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p. 1

about after again alexandra all also always am and animal another anyone apple are around arrowtown as ask at auckland aunt australia away a baby back bad ball banana be beautiful because bed been before being best big bike bit black blue boat both bought boy bread b break breakfast bring brother brought brown build bus busy but buy by © a hill 2005


p. 2

call came camp can can t cannot car castle cat christchurch christmas class classroom clever climb clock clothes come coming cool could cousin cromwell cross c dad dark daughter day dear decided deer did didn t died different difficult do does doesn t dog don t done door down dragon dream drop dunedin d © a hill 2005


p. 3

each ears earth easy eat egg eight 8 electric elephant eleven 11 embarrass empty end enough envelope even evening ever every everyone everything example exit eyes e face family far fast father feet few finally find finger fire first 1st fish five 5 flower fly food foot for found four 4 friend from full f © a hill 2005


p. 4

g game garden gave get girl give glenorchy glue go goes going gone good got grandma grandpa great green ground grow guard guess guest h had hair hand happy has have he head heard held hello help her here high him his hit hold holiday home hotel house how © a hill 2005


p. 5

i i ll i m i ve ice cream ice skating idea if important in insect inside interesting into invercargill invisible invitation is island it it s its it s it is it has i j jacket jail jam jar jeans jelly jet boat job joke juice jump jungle junior junk just © a hill 2005


p. 6

k kangaroo keep key kick kid kill kind kindergarten king kingston kitchen kite kitten kiwi knee knew knife knight knock knot know knowledge known land large last late laugh leaf learn left less let letter library life light like line little live lived long look lots love lunch l © a hill 2005


p. 7

made magic make man many maori may me mean men might minute miss more most mother mountain move mr mrs much music must my m n name nasty near necessary neighbour never new newspaper next nice night nightmare nine 9 no none north not notebook nothing notice now number nurse nut © a hill 2005


p. 8

o o clock ocean of off office often okay old on once once upon a time one 1 only open opened opposite or orange other our out outside over owner p page paint paper parade parents park part party people piece pink place plant play please point pool presents pretty prince princess pull push put © a hill 2005


p. 9

quality quarter ¼ queen queenstown question queue quick quickly quiet quietly quite quiz q r rabbit race radio rain rainbow ran rather reach read reading really red remember reptile restaurant return ride right ring river road round rubbish run © a hill 2005


p. 10

s said same saw say sea second 2nd see seem sentence seven 7 she shoe short should show sing six 6 ski sky sleep small so some sometimes song soon special spelling start stop story swimming take talk teacher tell ten 10 than thank you that the their them then there these they thing think third 3rd this thought three 3 through throw time t to today told too tree trouble try turn twelve 12 two 2 © a hill 2005


p. 11

u ugly umbrella uncle under understand uniform universe unknown unlucky until unusual up upon upset upstairs us use useful usually vacant valley van various vegetable vehicle very vest vet veterinarian video view village violet violin visitor voice volcano v © a hill 2005


p. 12

wait walk want warm was watch water we well wellington went were what when where which while who why wish with without woman won t w word work world would write xmas x-ray xylophone x excellent exchange exciting exit expert extra © a hill 2005


p. 13

yacht yard yawn year yell yellow yes yesterday yet you young your y zebra zero 0 zigzag zip zone zoo z © a hill 2005



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