My New Teacher


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my new teacher written by charlie and illustrated by allanah


p. 2

bidinb bidinb bidinb bidinb bidinb 1


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my heart was pounding i didn t know what my teacher was going to look like 2


p. 4

could she be old and cranky what colour could her hair be 3


p. 5

i didn t know what she would look like 4


p. 6

nek minnit i saw her 5


p. 7

she wasn t the dream teacher but she ll do til the end of the year 6


p. 8

by the end of the day i couldn t wait to go back 7


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charlie is beginning year five he wants to retain his anonymity this is my first go at publishing this way to see the possibilities february 2012 text photographs and artwork created by the author copyright 2012 author book design book template and graphics created by scribble press copyright 2012 scribble press inc all rights reserved.



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