SURGE: The Zone's Teen Literary Magazine Winter 2011


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surge winter 2011 the zone s teen literary magazine surge 1


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surge contents 3 4 5 6 8 the zone s teen literary magazine of the mount sinai kravis children s hospital winter 2011 volume 1 issue 2 surge staff thomas dooley editor-in-chief diane rode founding editor s note editor-in-chief s note executive editor basketball drills by kareem hughes mohammed s trivia by mohammed mumin mashriqi angie koeneker in the hospital inside the waiting room by antonnette baird contributing editor and nakasi ramsay 9 monster by manny caban/art by alberto ayala-rodriguez 10 interview jamie siegel child life specialist by stephanie singh russell mindich 12 pisco by christian garcia founding editor 14 an hourglass vase by adeli arias/art by annelise klettner 15 as beautiful as a red rose by ernie cabral susanne bifano 16 behind the scenes by ashley texidor/art by liza byrne art director 17 when i m on stage by sabrina getrajdman 18 blue for the cloud by dominick silverio/art by dominick silverio 19 i am by zuleika carvalho chloe getrajdman 20 collage by schuyler press teen editor 22 from the most unusual subjects come the most beautiful images by kara satallante kidzone t.v art by kara satallante 24 smoothie by ashley h ramsaroop f 26 what if i brought home a vampire by stephanie singh/art by stephaniee cowan special thanks to 28 art by natalie rivera riverdale country school 30 a sight to see by zuleika carvalho/art by victoria goodell russell mindich and family 31 collaborative poem by participants of girl talk the staff of the child life and 32 interview clare ceballos rn by chloe getrajdman creative arts therapy de34 art by margot byrne partment of the mount sinai kravis children s hospital 35 meditation by shadeesha brown 36 tokyo by crystal knight to view this issue online 38 profile manga by sterling hamilton and james onyx koroma 40 a sharp pointy thing by victoria rodriguez 41 ocean by justina luna child life and creative arts 42 i thought it was going to be easy by angello cuadra therapy department back cover in warm weather by stephanie singh 1 gustave l levy place box 1153 new york ny 10029 212-241-6797 2 surge cover artwork by the artists of the zone cover artwork by the artists zone


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greetings and welcome to the second issue of surge the zone s teen literary magazine our first issue was such an amazing debut from patients and their families to doctors and nurses throughout the hospital everyone had rave reviews my thanks especially goes out to thomas dooley surge s child life creative writing specialist who encouraged so many talented writers-inthe-making to publish their work the best news of all next year there will be three issues of surge to all writers poets illustrators reporters please keep submitting your great ideas to the magazine think about including book reviews or movie reviews or even short stories this is your forum for expression the zone continues to thrive under the leadership of diane rode i am still enjoying my participation at kidzone t.v continuing to produce and host my own show totally awesome totally crazy totally trivia my favorite co-hosts have been penina the pink puppet and my not-sofunny well okay i guess he s sometimes funny younger brother danny i hope you will tune in to my next show in february what will interest you this winter i m looking forward to a few of the bigger movies coming out the girl with the dragon tattoo for instance the rest of the football season and spending time with my family even my brothers i can t wait to see the next issue of surge your friend russell surge 3


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let your voice be heard in this second issue of surge the zone s teen literary magazine you will find original poetry stories articles and artwork created by teenagers who are part of the mount sinai health care family and those in our communities you can view this issue of surge on our website if you are a teenager and would like to submit your original creative writing or artwork to surge please email your work to happy reading and keep writing thomas dooley creative writing specialist the child life and creative arts therapy department the mount sinai kravis children s hospital 4 surge


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basketball drills we do suicides where we start at one side of the court run to the foul line then run back to the same spot then run to the three-point line then run back to the same spot then run to the half-court line then run back then run to the next three-point line then run back then go to the next foul line then run back then run the whole court and run back we do defensive slides where we start from any corner of the rectangle of the court and run to the the other corners making an x we run laps around the basketball court and we shoot free-throws before the game starts everybody gets a chance to play but i get the most playing time as a six grader it shows how good i am and how good i ve gotten kareem hughes new york ny surge 5


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mohammed s trivia 1 what action movie has racing cars and features the actors vin diesel the rock and paul walker 2 what funny movie is about two brothers whose father has died and features the actors chris rock martin lawrence and tracy morgan 3 what animated movie is about talking cars and features the voice talents of owen wilson and larry the cable guy 4 what action movie stars emilio estevez cuba gooding jr stephen dorff denis leary and peter greene 5 what movie stars christian bale as batman 6 for what are sugar ray leonard george foreman evander holyfield and oscar de la hoya famous 7 how does the house fly in up 8 what are the names of the famous cartoon cat and mouse that are always fighting 9 name all characters in scooby doo s gang 10 who is the voice of spongebob squarepants 11 where does spongebob work 12 what is the name of the dad on the simpsons 13 what is the name of the dog on family guy 6 surge


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14 who is the voice of woody in toy story 15 who is the voice of mater in cars 16 what is the name of the cop car in cars 17 who is the voice of oscar in shark tale 18 what is the name of the brown creature who spins around on looney tunes 19 what is the name of the yellow bird on looney tunes 20 what is the name of the bear in toy story 3 21 what character does ben stiller voice in madagascar 22 how did the mayor die in mousehunt 23 what was the name of the coach in the longest yard 24 what actor appears in both the longest yard and death at a funeral mohammed mumin mashriqi flushing ny answers five 2.death at a funeral 2 4.judgment night 5.the dark knight 6.boxing 7.balloons 8.tom jerry 9.shaggy scooby doo daphnie freddie velma 10.tom kenny 11.the krusty krab 12.homer 13.brian 14.tom hanks 15.larry the cable guy 16.sheriff 17.will smith 18.taz 19.tweety 20.lotso 21.alex the lion 22 suffers a heart attack after accidentally consuming a cockroach found in his dish 23.nate scarborough 24.chris rock surge 7


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in the hospital inside the waiting room coming to the hospital up and down hustling to three trains going uptown in the waiting room tired and boring i fell asleep on the chair snoring waiting for my brother to wake watching the respirator quake eating the food makes my stomach ache our family was trying to go on vacation but we had a big situation we always do this everyday but we don t care about it anyway doctors keep talking on the phone but all we want is for marlon to come home antonnette baird nakasi ramsay brooklyn ny 8 surge illustration by alberto ayala-rodriguez


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monster he comes like a shark white and pointy nose with water coming out of it coming closer getting red with blood it s getting dark comes at me with eyes poking me i start running and it comes straight after me and i run down stairs and he forgets what s his job to do i defeat him with my writing skills he ends up in the trash with the other needles manny caban new york ny surge 9


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becoming a child life specialist an interview with jamie siegel by stephanie singh stephanie how did you become interested in becoming a child life specialist jamie i volunteered in the child life department several years ago and i really enjoyed helping out i decided to go back to graduate school to be become a child life specialist s if you weren t a child life specialist what would be your next job j in new york city when i walk past movie sets i always think i would like to be a film director i like the magical aspects of taking an idea and bringing it to life your imagination you can make real 10 surge


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s is there special training involved in becoming a child life specialist j you need to get certification to be a child life specialist when you are studying to be certified you need to gain hands-on experience by fulfilling an internship at a hospital i liked the opportunity of studying theory in the classroom and applying it in real life i like learning an activity in school and then working with a patient and seeing how that activity helps them in the hospital s what do you do for fun j i like to do yoga photography and art i like seeing my friends and going dancing and shopping for clothes and shoes s what s your favorite part about working with kids j to be able to help them feel like kids when they are in the hospital is my favorite part seeing them able to play or have fun in the hospital s what is a typical day for you in the hospital j checking in with patients speaking with the nurses and the medical staff seeing what are the needs for that day and to support patients and their families for that day s what is your favorite food j thai food and ice cream s what is your favorite movie j i really like funny movies i would have to say tommy boy bridesmaids is up there s what is your favorite song j i really like adele this week my favorite song is rolling in the deep s what is your favorite disney movie j i would have to say the little mermaid and finding nemo surge 11


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pisco i crack the eggs make sure only the whites come out it takes time take six lemons cut them in half squeeze the juice out i usually pour in four spoons of sugar if anything pour more in about a fourth of a cup of pisco you can buy it in manhattan put it all together in a blender blend for a couple minutes 12 surge


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pour it in a cup a little cinnamon on top it looks clear but foggy white foam on top if my family has a reunion i make them everyone asks me to do it for them it s our nation s drink christian garcia elmhurst ny surge 13


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an hourglass vase mid with water pink pebbled at the bottom roses crowded like a concert fanatic wanting to go to the front wanting to bloom out they form a rainbow shape you see little tints of green from the stems each rose is like me fighting for survival they don t last too long adeli arias jackson heights ny 14 surge painting by annelise klettner


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as beautiful as a red rose you caught my eyes sparkling a sense of fire all over my insides a natural beauty so gentle and pure my heart is damaged baby and you re the only cure with me you won t ever shed a tear because not having you would be my greatest fear if i had one wish for every star i see my heart would beat again as you make my life complete ernie cabral bronx ny surge 15



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