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·free subscription· ·december 2010· virtual edition great peace have they which love thy law and nothing shall offend them ps 119:165 if the heart is wrong more evidence is only more evidence to be mis-interpreted when the heart is wrong the heart must get right with god in order to know god s truth why do those who condemn others for preaching so called opinion have a right to their opinion over the other opinion get out of that opinion box and into the book of god s truth the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the lord make his paths straight mark 1:3 contending for american freedom · contending for fundamental christianity


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printed missionary ronnie and terry williamson evangelist/editor steve and rebekah lilly staff missionaries the virtual voice serves as an online monthly connection with ministry partners providing up-to-date ministry headlines relevant news information and available resource reminders to receive a monthly link in your inbox please subscribe to the weekly voice at membersnp in this edition the voice in the wilderness is a nonprofit independent incorporation founded by rev dr j royce thomason d.p.d ph.d evangelist and medical missionary the organization is dedicated to the spreading of the whole gospel to the world especially in foreign lands the program consists of building mission stations supporting american missionaries and native pastors by partnering with the local church in various areas of ministry and preaching christ to the lost we are supported by the gifts of those who care contributions to the voice in the wilderness for projects or to support the ministry of a missionary will be used as indicated by the donor following approved policies and procedures gifts are tax deductible and should be made out to the voice in the wilderness a fundamental publication published quarterly in behalf of the work of the lord and preservation of the liberties of our united states printed sources imply from material from other does not necessarily an endorsement thisministry § § § page 3 my personal message page 4 news bits page 6 nuggets of gold page 8 resources the voice in the wilderness is standing firm on the word of god what will you do support this ministry with a special offering see prayer request page at prayers stand in support of the kjb add your signature to the declaration at for personal correspondence contributions address changes new subscriptions there is no subscription charge all interested people of good will may have a copy sent regularly to their address simply by requesting it address all correspondence to the voice in the wilderness po box 7037 asheville nc 28802 e-mail for address changes only sign-up for the weekly voice e-mail and blog dr ronnie l williamson dr j royce thomason memorial voice in the wilderness p.o box 7037 asheville nc 28802 voice 828 649-1043 fax 828 649-9784 write to us 2·the voice in the wilderness december 2010 virtual edition


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dear friends may our loving saviour be very present in your life and witness as another year comes to a close the world revels in its holidays ­ a prime opportunity to present christ the holy one unbeknown to this restless world the prince of peace offers the exact gift they futilely search for in vain religion and fleshly lust let us be vigilant and hold forth the word of life to some lost soul that is what the voice in the wilderness is all about mark 1:3 says the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the lord make his paths straight for almost 60 years this printed missionary has gone around the world with the clear clarion call of repentance from sin and faith in jesus christ thank you for your prayers and partnership give a year-end blessing during november and december we ask the voice in the wilderness subscribers to help close out the year with all missionary and ministry needs met financially thus far the project goal has not been accomplished we had so wanted to close out the year with all needs met and then be able to give a little extra to all our missionaries and ministries that we support during this special season of thanksgiving and remembering the birth of our saviour please could we ask you to consider responding with a contribution to the voice in the wilderness ministry now as a year-end gift we especially ask those of you who read this little paper but have not responded with a financial gift in 2010 your generosity and vision for this work are so deeply appreciated may god richly bless you and your family during this special time of the year for christ and souls ronnie l williamson for more resources visit ·3


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news bits from here and there washington waste newsweek com reports the following on waste and uncontrolled spending in washington the social security administration sent $18 million in stimulus funds to 71,688 dead people and $40.3 million in questionable benefit payments to 1,760 deceased individuals the department of agriculture sent $41.1 billion in farming subsidies to dead farmers the department of health and human services sent $3.9 million to 11,000 dead people to help pay heating and cooling cost and medicare paid up to $492 million in claims for medical supplies prescribed by dead doctors and $8.2 million for medical supplies prescribed for dead patients it would be interesting to know who was cashing these checks editor from first-hand experience i know of numerous individuals deceased yet still listed as registered voters in the county in which i live some years ago there was a big investigation of dead voters obamacare the heritage foundation says the president just doesn t get it according to the national exit poll just 16 of voters want to leave obamacare as is a full 48 of voters want to see it out-right repealed and another 31 want to see it changed in some way americans do want to relitigate obamacare u.s takeover policy of the elitist take-over group robs from any and everybody to expand their power-grab property ownership and privacy means nothing to this crowd look at obama on israel for example he is against israel s plan to build on their own land in east jerusalem is this man anti-u.s israel and pro-muslim socialist or what one of the most important documents a man ever signs is his will i can tell better what a man had in his heart by reading his will than i can by reading his obituary his obituary tells the world what his friends thought of him his will reveals what he had in his heart a m vollmer for as a man thinketh in his heart so is he proverbs 23:7 out of the heart are the issues of life proverbs 4:23 a bequest in your will to the voice in the wilderness inc can assure that the outreach of this ministry at home and abroad will continue after you have gone to your eternal reward prayerfully consider us in your estate planning thank you is god s work in your will 4·the voice in the wilderness december 2010 virtual edition


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memorial gifts received by the voice in the wilderness given in memory of j royce thomason given in memory of dr peter j blakemore by mr mrs rice by v wilkes we would like to express our thanks to those who have given a memorial gift to the voice in the wilderness inc ministry these names will be added to a plaque and displayed in our office if you would like to honor a loved one please send a remembrance memorial gift or a living memorial gift with the person s name legibly printed your gift will be listed in an upcoming issue of this publication the voice in the wilderness po box 7037 asheville nc 28802 ministry headline that was the story just told by a texas man on the phone with the voice in the wilderness office he had been standing in line at chik-fil-a when his eyes caught sight of an interesting lapel pin on the suit coat of another man in line he stepped close to get a good look and saw that it was a king james bible pin th k the e ki nj ingg j hey i like that where did you get de ar a ame bib b deccllar a mes s bilele attiion on it in a quick minute the owner of the pin an evangelist took the pin off gave it to him and directed him to our minstry where he could obtain more thousands of these little proclamations are voicing our stand on god s word the king james bible over 2500 have now signed the king james declaration let your voice be heard today join with those others by sending your signature to our office and requesting your kjb lapel pin for more resources visit ·5 i want one of those where as 2011 marks the 400 th and w annive ancient hereas th rsary of e the 1611 the re old testamen king james king ja god th ceived text k t manuscrip bible is ba mes bi rough g se ble ts no odly m wn as the te guarded an d on the mas en ps d and w 119:89 xtus receptushanded downoretic old te stamen by the major related hereas ov t c ity text m er this divinareas in which 47 spiritu or byza asorete hebr ompiled fro ally qu m ntine g ew ely insp reek te scholars the ired wono group of tra alified scho and xt pres rk ii ti and w erved by m 2:21 nslators has lars academ ica before rescue hereas m or since lly superior who wed from obscurodern bible ve been en in biblica l la dowed i tim re evolutioni ity being revis rsions have by god nguages an sts ratio 6:20&2 ed upda been he d to unde 1 ii co rtake r 2:17 nalists and th ted altered avily influen and w ce by ii tim eo 3:8 i th logical liber men that de d by corrupt proven hereas the ed al nied insp ess 4 7 [i th s small vofor 400 years biblical engl iration text discarde ess 4 and iner d and cabula in spiritu ish of the 1-8 ps 119 ry rancy m 9-11 89 simplicity ye al power cla king james en bibl rity 103 10 t so 5 152 aring to lofty readability e is faithful to th and w po 160 ii congre hereas g tim 3 heights matt etic majesty e original hebr od is no gations 16 reliability ew and 5:18 as belie greek te yet with vers in watch projec t the author of a surpris xt i cor confus 14:33 the same bi tions on big ingly ion so sc ble to re ad recitreens of multipobvious am and w on e or st udy the le bible versiog users of m to read hereas king odern ve scriptu ns and in uniso james res toge pastor cannot rs as he re n search th bible users ther even tu ions when ho e ads an rn toge d preachscriptures to ld dear the pr ther and w geth ivile es from the kinger memorize ge to take th to settle hereas the eir bibl modern on the and qu james 11:15-17 es to ot bible a luke best version bubible propon mos 3 e the bible to church with th 19:45-48 ents t 3 acts ge jamesever switching continue to 17:11 ther plus fo e ability and w prod llow the changi 1:8 he preserve reas the ng and uce version publish af see god d word of g source and ing mor ter version se e versio em and miss use his bo od and with text of the ki ns mat ingly unable out doub ng jam ok the ionary t 21:12 es ki endeav t mark ors untilng james bi english spea bible is the st be it re ble kin an all shal l be fulfil in the preachg people throdard for the in preach solved th in ugho sp led luk ing 1:1-5 epg and hold e english sp e 11:35 teaching so ut the earthired and divin h 4:14 ing forth th eaking ch ely rev 22 will cont ul winn eph 5 e ris ing ch :18-19 6 phil word of life tian needs to the vo urch pl inue to th 2:16 i anting suppor ice in the w peter 3 e old king jakeep reading 15 ii pe mes bi st stand wting the king ilderness ble am udying mem ter 1:19 en p orizi -21 re people ith us in ce james biblwould like to v 22:18 s 119:9 11 ng teaching ar 7037 as ound the lebration of the please en request yo 38 89 19 list as john e 400th heville world fo man ur partic nc 28 an rw 802 for ard your co niversary of y signaturesipation in th lle e of god our up comin ctive signatur s preser family and above reso ve g publ lu name ication es to the vo d word for friends that w tion engl ould ice in th e wilder ish speaking city ness po box state


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a challenge for 2010 dear reader i pray by faith we will reach higher for his honour and glory with the opportunities of this new year may the following not only be a blessing to you personally but a benefit to others and pleasing to our lord 1 read the book ­ let s read god s word through in 2010 ii timothy 2:15 2 bend the knee ­ may 2010 find us daily in prayer i thessalonians 5:17 3 give the mite ­ may we give as god has so graciously blessed ii corinthians 9:7 4 plant a church ­ could your church plant a new church in a needed place acts 16:9 10 5 tote your corner ­ they tore off the roof to get the needy to jesus let us carry our responsibility i corinthians 4:2 6 win a soul ­ may each one win one proverbs 11:30 7 honour your lord ­ do all for his glory i corinthians 10:31 · it was character that got us out of bed commitment that moved us into action and discipline that enabled us to follow through · he who provides for this life but takes no care for eternity is wise for a moment but a fool forever · every time a christian goes wrong it makes it harder for a sinner to go right · we are praying for sinners to come to god god is pleading with saints to go for sinners 6·the voice in the wilderness december 2010 virtual edition


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gospels tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday law history psalms poetry prophecy epistles week sunday monday weekly bible reading schedule keep this page in your bible as a schedule for daily bible reading and as a reminder to pray for the voice in the wilderness go to and click the online bible page to read through the bible via text and audio streaming for more resources visit ·7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 psalms 1-2 psalms 3-5 psalms 6-8 psalms 9-11 psalms 12-14 psalms 15-17 psalms 18-20 psalms 21-23 psalms 24-26 psalms 27-29 psalms 30-32 psalms 33-35 psalms 36-38 psalms 39-41 psalms 42-44 psalms 45-47 psalms 48-50 psalms 51-53 psalms 54-56 psalms 57-59 psalms 60-62 psalms 63-65 psalms 66-68 psalms 69-71 psalms 72-74 psalms 75-77 psalms 78-80 psalms 81-83 psalms 84-86 psalms 87-89 psalms 90-92 psalms 93-95 psalms 96-98 psalms 99-101 psalms 102-104 psalms 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isaiah 51-55 isaiah 56-61 isaiah 62-66 jeremiah 1-6 jeremiah 7-11 jeremiah 12-16 jeremiah 17-21 jeremiah 22-26 jeremiah 27-31 jeremiah 32-36 jeremiah 37-41 jeremiah 42-46 jeremiah 47-52 lamentations ezekiel 1-6 ezekiel 7-12 ezekiel 13-18 ezekiel 19-24 ezekiel 25-30 ezekiel 31-36 ezekiel 37-42 ezekiel 43-48 daniel 1-6 daniel 7-12 hosea 1-7 hosea 8-14 joel amos 1-4 amos 5-9 obadiah jonah micah nahum habakkuk zephaniah haggai zechariah 1-7 zechariah 8-14 malachi revelation 1-6 revelation 7-11 revelation 12-17 revelation 18-22 romans 1-2 romans 3-4 romans 5-6 romans 7-8 romans 9-10 romans 11-12 romans 13-14 romans 15-16 i corinthians 1-2 i corinthians 3-4 i corinthians 5-6 i corinthians 7-8 i corinthians 9-10 i corinthians 11-12 i corinthians 13-14 i corinthians 15-16 ii corinthians 1-3 ii corinthians 4-5 ii corinthians 6-8 ii corinthians 9-10 ii corinthians 11-13 galatians 1-3 galatians 4-6 ephesians 1-3 ephesians 4-6 philippians 1-2 philippians 3-4 colossians 1-2 colossians 3-4 i thessalonians 1-3 i thessalonians 4-5 ii thessalonians i timothy 1-3 i timothy 4-6 ii timothy 1-2 ii timothy 3-4 titus philemon hebrews 1-4 hebrews 5-7 hebrews 8-10 hebrews 11-13 james 1-3 james 4-5 i peter 1-3 i peter 4-5 ii peter i john 1-3 i john 4-5 ii john iii john jude matthew 1-2 matthew 3-4 matthew 5-7 matthew 8-10 matthew 11-13 matthew 14-16 matthew 17-19 matthew 20-22 matthew 23-25 matthew 26-28 mark 1-2 mark 3-4 mark 5-6 mark 7-8 mark 9-10 mark 11-12 mark 13-14 mark 15-16 luke 1-2 luke 3-4 luke 5-6 luke 7-8 luke 9-10 luke 11-12 luke 13-14 luke 15-16 luke 17-18 luke 19-20 luke 21-22 luke 23-24 john 1-2 john 3-4 john 5-6 john 7-9 john 10-12 john 13-15 john 16-18 john 19-21 acts 1-2 acts 3-4 acts 5-6 acts 7-8 acts 9-10 acts 11-12 acts 13-14 acts 15-16 acts 17-18 acts 19-20 acts 21-22 acts 23-24 acts 25-26 acts 27-28 genesis 1-3 genesis 4-7 genesis 8-11 genesis 12-15 genesis 16-19 genesis 20-23 genesis 24-27 genesis 28-31 genesis 32-35 genesis 36-39 genesis 40-43 genesis 44-47 genesis 48-50 exodus 1-4 exodus 5-8 exodus 9-12 exodus 13-16 exodus 17-20 exodus 21-24 exodus 25-28 exodus 29-32 exodus 33-36 exodus 37-40 leviticus 1-3 leviticus 4-6 leviticus 7-9 leviticus 10-12 leviticus 13-15 leviticus 16-18 leviticus 19-21 leviticus 22-24 leviticus 25-27 numbers 1-4 numbers 5-8 numbers 9-12 numbers 13-16 numbers 17-20 numbers 21-24 numbers 25-28 numbers 29-32 numbers 33-36 deuteronomy 1-3 deuteronomy 4-6 deuteronomy 7-9 deuteronomy 10-12 deuteronomy 13-15 deuteronomy 16-19 deuteronomy 20-22 deuteronomy 23-25 deuteronomy 26-28 deuteronomy 29-31 deuteronomy 32-34 joshua 1-5 joshua 6-10 joshua 11-15 joshua 16-20 joshua 21-24 judges 1-6 judges 7-11 judges 12-16 judges 17-21 ruth i samuel 1-5 i samuel 6-10 i samuel 11-15 i samuel 16-20 i samuel 21-25 i samuel 26-31 ii samuel 1-4 ii samuel 5-9 ii samuel 10-14 ii samuel 15-19 ii samuel 20-24 i kings 1-4 i kings 5-9 i kings 10-13 i kings 14-18 i kings 19-22 ii kings 1-5 ii kings 6-10 ii kings 11-15 ii kings 16-20 ii kings 21-25 i chronicles 1-4 i chronicles 5-9 i chronicles 10-14 i chronicles 15-19 i chronicles 20-24 i chronicles 25-29 ii chronicles 1-5 ii chronicles 6-10 ii chronicles 11-15 ii chronicles 16-20 ii chronicles 21-24 ii chronicles 25-28 ii chronicles 29-32 ii chronicles 33-36 ezra 1-5 ezra 6-10 nehemiah 1-4 nehemiah 5-9 nehemiah 10-13 esther 1-5 esther 6-10


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pamphlets these resources are not for sale but are this ministry s gift to you when you send an undesignated gift to the voice in the wilderness inc a miracle in india the story of baba and his testimony of faith how to be a prayer partner a simple yet challenging outline of how to connect and pray effectively for your missionaries the voice in the wildernessministry details club mitoverview of children s club designed to engage and equip in missionary work hall of faithcollector s series with biographical details of great heroes of the faith used with club mit passport to missionsjournal style passport size booklet for recording missionary facts pictures signatures etc great to use during mission conferences resources for you his voice shakes the wildernessa detailed account by sophie muller of her lifetime of missionary work in the jungles of south america beyond civilizationfurther details of sophie s ministry including her jungle methods used by indian lay leaders in the jungle the book of revelationa layman s verse by verse study of revelation written by the voice in the wilderness founder dr j royce thomason additional heritage lapel pina uniquely designed lapel pin picturing the christian flag us flag star of david alpha omega bible eagle beautifully displayed on a full-color description card kjb anniversary lapel pin featuring the bible with salvation colored ribbons and dates for kjb 400th anniversary ne w to obtain a resource please write po box 7037 asheville nc 28802 8·the voice in the wilderness december 2010 virtual edition available with an offering of $6



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