Doctoral Program BRU - 10 reasons to study with us


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building knowledge discovering new opportunities bru-iul business research unit iscte ­ university institute of lisbon


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doctoral program bru-iul


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10 reasons to study with us the business research unit bru-iul is a scientific research entity of the university institute of lisbon iscte-iul whose intellectual and operational nerve rests in lisbon a sun-filled capital and a vibrant platform to europe and to the atlantic world.


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1 education of excellence the doctoral teaching within the business research unit bru-iul of the university institute of lisbon iscte-iul drinks of the high impact publications of our researchers and faculty researchers of their academic background most have obtained their doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in top universities such as harvard mit or oxford and of their ethnic and geographic diversity from europe to china middle east africa and south america the recent admission to the european doctoral programs association in management and business administration edamba certifies the consistency of the training we provide.


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academic offer according to international standards 2 our high impact research allows us to offer world class ph.d programs in the broad scientific areas of economics and management taught in english our programs meet the structure of most doctorates in benchmark academies and the standardization demands of bologna one year devoted to coursework and the remaining two years to thesis preparation in order to increase students autonomy in developing research and to facilitate mobility across universities to find out detailed information on our academic offer please go to our website


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3 research environment on top of our scientific accomplishments ­ relevant publishing in top international journals research projects funded by fct foundation for science and technology and the european commission papers presented in numerous conferences ­ bru-iul has developed two visiting programs oriented to those foreign junior and senior researchers willing to base research within bru-iul furthermore we have now welcomed 10 post-docs from europe middle east south asia north africa and north america who have agreed to base research here for the next five years and to lecture ph.d classes according to their scientific field.


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focused objectives 4 our ph.d program gathers efforts around three simple goals to endow students with the required knowledge to conduct independent research to encourage students to publish and to present papers at national and international conferences to provide students with the tools to become highly qualified for careers in top academic institutions and for leading professional and managerial positions.


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5 available resources iscte-iul has 57 classrooms 19 computer labs 8 study rooms and a library space with about 2000m2 over three floors further bru-iul has recently opened its own high-tech room where it expects to come across all technological needs enrolling a ph.d generates both credentials to access the computer network of iscte-iul and to access the restricted contents databases wrds crsp compustat bloomberg etc journal subscriptions etc provided by bru-iul for those who come from abroad it is possible to stay at the university residence a beautiful monastery classified as national monument which has all the needed facilities for a comfortable staying.


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governance 6 a consistent and all-encompassing governance model enables bru-iul to manage doctorates effectively comprised of a scientific council a group coordinators committee a scientific committee an audit committee and an international scientific advisory board on the picture below our governance model assures all matters are thoroughly monitored and receiving proper response.


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7 scholarships there are some opportunities for financial support portuguese foundations fct and gulbenkian run a competitive scheme to award scholarships to students please go to their websites to find out more


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doorway to the world 8 in addition to the contacts with other european universities with whom we have established numerous mobility protocols iscte-iul benefits from close cooperation agreements with countries so distant as brazil china mozambique and cape verde which makes of our ph.d ideal in ensuring the transmission of advanced knowledge and of international contacts.


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9 portuguese for those who might think french or german leads after english and spanish they might need to think again portuguese is the third most widely-spoken language in the world to learn portuguese is to learn the ways of nearly 200 million people spread all over the far east south america africa and europe and to be able to explore new exciting opportunities around the globe.


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history charm 10 choosing a doctorate may be choosing a different city to live in choosing bru-iul is choosing lisbon a city where the enchantment of the past and the thrill of the present and the future strike a remarkable and surprising balance and where you can leverage the value of an academic experience to an historical and cultural level.


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bru-iul ed iscte-iul av forças armadas 1649-026 lisboa-portugal tel phone 210 464 019 e-mail homepage http bru-iul business research unit iscte ­ university institute of lisbon



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