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·free subscription· ·february 2011· virtual edition to arms to arms was once the cry and now again it s do or die patriot and brother must take a stand for the enemy is here within the land a great awakening and divine revolution in this late hour is the only solution is life so dear or peace so sweet that in excuse you sound retreat the lantern s lit in the old north church contenders for truth went out the search so sons of liberty the war is begun and now in truth must the victory be won -ronnie l williamson the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the lord make his paths straight mark 1:3 contending for american freedom · contending for fundamental christianity


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printed missionary ronnie and terry williamson evangelist/editor steve and rebekah lilly staff missionaries the virtual voice serves as an online monthly connection with ministry partners providing up-to-date ministry headlines relevant news information and available resource reminders to receive a monthly link in your inbox please subscribe to the weekly voice at membersnp in this edition the voice in the wilderness is a nonprofit independent incorporation founded by rev dr j royce thomason d.p.d ph.d evangelist and medical missionary the organization is dedicated to the spreading of the whole gospel to the world especially in foreign lands the program consists of building mission stations supporting american missionaries and native pastors by partnering with the local church in various areas of ministry and preaching christ to the lost we are supported by the gifts of those who care contributions to the voice in the wilderness for projects or to support the ministry of a missionary will be used as indicated by the donor following approved policies and procedures gifts are tax deductible and should be made out to the voice in the wilderness a fundamental publication published quarterly in behalf of the work of the lord and preservation of the liberties of our united states printed sources imply from material from other does not necessarily an endorsement thisministry § § § page 3 my personal message page 4 news bits-obamacare page 6 nuggets of gold page 6 math challenge the voice in the wilderness is standing firm on the word of god what will you do support this ministry with a special offering see prayer request page at prayers stand in support of the kjb add your signature to the declaration at for personal correspondence contributions address changes new subscriptions there is no subscription charge all interested people of good will may have a copy sent regularly to their address simply by requesting it address all correspondence to the voice in the wilderness po box 7037 asheville nc 28802 e-mail for address changes only sign-up for the weekly voice e-mail and blog dr ronnie l williamson dr j royce thomason memorial voice in the wilderness p.o box 7037 asheville nc 28802 voice 828 649-1043 fax 828 649-9784 write to us 2·the voice in the wilderness february 2011 virtual edition


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dear friends 2011 seems like a dream or fictional year out of some novelist s imagination yet here we are with a world of over 6 billion souls many having never heard the gospel message of christ would you please pause for just a moment and pray our lord s wisdom and provision for the voice in the wilderness i ve just read several letters from missionaries today that present great opportunities but desperately need the support of god s people it grieves my heart when we cannot go and help these brethren or send the funds they need for the ministry here is my prayer request for you 1 this very moment nine national pastors need our help with the work god has given them these are dedicated families and it would only take $100 to $300 per month to underwrite a pastor in a third world country please pray for these good folk 2 in 2010 it was my privilege to preach and minister in 26 churches most were a blessing and encouragement to this preacher yet sadly there were situations indicative of perilous times in too many cases pastors and their families are struggling you probably know firsthand what i m talking about enough said would you pray pray for your pastor and church family continued on page 7 ministry headline come join us ·in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the king james bible ·sign the kjb declaration on our website at ·order your commemorative kjb 400th anniversary lapel pin today see back cover for more info for more resources visit ·3 where as 2011 marks the 400 th and w annive ancient hereas th rsary of e king old test the 1611 the re king ja ceived ament man james bible god th mes bi rough gtext known uscripts guar is based on ble as odly m en ps the textus ded and handthe masoretic and w recept 119:89 hereas us majed down by thold testamen related ority te t areas in over 47 sp xt or bye masorete he compiled this divin zantine br ely insp which no gr iritually qual greek ew schol ifie ou ired wo text pr rk ii ti p of translato d scholars ac and w ese m 2:21 rs has before ademically su rescue hereas m or since perior who wed from obscurodern bible ve been en in biblica l la dowed i tim re evolutioni ity being revis rsions have by god nguage st 6:20&2 to unde 1 ii co s rationalistsed updated been heavily alte r 2:17 in and w ii tim and theologica red by men fluenced by 3:8 i th co that de proven hereas the nied insprrupted text ess 4 l liberals 7 [i th disc small vofor 400 years biblical engl iration ess 4 ish and iner arded a 1-8 ps 119 cabulary sim in spiritual po of the king rancy m james plicity ye 9-11 89 wer cla bible is rity 103 10 t so faithful 5 152 aring to lofty readability and w to th po 160 ii congre hereas g tim 3 heights matt etic majesty e original hebr 16 reliability ew and 5:18 as beliegations watchod is not the greek te yet with a surpris xt i cor vers in the sa projections author of conf 14:33 on bi us me bibl ingly e to read g screens ofion so obvio us am recite m and w or stud ultiple bible ve ong users ability to hereas ki of mod y the sc rsions ng ern riptures an the past read in uniso james bi together d cannot evenversions wh ble or as he n se turn toge en reads an arch the scusers hold de ther ar th d preach riptures and w es from together e privilege to to settlehereas the mem the king take james orize and qu their bibles 11:15-17 on the best modern bibl e pr bible a ot vers to luke mos 3 e the bible to church with 19:45-48 ion but ever oponents co 3 acts gether ntinue to switchi james and w plus the 17:1 ng p the k the k in ing ja m g ja mes b ib es b iblle d ec e de l ara clarat


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news bits from here and there our country it is increasingly clear has arrived at a pivotal moment ­ perhaps the pivotal moment ­ in its history together we face a choice between two futures one is a collectivist future where the federal government claims ever increasing shares of our income and grants itself the authority to make decisions affecting virtually every aspect of our daily lives the other future is built upon the idea that individual freedom trumps government authority and that in those rare cases when solving a problem requires government the government that governs best is the one that is smallest and closest to the people that is the future that we should seek ­ reaffirming our individual liberty strengthening private markets shrinking the size of governments and making decisions wherever possible at the local level rather than in washington no issue joins this debate more dramatically than the question of obamacare and what to do about it it s not just about health care the law redefines our centuries-old understanding of the reach of federal authority indeed whether there are any limits at all to the government s ability to intrude upon individuals families business owners physicians and other health providers and state and local governments little or nothing will be allowed outside the new regulatory scheme ­ no alternative state programs no individuals or businesses that choose not to participate no truly private market alternatives the debate boils down to one big question shall we govern ourselves or let unelected bureaucrats rule us behind this question are the many other specific ones about health care · should the federal government control america s $2.5 trillion health sector fully one sixth of our economy · should government bureaucrats decide what form of health coverage is acceptable · should these bureaucrats be given the legal authority to require all americans to purchase governmentdesigned health plans and levy penalties on those who don t comply · should the federal government require the states to devote scarce resources to the creation of federally one of the most important documents a man ever signs is his will i can tell better what a man had in his heart by reading his will than i can by reading his obituary his obituary tells the world what his friends thought of him his will reveals what he had in his heart a m vollmer for as a man thinketh in his heart so is he proverbs 23:7 out of the heart are the issues of life proverbs 4:23 a bequest in your will to the voice in the wilderness inc can assure that the outreach of this ministry at home and abroad will continue after you have gone to your eternal reward prayerfully consider us in your estate planning thank you is god s work in your will 4·the voice in the wilderness february 2011 virtual edition


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designed health exchanges that state lawmakers may feel inadequately address the unique needs of state residents · should the federal government expand the medicaid program so dramatically that states face a hobson s choice ­ either shoulder billions in new fiscal commitments on top of an already unsustainable budget mess or withdraw from the program entirely · what about employers who want to continue to provide their employees with health coverage but learn that federal bureaucrats deem the coverage they can afford to provide insufficiently generous and these are but the most obvious concerns raised by last year s law but what comes next you ask first it is incumbent on the majority leader of the senate harry reid dnv to allow a vote on the floor of that chamber a bipartisan majority in one half of congress has just repealed the most ambitious expansion of the federal government in many decades following a major electoral reversal for his party for mr reid to prevent this vote from coming to the senate floor would be to thumb his nose at the will of the american people senators must be allowed to vote on this question so that repeal legislation might go to the president for his consideration in the meantime heritage distinguished fellow ernest istook who sat on the appropriations committee for 14 years and government relations director brian darling say that an incremental strategy is critical to start the de facto repeal of obamacare lawmakers should focus on dismantling the key provisions that form the very foundation of the law s architecture this means for example going after the pillars of the law through a variety of means like de-funding its critical aspects engaging in aggressive oversight of the consequences of the law and enacting legislative triggers to delay or block its implementation all these approaches will contribute toobamacare s implosion while that important national debate is taking place the house of representatives can move to defund provisions of obamacare through either a rescissions package or funding riders congress is not required to fund this law or the myriad of new programs that it spawned like every other federal program the current congress can adjust ­ or even zero out ­ the level of funding for the implementation of obamacare special provisions in the health care law will complicate the process but the propriety of de-funding is unquestionable as noted by the congressional research service crs congress is not required to provide funds for every agency or purpose authorized by law de-funding is a legitimate use of the power of the purse that the founding fathers wisely granted to congress it won t be easy obamacare was designed to be the governmental equivalent of kudzu ­ growing everywhere however obamacare is not a fait accompli no matter what the left is telling you after a clean repeal we can move on to debate what good ideas on health care can be adopted in the future as heritage health care expert nina owcharenko does in her report repealing obamacare and getting healthcare right the house of representatives acted wisely last night now the debate opens again it s a national debate we need to have and we need to have it now don t listen to those who want to stifle this debate or close this controversy there s nothing uncivil about standing up for your freedoms this is no time for summer soldiers and sunshine patriots -the heritage foundation 1/11 for more resources visit ·5


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· president george washington said it is impossible to rightly govern the world without god and the bible what students would learn in american schools above all is the religion of jesus christ [speech to the delaware indian chiefs may 12 1779 · president abraham lincoln said be sure you put your feet in the right place then stand firm 101 from a strictly mathematical viewpoint what equals 100 what does it mean to give more than 100 ever wonder about people who say they are giving more than 100 we have all been in situations where someone wants you to give over 100 how about achieving 101 what equals 100 in life here s a little mathematical formula that might help answer these questions if abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz is represented as 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 then h-a-r-d-w-o r k 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 98 and k-n-o-w-l-e-d-g-e 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 96 but a-t-t-i-t-u-d-e 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 100 then look how far the love of god will take you l-o-v-e-o-f-g-o-d 12+15+22+5+15+6+7+15+4 101 conclusion with mathematical certainty while hard work and knowledge will get you close and attitude will get you there it s the love of god that will put you over the top 6·the voice in the wilderness february 2011 virtual edition take a look at this


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continued from page 3 3 would you pray that your local church will support the voice in the wilderness in 2011 even a one-time free will offering will be deeply appreciated thank you for the consideration and prayers 4 the voice in the wilderness publication is printed quarterly monthly a supporters letter and ministry update is mailed to mission partners weekly ministry emails are sent to e-mail subscribers plus our website with blog and other resources is available daily at www.thevoiceinthewilderness org our aquila/priscilla team does a good job managing the voice in the wilderness computer ministry altogether the printing/publishing side of the voice in the wilderness is operated on a shoe-string budget as funds are available much more can be accomplished presently we need to reprint two missionary books cost per book to print is approx $5.50 per book ­ example to print 100 copies is $550.00 several brochures need reprinting please pray that we can take care of these printing needs in 2011 5 each month the ministry publishes the voice in the wilderness virtual edition on missionaries and brethren overseas benefit from this easily accessible source of sermons and articles not everyone uses the internet but it is amazing how many nationals now have computer access and cell phones this technology does allow us to communicate with missionaries around the world in a timely fashion pray for this aspect of ministry remember that 2011 marks the 400th anniversary of the kjb the voice in the wilderness now has about 3,000 signatures on the kjb declaration please help us with this project go to for more information thank you for standing on the word of god happy trails for christ and souls ronnie l williamson for more resources visit ·7


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pamphlets these resources are not for sale but are this ministry s gift to you when you send an undesignated gift to the voice in the wilderness inc a miracle in india the story of baba and his testimony of faith how to be a prayer partner a simple yet challenging outline of how to connect and pray effectively for your missionaries the voice in the wildernessministry details club mitoverview of children s club designed to engage and equip in missionary work hall of faithcollector s series with biographical details of great heroes of the faith used with club mit passport to missionsjournal style passport size booklet for recording missionary facts pictures signatures etc great to use during mission conferences resources for you his voice shakes the wildernessa detailed account by sophie muller of her lifetime of missionary work in the jungles of south america beyond civilizationfurther details of sophie s ministry including her jungle methods used by indian lay leaders in the jungle the book of revelationa layman s verse by verse study of revelation written by the voice in the wilderness founder dr j royce thomason additional heritage lapel pina uniquely designed lapel pin picturing the christian flag us flag star of david alpha omega bible eagle beautifully displayed on a full-color description card kjb anniversary lapel pin featuring the bible with salvation colored ribbons and dates for kjb 400th anniversary ne w to obtain a resource please write po box 7037 asheville nc 28802 8·the voice in the wilderness february 2011 virtual edition available with an offering of $6



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