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Chapel of the Good Shepherd News Letter November 2011

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cogs sheepskin-november 2011 visit chapel of the good shepherd 654 church lane yeadon pa 19050 610-626-2815 email pastor rohan hepkins the chapel of the good shepherd 10/1/2011


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chapel of the good shepherd prayer groups sanctuary prayer sundays 8:00 am prepare your heart for worship gather in the sanctuary on sunday mornings for prayer and meditation week day prayer 7:00-8:00 am begin your day with prayer meet in the pastor s study each week day morning for a time of prayer and encouragement come as you are able leave when you must prayer and study wednesdays 7:00 pm each week church members and friends meet in the sanctuary for interactive study and prayer if you are looking to join a bible study group why not come and give this one a try see pastor hepkins for more information prayer vigil fridays 9:00 pm this group meets the last friday of every month prayer requests may be written on the cards provided in the back of each church pew and deposited in the boxes near the exits.


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from the pastor s desk the people had a mind to work beloved as we celebrate the 30th year of ministry at the chapel i am reminded by one of our charter members who stated to me when i first started pastor do not let the chapel die for as the chapel goes there goes yeadon dick moody who has since gone on to be with the lord also said to me repeatedly preach the word these two imperatives have always stuck with me as i complete my fifteenth year of chapel ministry ­­ approximately half the time of our existence these promises concerning the place of the chapel in our community serves us well as a backdrop as we seek to redouble our efforts in so doing cogs will fulfill her promise to continue to be a blessing to this community for many many years to come so i was greatly inspired as we came together to renew our edifice and to take ownership of our church in a new and special way that i ve never experienced in fifteen years of ministry so nehemiah 4:6 became a quiet but effective rallying cry as we prepared for our 30th anniversary celebration nehemiah was about to take back the children of israel from years of captivity under the medo-persian empire ­­ back to their homeland of ancient palestine however the walls needed to be rebuilt and then the temple restored in those ancient times the walls were of utmost importance ­­ as this was the major means of protection from invasion it meant security longevity being venerable and relevant for many years to come beloved i feel the same of the chapel our building ­­ which represents the real fellowship of believers ­­ was showing signs of cracking it was in disrepair and again this parallels with the actual unity of the fellowship ­­ the actual church of christ however when given this task the faithful of cogs took on a monumental task and finished a work that should have taken a year was completed in one month this mirrors the miracle under the administration of nehemiah and ezra the priest and this all happened because the people had a mind to work what we witnessed in this miracle of yeadon ­­ bodes well for the future of the chapel the people of god have come together in unity and greatness of fellowship as the people have a mind ­ to work ­ god will be pleased he will continue to bless us preserve us and make us the venerable ministry of yeadon that we had set out to be the future therefore looks bright in his service pastor rohan


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bible study the grass withers and the flowers fall but the word of our god stands forever ­ isaiah 40:8 niv on wednesday evenings a group of folks gather in the sanctuary for prayer fellowship and to study god s word as we continue on into a new season of study we hope many of you will join us prayer 7:00 to 8:00 pm study 8:00 to 9:00 pm the annual congregational meeting of the chapel of the good shepherd is scheduled for sunday november 6 2011 1:00 3:00 pm in the sanctuary all members are expected to attend so that we may conduct the business of the church we are looking forward to gathering with you to review our ministries adopt our 2012 budget and affirm our leaders again we want to remind you of the importance of this meeting and the responsibility that each of us shares in furthering the kingdom of god through your church note regular church attenders and visitors are welcome to sit in on the business meeting however must refrain from voting


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missions minute paulette thomas campus crusade europe from time to time i have interesting conversations with people i meet in my travels once a few years ago on a trip to the arabian peninsula i got into a conversation with the pakistani chauffeur who came to pick me up we began with the weather then eventually i asked about the well-being of his wife and children he then asked me about my children when i said that i was not married a look of shock and confusion engulfed him he said in disbelief you re not married i m not i repeated he has such a pained look on his face that i began to feel sorry for him he was silent for a while then said in all sincerity i have a cousin i thank him kindly but declined his offer in my region of the world 50-year-old single women do not exist no one has ever heard of such a thing i belong in a museum the topic of my singleness always comes up because people assume that i m married and have children so correcting that error presents a myriad of interesting twists and turns to the various ensuing conversations when i m speaking with young single women who are dying to get married as they all are eventually they all get to the point where i see the look what look is that you ask it is the look that says in no uncertain terms you are my worst nightmare in the muslim world when people come to christ they join a small community of believers where options for finding a spouse are limited they want to obey god and marry a believer which means that often they will get married later than the general population they get a lot of pressure from their families who in turn get a lot of pressure from the community which brings shame to the parents they tell their children that if they had remained muslims they would have been married a long time ago which is true as time goes by the normal desire to get married increases and so does the pressure eventually many marry non-believers i believe that god has placed me in a unique position to use my singleness to be a blessing and to give hope to others as they see that i have a normal and fruitful life they realize that it is possible to be single and be fulfilled they see that we were ultimately created by god to be married to the lamb and that the purpose of our life is preparation for that marriage feast i understand their struggles because i ve experienced the same thing i ve also experienced god s love and faithfulness every step of the way and he has provided for all my needs please pray for these single people that their lives and witness will not be short-circuited by marrying non-believers your prayers can really make a difference thank you for your partnership in the gospel and in the lives of so many people.


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women s bible study tea all women of the church are invited to gather at the hepkins on saturday november 19th at 4:40 pm this group led by joy hepkins always has a great time of discussion fellowship and prayer bring a bible a treat to share your mom daughter sister aunt grandmom a friend or neighbor because of the thanksgiving and christmas holidays this group which normally meets on the fourth saturday of each month will meet on the third saturday mark your calendars the annual cookie exchange will be held on saturday december 17th at 4:40 pm come to sunday school ­ 9:30 am classes for everyone you your family and friends are invited to gather in the chapel room on thursday november 24th at 10:00 am please join us and others from neighboring churches for a time of singing praises and sharing testimonies.


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financial report believers in christ and faithful supporters of god s church cogs this is an interesting and beautiful part of the year where change is everywhere the temperature humidity length of daylight tree colors and clothing we wear outside is adapting to the fall and winter seasons the year is rapidly coming to an end are we ready for the change and a new beginning god gave the israelites many new beginnings after their spiritual failures they changed for a while but quickly regressed into the same old hypocrisy and godlessness they were all too comfortable with the world condition has also not changed for the better how can this be after the coming of god s son and his successful mission on earth jesus gave us to answer in many ways people who saw him in person did not listen or believe we tend to believe things that conform to our current likes and opinions how often does that fail us usually we need to change our attitudes and plans to survive in this world god wants us to change by accepting his teaching in order to attain eternal life in the spirit through faith and acceptance of christ as our savior and lord this is perhaps the most difficult change for us to accomplish it requires humility and recognition of our lost condition through sin in conforming to the commands and lifestyle of christ where do you go for this spiritual change you will not get the proper change by following the world s precepts and ideals there is no guarantee you can vote in or purchase change the government promises change but cannot guarantee it how often has the world failed us only god can truly change you to lead the christian lifestyle his availability is great and no appointment is necessary he answers and delivers what is best for us because he knows the beginning and the end please avail yourself of his guidance by attending sunday school sunday services listening to the teaching and preaching and becoming a member of the one true church of christ there is still one to be found in your neighborhood the enemies of god are trying to change that if you don t support the church as god intends we cannot survive and we are not answering god s call to grow the church and spread the gospel the tithing and offering pledge initiative announced last july is showing results but much more needs to be accomplished the checking account downward trend has stabilized but it is also not growing any reserve funds for future capital or other expenses the board of elders and pastor hepkins ask you to be consistent and faithful in your financial and spiritual support the church needs all its members to do their part blessings in christ s name administration elder tom bylina


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manor care ministry to seniors on the fourth sunday of each month the cogs family conducts a worship service for the residents of manor care yeadon this ministry has consistently been a channel of god s love to the residents who look forward to singing hymns hearing a gospel message and visiting with us if you have a desire to be a part of this ministry plan to join us on november 27th as we reach out to touch the hearts and hands of the manor care residents service time 2:00 pm special thanks to everyone who has been involved in the church clean up project you have done and amazing job so far keep up the good work.


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zumba gospel aerobics class the dance like david group beginners class a mind body soul experience join us every monday thursday 6:00pm to 7:30pm each 4 week session pre-paid classes $20.00 5.00 per week or you can drop-in anytime at $6.00 per class classes are held weekly here at the chapel of the good shepherd 654 church lane yeadon pa 19050 entrance on cedar ave hurry tell your workout buddy don t wait sign up now call 610-864-4247 or sign up when you arrive more details at bring water a towel exercise mat wear comfortable clothes supportive shoes and be ready to sweat believers in christ and faithful supporters of cogs,


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the chapel of the good shepherd philosophy of ministry the chapel of the good shepherd seeks by the grace of god to glorify god by being a covenant community dedicated to the worship of god committed to following jesus christ as lord in every area of life and faithful in word and deed to the biblical mandate to proclaim the gospel of jesus christ and to make disciples of all peoples.



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