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The Holy Bible certify the Return of Christ Physically it is a work result of Providential 46 years working in Brazil. Biblical Revelations of the Old, New Testament and Revelation in detail decoded, effectively historical labutação and elucidation of a s

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the secret and the apocalypse 2


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love the lord jesus in spirit and truth john chapter 4 verses 23 and 24 ­ but the hour cometh and now is when the true worshippers shall worship the father in spirit and in truth for the father seeketh such to worship him god is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth 3


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kaoro ossotani the secret and the apocalypse the countdown has begun 4


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the secret and the apocalypse copyright © 2011 by kaoro ossotani the contents of this book is of the responsibility of the author and copyright owner no part of this book may be sold or reproduced without permission executive director and international representative roni souza collaborators cecília sawaguchi souza chada dos anjos ana cristina ossotani translation and revision marcos alonso and bureau translations editing videos and website maintenance henrique hiroshi ossotani public relations antonio andrade dos anjos original edition published in sao paulo on 2009 all rights reserved to cosmo publicações ltda rua galvão bueno 470 sala 204 cep 01506-000 liberdade são paulo-sp e-mail website published in brazil by editora cosmo publicações ltda third edition revised and updated 11/2010 circulation magazine book 31,300 copies the scriptural quotations in this book are from the holy bible joão ferreira de almeida 01/1989 ­ edition revised and corrected no part of this book may be reproduced stored in retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic photocopying mechanical recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of cosmo publicações ltda graphic design publishing and printing 11 2478-3413 5


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table of contents chapter 1 editorial ­ a message of unity and love to christians and the world 08 chapter 2 the secret and the apocalypse is an extraordinary introduction to the reform of religions collection 13 chapter 3 ­ finally came the time to make the most magnificent of all revelations exclusively elaborated for christians around the world 17 chapter 4 angel gabriel announced to high priest zacharias the birth of john the baptist and later to mary the birth of jesus 22 chapter 5 the miraculous birth of john the baptist 26 chapter 6 ­ let us consider the reasons that led mary to confidently state that the child she carried was of the holy spirit 32 chapter 7 historically the mysterious biblical theory was explained in this splendid book the secret and the apocalypse fundamental introduction to the reform of religions collection 41 chapter 8 ­ the original plan of god and the three great blessings to human being 53 chapter 9 the source of the original sin the root of all sins 61 chapter 10 the mission of the lord jesus as the messiah to eradicate the original sin 66 chapter 11 ­ was the crucifixion of the lord jesus predestined by god 77 chapter 12 the return of prophet elijah and the mission of prophet john the baptist 85 chapter 13 two types of antagonistic prophecies about the lord jesus 89 chapter 14 the lord jesus will not come from the clouds in a supernatural way as it is expressively instructed in christians churches 94 chapter 15 ­ the apocalyptic decoding to promote gigantic and absolute changes in the foundations of christians churches 109 chapter 16 credits of this introductory book 138 6


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foreword dear reader this book is yours by right and our duty finally through the decodified biblical mysteries you will be able to draw your own personal conclusion publishing company cosmo publicações promotes this historical publication the secret and the apocalypse an introductory book to a sequence of 25 other books of the collection titled reform of religions we wish to remind you that this special edition was launched originally in the magazine version in 2009 with a gift cd recorded in mp3 format however to reach a higher number of readers we decided this time to edit in the book format only consequently you will finally be able to crosscheck on your own holy bible each one of the chapters and verses deciphered in detail in this book and reach your own conclusions the purpose of this historical work is to clarify the biblical mysteries through a comprehensible language to all christians following the mission assigned to us by heaven as spiritual mentors let us look at a passage from romans chapter 10 verses 14 and 15 how then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard and how shall they hear without a preacher and how shall they preach except they be sent as it is written how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things kaoro ossotani 46 married theologian writer science and religion researcher peace ambassador since 2004 for the interreligious and international federation for world peace iifwplecturer of the bible and the divine principle for 22 years member of the family association and unification and world peace director of the theology seminar in sbc-sp from 2000 to 2001 pastor of the national headquarters in pinheiros são paulo from 2001 to 2005 during this same period he acted also as the ffwpu vice-president and national director of the families department before joining the divine principle he worked in positions of trust in the banco brasileiro de descontos bradesco and in banco mercantil de são paulo finasa in 2007 he opened the company cosmo publicações ltda with the mission of revealing to beloved christians and the world the biblical mysteries in an original comprehensible and evident manner we emphasize that this special edition the secret and the apocalypse is a small introductory book to a sequence of 25 other books of the main collection that being said the original interpretations presented in an orderly and comprehensible manner in this book were made possible based on the interpretation of the book divine principle which has been voluntarily studied and presented in conferences by the mentor of this publication over the past two decades we therefore emphasize that the biblical mysteries revealed in this book are a small portion of the divine principle which already enlightens the hearts and minds of millions of blessed families in more than 195 nations we therefore recommend that you read the book divine principle or obtain the 25 volumes of the collection after you read this extraordinary book may god s blessings be with you and your family now and forevermore ana cristina editorial adviser 7


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the challenge of translating is to fully maintain the context in its original form therefore when studying this book try to understand the providential purpose of this project the meaning of the fundamental points of the holy bible and the historical revelations explained in detail in this book the secret and the apocalypse may god bless you now and forevermore 8


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chapter 1 editorial a message of unity and love to christians and the world 9


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the original biblical theories explained in this book and in the subsequents 25 volumes of the collection which will gradually and absolutely change the foundations of christian churches globally dear reader congratulations for your sensible and wise decision to acquire this essential introduction to the collection it is a small investment but certainly one that will bring great beneficial changes to your personal professional and family life through unprecedented and extraordinary biblical messages deciphered already presented in this book these prodigious interpretations unfortunately are not revealed in christian churches which occupy a position of great responsibility with humanity responsible for the spiritual life of about two billion christians especially in these last days and for representing the core of the religious culture of gods providence 10


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for such information of the highest importance to make it to your hands day especially in this period of great transitions a historical foundation of decades of providential work had to be developed between continents therefore by reading this historical book channel your energies toward focusing your mind and heart to observe with vigilance and accuracy the meaning of each word and phrase of each of the chapters and verses of the bible presented in the total context of this magnificent book whose purpose is to provide a concrete and sentient discovery between christian leaders and christians who obediently contribute with their tithes and offerings with great expectations of complete and eternal salvation through the second coming of the messiah remember that in the history of catholicism and protestantism followers have never had the opportunity to raise any real questions to the veracity of what is preached in the christian churches therefore my dear reader finally after studying this introductory book to the collection you will have the chance to personally and confidently conclude that 11


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the christian churches around the world urgently need to reveal the deciphered biblical truth john chapter 16 verses 13 and 25 ­ howbeit when he the spirit of truth is come he will guide you into all truth for he shall not speak of himself but whatsoever he shall hear that shall he speak and he will shew you things to come these things have i spoken unto you in proverbs but the time cometh when i shall no more speak unto you in proverbs but i shall shew you plainly of the father consequently this book was exclusively elaborated for you to attentively study it with prominence seriousness and responsibility each of the subtitles and for the first time in your life of faith benefit from the distinct opportunity to promote within you an honorable and confident questioning of the preaching today instructed and accepted vehemently within the christian churches we emphasize that since the religious revolution protestant reform of 1517 by martin luther leading to the creation of the protestant churches to the present 12


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we are for the first time presenting a short and enlightening opportunity to followers and christian leaders to perform a special and profound biblical study followed by a sincere questioning of the authenticity of their determinant knowledge and teachings we also recommend that christians regardless of their denominations attend their churches with even more intensity but with the supplementary differential of the 7th biblical millennium at such level share and assist your community to effectively understand these unprecedented and essential decoding biblical that aims at the urgent fulfillment of the true mission of world christianity before the gigantic global population of over 6.5 billion people therefore we close this editorial and inform that we will soon and gradually launch the next 25 volumes of the collection with the determinant biblical messages from the old testament new testament to the book of revelation completely deciphered in order to enable the accurate understanding of the causes and reasons for the great rise in tragic incidents suffered by humanity in these modern times 13


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chapter 2 the secret and the apocalypse is an extraordinary introductory publication to the reform of religions collection 14


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the secret and the apocalypse is an extraordinary introduction to the reform of religions collection unprecedented in christian history the determinant biblical deciphered which will gradually and absolutely change the opinions of christians leaders and followers worldwide finally the biblical mysteries deciphered have been opened to the world because everyone without exception is walking on the stage of apocalyptic scenes and the countdown to the period of great tribulations has begun reform of religions is an extraordinary collection with 25 volumes beingelaborated with an intercontinental foundation to let you by yourself discover the true reality of the current end of days editora cosmo publicações decided to globally open up the biblical mysteries and reveal to brazil and the world the messages from heaven in a summarized dynamic and deciphered format because the time has come and humanity is experiencing the eschatological phenomena of the seven angels with the seven trumpets as presented in revelation chapter 8 verse 13 and i beheld and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven saying with a loud voice woe woe woe to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels which are yet to sound the disclosure of the messages from heaven completely deciphered in this time of wars and terror is undoubtedly an act of responsibility respect and true love the prodigious collection titled reform of religions with 25 subsequent volumes will also contain conclusive information in a fully deciphered language which will have deep and enormous effects on the foundations of christian churches an authentic beneficial and much needed renovation to the effective development of world christianity and the permanent maturity to real fulfillment 15



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