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The St Cloud Film Festival promotes film and filmmakers by creating opportunities for education, production, and appreciation during an annual festival and through year-long outreach. From live action to animation, documentary to avant-garde all film make

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FILM FESTIVAL STAFF Festival Director – John Scott Executive Administrator – Jody Barth Festival Art Director – Jason Ewert University Program Coordinator – Ilya Simakov Programmers: Ashley Froemming , Sarah Steinfeldt, Tyler Borresch, Zil Lambert, Mike May, and Colin Stanhill


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Saturday, November 3rd The Black Box Theater- 1:00PM HYBRIDS [Director – Ecole Mopa, France] When marine wildlife has to adapt to the pollution surrounding it, the rules of survival change... MINNESOTA MADE PROGRAM Saturday, November 3rd The Black Box Theater- 4:00PM SCIENCE FAIR [Director – Cristina Costantini and Darren Foster, USA] Hailed by critics as “immensely likeable,” “brilliant and quirky” and an “ode to the teenage science geeks on whom our future depends,” and winner of the audience award at Sundance and SXSW, National Geographic Documentary Films’ SCIENCE FAIR follows nine high school students from around the globe as they navigate rivalries, setbacks and, of course, hormones, on their journey to compete at the International Science and Engineering Fair. BENEATH THE INK [Director – Cy Dodson, MN] In a time when society’s belief systems are seemingly changing, or even reverting in time, one Ohio tattoo artist Billy Joe White is challenging his community by saying: “bring me your mistakes”. DITCHES AND FIELDS [Director – Prakshi Malik, MN] [SCFF Alum – HERE THERE (2016)] After storming off from an argument with his father, a grieving boy is guided back home by unlikely visitors. RELATIV(ITY) [Director – Josh Mruz, MN] A young scientist inherits her father’s ambition to discover time travel. SAUL’S 108th STORY [Director – Joshua Carlon, MN] As a teenager in 1950 Brooklyn, all Saul wanted to do was hang out with his friends and go to the beach. Instead, he got roped into a dangerous new job, and Saul got in a little over his head. THE LITTLE LOG HOUSE [Director – Sean A Skinner, MN] While demolishing a home, Steve discovers the logs of a home that dated back to the 1850’s. Instead of continuing to demolish the structure, Steve saved it and moved it to his farm. He’s moved more than 40 buildings that were to be destroyed saving MN history one piece at a time. KINDERCHOMPER [Director – Mike Scholtz, MN] [SCFF Alum – WICKER KITTENS (2014) and LOST CONQUEST (2015)] A mild-mannered artist from Minnesota leads a double life as a baby-eating professional wrestler in Japan. St. Cloud Film Fest | 3


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Saturday, November 3rd The Black Box Theater- 7:00PM AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE [Director – Ili Sosa, USA] In Austin, Texas, two expectant mothers—one undocumented and one US citizen—must contend with increased ICE raids and mounting hostility towards immigrants under the current administration. Saturday, November 3rd The Black Box Theater- 10:00PM AVANT-GARDE PROGRAM iRONY [Director – Radheya Jegatheva, Australia] A film that explores the relationship between man and technology...told from the perspective of a phone. DOWN ESCALATION [Director – Shunsaku Hayashi, Japan] A caterpillar fell down and dissolved. The flesh and blood are melted down. Delving into deeper layers of itself, it starts metamorphosing in the shell. ONICKA [Director – Mélina QuitichNiquay, Canada] Foray into a young woman’s nightmares. WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS [Director – Michaël Barocas, France] The life of a man through his hands and the ones around him... 4 | St. Cloud Film Fest HAL [Director – Amy Scott, USA] Hal Ashby, the rebellious, humanistic, obsessive director, made some of the greatest films of the ‘70s, although his name is rarely mentioned in the same breath as his New Hollywood peers. Still, his nine-year run of seven stellar movies — The Landlord (1970), Harold and Maude (1971), The Last Detail (1973), Shampoo (1975), Bound for Glory (1976), Coming Home (1978), and Being There (1979) — had an enormous effect on modern cinema. DEEPY ABSURD LUCIDITY [Director – Sammy Sayed, Egypt] A man trapped in a limbo of absurd and randomly projected visions that seem to be driven by an obscure shape-shifter who has hacked into his mental and emotional intelligence. MAELSTROM [Director – Carlos Gómez-Trigo, Spain] Karl spins the spoon from his coffee. Something spins even faster inside Tony’s head. AMONG OTHER THINGS [Director – Noah Dixon and Drew Johnson, USA] Three old friends - Merric, Lillian and Thomas - reunite for an afternoon of conversation on their lives, human nature and, among other things, love. FUNDAMENTAL [Director – Shih-Chieh Chiu, Taiwan] This is the story of a teenager who discovers the strange and terrifying reality behind fundamentalism.


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Saturday, November 3rd - The Black Box Theater- 10:00PM Continued SPLENDONA [Director – Kevin Vu, USA] Dream and reality becomes blurred as a physically disfigured fashion model prepares for her runway debut. TUGBOAT [Director – Tyler Borresch, MN] In this surreal sensual sea saga, a shanty crew carries out their duty as they tug at the realms of a secluded captive. A RABBIT TALE [Director – Sebastian Schnabel, MN] Struggling with her overbearing mother, a cautious college grad is searching for her role in the absurd theater play that is modern society. FAMILY PROGRAM Sunday, November 4th The Black Box Theater- 1:00PM ONE SMALL STEP [Director – Bobby Pontillas and Andrew Chesworth, China/USA] What does it take to achieve your dreams? An ambitious young girl endeavors to realize her aspiration of becoming an astronaut with the support of her humble father. THE PIRATE CRUNCHER [Director – Paul Conner, USA] An old fiddler tells a crew of pirates about an island with hidden treasure. PARIS YOU GOT ME [Director – Julie Boehm, Germany] “Art may change the inner as well as the external world“. That’s how our protagonist Ksenia experiences it. The street artist George lures her into his magic world of art illusions. WEEDS [Director – Kevin Hudson, USA] The story of a dandelion, rooted on the wrong side of the driveway in a barren yard surrounded by dry dirt and dead grass. Just across the concrete lies another yard and the greener grass holds the promise of a better life. ARE YOU VOLLEYBALL [Director – Mohammad Bakhshi, Iran] A deaf-mute baby becomes a catalyst for better communication between a group of Arabianspeaking asylum seekers and English-speaking border patrol. UKELAYLA [Director – Haleigh Mooney, USA] Layla, a young girl with a speech disability, has high hopes for her first day of school, but her differences make it difficult to connect to others. Where speech fails, music speaks. LATE AFTERNOON [Director – Louise Bagnall, Ireland] Emily finds herself disconnected from the world around her. She drifts back through her memories to relive different moments from her life. LOST & FOUND [Director – Andrew Goldsmith and Bradley Slabe, Australia] A knitted toy dinosaur shares a moment of perfect harmony with a crocheted fox – with no indication of the drama that is about to unravel.


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Sunday, November 4th The Black Box Theater- 4:00PM TRAVELOGUE TEL AVIV [Director – Samuel Patthey, Switzerland] A young art student from Switzerland spends six months in Tel Aviv. Through drawing he will learn to analyze, understand, and free himself in this contrasted environment. IMFURA [Director – Samuel Ishimwe, Rwanda] Caught between the contradictions of a changing society, Gisa, who is almost the same age as independent Rwanda, seeks to rediscover his share of the collective memory of a past that belongs to him, but also so far away. FAUVE [Director – Jeremy Comte, Canada] Set in a surface mine, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer. MAGIC ALPS [Director – Andrea Brusa & Marco Scotuzzi, Italy] An Italian immigration officer doesn’t know what to do with an Afghan asylum-seeker’s goat. L.A. LIQUOR [Director – Jensen Vinca, USA] A year after Los Angeles riots of 1992, Miles, a young African American male, has an eventful night in a liquor store owned by a racist Korean couple. SJAAK’S WIFE DIED AND NOW HE NEEDS TO SAY SOMETHING [Director – Eva M.C. Zanen, Netherlands] 76 year old Sjaak tries to write a speech for his recently deceased wife. When the ceremony begins, Sjaak postpones the speech. He has to find the true way to say goodbye to his great love. Sunday, November 4th The Black Box Theater- 7:00PM KETCHUP [Director – Ben Adams, MN] A man living in a ketchup based society finds himself an outcast after refusing to dip his fries. NOT IN MY LIFETIME [Director – Pam Colby, MN] Filmmaker and storyteller Pam Colby, a baby boomer lesbian, follows and narrates the stories of couples and GLBTQ people over three decades, uncovering a complex web of emotion. Her story of coming out in the early 1980s and raising two sons provides a personal perspective on the cost of exclusion and prejudice. The film includes footage from the 1987 March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian rights, Minnesota Representative Karen Clark’s fight for the right to marry, and transgender activist Andrea Jenkins’ successful campaign for City Council in Minneapolis.


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Monday, November 5th Brick House Cinema - Foley 7:00PM SHOPLIFTERS [Director – Hirokazu Kore-eda, Japan] [SCFF Alum – AFTER THE STORM (2016)] After one of their shoplifting sessions, Osamu and his son come across a little girl in the freezing cold. Although the family is poor, barely making enough money to survive through petty crime, they seem to live happily together until an unforeseen incident reveals hidden secrets, testing the bonds that unite them. Winner of the Palme d’Or at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. DOCUMENTARY PROGRAM Monday, November 5th The Black Box Theater- 7:00PM GREAT! LAKES [Director – Tess Wagman, USA] In the small town of Knife River, Minnesota, twin sisters, Pamela Matson & Patricia Canelake, make candy the old fashioned way using recipes invented by their grandfather in the early 1900s. THE LAST REEL [Director – Christopher Lange, MN] The Last Reel witnesses the final days of a second-run movie theater before taking on new ownership and transitioning to digital projection. THE DRIVER IS RED [Director – Randall Christopher, USA] Set in Argentina 1960, this true crime documentary follows the story of secret agent Zvi Aharoni as he hunted down one of the highest ranking Nazi war criminals on the run. GRANDPA BEN [Director – Justin Christopher Ayd, MN] [SCFF Alum – THE MAN IN THE BOOTH (2014)] A portrait of 92-year-old Minnesota artist Benjamin Vickery Jr. SISTER HEARTS [Director – Mohammad Gorjestani, USA] Maryam Henderson-Uloho spent 13 years in prison in Louisiana, seven in solitary confinement. After her release she struggled to find housing or employment. She began selling secondhand goods out of a suitcase. In just three years, she grew her business to a brick-andmortar thrift store—one that also provides housing and employment for other formerly-incarcerated women. BABY BROTHER [Director – Kamau Bilal, USA] The director’s brother moves back in with their parents. ODE TO JOY [Director – Michael Koshkin, USA] The elderly residents of a Houston retirement home make the best of their remaining days by playing in a kazoo band. St. Cloud Film Fest | 7


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Tuesday, November 6th SCSU STUDENT & ALUM PROGRAM The Black Box Theater- 9:00PM NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN [Director – Rachel Thiesse, MN] Riley Simpson tells his story on how his time in the service impacted his life today. He describes his struggles and triumphs while serving, and how his experiences led him to his career choice today. DANIEL’S FORTUNE [Director – Reece Decker, MN] Daniel, a down and out college student, is hunted by a bank robber after stumbling upon his score. FAR FROM ELYSIAN FIELDS [Director – Jessie Wade and Taylor Stauffer, MN] Mason finds a time travel device that takes him far into the future… How and will he ever get back to reality? THE FAMILY BUSINESS [Director – Andrew Legatt, MN] Jordan has created a new life, as he has disconnected himself from his family and his past. Suddenly what he fears the most is standing right in front of him. MANUELA [Director – Nadilyah Stewart, MN] Manuela and Shaye’s date takes a turn when an unexpected ghost from Manuela’s past shows up. MIDWINTER [Director – Dan Mitchell, MN] On the longest and coldest night of the year in Minnesota, a jock from the country and a free-spirited socialite from California strike a romantic relationship that could last a lifetime. NEVER ODD OR EVEN [Director – John Scott, MN] Everything hangs on how two partners handle the aftermath of their latest case - tracking a rogue time-traveler. SUCH A SUPER LADY [Director – C.B. Jacobson, MN] A short comedy about the domestic challenges of super hero life. NOT READY NOT YET [Director – Cody Gustafson, MN] With the help of a new technology, a recent college graduate explores old memories with an ex-girlfriend in hopes of moving on from her and moving forward with his life. 8 | St. Cloud Film Fest


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DARK PROGRAM Wednesday, November 7th The Black Box Theater- 7:00PM DEATH VAN [Director – Michael Enzbrunner, Canada] The fictitious space-rock duo DEATH VAN tours through a miniature world inhabited by surreal creatures that are haunted and terrorized by a menacing and mischievous entity. CAN’T GO HOME [Director – Jesse Rubbelke, MN] A story about two men reaching their breaking points as their stories collide. THOSE WHO CAN DIE [Director – Charlotte Cayeux, France] Zoé enters a strict boarding school. Around her, pupils are playing and attending classes with faded eyes. One day Zoé meets Marie and understands what they are destined for. THE SECT [Director – Nick Wenck, USA] Mark is haunted by a recent decision and needs to make his trouble disappear, but there is only one option to do so. WILD [Director – Morgana McKenzie, Canada] It’s the summer of 1937. Something is living in the corn field. Young Ida doesn’t know what it is, but it seems to understand her better than anyone else on her uncle’s farm. RIP [Director – Caye Casas, Spain] In a small forsaken village, a woman prepares the funeral of her husband with utmost care. She wants everything to go according to plan, since for her it is very important to give a good impression to the guests. WENDIGO [Director – Jared Myers, MN] Two hunters contend with a shadowy demon that lurks in the forests of northern Minnesota. THE CHAIRMAN [Director – Frank White, MN] Corporate researchers go behind the back of their mysterious employer to test the telepathic abilities of a traumatized girl and her father. BLACK LINE [Director – Mark Olexa and Francesca Scalisi, Bangladesh] A woman fishing in turbid waters, a suffering nature, the broken chant of the muezzin, all linked by a thin, black line. Thursday, November 8th The Black Box Theater- 7:00PM FROM SEED TO SEED [Director – Katharina Stieffenhofer, Canada] When Terry and Monique left the opera to pursue their true passion – ecological farming – their story of community and resilience took center stage. Their family and a diverse group of farmers and scientists blend age old traditions with cutting edge science to develop improved methods for growing food ecologically and in a changing climate.


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MIDDLE-EASTERN Thursday, November 8thSt Cloud State University – Miller Center Auditorium 7:00PM SHORTS PROGRAM THE TRAIN [Director - Javad Matouri, Iran] A person is riding a flying bicycle in the sky, full of happiness. We soon find out that he is pedaling a geared seat which changes everything. REPERCUSSION [Director - Negin Homayounpour, Iran] A family is watching a war movie when suddenly they experience the same events. LUNCH TIME [Director - Alireza Ghasemi, Iran] A 16-year-old girl has come to the hospital to identify the body of her mother. The hospital administration – due to her young age – won’t let her into the morgue and ask her to bring her guardian instead. A FERRY TALE [Director - Mehmet Tığlı, Turkey] A father and his two autistic children get on ferry on a wintry day. They meet with some disappointing incidents due to some impatient passengers’ reactions to his children’s unintentional actions. RECLUSION [Director - Behrad Sahebgharani, Iran] A girl who has Downs Syndrome lives with her mother. She is ignored by society as a result of her mental and physical disorders, which make her feel lonely. Her only desire is to have a close friend to spend some time with. WITH ME [Director - Azadeh Ghochagh, Iran] The indecisive story of a girl who ran from her past.. THE FOG [Director - Ali Shoorvarzi and Hoseyn Mahroughi, Iran] A woman’s quits her job washing dead bodies after the death of her child. Now, she’s confronted with the dead body of another child that needs her... LAST EMBRACE [Director - Saman Hosseinpuor, Iran] A little girl wants to show her drawing to her family, but everybody is busy with their cell phones. She goes to her grandpa, who has just passed away a few minutes ago without anybody noticing. HEDIEH [Director - Sahar Sotoodeh, Iran] Hedieh, a 14 year old girl, leaves from the school service and her friend is forced to explain the reason behind it. UNFAIR & LOVELY [Director - Anita Kalathara, USA] A narrative short exploring color shaming. 2 BY 2 [Director - Mark Playne, UK] [SCFF Alum – LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (2014)] Two macho mountain shepherds, whose pastures are divided by a national border, are in the middle of an age long battle of antagonism when a timetraveling spaceship crash lands, demolishing the border fence.


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Friday, November 9th The Black Box Theater- 7:00PM LITTLE BANDITS [Director – Alex Avagimian, USA] A kid is convinced that shooting a bird will turn him into a “Man”. Loosely based on a true personal story. EMERGENCY [Director – Carey Williams, USA] Faced with an emergency situation, a group of young Black and Latino friends carefully weigh the pros and cons of calling the police. UNTITLED SHORT FILM ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE [Director – Nicholas Colia, USA] A comedy about a WASPy yuppie who feels so guilty about gentrifying her Brooklyn neighborhood that she overcompensates by aggressively trying to befriend the Indian woman who works at the local bodega. It doesn’t go great. INANIMATE [Director – Lucia Bulgheroni, UK] Katrine has a normal life, a normal job, a normal boyfriend and a normal apartment in a normal city. Or at least that’s what she thinks until one day everything starts falling apart - literally! NUEVA VIDA [Director – Jonathan Seligson, USA] A ball, some brains and a lot of fluids. A cautionary true tale on the dangers of playing soccer from my dear brother, Kenny. HAIR WOLF [Director – Mariama Diallo, USA] In a black hair salon in gentrifying Brooklyn, the local residents fend off a strange new monster: white women intent on sucking the lifeblood from black culture. GET UP KINSHASA! [Director – Sébastien Maitre, Congo] No polished shoes, no school! Samuel, 10y.o., is about to discover Kin the Beautiful’s way of muddling up and muddling through… FENCE [Director – Lendita Zeqiraj, Kosovo] [SCFF Alum – BALCONY (2013)] A family gathering unravels into chaos with the unwelcome arrival of a young boy and his dog. St. Cloud Film Fest | 11


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Friday, November 9thSt Cloud State University – Miller Center Auditorium 7:00PM MIDDLE-EASTERN PROGRAM THROW [Director - Meysam Babaei, Iran] Mohammad Khalvandi is an Iranian athlete who competes in disability athletics. Khalvandi won the 2013 Javelin World Title. He also won Gold Medals in the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. ARCHER [Director - Meysam Babaei, Iran] Zahra Nematit, former Taekwondo champion who became world champion in archery following an accident that paralyzed her, was the first woman from Iran to win a gold medal at the Olympics or Paralympics. THE INTERPRETERS [Director - Sofian Khan, USA] ‘The Interpreters’ follows the lives of Iraqi and Afghan military interpreters who worked with US forces on the ground. In many cases, interpreters face danger in their countries because of their affiliation with the US war effort. This is the story of how they are rebuilding their lives, told through the personal experiences of three individuals. Saturday, November 10th The Black Box Theater- 1:00PM PROTECTING OUR HOMELAND [Director – Ashton Janvier, Canada] This film inspires urgency in caring for our lands and culture while raising awareness about the ravages of mining in Patterson Lake, Saskatchewan. LES VAILLANTS [Director – Martin Gunn, Canada] For over 100 years, whenever someone dies, Kitcisakik men get together to build a casket as a show of solicarity with the family. NEWPORT GUN GIRLS [Director – Lauren Orme, UK] An animated documentary that shines a light on a forgotten group of women who worked at Newport Royal Ordnance Factory 11 during WWII. NATIVE NARRATIVES PROGRAM A PLACE TO STAY [Director – Sam Fathallah, Tanzania] Doctors and nurses at the overcrowded Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center appeal for an inpatient ward and battle the stigmatization of cancer throughout Tanzania. ALEPPO: THE SILENCE OF THE WAR [Director – Amir Osanlou, Syria] In Aleppo, people were accustomed to the sounds of war, rockets and mortars. Now the war is over and everything is full of stories buried under the rubble, drowned in silence and wind. EXTENDING THE LINK: NIBI ETEG [Director – Grace Linquist and Brennan Lafeber, MN] ETL’s 11th documentary focuses on the cultural and spiritual importance of water. This film shares the stories of members of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians and the people who live near the Ganges River in India.


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ANIMATION PROGRAM Saturday, November 10th The Black Box Theater- 4:00PM MY FAVORITE FOREHEAD [Director – John Akre, MN] Prominent foreheads get in the way of true love. AGUA VIVA [Director - Alexa Lim Haas, USA] A Chinese manicurist in Miami attempts to describe feelings she doesn’t have the words for. WHY THE BIRDS [Director – Adam Loomis, MN] In a pet store after hours, a sentient computer ponders love. ASTRAL ATOMIC [Director –Sean J. Kelly, USA] An experimental animation using hand-bleached film and deep space recordings by NASA. MANIVALD [Director - Chintis Lundgren, Croatia] A hot young plumber Toomas breaks into the harmonious life of Manivald and his retired mother. PERFECT TOWN [Director - Anaïs Voirol, Switzerland] In search of perfection a whole city obeys to selection. A constant struggle. Trying and trying again. DISPERSION [Director - Adam Dargan, MN] Dispersion captures the exact process of emulsion on 35mm film being dissolved in three dimensional space. REMINISCE ME WITH THE TIME OF A DAY [Director - Holly Lo, Taiwan] A story about memories . RAILMENT [Director - Shunsaku Hayashi, Japan] In a delirium of color, line and movement, a nondescript figure endures a harrowing train ride through a lonely urban landscape. BIKE TRIP [Director - Tom Schroeder, MN] Two bikers travel 500 miles to ask a question about beer. KIDTASIA: A FANTASY IN 5 BEATS [Director - Robert Jersak, MN] The kid took Dad’s tablet and messed around with GarageBand, so Dad decided to animate some of her beats and tracks. AN ACT OF PURE AND UNRELENTING BEAUTY [Director - M. Parker Stuart, MN] An Act of Pure and Unrelenting Beauty uses made from scratch digital techniques to speak directly to the body, holding us on the edge of an overwhelmingly beautiful state. INDIRECT ANIMATION [Director – Colin Stanhill, MN] Made with only 12 pages of standard copy paper, this lo-fi imitation of 35mm film will take you on a microscopic voyage through telescoping tunnel visions in Full Two-Tone Color.


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Award Show Saturday, November 10th The Black Box Theater- 7:00PM The 2018 St Cloud Film Fest awards will be given out and the winning films will be shown followed by a reception upstairs at Pioneer Place Theater. JUDGES TyRuben Ellingson – Professor at VCU/Visual FX on Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Avatar, Pacific Rim, etc. (7th year) Chris Jordan – Chair of Film Studies Department at St Cloud State University (7th year) Felip Costaglioli – Poet/Film Professor St Cloud State University (6th year) Jennifer Penzkover – City of St. Cloud Arts Commission Coordinator (5th year) Sarah Steinfeldt – St Cloud State University Film Studies Alumnus (2nd year) Owen Yarges - St Cloud State University Film Studies Student (1st year) Olivia Fredrickson - St Cloud State University Film Studies Student (1st year) 14 | St. Cloud Film Fest


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COMMUNITY PARTNERS • Central MN Arts Board/Legacy Funds • St Cloud State University – Department of Theatre and Film Studies • The Black Box Theatre/ Donohue Novak at Law • The Brick House Cinema in Foley • #UniteCloud • City of St Cloud • Film North • Mrs Good Cookies ADDITIONAL SUPPORT PROVIDED BY: • Dolsie’s Lunch Box Grille • Books Revisited • Pickled Loon • Central Perk • Erbert’s & Gerbert’s • Sawatdee Restaurant • Subway • Jimmy John’s • Granite City Comics • Paddy’s Games • St Cloud Federal Credit Union • Bo Diddley’s • Panera • Discontent • Caribou • Papa Murphy’s • Rock Creek Coffee • Nelson Bros Truck Stop CENTRAL MN/LEGACY FUNDS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Central MN Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund. St. Cloud Film Fest | 15



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