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n ewsmagazine crusader the · acta · the grammys salpointe catholic high school · 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 · september 2011 · vol 61 issue 1 playoffs lancer hoops gearing for tournament -pgs 24-25


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2 · table of contents the crusader crusader the newsmagazine in this issue on the cover 11 news acta the government s at it again 16-17 features grammys you decide this year s royalty 24-31 sports lancer soccer lancers finish regular season with a 10-2 record continue to compete at the state tournament above left and center acta and grammys courtesy of google images left lancer soccer team right cameron denson photos sean logan


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february 2012 table of contents · 3 opinions 5 editorial 7 13 21 23 claire s conundrum amanda please extra emi the logan lowdown senioritis excuse my nerdiness fated to pretend love your life so long lonesome inside news 6 6 8-9 10 peruvian exchange students salpointe tip line school news never forgotten carlos sandoval features entertainment 12 14-15 18-19 20 very interesting person pop culture tucson reviews cafeteria craving sports 24-26 27 28-31 basketball wrestling soccer


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4 · news the crusader carlos sandoval gone but never forgotten in memory of t was a summer night when i first met carlos and i was going in to my 8th grade year the first time we met we instantly clicked he gave me this welcoming smile and from then on i knew we would be life-long friends as months passed carlos became one of my best friends after having priceless memories with carlos i realized he was more than just a friend and not just to me but to many i soon realized he was the sweetest most outgoing genuine man i had ever met he was never afraid to be himself and stand up for what he believed in carlos was a jokester and would say his famous words like gotta do it or its fineeee not only was he a jokester but he was an intelligent man that even convinced my mom to buy cutco knives from the place where he worked and being the friendly guy he was my mom couldn t say no the very last memory i have of carlos was taking him to cotillion with me and he was by far the best cotillion date i could have ever asked for the distance between life and death can be short long and i anywhere in-between the distance is an unknowable number some of us forget that the time we have here alive isn t unlimited life is taken for granted most of us live as if it s a myth the sad thing is that most of us live life as if death is a myth the sad thing is that most people don t realize this until it s too late carlos was a person that did not follow these trends he lived life as it was meant to be lived and although his time was short he will forever remain in our hearts without him i couldn t have made the friends i have today without him i wouldn t have lived my life he taught me how to keep going even when i thought i couldn t go on anymore he taught me the value of friendship what it means to have true genuine friends in my life but most importantly he taught me how to live my life to the very fullest and i can t thank him enough for that i think carlos was placed on this earth for a reason and i think it was a miracle to have a friend like him he was our guardian angel then and now i love you carlos sandoval forever rest in paradise -maryann sharp


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february 2012 opinions · 5 crusader newsmagazine editorial the volume 61 2011-2012 february 2012 national scholastic press association best of show spring convention 2007 all american 2007 08 columbia scholastic press association gold crown award 2005 06 2007 08 gold medalist 2006 07 2008 `09 quill and scroll society sweepstakes winner 2008 george h gallup award 2007 08 arizona press women gold medalist 2008 `09 arizona interscholastic press association general excellence 2nd place fall 2010 best high school newspaper 2009 general excellence first place 2008 senioritis s seniors we have heard all too much about the notorious senioritis disease even before we became seniors going through the years we all liked to joke about the infamous sickness as underclassmen we might have claimed that we had it already as juniors we were confident that we had an early onset version of the silent sabataeur finally as seniors we have stared senioritis in the face without ever having realized just how debilitating this disease could be luckily senioritis isn t an actual medical illness or most seniors would be under a doctor s care in some ways however it is very real it is now february and the levels of senioritis are rising this should be expected as most of us have finished applying to college and many of us are beginning to receive acceptance letters as well we are starting to look forward to things like the senior trip and spring break graduation graduation graduation at this point many things that used to be priorities to us have fallen down on the list this is not because we don t care about them but because we are being blinded we are being blinded by senioritis and the distractions that come with it one of the worst parts about senioritis is that it numbs us it numbs the pressing issues that we are faced with in effect we almost forget how important these things are this is what senioritis does it distracts us from our priorities putting them all on the backburner although the most obvious sign of senioritis is procrastination there are more subtle symptoms too with graduation approaching in just a few months a looks like the diagnosis is positive but it s treatable all we ever seem to talk about anymore is getting out of this place it s the talk in the hallways the text messages and the posts on facebook and twitter can t wait to graduate and get outta here #may26 we all talk about that final day in may so much that we forget about what we re even doing right now we forget that there are still four months left so why is this so important it is important because if we continue to focus on graduation and the future then we will most likely have a less than an ideal last semester at salpointe when we should be enjoying what we have now instead we talk about all of the reasons why life will be so much better after graduation sure it will be the start of an exciting new time of our lives but it will also be the end of an era that we will never be able to experience again it is unfortunate but it s true high school brings some of the fastest years of our lives the simple things like walking through the hallways with our friends or doing a lab with our physics tables are experiences that will quickly be behind us for athletes many of us will never play a sport again yet we are currently so invested in the future that we again fail to remember the significance of everything this is the aspect of senioritis that won t kill our grades but could destroy our last good memories of high school we all suffer from senioritis in some way but the way we handle it is what defines us as seniors there is no vaccine for senioritis only a positive attitude and motivation to treat it effectively if you haven t begun to treat yourself start now enjoy what you have now and don t save it for later because later is too late the crusader is published by the salpointe newspaper class circulation is 1,600 and it is distributed free to students and faculty copies are mailed to parents and select high schools throughout the u.s to contact us call 520 547-9388 write to 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 e-mail https the crusader does not necessarily reflect the views opinions or policies of salpointe catholic high school or the school administration editorial board editors-in-chief c laire danielson `12 s ean l ogan `12 assistant editors a manda m artinez `13 e mi o mick `13 opinions editor jenna o rtiz `12 news editor c laire danielson `12 features entertainment editors a manda m artinez `13 e mi o mick `13 sports editor art editor s ean l ogan `12 r aul valles `13 a dvertising m anager /e ditor wilson troxel `12 staff members news brooke mitchell `15 jenna ortiz `12 arden rosthenhausler `13 features entertainment emily monroe `14 jenna ortiz `12 sports luke bakewell `13 marcus gallegos `12 bobby otero `12 art vince giovannini `12 allen hensley `12 brooke mitchell`15 advertising arden rosthenhausler `13 adviser ms michelle mathews principal sr helen timothy ibvm interim president kay sullivan


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6 · news the crusader salpointe s tip line it is not betrayal to rat on someone for substance abuse or any dangerous situations if it gets them the help they need he used a personal example of when a few students came to him a few years ago because their friend had confided in them that she was in an abusive situation at home zamarono went through the motions to get that young lancer help and even though it was a hard road it helped her in the end she later thanked him at the end of the year and was closer than ever to those friends at graduation mr sandoval carlos father got up in front of the seniors and implored them to watch out for each other so that no more lives would be lost other faculty members came to the intimate assembly in the theatre to show their support for the seniors and how much they care for each and every one of their students seniors recieved laminated cards and later the entire student body recieved them in homerooms with the phone number of the school s tip line sister helen timothy head of school asked students not to use the line for pranks but to get help to those who need it it is entirely anonymous and is solely to help students making destructive decisions such as drug abuse drinking and more it has been reiterated that the phone number is not a crisis line or hot line it is an answering machine that is checked at the end of every day and anonymous tips left are looked into for validity and then acted upon a person should not call this line if they are in an emergency or crisis in any way they should call 911 or a real crisis line such as 1-800-442-hope i by claire danielson n an assembly for the seniors father rick zamarono spoke about being our brother s keeper and the responsibility that people have to each other and to themselves he really drove in the point that peruvian exchange students welcomed amer ican traditions and culture the students picked their ow n classes so they would be able to learn things that interested them they are al l in their junior year of high school and will star t their senior year w hen they return home and graduate nex t summer it is ver y dif ferent from per u but i li ke it ver y much especial ly the people said nicolás medina host fami lies adopt the students and prov ide them w ith a home and food dur ing their four-week stay the host fami lies this year are the van l oans the modianos the r ohlik s the r oesners the muldoons and the mathias i am hav ing a blast and i m getting to use my spanish w ith them i have learned a lot about their culture and i have enjoyed teaching them about mine said elizabeth r ohlik for four week s dur ing this summer si x salpointe students will also get the oppor tunit y to go to carmelitas high school in per u the only thing students have to pay for is their plane ticket to lima their liv ing ex penses are covered by their host fami lies a pplications will be avai lable online in the nex t few week s s by emily monroe ince 2006 salpointe has welcomed per uv ian students from its sister school in lima per u for a cultural e xchange program in januar y si x students joined our communit y to learn about salpointe tip line 520 547-9389


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february 2011 opinions ·7 c laire sconundrum books that change lives excuse my nerdiness for one column n an interview of my favorite actor on youtube one of the questions he was asked was what was the book that changed your life benedict cumberbatch responded immediately with catcher in the rye this made me wonder if there are any books that have changed my life and whether or not i ve even read enough books to find one to change my life the obvious answer to this question for most people is harry potter the series has touched many of our generation since childhood but that s just it the reason it s changed our lives is because it has been with us for most of our lives it wasn t instantaneous and it certainly didn t happen with just one book what makes a book stay with readers for the rest of their lives what causes that magical feeling someone gets when reading something that they cannot believe but there it is in black and white it causes goose bumps people can get this from an addictive tv show or exceptional film but there s still nothing like a book tv goes on without viewers it allows for no time to react feel doubt or question unless the director wants them to with a book the reader can rip through it on pins and needles to find out the ending or they can take in each word slowly letting the shock wash over them like a wave gentle but devastating i m sure that some rolled their eyes at the answer to cumberbatch s answer catcher in the rye because students have a predetermined notion that because classic books are on a school s reading list they have to be boring filled with archaic language further they question how an old book could possibly relate to anything that they are going through now i ve been guilty of this as well but i picked up j.d salinger s classic anyway the catcher in the rye has deplorable grammar but it is intentional to mimic the jargon of a mod i ern teenager it is easy to read but the themes transfer and are haunting while i could not personally answer the interview question with just one book after some thought another book came to mind the great gatsby a book that was assigned junior year it was full of remarkable and identifiable characters and i was pleasantly shocked but that s not why it changed my life it had messages that i could relate to despite it being decades old and written by a middle-aged man classic books are called classic for a reason their characters and language transcend their eras with universal themes these books are assigned because people still learn from them something more than how to use sparknotes for example shakespeare s romeo juliet remains a literary staple because the bard made his characters relatable to teenagers across centuries most have better heads on their shoulders than to kill themselves over someone they met three days earlier still teenagers can relate to trying to be taken seriously in an adult world or feeling so love struck that they could hypothetically die without that person in their lives finding a book that changes lives is an individual quest i highly recommend starting with the classics they can be filled with surprising enduring messages if that doesn t sound like your cup of coffee then go forth and scour the bookshelves of libraries bookstores or ebooks don t just stop there search the planet and every library until the quest for that one book that cannot be imagined better as a movie is found above all savor every last word claire danielson `12 editor-in-chief comic common sense b y v in ce g iovannini r aul v al l e s


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8 · news the crusader sch oolne ws m model un goes to dc odel un will be taking their annual trip to washington d.c for the north american invitational model united nations conference naimun feb 15 there they will attend the oldest model un conference in the country and do a little sight seeing in the nation s capitol they will participate in a number of the 38 simulations run there with topics ranging from human trafficking to the russian mafia by participating in model un students are exposed to news on an international level the model un meets on thursdays in room 400 and they will attend another conference in the spring at the university of arizona prayers for michelle murphy mrs michelle murphy was diagnosed with breast cancer just a week and a half ago she was director of student activities coached women s golf taught u.s history honors and was the stuco adviser the salpointe community continues to pray for her health t regional band success f night of one acts he regional band orchestra auditions were jan 27 at the university of arizona school of music building the festival which will feature all the high scoring winning musicians will be held feb 17 and 18 at sahuaro high school where a concert will be held at 5:00pm this is a very high honor for these lancer musicians flute flute clarinet clarinet tenor sax trumpet french horn french horn percussion violin violin violin viola string bass string bass riday feb 3 salpointe s thespians put on their one act plays including the recently awarded and critically aclaimed the children s story by james calvell the advanced drama class performance of the children s story is taking them to state it takes place in an elementary school classroom where children are being re-educated after america has lost a war and is being occupied by foreign invaders t hey a re taug ht to aba ndon a l l nat iona l pr ide a nd rel ig ious ident it y it a l l boi ls up to a cl i ma x t hat will have t he aud ience gaspi ng jinny huh caeles crinkleton madison pedrotty martha villegas brandon steinmann dominic muller scott hensel jessica cozine sean mccann raena salonga julianne lussier allie dinapoli daniel brauer tyler wells jullian ramirez


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february 2012 news · 9 s c college corner the annual blood drive is on feb 17 from 8am-12pm in alumni hall sadd club is working in conjunction with the american red cross to plan the event students and faculty will take an hour out of their day to give a pint of blood that could save up to three lives the support that salpointe shows for this annual event is overwhelming it truly does speak for salpointe s motto `salpointe is servant leadership said claire danielson president of sadd club and chair of the blood drive comittee sadd blood drive march for life march for life took place on jan 21 as students pro-life supporters the bishop and the knights of columbus walked from st augustine s to holy hope cemetery to raise awareness t the southern arizona acting festival salpointe s thespians took fi rst in group musical performance and the advanced drama class placed fi rst for their one act the children s story the judges named the entire ensemble a state all star cast qualifying them to compete for the state one act title in february at sabino high school on feb 17 18 we were nervous about our judication because of some of the controversial scenes in the play but it all turned out for the best and we are all very honored to have been awarded fi rst place said rebecca brummet a thespians go to state t shakespeare competition he annual shakespeare competition is back students can participate in smaller classroom competitions in their english classes where fi nalists will be selected to compete in the corcoran theatre on feb 22 one winner will be chosen from the fi nals to go on to the regional competition at the university of arizona students are encouraged to select challenging pieces to memorize and recite they must be from a shakespearean play and a minimum of 20 lines for details contact mr tim evans c ed ll ce an j jamboree cancelled amboree used to be a fun day full of food infl atables and performances students were required to sell $100 worth of raffle tickets each for the last 10 years when the fundraising was successful the school celebrated with jamboree but this year instead of a student fun day the school is giving the students a day off because of a lack of enthusiasm for fundraising and the fact that it is more lucrative juniors got their fi rst taste of the year to come when the annual junior college planning meetings took place this past week there they began taking those fi rst steps towards applying and deciding on their collegiate futures at these meetings led by mrs lynn ossowski the college counselor and sr helen rau the junior class counselor gave a powerpoint presentation about beginning the search for the college that best fits students juniors were given a neon green college planning guide which they must keep for senior year as well in addition to other vital information this book contains brag sheet questions which must be fi lled out by later next fall in order for ossowski to write a letter of reccomendation for students juniors are encouraged to begin this brag sheet as soon as possible depending on their college deadlines and to start looking at colleges and doing research this summer in addition to junior college planning meetings ossowski sent out an email to parents regarding the psat results and whether or not students qualify for the national merit scholarship parents and students are reminded that the college board changes the cutoff score every year historically the psat selection index cut off for national merit consideration in arizona has been from 211 to 213 but next year the cutoff could be even higher the school will be notified in september 2012.


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10 · news the crusader catholic schools week salpointe celebrates with a mass and jeans day by claire danielson t his past week jan 31 to feb 3 was catholic schools week a week set aside to celebrate the 6,980 catholic elementary and secondary schools in the us the theme of this year was faith service and academics these were the three traits that parents and students say set apart catholic private schools from public or other types of private schools so it made sense to focus on these as this year s theme as these traits have become priorities for all catholic private schools the focus on these three themes especially service was evident at the mass the class offerings all had to do with service and the specific causes each class has adopted the frehsman class offered one of the containers they used for their quarters for ecuador campaign the sophomores offered plastic water bottles fashioned into flowers for their recycling campaign the juinors gave pictures from their day volunteering at san xavier mission and their 24 hours community service for their social justice classes the seniors created an origami star modeled after the one they create in their senior theology classes for the image of self in addition to the mass and jeans day this week was commemorated with a special breakfast award ceremony for students who had been nominated for an exceptional student award teachers could nominate students who exemplified these three themes and excelled in the classroom photos by merri siler


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february 2012 news · 11 acta by the rights holder to further the government s at it again clarif y the discrepancies that could occur by this valuation practice a professor from the indian institute of foreign trade s centre for world trade organization studies has explained in business line that this could lead to excess valuation in infringement law suits another issue that the signers of the agreement condone is border searches some countries are looking for bare minimum searches on personal baggage in airports for illegally downloaded content the u.s is looking for broader provisions that cover import export and in-transit shipments several newspapers claim that the agreement drafted now would allow airport security officials to randomly search laptops mp3 players and cell phones for illegally downloaded content at international borders the office of us trade representatives will use fast tracking negotiating authority to implement acta but will use it as a form of an executive agreement requiring no vote in congress this raises public concerns another obstacle is how secretive the negotiations of acta have been people want more transparent negotiations and access to drafts from their governments they want public consultation and participation in the process the anti-piracy counterfeit trade agreement will target counterfeit goods generic medicines and copyright infringements on the internet by claire danielson w ith the recent tabling of the bills stop online piracy act sopa and protect public have been excluded from any form of negotiations protests have been reassembling against acta after having died down when sopa and pipa were tabled black-outs have been a popular form of protest by such websites as tumblr wikipedia and google and have seemed to carr y weight opponents of acta have berated it for the adverse effects it could have on civil and digital rights including freedom of expression and communication privacy discrepancy has come on article 9 of the treaty when a plaintiff is claiming damages for intellectual property theft the plaintiff can use any legitimate measure of value submitted by the rights holder such as lost profits market price or retail price on the opposing side the foundation for a free information infrastructure a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing a free market in information technology claims that this approach does not reflect the economic loss suffered ip act pipa from the house and senate the government does not seem too distraught probaby because they have created an international trade agreement called the anticounterfeiting trade agreement acta that achieves the same purpose it is designed as the previous bills to protect the rights of intellectual property it targets counterfeit goods generic medicines and copyright infringements on the internet and on popular social networking sites suchastumblrand facebook it was signed on oct 1 2011 by australia canada japan the us others 22 members of the european union followed in jan 2012 acta is far from complete as negotiations are still in the process and countries cannot agree on several articles civil society groups developing countries and the general


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12 · features entertainment the crusader v i p our very own menu maker she makes sure that we always have the best meals you can find her scanning ids in the outside vendor line with a smile and lovely hair too monica martinez what is your favorite meal to make at home any type of meat a big spread anything really what are your plans for valentine s day i don t know yet i guess whatever my boyfriend plans what is your favorite time of the year summer time she busts out singing a tune what do you enjoy doing outside of work i like to hang out with friends and family what is your favorite childhood memory going to the white mountains with my mom and dad what is one thing you would like people to know about yourself that i have a good sense of humor what do you love about working at salpointe the kids are great plus my coworkers and wonderful boss patty photos by jenna ortiz


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february 2012 features entertainment · 13 a ma n da please we re fated to pretend nice girls rarely make history kids because if i did they wouldn t want to play with me and i would end up swinging alone humming disney classics as i ve grown up and am able to form my own view i have decided the opposite of what my mom taught me is sometimes the best alternative my always playing nice on the playground led to me applying these rules to life i knew that for teachers to like me and to be successful in school i had to be a personable outgoing student that always completed her homework and was respectable to all the adults with my friends i knew that i had to be a yes person always being open to opportunities of excitement and always wanting to hang out because if i declined a series of offers i could get booted out of the group all in all my life seems to be centered on the constant approval of others and trying to please them even though i disagree with some of the decisions made by the group i had taught myself not to worry about it or to take the who cares i m fine with anything approach as long as others are happy i can deal with it for now the pressure to be likeable all the time can be difficult once you do something that is not considered in character everyone s view of you changes and you begin to analyze who you really are later it leads to a web of over-thinking everything and self-doubt when in reality it wasn t that i changed i just w hen i was a toddler running through the jungle gyms at fort lowell park my mom like many of yours always told me to play nice i knew not to disagree or challenge the other got tired of conforming to what people expected as i am growing in age and knowledge my opinions on everything from clothes politics and social aspects are developing i know more about the things that interest me the things that don t interest me and what kind of person i want to be with that i m becoming friends with people i never thought i would be friends with as my opinions get stronger i know i can t say anything too over the top to upset anyone because that would be bad manners people have their own opinions and make their own choices and sometimes we don t agree that is completely understandable but some of the opinions of my peers have not changed and sometimes we all live like robots going on with our daily lives not making choices for ourselves our society has taught us that even though we don t want to do something s in our lives we pretend to like it because inevitably we need the result whether it is money or popularity i will use what i learned from my childhood in the process of becoming an adult being kind and nice is a part of who i am but only to a certain point where i m not pleasing the people around me just to fit in because in the end it s my life and sometimes i need to swing alone amanda martinez `13 assistant editor features editor lenten calendar 2012 february 20 clean monday 21 fat tuesday 22 ash wednesday 26 first sunday of lent march 4 second sunday of lent 11 third sunday of lent 17 feast of st patrick 18 fourth sunday of lent 19 feast of st joseph 25 passion sunday april 1 palm sunday 5 holy thursday 6 good friday 7 holy saturday 8 easter sunday


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14 · features entertainment the crusader popculture by amanda martinez and emi omick what s the diff there are 16 differences can you find them all see page 21 for answers


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february 2012 features entertainment · 15 hey it s ok to pretend to text someone in uncomfortable situations to stay home on a saturday night because there is a sex and the city marathon to repeatedly take pictures of the tucson sunset to be in a bromance to have zero interest in facebook tumblr and twitter because who needs the extra distractions to totally love facebook tumblr and twitter for all the extra distractions to ask someone for gum just because you want to talk to them to watch the food network channel after you just ate to cry during movies you watch in class to appreciate an artist s music after they ve died to believe in the illuminati to listen to music while doing homework because it s scientifically proven to help to have political discussions at lunchtime films with hidden meanings 1 district 9 though this seems like a sci-fi alieninvasion thriller district 9 was intended to represent apartheid in south africa in 1966 cape town organized a whitesonly area called district six the film directly alludes to the evictions and racism against anyone who was not white in south africa whether be alien prawns or black africans 2 fight club despite influencing hundreds of men to begin their own fight clubs this film is a commentary on american consumerism tyler is the anticonsumer protagonist and the creators of the film intended for the message to be to stray the mind away from technology violence as portrayed in the terminator or rambo but return to a more simplistic non-consumeristic violence becuase our capitalist society thrives off the production of weapons 3 edward scisscorhands a reoccuring theme in tim burton s films are to appeal to the isolated outcast individual edward scissorhands is the story of man living with difficulties of scissors as hands but in reality it is an allegory for the stuggles of living with autism edward has trouble completing everyday tasks such as putting on his clothes and constantly cutting himself with his own hands he sits in this highly ornate mansion overlooking the people because of his social disabilites the scissors as hands symbolize the plight of someone living with a disability what s your favorite girl scout cookie thin mints tagalongs lemon cremes trefoils do-si-dos samoas



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