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15th International Contemporary Art Fair Art Moscow September 21–25, 2011 Central House of Artists 10, Krymsky val, Moscow, Russia 15 Международная ярмарка современного искусства Арт Москва 21–25 сентября 2011 года Центральный

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am 2011 cover.qxd 09-sep-11 5:44 am page 1 art moscow art moscow 2011 typo graphic design art moscow 15th international art fair september 21­25 2011 central house of artists 10 krymsky val moscow russia 15 21­25 2011 10


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15 21­25 2011 ,10 15th international contemporary art fair art moscow september 21­25 2011 central house of artists 10 krymsky val moscow russia


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2 ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ the organizers are grateful for assistance in launching the project to ministry of culture of the russian federation the moscow city government the department of culture of the city of moscow regional public foundation of art projects support international confederation of union of artists central house of artists and personally mr a.a avdeev ­ minister of culture of russian federation mr a.e busygin ­ deputy minister of culture of the russian federation mrs m.u sparzhina ­ head of the fine arts division of contemporary art and international cultural relations department of ministry of culture of the russian federation mr r.c koloev ­ director of the department of cultural heritage and art of ministry of culture of the russian federation mrs y.e chukovskaya ­ state secretary/deputy minister of culture of the russian federation mr s.i khudyakov ­ head of the department of culture of the city of moscow mr a.i lazarev ­ first deputy head of the department of culture of the city of moscow mr m.m fatkulin ­ chairman of the international confederation of unions of artists mr m.i kurchitser ­ first deputy director of the central house of artists


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3 « » « » «» fineartway typo graphic design exhibition organizers central house of artists expo park exhibition projects director of expo park exhibition projects vassily bychkov fair director victoria kondrashova art director christina steinbrecher mantling company expoproject official forwarder fineartway catalogue typo graphic design


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4 15 dear friends on behalf of the ministry of culture of the russian federation i am delighted to send our best compliments to the organizers participants and guests of the 15th art moscow international art fair on the occasion of its opening over the 15 years of its exis tence art moscow has reached the status of one of the biggest and most signifi cant events in the country s cultural life it has successfully fulfilled the mission of develop ing the strategy of russia s art market and asserting its position within the global cul tural expanse there is no doubt that the jubilee fair will make the previous achieve ments even more evident i d like to note that not only art moscow is an efficient mechanism of creating a full fledged infrastructure of art business in russia it also per forms an important education al function reflecting the entire range of today s cultural trends in a most concentrated form it promotes the national art and raises interest to the current cultural developments i extend a warm welcome to the participants and organiz ers of the fair and wish that their cooperation in carrying out this highly promising and important event in russia s cultural life be most success ful and positive a.e busygin deputy minister of culture of the russian federation


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5 15 dear organizers participants and guests of the exhibition on behalf of the moscow city department of culture i am sending you our compliments on the opening of the 15th art moscow international art fair this year we are celebrating the anniversary of art moscow this event can be regarded as a definitive evi dence of the fact that since its inception the fair has reached a highest international status and has considerably affected the development and promotion of the contempo rary art art moscow has been playing a special role in the interaction of the business community and culture by pro moting the artistic awareness of today s russian society it is mostly due to art moscow that the art in all its diverse varieties is attract ing greater attention of collec tors both in russia and abroad traditionally the department of culture has supported the organization of art moscow fair and today we wish it every success and further prosperity s.i khudyakov head of the moscow city department of culture


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6 xl knoll gallery ­ rachael barrett 360 degrees haus der kulturen der welt 4 members of the expert council aidan salakhova aidan gallery moscow marat guelman permm museum of contemporary art perm elena selina xl gallery moscow hans knoll knoll gallery vienna ­ budapest rachael barrett 360 degrees london anne maier haus der kulturen der welt berlin main expert joseph backstein 4th moscow biennale of contemporary art artistic director


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special projects l etat des choses insight translate transcribe tajiks art l etat des choses contemporary art in pierre brochet collection insight jeff cowen translate transcribe artmoth vitas stasyunas parallax of good and evil struction art for millions cycle of performances by tajiks art


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8 l etat des choses ­ «new rules» l etat des choses favorite objects of the collector pierre christian brochet and fund «new rules» «new rules» « » « » «» e a recycle a «» societe generale societe generale organizer foundation «new rules» a collection of christian pierre brochet supported by rosbank ten years ago pierre christian brochet and nikolai palazhchenko opened the first exhibition of contemporary art from private collections at that time it became obvious that many people in russia support the development of the art market and promote the integration of russian artists in the world context since the exposure of private and corporate collections was one of the art moscow «trademark» collecting of contemporary art has become a widespread hobby during past time new private muse ums and foundations appeared collector actively supports young and emerging artists opens up new talents in the past three years pierre christian brochet noticed a new trend in contemporary art the creation of objects which are not painting and not sculpture not installation and not design this is something new these unusual objects make us have a new look on the concept of culture and propose us a new interpreta tion of three dimensional space and of a new concept of culture this exhibition presents some pieces made by well known artists and works of many young or novice but definitely very gifted and promising persons artists a salakhova e mikheeva t komova r tavasiev chernyshev a shulgin i gorshkov d teselkin n alexeev a brochet a zhelud art group recycle andrei blochin georgy kuznetsov a zhilyaev etc the exhibition is organized with the support of the «ros bank» ojsc jscb which is a part of an interna tional financial group societe generale the main direction of the sponsorship policy of rosbank is associated with contempo rary art for many years societe generale pays great attention to this area this interest is reflected in the creation of his own collection.


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2010 malevich tadjik annouchka brochet 2010 porcelain 2010 c brain for supermarket dmitry teselkin 2010 mixed media e 2010 c doll tumbler toy bombs evgeniya mikheeva tatyana komova 2010 mixed media


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10 jeff cowen 1966 1988 1992 c « » ­ art basel art cologne art fair photoespana arco madrid 51 2011 « » musees paris 2005­2011 1990­1995 2001­2006 2007­2010 jeff cowen in moscow jeff cowen was born in new york city in 1966 from 1988 to 1992 he worked as an assistant to larry clark and ralph gibson a time period that was of significant influ ence he also studied aca demic drawing and painting at the art students league of new york and the new york studio school he was award ed «university honors scholar» in oriental studies by new york university and attended waseda university in japan as part of his undergraduate studies cowen s murals are not only photographic but also painter ly cinematic and sculptural he uses a lengthy complex and highly detailed production process to create his large and powerful photo murals each of cowen s images are personally printed by the artist in his specially designed laboratory his subjects include street photography the female figure landscapes still lifes and abstraction his unique and timeless images grab the viewer s attention emotions and spirit immediately and keep unravel ing their mystery through the years he has had studios in new york city paris and presently in berlin his artworks are in public and private collections around the world he is repre sented by several leading art galleries and has shown in many of the major art fairs worldwide art basel art cologne art miami the la art fair photoespana art paris carrousel du louvre arco madrid art bologna his next exhibition will be in paris at gallery seine 51 in november 2011 five cata logues of his work have been published including a mono graph «jeff cowen» pub lished by paris musees he is currently finishing up his second monograph comprised of work from the years 2005­2011 his photos are washed according to museum quality standards and are all treated with the chemical selenium to ensure the greatest possible durability for his silver gelatin prints jeff cowen will be presented for the first time in russia during the art moscow fair with a selection from three periods of his work new york 1990­95 paris 2001­ 2006 berlin 2007­2010


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2 2006 127155 jeff cowen camille 2 diptych 2006 silver print 127155 cm 1 2007 175127 jeff cowen oxana 1 2007 silver print 175127 cm 1990 127x89 jeff cowen south bronx foto 1990 silver print 127x89 cm


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12 translate transcribe translate transcribe ­ translate transcribe translate transcribe systems house curator ian gonczarow in association with british higher school of art and design translate transcribe a title inspired by the almost univer sal act entered into by all artists the act of absorption and re distribution of ideas the sharing of information the passing on of tradition in this context the artists involved share a series of ideas that come explicitly from a contemporary western approach to art making translate transcribe will offer a focus on divergent art prac tices radical gestures and critical dialogue in both con tent and presentation translate transcribe exam ines our past our present and our future as a global commu nity of artists working ­ and art audiences looking ­ in con text of the current informa tion revolution artists roisin byrne adam thompson gorka mohamed benjamin jenner fiona curran darren banks trevor kiernander jason underhill systems house charlotte warne thomas james ferris sam adams leanne bell gonczarow ian gonczarow curator


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3 2011 200x180 ian gonczarow 3 strikes 2011 oil on canvas 200x180 cm 2009 roising byrn look what you made me do 2009 dimensions variable 2011 leanne bell gonczarow time is trickling here 2011 mixed media dimensions variable


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14 «» vitas stasyunas «artmol» « ­ 19 ­ » «if you think of a city as a packed stuffy wardrobe indis criminately holding modern western buildings like second hand novelties things which have lost any appropriate look ­ the 19th century buildings moth eaten khrushchev s era blocks and garages old under pants ­ brezhnev s microdis tricts using various dyes hemp ropes and hemp fiber i darn restore enrich with artistic value this superexpensive pathetic and dear heritage» vitas stasyunas 2011 vitas stasyunas capital repairs 2011



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