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Conact delivers Management services in different areas of: - Corporate Real-Estates - Workout - distressed Real-Estates - Turnaround - Non Performing converting in Performing - NPL - Non Performing Loans - Servicing - IT- Software consutling & solut

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consulting interim-management turnaround real-estate corporate distressed our services some projects 2011


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introduction conact market entry management gmbh founded in 1994 locations germany switzerland italy troubleshooting taking over assets real-estate sector own developed software projectsolutions assuming calculated risks slide 2 of 24 2011


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why con act conact market entry management gmbh con act our managed symbiosis of concept strategy vision act ion implementation realizing doing slide 3 of 24 2011


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areas of consulting approach some projects unit company mgmt manage it-dept for a bank priorisation of it-projects for public enterprise setup an investment fund real estate startup setup for an asset-mgmnt company re-spv bielefeld re-spv mühlheim re-spv philippsthal re-spv b köpenick bank advisory in controlling instruments setup reporting controlling for builidng company office automation projects marketing concept for public entity italianportfolio turn-around advisory for a logistic enterprise privatisation -healthcare ­ -for government re-active special servicing advisory for public enterprise privatising appartements software/organizational analysis for asset-mgmt setup dmsapps sales training for global itcompany ­ asia area mgmt of company transfer logistics consulting advisory key projects slide 4 of 24 2011 turnaround setup it-concepts strong management real estate banking project management


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asset-management troubleshooting re servicing with real estate portfolios controlling reporting standard along the whole exit procedure consultance advisory management evaluation of status quo management prel studies location sales potential draft evaluation complete documentation files digitalising analysis of all details evaluation to deliver a complete platform for decision making -property mgmt -asset mgmt sales dataroom exit draft check improvements due diligence value stabilizing troubleshooting approach varies according to the requests control reporting transparency remains on same high quality level slide 5 of 24 2011


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our services concerning pre ­ opening ­ management build up new company locations till going productive our expertise controlling reporting standard along the whole exit procedure building change rooms add technical equipment finalize buidling infrastructure it /logistic tecn furniture equipment staff -selecting training assessment define the gap of clear strategy business milestones find location location size staff infrastructure · staff ­ finding training · finalize building · install technical infrastructure · deliver furniture · training procedure approach varies according to the requests control reporting transparency remains on same high quality level slide 6 of 24 2011


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example in turnaround a condominium with structural problems the challenge 22 apartments haven`t been finished 130 underground car parcs not finished ca 5000 qm of projected living area no valid construction permission results of the project stand legalization final construction bank re-advisor controller apartment sales projection and construction of the rest of the buildings by an external investor spv exit after 18 month architect slide 7 of 24 2011 it reporting re-agent investor our steps put in spv legalize condo manage finalizing and sales


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example in turnaround commercial big empty furniture building situation 12500 sqm display and sales space no more permission to use it a redevelopment is needed goals legalization of the building re-advisor controller redevelopment exit to institutional investors spv exit after 10 months it reporting architect investor x slide 8 of 24 2011 our steps buy neighborhood land for parking convert in shopping mall sell


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example in turnaround commercial berlin­ bmar backlog maintenance repair situation 1200 sqm living commercial space repair to be done bad situation to let goal extend the life of rental contracts modernize building in figures profit 400.000,00 20,00 2 years local craftsman owner improvement pm rentability duration interim management it solutions key tenant bank slide 9 of 24 2011 our steps buy it make it nice and sell it !


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example in turnaround condominium in a rural environment residential situation in need of refurbishment 7,200 sqm turnaround refurbishment of all residential units transformation to condominium framework and selloff single units separately to end customers capital returns purchase price capex spent proceeds return cash multiple 1.3m 2.9m 6.1m 1.5x cash flow profile mn cash flow profile mn year in m investment purchase price development costs total investment sale proceeds net cash flow slide 10 of 24 2011 2005 1,000,000 1,000,000 100,000 900,000 2006 1,000,000 1,000,000 2,600,000 1,600,000 2007 1,300,000 900,000 2,200,000 3,400,000 1,200,000 total 1,300,000 2,900,000 4,200,000 6,100,000 1,900,000 our steps put in spv make condominium upgrade and sell it 10


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example in restructuring portfolio in italy well-known portfolio situtation 1 2 3 4 5 examination design of dimension in sqm concept design market value and appraisal business case exit with business-plan progettazione business case spv rome ­ 2400 sqm complete restructuring different exit-scenarios for investor slide 11 of 24 2011 mailand ­ 6300 mq complete restructuring appraisal and sales appraisal our steps business case for huge italian portfolio with different exit-scenarios 360 million debts


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example of revitalisation to improve investor ­activities of empty buildings offices empty car dealership pavillon action cluster 2 revitalisation fast improvement of reappearance ex activate show-room and show life property motivated interim-tenant active regional advertisement works for 5 10 of assets needs partly vacancy abandoned properties slide 12 of 24 2011 our steps occupy building revitalise sell it auction !


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example in pre-opening services just-in-time moving of a huge callcenter overnight incl furnishing t-mobile single workplaces conversion for sitel callcenter friday night from 1 am to 7 am disassemble 200 workplaces per weekend conversion of desks to smaller units on saturday morning t-mobile gets new desks an we move the old ones to germanies second biggest callcenter service provider sitel saturday sunday assemble of 200 single desks for 2 open range offices slide 13 of 24 2011 our steps buy old furniture from t-mobile alterate sell it to sitel!


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example in pre-opening services telecom-company reorganisation of 1.500 workplaces the problem approx 1.500 workplaces in 6 locations with table dimensions of 200 x 100 cm each goal gain of surface no interruption in standard workflow implementation of the project new electromotive workplaces with table dimensions of 160 x 80cm each removing of old workplaces saturday between 2 a.m and 7 a.m cleaning of the carpet replacement of defective segments between 5 a.m and 9 a.m simultaneous assembly of new workplaces sunday re-installation and testing of it customer transport inhouse logistic teams carpet cleaning replacement standard capacity furniture manufacturer monday business as usual between 60 ­ 100 workplaces per night slide 14 of 24 2011 our steps disassemble the old desks assemble new ones overnight!


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example in pre-opening services infrastructure office ­ equipment in figures our teams our projects reference project concerning furnishing approx 1.800 identical workplaces with used desks at 3 different locations our hugest projects for cleanout disposal rtl group with 2.400 workplaces unilever headquarter with 1.400 workplaces vodafone with 5.500 workplaces in 2012 we have several core-teams consisting of 4-6 experts each every core team is able to assemble/disassemble n 350 workplaces per week to handle 2 3 more unskilled helpers according to the amount of workplaces the timeline we adjust the needed amount of core-teams slide 15 of 24 2011 our approach small flexible teams combined in large projects



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