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A business English coursebook with exercises for use with the videos on EnglishCentral.

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a complete introductory business course watch the video clips complete the exercises speak the video clips


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englishcentral makes improving one s english fun and effective by turning popular web videos into powerful language learning experiences englishcentral users not only watch videos they speak them and receive instant personalized pronunciation feedback via our cloud-based system students watch authentic videos then speak the videos they are motivated through authentic content and a point based system students learn by taking video quizzes of the vocabulary of each video we also have a cutting edge phonetic speech recognition system which will give students valuable feedback about their speech sign up students make your own school classrooms groups assign video tasks and build curriculum for your students track your student s progress and print reports discuss and get tips on our teacher s forum teachers can track and assess their students using englishcentral.


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using this book this book is meant to compliment the low level video content of englishcentral the book can be used in class and students can then speak the videos and do the quizzes on englishcentral it is built in recycling of the curriculum in class 3 steps are recommended have the students in pairs or small groups discuss the unit previewing questions then watch the dialogue together repeat as necessary students can follow with the script if needed the script can also be used as a listening cloze model the speech with students using a high level student each person can be a person in the dialogue students should visit englishcentral and speak the speech and get instant fluency feedback model this in class once so the students understand registration and how to use the player students complete a simple fill in the blanks activity to consolidate their learning of the vocabulary and language forms next students can perpare their own version of the dialogue and perform for the class each close dialogue is set up so students can use the blanks to make their own lastly there is a simple writing activity to be done in class or at home that s it students can then in a language lab or at home use englishcentral and speak the videos do the video quizzes for each video teachers can track their progress also have an end of book commercial contest either students using these commercials or make their own it can be lots of fun and very motivating we hope you enjoy using englishcentral in this blended fashion englishcentral teacher s guide englishcentral user s guide


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© 2012 by englishcentral inc isbn 978-1-225-80224-6 printed in the u.s.a.


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table of contents unit 1 getting started introductions first meetings two colleagues meet for the first time in the office and exchange small talk a japanese businessman visits silicon valley for a business meeting with potential partners two colleagues bid farewell to one another after a useful business trip akira meets his new boss emily they discuss the agenda for the next few days a new professional joins the business team and is filled in on what s in development 10 introducing people 12 saying goodbye 14 meeting the boss 16 welcoming the team 18 unit 2 socializing small talk and eating out two colleagues talk about delicious kinds of food during happy hour two colleagues use phrases while talking about going out for coffee an employee shares with his colleague about how he always comes down with something while traveling for business taking a break for lunch and deciding where to eat 22 using friendly phrases 24 health and fitness 26 taking a break 28 an office tour office manager shows new employee the various food and drinks available in the kitchen 30


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unit 3 meetings what makes a good meeting two colleagues talk about the memo for a meeting 34 setting the agenda business colleagues review the agenda for their meeting two colleagues interrupt the presenter while giving his ideas on the needs of clients the meeting chair asks the team if they are all in favor of a colleague s proposal the meeting is nearing its end and everyone is clear on their next steps 36 interrupting 38 making decisions 40 wrapping up 42 unit 4 travel airport greetings office manager shows new employee the various food and drinks available in the kitchen 46 travel itinerary colleagues discuss a very full business trip 48 entertaining clients a boss assigns his employee to take a business trip to wine and dine some clients in montreal what to do with down time while traveling on business two colleagues discuss some fears about airline travel 50 leisure time 52 fear of flying 54


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unit 5 telephoning answering a call an employee leaves her name and message to an operator so her colleague can call her back an employee leaves his office and extension numbers to someone for his colleague 58 receiving and taking messages 60 structuring a call an employee wants to confirm an order and to discuss the payment schedule an employee returns a client s call about his shipped order an employee asks her experienced colleague for tips on calling customers 62 returning the call 64 what makes a good call 66 unit 6 presentations presenting at a glance an employee comments on how the presenter introduced outlined and closed his presentation two colleagues talk about effective ways to organize their ideas the team looks at a graph and discusses why the sales rate dropped in the last two years a speaker shares some tips in giving a successful presentation an employee asks a colleague about her opinion on his upcoming presentation 70 organizing information 72 using visual aids 74 the golden rules 76 what makes a good presentation 78


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unit 7 skills business golden rules an employee calls his colleague to ask how her call to a client went a representative offers an alternative proposal to someone from another company an american manager gives feedback to a japanese employee a colleague teaches her officemate how to use punctuation marks correctly a good handshake at a job interview is your first opportunity to create a great impression 82 negotiating skills 84 getting feedback 86 writing advice 88 shaking hands 90 unit 8 movers and shakers warren buffet the great investor talks about the economy and the election 94 steve jobs the driving force of apple talks about the things one must do to become successful the ceo recalls how he started the now-famous social networking site with his roommate and with rented computers 96 mark zuckerberg 99 morgan stanley morgan stanley ceo john mack discusses the housing market crisis with charlie rose president barack obama talks about nations working in partnership for sustainable economic growth 102 obama on the economy 104


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before you watch the videos 1 how did you last meet and speak english with 2 how do you usually introduce yourself say good bye 3 what are the differences between your culture and american culture in how you start business relationships 4 what types of small talk do you usually chat about with someone you just met 5 how formal is your business culture rate it between 1 ­ 10 task take out your business card give the card to someone else and get someone s card walk around the room introducing yourself using the business card each time you get a new business card continue greeting and pretending you are that person make some small talk first meetings


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good afternoon i have an appointment with mr miller please take a seat mr miller is taking a call at the moment mr miller are you free you may now how do you do ms i m sorry i didn t your name please call me a pleasure to meet you i hope you have a chance to look our beautiful city before you fly back how was the flight coming here by the way it was fine i i might be late because the flight was delayed by the miserable weather back home but the somehow managed to make up the time.


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finish the sentences 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 the was delayed i you have a chance to look around i didn t your name the pilot d to get us there on time i was late because my flight was ed we had weather during the trip mr jones are you please me janet our greeted us after our flight 10 i managed to get there on time.


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greetings and introductions hello mr tanaka welcome to silicon valley software i m jack vp of sales very nice to meet you i m takashi tanaka general manager of tokyo technology it s nice to meet you as well please call me taka i m victoria vp of marketing it s great to finally meet you face to face after speaking so often on the phone it s nice to put a face with the voice thank you for coming all the way from japan to visit our company we ve been looking forward to meeting you today how was the flight it was long but very good i just arrived at san francisco airport 3 hours ago wow you must be tired from the long flight is the jet lag bothering you i m fine i was able to get some sleep on the airplane would you like something to drink we have coffee tea soda and water here oh thank you i could use some coffee the caffeine will help me stay awake during the meeting of course my assistant will bring it for you right away.


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finish the sentences to meet you i m victoria v.p of is the jet lag ing you how was the my will be able to help you it s great to finally meet you to would you like something to a coffee will help me stay i just arrived 3 hours 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 it s to finally meet you.


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saying good bye saying good-bye look at the time i d better leave soon or i ll miss my flight it s been a pleasure working with you over the past few days linda i learned a lot while i was here i think the trip was very useful i really appreciate everything you ve done for me i m sure we ll meet again you have my business card with my e-mail address write or give me a call anytime thanks i will keep in touch have a safe trip back!


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complete the sentences 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 it s been a working with you have a safe back i really everything you ve done i ed a lot while i was here the trip was very ful i have to leave i m late i ve enjoyed working with you the few days look at the i don t want to my flight 10 i d get to the airport.



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