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Basic workbook for teaching beginners with EnglishCentral video platform.

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learning english the englishcentral way level 1


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english central makes improving one s english fun and effective by turning popular web videos into powerful language learning experiences englishcentral users not only watch videos they speak them and receive instant personalized pronunciation feedback via our cloud-based system students watch authentic videos then speak the videos they are motivated through authentic content and a point based system students learn by taking video quizzes of the vocabulary of each video we also have a cutting edge phonetic speech recognition system which will give students valuable feedback about their speech sign up students make your own school classrooms groups assign video tasks and build curriculum for your students track your student s progress and print reports discuss and get tips on our teacher s forum teachers can track and assess their students using englishcentral.


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using this book this book is meant to compliment the low level video content of englishcentral the book can be used in class and students can then speak the videos and do the quizzes on englishcentral it is built in recycling of the curriculum in class 3 steps are recommended ask a few pre-viewing questions to students then watch the video together repeat as necessary students can follow with the script if needed the script can also be used as a listening cloze model the dialogue with students using a high level student in pairs/groups students make their own dialogue ­ personalizing it and completing it with their own information students can then present the dialogue for the class students complete a simple fill in the blanks activity to consolidate their learning of the vocabulary and language forms that s it students can then in a language lab or at home use englishcentral and speak the videos do the video quizzes for each video teachers can track their progress we hope you enjoy using englishcentral in this blended fashion.


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© 2011 by englishcentral inc isbn 0743357954 printed in the u.s.a.


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table of contents nice to meet you meet my friend i ll have a burger is this seat taken after dinner conversation u.s holiday food at the bus stop receiving a gift trying on clothes shopping for a suit greetings introductions stating where you are from agreement w questions introductions meeting someone agreement present habitual tense work i d like ordering food making requests restaurant english agreement i ll have questions complimenting passive business is this small talk complimenting let s can i describing food favorites past opinion do you asking for info time schedules i hope it looks like question statements past tense thanking what do you mean try one asking size expressing feelings may i shall i i m looking for prices shopping i need i think 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25


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calling the doctor talking to the doctor fresh start telephoning apologizing this is could i sickness describing symptoms making an appointment present perfect it could be talking about the future question making commercials thinking will you celebrating making a toast present perfect i was wondering here s to giving advice they talking about dogs modals we d like to future plans going to want to talking about places you can making plans sports requests apologizing pronouns did tell you health can whenever imperatives short speech 27 29 31 dating talk getting a dog travel guide new york tennis anyone what are you on lance armstrong the man your man could smell like tv vs reading 33 35 37 39 41 imperatives w questions commercial look at like 43 reported speech past participles tv shows wanted to hooked on 45


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nice to meet you hello can i sure hi i m what s your name my name is hi where are you from i m from what about you where are you from i m from is my hometown really it s a city yes it is what are you studying i study and you what are you studying i m studying too nice to meet you nat nice to meet you too 7


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finish the sentences 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 do you want a drink i d love one may i down here it s a city my is tokyo what s your nice to you what are you ing i m studying this year 8


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nice to meet you too hi lauren have you met my friend no i haven t nice to meet you you too lauren is in my class and i work with lauren at the that sounds yeah i like it there i work in the i work with kids too i tutor them with cool that sounds really interesting see i knew you would like each other 9


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finish the sentences 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 have you met my david david is in my french it was nice to you do you my friend john i knew you guys would like each other i work for a school i students in math dancing s really fun the physics class was very ing 10


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i ll have a burger and what would you like i ll have a how would you like that rare medium or well done please that comes with potatoes do you want mash baked or french-fried i ll have the fries would you like 11


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complete the sentences 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 would you like something to drink how would you like that do you want with your fries i ll have a i d mine well-done i ll have the d potato i ll have my steak medium rare do you mashed potatoes 12


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is this seat taken excuse me is this taken no go ahead i m just waiting for are you here for a yeah well thanks 13


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complete the sentences 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 i m ing for alan i m for a job interview my starts at 8 a.m please take a are you here for a job do you like it very much is this seat n i m waiting for a friend 14


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after dinner conversation that was a meal thank you can i help with the dishes oh no that s the dishes can wait let s sit and talk and have some i d love to 15



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