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·free subscription· ·january 2012· virtual edition 2011 national gingerbread competition representing the word of god 400th anniversary of the king james bible gingerbread competition held annually at the grove park inn asheville nc the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the lord make his paths straight mark 1:3 and the during the contending for american freedom · contending for fundamental christianity


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the voice in the wilderness printed missionary ronnie and terry williamson evangelist/editor steve and rebekah lilly staff missionaries the virtual voice serves as an online monthly connection with ministry partners providing up-to-date ministry headlines relevant news information and available resource reminders to receive a monthly link in your inbox please subscribe to the weekly voice at membersnp in this edition the voice in the wilderness is a nonprofit independent incorporation founded by rev dr j royce thomason d.p.d ph.d evangelist and medical missionary the organization is dedicated to the spreading of the whole gospel to the world especially in foreign lands the program consists of building mission stations supporting american missionaries and native pastors by partnering with the local church in various areas of ministry and preaching christ to the lost we are supported by the gifts of those who care contributions to the voice in the wilderness for projects or to support the ministry of a missionary will be used as indicated by the donor following approved policies and procedures gifts are tax deductible and should be made out to the voice in the wilderness § a fundamental publication published quarterly in behalf of the work of the lord and preservation of the liberties of our united states § printed material from other sources does not necessarily imply an endorsement from this ministry § there is no subscription charge all interested people of good will may have a copy sent regularly to their address simply by requesting it address all correspondence to the voice in the wilderness po box 7037 asheville nc 28802 page 3 my personal message page 4 twenty twelve ways page 6 news bits what will you do the voice in the wilderness is standing firm on the word of god support this ministry with a special offering see prayer request page at prayers stand in support of the kjb add your signature to the declaration at for personal correspondence contributions address changes new subscriptions e-mail for address changes only sign-up for the weekly voice e-mail and blog dr ronnie l williamson dr j royce thomason memorial voice in the wilderness p.o box 7037 asheville nc 28802 voice 828 649-1043 write to us 2·the voice in the wilderness january 2012 virtual edition


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dear friends 2012 seems like the distant imagination of a creative writing mind yet here we are i must say this past year flew by and was filled with many blessings we are thankful for your part in the voice in the wilderness ministries this on-line edition closes out 2011 with thanksgiving to our lord for his watch care and blessing throughout the year we are also grateful to friends like you who continue to stand on the word of god as you read this publication keep in mind that satan is attacking on many fronts from the home and marriage to the local church and ministries around the world hell s forces desperately rally their last hour assault upon godly efforts to reach lost souls we are indeed seeing prophecy fulfilled and the stage set for the calling away of his church let us not be weary in well doing the last trump is about to sound may we all be found faithful as we continue to join hands and hearts throughout 2012 there are some special prayer requests and projects i would like you to keep in mind on our overseas trips i would like to present a nice preaching and study bible to our missionary pastors it is difficult in their countries to find a good leather-bound bible for their preaching about the front cover and teaching ministry if bro williamson entered his gingerbread possible we will purchase creation celebrating the 400th anniversary some good bibles here in of the king james bible in the national ginthe states and take them to gerbread competition for 2011 the exhibit the pastors this year there was a year in the planning and took about are also other projects we two months to bake craft and assemble the will be working on this year i gingerbread display the greatest story ask you to watch our on-line ever told and the 400th anniversary celpostings as well as printed ebration of the king james bible displayed mailings to stay in touch with in all edible materials the word of god and these opportunities the gospel story of christ the head chef at again thank you for your faithfulness to our lord and saviour you are a special blessing to the voice in the wilderness for christ and souls ronnie l williamson isa 40:31 the grove park inn site of the 2011 national gingerbread competition said thousands of people will pass by and view your gingerbread creation this year there were almost 300 competitors to add to this wonderful opportunity the williamson s first grandbaby was born the day before the competition commenced it was all a grand finale to a yearlong observance for the history and heritage of the king james bible happy trails for more resources visit ·3


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t wenty welve ways twelve ten commandment lessons presented in 2012 by the voice in the wilderness and crossvue school of missions lesson 1 final thoughts the consideration and corroboration of law lesson number one concludes with the corroboration of law the psalmist said his delight is in the law of the lord many have rejected the relevance of the law in lieu of grace james said in chapter four verse eleven speak not evil one of another brethren he that speaketh evil of his brother and judgeth his brother speaketh evil of the law and judgeth the law but if thou judge the law thou art not a doer of the law but a judge james continues in verse twelve stating there is one lawgiver who is able to save and to destroy who art thou that judgest another when we fail in our responsibility to love the brethren we are in reality breaking god s law the readiness to criticize and condemn is evidence of an attitude set against god s law of love the lord jesus said himself if ye love me keep my commandments the lord had corroborated the law by clearly stating one s love toward god is demonstrated out of an heart of obedience to god s commands when answering the lawyer s question about the greatest commandment in the law jesus said to him thou shalt love the lord thy god with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind this is the first and great commandment christ continued this answer to the lawyer with and the second is like unto it thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself on these two commandments hang all the 4·the voice in the wilderness january 2012 virtual edition


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law and the prophets mark concluded in his gospel record this discussion of the greatest of all commandments with the words and with all thy strength the highest demonstration of love for the brethren and love for a neighbor is to seek the will of god for that individual the new testament and christ in his own words has corroborated the heart of the law for the believer salvation has never been obtained by the keeping of the law hebrews chapter eleven records in verse four by faith able verse five by faith enoch verse seven by faith noah verse eight by faith abraham and on the account goes to verse twenty-three and the bible records by faith moses for by grace are ye saved through faith for the promise that he should be the heir of the world was not to abraham or to his seed through the law but through the righteousness of faith abraham believed god and it was counted unto him for righteousness read lesson one in its entirety on t hall of faith series wenty welve ways hall of faith i not thou shalt have no other gods thou shalt make unto thee any graven image before me exodus 20:3 exodus 20:4 no reprod uction withou t written permission ­ ­ halll o ha l off hall ffaith h aith halll off al o f faith aith tof publishe d by the collector ser voic ies www.the e in the wild erne voiceint hewilde ss ashevill rness.or e nc g ­ faith ii ­ ­ t publishe d by the collector ser voic ies www.the e in the wild erne voiceint hewilde ss ashevill rness.or e nc g order your set of 12 cards great for personal study access your free twenty twelve ways family devotions lessons at sunday school one new lesson added each month in 2012 homeschoolers ­ no reprod uction withou t written permission the consideration and online corroboration of law now the creator and his creation the author authority and absolutes the communion and his commandments the conveyance and legal complexities the conviction in stone and the compassion of christ the covenant and the cost the coronation and completion the curse and cancer of sin and the cure for the soul the covenant and the curses the christian and god s commands the constitution and this country the cradle cross and crown of his covenant for more resources visit ·5


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news bits from here and there venezuelan diaspora about 14 years ago i saw personally hugo chavez giving away bicycles erecting basketball goals and paving tennis courts to win the votes of venezuelan indigenous people now thousands of venezuelans have fled the country s high crime soaring inflation and ever increasing government controls in the usa miami and houston are top destinations there were some 215,000 venezuelans in the us in 2010 up from about 91,500 in 2000 says the us census bureau those leaving venezuela are not generally the poor but rather middleclass professionals with this mass exodus some opponents of chavez hope to end his 12-year reign in the 2012 elections the growing venezuelan diaspora underscores the disintegration over the span of two decades of what was once one of latin america s richest and most stable democracies albeit one with vast inequalities pray that the door remains open for the gospel in venezuela the lord has many dedicated missionaries and pastors preaching the gospel at this very moment yet there are many extreme challenges and it is incumbent upon god s people to build a hedge of protection in prayer about god s servants in venezuela u nited states postal service waste it has been a frustrating experience for this ministry over the past 15 plus years working with the usps the waste has been painfully beyond reasonable due to the incompetence and complexities of the system wall street journal writers report the union representing 280,000 u.s letter carriers is hiring the man who designed president barack obama s auto bailout a sign of the deepening battle looming over how to restructure the u.s postal service the national association of letter carriers said it retained ron bloom the president s former `car czar who orchestrated the bailout and restructuring of general motors co and chrysler llc and led the treasury s oversight of the companies the union also has hired investment bank lazard ltd assembling a restructuring team experienced in analyzing large financially troubled institutions and proposing solutions the hiring of lazard and mr bloom indicates that rather than absorbing the massive job and infrastructure cuts being proposed by the postal service the union is aiming instead for a role in the public-policy debate over how to prevent the collapse of the institution and remake its business model for modern america adhd the voice in the wilderness has written and published several excellent articles relating to the labeling and diagnosing of children with various behavioral problems sadly across this nation children are being 6·the voice in the wilderness january 2012 virtual edition


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treated with high-powered medications in order to control and modify their behavior the wall street journal reports attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be diagnosed in children as young as age 4 according to new treatment guidelines by the american academy of pediatrics they say behavioral management techniques should be the first treatment approach for preschool-age children but they also suggest doctors consider prescribing methylphenidate commonly known by the brand name ritalin in preschool-age children with moderate to severe symptoms when behavior interventions don t provide significant improvement it s a potentially controversial recommendation because these medicines aren t approved by the food and drug administration for use within that age group tragically when we depart from god s book in exchange for man s box of tricks a generation pays an incredible price texting america has become obsessed with cell phones texting facebook and such distracted driving crashes killed more than 5,400 people and injured nearly 500,000 in 2009 researchers report that texting while driving claimed more than 16,000 lives from 2001 to 2007 reaction time is delayed for a driver talking on a cell phone as much as it is for a driver who is legally drunk osha the 10/40 window two thirds of the world s population 4 billion people live in the10/40 window approximately 87 percent of the poorest of the poor living in the 10/40 window average making $250 per family annually sadly only 5 cents out of every 100 missions dollars is directed to ministry in the 10/40 window this part of the world contains 45 of the 50 worst countries for the persecution of christians southeast asia is home to fourteen 10/40 nations the seat of every major non-christian religion islam buddhism hinduism animism atheism and sikhism are headquartered in the 10/40 window 1.6 billion of these souls have never heard the gospel even once via bimi marriage and divorce thirty years ago even according to secular sources the idea of pre-nuptial agreements were virtually unheard of but in today s culture this confusion continues hollywood celebrities attempt to make any and every perversion fashionable and popular having babies out of wedlock is spoken of in casual acceptance everything from homosexual relationships to shacking up is acceptable pastors avoid preaching the word of god on these issues and people in the church excuse it on grounds of not judging do you remember mel gibson and his movie the passion of christ churches rented movie theaters to view this hollywood production now mel gibson has divorced his wife after 30 years of marriage at the tune of a $425 million divorce settlement they did not have a pre-nuptial agreement because it seems even the hollywood crowd had not thought of that 30 years ago of course with his over $800 million worth surely the $425 million will not bankrupt him part of that enormous wealth was generated by his passion of christ for more resources visit ·7


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these resources are not for sale but are this ministry s gift to you when you send an undesignated gift to the voice in the wilderness inc new a miracle in india pamphlets the story of baba and his testimony of faith how to be a prayer partner a simple yet challenging outline of how to connect and pray effectively for your missionaries the voice in the wildernessministry details club mitoverview of children s club designed to engage and equip in missionary work books hall of faithavailable collector s series with biographical hall hall with an details of great heroes of the faith of of offering of $10 faith faith set options heroes of the faith king james bible translators ten his voice shakes the wildernesscommandments a detailed account by sophie w suffer the little childrenne muller of her lifetime of missionary dynamic examples and techniques work in the jungles of south america to equip the adult in biblical teaching beyond civilizationand leading a child to christ further details of sophie s ministry passport to missionsjournal style passport size booklet including her jungle methods used for recording missionary facts by indian lay leaders in the jungle pictures signatures etc great to the book of revelationuse during mission conferences a layman s verse by verse study of additional revelation written by the voice in heritage lapel pinthe wilderness founder dr j royce a uniquely designed lapel pin thomason picturing the christian flag us flag star of david alpha omega bible eagle beautifully displayed on a full-color description card kjb anniversary lapel pin featuring the bible with salvation colored ribbons and dates for kjb 400th to obtain a resource please write anniversary po box 7037 asheville nc 28802 available i ii thou shalt have no other gods before me exodus 20:3 thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image exodus 20:4 resources for you 8·the voice in the wilderness january 2012 virtual edition with an offering of $6



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