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2018 Fire Alarm Device Product Catalog

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Fire Alarm Device Co. Ltd. Shaping Life Safety


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History Founded in Montreal, Quebec in 2011, Maple Armor Fire Alarm Device Co. Ltd. is a designer and manufacturer of intelligent fire alarm systems for the global marketplace. We’re excited to provide cost effective options, with the reliability of Canadian engineers. The company gravitated towards vibrant and multi-lingual Montreal for its skilled specialists in engineering, sales and marketing, as well as a warm welcome from Investissement Quebec Our team understands that the benefits of their venture go beyond job creation, capital investment and new exports. It is an opportunity for commercial clients around the world to benefit from market leading design, performance and quality, produced in accordance with the latest UL / ULC standards. We’re very proud that the work we do saves lives everyday, and that passion for our industry is what drives us to maintain the highest level of quality and reliability. Everything is produced at our new facility in Quebec and goes through rigorous testing and quality checks. This means we can ensure our products are 100% reliable. MONTREAL


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In 2017, we opened our brand new 80,000 square foot facility in Brossard Quebec, on Montreal’s south shore, which houses our Research & Development team and quality control labs for multiple product lines to be produced at this facility. We’re passionate about fire safety, and it shows in our products.


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FireWatcher Fire Alarm System


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FireWatcher Control Panel FW106 Seven inch LCD screen displays up to 8 events simultaneously. · UL / ULC Listed · Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel designed for small to medium scale facilities. · Ideally suited for both new and retrofit commercial, institutional and industrial fire detection and notification applications. · Addressable fire control system that meets the requirements of UL864 10th Edition / ULC S527 · Supports 4 Addressable Loop Circuits and 1,008 addressable devices/points · Supports 4 Notification Appliance Circuits and 5 form C dry relay contacts. · Supports 4 remote graphic display annunciators · Includes a 7” color LCD display with 800×480 resolution, 6 function keys and 9 LED indicators making it a highly intuitive fire-alarm user interface.


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Generously sized cabinet for ease of installation and large capacity battery mounting. FW106 Specifications: General Environmental Primary Supply Secondary Power Supply Digital signal processor-based design, fully configurable from front panel with password protection  Operating temperature - 32 - 120°F (0 - 49°C)  Relative humidity - Up to 93% @ 90°F (32°C)  To be installed in normal dry indoor environment only  110 - 120 VAC 60Hz (3A), or  220 - 240 VAC 50Hz (1.5A)  Two 12V in series lead-acid batteries set  Charging capacity: 42AH Power Outputs Relays Output Internal power supply for  AMI User interface / Display  ALUs and Addressable Loop Circuits  NOUs and Notification Appliance Circuits  XNUs, External Network Circuits  ROUs Relay Output Circuit One auxiliary power supply  Non-Resettable/Resettable Power Output (configurable)  Power limited  24VDC  Output current: 500mA in normal standby, 1500mA in alarm  One programmable relay  4 non-programmable status relays  Status: Alarm, Supervisory, Trouble, Monitor  Form C Contact  Contact Rating: o 2A 125VAC o 2A 30VDC  Maximum Current: 2A per NAC circuit  Alarm Voltage: 24V nominal NetwRorekmCotiercCuoitm Circuits  Supports 4 Annunciators  Supervised wiring  Class A/Class B circuit Notification Appliance  4 Circuit per Panel Circuits  2 Amp per NAC  Supervised wiring  Synchronized Outputs  Bell code: Temporal Addressable Loop Circuits  Maximum Current (short): 0.4A  Class A/Class B circuit  252 addresses: detectors and modules max  Output voltage range: 20.4V ~ 28V  Normal standby current: 100mA / Alarm current: 220mA  Up to 4 loops per panel


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FireWatcher Control Panel Remote Annunciator - FW122 Up to 4 annunciators can be supported on the remote communication circuit, which requires an additional 24VDC auxiliary power supply. · Digital signal processor based design · UL / ULC Listed · Fully configurable from the panel with password protection. · Intuitive interface for system programming · High resolution 7” graphical display · Displays multiple events simultaneously


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Easily accessible, high quality silicone rubber keys, with robust tactile feel Signal Status LED LCD · Standby current: 96mA System Status LED Navigation and Enter · Alarm current: 160mA Buttons · Operating temperature: 32-120deg F (0-49deg C) · Relative humididty: Up to 93% at 90deg F · To be installed in normal indoor Functionality Buttons environment only


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FireWatcher Photo-electric Smoke Detector - FW511 Intelligent smoke detectors are the front line of detection in your building or facility. The FW511 addressable photo-electric smoke detector is not only cost effective, but is designed by the industries top engineers, and is one of the most reliable on the market. Effectiveness was our number one priority, but the FW511 has been designed with style in mind. It’s slim and pleasing design is easy to fit stylishly into any interior · UL 268 / ULC 529 · Addressable · Smoke sensitivity: 1.6% / ft – 2.3% / ft · Quick, dependable response to broad range of fires · Comprehensive self-diagnostics · Slim design - visually appealing


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FireWatcher Intelligent Heat Detector - FW521 Simultaneously detect fixed temperature and rate-of-rise Intelligent addressable heat detectors are vital for life safety, as often the heat from a fire can be detected before smoke buildup happens. This can give the few extra minutes needed to evacuate and save lives. Also very cost effective, the FW521 addressable detector is designed by the industries top engineers, and is one of the most reliable and versitile on the market offering both fixed temperature and rate-of-rise detection in a single unit. Similar to our Smoke Detector, the FW521 is designed with style in mind. It’s thin and stylish design is meant to fit into any building’s design. · UL521 / ULC S530 · Addressable · Fixed temperature and rate-of-rise · Comprehensive self-diagnostics · Slim design - visually appealing


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FireWatcher Horn/Strobe - FW971/962/982 FW982 Strobe FW971 Horn FW962 Strobe/Horn The FW962 Horn Strobe and FW982 Strobe are a family of multi-candela visual and/or audible signal appliances with light sources generated from white Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), listed according to UL 1971, UL 1638, UL 464, ULC-S525, and ULC-S526 for indoor use. The LED light source offers superior performance, including low power consumption and long operating life. Five levels of light output are selectable. The temporal tone generated by the horn portion is designed as per ANSI and NFPA72 for standard emergency evacuation signaling requirement. The (horn) strobe has the feature that can synchronize multiple horn and/or strobes in a complete fire alarm system. · Multi-Candela LED Strobe: 30, 50, 75, 110, 130, 160 · UL / ULC Listed · 97dB at 24VDC · One flash per second · NFPA72 and ANSI for evacuation signaling · Built-in synchronization · LED light source for low power consumption & long life -------- UL Limit (percent) -------- FW962/982 intensity (percent) Operating Voltage 16 to 33 VDC Operating Current @24VDC mA,RMS) 160cd 130cd 110cd 75cd 50cd 30cd FW962 162 129 87 59 52 35 FW982 152 128 92 55 49 30 Sound Level 85.6 at Reverberant (dBA) 97.2 Anechoic Lumière (cd) 160, 130, 110, 70, 50, 30 Operating Temperature 0° C to 49° C (32° F to 120° F) Operating Humidity Horn Pattern Strobe Pattern Wire Size Location Compatible Model 0 to 93% RH Temporal 3 1 flash per second 12 to 18 AWG Indoor walls FW951 Sync Module, FW106 FACP


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FireWatcher Manual Station - FW721 The FW721 has a simple double action that prevents accidental alarm activation, while providing a simple operation during emergency situations. In place of a pull handle, the FW721 is activated with a very easy to press push plate.We designed the FW721 to not only function well under pressure, but it’s rounded corners and color will give a more modern look inside your building. · UL38 / ULC S528 · Addressable · Double-Action · LED Indicator when activated · Key reset · Simple Push Button activation


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FireWatcher Input, I/O, Relay, Isolator & Sync Modules FW811/821/831/851/951 The FW811 input module monitors a single dry contact, and is a UL/ULC listed device according to UL864 and ULCS527 for fire protective signaling systems for indoor use. The input-output module FW821 is a UL / ULC listed device according to UL864 and ULC-S527 for fire protective signaling systems for indoor use. FW821 provides one 24VDC output and in addition monitoring for one feedback input contact. The relay module FW831 is a UL / ULC listed product according to UL864 and ULC-S527 for fire protective signaling systems for indoor use. FW831 provides two control relay outputs which will be activated simultaneously. The FW851 isolator module isolates the short point on the signaling line circuit (SLC). The internal relay will be triggered to cut down the line power where the short trouble is detected. UL / ULC listed. The FW951 Sync Module is a device designed with FW961/FW971/FW981 Horn and/or Strobe with a built-in synchronization circuit to synchronize multiple FW961s in a complete fire alarm system. UL / ULC listed. · Addressable · Alarm · Monitor · Supervisory · Trouble


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Address: 8866 Boul. du Quartier Brossard, QC, Canada J4Y 0R2 Website: Within Canada: 514-360-3732 Toll Free: 1-888-889-6465 Email:



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