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agriculture and food industry 4 99 01-04.11 2011 this issue 1-4 2011 central asian international forum 1-4 november 2011 almaty kazakhstan food industry agriculture poultry animal farming and veterinary worldfood kazakhstan 2011 c 1 4 worldfood kazakhstan 2011 agroworld kazakhstan 2011 agrica 2011 «iteca» worldfood kazakhstan 14 « » «» 320 35 worldfood kazakhstan 2011 susta ­ c « » « worldfood kazakhstan 2011» 11 kazupack 2011 ­ « » 2 9 «» ii « » worldfood kazakhstan 2011 « » watertech central asia 2011 5 major specialists comment on industry issues 2-4 floorplan 6 almaty map 14 the coruscation of events at worldfood kazakhstan 2011 on 1-4 november leading food and agricultural professionals will be taking part in major forums to be held in almaty worldfood kazakhstan 2011 and agroworld kazakhstan 2011 exhibitions and agrica 2011 conference the events are organised by iteca exhibition company which brings together principal market players at worldfood kazakhstan and focuses on the most critical and interesting events in the food industry the 14th central asian food industry international exhibition will be held at atakent exhibition centre and present 320 companies from 35 countries many of them are first-timers and the number of companies from russia and belarus has duly increased traditionally the exhibition will feature contests tasting competitions workshops and roundtables which demonstrates the high professional level of the event national stands will be presented at the exhibition by france germany poland in addition the exhibitors at world food kazakhstan 2011 will include susta southern united states trade association and the embassies of norway and serbia which will present the main players in their markets according to akhmetzhan yesimov almaty city akim the exhibition is known to be a great tool to establish business partnerships and learn about efficient technologies and advanced experiences i hope that participants of this event will utilise this tool to the expected effect the annual forum is the biggest one in central asian countries and is known for exciting events for specialists this year s exhibition will have a traditional food and drink tasting competition the best products of worldfood kazakhstan 2011 workshops master classes and roundtables on pressing issues facing the industry the kazupack 2011 packaging printing exhibition is held in pavilion 11 simultaneously with the food projects it will feature package equipment and packaging companies which is a critical and integral part of any food production process apart from that on 2 november pavilion 9 of atakent exhibition centre will be hosting the 2nd international conference of kazakhstan packers its topic is upgrading the packing industry in kazakhstan the role of the packing industry in shaping a sustainable development model the event is co-organised by the kazakhstan association of packers this year industry professionals will also be able to visit watertech central asia 2011 which is being alongside world food kazakhstan 2011 continued on page 5


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2 asylzhan mamytbekov minister of agriculture of the republic of kazakhstan 20 1999 23 2010 1,6 051 « » 2006 40 2011 60 360 2006 78 19 2003 20042010 2010 2004 1409 25 56 2002-2010 « » 29 42 kazakhstan s agricultural sector is competitive 2010 10 8 60 «» 2010 1,4 3,5 2000 10 10 10 5 16,5 ­ 14,5 10 3 3 2006-2010 17,0 2,4 2001-2005 16,4 2006 2010 3,3 2010 7,8 75 2001-2005 3,3 2007-2010 66,6 2007-2010 18,8 10 8-10 109 2010 810,8 3,2 2001 252,1 2010 2001 13,5 2,7 10,4 474,1 41,2 4,7 7 2,7 2,1 10,8 18,4 66,4 37,8 2003 35,4 140,49 4 971,64 2010 228 4 971,64 2001 140,49 2006 2011 2011 11,6 70 17,2 25 2007 30,5 3,7 2010 « «» 88,2 78 ­ 12 8 « » 18000 10 40 ,


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a special issue devoted to exhibition 3 finally it should be noted that in general government support for the agricultural sector over the years of independence has created the necessary conditions for the development of efficient and competitive agricultural production import substitution export opportunities and improved living standards and welfare of the rural population in general how can the pace of agricultural development in 2011 be characterised in 2011 considerable attention was paid to the development of crop production in particular humidity and resource saving technologies were widely used the area of grain crop cultivation with the use of such technologies amounted to 11.6 million hectares this is 70 of the total grain crop sowing area agricultural crops using drip irrigation this year are to be cultivated within an area of 17,200 hectares which is 25 times more than in 2007 the ministry of agriculture is taking measures to develop financial support and lending to agricultural production this year in order to subsidise the crop growing industry funds were allocated amounting to kzt 30.5 billion which is an increase of kzt 3.7 billion against 2010 in addition to support agricultural entities kzt 88.2 billion has been allocated from the national budget and from other sources of kazagro national managing holding including kzt 78 billion of budget funds whereas the effective interest rate has been lowered from 12 to 8 per annum in order to develop the livestock breeding system a number of measures are being implemented to improve the legislative framework and reduce administrative barriers and the influence of the government on the regulation of the breeding business particular attention is being paid to the development of beef cattle breeding and forage production and to the recovery of pastures and pasture stockwater development the criteria for cattle fattening were amended with due account of the priority of industrial fattening subsidies for the use of coarse and succulent fodder have been introduced subsidising is now practiced in domestic and imported cattle purchases on a per-head basis instead of the per-weight-unit basis that was previously used subsidies for cattle selection and breeding are due to take effect after the adoption of amendments to the law on livestock breeding this year construction of fattening feedlots for 18,000 cattle is scheduled and the purchase of 10,000 heads of foreign breed meat-type cattle is planned a network of farms will be created with the acquisition of 40,000 heads of breeding stock the development of sheep breeding is of great economic interest it is regarded as a major source of foreign exchange earnings from exports of wool and products from its processing also important is the restoration and development of the raw materials base for existing industrial enterprises specialising in processing wool fur sheepskin hides and raw hides and making rugs and other products this in turn will strengthen regional economies and boost light industry in addition in order to maximise the coverage by subsidies of wool producers the criteria applied to subsidy programme participants were revised this year thus the requirement as to the numbers of fine-wool sheep breeding stock owned decreased from 1,000 to 600 heads in order to support the production of poultry meat in 2011 the funds allocated from the national budget to reduce the cost of compound feeds for poultry production were increased today the funds are kzt 5,723.2 million for poultry meat and kzt 3,879.1 million for commodity eggs how would you assess the level and effectiveness of worldfood kazakhstan and agroworld kazakhstan we consider exhibitions and fairs firstly as an important area of international cooperation which on the one hand demonstrate the best domestic achievements and on the other present the best examples of foreign goods and services one must say unequivocally that without such sharing of achievements progress would be difficult and slow the development of the exhibition industry is an important lever to promote globalisation both vertically and horizontally therefore the organisation of such exhibitions promotes the expansion and deepening of economic relations between countries penetration into one another s markets the establishment of joint ventures and in general the transnationalisation of business activities i am confident that the exhibition will positively affect the development of this industry and will provide exhibitors and visitors with an excellent opportunity to communicate and discuss in a business-like and constructive manner the development of the market for agricultural and food industry products i hope that thanks to the exhibition the visitors and exhibitors will discover new prospects for wide-ranging and effective cooperation i wish all the participants in the event success in expanding contacts establishing mutually beneficial cooperation and strengthening business relations for the development of the agricultural and food industry in our country 1 000 600 2011 5 723,2 3 879,1 worldfood kazakhstan agroworld kazakhstan ­ ­ mr mamytbekov over the 20 years of independence kazakhstan has become a state with a developed economy and industry what are the country s achievements in agriculture and the food industry today as you know over the past 20 years the agricultural industry and the entire country s economy have undergone significant changes agriculture overcame the peak of production decline which occurred during the economy s transition stage and since 1999 the agricultural sector has been developing at a steady pace this has been facilitated to large extent by the agricultural policy pursued by the government the amount of government support to the agricultural industry over the past decade alone grew by 23 times reaching about usd 1.6 billion in 2010 considerable work has been done to develop a marketoriented legal framework for the agricultural industry a special place in this respect is attributed to the adoption of the land water and forest codes as creating entirely new conditions for the development of private initiative and enabling farmers to share the responsibility for use of natural resources with the government the mechanisms of government support to the agricultural sector have been significantly altered due to this the inflow of investment into agricultural fixed capital in 2010 over the 10-year-period increased eightfold while the share of private investment in the total amounted to more than 60 as part of government lending programmes for the agricultural industry a system of financial instruments was configured and tailored to the needs of agricultural producers the leading role in implementing them was allocated to kazagro national managing holding all this enabled us to achieve some success and to stabilise the situation in the domestic market in particular the volume of gross agricultural output in 2010 reached kzt 1.4 trillion which is 3.5 times more than in 2000 over the past 10 years the livestock industry was characterised by positive growth dynamics both in the numbers of farm animals and poultry and in the output of products to this end the legislative basis was created for the development of this industry under market economy conditions and all major basic legislative and regulatory acts were adopted to regulate relations in this sphere also the volumes of financial resources for government support of the livestock breeding industry were boosted its main trends were developed and mechanisms for its implementation were introduced during these years the amount of government support increased more than tenfold currently selection and breeding work is supported by the government by way of reducing the cost of breeding products a portion of the costs for livestock production is subsidised for entities having pedigree cattle higher standards have been established for subsidising their sales of products over the past decade the annual growth of the livestock and poultry headcount and that of livestock products averaged about 5 the measures taken to diversify the crop growing industry helped to stabilise the crop acreage of grain crops at a level of 16.5 million hectares including 14.5 million hectares of wheat exports of agricultural products and of processed products over the decade increased threefold and with regards to flour exports over these past four years we have held the leading position in the world annually exporting nearly 3 million tonnes of flour in grain equivalent over the past five years 2006-2010 the average annual grain production amounted to 17.0 million tonnes which is 2.4 million tonnes more than in the previous five years 20012005 in percentage terms the increase is 16.4 almost the entire cycle of production of major agricultural crops is covered with government support using funds from the national budget steps are being taken to support production of priority agricultural crops plant breeding variety testing and seed growing government support is also aimed at plant protection and quarantine and at reducing the costs of diesel fuel mineral fertilisers seed disinfectants herbicides and services for irrigation water delivery in 2006-2010 the average annual export volume of grain including flour in grain equivalent increased by 3.3 million tonnes in 2010 this figure amounted to about 7.8 million tonnes which is 75 above the level of the previous five years 2001-2005 the revenue from the sale of grain and flour for export increased 3.3 times in recent years work has been done to increase the acreage of forage crops and forage production as part of a subsidy programme to increase the yield and quality of crop production in plant breeding kzt 66.6 billion was allocated from the national budget for 2007-2010 this measure enabled the provision of agricultural technology for the production cycle of priority crops in 2007-2010 over an average area of 18.8 million hectares annually significant structural changes have taken place in the food industry which have determined the future course and dynamics of its development in just over 10 years the average annual growth rate amounted to about 8-10 thus enabling us to greatly increase the proportion of essential food commodities in the domestic market according to the statistics agency of the republic of kazakhstan during the years of independence the average annual growth in food product output amounted to 109 in 2010 the food industry production output reached kzt 810.8 billion which is 3.2 times higher than the 2001 level 252.1 billion with the increase in production exports of domestic products have grown too summarising the results of 2010 exports of products from the agricultural processing industry compared with 2001 increased several times over and in particular flour ­ by 13.5 times sausage goods ­ by 2.7 times liquid processed milk and cream ­ by 10.4 times condensed milk and cream ­ by 474.1 times vegetable oil ­ by 41.2 times sugar ­ by 4,700 times rice ­ by 7 times pasta and macaroni ­ by 2.7 times juices ­ by 2.1 times margarine ­ by 10.8 times cheeses and curd ­ by 18.4 cereals ­ by 66.4 and biscuits ­ by 37.8 in order to support the development of processing businesses from 2003 onwards fiscal programmes were implemented to compensate for interest rates on loans borrowed to replenish fixed and working capitals the volumes of assignments for the implementation of this programme over eight years increased by more than 35.4 times from kzt 140.49 million to kzt 4,971.64 million thus in 2010 subsidies were granted to 228 processing businesses in the country totalling kzt 4,971.64 in 2001 this figure was only kzt 140.49 million with a view to improving the competitiveness of domestic products and ensuring access to foreign markets work to convert to international standards has been in progress at food and food processing facilities since 2006 to encourage companies the budget programme 051 subsidies for the development of agricultural product output management systems was adopted under this programme in 2006 grants totalling kzt 40 million were made in 2011 this amount reached kzt 60 million as a result to date 360 companies have introduced iso and haccp international standards in 2006 the figure was only 78 also according to the technical regulations development plan to date 19 technical regulations for agricultural products have been developed and approved by the government of the republic of kazakhstan the implementation of the government programme for rural area development in kazakhstan for 2004-2010 approved in 2003 provided for significant improvement in the living conditions of rural communities thus the number of rural communities with high development potential in the country in 2010 compared with 2004 increased by 1,409 units while the number of people living in them increased from 25 to 56 to address the issue of providing the country s population with drinking water during the period 2002-2010 the drinking water programme was implemented which enabled an increase in the proportion of rural settlements with centralised water supply from 29 to 42


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4 « «» berik beisengaliyev chairman of the board kazagro national managing holding jsc 2011 2014 2 last year for the first time ever in kazakhstan a pilot project was launched in cooperation with us partners to establish cattle breeding and reproducing farms and feedlots within the project pure-bred breeding cattle of the hereford and angus meat breeds were imported into akmola oblast from north dakota usa which is similar to north kazakhstan in natural climatic conditions the so-called cold method of livestock management is used at the site i.e the animals are kept in the open air on free range sites all year round no construction of capital intensive facilities is envisaged except for light sheds and calving pens providing protection against winds labour productivity in dairy farms using old technologies featuring leashed keeping unproductive cattle yielding up to 3,000 kg of milk per year and non-balanced feeding is up to usd 3,000 whereas commercial dairy farm projects financed by the holding use advanced technologies loose keeping high-yield cattle breeds and well-balanced feeding rations which increases their labour productivity to usd 20,000 the situation is similar with greenhouse construction projects vegetables are grown in substrates with the use of climate-control inter-planting and supplementary lighting which increases labour productivity from usd 4,000 using old technologies to usd 27,500 work is in progress to introduce resource-saving technologies into the crop growing industry the main resource-saving technologies funded by the holding are drip irrigation systems and zero soil tillage technology no-till state-of-the art technologies in agriculture « » 3000 3 000 20 4 27,5 «no-till» «no-till» «» 158 136 66 ­ 3040 30 14 42 worldfood kazakhstan agroworldkazakhstan ­ worldfood kazakhstan agroworldkazakhstan 300 mr beisengaliyev what are interesting aspects of 2011 in terms of the innovative development of agriculture in the country in his address to the people of kazakhstan the head of state spoke of the need to increase productivity in the agricultural sector twofold by the year 2014 there is only one way to fulfil this task through the technical and technological modernisation of production processes and introduction of new technologies and innovations when attracting borrowers selecting applications and funding projects the holding s group of companies pays special attention to the use of advanced design technologies and solutions in such projects the increased production of fruit and vegetables using drip irrigation technology ensures optimal water-air balance of soil and water savings and yields to be raised on open grounds two to three times over no-till technology or direct sowing provides such advantages as increased moisture retention reduced soil erosion lower fuel costs less equipment use and fewer passes through fields reduced numbers of operations preservation of macro and micro faunas of soil and stabilised yields for many years what tasks does kazagro intend to undertake in the near future to create favourable conditions for the development of the agricultural industry in kazakhstan today through funding from the budget our own funds extra-budgetary funds and financing from the national fund the holding is implementing 158 investment projects totalling over kzt 136 billion this year 66 projects funded by holding subsidiaries are to be put into operation these include crop breeding livestock breeding agricultural product processing infrastructure development construction and modernisation of vegetable stores and granaries and other projects putting the projects into operation will reduce import dependence and saturate the domestic market with food products produced in kazakhstan as a results of the implementation of the investment programme plans are in place to reduce the annual deficit in greenhouse vegetables by 30-40 in the off-season satisfy the need for vegetable storehouses by 30 reduce the dairy industry s dependence on imported raw materials by 14 and reduce dependence on imported poultry meat by 42 how effective are world food kazakhstan and agroworld kazakhstan as a tool to attract new investment and technology to the domestic market i believe that the best proof of the effectiveness of any event is its popularity world food kazakhstan and agroworld kazakhstan are well-known international projects which not for the first year will bring together about 300 companies from around the world and attract trade visitors they are leading exhibitions in the agrarian market i am confident that by taking part in the exhibitions many of our partners will gain additional opportunities to present their products meet with potential customers and dealers conclude deals and strengthen their positions in the market.


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a special issue devoted to exhibition 5 agroworld kazakhstan 10 «» agrica 3 « » food agro iteca « » « » agrica 2011 « » « «» agroworld kazakhstan agrica « » «» agroworld kazakhstan 2011 70 18 agroworld kazakhstan 2011 ­ 38 6 222,5 82 36 6 17 25.700 280 2007 « » 2010 +7 727 321 88 90 111 +7 701 797 27 34 e-mail web a business forum for agrarians the agroworld kazakhstan agricultural exhibition will be held in pavilion 10 at atakent exhibition centre and the agrica conference will take place on 3 november in the same venue the unique format of a unified information and exhibition area offers new opportunities to promote innovative products for agriculture attracts leading suppliers of new technologies and equipment and offers an opportunity to learn other countries experience in livestock and poultry breeding said tatyana shaposhnikova food agro project director iteca as a reminder when meeting agricultural producers in kostanai oblast president nursultan nazarbayev gave specific data and set the goal we need to turn to cattle farming taking the president s assignment into account poultry farming veterinary medicine and cattle breeding in central asia will become a key topic at the agrica 2011 conference a representative from kazagro national managing holding will make a report on development of the cattle meat export potential agroworld kazakhstan and agrica are sponsored by technokaz elmi and kormovik agroworld kazakhstan 2011 exhibitors include about 70 companies from 18 countries austria belarus belgium canada china denmark france germany italy iran kazakhstan netherlands russia serbia s.korea spain turkey and ukraine the french national stand will present the country s latest developments and technologies exhibitors also include leading companies involved in manufacture and selling of agricultural machinery agricultural chemicals greenhouses research and development in the area of poultry farming cattle breeding veterinary medicine fodder additives etc agroworld kazakhstan 2011 demonstrates innovative solutions in agriculture and its technical and veterinary support the exhibition will present meat-packing and poultry keeping equipment from austria france italy kazakhstan netherlands and spain waste treatment technologies from denmark grain elevators and feed-milling plants from germany irrigation systems from italy animal feed developments from spain etc apart from feed supplements and veterinary products for poultry farming and cattle breeding local companies will demonstrate fully integrated buildings for agriculture a company from serbia will present its experiences in gardening and viticulture turkish firms will present agricultural machinery and new veterinary items companies from russia have a rather broad representation ­ they will demonstrate feed additives soybean meal fish meal fruit and vegetable store cellars feed production machinery mixed feed equipment companies involved in turkey farming and genetics as well as poultry farms the share of agriculture in the annual national income of kazakhstan is 38 per cent a mere 6 of total manpower is used in agriculture this is a very good indicator as it shows that agriculture in kazakhstan is extensively mechanised crop areas in kazakhstan total 222.5 million hectares and 82 of all lands are used for agricultural use over 36 million hectares are plough lands and thanks to it kazakhstan holds the 6th place in the world the organisers wish everyone to enjoy a successful work!


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6 11-60 11-152 11-139 11-124 11-101 11-11a 11-155 11-00 11-155a 11-124 11-76 11-06 11-77 11-05 11-164 11-125 11-36 11-85 11-11 11-109 11-125 11-55 11-47 11-04 11-08 11-141 11-142 11-133 11-184 11-127 11-150 11-74 11-83 11-121 canastra inc costa sweetmachines mado maschinenfabrik dornhan gmbh mgt process ltd miwe too panel sistem sogutma san ve tic a.s pss svidnik a.s revent praha s.r.o j rettenmaier sÖhne cryovac steelmaster technoservice plus tipper tie technopack gmbh tulip international floorplans 11-41 11-46 mediasystem nomad horeca horeca magazine 11-65 11-92 11-95 11-40 11-47 raspak llc rogachev tinned dairy industrial complex ojsc 11-120 ruta 11-129 scandinavian tobacco group 11-145 serbia investment and export promotion agency siepa 11-153 sher inc ltd 11-153 shumkar ykkf jsc 11-72 skopinskiy meat processing plant llc 11-38 skorovar 11-170 spomlek dairy co-operative 11-53 tata global beverages overseas limited 11-52 tosti i.v.i spa 11-168 trade and investment promotion section in the embassy of the republic of poland 11-153 ie tuuganbaev 11-170 unico 11-99 usa poultry egg export council 11-120 vilniaus degtine 11-140 vitmark-ukraine llc 11-120 volfas engelman 11-30 woc aktau llp 11-89 yichang tianyuan canned food co ltd 11-31 zapsibcola llc 11-111 zlak cjsc worldfoodtech 11-152 adepta 11-01 association ofthe german trade fair industry auma 11-170 atc obr 11-00 banss germany meat technologies 11-00 bayha strackbein gmbh 11-60 canastra inc 11-152 clextral 11-101 costa sweetmachines 11-07 csb-system ag 11-149 danube international 11-148 demarle sas 11-160 destila 11-00 dorit-dft fleischereimaschinen gmbh 11-10 emf lebensmitteltechnikanlagenbau gmbh 11-156 favourite techno 11-167 11-86 filiale der festo ges.m.b.h 11-188 frau impianti spa 11-166 gama plawgo@zawisza sp.j 11-75 global meat kft 11-00 heinrich frey maschinenbau gmbh 11-123 holodom-import ltd 11-106 huajing glass co ltd china 11-02 k+s kali gmbh 11-125 kaztechnologypak ltd 11-139 ump kompo 11-124 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kublei ltd 11-37 kulikov co llp 11-136 the kuwaiti danish dairy company 11-151 tiraspol winery distillery kvint 11-170 lactex co ltd 11-170 lactima ltd 11-170 fruit vegetables processing plant lubawa 11-20 malaysian cocoa board 11-26 medovy dom 11-137 minusinskaya konditerskaya fabrika 11-165 missfoods 11-170 nero ltd 11-81 nipa trading importexport s.l 11-24 nokchawon co ltd 11-82 norway pelagic as 11-82 norwegian seafood export council 11-153 nuristan ltd 11-153 ocko ltd 11-10a paccor turkey 11-157 padovani s.r.l 11-107 petrovskie nivy 11-170 polish information and foreign investment agency 11-169 polish meat concern duda 11-17 pulviver egg powders 11-78 rana tarim hayvancilik san ve tc ltd.t agroworld 10-222 10-230 10-232 agroexim d.o.o 10-227 10-216 ite group plc iteca 10-242 arvi kalkautai 10-242 arvi cukrus 10-242 arvi fertis 10-206 10-227 10-243 10-214 brodhan agro equipment bv 10-218 10-236 too 10-217 10-208 10-235 gea grasso international b.v 10-213 10-219 youngsan kazakhstan 10-224 10-212 10-235 c.illies co handelsgesellschaft mbh 10-238 10-209a 10-205 10-227 10-210 kst-water 10-203 10-235 marel stork poultry processing bv 10-242 marijampols pasarai kxo 10-233 10-228 10-235 petkus technologie gmbh 10-201 10-221 10-211 pst co 10-237 10-209 redox water technology b.v 10-247 s a 10-204 10-200 sezer tarim ltd t 10-244 10-241 10-207 10-229 10-245 10-240 formica 10-226 10-235 10-220 schlumberger water services 10-202 10-201 list of exhibitors agroworld 10-227 adepta 10-232 agroexim d.o.o 10-222 agrovo 10-228 alltech 10-242 csc arvi cukrus 10-242 csc arvi fertis 10-242 csc arvi kalakutai lp 10-206 belagro trade house llc 10-227 bretagne international 10-214 brodhan agro equipment bv 10-243 brovapharma ltd 10-235 c.illies co handelsgesellschaft mbh 10-244 celtic cooling 10-202 eikos company ltd 10-240 lp formica 10-226 france terre d elevage 10-235 gea grasso international b.v 10-235 haarslev industries /s 10-238 infrost 10-216 ite group plc iteca llp 10-224 jakko 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p. 7

a special issue devoted to exhibition 7 for the attention of kazakhstani businesses and business associations 2 2011 «worldfood kazakhstan 2011» «kaznex invest» « » holiday inn +7 7172 79 93 93 1045 on 2 november 2011 as part of world food kazakhstan 2011 kaznex invest the national agency for export and investment under the ministry of industry and new technologies of kazakhstan will hold a meeting of vendors and buyers to promote the export of kazakhstani products to foreign markets the meeting which will be held at the holiday inn hotel will feature a business forum bilateral meetings between kazakhstani and foreign businesses and a presentation of products made by kazakhstani companies all those wanting to develop their commercial relationships with foreign countries are welcome to take part in the event to confirm your participation please fill in the application form on www should you have any questions please call +7 7172 79 93 93 ext 1045 «» 11 11-95 10:00 18:00 11:00 1 exhibition programme seminar room pavilion #11 stand 11-95 atakent exhibition centre 1 november tuesday 10:00 18:00 exhibiting hours day one 11:00 10 «» » 11-95 11 » 11-95 11 9 » b2b c «» kaznex holiday inn «» «holiday inn» agrica 2011 « » «» « » «» «» «» 3 2 14:00 ­ 15:00 « official exhibition opening ceremony venue entrance to pavilion 10 atakent exhibition centre work-shop «development of professional potential in water service industry» organiser the center cooperation for sustainable development of the republic of kazakhstan and kazakhstan-german university venue work-shop room 11-95 stand pavilion 11 free attendance work-shop «import of meat and diary product into kazakhstan» speaker meat and diary union of kazakhstan venue work-shop room 11-95 stand pavilion 11 free attendance 14:00 ­ 15:00 15:30 ­ 16:30 « 15:30 ­ 16:30 10:00 18:00 10:00 ­ 15:00 2 november wednesday 10:00 18:00 exhibiting hours day two 10:00 ­ 15:00 10:00 ­ 17:00 « kazakhstan packaging association conference venue work-shop room pavilion 9 fee-based attendance buyers sellers meeting b2b matchmaking of kazakhstan food producers with foreign buyers organisers iteca llc and kaznex venue conference hall holiday inn hotel free attendance free shuttle buses atakent-holiday inn are available at the main entrance of the exhibition centre 10:00 ­ 17:00 10:00 18:00 3 november thursday 10:00 18:00 exhibiting hours day three 10:00 ­ 18:00 iteca exhibition news 4 99 «iteca» «iteca» 050057 42 +7 727 2583437 34 +7 727 2583444 10:00 ­ 18:00 central-asian international agricultural conference agrica 2011 ­ «poultry animal farming and veterinary in central asia» organiser iteca llc sponsors technokaz elmi and kormovik venue reception house bachasaray pushkin hall fee-based attendance «luxe media group» 050050 4 7 727 2333173 183 e-mail 5624 18 2005 iteca exhibition news 10:00 16:00 4 4 november friday 10:00 16:00 exhibiting hours final day please note · the current programme is not complete as numerous presentations and other promotional activities are held directly at exhibitors stands · the current programme is subject to amendments and additions · · .


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