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microsoft word 2010 product guide


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introduction 1 word 2010 at-a-glance 2 give your text the power to jump off the page 2 create visually compelling documents 2 get easier access to the right tools at the right time 3 save time and simplify your work 3 redefine working together on documents 4 work when and where you choose 5 word 2010 a closer look 6 text effects new 6 opentype typography new 7 picture editing tools new and improved 8 insert screenshot new 10 additional office themes improved 10 additional smartart graphics improved 12 shapes and shape effects improved 13 ribbon improved 14 microsoft office backstage view new 15 navigation pane improved 16 find tools improved 17 recover unsaved versions new 18 paste with live preview new 19 onenote linked notes new 20 contextual spell checker improved 21 co-authoring new 22 streamlined communications new 24


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protected view new 25 trusted documents new 26 accessibility checker new 26 language tools improved 27 translation tools improved 28 share through communicator 14 new 28 content controls improved 29 word web app new 30 word mobile 2010 improved 32 power user tips 33 where to find it 39 version comparison 46 faq 53 requirements disclosures 62


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if you are one of the millions of people worldwide who rely on microsoft® word to create documents for business school or personal projects you might have some expectations for what you ll find in this new version whether you want faster more convenient ways to accomplish everyday tasks or new technologies that help take your results to a new level microsoft word 2010 has the tools you need create better documents that help your important content shine work more quickly and easily when working with others on documents access and edit your documents when it s convenient for you online or on the road rather than being tied to your computer new and improved tools for formatting and managing documents make it easier than ever to create incredible content working with others on documents no longer means waiting your turn and you can access and work on your files where and when your best ideas occur welcome to word 2010 our most powerful intuitive and customizable release yet 1


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today s documents range from simple letters and lists to forms complex reports and papers that used to require a professional print shop but one thing is common to all of them your documents represent your ideas that s why you want them to be more than just words on paper word 2010 gives you the tools to create the professional polished documents that help you express yourself effectively give your text the power to jump off the page effective document design is about helping you convey your important information when you need your text to be as powerful as your images word 2010 offers flexible and easy-to-use tools that give new life to your words apply impressive text effects such as gradient fills and reflections directly to the text in your document as easily as applying bold or underline put a creative flourish on your documents by getting the most out of opentype fonts new opentype typography features provide support for ligatures stylistic sets and more create visually compelling documents whether good or bad the colors effects and graphics in documents always get noticed so if you re not a graphic designer and you don t have a lot of time to spend on the look of your documents how can you create a customized well-crafted look word 2010 provides an array of new and improved features that help you look like a design pro and help your documents make the right statement every time use new and improved picture editing tools including professional-quality artistic effects and advanced correction color and cropping tools and fine-tune the pictures in your documents without the need for additional photo-editing programs 2


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take advantage of more professionally-designed customizable office themes and coordinating word templates use themes to apply consistent colors fonts and graphic formatting effects throughout all of your microsoft office 2010 documents in just a few clicks explore a wide selection of additional smartart graphics including many new layouts for organization charts and picture diagrams to create inspiring graphics just by typing a bulleted list get easier access to the right tools at the right time new and improved features can help you be more productive but only if you can find them when you need them fortunately the enhanced customizable ribbon in word 2010 makes it easy to uncover more commands so you can focus on the end product not how to get there want an easier time making sure the document you re working on is finished and ready to share wishing for a faster more direct way to print something the new microsoft office backstagetm view can help you achieve all of this and more you can now more easily print share and manage your documents and customize your word 2010 experience all from one convenient location save time and simplify your work no matter what type of documents you create you want to focus on your content not the tasks associated with creating and managing documents word 2010 delivers new and improved tools that simplify and save time at every step find your way with the improved navigation pane with integrated find tools in word 2010 jump to the right place in your document easily rearrange content and find what you need quickly with a new results list and automatic hit highlighting recover files that you closed without saving you can now recover files after you accidentally close without saving even if you had never saved the document save time and improve results with intuitive features such as the new paste with live preview and an improved contextual spell checker getting it right the first time is always faster than doing it over 3


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keep your thoughts and ideas organized and accessible while planning and authoring your document by using the new linked notes feature with word 2010 and microsoft onenote® 2010 you may need to share documents with colleagues classmates or friends or perhaps you need to work with others on a team project regardless the complications and delays that can arise when sharing or working together on content can be frustrating to say the least that is until now word 2010 makes waiting your turn a thing of the past and gives you new and improved tools that make sharing your work simple and hassle-free redefine working together on documents word 2010 provides easy ways to bring people together new and improved technologies help break down barriers so you can share and collaborate more efficiently and effectively you can now edit the same document at the same time as other people in other locations 1 you can even communicate instantly as you work directly from word.2 collaborate with confidence using new improved and simplified security tools for example the new protected view helps you make informed decisions when opening unknown files before exposing your computer to possible vulnerabilities break down language barriers with improved translation tools and language settings if your ideas deadlines and work emergencies don t always occur conveniently when you are at your desk you are certainly not alone fortunately word 2010 gives you the power to get things done when and where you want 1 co-authoring requires microsoft sharepoint foundation 2010 for business or a free windows livetm id for personal use coinstant messaging requires one of the following microsoft office communications server 2007 r2 with microsoft office ® authoring via windows live will become available in the second half of calendar year 2010 2 communicator 2007 r2 windows live messenger or another instant messaging application that supports imessenger voice calls require office communications server 2007 r2 with office communicator 2007 r2 or an instant messaging application that supports imessengeradvanced 4


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work when and where you choose it s easy to take your word 2010 documents with you and stay on top of your work when you re on the go microsoft word web app enables you to view a high fidelity version of your documents and make light edits using some of the same formatting and editing tools that are in word 2010 from virtually any computer with a web browser.3 microsoft word mobile 2010 gives you a lightweight editor for your documents that s especially designed for easy use on your windows phone.4 whether you re writing that career-making report revising your term paper working with a volunteer team on the next big fundraiser or getting things done on the run word 2010 makes it easier to get what you need done more quickly with more flexibility and with better results 3 microsoft office web apps require an appropriate device internet connection supported internet explorer firefox or safari browser and either sharepoint foundation 2010 for business or a free windows live id for personal use editing in word web app via windows live will become available in the second half of calendar year 2010 there are some differences between the features of office web apps and the office 2010 applications 4 an appropriate device is required some mobile functionality requires an internet connection office mobile 2010 is not included in office 2010 applications suites or office web apps it will be available at the general availability of office 2010 on windows phones windows mobile 6.5 or above there are some differences between the features of office mobile 2010 and the office 2010 applications 5


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give your text the power to jump off the page text effects new you already use graphics and images to call attention to important content in your documents now you can apply the same types of formatting that you use for those graphics and images directly to document text unlike wordart from earlier versions of word you apply text effects to actual document text so you can still edit and spell check that text and even add text effects to paragraph character list or table styles available text effects include gradient fills custom shadows reflection glow soft edges bevels and more as well as a range of preset gallery options that enable you to quickly apply a coordinated set of effects figure 1 find the text effects gallery in the font group on the home tab note when you access the command labeled wordart from the insert tab in word 2010 you now get an editable text box within which you can use the same text effects discussed here these same effects are also available to any text in microsoft powerpoint® 2010 and to text in 6


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graphics in microsoft excel® 2010 text effects were introduced in powerpoint and excel in office 2007 and are referred to as wordart in those applications quick tip for additional text effects that you do not see in the text effects gallery click the dialog box launcher icon in the font group at the bottom of the font dialog box click text effects to open a dialog box that includes effects such as gradient fills gradient lines and 3-d bevels opentype typography new in word 2010 it s easy to make an impact with your text by taking advantage of the typography capabilities in many opentype fonts for example explore the opentype typography features in existing fonts such as calibri corbel and cambria or try gabriola a new font in office 2010 that offers a rich array of stylistic sets word 2010 provides support for the following opentype typography features ligatures ligatures give your document the look of professional typesetting by combining character pairs as shown in figure 2 figure 2 standard ligatures applied to text in the constantia font stylistic sets use stylistic sets to add flair to your documents as shown in figure 3 figure 3 text in the gabriola font using stylistic sets 1 4 and 7 7


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alternate number forms and number spacing control the appearance and layout of numbers in your text using number forms and number spacing alternatives as you see in figure 4 figure 4 number forms and number spacing applied to text in the cambria font opentype kerning when you apply the font kerning in word that you already know word 2010 now uses the opentype values when available in the font for a more precise result as specified by the font designer note several opentype typography features are also available in microsoft publisher 2010 create visually compelling documents picture editing tools new and improved word 2010 gives you the freedom to be your own graphic artist with a range of new and improved tools for working with images apply all new artistic effects such as paint strokes glass pencil sketch and pastels grab only what you want from your image and leave the rest behind with the new remove background tool figure 5 an original image top left and the same image with the glow edges center and glass right artistic effects applied and with background elements removed bottom picture styles and effects are also applied to the top row of images to provide shapes reflection gradient border shadow bevel and 3-d rotation 8


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explore new sharpen and soften correction tools along with improved brightness and contrast experiment with new color tools including color saturation and color tone as well as an improved recolor tool perfect your pictures quickly with an advanced cropping tool that enables you to crop to a shape or to a selected aspect ratio or to pan and zoom in on key image elements just by dragging and resizing the picture within the crop area figure 6 an advanced cropping tool displays your full image in shadow while you crop quick tip use live preview to save time when editing photos point to an option in the correction color or artistic effects galleries to see the settings applied to your selected picture and if you don t see exactly what you want in the galleries click options at the bottom of any of those galleries for a dialog box that offers advanced formatting choices note the same new and improved picture editing tools are also available in powerpoint 2010 excel 2010 and microsoft outlook® 2010 9


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insert screenshot new want even more ways to add the impact of images to your documents take screenshots in your other open windows directly from word 2010 or select from a gallery of available screenshots automatically populated by your open windows note the ability to take screenshots directly from office 2010 programs is also available in powerpoint excel outlook publisher and onenote additional office themes improved you want all your documents to have a consistent professional look but who has the time for all that formatting you do because office themes enable you to apply a coordinated set of fonts colors and graphic effects to your entire document in just a couple of clicks themes were introduced in office 2007 for word powerpoint excel and outlook enabling you to apply a consistent professional look to all of your content office 2010 adds 20 additional built-in professionally-designed themes for a total of 40 built-in designs as well as easy access to many additional themes on customize or create your own themes for an effortless way to implement your own personal or business branding or use the designs provided to quickly add impact to any content figure 7 find the themes group on the page layout tab in word 10


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quick tips in word 2010 you can also apply theme effects or other theme fills to shapes the other theme fills available are the powerpoint slide backgrounds from your theme making it easy to coordinate all of your office 2010 documents to access the fills that match your powerpoint slide backgrounds select the shape to fill and then on the drawing tools format tab in the shape styles group expand the shape styles gallery and then point to other theme fills note that these same fills are also available to shapes in powerpoint and excel and were introduced in those programs in office 2007 word 2010 also includes several new professionally-designed templates that coordinate with office themes for example create a new document based on the adjacency report template and then point to different themes in the themes gallery to see how the graphic elements in that template change as shown in figure 8 notice that shapes used as backgrounds on the first two pages of this template use the slide background fills noted in the preceding tip to access templates that are installed with word 2010 click the file tab to open the new backstage view click new and then click sample templates figure 8 original adjacency report template top and clockwise from top with black tie austin angles and hardcover themes applied 11


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quick tips you can mix and match theme elements to create a custom look in no time select separate theme colors theme fonts and theme formatting effects from their respective galleries on the page layout tab in the themes group then use the save current theme option at the bottom of the themes gallery to save your selections as a custom theme that you can apply to content in word powerpoint excel outlook and even microsoft access® 2010 in addition to the 40 built-in themes available from the themes gallery explore the category in that gallery and check it often select themes appear automatically as they become available additional smartart graphics improved you know that a graphic can often help display your important points more effectively than just text that s why it s so important to choose the right type of graphic for your content and make it look its best fortunately office 2010 adds dozens of additional smartart layouts for a total of more than 130 different diagrams that you can create as easily as typing a bulleted list these popular graphics introduced in office 2007 make it possible for anyone to create truly impressive diagrams smartart layouts include a broad range of options from lists to process cycle and relationship diagrams that can help you convey related ideas and non-linear concepts with greater visual impact the new layouts added in office 2010 include additional organization charts picture diagrams and many more you also get improved tools for working with picture diagrams such as the ability to easily add or replace images from within the text pane or replace selected images in your diagram using the change picture command on the picture tools format tab figure 9 the choose a smartart graphic dialog box available on the insert tab in the illustrations group 12



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