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free there s life in the inner west 181 17th february 2012 hatha nice day we find the inner west s best yoga classes every fortnight win movie tix late bloomers a separation dvds the hunter is taking over the hardt annandale distributed in leich newtown petersham stanmore berfield rozelle balmain ha mba drummoyne waree five dock concord inner west free zumba lessons plus don t shop swap gina rinehart what the inner west doesn t understand manpower live in five dock something really epic the hunt for local talent is on meet the slashies our new working life busy busy busy carmen s on the park italian restaurant at tigers five dock fabulous food lounge bar friendly service great atmosphere dinner parties cocktail parties weddings welcome contact carmen direct on 8789 6333 tigers five dock 20b barnstaple road five dock nsw 2046 p 02 8789 6300 f 02 8789 3614 e haberfield local louise prestipino photo by ben cregan


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inner west whispers pssst pass on a whisper you ve heard to i m right you re wrong our new columnist righteous rightie is forced to explain his relationship with australia s richest woman dear rr ­ i understand that gina rinehart has shown an unhealthy interest in the sydney media is that why we are hearing from you now that s what happened at network ten when she became a dominant shareholder ­ all of a sudden andrew bolt was given his own panel show just to spew forth his racist climate change-denying bile i d be shocked and a bit disappointed if that is the case that vile woman apparently believes that all journalists are communists so is that that your opinion of your colleagues also susan drummoyne dear susan first off no the great lady herself has shown no interest in what i do for a living i was given this column only because my predecessor latte leftie apart from his absurd views actually quite a fine fellow nearly choked to death on a large bowl of gluten-free bircher muesli at berkelouw cafe and is still recovering though i was seated next to gina rinehart recently at a sydney institute forum on the hidden dangers of wind farms and tried to interest her in providing me with a secure income sadly all she wanted to talk about was her lazy ungrateful family and the price of coal and i admit i dozed off though now that you mention it susan and given her interest in the fairfax media group it s definitely an idea i will pursue as to the suggestion that all journalists are communists tragically that does appear to be a fact and most are never happy unless preaching incandescent propaganda whilst being securely employed by the government a case in point is a trotskyist colleague of mine who has been desperately trying to secure a position at a local council here in the inner west tragically if he succeeds the next mayors letter in your local newspaper may contain a coded message calling for a marxist revolution n email with your dilemma we are c!ao work experience shanel salih local gossip chinese whispers and ridiculous rumours l leichhardt council has been recently working on an economic development and employment strategy ede excellent the brief for the strategy was put together by david parsell team leader strategic planning excellent the brief was reviewed by the local chambers and liberal candidate for balmain james falk who is also a strategy consultant we re not sure if any of the recommendations were taken on board but it seems the brief was locked down and the contract awarded to hill pda for a tidy sum david parsell then resigned and now works as a consultant for hill pda consulting back to council on the economic and development and employment strategy he helped create presumably for a tidy sum excellent l when we contacted leichhardt council for comment they advised that the ede strategy was developed by council s senior management and overseen by the council s general manager parsell was the project manager for the plan and had no pre-existing relationship with hill pda they added that mr parsell was a valued employee and leichhardt council has every confidence that he operated with impeccable professionalism they intend to publicly exhibit the plan later this year l newtown s long-standing tapas bar soni s called last drinks after 7 years of service to newtown locals opened in 2004 over the years the venue became well known for its signature original cocktails and movie screening nights but most importantly its highly charismatic host sonia marra sadly the much-loved local identity and active member of sydney s gay and lesbian community ms marra passed away suddenly in october 2011 new proprietors matt kennedy and chris bell will be re-launching the venue in late february leane senzamici newtown food melissa leong winsor dobbin wine c!ao history i can t believe it s not butter is still painted in bright yellow letters on an outhouse roof presumably to attract the attention of low-flying-aircraft passengers in the vast wasteland of the former marrickville margarine complex in edinburgh rd marrickville right now ironically a temporary warehouse for dairy farmers margarine s traditional rival like its neighbour vicars woollen mills this factory was a family business run on paternalistic lines offering its employees shaded lawns and a tennis court for company loyalty extract by lyn collingwood from marrickville a past worth preserving p 23 jo beaver design russell edwards art director editor join in on clean up australia day and help make the community a cleaner and healthier place to live ciao nancy merlo publishing sonia komaravalli contributors russell edwards ben cregan fred cruzo jared ingersoll shanel salih and rachel borthwick ciao loves you and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent we try and make you look your best no responsibility is accepted by ciao magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information we welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions the opinions expressed in ciao magazine are those of contributors indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction © all rights reserved no material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher ciao magazine is a free publication do your bit for the environment by cleaning up your local area with your friends and family you can register your own site or simply come on down to any of the registered sites in the city of canada bay the event will be held on sunday 4 march for more information visit things we love star wars 3d okay so this isn t actually graffiti of an alien in star wars but it reminded us of darth vader if vader had teeth ­ and we re super excited about seeing the movies in 3d can anyone guess where this photo was taken email to tell us c!ao s voice what s in out in out · shopping at the new vinnies on marion street · capricciosa pizza from pizza birra balmain · disposing your e-waste responsibly at cintra park carpark on 19th feb · finding money in unexpected places · denim backpacks · playing twister on rainy days not the naked version · the scooter revival ­ they re making a comeback · the lack of free parking · umbrellas from convenience stores that bend back with the first gust of wind · worn-out rubber thongs · dumping your rubbish over the hathem st overpass · losing your credit card · over-priced hairdressers ­ maybe we can all start cutting our own hair · facebook s layout changes that stuff with your privacy settings distribution advertising editorial enquiries 460a parramatta road petersham 2049 02 9518 3696 0405 032 032 ­ leane 0405 509 805 ­ sonia ciao is locally owned and produced please recycle printed by spot press marrickville subscribe tired of missing out on your copy of ciao why not subscribe it cost $75 per year to have ciao home delivered to your doorstep email with your address cover haberfield resident sydney university student louise prestipino doesn t let her dreams of becoming a doctor stop her from rocking out on a drum kit every now and then photo by ben cregan tel 9911 6555 fax 9911 6550 c!ao magazine there s life in the inner west 2


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in the past it was common for our parents and grandparents to stick with one job for decades and a single career path for life but today s young bright sparks are already used to the idea of having two or three careers in a lifetime ­ maybe even all at the same time i can picture it now old leo lining up ready to clear customs incoming passenger card clutched tightly to his chest granted he has time traveled almost 500 years to board his flight stay with me mr da vinci is looking rather sprightly the customs officer motions for him to step forward and as he bears closer she recognises the unmistakable beard and weathered face that could only belong to one of the world s most revered painters however awe rapidly turns to confusion as her eyes scan the passenger card under `occupation he has scrawled `engineer noting her perplexed expression he leans in a little closer shrugs his shoulder and sighs apologetically i m a slashie the urban dictionary somewhat dismissively describes a slashie as `someone who thinks their day job isn t their real job and goes on to list predictable amalgamations such as waitress/actress and singer/secretary it even goes so far as to place the term in a context we can all relate to `who s on big brother this year oh just the usual bunch of slashies while the link between slashies and seeking fame may have been clearer in previous years the pursuits of those with multiple talents seem to have taken on decidedly more astute desires was depressing the aquabumps founder recalls now with the beach as his office tan knows the reason he wakes at dawn each morning is because he chooses to for some being a slashie will never be anything more than an outlet a creative and welcome release from the daily grind for others it will provide the impetus for change to leave behind an association an individual was never happy with and to begin again a personal renaissance if you will franks by his own admission is motivated by leading a comfortable lifestyle as well as the opportunity to express himself through other avenues he believes that while talent and opportunity present themselves they are there for the taking he goes further to liken his work to an art form i am unable to draw or play a musical instrument but when i am designing an aquarium for my customer this is where my art form is expressed for the quintessential artist leonardo da vinci his slashie status appears to have been borne from his insatiable appetite for learning and discovery with nearly a millennium passing since his death da vinci would no doubt be proud that his penchant for numerous pastimes has not been lost the founding father of the slashies movement can now add that very claim to his list of achievements oh the irony is indeed delicious/not lost on me n words rachel borthwick louise prestipino dabbles in both medicine and music photo ben cregan s meet nick baker it sounds like the title of a film and that s precisely what the 25-year-old former newtown resident would be happy for you to believe wiry and with the energy of a pup his number of slashes don t seem to align with his age primarily a journalist nick dabbles in filmmaking communications consulting and will soon jet off to complete a year in east timor as a journalist/mentor with the department of foreign affairs and trade dfat add to that his recent acceptance as one of 2012 tropfest short film festival s top 60 entrants and you have a demanding if not exhausting existence adopting singer/songwriter warren zevon s `i ll sleep when i m dead mentality one is forgiven for thinking that baker doesn t really have a choice in the matter i go searching for opportunities i suppose that s what sets me apart the once-in-a-lifetime chances won t seek me out i have to do it myself and seek he does his most notable stint was as a communications consultant for the united nations a three-month contract that he managed to extend to more than a year and a half of service while the financial gains were obvious and his curriculum vitae is now coveted by many baker insists that his motivation was never fiscally focused far from it he answers truthfully money has never been my driving force if you had have seen how i lived in manhattan you d understand i scrimped and saved wherever i could but i never missed out on anything i do it all because i can gone are the generations where we were limited by our family businesses university degrees or chosen specialisations we aren t bound by anything or anyone and essentially if an opportunity presents itself we are likely to grab it the rise of the slashies we aren t bound by anything or anyone and essentially if an opportunity presents itself we are likely to grab it in science ­ working her way towards the graduate australian medical school admissions test and a career in medicine like her father who works in the audiovisual industry and as a professional musician louise knows the value of having two skills sets especially considering how difficult the music industry is to crack it seems she s successfully paid homage to the `family business of music while forging a path of her own too ben franks is another young professional who refuses to be pigeonholed by his graduation gown while his 9 to 5 working week is spent working for ibm australia franks runs his own business `viva l aquarium and whiles away each sunday at lam s aquarium in parramatta it has never been my intention to be considered a `slashie but i make both [careers work for me because that is what makes me happy he says franks list of slashes has grown in recent years ever admired the fish tanks in glebe s different drummer bar franks is their resident maintenance man which begs the question are slashes just a fancier version of a `hobby as expected franks answers with a distinct businesslike viewpoint i still consider to this day that my involvement in the aquarium industry is a hobby but the only difference is that i can make money doing what i love to do arguably the obsession with being a slashie has always existed it s just that no one ever had the sense to label it while it could very well be a passing phase the evidence seems to suggest otherwise is a digital web series dedicated to telling the stories of those who have embraced a second profession former corporate designer-comesurfing newsletter founder eugene tan is profiled on the site speaking about how an early morning epiphany encouraged him to join the slashie ranks he describes the moment he decided to quit his city job while catching the early morning rose bay ferry sitting there three hundred people dead silent it get slashing want to get your slash on take some inspiration from the celebrities go on and stick your finger in another pie l fbi fashion college what fbi has been offering fashion business and fashion design courses since 1994 where 181 glebe point road glebe when enrolments are taken year round and courses are flexible allowing you to study part time who sienna miller british actress teamed up with younger sister savannah to establish clothing label twenty8twelve l nsw writer s centre what the nsw writer s centre is an all-round brilliant not-for-profit organisation for established and aspiring writers where callan park rozelle http when courses workshops seminars and festivals are offered throughout the year who madonna s foray into writing children s books enjoyed as much success as her singing career `the english roses collection debuted at #1 on the new york times best seller list in 2003 and she has gone on to publish 11 more titles l the roxbury hotel what the hotel has been responsible for making and breaking the stand-up genius of comedians/comediennes in the inner west for years where 182 st johns road glebe http au when come along to comedy on the rox nights wednesdays from february 1st to see what it takes to `rock comedy at the rox who the chaser favourite and overachiever craig reucassel dabbles in everything from television print radio stand up and even online comedy no one knows this better than haberfield local louise prestipino pictured above a slashie-in-the-making louise is both a skilled drummer and completing a degree 4


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community life join in to salute the sun this week it s all about downward-facing dogs and warrior poses as the road testing gets physical after years of listening to annoyingly lithe friends of mine rant about the benefits of yoga i decided it was time to try it for myself and since there s been a yoga epidemic in the inner west over the last decade there s certainly no shortage of places to try it out r oad test rant learning from mistakes in marrickville centrebet had fiona byrne at $1.04 and carmel tebbutt at $1.32 it was a sure bet that byrne was to win the seat of marrickville in the last election instead she lost by 676 votes if you believe the press byrne lost because of her position on bds policy boycotts divestments and sanctions most of us didn t even know what bds was prior to byrne s loss so why has everyone readily accepted this as the reason for her failure on paper the bds policy looks like the perfect reason for byrne s sudden demise it had the markings of racism anti-semitism anti-zionism and lack-of-transparency but let s not forget the council originally adopted a resolution 10-2 formally supporting the call for a bds policy against israel as soon as the media jumped on the story however marrickville council came under scrutiny these hard-working councilors were subject to intense observation slurring accusations personal attacks and their reputations were on the line anthony albanese might have been worried about his wife carmel s seat but the brilliant tactician merely stated the motion was a clumsy and unproductive foray into foreign policy cleverly tebbutt/albanese kept out of byrne s bds debacle the labor liberal and jewish community blogged and bagged marrickville council and byrne the boycott marrickville campaign was on and everyone was running for cover even byrne didn t know what to do byrne reeling from that $1 million donation bought billboards in the hope of producing more votes exactly the opposite of successful word of mouth and budget online strategies normally used by the greens tebbutt strategically positioned posters outside every voting hall not just in english but in vietnamese greek and arabic tebbutt had accurately anticipated that many new arrivals to marrickville didn t know how to vote or who to vote for tebbutt consolidated these votes by having interpreters at polling booths and advertising in different languages so while tebbutt busily reached out for real votes byrne was wasting energy fending of criticism from very vocal pro-israeli groups the meet the candidates night in marrickville town hall was boring byrne unfortunately missed her opportunity to outshine tebutt instead of proving her strength and solidarity byrne seemed burdened somehow possibly aware of what was brewing in the background if the bds policy was so terrible surely the margin would ve been greater than 676 votes even with the firepower of the liberals labor party and marginal groups they couldn t bring the losing margin to more than 2 yes the bds policy was a badly managed stupid idea at the time but even within the greens opinion on this policy is divided see the latest monthly rhiannon and brown have different opinions with rhiannon saying bob s certainly made it very clear he doesn t support the boycott divestments and sanctions byrne hasn t lost her charm or her influence only her seat she so willingly played into the hands of her competitors instead of concentrating on her campaign the greens must play a smarter card in grayndler if they re to prove they ve learnt from their mistakes n cm successful applicants will battle it out on friday 13th april at leichhardt town hall where the audience will pick the winners you don t have to be part of a band to enter ­ solo artists and performance groups are eligible to try their hand at winning some great prizes too n entries close 5pm friday 24th february friday 24th february yoga at crunch fitness it s only because of my dedication to writing this column that i agreed to set foot in a gym for the first time in my life and i must admit meeting my intimidating tall zero-percent-body-fat yoga instructor inspired me to sign up even as i looked for the nearest exit in case this all went horribly wrong i soon discovered my fears were unfounded the one-hour class had me twisted like a pretzel but all the poses were manageable and if you can t do a certain pose you re simply given an alternative out of all the classes tested this one featured the most varied poses so you really get a taste of what yoga is all about however you move faster than you do in other classes so the instructor was a little hard to follow at times this class is keep calm and carry on open to women only and mats are provided there are free introductory gym visits but if you want to aiming to serve the local community through keep coming you ll have to become a member their yoga and meditation classes among other n initiatives mats pillows and even blankets are provided at this place and while both men yoga in daily life and women are welcome ­ the class i attended this is a not-for-profit yoga organisation which was filled with women of all ages shapes and runs classes in a peaceful space in annandale sizes the community yoga class is designed to be accessible to everyone with all levels of experience but still offers you the chance to push yourself everyone wobbled just a little attempting the eagle pose it s held at 5.30pm on wednesdays and is definitely the best value for money a one-hour class costs just $5 entry a new simply birthing yoga class has also started at the centre this year for mums-to-be who want to take advantages of the benefits of yoga n annandale yoga strangely enough this yoga school is not located in annandale ­ they run classes in haberfield camperdown and summer hill where both men and women are welcome the open level class with sevapuri is held on tuesday nights at 7pm at haberfield library a quiet and calming space at this time of night sevapuri was great the easiest instructor to follow and he was able to come around to make sure you re doing poses correctly because of the smaller class size around 10 people you will do quite a few repeats of the poses you learn and might even feel the stomach muscles burn the next day a 90-minute drop in class costs $18 n don t shop swap we live in a wasteful world of constant production updating and consumption and it s draining our environment but there are things you can do to make a difference ­ one of them is swapping instead of shopping as part of the treading lightly `eco-living in the inner west environmental program the councils are uniting to fight against unsustainable consumer habits by bringing you events like the ladies clothing swap evening at the exchange hotel balmain from 7pm to 9pm on wednesday 14th march ladies of all ages are welcome to come along to this free fun and sustainable way to bag a new outfit simply bring along up to six items of clothing in good condition from your own wardrobe that you no longer wear and swap them for something you will actually get some use out of it s environmentally friendly browsing for girls on a budget shopping has never felt so good n bookings are essential so email or call leichhardt council on 9367 9220 to reserve your spot what s on compiled by nancy merlo email every thursday from late february info@ciaomagazi attn nancy free community events listings are thursday 23rd february belly dance and zumba for beginners want to be inspired zumba classes will be held at the rozelle school of visual arts on thursdays from 6 to 7pm run by inspire bellydance this isn t your average zumba class though ­ it includes a little belly dancing instructed by the owner of inspire rachel bond the class is a great way to get fit and still have fun at the same time no experience is required and classes cost $18 each or $140 for a 10 week course for more information visit www.inspirebellydance or call rachel on 0403 771 134 rozelle school of visual arts is located at 57 nelson st rozelle 6 brain food dr karl kruszelnicki is holding a talk at ashfield s civic centre about his brand new book `brain food starting from 6pm on the ground floor this talk is a great way to find out about how the diet industry is getting fatter every year but is still not making you thinner books will be for sale on the day as well as the opportunity to get the book signed by the doc himself n call 9716 1810 for info and bookings n to win a free pass to do zumba with rachel simply email info friday 24th february author talk with rochelle jackson the medics and looking for young local talent to take part now in its sixth year this music event for people aged 12 to 24 has produced some great local talents in the past including the medics and kill appeal so if you re from the right age bracket an inner west local and interested in performing complete an application form at www.leichhardt.nsw something really epi the epic battle of bands is back for 2012 rochelle jackson will be at concord library introducing her third crime book `partners and crime from 1pm rochelle is best know for her 2006 abc tv documentary 50 years of news and current affairs in victoria her recent book follows the intriguing stories of the many women who have fallen in love with australia s baddest men including chopper read george freeman and robert trimbole prepaid booking is essential tickets costs $7 including refreshments.


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n local gigs it s a huge fortnight for gigs in the inner west with everyone from the grates to meshuggah and marilyn manson playing there s bound to be something you re into while i can t cover everything here are my recommendations saturday 25th february n local movies free c d u le tiwinkoebts movies passes tension in tehran death cab for cutie dappled cities death cab may have been around for a while now but they re still firm indie favourites ­ as evidenced by the fact that the friday show has already sold out enmore theatre $67.10 +bf sunday 26th february a separation set in contemporary iran asghar farhadi s forbidding edge-ofyour-seat melodrama at first seems strange but anyone who has ever been in love or part of a family will instantly see past the garb and foreign gender and religious politics and see something that is both nourishing and totally familiar and utterly compelling too nader peyman maadi and simin leila hatami are a middle class couple going in different directions much to the distress of their 11-year-old daughter sarina farhadi you can see they still love each other most of all when they plead their case to a judge in exasperated and rancorous exchanges he dismisses them tells them to sort it out and perhaps they could have if a string of errors misunderstandings and manipulations didn t leave nader on a murder charge there are more shock waves to come the twists and turns come thick and fast and will leave you exhausted and if you ve got anything resembling a heart in tears pg at palace norton st from march 1 n thanks to hopscotch films we have 5 double passes to give away details below rockafillies w kira peru carrie phillis the downtown three sally street pia andersen sally marett kitty van horne sarah j hyland sara o connor for some local talent in between the international tourers i d recommend rockafillies at the vanguard if you ve been to the venue lately you ve more than likely seen some of these talented ladies the vanguard newtown $18 +bf friday 2nd march fully clothed rumpy-pumpy late bloomers isabella rossellini has amongst many other things made an intriguing series called green porno bob brown and lee rhiannon at it errrr no.the italian actor and former model is decorum and poise personified in julie gavras pg rated domestic drama she plays mary an ex-teacher recently retired and fast approaching her vulnerable 60s while her husband adam william hurt a distinguished and successful architect is going through a professional crisis of his own both are suffering meltdowns about being past it ­ a state of mind that surely can t be helped by mary s vivacious best friend charlotte ab-fab s joanna lumley and both arrive at the obvious cure an affair what a brilliant idea and agree to a trial separation however their three adult children have other ideas about that by all accounts julie gavras daughter of the great costa-gavras shows a deft hand with some bittersweet material about the trials of growing up ok old if you must it will happen to you but hopefully you ll look as good between the sheets as ms rossellini pg at palace norton st from feb 23 unpreviewed n thanks to palace films we have 10 double passes to give away details below aphex twin mark pritchard harmonic 313 victim nothing much to say about this one ­ if you ve heard aphex twin you ll know why you should go enmore theatre $61.60 +bf the grates new navy cameras the most fun you ll have all month the grates are renowned for their unpredictable energetic antics at their live shows and this o-week finale should be no different manning bar sydney uni $18 +bf n claire albrecht carnage roman polanski is not allowed anywhere near the us but it s fair to assume liberal brooklynites have a soft spot for the radical auteur rather than return the goodwill he rips their high-minded pc sensibilities to shreds what begins as a polite discussion on child rearing by two middle class couples ends in a verbal bloodbath and it s hard to say who comes off worse ­ a stressed and twitchy nancy kate winslet or penelope jodie foster the hard faced author of a book on atrocities inner west mums will recognise both types very sharp very funny ouch m15 from march 1 n reviews re the best of the rest win dvds comedy that hurts tasmanian gothic thunder from down under after showing their assets to fans in las vegas and the world the manpower lads are back ­ in five dock over the past year the manpower lads have been travelling around the world performing for adoring ladies in las vegas canada atlantic city russia taiwan and the philippines but now australia s number one male revue is back in oz for a national tour and lucky for us they have a stop right here in the inner west the internationally acclaimed entertainment sensation manpower australia is coming to club five dock rsl on tuesday 6th march with all their über-toned torsos dancing and light tricks in tow the gents will be putting on a fully choreographed 2-hour stage spectacular that has been wowing women since 1989 doors open at 6.30pm for a 7.30pm start and tickets cost $30 for more information and tickets visit n to win a double pass to see manpower in five dock email and tell us whether you prefer your men dressed as firemen or cowboys sunday 4th march the hunter a bearded stranger willem dafoe turns up at a remote tasmanian farmhouse claiming to be studying tasmanian tigers but just happens to be carrying a high powered rifle with telescopic sites something is up right frances o connor is the farmer s wife whose activist husband has mysteriously vanished leaving her in a state of shock and her kids part feral daniel nettheim directed this visually stunning and very superior thriller-drama which scooped up an amazing 15 aacta award nominations if you missed its cinema run last year you won t be alone so many oz films get overlooked but since then wom has built followed by a steady stream of high praise and international interest it s not hard to see why this is all class m15 available from feb 8 n thanks to madman entertainment we have 5 dvd copies to give away details below oh my and there s six more of them win tix a great opportunity for local artists to be creative and showcase their talents for one of australia s largest performing arts festivals tickets will be on sale at the door for $20 including $5 fringe registration fee if you sign up on the night the sydney fringe 2012 will run from 7th to 30th september this year for more information email hq n fringe club 5 eliza street newtown behind the zanzibar hotel saturday 3rd march helping clean up in marrickville graham and many more workshops from van badham sharp speech writing great dialogue and lachlan philpott playwriting ways to begins will also run on the day plus gourmet food and coffee will be provided and dialogue and scripts will be for sale free parking available n visit for bookings nsw writers centre callan park balmain road rozelle clean up australia day grab a garbage bag and put some gloves on ­ clean up australia day is here and it s up to you to help manage and protect our environment now is your opportunity to become one of those thousands of people who volunteer to clear laneways street fronts drains and parks from litter visit or for more info rochelle jackson n for online bookings visit www or email claude friday 2nd march playwriting festival the nsw writers centre presents the playwriting festival 2012 from 10am to 6pm with a program of activities for writers covering the skills behind playwriting as well as celebrating the work of many successful playwrights artistic directors and reviewers guest speakers attending the event include john mccallum van badham vanessa bates wayne blair jane bodie duncan win double movie passes theatre tix to be in the running to win a double movie pass to late bloomers a separation and/or a dvd copy of the hunter just email with your name and postal address telling us where only at the movies march 1st you picked up your copy of ciao you can enter just one ­ or all of them give us an order of preference if you do community glamour at its best 7 sydney fringe 2012 fringe club in newtown is holding opening auditions for the 2012 fringe festival at 8.30pm doors open 7.30pm the event is


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n ciao s mailbox n sustainability poor little rich kids a local look at national news the first response to our new inner west whispers column is in this arrived in our inbox ah so the leading and only independent publication in the inner west asks for whispers to publish really i wonder do you mean it you asked who of the current councillors in leichhardt are being pushed out of standing at the september elections you infer that a developer is behind the move one not standing again is former mayor jamie parker it is true he has been forced to stand down but not by a developer the state government has stated that local councillors who are also mps have to quite rightly choose between the roles ­ because of the very obvious conflicts of interest and the clear suggestion that they are double-dipping the greens despite their fraught difficulties with accepting the o farrell government s new probity policy on political donations they are bitterly split have fallen into line with the new government s policy on this so parker goes keep swinging ­ red ted n to read the full letter go to reading the recently leaked emails from hope welker and bianca rinehart to their mother gina rinehart made me feel a little sad of course i was simultaneously laughing out loud at the absurdity of hope s demands on her mother but nevertheless it was still unfortunate to see a relationship between parent and child reduced to such impersonal emails and then to see those emails made public how embarrassing for them to be portrayed as spoilt self-pitying whingers in media across the world yet i can t help but wonder if that s exactly what they are if you missed the whole incident one of the emails from hope dated saturday 30 july 2011 read hi mem i need a few things for my birthday cook so you can be sure april is fed right bodyguard so the kids are safe and housekeeper that is good w kids so if i need to go out i can and i found a great agency here that sources the best here are the descriptions and costs i would buy them myself but i m down to my last $60 000 and your only paying my husband $1 a year i ve heard of coming up with a wish list for your birthday but seriously to ask your mother for a chef estimated cost $40,000 to $225,000 p.a a bodyguard 55,000 to $100,000 p.a and a house keeper 35,000 to $55,000 p.a seems a little over the top after all poor old gina isn t santa claus despite the uncanny resemblance while i can understand the fears about personal security and the saftey of rinehart s grandchildren it s the other requests that raise an eyebrow at least now i know how different my wish list is compared with those of the rich and famous when i would appreciate my mum shouting me a nice dinner in balmain ­ hope wants a personal chef all year round really some people have no shame can t she see her mother needs that money to buy more pearls and get her hair fixed perhaps us mere mortals simply can t understand and if my mother was the richest woman in australia ­ worth an estimated $us18 billion ­ i might ask to have manu feildel hired as my livein chef hint hint mummy dearest i guess we ll just never know in the meantime the rinehart family war rages between gina and her three children ­ hope bianca and john -­ whom no longer want their mother in control of the family trust to the average australian the whole debacle may seem slightly blown out of proportion after all battles over family money is an issue many families face unfortunately the more money there is involved the higher the stakes i suppose if the three siblings aren t successful against their mother they could always focus on getting in the good books with little sister ginia the only child of rinehart s four to have taken her mother s side could ginia be on the rise the way things are going she might end up with the biggest piece of the pie having already been named an alternate director of hancock prospecting the main source of the family s iron ore wealth now that her siblings are on the out n nm lets talk about milk as the future of the dairy industry starts to look grim we look for alternatives to deforestation in south america and indonesia while one cup of rice milk contains 33 grams of sugary carbohydrates 3-4 times the amount in cow or soya milk however soya and rice milk are highly regarded as good sources of protein and fibre they also absorb carbon emissions rather than emit them it requires 3 times less land to produce 1l of soya milk than 1l of cow milk yet farmers are reluctant to look at these alternatives the csiro and soy australia are working to indentify growth opportunities particularly as a rotational summer crop cheap cow s milk is bad for our farmers and environment but until there s a well-priced alternative consumers are pushed to buy with their conscience and not their wallet lion nathan an australian company owned by japanese giant kirin recently posted a downgrade of profits by 10 to $2.82 billion citing the milk price war between coles and woolworths as the main contributor current milk commodity prices are at 39c a litre and coles and woolworths sell milk for $1 a litre farmers and dairy australia claim the discounting is not sustainable ­ but who s going to say no to cheap milk dairy production is already a well-known problem sector producing high amounts of methane and nitrates from cow slurry nitrogen pollution from fertiliser used for animal feed and carbon emissions from land-use and production methane emissions from livestock make up 13.1 of australia s total greenhouse emissions which is as much as the transport sector but are the alternatives to milk any better soya farms have recently been criticised for contributing from food inc cows are profit machines the price of milk · coles milk ­ $1 · coconut milk ­ $3.50 1 coconut at addison rd markets · oat milk ­ $2.79 australia s own organic franklins summer hill · bon soy ­ $5.95 australia organic on-line · goats milk ­ $6 about life rozelle delivery tue+thur · dairy farmers ­ $2.99 friendly grocer newtown time to get your hands dirty as clean up australia day quickly approaches on sunday 4th march it s time to take a long hard look at your neighbourhood last year in the marrickville area over a thousand volunteers collected a grand total of 920kg of rubbish from over 29 different local sites smokers take note cigarette butts were number one on the list of top ten sources of rubbish mayor of marrickville morris hanna says i know most of our residents love the marrickville area and want the very best for themselves and their neighbours that s why so many of us volunteer for clean up australia day he raises a good point here the cleanliness of your area comes down to the respect you have for it and for the neighbours you share it with next time you re about to toss a ciggie on the floor ask yourself what kind of place do you want to live in we think haberfield is at the top of the list when it comes to cleaniless but neighbouring ashfield doesn t fair to well let us know what you think which area is the best at keeping things clean status update our pick of the best someone is snoring in my house sounds like a wrx phillip pennisi february 3rd marrickville locals love getting involved in the clean up n for info about clean up events near you visit or join us for an up-close and personal interview with george negus and mariana rudan dinner includes 3 course meal with wine date time thursday 22nd march 2012 6.00pm networking at the bar 6.30pm dinner 10.30pm close grappa ristorante bar 267-277 norton st leichhardt $90 non-members $80 labc members $800 table of 10 02 9367 9308 or venue tickets info bookings 8


p. 9

beef and basil meatballs 1-2 tablespoons rice bran oil or vegetable 400g-500g beef mince 2 large spring onions chopped finely 6-8 basil leaves chopped finely ¼ teaspoon garam masala salt and pepper 2 punnets cherry tomatoes 1 large garlic clove thinly sliced 5cm piece of parmesan rind jared ingersoll is tired of the whine dear customers i love you i want to know what you think what makes you happy what makes you sad i m so sincere about this that i ve based my future on your happiness my career and ability to provide for my staff and my family i m not alone in this though the feelings of love may get tested occasionally any restaurant that wants to stay in business longer than the rent-free period it has been able to negotiate with their landlord is desperately trying to make you happy sure we get it wrong sometimes but we do try as an industry to go above and beyond reading good living recently i was saddened to see that after 22 years alex and howard of bird cow fish surry hills are closing their sensible reasons include good old-fashioned family values then i turn a few pages and read a two-page article cover story titled whine and dine and i am incensed what a piece of nonsense let me explain while the comments in the article are generally valid if for no reason other than because business is at the mercy of the customer the article only served to give voice to a minority who get all righteous when they don t get everything their way for example in relation to queues if you have to queue at a restaurant it s because there are lots of people that want to go there at the same time as you if you really hate to queue don t go to that restaurant if you really want to go to that restaurant and they don t take bookings then queuing has to be accepted as part and parcel of the experience it s really not that complicated if however you want to go to a restaurant and the restaurant accepts bookings please be sure to keep your booking if `life happens which it often does then let the restaurant know providing as much notice as possible so that they can re-sell the table the climate at the moment is particularly difficult everyone in the business is under price pressures with overheads increasing all the time notwithstanding somewhere along the line people stopped wanting to spend proper money on food take it from me making money from restaurants is not for the faint hearted so think about this next time you eat out restaurants need customers to survive and every restaurant is different accept it for what it is enjoy it don t grumble get out there and celebrate one of the world s most dynamic dining scenes and count yourself lucky to have such a diversity of places to choose from i for one am bloody proud to be part of it n method 1 in a medium bowl mix beef spring onions basil garam masala salt and pepper when combined roll into teaspoon sized balls and put aside 2 make sure tomatoes are halved and garlic is sliced before starting to cook in the pressure cooker 3 heat a large frying pan on high heat once hot coat with oil and quickly drop in meatballs and brown on both sides make sure you do not cook all the way through 4 remove balls from the frying pan and leave to rest 5 place frying pan back on the heat and toss in chopped tomatoes with a good pinch of salt sauté for 2 mins then add the garlic slices and sauté for a further few minutes 6 pop in your parmesan rind then place meatballs back in 7 turn heat to a low simmer place a lid on and cook for 15 mins 8 remove lid give the pan a little shake to loosen the sauce and cook for another 5-8 minutes 9 remove from heat and serve with pasta or cool and serve as you like with shaved parmesan cheese n at home with camilla author teacher and professional chef for 21 years camilla baker definitely knows a thing or two about cooking she chats to ciao about her cooking classes and shares her top-secret tips for getting kids to eat their vegetables what s a good way of getting kids try new foods get them in the kitchen to help with cooking i have found this is the best way to get kids to try new foods also grating veggies is a great way to add vegetables without too much fuss kids tend to not see chunks of colour and forget that they hate veggies finally get the whole family to eat the same meal at the same time kids are more willing to try what s on their plate if mum and dad are eating it too tell us a bit about your cooking classes my classes range from deluxe dinner party ideas to basic beginners pasta classes and yummy breakfasts to impress and from one-on-one lessons to group and corporate classes in people s homes i find students are more relaxed in a familiar kitchen is a passion for cooking enough to make it a serious career option if you enjoy cooking and find it relaxing then keep enjoying it at home i think people forget that as a chef not only do you need to constantly be thinking about food and menu ideas you also have to be able to organise your kitchen team think on your feet when the pressure is on and always make wonderful food look effortless yes i love cooking but i also love the pressure of the kitchen and the feeling at the end of service when it was a success so if cooking for a group of friends is stressful for you then i d advise you to keep cooking as a love and not a career n interview nancy merlo jan june 2012 treading lightly eco-living in the inner west wednesday 14 march note this date has changed from that originally advertised 7-9pm wor k ev shops ents free ladies clothing swap date the ladies clothing swap is a fantastic opportunity for you to rid your wardrobe of those items that you never wear and swap them for something that you ll love there s probably someone else out there who would love to wear those items that you never get around to getting out of the drawer bring those old clothes along to the ladies clothing swap and trade your old clothes for something fabulous time venue the exchange hotel beattie street balmain rsvp is essential please call 02 9367 9220 or visit partner council websites for the full jan-june 2012 treading lightly calendar of events community glamour at its best 9


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kitchen serves 4 braising liquid 3l chicken stock 1 leek quartered 2 apples halved 3 tblsp soy ½ brown onion with melissa leong twice cooked pork belly 1kg pork belly bones trimmed off wine with winsor ripping riesling ferngrove 2011 cossack riesling it is a complete mystery why riesling is not more popular particularly wines made in this crisp clean dry style which are absolutely delectable and extremely food friendly from the frankland river region of western australia which produces stunning dry rieslings this proved just too darn easy to drink think aromas of fresh cut flowers bright citrus flavours and brisk refreshing acid on the finish $23 1 large carrot halved 1 tblsp raw sugar ½ cup apple cider sauce some cracking crackling 1 tblsp black bean paste 1 red bargain wirra wirra 2010 scrubby rise shiraz so you just aren t enjoying cask wine any more you re ready to spend a few bucks extra on a decent bottle but don t know where to start this is as good a place as any it s the entry level red wine from a mclaren vale winery that makes honest wines at reasonable prices it s a classic australian blend of shiraz and cabernet sauvignon with a dash of a third grape petit verdot added it s designed for drinking young and would be great with pasta pizza or a summer barbecue $16 /3 cup of leftover braising liquid perfect pork crackling crisp sweet and just a little bit chewy it s a badge of honour any home cook is proud to have and once you master it it s a consistent winner here s a cracking recipe for twice-cooked pork belly with black bean sauce it s a really easy recipe that guarantees meltingly tender meat and toffee-crisp crackling 1 in a large heavy-based pot lightly fry off leek carrot and onion until translucent 2 pour in stock soy cider sugar and apples 3 heat on high until the liquid starts to boil 4 once the liquid starts to boil gently lower in the pork belly pieces and cover the surface of the liquid with baking paper 5 turn down to low and braise the pork for 2-3 hours 6 gently remove the pork from the braising liquid and place skin-side down in a baking paper-lined tin cover with another sheet of baking paper and another tray so that the pork is pressed between the two surfaces put something heavy on top to maintain pressure on the meat and refrigerate for at least an hour overnight is even better 7 remove the refrigerated pressed pork and cut into serving portions 8 pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees on grill 9 score the surface of each piece of pork and rub with salt 10 place under the grill until the skin becomes crackled and golden n n just arrived fresh chickpeas frozen black currants green and pink fingerlimes and red dutch carrots n in season green beans small celeriac black figs and cherry tomatoes and cream dutch potatoes n best quality baby beetroot yellow and white nectarines limes snow peas and baby eggplant n high prices broccoli lemons apricots and strawberries n until next season goodbye to tomatillos and beurre pears at the markets star chardy nepenthe 2010 ithica chardonnay some of australia s best chardonnays are being made in the cool adelaide hills and this is a lip-smacking example that straddles the divide between the new lean style and the bigger old-fashioned but still popular oaky style it has bright grapefruit and stone fruit flavours some nice texture with oak and lees contact having added complexity creaminess and also some attractive crispness on the finish complex and interesting $30 n what a darling can t afford to fly to paris for lunch this weekend well a trip to little darling diner might just be the next best thing with its french inspired menu and fabulously chic décor you will find yourself saying wow from the very first moment you enter this darling street gem a lot of attention to detail has been paid to every element of this restaurant which surprisingly stretches across three levels plus a lovely outdoor courtyard the lower levels are perfect for larger groups and private functions from the antique light fixtures to the plush chesterfield lounges and custom made chairs ­ everything contributes to the over all effect of this place allowing you to be transported to another world but i know you re dying to hear about the food which does not disappoint either we start with the pot of pate with condiments and crusty bread the chicken liver pate covered in cumberland sauce has a subtle sweet taste and is simply addictive while the accompaniment of sweet baby onions reduced in balsamic are to die for it was all washed down nicely with a sip of lost turtle sauvignon blanc marlborough nz from the short but in no way inadequate wine list including french varieties and champagne the menu changes monthly to keep things fresh but some popular classics remain all year round like the signature steak sandwich with tomato avocado and onion jam made in house i was impressed to find they use the same high quality tender eye fillet in their sandwiches as they do in their dinner dishes why should you use a lesser cut of meat just because it s on a lunch menu says co-owner nour the answer is you shouldn t and the result is one of the most enjoyable steak sandwiches ever a little gourmet but not pretentious just perfect cuisine the perfect way to start a meal caption xxxxxxxxxdavid cooking up a storm chefs melinda and xxx although you can t eat a lot of it because it s so rich the seeds offer a bit of extra crunch and balance out the cheese nicely all in all this was an exquisite dining experience the food is well presented and everything is super fresh down to the perfectly ripened avocado i ll definitely be returning to try out the breakfast and dinner menus the diner also runs speciality jazz champagne and scotch appreciation nights the scotch night which matches canapés with different scotches is coming up pop into the venue to find out more n little darling diner 485a darling st balmain tel 9810 5255 words nancy merlo photos leane senzamici colourful fresh and delicious we also decided to split a couple of salads first the octopus salad with artichokes capsicums and greens which comes topped with the most amazingly smooth roast eggplant puree its zesty citrus and lightly spiced flavour livened up the dish somehow managing to be creamy and tart at the same time with just a hint of smokiness a great summer dish second was the delicious roast pumpkin avocado and pumpkin seed salad with goat s cheese this is a very lightly dressed salad that s all about the generous serving of cheese which i love the strong taste of 10 the menu changes monthly to keep things fresh but some popular classics remain all year round like the signature steak sandwich


p. 11

make an appointment and bring in this ad you ll receive 20 off your next colour service monday thursday only


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six of the best we are all looking for somewhere different to escape to for that muchneeded break winsor dobbin unveils six destinations that should be on your radar in 2012 travel mercure treasury gardens melbourne melbourne is a sprawling city so it pays to select your hotel wisely if you want to be within walking distance of the famous laneways cafes bars and sport venues you can t beat the recently revamped mercure treasury gardens for location it is right in the centre of the city on spring street and is just a brisk walk from federation square the mcg and parliament house the 164 refurbished rooms all have internet access and many overlook the gardens lime restaurant and bar serves modern australian cuisine and what impressed me most was the bright helpful attitude of the staff something you don t always find in chain hotels all the major melbourne sporting venues including the rod laver arena for the australian open are just down the road while just a couple of blocks in the other direction is the paris end of collins street and dozens of trendy eateries and bars the rooms are designed to reflect the area s local character in the room with black and white photography of melbourne architecture and landmarks emblazoned on the bed heads rooms have been fitted with new bathrooms complete with walk-in showers large hand basins and led mirror lights new lighting digital lcd tvs glass fronted fridges internet access room safes and clock radios with ipod docks have been installed the good news is that refurbished rooms start from $149 per night depending on the season n mercure treasury gardens 13 spring street melbourne vic 3000 03 9205 9999 20 years in business welcome to 2012 there are plenty of exciting events happening this year we are celebrating as it s been 20 years since heidi opened her first office here in balmain to thank everyone for their support we will have special offers in this column throughout the year see the first one below special events in uk/europe ­ particularly the olympics and floriade have made travel there popular and quite busy already if you are planning to head to europe this year we recommend booking a.s.a.p we have holidays in place already with jenny first heading to vietnam cambodia for 3 weeks she will be exploring the sights and food from the north to the south there are many ships in sydney this month including queen elizabeth and queen mary 2 to coincide cunard currently have a 30 day celebration sale for their 2013 world voyages this sale ends 8th march 2012 ask us for more details n global village travel 13 beattie street balmain free car park next door tel 9555 8355 balmain harmony hill wellness and organic spa margate tasmania looking for somewhere to detox or simply wind down after the busy christmas and new year period this delightful alternative spa set in bushland south of hobart might fit the bill the luxurious asian-themed wellness retreat offers one three five and 10-day programs and treatments from specialists in iridology kinesiology ayurvedic medicine chi energy healing lymphatic drainage and nutrition a range of 60 and 90-minute massages body wraps and facials are also on the menu for those with limited time resident therapists matthew and julie sajomon worked at the world-famous ananda spa in the himalayas and are both ayurvedic practitioners co-owner ami nakamura says the facility which has comfortable onsite accommodation focuses on alternative therapies to create a holistic health experience she offers yoga tai chi and meditation workshops in her extensive menu of programs harmony hill is set on 42 acres less than half an hour from hobart and has five spa treatment rooms designed by nakamura using hexagon feng shui principals the spa uses solar energy rain water collection and its own wetland to purify grey water and recycle it harmony hill offers hotel/airport pick-up and return individually tailored treatment programs and special spa cuisine menus n harmony hill 210 old bernies road margate tasmania 7054 03 6294 8177 www.organicspa-retreat com aussie dollar bargain sofitel london st james le balcon restaurant london there will probably never be a better time for australians to visit britain ­ the dollar makes it as affordable as it has ever been and if you are staying in london location is all important ­ no one wants to waste their time commuting from distant suburbs or spending a fortune on taxis the sofitel st james hotel part of a heritage-listed former bank building in the chic st james quarter has been beautifully refurbished and boasts its own spa it is right in the centre of the action on pall mall ­ just a short walk from trafalgar square buckingham palace piccadilly circus and other london highlights the hotel is also home to one of the hottest places to eat right now the new the balcon restaurant a luxury brasserie at which chef vincent menager combines british and french traditions to superb effect with dishes like shepherd s pie with foie gras gloriously rich a massage at harmony hill yes please twofourtwo launceston tasmania the tamar valley wine route has been named as one of the best in the world ­ and it is still relatively undiscovered by the masses while accommodation among the vines is limited the good news is that launceston tasmania s second city is just a few minutes drive from several of the standout wineries the perfect base from which to explore both the tamar very chic xxxxxx twofourtwo is the perfect base for northern tassie and launceston s attractions is twofourtwo a collection of extremely chic self-catering apartments that aim to victoria showcase the best of tasmanian boutique wines local art and contemporary furniture design so you want to get away from it all take some beach nestled in the heart of the charles street strip dotted with cafes restaurants a patisserie and delicatessen all within a block twofourtwo offers peace and quiet but is just a stroll away from launceston cbd the accommodation manages the difficult trick of being both stylish and comfortable and has been furnished by designer alan livermore who runs the complex with his wife katie a font of knowledge on all things local choose from three apartments or a fully-self contained townhouse all thoughtfully equipped and each with their own selection of local wines the studio and the terrace are one-bedroom apartments while the bakehouse and number 10 townhouse have two bedrooms each has access to a guest laundry private courtyards and barbecue facilities and there is also free off-street parking n twofourtwo 242 charles street launceston tasmania 7250 03 6331 9241 12 vie hotel bangkok bangkok is one of the most vibrant cities in asia alive 24 hours a day with enticing aromas and street life which can be a pleasure or a hindrance if you need a good night of sleep the vie hotel part of the mgallery collection is set back from the road in a leafy setting but is right next door to ratchathewi skytrain station and just minutes from the shopping and nightlife centres of silom and sukhumvit a chic boutique five-star hotel considered an oasis with the city s skyline as its backdrop it has won several awards since opening a couple of years back including best restaurant award in both 2010 and 2011 services include complimentary wi-fi in public areas a tuk-tuk shuttle service a deep sleep consultant and a pillow menu the beds here are among the most comfortable i have encountered and the rooms feature its floor-to-ceiling windows and vibrantly coloured silks the multilingual staff are extremely helpful eat at the vie wine grill drink at the vie cigar &wine bar and relax at the vie spa n vie hotel bangkok 117/39-40 phaya thai road bangkok thailand 66 2309 3939 peppers the sands torquay walks or maybe play a few rounds on a spectacular resort course peppers the sands resort just down the road from bells beach ticks all those boxes the 112-room resort overlooks its own 18-hole stuart appleby-designed golf course and the majority of the accommodation has balconies and terraces with sweeping golf course views victoria s most famous surf beach is just a short stroll away and there is an on-site health club with a 25-metre lap pool tennis court and fully equipped gym the new resort comprises of two interconnecting three-level buildings with modern well-equipped rooms and hanners restaurant and bar is on site with several restaurants in the resort town of torquay just a short drive away torquay is one of the gateways to the great ocean road n peppers the sands resort 2 sands boulevard torquay 3228 victoria 03 5264 3333 elegant dining at the balcon the balcon comprises several distinct areas including the brasserie the st james bar a custom-made charcuterie bar offering british and french meats a champagne balcony and tasting table and private dining room seating 14 the eatery which also boasts an excellent wine list is open daily for breakfast lunch and dinner n sofitel st james hotel/the balcon waterloo place london sw1y 4an england +44 20 7747 2200


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snap happy gail edmonds exhibition launch at aashiya gallery drummoyne email your snaps to a bit about gail s work `jersey cow curator louise kinch opening the exhibition to some gallery friends barbra bursill with gail edmonds victor valdés wows the diners on sundays at shisha bar restaurant in croydon park cute stuff for cute little people gail edmonds surrounded by friends and family at her exhibition launch nibbles supplied by the hills lodge hotel janaki joshi from iris communications happy art fans artist alice haigh and her partner chris robyn carr and lyndsay edmonds heliflite kristy centre and friends at aashiya gallery in drummoyne juanita allan has some great reading summer loving in balmain balmain markets offers a broad range of quality jewellery and fashion accessories locally designed quality vintage pieces and selected imports are all available stand out from the crowd ­ most of our fashion items are simply not available elsewhere and while you re cleaning the house why not freshen it up with some nice accessories from designer cushions to tibetan singing bowls from lovely smelling soy candles to art for the wall ­ it s all available at balmain markets grab lunch at the international food hall browse the 1853 church and don t forget to snap up the freshest vegetables around before heading home for all market enquiries ring kevin mcdonald on 0418 765 736 shop a docket announces sponsorship with west tigers open every saturday from 8.30 4.00pm balmain markets ­ st andrews congregational church cnr of darling st curtis rd balmain not rozelle ­ just look for the flags community glamour at its best 13


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astrogirlzarro your stars for the week from our real astrogirl aries mercury energises your social sector generating friendships with peeps who have minds rather than hair designs and eyebrow piercings the panel says taurus you will make unconventional romantic choices when venus and uranus join in early february you successfully woo that blow-up doll you had your eye on neeru hot nice smile and i like his spikes gemini the sun and mercury energise your travel sector follow the diy trail of the pacific northwest and see a few leftover grunge bands hanging on by the sleeve of their flannel shirts cancer you ll morph into a wandering sage and begin a 14-year cycle of psychic travel that involves tours of jim morrison s mind put your wayfarers on i hear it s kaleidoscopic in there leo the sun and neptune compel you to read random acts of kindness compelling you to perform random acts of kindness very italian very clean cut a nice boy to bring home sylvana virgo you get an extended visit from mars to your sign causing you to streamline your life more than is humanly possible by flogging your old kajagoogoo cassette tapes on ebay libra the sun and mercury energise your fifth house of creativity this is great news for arty libra as nothing gets you going like a good deep-etch every now and then scorpio a new era of expressing yourself creatively begins now that neptune is transiting your fifth house unleash your artistic urges by producing art to a kenny g playlist sagittarius retrograde mars delays career plans sagittarians are big picture guys and this transit forces you look at the fine detail of work sounds boring it is capricorn the sun and mercury energise your money sector organise your assets this month and i don t mean re-adjust your wedding tackle although that may help hot or not a killer smile and a good cook where can i get one hottie biscotti great smile he can cook me dinner anytime shanel aquarius if you feel passionate about social issues then the universe will support you in creating a better world where no one dressed in business wear stands a chance at natural selection pisces communication planet mercury weaves in and out of your sign expect a phase of talking gibberish before you stop making sense altogether n http 27 is an ambitious scorpio and owner of amoretti s seafood-pizzatapas bar in chiswick he wants to open his second restaurant by the age of 30 using cooking methods from his grandparents time with a twist he knows a thing or two about good food and says if he really wanted to impress a girl he d make her fresh crepes filled with mascarpone and honey drizzled with warm belgian chocolate sauce and topped with fresh strawberries and crushed nuts i don t know about you but the panel is impressed gabriele moretti ms red usually i m not so easily won over but i m drooling over this cutie patootie and his crepe dessert yum nominations open 5th march 2012 2012 well connected don t miss out this year be part of the premier business awards of the inner west register your business today at restaurant quality cafe prices cafe wine bar 2012 inner west local business awards shop 9/39 45 norton st leichhardt 95728870 14


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lifestyle ask sal planning your new kitchen when planning your kitchen layout remember that the sink preparation area and hob should never be too far apart and that the fridge should be near the entrance of the kitchen all this will have an effect on where you ll put your basic equipment fridge microwave and sink and where the service points for water electricity and gas if needed will be keep the existing service points in mind when planning as rewiring and re-plumbing your kitchen will cost time and money try to place the sink preparation area and hob first then draw three lines to connect the three areas this will usually result in a triangular shape the smaller the triangle the shorter the walking distance will be between the three main working areas in your kitchen if the triangle looks too big try to shift things around to bring the three areas closer together importantly sinks will often be placed against an outside wall under the window this will make the plumbing easier but also gives daylight where you need it most think also of existing ventilation points when planning the wall-cupboards as you don t want to cover them up ventilation will be of the utmost importance in kitchens that are also used as dining area as you will want to get rid of steam and odours before it absorbs in your furniture and carpet three vital tips l mark the service points in your plan as this will define where the main working areas will be placed l the longest unit will consist of the sink drainer and maybe a dishwasher so it is best to place this area in your plan first l if you like to cook with a lot of fresh vegetables or you need a big freezer consider a big fridge/freezer at the end of your worktop for loads of storage and easy access n for more info call salvi messina owner of renovation boys tel 9519 5511 running with ryhan your home your gym who needs a gym when you ve got a vacuum cleaner if outdoor fitness doesn t tickle your fancy or you don t have time to get to the gym here are 5 exercises you can do at home without any fitness equipment during your everyday routine 1 squats while putting a load of laundry in the washing machine lifting up a single garment at a time squat to tone up the legs and buns 2 brush your teeth whilst standing on one leg this will bring balance stabilization and core control to your body alternate your legs each time you brush 3 vacuuming with lunges another great way to tone the thighs and buns each time you move to vacuum take a step with a lunge ­ toes pointed forward and knees bending at 90 degrees simple and very effective 4 core abdominal control while watching tv sitting up straight on the couch place both hands on your abdominals and squeeze and release slowly to contact the core muscles do this for 1-2 minutes and you will feel your abdominal area tightening up fast 5 triceps dips off the couch while watching tv perform your triceps dips on the edge of the couch when commercial breaks come on i m sure after just two ad breaks your arms will feel like steel there s nothing worse than waving goodbye with your arms feeling like water balloons this way the arms get tight and toned so now you have no excuses whichever way you get your mind motivated do it and perform at your best you have nothing to lose but everything to gain n for more secret tips nutrition plans and workouts look for ryhan vengetas on facebook or email property of the week live work and play in lilyfield 67 justin st lilyfield inspired by an architect owner no expense or creative flair was spared in creating this stunning residential/commercial property set on three levels with vacant possession this property offers a flexible use option separate residence and commercial office space below would suit a self-employed entrepreneurially astute individual overall features include fully networked and patched cabling speakercraft ceiling speakers throughout back to base security system cctv security cameras and air-conditioning residence includes 2 bedrooms with designer bathrooms large open plan living dining and designer kitchen commercial includes fully integrated networked office space custom workstation partitions and bamboo paneling backlit bookshelves and drawing hangers storage room and video conference ready meeting room with magnetic presentation board contact lindi kim-sing 0417 747 744 inspect 10am saturday 18th feb or 5pm wednesday 22nd feb n ray white balmain 9555 7777 are you looking for art and design depicting your surroundings you need to visit the abstract exhibition of colourful australian inspired paintings showing now until 31 march 2012 4 rawson ave drummoyne opp school ph 02 9181 5263 or tue fri 10 4pm sat 10 2pm or by appointment unique art and design sometimes blue by gail edmonds community glamour at its best 15



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