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Artterro is all about creativity! We design a unique line of eco art kits that provide engaging, authentic art experience friends and families can share. With fresh, fun projects, artist-quality materials and affordable prices, there's nothing like us out

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loved by kids creative adults 2012 catalog


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a our eco eativity we design ar tist-quality rro is all about cr ce with fresh fun projects and to be rtte are rien an engaging expe bers or plastic beads here prep l bubble fancifu by-num ry intmaterials no pa ed as you design beautiful jewel and delight e inspired and mor ated storybooks wands sophistic pplies know beautiful su rs ourselves we st as they do for adults othe as ar tists and m te amazing things ju ar t kits ds to crea uldn t find quality inspire ki o because we co p into their creativity terr we founded art ng people ta s mission n families helpi core of artterro for our ow projects is at the le with fun affordab t to sustainability commitmen as is our e treasures with th making beautiful enjoy we know you ll u love people yo terro owners art s creative adult loved by kids ar t kits to offer we are all born creative slowing down and taking time to make something by hand brings us satisfaction and joy artterro kits make it easy to tap into your natural creativity again and again selfproclaimed un-crafty people tell us how relaxing and meditative our projects can be 2 ·


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new express yourself in doodles collage art journal kits rtterro has up strathmore awithdesignteamedartist papers® to a unique place budding artists can explore creativity through art journaling learn fun doodling drawing and collage techniques with inspiring materials $12.95 kit includes each 6.5 x 8 spiral-bound journal features a colorful bookboard cover to personalize decorative handmade papers artist-quality drawing paper pocket folders to store pictures and scraps and 14 illustrated project pages doodle draw collage 14 inspiring project pages encourage self-expression each color features a different assortment of decorative handmade papers collect them all!


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collage like never before art dolls kit fun dolls to dress and treasure craft fouryou can turn design,into bookmarks forever them decorations scrapbook covers or friends to play with make 4 art dolls ages 7 and up $19.95 kit includes 100 recycled decorative handmade papers 100 wool felt dresses glass and wooden beads sequins craft thread needles and ideas sheet 4 ·


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creativity kit materials cut glue and sew greeting cards bookmarks ornaments gift tags small sculptures and collages with enough for 7 projects this eco art kit provides hours of fun with friends and family ages 7 and up creative spirit set thethisofbeautiful free with assortment art $19.95 kit includes 100 recycled decorative handmade papers 100 wool felt shapes glass and wood beads sequins wire craft thread needles and ideas sheet bonus project with our smart eco-packaging boxes transform into frames to display your masterpieces artterro projects become treasures to keep forever not just the typical week on the fridge committed to sustainability we use minimal reusable and recycled packaging green printing and durable look what you can make with natural art materials a creativity kit and it s box · 5


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what does your story look like bookmaking kit sew beautiful handmade paper together and decorate with beads to make four small single-signature books use as journals portfolios scrapbooks or write and illustrate an original story even use leftover paper for fancy greeting cards ages 8 and up $19.95 kit includes solid-color and decorative handmade papers wood and seed beads sequins craft thread needles instructions and ideas sheet 6 ·


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canvas storybook kit your with hand-dyed explorefabric storypaint tofabric art combine canvasacrylic batik with ribbon beads and artist-quality illustrate a unique book sew or glue fabric onto 6x8 inch pages multiple award winner ages 8 and up $26.95 cotton canvas book batik and solidcolor fabrics ribbon artist-quality acrylic paint brush glass and wood beads sequins craft thread needles and ideas sheet kit includes our gorgeous materials we pride ourselves on the quality and beauty of every material in our kits when designing projects it all starts with sourcing inspiring colorful fun art supplies from the us if possible no two kits are exactly alike each features a unique assortment natural materials are easier to glue and sew for example our sturdy 100 wool felt is very forgiving it s easy to pull out stitches and sew on again and again we build success into every project start with beautiful materials and you end up with something beautiful every time · 7


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design your own one-of-a-kind look collage jewelry fun what&aglue project design and decoupage wearable art simply cut fancy tissue papers onto the wooden bangle beads and pendants adorn with glass beads glaze to finish design 6 unique jewelry pieces ages 7 and up $26.95 kit includes assorted patterned and solid color tissue papers wooden bangle beads and pendants glass beads cotton cord glaze brush jewelry findings instructions and ideas sheet i was impressed with this and really appreciate having wholesome choices in toys for my daughter very sweet product for a crafty girl to play with brenda a happy customer 8 ·


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wool felt wearables to work with and easy to sew fun jewelry designmakes beautiful colorful wool felt unique a fashionable necklace bracelet earrings pin and barrette all with this one great kit only simple sewing required ages 7 and up $19.95 kit includes natural 100 wool felt shapes glass and wood beads sequins craft thread jewelry findings needles and ideas sheet spend special time with the people you love our kits are designed for two to four people to enjoy together collaborating with friends and family makes the time spent creating art feel extra special it s a great way to spark conversation with a teen or have a fun un-plugged afternoon with the grandparents we dare you to try to use all the materials in one afternoon it s harder than it looks · 9


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thick 100 hand-felted wool wool felt bug kit atruly unique project fun and easy to sew colorful wool felt is perfect for making one-of-a-kind $19.95 natural 100 wool felt shapes glass beads wooden beads sequins ribbon craft thread needles instructions and ideas sheet kit includes creepy-crawly friends with plenty of personality ribbon and beads make great wings eyes and antennae makes up to 7 fuzzy art bugs ages 7 and up explore the possibilities in an era of standardized testing and ever-shrinking arts budgets we believe fostering creative skills is every bit as important as reading writing and arithmetic playing with design and composition helps develop critical problem-solving skills you ll find no cookie cutter assembly here each artterro kit offers open-ended projects and inspiring materials for unlimited artistic possibilities 10 ·


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paint with w ool kit his kit is a perfect tneedle introduction the art of very satisfying and easy to do simply poke colorful roving wool into the base shape with a felting needle to paint pictures of anything you can imagine no glue or sewing required create four 4-inch masterpieces ages 8 and up $19.95 kit includes four natural 100 wool felt canvases 13 colors of roving wool felting needles instructions ideas combine kits for even more creativity the more beautiful art materials the better and who can resist needle felting on our thick wool felt shapes and pairing it with beautiful handmade papers beads marbles or wire don t forget no two kits are exactly alike you ll find a unique assortment of colors and patterns in every one creativity paint wi th wool bookmaking creativity wire and bead make a fantastic bike 11


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t wist bend beautiful sculptures wire bead art kit wire into large twist colorfulsculptures,afashion a mobile adorned with glass beads design many small beautiful crown or even create a unique creature includes a large variety of beads and wire our most popular kit ages 7 and up $19.95 kit includes artist-quality copper wire in 3 gauges and assorted colors glass beads wooden beads and rings shell beads marbles and ideas sheet as a present for several young friends each time they are enchanted me too it awakens the curly sparkly whimsical creative dreams in everyone nearby i ve taken this wire bead kit janet a happy customer 12 ·


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community minded we take pride in giving back to our community by sponsoring many free art projects locally and beyond find us anywhere from the midwest renewable energy fair to various green festivals around the country check out our website to see where we re headed next we also regularly donate art supplies to area non-profits and partner with a local business mentoring program to teach teens about sustainability and business it s part of our mission to foster creativity helping make it more accessible and to act as role models for future women business owners our kits have even made it all the way to an orphanage in cambodia creativity is truly universal we love watching people young and old become engrossed in our projects at the green festival in san francisco · 13


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garden art kit beautiful fun inside out some beautiful grow combine thick art high quality copper wire with beautiful beads and marbles to make four fabulous art pieces brighten an outdoor landscape or add a little whimsy to a potted plant ages 8 and up $19.95 artist-quality 14 gauge copper wire colorful craft wire glass beads wood beads and rings shell beads marbles and ideas sheet kit includes building a sustainable business what does sustainability mean to us it begins as mothers who in caring for our children care deeply about the environment we live in from the very beginning we wanted our company to be about more than profit we wanted to equally consider people and the planet that s why we use natural and recycled materials many made here in the us minimal and reusable packaging and assemble kits here in wi to us being sustainable means carefully considering how our business decisions will effect our community the environment and our employees always striving to make a positive impact on the world we work with a local teen mentoring program to employ local kids to teach them job skills and about sustainable business 14 ·


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bubble wands kit bend high-quality coppertwo beautiful wire with marbles into sturdy wands blow huge bubbles decorate a garden or use for magic includes recipe for homemade bubbles ages 8 and up $19.95 kit includes artist-quality 14 gauge copper wire two wooden wand sticks glass marbles jig patterns instructions and ideas sheet it is very important to us to know where our materials come from here are artisans in india who make our paper by hand of recycled scraps from the garment industry participants at goodwill industries of south central wisconsin assembling our kits they love working with our beautiful materials · 15



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