Exploitation of South Africa's natural resources - animal


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Part of the South African Life Sciences Gd 11 syllabus for 2011, this is a mini-chapter on this work, prepared by Gd 11's, for Gd 11's.

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exploitation of natural resources animals grade 11 2011 by pupils in mrs masureik s class


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contents habitat freshwater rocky shore marine savannah forest and desert causes of exploitation impact on humans and on environment habitat what is found where · freshwater found inland above sea level supplied by run off from mountains as well as rainfall occurs in the form of lakes rivers or streams examples bird river redfish clanwilliam sandfish clanwilliam yellowfish namakwa bar · rocky shore intertidal seacoast shallow waters predominated by solid rock biologically rich example -perlemoen ·marine salt water large open seas example snoek ·savannah grassy plains with scattered trees example -african elephant


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·forest -large area covered mostly by trees and undergrowth examples porcupine white stork secretary bird ·desert -dry barren area of land usually covered with sand -ssubject to high temperature and low annual rainfall in comparison to other biomes examples african elephant


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leopard cheetah causes what results in the exploitation of animals excessive breeding in order to produce food and clothing use as a form of entertainment e.g rodeo shows and circuses killing of endangered animals use in the testing of medicines,cosmetics and household products,and in scientific experiments of many kinds abused or neglected of household animals poaching greed the need for a source of income increase in population culling increase in pollution animals kept in captivity are more likely to suffer an increase in disease because they are not in their natural habitat animals are abused mistreated to for the means means of production animals are exported live while many don t survive the full journey others are prone to sickness and suffering impact what effect does the exploitation of animals have on humans humans rely on animals for the following reasons among others food economic importance trade agriculture economic benefit poaching production manufacture of goods


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if certain animals example perlemoen african elephant were to be removed humans would be largely negatively affected in a least one of the above mentioned categories what effect does exploitation of animals have on the environment the unnatural death or absence of animals has great detrimental effects on the environment ecosystems are destroyed and species that were once dependent on the exploited species also become threatened in an all too vicious cycle example perlemoen/abalone is an important natural resource in south africa however they are being exploited due to poaching this has a large social impact on the environment water from dead perlemoen becomes contaminated and this causes surrounding organisms in turn to die this also causes a high risk of disease to humans or other animals who may drink it task 1:1 the kruger national park is south africa s largest and most famous conservation park the park has a great variety of plant life and is home to impressive populations of different animal life a concern is the significant increase in the population size of many species including the elephant population 1 why will an increase in the population size of elephants be of great concern 2 list two ways in which the elephant population size can be kept within an acceptable range.


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