Каталог 4кв.2011 Королевского монетного двора Австралии


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Монеты Королевского монетного двора Австралии, выпущенные в 4 квартале 2011 года

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november 2011 number 91 special editions


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febru dear collector welcome to the november mint issue it is hard to believe that 2011 is almost over but as is customary in november the pages of this month s mint issue are brimming with new product releases some of the most exciting products that we are releasing this month include the 2012 six coin year sets as well as a very special remembrance day coin why are they so exciting let s just say that these coins will definitely stand out in your collection this mint issue also contains an update on our 2012 collection by selection if you haven t signed up yet you still have time as we aren t closing entry to the program until 30 november 2011 if you are a regular follower of mint news you would have seen on our website or in the media that we previewed our 2012 product calendar at federation square in melbourne at the beginning of september to all of those who attended it was a pleasure meeting you all and we have received extremely positive feedback which shows that the changes we have been making are hitting the mark accompanying our launch was our touring exhibition one in a million treasures from the royal australian mint which enthralled coin collectors and passer-bys alike with its display of sensational mis-strikes the exhibition will be on show at the mint very soon so watch this space on 5 november the mint is holding an open day to launch the 50 years of triple zero 2011 50c coin and other exciting releases all of which are featured in this month s issue the mint will be abuzz with fire engines police cars and ambulances and the day can be enjoyed by young and young at heart visitors alike and we hope to offer more community minded events such as these in 2012 this year the royal australian mint was lucky enough to produce the official commemorative coins for the presidents cup this exciting golfing tournament which is one of the premier events of the sport s calendar will be held at the royal melbourne golf course later this month if you are heading out to the course to watch the competition be sure to stop by our booth and say hi to keep up to date with mint news be sure to `like our facebook page happy collecting ross macdiarmid chief executive officer royal australian mint 2


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510128 the presidents cup 2011 coin program a premier international golf competition the presidents cup 2011 will take place from 14­20 november at the royal melbourne golf club here in australia this is only the 2nd time in the cup s history that it has been held outside the usa to officially commemorate this prestigious golf tournament the royal australian mint has produced five stunning coins exclusively for the professional golf association pga and we now offer collectors a limited opportunity to secure these highly crafted coins the royal australian mint has a portion of each mintage available so be the early `birdie to secure yours 510127 $25 gold proof coin mintage 1500 510129 $797.50 available 175 ­ order through call centre 510130 $10 selectively gold plated silver proof coin mintage 1500 510128 $537.90 available 50 ­ order through call centre $1 fine silver colour printed proof coin mintage 7500 510127 $115.50 available 1000 $1 fine silver proof coin mintage 20 000 510130 $66.00 available 2500 $1 al/bronze unc coin mintage unlimited 510126 $14.85 available 10 000 510126 510129 3 febru


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febru 2012 two coin year sets continuing on from the recognition we gave australian wool last year it is fitting that this year we now turn our attention to another of our major primary industries that helped build our great nation australian wheat this humble grain is an important part of life in australia both economically and culturally with strong links to our nation s heritage the spirit of australian folklore and of course australia s pre-decimal numismatic history wheat was brought to australia with the first fleet and despite very poor beginnings australian wheat is now recognised throughout the world for its consistently high quality it is likely that as the world s population grows there will be an increased demand for food in the future and australian wheat will have an important role in helping to feed the world 4


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australian wheat ­ fields of gold 2012 two coin proof set two coin uncirculated set the cultivation and harvest of wheat are central to the design of the one dollar and twenty cent coins that appear in these sets fields of golden wheat can be found across the breadth of australia since the early days of settlement these crops have played an important role from the self sufficiency of a young nation to an industry that contributes billions of dollars to our national economy today in 2012 these coins reflect the outstanding contribution that wheat has made and will continue to make to australia s agricultural and economic development proof set $53.00 mintage 25 000 designer w pietranik uncirculated set $19.00 mintage 40 000 designer w pietranik 210096 210096 310092 310092 210096 310092 5 febru


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febru australian proof and uncirculated coins 2012 baby sets here at the royal australian mint we love the excitement in the planning production and final release of a new theme for our baby sets since 1993 when we first featured the gumnut babies series we have produced thousands of themed coin sets which have been welcome gifts for newborns christenings and first birthdays or simply a pristine set of coins to commemorate a year from 2012 to 2014 dot and the kangaroo will feature for the first time on the six coin proof and uncirculated baby coin sets few australian children s stories have stood the test of time like ethel pedley s dot and the kangaroo first published in 1899 the story of loss nature and friendship has captured the imagination of children and adults for over a century 6


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2012 baby coin set ­ australian uncirculated coins immortalised on a $1 coin author ethel pedley becomes the central character of this six coin collection woven through the charming plot of dot and the kangaroo are the themes of family and environmental conservation as well as images of native flora and fauna which have all been vibrantly reproduced on both the inner coin wallet and outer packaging also included is a pad printed medallion photo frame and space to record details on a family tree price $45.00 310095 mintage unlimited designer a baggio 2012 baby coin set ­ australian proof coins the six stunning proof coins included in this set will stand the test of time and remain a delightful reminder of childhood add a photo frame and baby book housed in a case with themed packaging and it makes a wonderful gift or unique collectible price $125.00 210093 mintage unlimited designer a baggio 310095 please note due to packaging delays deliveries of the proof set will not commence until early 2012 210093 7 febru


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febru 2012 six coin year sets quality craftmanship ­ innovative design special editions the royal australian mint s year sets are highly prized coin sets and are sought after by collectors all over the world each year these sets provide an invitation to look more closely at the coins we see every day rediscover the detail of their design and appreciate their beauty and craftsmanship individually each set appropriately commemorates the year of its release and consecutively they provide the foundation of a comprehensive collection of australian coins the 2012 special edition year sets are no exception and with the inclusion of two very distinctive 50 cent coins they make it anything but traditional after all we are the royal australian mint ­ innovators not imitators 8


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2012 six coin year sets 2012 six coin proof set selectively gold plated 50c coin edition the showpiece of this collection is undoubtedly the selectively gold plated 50 cent piece featuring the australian coat of arms as sculpted by stuart devlin this magnificent piece and accompanying coins earmark this set as unique to 2012 and will become a true treasure all six coins have been finished to a world-standard proof quality using an intricate process of individual pressing and hand polishing under pristine conditions price $130.00 210080 mintage 50 000 designer s devlin 2012 six coin uncirculated set hyper-metallic printed 50c coin edition the six coin uncirculated set remains a cherished and traditional favourite among australian collectors and a flagship product of the royal australian mint since 1966 in 2012 the 50c piece is again the star of this six coin set using never before seen hyper-metallic colour printing to truly accentuate the design of the australian coat of arms making the coin design fresh and noteworthy this set again showcases the levels of innovation a world class modern coin-making facility such as the royal australian mint can reach price $32.50 310080 mintage 100 000 designer s devlin 9 febru


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febru centenary of the royal australian navy no navy can endure for a century without its fleet but it is also the people who have served in the royal australian navy that have made it the well respected force it is today entwined in the history of the great ships depicted on these coins and their many battles are stories of the brave men and women who have lived worked and died aboard these vessels whilst defending australia and its allies since 1901 our naval forces have been internationally recognised for their honour honesty courage integrity and loyalty in response to international tensions the royal australian mint takes great delight in dedicating the 2011 masterpieces in silver six coin set to the centenary of the royal australian navy 10


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2011 masterpieces in silver ­ six coin set the six powerful designs on these coins capture some of australia s most significant naval ships each with their own tales of achievement heroism and battle scars for the very first time the masterpieces in silver will appear on 34 mm coin blanks with a $2 coin denomination all six coins are produced in 99.9 fine silver and handsomely housed in a custom made case with the outer themed packaging featuring a stirring historic image of young seamen supplied by the australian war memorial hmas ae2 ­ this was one of the very first royal australian naval submarines commissioned in 1914 following the outbreak of world war i hmas australia ii ­ this county class heavy cruiser was commissioned in 1928 hmas hobart ii ­ an adams class guided missile destroyer ordered for the royal australian navy in the 1960s hmas yarra iii ­ a modified type 12 frigate commissioned in 1961 hmas sydney iii ­ a veteran of two tours of duty during the korean war and also completing 24 round trips between australia and vung tau during the vietnam war hmas armidale ii ­ this patrol boat was commissioned in 2005 and is routinely involved in border protection duties price $363.00 210083 mintage 5000 designer a baggio 11 febru


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febru 2012 australian wedding coin collection coins have been a part of wedding ceremonies for centuries wedding coins also known in some cultures as arras have traditionally symbolised the prosperity that will be shared by the new couple and the groom s promise to provide for the welfare of the new family today however couples embrace life and face the world together in a more mutually supportive way than ever before in keeping with modern traditions the 2012 australian wedding coin collection symbolises a couple s commitment to equally contributing to their relationship children and community if you are a coin collector you simply must have these stunning proof coins they will be a welcome inclusion in any wedding gift register or for those special wedding anniversaries in 2012 price $145.00 210073 mintage unlimited 12


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gi vie ft ran w ou ide ge r e a on nti s l re ine here are some great gift ideas for the whole family place your order on the form provided on the back of this pull-out catalogue and mail back to us by 18 november to guarantee a christmas delivery 13 febru


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febru for the collector 9915974 australian pre decimal decimal currency series this selection of privately commissioned coin and note sets will add a touch of nostalgia this christmas each set is beautifully framed with all notes and coins of authentic australian currency and of a collectible standard 9915976 australian decimal currency $1 series framed set price $65.00 9915974 australian decimal currency $2 series framed set price $70.00 9915976 australian decimal currency $1 $2 $5 framed set price $150.00 9915977 9915977 visit www.ramint.gov.au to view our entire gift range and full specifications of each framed set 14


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the australian pre-decimal currency queen elizabeth ii trio framed note set price 9915980 $440.00 9915983 queen elizabeth ii 10 shilling note price $135.00 9915980 queen elizabeth ii £1 note price $135.00 9915979 9915983 pre polymer paper decimal set price $895.00 9915973 9915979 greg mcdonald s 2011 pocket guide to australian coins and banknotes price $35.00 7610407 7610407 9915973 15 febru



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