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·spring 2009· ·free subscription· a special gif t for you this is a unique edition of the voice in the wildern enclosed is a removable bookl featuring three challenging stori of liv used of the lord in ernal ways a sulement for this bookl with the ttimony of bro royce will be printed in the next edition due to unique circumstanc our printer has provided oortunity to run 800 additional copi of this edition that the voice in the wildern can use in teaching and evangeliic efforts therefore we are publishing the four ttimoni in prayer that hearts will be encouraged and challenged for greater obedience in chri pag 1 2 3 4 and pag 29 30 31 and 32 can be pulled away leaving the stapl to hold your 24 page bookl and biographi the story of sophie muller sundar singh charl bowl and j royce thomason will be a bling please read and ponder at our great god can do through a single life the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the lord make his paths straight mark 1:3 contending for american freedoms · contending for fundamental christianity


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printed missionary ronnie and terry williamson evangelist/editor steve and rebekah lilly staff missionaries page ii nuggets of gold page iii my personal message page iv news bits their voice in the wilderness page 2 sadhu sundar singh page 10 sophie muller page 13 charles bowles page xxix club mit page xxxi memorial gifts special detachable booklet in this edition the voice in the wilderness is a nonprofit independent incorporation founded by rev dr j royce thomason d.p.d ph.d evangelist and medical missionary the organization is dedicated to the spreading of the whole gospel to the world especially in foreign lands the program consists of building mission stations supporting american missionaries and native pastors by partnering with the local church in various areas of ministry and preaching christ to the lost we are supported by the gifts of those who care contributions to the voice in the wilderness for projects or to support the ministry of a missionary will be used as indicated by the donor following approved policies and procedures gifts are tax deductible and should be made out to the voice in the wilderness a fundamental publication published quarterly in behalf of the work of the lord and preservation of the liberties of our united states printed sources imply from material from other does not necessarily an endorsement thisministry § § § ·confessing your sins is no substitute for forsaking them ·don t repeat anything you will not sign your name to ·there are two types of people who say very little the quiet ones and the gabby ones ·some folks seem to think religion is like a parachute something to grab when an emergency occurs ·the soul without prayer is like lungs without air ·preachers find more sleeping sickness than does the physician for personal correspondence contributions address changes new subscriptions there is no subscription charge all interested people of good will may have a copy sent regularly to their address simply by requesting it address all correspondence to the voice in the wilderness po box 7037 asheville nc 28802 e-mail for address changes only sign-up for the weekly voice e-mail and blog dr ronnie l williamson dr j royce thomason memorial voice in the wilderness p.o box 7037 asheville nc 28802 voice 828 649-1043 fax 828 649-9784 write to us g ii · the voice in the wilderness · spring edition 2009


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d e s dear friends in christ rejoice rejoice o christian lift up your voice and sing eternal hallelujahs to jesus christ the king let it be known he lives and christ is king and lord these are perilous times but our sovereign reigns opportunities abound to share the good news with multitudes without hope may god help us to be faithful just in the last six months the voice in the wilderness ministry has represented you preaching in india venezuela here in the u.s and at this writing a camp meeting in arkansas thank you so very much for praying and giving that we may go with the gospel your partnership is invaluable and deeply appreciated we usually include an envelope in this edition but due to financial constraints ask you to please help the voice with your gifts sent to the voice in the wilderness po box 7037 asheville nc 28802 support at this time is so critical i know many are sacrificing and we are eternally grateful thank you so very much above all please keep praying god is able happy trails for christ and souls ronnie l williamson isa 40:31 p.s i trust the biographies are a blessing next issue will contain the testimony of dr j royce thomason t s this tis my father s place this tis my father s place where i go to him and pray to rest and trust his loving grace apart from life s earthly way the sun did rise again today tho far away it seemed the blue ridge took a foggy gray and danced on early beams so peaceful on this sphere of strife gentle breezes whisper thru the pine another dawn from night to life as again he gives a sign this son he rose o great the day to you so far may seem still truth the life he is the way amidst your trial and dream lift your head hold fast the hope and rest and trust his grace beside still waters green pastured slope this tis my father s place -rlw for more resources visit us online at · iii


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from here and there bits of news terrorist splinter groups have sprung up across gaza and the west bank judea and samaria are highly vulnerable targets bombings fires and murder against christians continue the western media continues to ignore the violence against christians by islamic zealots a political scientist analyzed abc nbc cbs and fox news political polls used from 1997 to 2008 a definite pro-democrat bias was conclusive in the way these polls were used and reported media bias martin george mason university revealed that abc nbc and cbs skewed the news in favor of obama the washington post became a de facto member of obama s campaign beware of the tyrannical media machine obama again is pro-death he lifted restrictions on federal funding of embryonic stemcell research march 9 between stemcell abortion and sodomy issues this man is an enemy of all that is sacred state settles bride and groom lawsuit ­ the state of california has agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by a couple whose marriage license was rejected last summer because they identified themselves as bride and groom the couple is represented by affiliate and staff attorneys with pacific justice institute gideon and rachel codding were married just after the state revised its marriage licenses to substitute the words party a and party b for the traditional designations bride and groom when the coddings jotted an explanatory bride and groom next to their personal information the state rejected their license delaying for months their ability to make other legal changes to reflect their new union the state insisted that the coddings could only be married as party a and party b the same day pji attorneys filed suit the state announced that it was nixing the controversial party a and party b marriage forms the state has now agreed to settle the coddings suit by accepting their marriage license and paying attorney s fees pji received invaluable assistance in the case from walnut creek affiliate attorneys steven n.h wood and christopher schweickert of the law firm bergquist wood and anderson llp steven wood commented the state s acceptance of the marriage license and agreement to pay our attorney s fees is a clear victory not only for the coddings but also for common sense the state s previous rejection of the marriage license caused the coddings considerable anguish as well as financial harm that has now been remedied kevin snider chief counsel of pacific justice institute stated in the ongoing battle for traditional marriage this is a gratifying win as a decision in the prop 8 cases nears pji will continue to fight for the right of ordinary citizens to define the most basic institution of marriage no court or state agency should be allowed to usurp that right pji ten electoral commandmentsthe catholic bishop of cuernavaca in the state of morelos mexico is standing his ground in the face of heavy opposition against his ten electoral commandments which state that catholics should not vote for parties favoring the legalization of abortion homosexual unions euthanasia and pornography among news bits cont on p xxxi iv · the voice in the wilderness · spring edition 2009


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their voice wilderness in the testimonies of sadhu sundar singh sophie muller charles bowles and j royce thomason i


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sadhu sundarsingh singh sadhu sundar ···························································· upon my first visit to india one of our pastors introduced me to a book entitled sadhu sundar singh i did not know what a sadhu was nor had i heard of sundar singh since that time i ve read three books about the life of sundar singh as well as some of his own writings for the purpose of this publication i am presenting based on true accounts a novel-style account of sadhu sundar singh chapter 1 the distant whistle of the train caused sundar s heart to jump and suddenly his mind raced out of control life flashed before him with dizzying recollection out of this valley would emerge either life or death in just a few moments sundar singh would either know truth or meet damnation beneath the grinding steel of a speeding train no longer would he continue in this uncertainty hopelessly groping through the dark maze of religion at two o clock in the morning sundar rose from his bed and proceeded to take an hour-long ritual bath in cold water then he began to meditate from the depths of despair his cry was god o god if there is a god reveal yourself to me god i will serve you if there is no god i will live no longer i will cast myself beneath the train if i do not receive an answer sundar continued to pray there was no doubt he would end his life if god did not answer then it happened about 4:30 a.m as that train of destiny approached sundar s room was filled with a consuming light oh no the room must be on fire sundar focused his eyes upon an image emerging from the glowing cloud that now flooded his room and his heart this glorious figure stood with a crown of thorns reaching forth with wounded hands to a hurting sundar singh i am christ whom you persecute only a few days earlier sundar had burned the bible out of hatred for the preaching of christ now this simply could not be christ standing before him with wounded hands and feet pierced side and crown of thorns was this god s answer could this be the revelation he had prayed for believe on me and you shall live reject me and you shall surely die the glorious light of truth flooded the darkness of error from the soul of young sundar singh no indian holy man had been able to speak these words of life the hindu religious books nor the granth nor the quran held these transforming truths yet now in a moment of time sundar met the way the truth and the life the death train blew a lonesome whistle as it past into the distant early dawn it claimed no soul on this trip the glory train had arrived instead with life and hope young sundar thought he would be crushed beneath the thundering ludhiana express hopeless despair had drained all desire to live yet there is a god in heaven he is not a graven image who cannot see or hear or help god is not the delusion of some chanting mystics mind sundar could now testify of the true and living god-thou art the christ he rose to his feet rushing into his father s bedroom startled sundar s father awakening from a deep sleep tried desperately to sort out his son s jubilant enthusiasm repeatedly sundar told his father how he had met christ and given his life to him oh no it has come to pass thought sundar s father some time ago a great sadhu had prophesied that young sundar would become either a great person or a mad man now it had come true sundar s father attempted to calm the boy you are confused something dreadful has happened to your mind go back to sleep and rest possibly you will get better sundar tried to explain but his father would not listen however this first encounter with rejection would not in anyway diminish this miraculous event for sundar singh power and peace from above had raptured this young man into the newness of life he would never ever be the same chapter 2 the farther sundar walked the greater the pain a presbyterian mission was yet a few miles away he must make it to the mission each step became increasingly 2 · their voice in the wilderness


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difficult but sundar knew help was very near pastor and mrs uppal welcomed the very ill young man into their home it was so comforting to see smiling faces and hear the reassuring words of these dear people sundar did his best to briefly explain how enraged his father had become he had been ordered to leave at this point sundar began to have violent attacks of pain and bleeding from the nose pastor uppal sent an urgent request to the hospital for help mrs uppal did her best to comfort sundar when the hospital dispenser arrived and saw the desperate situation he refused to treat sundar this young man has been poisoned he is going to die had the death angel arrived poisoned by his family and thrust out into the cold jungle sundar wrestled in his soul it was more than a battle of physical life and death drifting between the conscious and unconscious his mind flashed in rapid succession memories of his family the anger of his father during those final days the hurt in his mother s eyes then came the bribes and threats it seemed everyone was intent on persuading sundar to renounce this christ violent pain and the vomiting of blood coupled with continued flashbacks ravaged the body and mind of the young sundar singh repeatedly from amid fits of anguish he would cry out i will follow jesus i will follow jesus the morning sun gently pushed back nights veil of darkness with its warm rays of dawns new day it seemed impossible the doctor returned to witness a corps but rather found sundar singh had revived was even sitting enjoying the refreshing sunlight penetrating his room window heaven s spotlight seems to focus the doctor s eyes upon the miraculous years later sundar would learn that this doctor who would now silently turn and walk away began to read the bible which led to his belief in christ not only did a young convert emerge from the valley of the shadow of death but another was led forth from darkness into light for sundar singh this is the way it would be from the intense to the miraculous story after story would unfold confirming the power of the one true and living saviour yes he would follow jesus even though sundar s earthly father made final attempts to lure the young son from jesus christ there was no turning back at age 16 when legally sundar could accept responsibility for his faith in christ he took a dramatic step the waters stirred with resounding witness as sundar singh was baptized buried in the likeness of his christ s death raised in the likeness of his resurrection sundar came forth to walk in the spirit and live to the glory of his wonderful saviour and lord chapter 3 hot tears coursed their way down the cheeks of sundar singh from his baptism until now the lord had revealed his goodness in so many ways surprisingly many had opened a door of welcome to this shy young preacher of christ clothed only in a yellow saffron robe and a thin shawl sundar was often mistaken for a hindu sadhu yet when he began to teach christ his audience would respond with mixed reaction as he sat refreshed by the shade of a tree after many grueling miles his emotions came flooding to the surface even though rejected by his family he had such peace now yes it was a peace that passes all understanding looking up through tears of joy sundar realized someone was standing over him at first he was startled i mean you no harm a few days ago i heard you speak of christ never before have words touched my heart in such a way when i heard you speak a mob had gathered they were angry that you dared teach from the bible in their village they had hate in their hearts and wanted to kill you but as they approached to do you evil fear seized them all a mighty host stood about you to protect you and your enemies fled away the tears of joy surfaced once again as sundar singh now shared the story of truth love and grace as a small group of hungry listeners gathered this sadhu was different his saffron robe was clean an attractive tall young man with only the clothes on his back and bible in hand commanded a lot of attention many were amazed at the powerful words he spoke no other sadhu had such words from village to village he traveled sometimes cold and hungry but never without the peace of god showers of blessings were always welcome but the liquid kind seemed always to make life a bit tedious after a good soaking sundar found an abandoned their voice in the wilderness · 3


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hut and collapsed inside with exhaustion the morning sun not only brought warmth to a chilled traveler but horror to his still drowsy eyes a cold visitor had joined him during the night to share a little body heat there beside him was coiled a huge cobra one lightening fast strike would mean certain death sundar s heart pounded so loudly he knew the cobra would be awakened easing to his feet without arousing his deadly hut-mate sundar rushed from the hut as fast as his feet would go once outside it suddenly occurred to him that his shawl had been left as cobra bedding on cold nights that shawl provided his only protection dear lord i must have my shawl peering back into the hut he saw that huge black cobra curled up on his much needed shawl one wrong move would mean death carefully so carefully he pulled the shawl from underneath the weight of the deadly creature the snake simply rolled over and continued its morning snooze chapter 4 the scissors came closer and closer to his head out of the corner of his eye and next to his throat the cut was made sundar gasp for air are you alright sundar can you hear me the lord brought sundar singh and s.e stokes together in sabathu as a wealthy american who left all coming to india to be a witness stokes and sundar had immediately developed a strong friendship sundar had become very ill and stokes took his sick young friend to the home of a european family there sundar could get the medical attention needed along with good food and a warm bed he soon recovered it s encouraging to see you up and about stokes told sundar we should be back on the road soon there is a hospital for leprosy patients i would like to visit when you feel up to travel by the way while you were ill you kept talking about scissors cutting with scissors what was that all about sundar proceeded to tell stokes the story of his conversion and rejection by his family how his family tried to poison and kill him the final act that brought about sher singh s wrath was when his young son took a pair of scissors and cut off his hair the sacred book the granth instructed the devout sikh never to cut his hair the kev was worn tied in a knob on top of the head the long hair was the crowning glory of distinction this was the outstanding trait of a sikh in the punjab his bracelet shorts comb and dagger were nothing without the kev the untrimmed beard and long hair were never to be cut sher singh sundar s father went into a rage when sundar took the scissors and cut off his hair this was the final act to convince all of his family that he had denounced the sikh religion and would follow jesus christ no matter the cost the attempt on his life as well as intense persecution came as a result of this single act with each passing day sundar grew stronger the time came for sundar and stokes to set out for the leprosy hospital they left behind a precious gift salvation had come to their european host again the lord had turned suffering into salvation together stokes and sundar ministered to the sick and dying the lord used them to take the gospel into some very difficult situations but the day came that their paths parted sundar had a tremendous burden to carry the gospel into the himalayas and beyond at nineteen years old he had no idea how many souls without christ lived beyond that giant wall of ice and rock yet he knew the command had been issued to go into this snow-bound superstitious land where the dalai lama and his priesthood reigned unopposed chapter 5 so it was in the summer of 1910 sundar singh set out on his first missionary journey to tibet along the narrow slippery mountain trails sundar gained a vantage point as he could see vast areas where the name of jesus had never been heard with his bible in hand this son of india clothed in the saffron robe of the sadhu focused himself on the towering gray mass that seemed to bar the way of the gospel rising above the clouds in dazzling whiteness the himalayan range appeared as a transformed angel of light just daring anyone fool enough to come come to the hearts of those frozen in the stone cold tombs of darkness tread upon these lofty heights and i will strike you down this is the domain of the devil and demons for centuries attempts were made 4 · their voice in the wilderness


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to penetrate a land that had remained isolated from the world the teeming millions of india were held back by the mighty himalayan range while hordes of humanity in china s huge cities were cut off by the hundreds of miles of bleak windswept plateau some who had attempted and failed to bring the gospel to this formidable land referred to this place as the seat of satan himself the lamas continued to chant their prayers and beat their gongs from the lamaseries religious enslavement revolved with the priesthood maintaining its control of both nomad and villager alike it seemed nothing nor no one could break the reign of dalai lama their god and king sundar singh had met some of these secluded and superstitious people when the snows would melt and trade routes would briefly open many of the vigorous inquisitive and very dirty mountain folk would descend to barter their wares as they moved along the mountain pass they would chant through rosaries in hope to gain a better life in their next reincarnation periodically they would twirl their prayer-wheels producing prayers for added spiritual bonus points moving up and down the trails they occupied travel time with these repetitive rituals then as the snows returned tibetan traders would ascend to their mountain fortress a pleasant surprise awaited the nineteen-year-old sundar singh at the border to tibet two moravian missionaries were living there with hopes of taking the gospel to the tibetan people sundar spent a brief period with them to learn some of the language and customs of tibet a young believer from the area became sundar s traveling companion when he set out across the border this proved to be an invaluable contact opposition to the presence of two christian missionaries was surprisingly minimal initially the challenge came in an unanticipated fashion the odors were almost unbearable evidently the tibetans never washed the body odors dirty hands just simply dirty people were almost more than sundar could handle the tibetans would rub rancid butter on their skin for protection against the cold the odor from their bodies would literally overpower and engage the gag mechanism it was almost impossible to get close enough for conversation at times it was unbelievably torturous to simply breathe then to complicate the situation there was the food the tea was terrible and was prepared with salt in it the food was almost indigestible even though sundar and his missionary friend only stayed a few weeks physically the experience was quite traumatic incredibly the head lama of one lamasery allowed them to witness and listened attentively to their message it was however apparent that the resistance was intentional all had been warned that a foreign power was coming to destroy their religion instruction and plans had been given to resist with all their might sadhu sundar singh would journey from village to village and into the towns of india preaching the message of jesus christ to all who would hear yet in his heart he waited for the melting snow when once again he would trek the passes to bring deliverance from the seat of satan chapter 6 quietly along the borders of tibet moravian missionaries labored faithfully winning souls to christ they had even translated the bible into tibetan the assistance given to sundar singh by his moravian brothers was invaluable these pioneer giants had given their all to take the gospel to this forbidden land they were a great encouragement to the young sadhu as he journeyed even deeper into this mysterious land having survived the steep treacherous ascent sundar sensed something unlike anything experienced on his first visit just across the border now deeper into the heart of this strange world the mountain people became very hostile it seems as if demonic voices whisper from the prayer flags that flap and flutter in the steady wind a chill is in the air as the eerie chanting chanting chanting goes round and round with the incessant whirl of prayer wheels stopping periodically sundar attempted to engage passing villagers suddenly out of the comer of his eye there they were as a lion from the jungle they pounced and with vicious hate beat the young preacher unconscious what is that where are those moanings and growls and strange sounds coming from then he realized rousing out of unconsciousness he lay their voice in the wilderness · 5


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bloody covered with leeches just outside the village from the darkness of the jungle came those horrid growls and the moaning was his own body crying out from the pain inflicted by his attackers he just knew shortly it would all be over the next time he opens his eyes it will be in the presence of jesus it was like a cool refreshing bath the pain was gone and sundar momentarily forgot the savagery of those intent on taking his life god always provides incredibly two believers had come to the rescue of the lone wounded missionary even in this land of spiritual darkness and superstition god had his own these secret disciples plucked the battered brother from the jaws of death and nursed him to full recovery days had past as sundar lie unconscious cared for by the fervent prayers and healing hands of these dear brothers incredibly the morning sundar roused from his deep repair recovery was complete villagers pointed and whispered holy man holy man as the sadhu walked through the village heading ever deeper into this hostile place they could not believe sundar was alive to live is christ to die is gain the need was desperate and he was compelled to go on further with the message of deliverance some would listen to this strange traveler out of curiosity sometime later he met a man on the trail who decided to accompany him more for physical safety than any other reason the weather suddenly turned bad howling winds swept down and the two were battered by blizzard conditions struggling for their very lives they came upon a man lying in the snow close to death help me carry this man down the mountain sundar said to his traveling companion we can t leave him here you are crazy we barely have strength to save ourselves stay and help this fool if you want at that sundar singh was abandoned to the snow and a half frozen stranger both clinging to life on a steep mountain path i cannot leave this fellow to perish alone in this storm plodding step by step with this heavy burden upon his shoulders sundar began the long slippery decent falling several times the man remained unconscious as yet the young samaritan stumbles beneath this almost lifeless stranger s body although the temperature was now brutally cold sundar was sweating profusely with heart pounding as he was barely able to take another step there he was dead in the snow the traveling companion who had forsaken the poor missionary to selfishly save his own life became the one to die alone he left sundar and the stranger to die thinking of himself only he now lay frozen in the drifting snow staggering into the village amazingly both sundar and the heavy stranger he carried on his back had survived the very exertion of his selfless act had not only kept the sadhu from freezing but generated life-giving heat into the half frozen body he carried on his back his willingness to risk his own life saved not only his but that of another he that findeth his life shall lose it and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it sundar s head slammed against the rock-hard wall as he plunged to the bottom of the well with a bone-crushing jolt he landed in a tangled heap excruciating pain his entire body convulsed heaving to regain breath and life for a moment the pitiful preacher could not move arm or leg then through the dim light that faintly shimmered down from above sundar saw a mangled bone lying across his chest involuntarily a scream erupted from his gasping lungs a silent scream for there was not enough wind in him to produce much of a sound sundar thought momentarily that his leg had been severed in the fall i can t breathe i can t breathe he tried desperately but to no avail was it only minutes or hours it was so dark sundar singh was not sure whether his eyes were open or shut he was certain of the pain and air he needed air he just could not get enough air as his level of consciousness rose sundar became aware of the horrible stench he gagged violently and vomited which sent knife-piercing pain throughout his chest oh dear god what is this where am i oh god oh dear lord help me how anyone could subject another to such agony is incomprehensible sundar singh had enraged the lamas so with the preaching of jesus that they had seized the gospel preaching sadhu and condemned him to death even 6 · their voice in the wilderness


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though the buddhist lamas vowed off violence they had their way of tortuous execution that appeased their twisted minds it was known as the well the condemned were cast into this deep well to die a torturous death the fall itself often inflicted injuries that produced a slow agonizing demise the well reeked with the putrid flesh of former victims bodies covered the bottom of this damp dark pit the air what little there was hung thick with the stench of rot and death by the way the lama accepts no responsibility for this wretched death the pitiful soul was thrown into the deep dark pit an iron lid locking in place over the well and they had nothing else to do with the matter it was all now the well they were innocent death was near possibly two days had passed and sundar could barely remain conscious for more than a few minutes he could not breathe the odor was so overpowering he saw light faintly once again around one side of the iron lid it must be the third day one arm may be broken but he could move his legs he managed to stand several times but immediately became violently sick thus collapsing regaining consciousness once again sundar could hear movement from above the iron lid was opening again faint light slithered down the deep shaft then a voice said i will help you and with that a rope was lowered with a loop firmly tied in the end fresh air fresh air i can breathe the next thing sundar knew was he could breathe the iron cover was back on the well locking in place and his rescuers were gone word soon reached the head lama that sadhu sundar singh was alive and again preaching the lama was furious how can this be there is only one key to `the well s lock and i still have it in my possession the lama raged on about this sadhu there must be a superior power at work how can this be chapter 7 every breath every step of life s journey confirmed for sundar singh the almighty hand of god in his efforts to carry the gospel light to those who are in great darkness a passerby stared at the sadhu as he chuckled out loud sundar sat alone in the cool shade musing over his memory of the head lama s rage that poor blind man sundar thought to himself the lama was furious when he found the key to the well hanging in its customary place yes that poor lama was certain someone had stolen the key and helped sundar escape the well then to his consternation there it was hanging on his own belt the lama was embarrassed outraged totally confused when sundar realized he had a spectator he laughed the more the onlooker darted off down the dusty path thinking surely this sadhu had suffered heatstroke it became a common occurrence to see someone running from the presence of this strange preacher some stayed to listen and some ran away the power of god and the gospel of jesus christ often had that kind of effect deadly anger could also result that thought once again was made so real as sundar stood before a large crowd telling of jesus who saves his attention fell on a man standing in the back weeping later sundar had opportunity to speak to this man privately with deep brokenness the weeping man trusted christ as his saviour i pray to the one true living god lord jesus christ forgive this wretched sinner and save my soul sundar learned that this man s son had become a christian many years ago he had banished his son never to see the boy again much like sundar singh the young believer traveled preaching of his faith in jesus christ sundar came to learn that this man s son had been arrested by the head lama and sentenced to a horrible death the executioners sewed the young man in a wet yak skin and left him in the hot sun to be crushed to death by the slowly shrinking material witnesses reported him singing and praying until the breath of life was literally squeezed out of his body the lama s chief secretary trusted christ after reading the martyred preacher s new testament sundar singh wept tears of joy as this father told the story of a son s lasting witness once again a new convert s testimony of great grace and mercy proved the love of an almighty god the head lama could not win this war even if he murdered the preachers that came with the gospel their blood would perpetually water the word of life planted in the hearts of tibet and the entire world now this father sprang forth in faith along with many others through his son s sacrifice sundar singh had given all on the altar i die daily he knew full well their voice in the wilderness · 7


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that at any moment he too could sow in blood satan is the deceiver and so subtle that each and every believer must rely fully upon the whole armor of god in order to stand against the wiles of the devil sundar knew this well he had come under demonic attack on numerous occasions often these testings were in the midst of great spiritual victory it seemed the mind and emotions became the primary front spiritual ecstasy a distinct elevation above all that is worldly resulted during several periods of fasting and prayer the sadhu entered into a 40 day fast jesus had begun his ministry in this fashion perhaps sundar could obtain an even greater level of surrender and death to self if he like his master prayed and fasted sundar singh must decrease christ must increase day by day his journey from hunger to intense pain to extreme weakness carried the young preacher ever deeper far beyond self from the acutely physical he emerged into an intense spiritual awareness great joy and peace flowed from the very presence of the saviour at this point the body was so weak he could not even move his arms and legs yet the spirit soared among the glorious am i dying lord i must be stepping from time into the eternal standing on the heavenly all was beyond description all doubt and fear fled away with the revelation that the lord had even greater things in store for this tender life sundar singh believed it to be 40 days the bamboo cutters who found the sadhu near death in the jungle said it was 20 days some would use this discrepancy in attempt to discredit the preacher s testimony whether 20 or 40 it was without question the lord s plan and provision that sundar survive for over a week his rescuers could only give him small amounts of liquids until he gained enough strength to handle food in time he fully recovered but was never the same the story traveled quickly among the villagers next to his conversion no single event had such spiritual significance power with god means power among men no one disputed the amazing influence sadhu sundar singh had had thus far yet his witness now elevated to new heights beware lest ye be deceived the believer is not of the world but is indeed in the world take up the cross die to self and be assured hell will spare not in its attempt to defeat sundar knew this well verbal and physical attacks as well as imprisonments escalated yet the most challenging theatre of conflict was in the mind and on the emotions satan would whisper fiery darts subtly perverting truth trying to plant doubt and fear sometimes he appeared as an angel of light blinding light but not divine light this light stirred the flesh the experience the experience the experience lights voices music and a tantalizing surge of emotion so clever the attack but the holy from within bears witness and leads in all truth lo i am with you alway i will never leave you or forsake you here is the way of escape the sadhu now saw the real battle not of flesh and blood but spiritual most believers never move beyond this world the temporal and earthly prayers and ministry remain tied and bound to a walk of sight with rare glimpses of the heavenly the sadhu had stepped beyond into the true light to walk in the spirit so obvious was this to all who met sundar singh still there was a distinct humility and simplicity to this strange disciple the miracles continued sundar s father came to know the christ his son so faithfully preached you are no longer my son i reject you as if you had never been born leave my house and dare never to return sundar had never seen such rage in his father as when those words were spoken now the lord jesus had taken the rage away and placed love in the heart of sundar s father the amazing story of sadhu sundar singh moved beyond india tibet and nepal circling the globe to europe england and even america sher singh paid sundar s passage to carry the gospel to the west a young teenage lady wanted to hear singh preach when he visited europe the opportunity came for corrie ten boon to not only hear but meet the sadhu corrie questioned sundar singh about her personal relationship with christ i ve never performed a miracle nor had a vision of any kind but you ve seen the lord do all these wonderful things why have i not experienced these things corrie you have heard and believed you are the miracle god has a plan for your 8 · their voice in the wilderness


p. 13

life and a plan for mine sundar singh was deeply upset by the western materialism and much of what he saw in the churches even tibet would be a welcomed sight after his burdensome visit west chapter 8 the razor sharp ice propelled by the gusting himalayan winds pelted the lone sadhu mercilessly sudden storms like this often caught travelers unprepared sundar had started early hoping to reach the village where he would rest and recover from his travels for a few days before returning to tibet s high plateau on another missionary tour at this 7,000 feet elevation the weather had turned deadly the narrow path left him vulnerable to the blinding ice and snow hurled at the poor preacher by the passing storm buffeted by an unexpected blast of wind sundar singh lost his footing falling slipping and sliding over a snow-covered ledge everything seemed slow motion until with a bone jarring jolt he landed with a tremendous thud how long he was unconscious no one knows opening his eyes he beheld a fearful sight at first man or beast he was not certain lifting the shivering sundar from the snow this creature-man carried the bruised traveler to a secluded cave hidden deep in the mountainside the next few days were beyond belief even for the sadhu from the time he was rescued from the icy snows until his departure from this secret hiding place beneath the himalayas sundar s ears were filled with the most beautiful heart-stirring prayers imaginable from the lips and out of the soul of this unknown man came words of intercession and prayer even the sadhu had never heard during his sojourn here sundar singh would learn how this maharishi came to india as a missionary to preach christ to the lost masses of the great subcontinent the seemingly impossible task and tremendous burden to reach so many perishing souls had driven this aged warrior of the cross to a sequestered ministry of prayer day and night this man of god lived in intercession for the lost souls of india as well as other nations around the world it appeared the lord sustained this amazing individual with an unusual variety of herbs and berries that grew along the mountainside of his lofty retreat in god s design this diet provided the exact nourishment needed to survive at this cold hostile elevation so this would be how sadhu sundar singh would learn of this holy man of god called to a life of intercession yes every call of god upon an individual s life is unique we cannot always explain it in terms of this world nor should we try to put it into a formula for others to replicate christ calls and we are to follow the maharishi had a life and ministry that many would term supernatural in his isolated existence he knew of events and people that could only be known through the lord sundar singh was clearly reminded that our lives have purpose and it is the individual s duty by god s grace to faithfully carry out the father s will sundar singh left the holy man and his cave-home burning to know jesus more intimately and make him known spring was returning to the mountains as tibet waited for the preacher to again climb the passes to carry the light of jesus christ a chilling breeze gently reminded sundar of the brutal cold that awaited trekkers at 16,000 even 19,000 feet elevation the himalayas were fraught with dangers of all sorts yet the cry of lost souls descended across the plateau into his heart it was now late july 1929 newspapers reported everything imaginable some said robbers had murdered the sadhu on a mountain pass many of his friends thought sundar died in a cholera epidemic that hit the ganges valley his body would have been thrown in the river with no record of his death others even speculated that he had retreated to a secret cave like the maharishi to spend the remainder of his days in prayer one thing was certain several months before his disappearance sundar singh had visited friends and written letters in preparation for a return missions trip to tibet the merchant trader had contacted sundar indicating the time of departure for their trip back into the mountains his last personal contact before returning to tibet was with the superintendent of the leprosy work indications were projected for a return home to india in june a search party spent a month looking for the missing sadhu no one along the trade route had seen him the tall bearded preacher their voice in the wilderness · 9


p. 14

dressed in his saffron robe had simply vanished sundar singh would not have wanted his death to distract from the life in christ he had so fervently preached his lord had taken him through the final valley and given sadhu sundar singh the mountain his final letter quoted acts 20:24 none of these move me neither count i my life dear unto myself so that i might finish my course with joy and the ministry which i have received of the lord jesus to testify the gospel of the grace of god rudyard kipling told of the old lama thirsting searching across the burning plains of india asking one everlasting question where is the river of which i have heard where is the river whose waters can cleanse from sin and satisfy the thirst of my soul sundar singh drank deeply freely of the water of life and gave all to carry the water of life to the thirsting multitudes of india tibet and yea the world sop ophie mu l l er hie muller s ···························································· a group of indians sat around the dying embers of a fire in the middle of a big clay cabin in the interior of colombia they were having a pow-wow about the origin of a white woman who traveled their rivers and taught in their villages she s a witch doctor said one no she isn t came from several she wants only to help us but all witch doctors talk about the unseen world how could she know so much about it from her black book she says it s the book of dios oh that s yapericoli the great spirit remember what our old witch doctor used to tell us he said once he had died and entered the presence of yapericoli in a city of dazzling lights most of them did not remember but one older man joined in yes and our witch doctor could never forget what yapericoli told him with all those lights shining around him every ear was attuned to the speaker yapericoli promised him that some day he would send his sister down to our river with a message for all our people gasps of surprise around the campfire you don t suppose the indians were quickly putting two and two together this white woman who was teaching them seemed to fit right into that picture yapericoli s sister why else does she think of us and want to help us who else would know so much about the great chief and tell us things we didn t know about him isn t the white sister telling us of heaven and how to get there didn t she come from a distant land didn t she show us the little black book the message from our great chief then silence for several moments but how can we really know she s yapericoli s sister no immediate answer to that one then an idea struck one of the men if she s really yapericoli s sister she cannot die so even if she would take 10 · their voice in the wilderness


p. 15

poison she cannot die there s only one way to find out some day we must give her poison with her food and if she doesn t die then she is yapericoli s sister grunts of approval and of disapproval most were not so sure yet the reasoning could hardly be disputed the white sister continued her travels from village to village but began to notice that in this village a few indians who had seemed interested and friendly before were now withdrawing from her and staying aloof one of the more friendly women quietly and matter-of-factly tried one day to tell her something someone is going to poison you the white sister only smiled what a thing to say of such harmless-looking people she must be trying to frighten her how could anyone in that village be capable of murder did the woman have some ulterior motive did she want her to leave her high cheek bones black mischievous eyes and furtive glances gave her the appearance of a sorceress but this was no cause for alarm the white teacher often walked in and out of villages where there were witch doctors so she promptly dismissed the whole incident from her mind weeks passed then one day when the white sister was back in the village of the discussion one man decided it was time to make the test it had been postponed long enough they just had to know after an evening meeting when everyone was off for a belated evening meal the hungry white sister was given a bowl of soup the broth itself looked strange more than that a few turtle feet nails and all were bobbing around on top of it just the looks of it made her nauseous but she was accustomed to eating whatever they brought her so she ate it for lack of other food shortly after consuming it while still sitting in her hammock the white sister was seized with the most excruciating abdominal pains she had ever experienced they continued for several minutes off in the corner of the palm-leaf hut they had assigned to her was a large old gourd intended for heavy drinking during fiestas she reached it just in time to deposit the contents of her stomach in the empty gourd shell she staggered back to her hammock and lay panting too weak to change to her pajamas the pains gradually subsided and she fell asleep at daylight the white sister awoke and got up to empty the gourd before the indians would come in but the gourd was completely empty beside it lay a large rooster stone dead she quickly picked it up by the legs and shoved it out through a space in the palm-leaf wall so the indians would not blame her for its death she spoke to no one about the incident nor did it ever occur to her to connect it with what the old woman had told her about the poisoning she blamed the nausea on her revulsion at the appearance of the soup only five years later did the man confess that he had given the white sister enough poison in that turtle soup to kill five men as a young woman studying advanced art sophie muller accepted jesus as her personal saviour and surrendered her life to christ in 1944 sophie accepted god s call and ventured to colombia as an artist for brown gold magazine sophie had hoped to enter into the jungles with a missionary couple but through god s leading she walked through the jungle doors alone sophie would soon learn that god was guiding her every footstep after surviving the indians poison test god allowed her to live through this wretched experience to see indians believe in the one true god their voice in the wilderness · 11



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