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·winter 2010· ·free subscription· the divine book the divine blood holy bible book divine precious treasure thou art mine dare deny this covenant of love the divine book ­ the divine blood he scarlet wool and hyssop took moses with blood sprinkled the book god shed his blood ­ the remission of sin precious and pure for the souls of men he breathed upon his hallowed page redemption s story for age to age that rugged cross it is mine stained with blood god s precious divine now earthly trophies i lay down then one day for heaven s crown holy bible book divine precious treasure thou are mine -ronnie l williamson the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the lord make his paths straight mark 1:3 contending for american freedom · contending for fundamental christianity


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printed missionary page 3 my personal message page 5 david livingstone page 6 you can quote me page 8 king james bible declaration page 9 sacred/secular money connection page 12 religious news and comments page 16 missionvue philippines 2009 page 18 dangers of social networking page 24 contending for the faith page 29 club mit page 31 resources for you in this edition ronnie and terry williamson evangelist/editor steve and rebekah lilly staff missionaries the voice in the wilderness is a nonprofit independent incorporation founded by rev dr j royce thomason d.p.d ph.d evangelist and medical missionary the organization is dedicated to the spreading of the whole gospel to the world especially in foreign lands the program consists of building mission stations supporting american missionaries and native pastors by partnering with the local church in various areas of ministry and preaching christ to the lost we are supported by the gifts of those who care contributions to the voice in the wilderness for projects or to support the ministry of a missionary will be used as indicated by the donor following approved policies and procedures gifts are tax deductible and should be made out to the voice in the wilderness a fundamental publication published quarterly in behalf of the work of the lord and preservation of the liberties of our united states printed sources imply from material from other does not necessarily an endorsement thisministry § § § a special thank you from the voice in the wilderness to all who participated with a year-end offering for personal correspondence contributions address changes new subscriptions thank you there is no subscription charge all interested people of good will may have a copy sent regularly to their address simply by requesting it address all correspondence to the voice in the wilderness po box 7037 asheville nc 28802 e-mail for address changes only sign-up for the weekly voice e-mail and blog dr ronnie l williamson dr j royce thomason memorial voice in the wilderness p.o box 7037 asheville nc 28802 voice 828 649-1043 fax 828 649-9784 write to us 2 · the voice in the wilderness · winter edition 2010


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e e dear friends in christ are you from the philippines i asked the young lady at the wal-mart check-out no sir i am from indonesia she replied with a smile indonesia and the philippines are very close i handed her a gospel tract and said i just returned from the philippines and thought that was your homeland how long have you been in the united states almost one year she politely answered well a very special welcome to america i said the mission field is in our own backyard and churches across america remain in their little box ­ maybe a small town country crossroad or mountain hollow in disobedience to christ s command countless believers who have never won a single soul to the saviour the children sing jesus loves the little children all the children of the world red and yellow black and white they are precious in his sight jesus loves the little children of the world yet the adults listening do not even understand let alone practice the message of this little song yes the mission field is in our backyard and that soul for whom christ died may be here to strap a bomb on their chest and blow americans into eternity unless we obey christ s command and share the redeeming love of the gospel if you remain in your restricted prejudiced box and call prophecy politics and sound bible preaching the pastor s opinion blood will be on your hands on the day of reckoning may 2010 find us faithful witnesses for our lord and saviour jesus christ looking back for a moment 2009 was an amazing year through the voice in the wilderness publication web-site blog weekly email apm correspondence and monthly letter we endeavored to keep you informed information technology often puts us in overload it is my prayer you will be a selective enns 9 ghtu continued on page 4 for more resources visit us online at · 3


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and discerning reader i also pray the voice in the wilderness literature will be profitable to you as a child of god through the publishing ministry of the voice in the wilderness we desire to honour god s word that the scripture may have free course and be glorified ­ 2 thess 3:1 the preaching ministry of the voice in the wilderness has consistently held forth the inspired scripture of god profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction and for instruction in righteousness during 2009 we ministered the word in eight states and three countries seeing many souls saved and his church strengthened praise the lord for these wonderful opportunities despite a 36 drop in support we spent over 10 weeks in venezuela the philippines and india preaching and teaching the word in 2009 quite frankly i m not even sure how it was all possible thank you for your prayers and partnership the lord has used us together in a mighty way praise his holy name for the great things he hath done in this edition of the voice in the wilderness please read dr ronald williams article on page 8 parents this is a wake up call then note the missions report on the philippine pastors conference there will be additional photos on www at least once per month review the website for articles reports photos prayer requests and various updates also if you have not signed the king james bible resolution please do at this time see page 18 in this edition finally my brethren rejoice in the lord to write the same things to you to me indeed is not grievous but for you it is safe beware of dogs beware of evil workers beware of the concision phil 3 1&2 these are perilous times but great opportunity abounds god help us to have great discernment and boundless devotion amen happy trails for christ and souls bro ronnie isa 40:31 4 · the voice in the wilderness · winter edition 2010


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david livingstone said for my own part i have never ceased to rejoice that god has appointed me to the missionary office people talk of the sacrifice i have made in spending so much of my life in africa can that be called a sacrifice which is simply paying back a small part a great debt owing to god which we can never repay away with such a word with such a view and with such a thought it is emphatically no sacrifice say rather it is a privilege anxiety sickness suffering or danger now and then may make us pause and cause the spirit to waver and sink but let this be only for a moment all of these are nothing when compared with the glory which will hereafter be revealed in and for us memorial gifts received by the voice in the wilderness given in memory of bea little by tim and christy rains given in memory of dr j royce thomason by bro middleton we would like to express our thanks to those who have given a memorial gift to the voice in the wilderness inc ministry these names will be added to a plaque and displayed in our office if you would like to honor a loved one please send a remembrance memorial gift or a living memorial gift with the person s name legibly printed your gift will be listed in an upcoming issue of this publication the voice in the wilderness po box 7037 asheville nc 28802 for more resources visit us online at · 5


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you can quote me there is a lot simply done in the flesh we mortals go around praising god for when one day soon before his throne god will say i had nothing to do with that there is a god denying liberal elitism determined to subjugate suppress and snuff out godly bible-believing jesus christ loving americans to clear the way for their disastrous agenda from parental absenteeism pulpit dereliction to god denying public government-run education liberal intellectual elitism has demonstrated its venomous hatred for biblical values and the american heritage sacrificially established by the founders and constitution please tell me how christian parents can support and send their children to a system that denies god the bible and prayer and do so with absolute intolerance of their brothers and sisters who choose home schooling and christian education the attitude of ridicule and disdain toward parents sacrificing for christian education certainly is not that of a sweet sweet spirit do local church leaders have the mind of christ if their thinking is saturated with worldly education listen to the scripture in whom [christ are hid the treasures of wisdom and knowledge obviously the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are in christ not in a secular godless education system 6 · the voice in the wilderness · winter edition 2010


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pastor jesus said here recorded in the king james bible that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of god jesus was quoting to the devil from deut 8:3 contrast luke 4:4 in the kjb nas and niv why did the nas and niv take away but by every word of god remember the judgment pronounced in rev 22:19 by the way that judgment is even recorded in the nas and niv duh with a child s belief system set for life between the ages of four and sixteen years how can any biblically thinking parent place their precious child in 12 to 14 plus years of worldly indoctrination by government-run schools god help us ­ no wonder church folk think the way they do o dear parent and pastor ­ i can easily calculate for a public school child during 12 years of education spending as much as 43,000 hours in school before computertype technology and watching tv what kind of thinking character behavior and attitude does that produce on the flip side how much bible reading and church time has that same public school child from a christian family engaged in ·your government let the underwear bomber and mystery kisser fall thru the cracks maybe your government health care will allow you to fall thru the cracks · the best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time abraham lincoln · just two choices on the shelf pleasing god and pleasing self the wilds · no person was ever honored for what he received honor has been the reward for what he gave calvin coolidge for more resources visit us online at · 7


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the king james bible declaration the king james bible declaration whereas 2011 marks the 400th anniversary of the 1611 king james bible and whereas the king james bible is based on the masoretic old testament compiled from the ancient old testament manuscripts guarded and handed down by the masorete hebrew scholars and the received text known as the textus receptus majority text or byzantine greek text preserved by god through godly men ps 119:89 and whereas over 47 spiritually qualified scholars academically superior in biblical languages and related areas in which no group of translators has before or since been endowed by god to undertake this divinely inspired work ii tim 2:21 and whereas modern bible versions have been heavily influenced by corrupted text discarded and rescued from obscurity being revised updated altered by men that denied inspiration and inerrancy men who were evolutionists rationalists and theological liberals i tim 6:20&21 ii cor 2:17 ii tim 3:8 i thess 4:7 [i thess 4:1-8 and whereas the biblical english of the king james bible is faithful to the original hebrew and greek text proven for 400 years in spiritual power clarity readability poetic majesty reliability yet with a surprisingly small vocabulary simplicity yet soaring to lofty heights matt 5:18 ps 119:9-11 89 103 105 152 160 ii tim 3:16 and whereas god is not the author of confusion so obvious among users of modern versions when congregations watch projections on big screens of multiple bible versions and cannot even turn together as believers in the same bible to read recite or study the scriptures together i cor 14:33 and whereas king james bible users hold dear the privilege to take their bibles to church with the ability to read in unison search the scriptures together memorize and quote the bible together plus follow the pastor as he reads and preaches from the king james bible amos 3:3 acts 17:11 and whereas the modern bible proponents continue to produce version after version seemingly unable to settle on the best version but ever switching changing and publishing more versions matt 21:12 mark 11:15-17 luke 19:45-48 james 1:8 and whereas the source and text of the king james bible is the standard for the inspired and divinely preserved word of god and without doubt english speaking people throughout the earth will continue to see god use his book the king james bible in the preaching teaching soul winning church planting and missionary endeavors until all shall be fulfilled luke 11:35 rev 22:18-19 be it resolved the english speaking christian needs to keep reading studying memorizing teaching preaching and holding forth the word your email of life the old king james bible amen ps 119:9 11 38 89 sign atur john 1:1-5 eph 4:14 eph 5:6 phil 2:16 i peter 3:15 ii peter e thev visit 1:19-21 rev 22:18-19 oice www in the voice in the wilderness would like to request your cli thewil participation in the above resolution supporting the king king ck on th derness e pa .org james bible please enlist as many signatures of family and jam fo g e friends that would stand with us in celebration of the 400th your llow the s reso e lutio link anniversary of god s preserved word for english speaking nam n an e people around the world forward your collective signatures wild to the d e-ma il v to the voice in the wilderness po box 7037 asheville nc erne ss o oice in t 28802 for our upcoming publication he ffice che c to se k the k e name city state have how m jb cou nter sign any b ed el god in sup ievers mail signature today p s w ord ort of 12-b · 8 · the voice in the wilderness · winter edition 2010


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acred ular/s sec world magazine reported the numbers a decade ago christian publishers have their share of the big money market with the prayer of jabez the left behind books rick warren plus a flood of topics from a variety of genres bible publishers now print an assortment of big money makers do we detect the biblical root of all evil here obviously money connects some dots such numbers have caught the attention of even secular publishers and booksellers evangelical publishers have managed to turn out a steady stream of blockbusters in recent years observes business week making religion the hottest category in books no longer are christian bookstores the sole outlet for evangelical books now evangelical titles from inspirational meditations to christian fiction can be found at barnes nobles airport bookstands grocery stores and wal-marts [the money-driven/what sells secular publishing industry is very interested in the big-bucks market of religious books and particularly evangelical books must there not be an end-time blurring of the lines for the one-world union to occur note this statement by world christian publishers are taking advantage of their newfound respectability in the publishing money connection industry by opening new lines specifically designed to attract readers who are not necessarily christians [do we not want nonchristians reading christian books we note the continuation and the reverse is also true secular publishers are opening new lines specifically designed to cross over into the evangelical market not too many years ago christian titles were excluded from the mainstream publishing world no matter how many copies a title from a christian publisher might sell it would never make the new york times bestseller list that influential cultural index only surveyed a carefully selected sampling of mainline bookstores ever deigning to include christian bookstores and the mainline stores seldom deigned to carry books from christian publishers now christian books enjoy a presence in the marketplace but are they having an impact in the marketplace of ideas or does this commercial success come at the price of theological integrity [what about the price of theological integrity are the lines so blurred that this secular/sacred market has become one and the same moody has a division called northfield press which publishes self-help business and familyrelationship books navpress has e g for more resources visit us online at · 9


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piñon press which publishes selfhelp family and adoption and even medical books on attention deficit disorder and dealing with stress while navpress titles assume that the reader is a believer explains the website the goal of piñon press is to present a biblical worldview to those outside the kingdom of god thomas nelson is experimenting with tying in to another onceneglected but huge field conservative politics nelson president and coo mike hyatt had long pushed for more sales in the broader market a vision that bore fruit in the form of a partnership with wnd books the bookpublishing arm of worldnetdaily a conservative online news site the imprint published edgy politically conservative books that reflected or at least didn t conflict with a christian worldview [yes definitely do not conflict or ruffle any feathers it must be acceptable user-friendly market driven what about this line of thought because they often report controversial history and current events nelson s current books also sometimes include coarse language because the books are intended for the mainstream market we have a little more latitude there mr miller said we don t want the language to become gratuitous but the story is the story he added that nelson currently uses salty or provocative language only when it s relevant and appropriate to the truth of the subject it s not in your face all the time he said [the sacred takes on the secular and then what just as christian publishers are trying to reach the secular audience secular publishers are trying to reach the christian audience sometimes simply by buying a christian publisher that is what happened to zondervan acquired by harpercollins it became part of the even bigger media empire of the international media tycoon rupert murdoch whose holdings range from fox news to the los angeles lakers secular publishers also form partnerships with christian publishers as penguin/putnam is doing with strang communications and secular presses start religious divisions of their own as with time-warner s two new divisions random house in another example started waterbrook these ventures were not a case of a big company venturing into a market that it did not understand lee hough a christian literary agent said that these secular publishers brought in editors and staff with experience from christian publishing companies but the great financial resources and industry clout from the parent companies give them an advantage time-warner in 2001 hired rolf zettersten a senior executive at thomas nelson to start warner faith with his contacts he signed best-selling christian author joyce meyer and with the time-warner distribution clout doubled her sales to 2 million this success story attracted other big name authors including joel osteen whose lakewood church in houston is america s largest [is there any 10 · the voice in the wilderness · winter edition 2010


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bible that warns about this yoking up but of course there must be a reason purpose in all this certainly there is listen to this you want christian writers to be writing on the level as in the regular market mr arnold agrees most traditional christian fiction was less focused on the art of story and more focused on an agendadriven approach he said the goal of many authors was to `teach the reader a doctrine through an often one-dimensional story ironically it often wasn t a prejudice against christian content that caused most of these novels to be rejected in the general market the stories simply did not pass the test of great fiction teach the reader a doctrine fancy that certainly doctrine must not precede dollars listen to the following observation made in the article i am nowhere near as concerned about the effect of fewer christian books being sold in christian bookstores as i am about the poor theology being taught in the bestselling christian books said brett venable a christian bookstore manager it appears to me that the worst thing to happen is not the closing of christian stores as a result of unfair business practices by publishers but rather the propagation of loose theology making christians more `spiritual but less godly indeed it is hard to accuse secular publishers of watering down christian theology when christian publishers have been churning out de-gendered bible translations christless moralism have faith in yourself tracts and sentimental uplift oblivious to sin grace and salvation and all presented as christian inspiration the secular giant random house is owned by bertelsmann ag a german media megaconglomerate that got its start in 1835 as a publisher of bibles hymnbooks and revival resources the king james bible ­ including the dispensationalist scofield reference edition ­ was published by oxford university press and most of the great christian authors published their works through secular presses this was true well into the 1960s from catherine marshall s a man called peter and christy mcgraw hill to c.s lewis mere christianity and screwtape letters macmillan having our novels sell well in the general market is a way for us to salt and light through the power of story the great news is we re succeeding beyond our wildest dreams said mr arnold [will the wildest dreams become a nightmare and a part of the confusion and blur lead to none other than prophetic fulfillment maybe if we stuck with the book god s book instead of the publishing proliferation the devilish dangers would be obvious this is a partial reprint from the voice in the wilderness article referencing world magazine july 2/9/2005 by gene edward veith and lynn vincent obviously much of the subtle invasion of 20002005 is now an acceptable norm in 2010 church after church has a no preach list for the pulpit careful you have entered the church of the itching ear for more resources visit us online at · 11


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religious news and comments taking away beware dear church when individuals cry no politics will be preached in `my pulpit they have just violated rev 22:19 by their very utterance the current politics of this age are the very prop heciesgiven prop in his book the following is an excerpt from the prophetic observer 12/2009 bob j glaze when the united nations came into being in 1945 its future intent was to regulate all nations and bring them under the umbrella of unified control they have created and installed many different agencies to bring this to fruition but have never been fully successful because of feelings of mutual mistrust or a cause that created a need for a unifying enemy to overcome these feelings of mistrust the super elite have adopted the proverb `the enemy of my enemy is my friend this super elite comes in the form of the club of rome the `club of rome is a thinktank of international globalists it was founded in april 1968 by aurelio peccei an italian industrialist and alexander king a scottish humanist it first met in rome italy hence its name it is an `independent notfor-profit organization with an international membership it draws on insights and expertise of its members from all regions of the world from different cultures and histories fromdi ff erent fields of science and public policy and from academia civil society and the corporate sector www in 1972 it published limits of growth which sold 30 million copies and was translated into 30 different languages this attention-grabber proposed that the global economic growth 12 · the voice in the wilderness · winter edition 2010


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could not continue because of the earth s available natural resources including oil it had a doomsday message that the common enemy of humanity is man it stated that `the world had two choices to continue pursuing material goals and selfish aim and thereby cause the slow but sure decline of all world power or `to unite and work towards building an improved life for future generations www.scribd com/2297152 however i n 1 9 7 4 after discovering they had forecast their own demise they reversed their position and published another report mankind at the turning point which outlined that the future existence of the planet was within human control and future catastrophes were preventable it was at this time that the club of rome s map of the earth divided into ten parts got the attention of prophecy buffs worldwide however in order to insure the future of the planet a plan had to be devised to unite the globe into one organism this plan had to burn the fear of annihilation into the souls of every warm body on the planet to move into action and join the `force mankind at the turning point was accepted as the official second report of the cor the cor called upon every global player of like mind to join one such man was maurice strong one of the most dangerous and influential men on the international scene at the age of 14 the canadian-born strong dropped out of school but moved up the ladder quickly he once stowed away on an ocean-going ship at the age of 17 he worked as a un desk clerk there he met david rockefeller he later received attention from vladimir putin while on a canadian government trip to the kremlin his friends have included but are not limited to al gore kofi annan ted turner and mikhail gorbachev his dealings in oil are legendary among the world s biggest oil producers yet his most prominent and influential role to date was as secretary-general of the 1992 un conference on environment and development the so-called earth summit held in rio de janeiro which gave a significant push to global economic and environment regulation www.afn org the products of the earth summit was agenda 21 www as senior advisor to the un secretary-general kofi annan whom we know to be one of the world s biggest crooks oversaw the new un reforms he has helped guide the united nation s selections of common threats to mankind in order to bring the world under global rule have for more resources visit us online at · 13


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they been successful the first order of business is pollution keep in mind that in genesis 2:15 god told adam to dress and keep the garden of eden not bow down and worship it certainly we all want clean air and clean water but the un s goal has not been to simply clean up the air and water but to use it as a tool to unite under the threat of extinction in 1987 we were advised that freon and hairspray would eventually destroy the ozone layer and we would be fried this created a huge black market for freon by the way we are still here it was then decided that coal the cheapest way to heat became the next item cursed by the united nations that would destroy us with its black smoke and noxious fumes the next cor contrived common enemy is global warming here the name maurice strong again raises its ugly head strong became the head of the canadian international development agency in 1966 his international work so impressed then-un secretary-general u thant that he asked strong to organize the first earth summit in 1972 it was here that strong espoused the idea of global warming even though there was talk of a coming ice age he warned the un members of `global warming the devastation of forests the loss of biodiversity polluted oceans the population time bomb www.afn org in 1973 he became head of the un environment program he also served as a member of the world commission on environment and development the world federation of united nations associations the society for international development and advisor to the rockefeller foundation the wildlife fund and the all-important commission on global governance these psuedoscientists are trying to destroy the gas of life carbon dioxide it is the most discussed subject on the planet today and every nation has placed it at the head of their agenda volumes have been written on the subject including carbon credits and its financing with a global tax however we simply need to refer to dr edward blick s booklet obama s war on co2 for a commonsense explanation of what is going on the carbon credit business in which al gore and maurice strong founded the first carbon credit corporation in america will soon make al a billionaire it is the greatest single pyramid scheme ever contrived in order for any cause to have its potential realized it must be built around some sort of religious ideology at the 1992 earth summit al gore as a u.s senator represented the united states at the maurice 14 · the voice in the wilderness · winter edition 2010


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strong-led rio earth summit immediately they developed a mutual admiration relationship along with ted turner each embraced the cult of gaia which hold that natural resources have to be protected for the sake of gaia a so-called earth spirit at the united nations the un environmental program founded by maurice strong promotes the idea of an `environmental sabbath a variation of the gaia concept one of strong s organizations the earth council has produced an `earth charter for the world that refers to respect for `mother earth and animal rights the 2005 world summit at the united nations headquarters pushed the agenda a step forward it included a section that promoted population control through planned or forced abortion kofi annan then-head rat proposed as part of his `in larger freedom reform package that `the right to protect gives the world community the right to intervene in the case of `national authorities manifestly failing to protect their populations from genocide war crimes ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity he left out the part about him embezzling billions from these same nations it was also contrary to protecting the life of the unborn even for a mother who chose not to have an abortion john bolton the ambassador under george w bush had these words to say about the abortion clause `i do wish to make one point clear the united states understands that reference to the international conference on population and development the bejing declaration and platform for action and the use of the phrase `reproductive health in paragraphs 57g and 58© of the outcome document do not create any rights and cannot be interpreted to constitute support endorsement promotion of abortion he could certainly read between the lines unesco has also taken on the task of water management for the world on march 22 2009 in istanbul turkey the movie one water was shown to the world water forum this movie was not about digging wells for rural areas in africa it was about transboundary water management it involves international laws and conventions that can take your water and give it to someone else because it belongs to the global community not to an individual or state it works on a global scale like nafta works on a regional scale the next important commodity more important than oil is food the united nations food and agriculture organization fao on november 5 2009 released a continued on page 28 for more resources visit us online at · 15



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