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school information management system submitted to mr abhishek misra project manager webzemini software kolkata course submitted by student name aryabhatta gorain roll no 10ib212 pgdm ib operation 2010-12 prof eugene reuben birla institute of management technology section batch 1 school information management system


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letter of transmittal birla institute of management technology plot no 5 knowledge park-ii institutional area greater noida ­ 201306 uttar pradesh india date june 26 2011 mr abhishek misra head project management webzemini softeware 345 n.s.c bose roa kolkata ­ 700092 india dear sir sub summer project report ­ school information management system attached herewith is a copy of my summer-project report entitled school information management system which i am submitting in order to mark the completion of 8-week summer project at your organization this report was prepared by me using the best of practices and summarizes the work performed on the project and is being submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for award of diploma i would like to mention that the overall experience with the organization was very good which helped me to know how is the work carried out in real practice with the help of your esteemed organization the eight week of practical exposure which i got through your organization helped me to know the details about the development of the corporate campaign in real practice which will be beneficial for me in future 2 school information management system


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i feel honored that i got an opportunity to work with webzemini towards the end i would like to say that this was only possible because of the support of yours as well as the employees and healthy working environment i hope i did justice to the project and add some value to your organization suggestions/comments are highly solicited yours truly aryabhatta gorain 3 school information management system


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letter of authorization this is to certify that mr aryabhatta gorain roll no 10ib212 a student of pgdm international business operations has worked on a summer project titled school information management system at webzemini software kolkata after trimester-iii in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the post graduate diploma in management ­ international business program this is his original work to the best of my knowledge date june 26 2011 prof eugene reuben bimtech seal 4 school information management system


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acknowledgement i express my sincere thanks to webzemini software kolkata for giving me an opportunity to work with them through the project school information management system i take this opportunity to express my profound sense of gratitude to mr abhishek misra head project management whose sincere cooperation and guidance enabled the project to assume its systematic shape i feel immense pleasure in expressing my sincere thanks and deep sense of gratitude to prof eugene reuben faculty guide birla institute of management technology for his time and valuable efforts he constantly encouraged me right from the selection of the project to final preparation of my project i also thank management and product development teams of webzemini software many people to whom i visited during my training period aryabhatta gorain pgdm 2010-12 roll no 10ib212 5 school information management system


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table of contents executive summary chapter 1 introduction objective of the system scope of the study methodology chapter 2 overall descriptions product functions user characteristics organizational chart assumptions and dependencies chapter 3 non-functional requirement 18 16 7 13 client machine specifications server specifications site dependencies security and privacy requirements student information management chapter 4 functional requirement authentication inter page communication coding standards classes static and dynamic pages css chapter 5 analysis why web based systems matter competition and choices efficiency and effectiveness 27 22 6 school information management system


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chapter 6 conclusion recommendation 30 bibliography 31 7 school information management system


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executive summary webzemini software company is mainly for mlm software professional website design web development and web-marketing services with standard prices and on-time delivery it is a leading website design company that provides custom website design on time and on budget within a short span of time webzemini has earned a strong reputation as a website design company and as a result it has got the global giants as its clients this company is known for professional website designer that are technically excellent and user friendly clients are getting stylish and affordable web design that describes their business in the best possible way webzemini has a team of experienced website designers web site developers and seos make sure that required website exceeds the highest standards of web design development usability and traffic each website designer in business pro designs has extensive experience in website designing which helps them in coming up with the best website design for your company webzemini has redefined the standards of website designing website design portfolio of this company shows its commitment and perfection towards the job in this project i have focused on designed and development and project management of the school information management system the scope of the project mainly is a course management system that tracks students grades payments and demographic information in which school staff can view and edit and print as per the requirement in this project i have also studied the various processes used by it organization 8 school information management system


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litrature review history initially in businesses and other organizations internal reporting was made manually and only periodically as a by-product of the accounting system and with some additional statistics and gave limited and delayed information on management performance previously data had to be separated individually by the people as per the requirement and necessity of the organization later data was distinguished from information and so instead of the collection of mass of data important and to the point data that is needed by the organization was stored earlier business computers were mostly used for relatively simple operations such as tracking sales or payroll data often without much detail over time these applications became more complex and began to store increasing amount of information while also interlinking with previously separate information systems as more and more data was stored and linked man began to analyze this information into further detail creating entire management reports from the raw stored data the term mis arose to describe these kinds of applications which were developed to provide managers with information about sales inventories and other data that would help in managing the enterprise today the term is used broadly in a number of contexts and includes but is not limited to decision support systems resource and people management applications enterprise resource planning erp supply chain management scm customer relationship management crm project management and database retrieval applications web based school information management system sims was originally researched and published by capita group in 1994 it is entirely built on microsoft sql server sims provides a suite of software covering all parts of a schools administration from behavior and achievement planning curriculum and lesson structures dinner money educational learning plans data sharing for the 14-19 agenda managing registration school information management system 9


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and admissions and providing teachers parents and pupils access to all this information over the internet through a microsoft sharepoint based webpage in recent years sims has moved away from being viewed as a school administration tool and developed into a comprehensive and integrated management information system mis for managing school business processes and whole school improvement it supports schools in responding to the children s plan by enabling them to view a more rounded picture of a child sims has achieved this by avinash moving away from a modular approach capita has an extensive list of partners that produce applications an example of which is one that allows parents to pay for their children s dinner money on-line in a way that significantly reduces the unnecessary workload formerly put upon teachers to keep track of and chase up small sums of money in 2004 capita teamed up with parent pay to provide this service integrated within sims later their own product was released in 2005 capita children s services won an award at the 2009 bett show for its sims partnership xchange product which allows school consortiums to securely share student information to aid in delivering the 14-19 curriculum a key part of which is the 14­19 diplomas the company was nominated as ict supplier of the year in the bett awards 2010 capita press release capita are also partners of the association of school and college leaders ascl and becta in march 2009 capita sims were said to be responsible for sending a truancy warning notice to the family of a cheshire school student who had died two months before capita childrens services have stated that the software that was used is designed to keep track of pupils attendance and the school is able to produce letters to parents based on this information when a child is no longer attending a school for whatever reason their data can be viewed for historical reasons but is generally hidden from view in the day-to-day running of the school the software will allow the school to continue to run reports and produce letters to parents as occasionally it is necessary to do so it appears that this is what has happened in this case and capita have now made changes to prevent this situation from happening again 10 school information management system


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the origin of sims has been surrounded with controversy this is due to the fact that private fortunes were made from a system developed with public money philip neal who was then working as a teacher for lea manor wrote a program allowing teachers to produce computerized pupil reports bedfordshire then developed the scheme using thousands of pounds of its own money the assets were then passed onto sims ltd mp margaret moran described this as using council resources to effectively set up a private business at the time tony callaghan the national association of schoolmasters union of women teachers executive member for bedfordshire branded the episode a disgrace a member of the council s education committee when sims became a private company he told the tes it seems amazing to me that this was allowed to happen i was always amazed that there wasn t a full and thorough investigation i would like to see an investigation to see if any of that money can be retrieved and paid into the coffers of the county council which funded the original operation this version of events was strongly disputed by neal he has stated that although he wrote the program that formed the foundations of sims whilst he was working at lea manor the work was undertaken completely in his own time he added that bedfordshire authority sold the software on to other councils and it was the revenue from this that was used to develop sims further a process that was fully approved by the district auditor advantages of information management systems the following are some of the benefits that can be attained for different types of information management systems 1 the company is able to highlight their strength and weaknesses due to the presence of revenue reports employee performance records etc the identification of these aspects can help the company to improve their business processes and operations 2 the availability of the customer data and feedback can help the company to align their business processes according to the needs of the customers the effective management of customer data can help the company to perform direct marketing and promotion activities 11 school information management system


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3 information is considered to be an important asset for any company in the modern competitive world the consumer buying trends and behaviors can be predicted by the analysis of sales and revenue reports from each operating region of the company the census data held by the dfe identifies on a school by school basis the mis system used to provide the electronic data return the position in 2005 and 2010 is summarized below market share movement 2005 to 2010 no of market market share schools share in 2010 in 2010 in 2005 5 17789 651 2063 1408 198 38 22152 1 80 3 9 6 1 1 100 <1 81 5 9 3 1 <1 100 supplier bromcom capita pearson phoenix rm serco wauton samuel other change over 5 years 0 -1 -2 0 3 0 0 fig.1 market share of different information system company no of schools in 2010 using web based sims 20000 18000 16000 14000 12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 no of schools in 2010 0 12 school information management system


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state wise number of school in india has been given below states a n islands andhra pradesh arunachal pradesh assam bihar chandigarh chhattisgarh d n haveli daman diu delhi goa gujarat haryana himachal pradesh jammu kashmir jharkhand karnataka kerala lakshadweep madhya pradesh maharashtra manipur meghalaya mizoram nagaland orissa pondicherry punjab rajasthan sikkim tamil nadu tripura uttar pradesh uttarakhand west bengal all states recognized schools 350 100932 3412 63996 54884 178 48968 276 86 4742 1420 38472 16180 16614 20711 40618 55364 12183 30 125858 86429 3869 9268 2782 2537 51198 668 20950 100965 1226 52423 3679 168969 19161 67265 1196663 unrecognized schools pre primary and primary 105 30279.6 1023.6 19198.8 16465.2 53.4 14690.4 82.8 25.8 1422.6 426 11541.6 4854 4984.2 6213.3 12185.4 16609.2 3654.9 9 37757.4 25928.7 1160.7 2780.4 834.6 761.1 15359.4 200.4 6285 30289.5 367.8 15726.9 1103.7 50690.7 5748.3 20179.5 358998.9 school information management system 13


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chapter 1 introduction objective of the system the purpose of this management system described in this document is to help streamline the process of tracking students in school and all of the information relevant to their enrollment in the school this information has historically been stored in excel spreadsheets making it very hard to manage and compile into meaningful reports this document describes in detail the functionality of said software and its development scope of the system school information management system is an online application including a platform for enrollment in which prospective students may fill out and print and which may then be viewed and printed by school staff it is also included a course management system that tracks students grades payments and demographic information in which school staff can view and edit and print as per the requirement this system will help a school to 1 track all students and their basic demographic information 2 create programs courses and specific classes 3 track students enrollment in various programs and classes 4 track students grades in classes 5 assess fees to students based on enrollment 6 enable collection of fees and receipt generation 7 provide notifications of certain events to users 8 track students account history the analysis at the end will state that weather school should use this management information system or use excel or hardcopy to manage students information 14 school information management system


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methodology 1 plan of action was to find out 1.1 current scenario of schools information management systems 1.2 current position of schools fees management system 1.3 current position of online student enrolment systems 2 how this application helps school for information management 2.1 recurring cost revenue and profit by school why school should use sims 3 existing players as prospective competitors or threats to sims apart from the above-mentioned points if any 4 surveying some of the schools students staff and analysis of the responses findings of study conclusion and recommendations i covered all the above mentioned topics by going through following processes discussing with employees of various schools to understand thoroughly all the issues related to topic of study visiting different websites of schools which are using web based information management system by searching from the internet certain clarifications from the head of the school and my mentors for finalizing the design and functional requirement of the system 15 school information management system



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