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microsoft access 2010 product guide


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access 2010 an overview 1 access 2010 at-a-glance 2 get easier access to the right tools at the right time 2 build your databases faster and easier than ever before 2 create impactful forms and reports 3 add automation and complex expressions more intuitively 3 obtain a centralized landing pad for your data 4 access your database in new ways 5 access 2010 a closer look 6 ribbon improved 6 microsoft office backstage view new 7 pre-built database templates improved 9 application parts new 10 table tools improved 11 quick start fields new 11 layout view improved 12 navigation form new 13 image gallery new 15 conditional formatting rules manager improved 16 data bars new 16 office themes new 17 web browser control new 19 expression builder improved 19 calculated field new 21 macro designer improved 21 data macros new 21 linking importing and collecting data improved 23


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web services connection and support for microsoft sharepoint 2010 business connectivity services bcs new 24 trusted documents new 24 language tools improved 25 web database new 26 compatibility checker new 27 data caching and synchronization improved 28 microsoft sharepoint online 28 conclusion 29 where to find it 30 version comparison 35 access 2010 faq 42 feature availability disclosure 50 microsoft sharepoint online 50 links provided in this product guide 50 general 50


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microsoft® access® 2010 is all about simplicity with ready-to-go templates that get you started and powerful tools that stay relevant as your data grows access empowers you to make the most of your information even if you re not a database expert with few barriers and a small learning curve with seamless connections to variety of data sources along with tools to help you collect your information collaboration happens the way it should no expensive backend required access 2010 amplifies the power of your data by making it easier to track report and share with others newly added web databases enable you to publish databases to newly added access services in microsoft sharepoint® server 2010 and share them across your organization.1 your data can have enhanced protection to help meet data compliance backup and audit requirements providing you increased agility and manageability with web databases your information will never be further away than your closest web browser.2 whether you re a large corporation small business owner non-profit organization or if even you re looking for efficient ways to manage your personal information access 2010 makes it easier to get what you need done quickly with greater flexibility and with better results welcome to access 2010 our most powerful and intuitive version yet 1 2 this feature requires microsoft sharepoint server 2010 and access services must be enabled an appropriate device internet connection and supported windows® internet explorer® 7 for windows safari 4 or later for mac and firefox 3.5 or later for windows mac or linux browser are required 1


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take a glance at how access 2010 is designed to give you the best productivity experience across your pc and browser get a closer look at the new and improved features in the sections that follow today databases are used for a variety of tasks such as asset tracking and inventory management along with maintaining information for business and personal contacts or student records your needs for data management may be increasing but there s no need to outsource and hire a consultant to meet them with access 2010 you don t need to be a database expert to make the most of your information new templates and design tools have been added and long-time favorites have been enhanced to help you easily create powerful and robust databases it s a snap to immediately start collecting and analyzing information as soon as you need it get easier access to the right tools at the right time new and improved features can help you be more productive but only if you can find them when you need them fortunately the enhanced customizable ribbon in access 2010 makes it easy to uncover more commands so you can focus on the end product not how to get there want an easier time managing your database wishing for a faster more direct route for publishing your database or perhaps you need an easier way to save your database in another format the new microsoft office backstagetm view can help you achieve all of this and more you can now more easily share publish and customize your access 2010 experience all from one convenient location build your databases faster and easier than ever before forget the learning curve out-of-the box templates and reusable components make access 2010 the fastest simplest database solution available get started in just in just a few clicks find new pre-built templates you can start using without customization or select templates created by your peers in the access online community and customize them to meet your needs 2


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build your databases with new modular components new application parts enable you to add a set of common access components such as a table and form for task management to your database in a few simple clicks you can also add groups of frequently used fields to your tables using new quick start fields database navigation is now simplified create navigation forms and make your frequently used forms and reports more accessible without writing any code or logic create impactful forms and reports no matter what type of information you work with you want to have tools at your disposal to add greater visibility to your data and create polished and professional forms and reports whether it s an inventory of your assets or customer sales database access 2010 brings the innovative tools you d expect from microsoft office and enables you to bring your ideas to life easily spot trends and add emphasis to your data conditional formatting now supports data bars gradient fills make it easier to add greater visibility to your values to help you make better decisions and you can now manage your conditional formatting rules from a single intuitive view create polished and professional-looking databases with coordinating tables forms and reports the addition of office themes in access 2010 gives you the ability to modify the formatting for numerous database objects in just a couple clicks saving you valuable design time bring the web into your database with the new web browser control you can add dynamic web content to your forms and retrieve data stored on the web when you want it and when you need it add automation and complex expressions more intuitively if you need a more robust database design such as preventing record deletion if a specific condition is met or if you need to create calculations to forecast your budget access 2010 empowers you to be your own developer simplified and easy-to-use tools help you accomplish these types of tasks even if you consider yourself a database novice build your expressions and formulas with ease the enhanced expression builder greatly simplifies your expression building experience with intellisense® reduce errors spend less 3


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time memorizing expression names and syntax and spend more time focusing on building your database effortlessly add automation to your database with the revamped macro designer it s now even easier for you to add basic logic to your database if you re an experienced access user you ll find the enhancements are more intuitive for creating complex logic and enable you to extend your database application store your logic in a single location use new data macros to attach logic to your data centralizing the logic on the table not the objects that update your data many databases use data from a variety of sources and are updated and utilized by multiple people you might work with a team or you may need to collect your data from others in either instance you want to focus on the task as opposed to the processes that make sharing easy and convenient access 2010 provides new and enhanced features for working collaboratively and utilizing data from other sources obtain a centralized landing pad for your data access 2010 offers easy ways to bring your data together and help increase work quality new technologies help break down barriers so you can share and work together on your databases making you or your team more efficient and productive use data from a variety of sources in your reports import and link data from a broad range of other external sources or collect and update your data via e-mail connect to data on the web include web services and line-of-business applications data right in the applications you build and connect to data sources via web services protocol collaborate with others more easily trusting your databases is now simplified easily trust your databases and those created by others using the new trusted documents feature break down language barriers find improved language tools and the ability to set your language preferences without leaving access 4


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this release goes beyond storing only your data in sharepoint server you can now move your entire application to sharepoint server 2010 including tables queries forms reports and logic access your application when you want and where you want virtually anywhere there s a web browser.3 now it s easier than ever to manage the editing sharing and publishing of your databases through a web interface access your database in new ways the web enables users to transcend communication barriers collaborate with people throughout the world in near real-time and store your vital information in a centralized location so you have access to it whenever and wherever and now in access 2010 using newly added access services on sharepoint server 2010 you can make your databases available on the web through new web databases start collaborating right away post your web databases online and then access view and edit them from the web users without an access client can open web forms and reports via a browser and changes are automatically synchronized don t have sharepoint server 2010 no problem microsoft offers hosted sharepoint solutions on a subscription basis as part of its microsoft sharepoint online service that you can use to publish your web database or take advantage of other sharepoint features.4 3 supported browsers include windows internet explorer 7 for windows safari 4 or later for mac and firefox 3.5 or later for windows mac or linux 4 support for access services on microsoft sharepoint online is scheduled to begin in the second half of calendar year 2010 5


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explore new ways access 2010 can help you get things done whether you re working on your ideas on your own together or on the go get easier access to the right tools at the right time ribbon improved locate the commands you need when you want them and where you want them the improved ribbon available across the office 2010 applications makes it easy to uncover more commands so you can focus on the end product rather than how to get there the ribbon replaces the traditional menus and toolbars to give you a more customized work experience it s designed to help you discover more commands and use the full range of features that access provides so that you can get more done in less time customize or create your own tabs on the ribbon to personalize the access 2010 experience to your work style the standard tabs you see on the ribbon are organized to display commands relevant to a given task so that you can find what you need more quickly the ribbon also provides contextual tabs to give you exactly the tools you need when you need them for example when you are designing a report contextual tabs appear on the ribbon that provides the tools you need as shown in figure 1 6


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figure 1 ­ contextual tools appear automatically such as when designing a report microsoft office backstage view new on the left edge of the ribbon you see the file tab just click that tab for an all-access pass that makes it easier than ever to manage your files and customize your access experience the new backstage view replaces the traditional file menu to provide a single location for your database tasks for example on the save publish tab shown in figure 2 you can save a copy of your database as a database template for efficient reuse publish your database to sharepoint 2010 via newly added access services to make it available through a web browser and more 7


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figure 2 ­ the share publish tab in backstage view provides a central location for managing your database file backstage view is extensible for businesses it can incorporate work and information flows from other systems and highlight them right within the most useful microsoft office application for example backstage view lets you bring those back-end accounting workflows right into access 2010 quick tip check out the recent tab in backstage view for a list of recently accessed files pin files to that tab to move them to the top and keep them easily accessible in addition you can remove a recently used database by right-clicking the list item and then clicking remove from list 8


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build your databases faster and easier than ever before pre-built database templates improved get started quickly with pre-built templates in access 2010 there are database templates you can use as a starting point or customize them to meet to your needs this helps ensure your application has been built correctly and optimized for reuse across your organization templates designed with you in mind whether you re a large corporation small business owner non-profit organization or if even you re looking for efficient ways to manage your personal information with access 2010 you ll find a variety of database templates to help get you started from event organization sales and marketing projects to tracking students faculty or charitable contributions access helps you bring your ideas to life figure 3 ­ use a pre-built template and quickly create a database for a specific task turn to your peers for inspiration start with a database template from the access online community choose from built-in template categories such as assets contacts projects or non-profit or search for more template solutions without leaving access you ll even find sample templates to help you with specific database tasks quick tip promote yourself by creating a database template and share it with the access online community click the file tab to open backstage view click save publish and then save your database as a template file type include a name for your database a description an application icon a preview image even include sample data 9


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application parts new application parts simplify your database creation by enabling you to add common components such as all of the tables forms and reports you need for tracking contacts across your databases or organization in just a few clicks save time and effort by re-using database parts built by others for your database package your own common database parts and reuse them across your databases and your organization figure 4 ­ add application parts comprised of multiple components or select a blank form layout quick tip to add a custom application part to the application parts gallery in backstage view on the save publish tab save your database as a template file type find the application part option in the create new template from this database dialog box 10


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table tools improved enhanced table tools simplify table creation and modification by bringing you additional options in an easy-to-use view the enhanced datasheet view of your table exposes even more field and table options enabling you to easily find settings that were once buried away figure 5 ­ enhanced table tools bring your table design tools to the forefront quickly insert new fields in your table choose from basic types such as number text or currency and find additional choices such as rich text and euro inserted fields are automatically formatted according to your selection settings that were previously available only in the table design view such as the ability to set default values and validate data entry are now available on the ribbon and easier to use quick start fields new tables are fast and easy to create in access with a few simple clicks but typing field names and modifying various field settings can be time consuming fortunately with access 2010 and new quick start fields you can add multiple related and pre-formatted fields quickly and efficiently not only does this save time but it helps ensure consistency when creating tables that use similar fields in your current database or other databases 11


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figure 6 ­ use quick start fields to add groups of fields to your table add new fields in just a few clicks select a single quick start field and simultaneously add fields such as address city state zip and country create your own quick start field use a single field or group of fields for reuse in other tables and databases for example create a group of fields for frequently used calculations and you can even include the calculated result quick tip to create your own quick start field select a field or fields in your table on the table tools fields tab click more fields and then click save selection as new data type layout view improved microsoft access 2007 introduced a revolutionary new view called layout view for designing forms and reports layout view enables you to see how data in a form or report will look while you are designing it removing the need to switch views to verify formatting and other design changes in addition access 2007 added control layout controls can be grouped and treated as a single unit so they can be sized or moved simultaneously or you can easily drag and drop controls to move them within the group 12



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