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by lucy brown mia clark and kay johnson


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how long until we re there asked grace as she walked down the kerb with her sister janet grace was 12 she loved going out to different places her hair was brown and she always wore it up in a pony tail janet was 17 she had light blonde hair with darker streaks janet was taking grace to an amusement park called garmet garmet was one of the best theme parks in the world because of all the rides like the big wheel and the waltzers they were walking down the kerb towards the junction garmet was just over the junction it was very noisy near the junction because of all of the loud music coming from garmet and all of the traffic grace and janet were just crossing the junction after walking a bit further down the kerb they stood looking up at a sign that said garmet and they walked in they saw the most wonderful rides grace was amazed with everything in there wow grace shouted janet secretly liked but it was hard to tell because she was a teenager and teenagers don t like to look too excited grace wasn t bothered if she didn t like it grace said to janet isn t it just great janet mumbled yes just great i was going to go to the park with my best friends but no i couldn t because i had to look after you she whispered to grace.


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then grace said please can we go on the big wheel so janet said ok but she said it as quick as she could before grace ran to the big wheel remember you get £10 and so do i so there might be some rides that you don t like you get the first turn to choose what ride we go on then my turn said janet very proudly but grace was already on her way to the big wheel the big wheel was £2 grace gave the man £2 but janet wasn t very sure about going on the ride not because she hated it because it goes right around and when it does janet thought she would be sick like last time so she didn t go it was a good job it didn t say an age so i had to go on with her janet thought when the ride was over grace was a bit hyper like she could be it was janet s turn she picked a ride called scare and screams it wasn t suitable for grace so janet asked the ticket lady to look after grace until she came back but she wasn t listening so grace was left alone it took a while for grace to find out she was left alone but when she did she was panicking she didn t know what to do she hoped she was in a dream she pinched herself to see if it was a dream but it wasn t so she just waited at the entrance of the ride for about ten minutes but then the ticket lady asked her what she was doing grace replied i am waiting for my sister to come out but the lady said the ride ended ages ago and don t you know what time it is


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she said it made grace super scared she asked the lady if everyone comes out the way they come in there was no answer grace ran into the scare and screams ride it was very dark and spooky there then was a sudden burst of light that sparked far away at the end of the tunnel grace was scared but thought janet was playing a trick on her grace headed down towards the light unsure if it was a part of the ride or not she started to cackling coming from the light she was really scared now she noticed witches hanging from the wall and ghosts hanging down from the roofs she kept on going towards this light but very silently she felt like a spy like she was in james bond but scared she was very near the light now and it was a door but the edges of the door were showing the light from the other side grace was peering through the door cracks now but couldn t see anything at all she hummed and hayed if she should open the door she decided she would for janet so she turned that handle and opened the door she peered in and luckily the door didn t creek she stared at amazement the room was square and the walls had lava dripping down them like in a movie but it was fake lava she knew it was fake because it didn t reach the floor she walked in the room and the door closed behind her grace screamed aaahh help me please she fell to the floor in tears thinking what am i going to do


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grace stood up and tried forcing the door open she kicked and karate chopped but nothing happened she slid down the door and sat there crying think i m going to die she watched the fake lava on the wall and wondering why would someone put that there she saw that there was a hole in the wall at the other side of the room she walked across to it it was small and you could only crawl through she crawled through it and appeared in a room with lots of people in it they smiled and shouted welcome to the party grace realised janet sent her on a wild goose chase for her birthday tomorrow grace ran into janet s arms saying i thought you were dead is this party for me janet replied yeah it s for your birthday tomorrow all your friends are here mam and dad are here and we are ready to party ha-ha laughed grace she stuck on her party hat and started to dance.



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