Каталог Январь 2012 Королевского монетного двора (Великобритания)


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Бриллиантовый Юбилей Королевы

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lt zolz is destined to become a landmark year in british history that s why we are proud to be at the heart of the celebrations bringing over l,ooo years of unbroken tradition and peerless craftsmanship to the task of creating the official uk commemorative coins to preserve your memories ofthis miracle year for all time there really is no more authentic or beautiful way to do so than by collecting special coins from the royal mint ll r r i l jj i:ir r i.i 1 q 1 51 i ll ri i.i:ii i,1.r f i i i i :j i lr!ia i.i ir:n ti |1 i r l.ri.t j i .ii i,i t:i ri first and foremost in zotz we will be celebrating the diamond |ubilee ofher majestythe queen to have reignedwith such dignity and devotion to duty for 6o years is a wonderful achievement so we are proud to mark this momentous occasion with a collection ofbeautiful commemorative coins that will retain their beauty and desirability forever this bulletin contains detailed information about our soughtafter sovereigns together with themed collections that reflect many special interests in fact in a year that contains the queen s diamond jubilee london zorz arrd anniversaries for both charles dickens and titanic i believe you will find that coins from the royal mint are more fascinating and more collectable than ever before our collection of special coins for the 3oth olympiad is also now available which includes the first ever uk coins from the royal mint to contain a whole kilo of precious metal with the gold kilo coin designed by sir anthony caro and the silver kilo coin designed by tom phil1ips approved by both locog and the international olympic committee all of our coins are as collectable as they are beautiful and represent both officia1 and permanent mementoes of these landmark games /4 .i.ji rtl l firs e yrb krlo coins i i i.r 1 1he uk s j i il i il l :i i,j i i i r j l irl.i liql l:l i i.i i iii rrr.ii r ,ds i j r rit:i i:l r i 11 i 4 ri.ri1 r i il r i i i r l a.1 fc it:r i i rr 1 1 r i r;r i r i l e 1u lrr 1i lrrlliill ii t t ffir 11i49 1:r t ilrr;1,i rr r-1 l r :l 1ii-t:i:li 1 l ri ii i-l i


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the queen s diamonil jubilee uk gold proof coin 1 new his very special coin strucl to proolstandard has been approved by both the queen and the treasury it recalls the design ofthe royal mint s commemorative medal for queen victoria s diamond ]ubilee and also unites two superb portraits by ian rank-broadley his portrait ofher majesty in garter robes appears on the obverse while a tribute to mary gillick s youthful 1953 e{figy is on the reverse r f2,4aa.aa ukrzd[gp 22 carat gold 38.6rmm 19.949 ,i,i i i i i ll 3,850 i l i l:rrl:lri l a vow made good the queen s diamond jubilee uk platinum piedfort coin queen s diamond jubilee platinum piedfort new the ultimate expression of this once-in-a-llfetime event the to proof standard in double-thickness platinum bearing both {5 coin is minted a fitting tribute to 6o years of duty and devotion it also comes to you in a bespoke presentation case together with a numbered certificate of authenticitv i,l l j6,4oo.oo i.t ,l.i i l il t ui r djpp .9995 platinum a vow made good contemporary and historic portraits ofthe queen it makes most 38.6rmm 94.209 r r rri r.1 r r 250 the queen s diamond jubilee uk gold-plated silver proof coin new struck to proofstandard in sterling silver this coin has been fu1ly plated in fine gold making it a very affordable way to own a true collector s piece in precious metal it also includes a superb presentation case and certificate ofauthenticity uhr:djpl ,g25 sterling silver plated with fine gold l r f99.5o a:l 38.6rmm z8.z8g fi i.i 12,5o4


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roya lt y new the queen s diamond jubilee uk silver proof coin with its contrasting portraits and a latin phrase taken from the una and the lion j5 coin of 1839 which translates as may god guide my steps this is a most fitting trlbute to the queen s reign it also comes with a presentation case and certifi cate of authenticity al:ta f8z.5o r ir l kr/d]sp l 38.6rmm z8.zgg .925 sterling silver r rl l -i 75]aoo itl lit a vow made good the queen s diamond jubilee uk silver piedfort coin new minted to our exacting proof standard in double-thickness sterling silver the the perfect way to mark this special occasion queen s diamond jubilee piedfort coin is includes a high quality presentatlon case and numbered certificate ofauthenticity t ft45.oo uktzdjpf 1 3,254 t .925sterllngsilr er 1 il il 38.6rmm avowmadegood i ii s6.s6g a the queen s diamond jubilee uk commemorative coin nlirt.a i sriilir;t u ir rri.a tlr arra irris gleaming rpl ofthe queen s diamond lubilee /5 coin is set within a high quality slipcaselearing the royal mint emblem for the queen s diamond jubilee details ofthe diamondjubilee celebrations and the queens reign also feature on the richly illustrated pack a j [12.99 t;1i uk12d]bu i i i cupro-nickel the queen s diamond jubilee zotz royal silver set new r her majesty the queen has a deep and abiding love for the commonwealth so it is entirely fitting thai this royal set comprises not just the uk f5 coin but also the commemorative $zo coin from canada and australia s dodecagonal 5oc all struck to proofstandard 6o sets on only i 9t.oa l dj rsrs saii the queen elizabeth sovereign collection ii diamond jubilee new this beautiful collection of sovereigns feature the four royal portraits by mary gi1lick arnold machin raphael maklouf and ian rank-broadley together with paui day s new rendition of st george and the dragon to make a wonderful diamond jubilee tribute the mary gillick sovereign is circulated standard while the other four sovereigns are proofquality il:i t hlcq.oo i 1 ukdjsov5


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roya lt y the queen s diamond lubilee collection a undoubtedly the most significant collection for a generation this stunning set comprises no less than z4 silver proof coins that tell the story of the queen s distinguished 6o-year reign it does so by commemorating the events and institutions that are so important to her from the armed forces to investitures and from ceremonies such as trooping the colour to the countries of the commonwealth that are so dear to the queen complete with a luxurious presentation case that is complimentary as your collection builds and a uniquely numbered certificate of authenticity to guarantee the provenance ofyour collection the queen herselfwill receive collection number r one coin will be sent to you every month until your collection is complete i 1 i a i rst coin fi9.5o remaining coins fi9.oo each r ar.ili:t djscoll 3e.6rmm ffrutt set new z8.z g i i.li1 .925 sterling silver the queen s diamond fubilee zorz silver proof features for the very first time t li;s it plating on matt dent s selective gold definitive coins to highlight their place in the royal shield the /r coin has also been gold plated to highlight the entire shield on its reverse while both jz coins have gold-plated outer rims together with the truly majestic queen s diamond jubilee j5 coin this set makes a unique and striking way to commemorate zorz f49o.oo d12sp iir i i il i rtr arra i .r it i superb coin set tx it f loiz i ]


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royalty the zorz 5oth anniversary two-coin sovereign set the gold sovereign is perhaps the world s favourite gold coin so this very special set which brlngs together two gold sovereigns dated t96z and zotz is sure to create significant demand worldwide are in the year that her majesty celebrates her diamondlubilee both sovereigns bullion standard in fine condition hisqe25o aailr a {949.oo i ill i i i -r i il:1i i i iii !l j 11 li rill il lrr vnil_able onty 100 1 ii r t r.rr.rt ir c ia i;bii ia r vi.io.i in 1887 this historic sovereign which is circulated in fine condition bears edgar boehm s dignified portrait on the obverse and benedetto standard but i iirii il lr i,iii i t i ,lliftlrillii!ii 40 a:i!i l 1;irai iir:4 i l i!t .i jii i ili ;iirit.rt i :r1l,t rj.ii i pistrucci s classic depiction ofst george and the dragon on the reverse i i.ii-l]l t t.i1 f45o.oo hisqvs8t a-vaiiablf t march 201 the queen victoria 1897 diamonil jubilee sovereign minted in the year of queen victoria s diamond ]ubilee this venerable coin in circulated standard but fine condition bears thomas brock s highly esteemed old head portrait on its obverse it also carries pistrucci s timeless portrayal of st george and the dragon on its reverse ile.ta i 145o.oo hisqvsgt tilji i il,lt i f.i:ll ii:l ii 4!hl,il l jir l 40 r.i fllai.l ii,l.i l+li:l ,1i:i:l .illi ir l-ili it illii.r ,1 i also available products not illustrated code ukphilsp pdce the zorr prince ?hilip goid proofj5 coin the zorr prince philip silver proof{5 coin the queen victoria penny the zoro royal engagement silver proofj5 coin the zorr royal veilding golil prooff,5 coin ukphilgp fz,4oo.oo {82.5o vicpen !r.4o pwkesp hg.ao ukttrwg jr,65o.oo a ii 6 1 r il 3 r


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1?r thezotzgoldproofsovereignfive-coincollection the most rare and colleclable o all our sorereign collections comprises the and double-sovereign together with the f5 coin which is only available in this set all struck to proof standard this most singular collection also comes to you in a walnut-veneer case with a numbered certificate ofauthenticity quarter-sovereign half-sovereign sovereign j4,ooo.oo sv5rz 999 rf 1 ll i t enis !ew lasl nlng 1 the zorz gold proofquarter-sovereign ^r desirable and allordable -in equal rn.rr the quarter-soverelgn also comes complete with a numbered certificate ofauthenticity and its own walnut-veneer presentation case jr3o.oo i:ii i i svqrz t 22 carat gold i ili 13.5omm i i,t 1.999 aa,7 struck to the royal mint s most exacting standard in zz carat gold the halfsovereign features the distinctive frosted finish ofall proof colns and paul day s powerful new depiction of st george and the dragon to rank-broadley s dignified portrait of the queen appears on the obverse i fz5o.oo i svh12 zz carat gold :r ii r i 19.jomm j rl i 3.999 4,894 2,25a 44 celebrate the queen s diamond ]ubi1ee ian ti i 6,500 zorz sovereigns already sold out products not illustrated code sv3212 price j8z5.oo 495.aa the zorz gold proofsovereign thr.ge-coin collection the zorz gold proofsoverelgn is,j ilil the zorz gold proofsovereign t1ii ee-coin premium collection svrz sv3rz jr,65o.oo


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v jz ,a 1f ii t i i i r .i i 1i :r:r t r i r r ,rr.i f l r t cf t ri r gold coins to bullion slandard are now enjoying unprecedented global demand this is particularly true of the british bullion sovereign which enjoys an unsurpassed reputation bearing the unique zorz depiction of st george and the dragon by paul day this love1y coin will retain its popularity throughout the year i l l379.aa 22.o5mm z.s8g uibrzrn zz carat gold i j n f the zorz uk gold bullion halgsovereign a minted in zz carat gold to bullion quality the british halgsovereign is considered a benchmark for both continuity and stability across the globe so we recommend that you secure your coins as soon as possible as this unique bullion hali:sovereign is sure to create considerable demand j.gs.oo il j ii 19.jomm ukbhl2rn zz carat gold 3.gg1 .11 :i 25o,ooo the queen elizabeth ii diamond jubilee sovereign collection [2,149.oo ukdjsov5 r a the zorz uk golil bullion quarter-sovereign a symbol of both stability and excellence across the world the bullion quarter-sovereign is sure to be in high demand in addition to its uncompromising standard paul day s new reverse design only in zorz i f99.ao 1 will appear i:l,l i ukbqtzrn zz carat gold r.r f i i ri i 13.5omm 1.999 25o,ooo il


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the zorr gold proofsovereign five-coin collection i !1r 1 1 1 comprising the quarter-sovereign half-sovereign sovereign and double-sovereign together with the j5 coin to proof quality this is an exceptionally rare t:4i 2 and desirable collection featuring benedetto pistrucci s timeless masterpiece struck using the originai too1s these lovely proofcoins are all perfectly rr 1 li i-1 i 1i i a i i r r i i :ri:i 001 i:p d l d ri i ir f4,ooo.oo sv5rr iii:iii.1lii iir il:1 :rr l ii :i 1 j.l l ii:i 1 riril rjl ,r i ir i t r i.i 1 l i i the zorr gold proofsovereign premium three-coin collection a comprising the half sovereign sovereign and double-sovereign this exceptional set is the ideal way to enjoy some of the world s most famous coins all struck to the very highest proofstandard by the zorr f5 brilliant uncirculated golil coin a the craftsmen ofthe royal mint i irl a li jr,65o.oo sv3rr at 75a sl-ruck to brilliant uncirculated standard in a mintage ofjust r,ooo pieces this is one ofthe most sought-after coins in the world with credibility that is second to none issues from the three preceding years have now sold out so it is recommended that orders be placed as soon as possible a iii 1 f2,45o.oo a ilill arr ti 1 i i zz carat gold irr ii l i.1a,tt 38.6rmm 9.948 i.j r:r r :i r:i 1 -1 i ;i .l


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the zotz premium proof set supremely collectable this lovely set brings you all of this year s definitive coins from the rp to the fz together with two commemorative coins {or zotz the charles dickens fz coin and the diamond jubilee f5 coin each has been struck to the very highest proof standard and the complete collection is housed in a premlum walnut-veneer case the inclusion of the new zorz royal mint medal gives this collection added gravitas and is exclusive to this set a numbered informative bool


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t the zorz wedding coins gift pack i t l r the zorz wedding collection deluxe edition r the start of a couple s new life together is a sacred and special occasion so ifyou wish to give a memorable gift why not consider this charming coin collection which displays all of the zotz definitive coins in abeautiful displayfolder that canbe .i a i i p:r r1iil1 ifrf t f25.ao dliwrr vp l ilal r l i ;i ii l .it il t!llf 1 ii ifyou d like to send a truly memorable gift to the happy couple our deluxe wedding collection is idea1 exquisitely designed it presents all ofthe zorz definitive coins and the charles dickens fz coin to brilliant uncirculated standard and has space for all those special wedding details within the wonderfully designed booklet i irlli:ii the zorz wedding silver sixpence i i ili-l1i4 j49.oo drzwp .i r i i 1 i i t:ll :1 r ii i 1 l something old something new something borrowed something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoel so the old rhyme goes with the silver sixpence symbolising prosperity for the happy couple that s why this lovely coin struck between rgzo and ;946 and beautifully presented makes such a perfect wedding gift aiil i lril ir ii l!1 j3o.oo ukgwss illi il l ll i 19.4omm z.8tg 1.11 .5oo silver r code also available the zorr xxecutive products not illustrated proofset the zorr deluxe proofset iso$ifl thezorrstandardproofsei 1 the zorr brilliant uncirculated commemorative the 2orr great british coins ofthe the zorr uk silver year set proofset set the zorr commemorative silver proof the zorr uk silver piedfort drre drrdx d11 coin set du11 duwu drrsp ukucs ukttpfcs f8r.9s f5r.r5 lqo.gs frl.so fzo.5o !45o.oo jz85.oo [as5.oo ir lii


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w @e ffier ,l the zorz my first coins gift a pack a the zorz baby collection deluxe eilition ir rj,r a th is charmingly illustrated coin set has been specially des igned as gift forbabies born inzotz containing all eight ofthe definitive abirth or christening personalise g1ft wlth 5.oa coins itmakes avery special gift for fhe vo l rg-1 what better way could there be to celebrate the miracle of birth than with this love1y gift set commemoratingzotz the kind ofgift that wiil be welcomed by new parents and kept forever this adorible presentation box contains all of this year s definitive coins and the charles dickens p cotn there ls also space for you to add your own everlasting personal message in the charming booklet [q9.oo drzbp lrreky $iivcr iiernv kr the zorz lucky silver penny blue for boys a the zorz sovereign baby gift 1 r.r ^r this very special gift pack includes a sparkling freshly minted lucky silver penny bearing a zorz date with a card for your message and a drawstring pouch for the special coin it s the ideal gift for every baby boy and ofcourse we offer an equally adorable lucky silver penny for baby girls see below lzz.5o .925 irr 2a.32mm 3.sgg when you give a gold sovereign to a new baby you are g-iring lhe most famous coln in the world and something to treasure forever classically beautiful in its own right the gold sovereign featuring a design that is only available in zotz comes in a delightful gift box with an illustrated booklet which you can personalise with baby s firsts and your own special message s.oo 22.o5mm sterling silver also available i,ii il the zorz lucky silver penny pink for girls i i.r ukbtzrb zz carat gold t.s8g also available lz2.5a t,pagtzrf the zorz quarter-sovereign baby gift i j.2o.oo ukbqtzrb


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the zorz silver {r baby gift f i.r l be readl [o qe]come new arri a.ls with a gift they will treasure designed especially as in zotz forever abirth or christening gift this sparkling sterling silver /r coin comes with a charming booklet to note all those important baby details s.so 22.5omm 9.549 ukul2by .925 sterling silver u r j the zotz baby gift set iii a the beautifully designed and complete with l8 definitive zorz coins from rp to p this is the ideal gift to mark the year ofbaby s birth not only will the brilliant uncirculated coins be treasured forever but so will the special message you write in the enclosed booklet .f35.o o all of dutzbpr the zorz r8th birthday silver {r a the lucky silver sixpence for any occasion when you want to send a good luck message this charming silver sixpence is ideal struck between rgzo and 1946 the iucky coin is beauti [u i ly presented erery birthday is special but the erciling milestone of an rslh birthday simply has to be celebrated in sty1e so if you d like the new adult in your life to remember this special age forever our zorz silver fr is ideal attractively presented it also has room for your special message l49.5a .925 sterling silver i r f3o.oo ukgbss .5oo silver 19.4omm 2.839 i 22.5omm 9.50g also available the zor 2 2rsl birthday silver {r i:i f49.5a ukrzagzr also available products not illustrated code price the zorr uk definitive baby gift set the zorr uk commemorative baby gift set the zorr deluxe commemorative baby set the zorr lucky silver penny pink for girls the zorr lucky silver penny the zorr silver blue for boys duwttbp duttbpr {zo.5o [ll.so [qo.rts drrbp lpagi rbf frg.99 bq.g9 ql.so the zorz silver penny for any lpagubm occasion a fi baby gift uiurrby the zorr bullion sovereign baby gift iljil l i ukbttrb s.oo f2za.aa jr r5.oo the zorr bullion half-sovereign baby gif the zorr bullion quarter-sovereign baby gift the zorr silver fr zrst birthday gift the zorr silver jr r8th birthday gift ulbhr rrb ukbqttrb when you want to wish someone luch say it sith a lucky silver penny beautifully presented in a drawstring pouch on a presentation card with room for your personal message this is a thoughtful and delightful gift for anyone hz.5o uktzsp .925 ul{rragu r ukrragr8 g.so 2o.32mm [qg.so s69 sterling silver



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