in 2011 14 n visit for more information greetings from leichhardt n from more info email


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it s your duty act now and save up to $23,000 stamp duty at central park spectacularly located at the southern edge of the cbd park lane is situated within central park a $2 billion village with a beautiful spacious park at its heart an exceptional destination for living working meeting friends shopping dining out and relaxing 207 8 park lane 1 bedroom suite $495,000 1 1 44 sqm · affordable entry to central park · enclosed timber-deck loggia expands internal space highly flexible · choose from 4 colour schemes · central park lifestyle pool gym 204 5 park lane 1 bedroom apartment $550,000 1 1 49 sqm · true one bedroom with generous living space · large protected balcony perfect for living entertaining urban garden · designed by johnson pilton walker · completing 2013 606 3 park lane 1 bedroom suite $597,000 1 1 43 sqm · elevated direct parkfront position overlooking chippendale green · interiors by johnson pilton walker · enclosed timber-deck loggia for dining living garden study stamp duty if purchased before 22 march save $17,765 stamp duty if purchased before 8 march save $22,040 stamp duty if purchased before 8 march save $22,355 central park display pavilion 80 broadway chippendale near abercrombie st parking on site open daily 10am­6pm 1300 857 057



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