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·summer 2009 · founder s edition ·free subscription· the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the lord make his paths straight mark 1:3 contending for american freedom · contending for fundamental christianity


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printed missionary ronnie and terry williamson evangelist/editor steve and rebekah lilly staff missionaries page 3 my personal message page 4 news bits page 6 ministry update page 19 religious news and comments their voice in the wilderness special detachable booklet in this edition the voice in the wilderness is a nonprofit independent incorporation founded by rev dr j royce thomason d.p.d ph.d evangelist and medical missionary the organization is dedicated to the spreading of the whole gospel to the world especially in foreign lands the program consists of building mission stations supporting american missionaries and native pastors by partnering with the local church in various areas of ministry and preaching christ to the lost we are supported by the gifts of those who care contributions to the voice in the wilderness for projects or to support the ministry of a missionary will be used as indicated by the donor following approved policies and procedures gifts are tax deductible and should be made out to the voice in the wilderness a fundamental publication published quarterly in behalf of the work of the lord and preservation of the liberties of our united states printed sources imply from material from other does not necessarily an endorsement thisministry § § § page 12-a j royce thomason remove pages 12-a through 12-l and place within part one of their voice in the wilderness printed in the spring `09 edition page 20 death by denomination page 28 nuggets of gold page 29 club mit received by the voice in the wilderness given in honor of elaine kline by curtis kline we would like to express our thanks to those who have given a memorial gift to the voice in the wilderness inc ministry these names will be added to a plaque and displayed in our office if you would like to honor a loved one please send a remembrance memorial gift or a living memorial gift with the person s name legibly printed your gift will be listed in an upcoming issue of this publication the voice in the wilderness po box 7037 asheville nc 28802 for personal correspondence contributions address changes new subscriptions memorial gifts there is no subscription charge all interested people of good will may have a copy sent regularly to their address simply by requesting it address all correspondence to the voice in the wilderness po box 7037 asheville nc 28802 e-mail for address changes only sign-up for the weekly voice e-mail and blog dr ronnie l williamson dr j royce thomason memorial voice in the wilderness p.o box 7037 asheville nc 28802 voice 828 649-1043 fax 828 649-9784 write to us 2 · the voice in the wilderness · summer edition 2009


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dear friends in christ in this edition of the voice in the wilderness you will find a special tribute to the life and ministry of dr j royce thomason please add the center section to the booklet insert you received in the spring 2009 printing of the voice in the wilderness this insert will complete the wonderful testimonies and biographical sketches of sundar singh sophie muller charles bowles and j royce thomason i pray their voice will continue to sound forth the love and grace of our saviour jesus christ as well as how the lord can use a surrendered life for god s glory remember the complete autobiography of sophie muller is available through the voice in the wilderness office it is my prayer that these testimonies will be a challenge and encouragement to many as this edition goes to press steve and rebekah lilly are preparing to leave for a six-week teaching mission to venezuela your prayers are deeply appreciated great opportunities lay before us and we need the lord s help in all we do would you pray as it is all in god s care and give as if your heart breaks with the burden of care to god be the glory and praise for christ and souls ronnie l williamson isa 40:31 for more resources visit us online at ·3


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from here and there even pravda is warning america to wake up ­ from the english online edition of the russian tabloid style daily newspaper pravda it must be said that like the breaking of a great dam the american descent into marxism is happening with breathtaking speed against the backdrop of a passive hapless sheeple to properly prepare the american populace for the surrender of their freedoms and souls to the whims of the elite the population w a s dumbed down through a politicized substandard education system then their faith in god was destroyed until their churches were for the most part little more than sunday circuses until preachers were more than happy to sell out their souls and flocks to be on the winning side of one pseudo marxist politician or another their flocks so quick to reject christ in hopes for earthly power the final collapse has come with the election of barack obama these make our russian oligarchs look little more than ordinary street thugs in comparison the proud american will go down into his slavery without a fight the world will only snicker ­stanislav mishin pravda russian news-tabloid style-started jan 1999 double-standard in america there is a growing double-standard in america on one hand people talk about individual liberty and they encourage death choices such as euthanasia and assisted suicide while washington and oregon are the only states to currently allow assisted suicide there is a movement to increase this choice at the same time a christian couple in california is under attack for holding bible studies in their home as americans we can allow people to be killed in the name of freedom but we cannot allow people to study god s word with their friends in their living room because that might cause a neighborhood problem the fifth amendment guarantees the free exercise of religion yet despite this clear guarantee religious liberty remains under assault across our nation ­david c gibbs jr june 2009, remaking america we ve begun the work of remaking america those are the words of president barack obama to an adoring liberal media but what exactly does president obama mean by remaking america 1 it is the record spending nearly $5 trillion he nancy pelosi and harry reid rammed through the congress in the first 100 days 2 it is using the economic crisis to grow the size and scope of government rack up historic deficits foster the massive redistribution of wealth and destroy the savings of millions of middle-class families 3 it is the government takeover of america s financial and auto sectors giving 4 · the voice in the wilderness · summer edition 2009


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obama the unprecedented power to hire and fire and giving unions majority control of a private company 4 it is moving terrorists from a secure location into our own backyards and having the homeland security secretary coin the orwellian term man-caused disasters to describe acts of terrorism obama s remaking america is clearly an all-out assault on our nation s core principles of free enterprise fiscal discipline freedom and personal responsibility it seems the obama white house has made a maxim out of chief of staff rahm emanuel s dictum that you never let a serious crisis go to waste this crisis provides the opportunity for us to do things that you could not do before they are moving quickly to nationalize our health care system and impose a job-killing national energy tax senator lamar alexander summed it up best when he said on the senate floor this is a new kind of blueprint for a country we haven t seen before a planned america with less freedom fewer choices and fewer opportunities a society planned and run by washington regulators and politicians that our children and grandchildren cannot afford it seems they will stop at nothing to end american exceptionalism and create a weak dependent socialist state patterned after the examples of europe michael steele 2009 liberal judge sonia sotomayor ­ barack obama s nomination of sotomayor to the supreme court is proof that he intends to pay off leftist interest groups and pack the federal bench ­ at the district appeals and supreme court levels ­ with activist judges who share his dangerous outcome-determined view of the law instead of strict constructionists who interpret the law as written the iou s must run deep and wide union bosses and big labor is looking for the pay off to tighten the noose around america s economy first responders and federal judiciary sadly millions of employees may be forced to support unwanted unions pay dues and have undesirable representation by those with political agendas on the foreign scene america s president has apologized to some of the world s worst tyrants lies have been told repeatedly and what about all the talk of being from a muslim background then the nationalization of health care in this country is a disaster look at medicare medicaid welfare and hello the federal governments mess of everything it meddles with who in their right mind wants washington d.c running health care worldings mourn their fallen star ­ beat it you thriller killer take a pill the pain is more than the season of it all his new age eastern guru depak chopa said michael jackson was innocent pure loving and misunderstood another friend said jackson had gifts from [god then it was said by a fellow rocker michael had his demons but maybe now his fans and legacy will be his music now that he is dead fans can remember the michael jackson they loved in the end michael jackson desperately craved eight hours of rest and sleep there is no peace saith my god to the wicked isa 57:20 evil doers shall be cut off ps 37:9 woe unto them that call evil good and good evil that put darkness for news bits continued on page 31 ·5 for more resources visit us online at


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ministry update the envelope please for many years the founders edition and anniversary edition of the voice in the wilderness has been envelope month please do not delay your response to this urgent request this ministry needs your help we are working extra jobs and overtime at that to maintain present commitments as well as the pursuit of opportunities god has placed before us an example is our current project in venezuela steve and rebekah lilly at this printing are working with pastors in venezuela they will teach and minister for six weeks in churches and the bible institute training workers to serve in various callings the lilly s laboured hard and long for months saving their money to finance this missions venture plus some very generous contributors have given to help the aquila/priscilla team serve in venezuela thanks again to all who partner with the voice in the wilderness frequently we receive letters from subscribers who have lost employment some are on a fixed income obviously the ability of these individuals to support a work like the voice in the wilderness is limited y thankfully there are those who et can give a little extra to make up the difference please consider at this time returning the enclosed envelope with a special gift to the voice in the wilderness y our help through the summer months and the remainder of 2009 is deeply appreciated y our prayers partnership and participation is so very precious to us god bless 6 · the voice in the wilderness · summer edition 2009


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remove pages 12-a through 12-l and insert into the center of the special booklet their voice in the wilderness spring 2009 edition to complete your biography booklet j j roycethomason royce thomason ···························································· home sweet home i grew up on the rolling plains and prairie of southwest oklahoma only 11 miles from the red river that divides oklahoma and texas we were farmers/ranchers my parents were very poor hard working independent folks who taught their six children to earn their living by the sweat of their face gen 3:19 that was god s orders to adam and eve and everybody of my acquaintance thought they were included in that formula for existence our area was a big cotton producing area as well as that of cattle i went to work in the cotton fields with my mother at the age of four i was too small to drag the long cotton-laden sack so i picked in a basket and emptied it in my mom s sack she had no such thing as a baby-sitter so she carried my tiny baby brother on the end of the sack and when he needed feeding she stopped and let him nurse my first school was a two-room building called pleasant ridge about six and a half miles northeast of frederick it also served as a church rev irb agee a baptist preached each sunday morning and a rev woods of the methodist faith preached sunday nights first born of yes all churches in these areas believed sunday night mr mrs james thomason was god s time and hebrews 10:25 applied there too 1916 i still have precious memories of good god-fearing teachers not a bad egg in the basket who read a scripture each morning and had prayer before classes on days of inclement weather my mother took me to school on bird the old gray mare a three-mile journey each way otherwise i walked later my dad rented a farm in another school district and there i graduated from the eighth grade at rose hill a one-roomer it seems as only yesterday i heard my folks talking about high school for me but we had no transportation and it was too far to walk and inconvenient to ride a pony all the time so for some time i hitchhiked then a neighbor who took cans of milk to the produce house practically every day let me ride one way with him and somehow i managed the way back after school hours modernization of farming machinery was taking place speedily making it impossible for the little farmer to compete so that along with some serious medical problems with my father their voice in the wilderness · 12-a


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we moved to town and there i graduated from frederick high school in 1936 it was during my senior year that some old-fashioned separated biblebelieving folks came to town to start a revival that culminated in the organization of a church they were dubbed holy rollers and other unbecoming titles i soon heard the tales my curiosity got the best of me and i wanted to go to the meetings to see what i had heard described as a real show none of my buddies would venture into the building so i went on my own the singing was spirited the preaching rugged the standards high old-time devil-routing conviction seized my heart as never before and i borrow from a little story i read to describe my conversion something like this the ragged little fellow stood looking teen years in the window of a candy store he was so hungry for some sweets but he had no money a kind gentleman saw him walked over and said `son would you like some of that nice candy the little boy nodded a `yes the man took him inside told the manager to fill up a big sack of the boy s choice pieces paid for it handed the little fellow the sack and said `now you just eat until your heart is content i was something like that little boy standing as it were looking in at all the goodies in the store window unable to make any purchase for i had not the price to pay it was as if some beautiful creature came down from above and bought for me that which i could not buy on my own and seemed to say son here are the sweets of heaven which your heart craves i paid for them with my own blood that splashed down on the limestone rocks of calvary thy sins be forgiven thee go and sin no more i don t have any tombstone to buy or any grave to keep up for he buried my sins in the sea of his forgetfulness far beyond my knowledge as to where he buried them as that grand old song goes i can tell you the time i can take you to the place where the lord saved me by his wonderful grace i know not how and i know not the why but he ll tell me all about it in the bye and bye the old rugged cross like so many other folks i suppose i could truthfully say that i have always been somewhat religious but had never really been born again those holy rollers came to town and started a revival in that halfbasement building some folks spread untrue tales about them alleging those church folk put spells on people etc i went one night and it was under the 12-b · their voice in the wilderness


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preaching of their pastor rev r.e mccain that i got saved bro mccain as a young man had been the song evangelist for rev george bernard who wrote the old rugged cross during one of his revival meetings and bro mccain sung the song for the first time in public that night i was a senior in high school the spiritual transaction took place about 8 p.m february 8 1936 it was almost immediately that i felt the call to preach and within a short time in a miraculous way it is a long story actually a call came for me to go to boehler oklahoma a town consisting only of a combination slab store and post office a one-room school three or four houses nothing more no churches near located in the kiamichi mountains of the eastern part of the state friends took me in their car for i had no transportation kind folks in boehler gave me room and board in their home some men on horseback came the next day to help me build a little brush arbor someone loaned us three aladdin gasoline lanterns no electricity near boehler at that time and i started the meeting we had no songbooks so we sang familiar hymns we had no music i knew unless god helped in a special way i was in for trouble being totally inexperienced but help me he did my first text was from the kjv my last one when it comes will be from the tried and proven kjv folks came in large numbers horseback wagons on foot a few in old cars things were very primitive but i was right at home for i had never had any of the finer things of life myself my folks were poor had we known there was a war on poverty we would have surrendered at once several people were saved in the meeting at least three of them are still living and serving the lord faithfully in a fundamental church in the next town boehler no longer exists except for two or three houses i have never kept any record of my converts and it is just as well for i soon found that many professions are not real cases of genuine conversion i have never kept an account of how much money i have raised for the kingdom for i have left that job up to heaven s bookkeepers for they do it all perfectly the record is there that is all that matters i preached three weeks and the total offering was 68 cents in the next town there lived an elderly cowgirl who was well known as granny bryant she was trying to keep the doors of the little church she attended open they had no pastor and only a handful of people she asked me to come and preach for them a week she arranged it with the mail carrier to give me a ride over as i had no transportation i preached there a week there were some converts and the offering was $5 i had not the money for a bus ticket home some 300 miles so i hitchhiked cars on that road were few going was slow and night caught me near madill oklahoma so i pulled some grass and made me a bed in the road ditch used my bible for a pillow looked up at the stars and thanked god that he accounted me worthy of being his unworthy servant during the next four years there was some time for further schooling and their voice in the wilderness · 12-c


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more revivals and then there arose the war clouds of world war ii when president roosevelt drew from a huge fishbowl the names of the first young men to be drafted my name was the 17th one drawn for my county of tillman my dad had died suddenly only a few weeks before so the draft board gave me a seven-month extension period to help my mother five younger brothers and sisters and our aged grandmother then on march 26 1941 i put on the greatest uniform in the world and marched off to serve the greatest country god s sun ever shined on draft dodging was looked on then for what it really is inexcusable cowardliness shameful lack of patriotism and total disregard for one s responsibility i went gladly and would go again tomorrow if uncle sam needed me money was certainly no incentive for a beginner s salary was $21 a month and after insurance and other deductions i had $5 left out of my check at the induction center there was a request for 17 men to go to camp wolters texas mineral wells area to open a new base hospital a large group of us were given iq tests and i was one of the 17 chosen even in the army i often found a chance to hold services at some surrounding churches or else made a place to hold meetings once overseas we had no assigned chaplain so my commanding officer appointed family photo me to be the unit s chaplain along with undated my medical duties those positions i held till the last shot was fired in germany and i soon got to come home my mother was an invalid by then two younger brothers were still engaged in the pacific war the japs did not surrender when the germans did i ran for city councilman got elected got a public job and took on the pastorate of two nearby churches without pastors and canceled my wedding plans she married another and they named their first baby boy after me eventually my mother died and all the brothers and sisters except one brother had married and he went to the navy it was then that i was able to give full time to missionary work and evangelism and i am still at it i have traveled some 150 foreign lands most of them in the interest of missions or charity medicine i am on my second millionth mile driving a car this says nothing of hundreds of thousands traveled by air ship bicycle horseback or boat in all the years the only preaching service i ever missed due to sickness was a bad case of laryngitis i was present for the service but another had to preach once a tornado destroyed my tent and laid me up in a hospital for three or four days with some broken bones but once dismissed too early because of my persistence i went back and re-started the revival 12-d · their voice in the wilderness


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propped up by pillows that case was injury not sickness to the best of my knowledge i never missed a scheduled service because of car trouble along the road but once much of this due to the fact that friends have kindly made it possible for me to drive a reliable car thanks be unto god for all his bountiful mercies he hath bestowed upon me undeserving as i am most of the years have not been easy so far as great accomplishments and finances were concerned that has all been more than compensated by thousands of sincere friends who have stood by me through thick and thin of course as jesus warned us not everybody loves christians and some speak evil of us but here s a little poem i have relied on at those times if you ve not been treated right just forget it don t get ready for a fight but forget it life s too short to hold a grudge twill your happiness be smudge anyway you re not the judge so forget it full time evangelism it was somewhere around 1947 before i could get into fulltime evangelism again i also felt the lord would have me go back to europe to hold some meetings for i had found it to be a mission field of its own almost as a sudden cloud out of a blue sky the amount of money to go came in and some openings for meetings at the same time little did i know that the lord was opening up a way for me to add foreign missions to my slowly growing work i held meetings in several english towns scotland and north ireland then i had the feeling that the lord had something to show me in israel which was a very unsettled place and held no attraction for me then there was the problem of changing money from what american friends had sent me to the amount of british money allowed to be taken out of the country keep in mind the war was just over and things were far from normal still however i felt the leading was of the lord when he used an atheist banker to help me with the money exchange even against some stringent british laws it was in jerusalem where i found matilda davis a blind arab an american-trained therapist who had returned to her native jerusalem to do therapy in a jewish hospital she had lost her home and equipment during the jewish-arab war she was feeling her way from one refugee tent she matilda davis herself now a refugee to another trying missionary to jews and arabs their voice in the wilderness · 12-e


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to help the suffering i managed some money to get her a place where she could carry on her work and get some of the needed machines we took her as a missionary project for she had no outside help with exception of the few coins the people who came for help could afford we supported her until she went to heaven some seven or eight years ago at the ripe old age of 97 again while there the lord showed us his approval i had a revival scheduled for the oriental missionary society in athens greece and to get there by boat i had to go to beirut lebanon to get another boat when i crossed the israeli border at the no man s land crossing i again had problems with exchange of what little money i had i went to the president of the israeli bank who was an orthodox jew and he against israeli banking laws helped me get the exchange first it was the atheist banker in england and now the orthodox jew in israel i landed in beirut and found out that the ship was broken down in port and that it would be another week before it sailed and nobody was allowed aboard until it was ready i had a ticket and expected to board the ship immediately upon arrival in beirut thus had not expected a financial crisis i had about $3 to my name so where would i find lodging and food for that week walking around i saw a big fence and gate around what looked like a school upon investigating it turned out to be a christian armenian school and they put me up in a nice home and i left lebanon with a few dollars more than i arrived with on and on i could go with account after account of god s marvelous provisions and blessings in the meetings as well as my physical protection in places where fools rush in and where angels fear to trod it would take a book to tell it all perhaps the most memorable place so far as danger and utter confusion lurked was in yugoslavia from beirut i had sailed to greece and had held a week of meetings there and the next stop would be liege belgium i would have to pass through yugoslavia which had not recovered from the german and russian invasion of world war ii when i reached the border i was the only passenger left on the train the guards came through looked me over and spoke not a word of any language i knew they took my passport and left i had no idea if i would ever see it again nor if they would put me off the train or what finally they came back handed me the passport and left i arrived in belgrade about two hours before dark having had nothing to eat but an orange all day the train would be staying in belgrade until the next morning when it would go on to france and belgium i tried several people inside the station to find somebody who spoke something i could understand finally some soul figured me out as being american and though he could not speak english french or spanish he took me by the arm upstairs where the railway manager sat behind a desk his left leg was missing and i found later that the germans had treated him inhumanely he had finally escaped to the russian army but didn t fare any better after all that he had lost a leg he informed me 12-f · their voice in the wilderness


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that though belgrade was the capital of yugoslavia and a big town no hotels could yet be found and that the price of everything was unthinkable he said me and my mother live in a tiny apartment and all we have to eat is black bread jelly and some coffee if you can manage that and sleep with me on a three quarterbed all i have to offer you can stay with us and why not change your plans for liege for four or five days and i ll show you around town and help you get information about the nearly two million serbs jews and others the catholic ustashi killed under hitler i felt badly taking even a slice of bread from those poor folks but they insisted where else could i go even for the night so i agreed to stay a few days never was i treated more royally i heard later that his mother had died and andre had married and was living in some socialist housing project with all the unrest that poor yugoslavia has experienced and now with the bosnian mess i wonder what ever became of my dear friends all efforts to find them have failed when i left for leige women guards came on the train took all the women passengers into a compartment stripped and searched them while men guards did the same with the men but left me untouched yugoslavia was a scary and heart-rendering experience and i was glad to cross the border into belgium while stationed in a suburb of liege during the last part of the war i attended the salvation army services in the french language it was the only fundamental protestant church in the city of 500,000 people they had scheduled me for a week of meetings as i came through europe i arrived with only a few coins in my pocket but i was not worried for i had a ticket from there to the english channel on the train and a boat ticket across the channel and another train ticket on to london s victoria station i would have meetings in london and then go home on my return ticket during the salvation army meetings i had to spend most of the money i had and was finally down to a mere penny in belgium money i said nothing to anybody but the lord for though i had tickets for london i discovered that i did not have anything for food that day nor for a coin to phone the folks in london that i had arrived at the station even a dollar would do the trick but where was the dollar the salvation army captain was taking me to the train station in his car and as we were going down the walkway to the car the postman came up with a letter addressed to rev j royce thomason salvation army leige belgium that s it no more address than that in a city of 500,000 people how did it ever find me and the biggest mystery of it all who on earth knew where i was at the time i opened the letter and it was from a poor free will baptist preacher who worked in a coal mine at sassafras kentucky it read dear brother royce while you were here in a meeting last year you said you would be at the salvation army in leige somewhere about this time i don t know just where you are but the lord spoke to me this morning about sending you a dollar i hope you receive it talk about a miracle if the postman had been even their voice in the wilderness · 12-g


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three or four minutes later i would have been gone but the lord knew where i was and what time the train ran and he knew all about the inefficiency of the postal service but he spoke to that dear preacher not a moment too late what timing this is but one of several similar incidents i have experienced in all my years i have never operated on a surplus it has almost always been right down to the line financially but as in this case what i really needed has usually come before me is a little motto i picked up recently a motto that pretty well describes my case it reads i started with nothing and still have most of it left turning from the more serious side some of you are wondering what has been perhaps the most comical experience well it happened in st john st kitts an island in the caribbean chain i was there in some meetings all black people it was nearly time for me to preach when the pastor called the congregation to prayer and they all got on their knees he called on somebody to lead in prayer and this dear brother with all sincerity and fervency started praying loud he was somewhere he had heard american and english people use a phrase that i used to hear in the early days lord empower the preacher and stir the congregation this dear brother had heard this but got the words mixed up a little his prayer was almost loud enough to wake the dead and it went oh lord paralyze the preacher and sterilize the congregation it was some time before i could regain my composure before preaching some are wondering what the most unusual case has been it is hard to pick between two of the outstanding ones one happened on a train in turkey and one in a bombing raid in belgium during world war ii it was christmas eve a bomb had fallen in our compound that afternoon and killed one of our soldiers some of the fellows came to me and asked that as soon as the supper dishes had been cleared from the mess hall tent would i lead them in some christmas carols and then preach i agreed to do so there was a chaplain across the way at the second field hospital who had as his chauffeur a young man who played a portable pump organ so i asked him to come and bring us his organ and help us cheer things up a bit he gladly came i had just started the service when a runner came saying that a bomb had fallen up the street about two blocks away and an american soldier was lying there in the snow possibly dead and unattended i turned the service over to the chaplain took my medical kits and went to see about the soldier the electric wires were all down snow was about 18 inches deep and the temperature was about 35 below zero the soldier seemed lifeless i could not detect any heartbeat but he was still warm and i felt i should do something radical that might just bring him around so i intravenously injected five ampules of caffeine sodium benzoate enough to equal about 20 cups of coffee it was a case of cure or kill for ordinary efforts were useless soon i began to feel a faint pulse and i felt he was going to come around so i busied myself gathering 12-h · their voice in the wilderness


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some pieces of wood from the ruins around me to make splints for both legs and one arm that was broken by the time i got that done his pulse was much stronger but he was still unconscious i had no ambulance so i put him in the back of a weapons carrier and sent him to 122nd field hospital doctors there worked on him most of the night a buzz bomb hit the hospital the next day throwing him casts and all onto the floor he was still unconscious they then took him to another hospital and i lost track of him many many times i thought of him and of what looked like the enemy s determination to kill him wondering if he pulled through and if so would he be normal etc some 15 years later i was holding a revival in melrose new mexico and walked into a little store and struck up a conversation with the manager i asked him was he a veteran and he told me he was and inquired as to where i was during the battle of the bulge and i told him i was in a little place called loncin he said my best buddy went to loncin on christmas eve that year and a buzz bomb fell on him i butted in saying and a medic found him and revived him and sent him to another hospital that was hit the next day by a bomb he said how did you know about that it was then i told him that i was the man who had found him and saved his life i made inquiry and was told by this store owner that my patient did live and was then living in illinois doing fine but that so many years had expired that he had lost trace of him i did not find him again but did put my questions to rest the soldier had survived miracles ministry and missions there is so much to say but time is limited it has all been miraculous the voice in the wilderness publication is a miracle also during my first missionary trip friends at home asked me to run off a mimeographed letter and send it out so they could know where i was and what was happening i did so and when i came home they urged i keep up the mimeographed page then later as interest had grown i developed it into a four page professionally printed magazine calling it the voice in the wilderness then we went to eight pages and now the current subscription free issue we have also printed it in the tamil and korean languages in south india most of the missions projects we have taken on have been of a miraculous origin the following some of the best god ever put breath into have finished their duties and have now been promoted to glory matilda davis of jerusalem florence hardy of cheung chou sis bartalink of the jungles of surinam dr varma of india dudley gardner of calcutta india and sophia muller of the jungles of colombia what an honor to have had a part in the work of these heroes and heroines of the faith up until september 10 2001 when i experienced several debilitating stroke like episodes my health has been something of a miracle as i see it the their voice in the wilderness · 12-i



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