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crusader ewsmagazine the · congratulations women s golf · tucson talent happy veterans day support our troops n salpointe catholic high school · 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 · september 2011 · vol 61 issue 2 a new revolution ?


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2 · table of contents the crusader crusader the newsmagazine in this issue on the cover 8-9 news a new revolution occupy wallstreet protesters are shaking up the world and the free market 14-15 features tucson talent personal interviews with some new talent to watch 24-31 sports lancer football lancers season cut short by notre dame prep in first round of state playoffs above left the occupy wallstreet campaign poster above two of tucson s underground kings of music photo emi omick right tess terry swings in the state tournament photo sean logan


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november 2011 table of contents · 3 columns 07 10 13 17 claire s conundrum guest column amanda please extra emi the sat conspiracy impact of life on death livin life like a video m.o.p.d inside opinions 05 editorial news 8-9 11 12 14 16-17 18-19 20-21 a new revolution arts collage very interesting person cyberbullying underground kings reviews pop culture tucson features entertainment sports 22-23 24-27 28 29 30-31 football golf swim cross country volleyball happy veteran s day support our troops!


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4 ·ad the crusader an afternoon at the gaslight theater sunday december 11 2011 doors open at 11:15 a.m show time is 12:00 noon adults $25 · children 16 and under $22 advance ticket purchase required for tickets contact peggie gessner at 547-9365 or salpointe catholic high school alumni council presents las posadas salpointe parent association presents sunday december 4 2011 an evening for the whole family ± mass begins at 4 p.m in corcoran theatre ± las posadas procession in freshman patio ± refreshments to follow


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november 2011 opinions · 5 crusader newsmagazine editorial the volume 61 2011-2012 november 2011 national scholastic press association best of show spring convention 2007 all american 2006 07 2007 08 pacemaker 2006 07 columbia scholastic press association gold crown award 2005 06 2007 08 gold medalist 2006 07 2008 `09 quill and scroll society george h gallup award 2007 08 arizona press women gold medalist 2008 `09 fear f a new school year brings subtle challenges scared of judgment often we can say and do things via social networking sites that we normally would not have the courage to do in real life however this too can be good or bad we can express ourselves without consequences be who we really want to be tell those who we care about how we really feel but it can also be a medium for cyber bullying and saying things that were never meant to be said out loud or online the internet gives the safety net of anonymity that we sometimes need to fully express ourselves without consequences or weird looks it can also give us the mask we need to hide behind in order to say things that are hurtful and would never be acceptable if we said them aloud in real life we find these things more acceptable to say online because we do not see the immediate reactions to what we say social networking provides the perfect halloween mask it is up to us how we use it fall is full of opportunities for change for better and worse we can change with the leaves knowing that the spring will always come we can take off our customary flip-flops and trade them for someone else s winter boots maybe we will find the person we have always aspired to becoming however should we embrace these changes in ourselves or is the only thing we truly have to fear is ourselves you decide the crusader is published by the salpointe newspaper class circulation is 2,000 and it is distributed free to students and faculty copies are mailed to parents and select high schools throughout the u.s to contact us call 520 547-9388 write to 1545 e copper st tucson az 85719 e-mail https the crusader does not necessarily reflect the views opinions or policies of salpointe catholic high school or the school administration editorial board editors-in-chief c laire danielson `12 s ean l ogan `12 assistant editors a manda m artinez `13 e mi o mick `13 opinions editor jenna o rtiz `12 news editor c laire danielson `12 features entertainment editors a manda m artinez `13 e mi o mick `13 sports editor art editor s ean l ogan `12 r aul valles `13 a dvertising m anager /e ditor wilson troxel `12 staff members news brooke mitchell `15 jenna ortiz `12 arden rosthenhausler `13 features entertainment emily monroe `14 jenna ortiz `12 sports luke bakewell `13 jenna ortiz `12 bobby otero `12 art vince giovannini `12 allen hensley `12 brooke mitchell`15 advertising arden rosthenhausler `13 questions comments send your feedback to adviser ms michelle mathews principal sr helen timothy ibvm interim president kay sullivan all seems to be the epitomic time of change a new quarter classes friends and even redefining ourselves seems as perennial as the leaves changing fall is also the opportune time for reinventing ourselves it is the time when we can trade our summer skin for a new winter coat being someone we are not is never a positive thing but allowing ourselves time to grow and reflect is always necessary at some point in order to assess who we re becoming and where we re going if we do not take time out of our lives to experiment and change then we will soon find that we ve grown into people whom we don t recognize anymore and often times that we ve grown up without realizing it fall gives us the perfect outlet for doing a complete 360 from who we really are from halloween during halloween all the freaks and weirdos come out at night with pride and the most creative costumes are celebrated instead of ostracized many times people have the urge to completely break the mold that we have built for ourselves but this can also result in us turning into people who we are not just for the sake of change halloween gives us the opportunity to be someone we aren t and still not loose ourselves because at the end of the night the guy-liner and fake suspenders come off and we can say that we just had a good time social networking is another opportunity for us to be different and not happy veterans day support our troops!


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6 · features entertainment the crusader


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novemeber 2011 opinions ·7 c laire sconundrum the sat conspiracy another college scam aking the sat is probably the most dreaded part of the admissions process students spend countless hours studying information from their classes and taking practice tests an excelling student could go in cold turkey and get a poor score when an average student could go in after having just taken practice tests and get a better score if the sat is supposed to measure how well we ll do in college then why did the excelling student not do as well as the average student who just took practice tests because the sat does not measure how much a student knows but how well a student takes the sat then why is this tricky reasoning test a factor in our college admissions because it s a major way to compare students from across the country another phrase for reasoning tests could be trick questions i was taking a practice test and there was a math problem that involved the word tri-factorable i had no idea what this word meant or how to even solve the problem because of it thinking i had missed a very important day in math class i asked my sat prep teacher what tri-factorable meant he responded that every word in quotations is a made up word well how was i supposed to know that if i had not taken the prep class i would never have known no matter how good my reasoning skills another great thing i learned in my overly expensive sat course was that apparently i have been doing math wrong my entire life my teacher informed me that no matter how good i was at math class or how many honors courses i ve taken that i have to learn how to do everything another way in order to meet the time contstraints of the sat unlike my math classes where teachers just wanted to see that i could solve the problem in the proper manner the sat looks to see if i can guess estimate and shortcut to get the answer quickly instead of accurately there s no time to actually solve the problem a reasoning test is one thing having to learn all new methods in order for it to seem like i am able to reason an overly-complicated trick question is a whole different thing it seems the only way to study or even achieve a decent score on the sat is to take a ton of practice tests from a book t like the collegeboard official sat guide this book is thick i don t know if anyone has ever seen it in the test prep section of the book store while perusing for the magical answer of how to do well but this book is massive with thin pages and small font if i was ever in a situation where i had to defend myself outside the jcc where i m taking the sat course and the only thing i had to defend myself with was this thick book of practice tests i could probably take the offender down with it that is how big it is when it comes down to reality the sat doesn t measure knowledge or maybe even reasoning it measures how well a student takes the sat in response to concerns of students many colleges such as the u of a and american university are now participating in test-optional programs their deadlines might be sooner but it could be worth it to have less stress about one of the weakest parts of most students applications the only downside to this is that the test-optional student is now ineligible for academic scholarships through some universities like the u of a another group of people who are strong proponents of test-optional programs is a group of education lobbyists fair test their website is where they have countless facts about how the sat is unfair in more ways than just how it measures reasoning and knowledge through trick questions they also talk about how the sat is biased towards certain demographics you can also find a list of test optional universities at their website the best way to improve an sat score is to take as many practice tests as humanly possible and if a wrong answer is confusing it would behoove anyone to ask a teacher most importantly though there is always the act claire danielson `12 editor-in-chief comic common sense b y v in c e g io vannini r au lvalles happy veterans day support our troops!


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8· news the crusader anewrevolution one given most successful outlet the people can use said marco enriquez government teacher idolizing ghandi protesters meditate during their sit-ins on the financial district and gave into arrest easily during the march on the brooklyn bridge this movement is said to have started anonymously however there was a call for the protest to begin organizing in the magazine adbusters adbusters organization promotes anticonsumerism activism in today s modern technological times adbusters is supposed to be a non-profit in reality it recieves large donations from several other non-profit organizations such as the tides foundation a public charity not a private foundation the difference is that none of the 260 organizations that receive funds from the tides foundation file a form 900 with the irs it is not mandatory to make their finances public the website openly sites the call to protest from adbusters journalists led by luke rudkowski connected with and have talked to media icons such as michael moore who said capitalism that s the problem capitalism has to go the government has really discredited capitalism the government gets in bed with wall a group of peaceful protesters who call themselves the 99 of the people from all backgrounds of america who are not running wall street are calling for an american revolution to take back american democracy from corporations hands this movement is known as occupy wallstreet and is occupying the media around the globe diverse political views are represented in the people occupying wall street the majority are libertarians liberal and even identify themselves as socialist they want corporations to have less control in democracy and protest the recent ruling citizens united v federal election commission that gave corporations the right to donate to campaigns without restriction under the first ammendment defining coporations as people and money as speech this ruling essentially gave corporations rights like people protesters blame the current state of the economic condition on wall street moguls and capitalists the protestors have been living in a camp called liberty park since sept 17 it is located in lower manhattan s financial district where they have a miniature society with everything from a kitchen to a clinic they even have their own newspaper the occupied wall street journal their supplies have come from overseas aid organizations and individuals supporting the cause i think it is good despite whatever your feelings are about wall street and the people in it i think it s a good example of americans exercising their first amendment rights of speech petition assembly and protest in a lot of ways to me it represents a public that is very discontent with government so this is their the key thing about any movement is that it gets issues on the agenda


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november 2011 news · 9 protesters are occupying parks on a large scale around the globe angry about the current economic situation critics call them disorganized believers call them the 99 street ­ that s not capitalism said former republican candidate peter schiff the main debate is whether or not these protesters are peaceful they have dumped trash on wall street and ceos doorsteps is this peaceful protesting or destruction of property what s more is that on nov 4 protesters shut down the nation s fifth busiest port in oakland ca after 12 hours of peacefully protesting the port was finally shut down the victory did not last long as riots broke out soon after protestors shattered windows fires were set and local workers feared for their safety as rioters beat cars with the ceos still inside the protesters across the rest of the globe fear this will detract from their message and put all their hard work to shame many people see the need for change but don t believe this is the way to obtain it they see the occupiers as unorganized college students who should be doing homework instead of blindly protesting even more critics say these peaceful protesters are trying to turn america into a socialist nation i think one of the major complaints people have in general about political activism sometimes specifically liberal political activism is that it lacks a cohesive message and so i think where the complaints are being manifested is instead of having one message about wall street and corporate greed that you have other people who choose that venue to talk about other policies as well it lacks direction so the serious message there is being over shadowed by the lack of direction to the protest itself said enriquez the protests have now reached tucson in the national and global efforts to be heard protesters are camped in armory park where el tour de tucson and the dia de los muertos parade will be held this month the protesters have agreed to share the park because they want to show that they are not only peaceful but that they are still a part of the community in the meantime the organizers of the local protests such as john mcclane have asked some of their fellow protesters to move their tents to other parks such as veinte de agosto park or library park but that the main hub for the protesters will remain in armory park mcclane says that there will still be a strong presence of the occupy wall street group in armory park and that they will continue to use it as an intake center to process new residents pictiures top left a protester saying that money cannot buy silence metaphorically left center a woman getting arrested during the march on the brooklyn bridge right a group of protesters successfully marching at sunset in oakland ca all photos courtesy of happy veterans day support our troops!


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10 · opinions the crusader guest column impact of death on life i people living deeply have no fear of death anaïs nin have died whom i have never heard of billions of people whom i have never and will never have the opportunity to meet i have never thought about how this impacts my community this man whoever he was had a family he had parents dead or not who loved him he might have had brothers and sisters children a wife who will now live without their brother their dad their husband nobody knew when they woke up that today would be the last day they would see this man who they loved for years after this anyone who knew this man will deal with the pain of his demise to think thousands of people go through this pain every day and i have never stopped to think about it over the summer salpointe lost a member of our community lancers lost a close friend and the new seniors lost a member of their graduating class although he may not have thought he did when he was alive diego gadea impacted every member of salpointe s community and thousands of people in tucson i wish that it wouldn t have taken his death to make him and other people realize how much of an impact he had on all of us through my thoughts i have realized what i want to learn from this before i die i want to impact someone s life if i can i want to be remembered by hundreds of people thousands of people people in the future who look back at examples from our time i want to be someone big i want to change life as we know it i want to mean something to someone when i die i want teenagers sitting in the car at the hospital to see me and think to themselves not who is she how does her death affect me but to think there goes emily monroe she spent her life being someone great and i want to grow up to be just like her emily monroe `14 staff c olumn a rt by r aul valles t was a wedensday evening and my friend and i were sitting in my car getting ready to leave from our volunteer jobs at university medical center as i turned my car on an ambulance pulled up right in front of us to the unloading dock and the back doors swung open at first the two of us were excited to see the action right in front of us four men jumped out and started to unload a stretcher holding a middleaged man whom neither of us had seen before three of the men were hustling this man inside while the other was performing cpr later we found out this man died when he arrived at the hospital he was probably instants from dying as my friend and i saw him surprisingly even though i work in a hospital i had never seen a man die right in front of me as he did right when i saw what had happened the excitement that had once hung in the air evaporated and was replaced by grief who was this man what impact did he have on the world did he have a family how will his death change lives in the community why am i so sad about a man whom i didn t know who didn t know me who i have no connection to thousands of questions ran through my head each one brought me to a new sublevel of sadness which was unexplainable to someone who had not felt it themselves i felt sick too sad for tears but confused as to why i was sad at all every time i had a question about this man i asked myself `why does this matter to me i believe i found my answer after a couple hours of thinking i did not know this man billions of people did not know this man there are hundreds of deaths every day and only a few times in my life have i ever thought about how death impacts the community i have never seen death never felt a personal impact it in my life it has never mattered to me that billions of people


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november 2011 news · 11 salpointe s artists shine in the fall exhibits and performances art photos by jesse hansen and merri siler happy veterans day support our troops!


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12 · features entertainment the crusader very interesting person a free spirit if there ever was one christina culligan is one of salpointe s quirkiest and most beloved teachers known for randomly busting out original slam poetry and her long-standing tradition of candy fridays she is without a doubt a very interesting person christina culligan what did you dress up as on halloween i was a steam punk victorian female sky captain do you have any pets i have a dog named bali and two cats mojo and indy i grew up on a farm and have never owned less than three pets the most we ever had was forty pets at one time will you dress them up no way i am very anti-costumes on animals especially my dog since he already looks too cute i need to make sure he does not lose his masculinity completely my friends are plotting to kidnap my dog and put him in a costume this year so i must stay ever vigilant to protect him what is your favorite dessert tough to narrow it down i love fresh-baked apple pie with ice cream especially from apple annie s in wilcox what is on your wish list for christmas top on my christmas list is for someone to invent teleportation so that i could see my whole family this year we all live in different states and countries and i haven t seen some of them in years i have twin three-year-old nephews in germany but i have not gotten to meet them it would be a great gift to spend time all together what is your favorite movie the nightmare before christmas what is your favorite song no rain by blind melon i think the next movie they should remake is fraggle rock the musical i love acts of kindness because it reminds me how interconnected and interdependent we all are i always forget to take time each day to breathe and reflect on the gifts and joys of the day i ve never hated someone one day before i die i will be dancing and smiling being a teacher at salpointe is a joy one thing i cannot stand is people being mean or disrespectful to one another because we are all equal and should be treated with love and kindness.


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november 2011 features entertainment · 13 a man da p l e as e livin life like a video trying to match the future to the screenplay a s carey bradshaw and her three best friends strut through new york city in their louboutin pumps and chanel handbags i am sitting on my couch hoping there is another episode of sex and the city on after going past my legally blonde college years comes my career new york looks like the place to be in so many movies but they fail to depict how expensive it is to live in a city like manhattan especially if you re just an out-of-college journalist or an unemployed anything but it seemed so easy for anne hathaway to become meryl streep s fashion assistant when she had no fashion experience right wrong why can t being a news anchor be half as much fun as the lifestyle of ron burgundy eventually many of us start to choose career paths based on which one looks fun in the media however these movies and tv shows we watch everyday shouldn t make us hate our lives or wish we lived like a kardashian just because they re filled with exciting glamorous drama such entertainment should help us realize that what we are living is real and that those dramatic conflicts are solved in thirty minutes to three hours we have to remember it s just a movie just because there is no jason mraz music playing in the background when we are sad doesn t mean we don t have those feelings that $9.50 we paid to watch jesse eisenberg create facebook should act as motivation not jealousy so instead of trying to make life like a movie let s live it with no preconceived thoughts and no regrets this one ever since i can remember i imagined my future to be exactly like movies and tv shows however high school is more than half way over for me and college is just around the corner and i realize that my life is far from matching up watching `90s sitcoms like boy meets world during my middle school days got me so excited for high school i hoped i would find a boy like cory mathews be neighbors with my grandfatherlike history teacher and learn daily lessons that would help me in the long run to become a morally sound teenager however why weren t topanga and cory ever doing homework and is it just me or did they look significantly older in high school than we do now because in real life they were despite these questions boy meets world was actually just one show that filled each episode with a good lesson on the other hand ferris buellers day off showed me how i could successfully ditch school and end up cruising through downtown chicago in a red ferrari with an excellent musical number all without getting caught mathew broderick is pure inspiration to the dreams of angsty high school students that is what i imagine my senior ditch day to be like oh i how i can dream maybe for these next two years i could become a plastic with regina george so i can get what i want or find an east high wildcat that won t stick to the status quo but i think i ve settled on a wild night with mclovin to be the most realistic amanda martinez `13 assistant editor features editor showtime by raul valles happy veterans day support our troops!


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14 · features entertainment the crusader with technological advancements furthuring the ease of communication they have also sadly brought about easier bullying by marcus gallegos jenna ortiz i m being bullied it might mean time missing lunch because someone in the 1980s if a teen were to say they were being made fun of at break took it or possibly bruises from physiprincipal s office it was straightforward it happened right then and there and the only evidence was the people who witnessed the act it s 2011 and loldead u we d b beti h8 evry1 wants u off w/o u fat dork ter nerd b wimp a trail leading back to a person s profile this trend of virtual bullying has become popular especially among girls post rude comments or ask anonymous questions that can be extremely hurtful formspring is especially susceptible to bullying because people put pictures of but guys do take part in it as well they the evolution of the bully ing when they write an unkind post but what some don t realize is that one people judge the person who the post is post can affect someone s everyday life about as well as the person who wrote the post even the people that like or comment on the post being connected harmless even childish in any way to cyberbullying may seem when it comes time for college applications more colleges these days are doing a web search to check up on cancan ruin college plans didates one website in particular that is the dirty which is a college based website where people can anonymously post a promiscuous picture of someone else and a brief diss about the person currently more high schoolers are being posted on this site and that could directly affect their college careers the people who choose to slam peohowever themselves up and are basically asking for opinions some people even believe that if a person does this they are purposely leaving themselves open to criti cal fighting and constant visits to the there is a new way to torment others also known as cyberbullying whether other social networking website there will always be people who abuse these it be formspring the dirty or any modern methods of communication nowadays bullies are punching keys instead of faces unfortunately cyber art by raul valles cism and thus deserve the bullying unlike bad-mouthing someone with ple on the dirty may to do this other than jealousy lack legitimate reasons bullying is becoming a staple among some teens and young adults with easy to do sites such as formspring tumblr and the infamous website the all of the social networking sites it is cyberbullying is something all young adults need to stop for the greater good another person face to face the fact is that anything posted online remains there forever about thirty-seven percent of teens say they are just jok of humanity if it started with this genthis generation dirty allow posts to be anonymous unlike facebook and twitter which leave eration it should be put to an end with


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november 2011 opinions ·15 e xtra emim.o.p.d multiple online personality disorder s ince the boom in popularity of electronic communication ­ facebook twitter and tumblr ­ people have begun developing online personalities however are these virtual representations of people accurate some websites create a false sense of reality take facebook and tumblr for example both these sites idealize people but in slightly different ways facebook makes it seem like everybody else in the world is having an amazing time because in general people only post about their triumphs we put up pictures of our fun nights out and leave out any mention of the nights when we stayed in and didn t do anything edited pictures also idealize people sometimes making our profile picture look radically different from our true image so much that we might not be able to recognize ourselves at all what then is the point of glamorizing ourselves if we are only going to be a letdown when people see us in the real world similarly tumblr presents an idyllic version of how things are every girl featured on this picture blog based site is skinny to the point of being anorexic has gorgeous perfectly coiffed hair and the most fashionable clothes pictures on this site are also typically edited to put everything in the very best light possible people reblog pictures of things like justin bieber kittens and candy­ all things that make us happy these images aren t realistic justin bieber is never going to show up on our doorstep kittens grow up to be less cute and there is only so much candy we can eat before we get sick when we think about it this way tumblr is good for a smile but that smile is because of an illusion created for the internet twitter is a slightly more realistic perspective on social networking there is less pressure to make every tweet perfect because it isn t a competition to see how many likes we can get therefore we feel free to post real details about our lives and emotions however when we are composing these 140 character snippets of our lives we start to condense and simplify our lives to make them fit tweets have to get the point across quickly and leave no room for long discussion or real conversation we then start to believe these tweets are full representations of others personalities when in fact they are only the briefest of pieces also twitter has a different feel than facebook it is both more and less personal since anybody who follows us can see our tweets it may feel impersonal and like we are simply talking to ourselves however we can still tweet specific people making it possible to make personal connections within the site sometimes we can judge someone by his or her social networking profile and it will be spot on we might actually be able to get a feel for who people truly are if they post actual insights into their lives but the thing is they are totally in control of what they post we don t hear their spontaneous thoughts or see their mistakes this can make actually connecting with each other hard because we can create whatever type of persona we want online the social networking scene is only expanding and with it new questions arise how do we craft an online personality that is true to who we are it is human nature to want to present our best side but we cannot forge lasting personal relationships based off only our good qualities but instead our full assortment of traits good and bad it is all the quirks and oddities in us that we repress while using social networking sites that make us unique and therefore worth getting to know so when drafting our next status or composing our next tweet we should try to relax and lower the veil we might even discover someone else is on the same page as us emi omick `13 assistant editor the big t h re e by raul valles happy veterans day support our troops!



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