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We Enable Providing ‘plug and play’ solutions for you to keep a track on your environment. We enable you to have a control over some of the most basic yet crucial elements of your space - air and water. With an innovative use of tec hnology, our solutions help you monitor, capture and measure the exact conditions of your space at all times. We suppor t with immediate notifications and control measures in case of any catastrophic possibility, making your property secure and your mind, stress-free.


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We Ensure QUALITY CONTROL We help in ensuring that your products are stored in just the right temperature and humidity, and from the perspective of human resources, your people are working in a safe and good quality environment. REMOTE MONITORING With products that are connected to your devices through the internet at all times, we offer you an expert vigilance over your space and inventory.


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We Ensure ! SECURITY ALERTS With features that are customized as per the requirements of your space, we notify you with multiple points of contact and allow you measures to cotrol, in case any variable of your space start becoming unsafe. HEALTH MEASURES Helping you regulate the quality of the air around your space and maintain the quality of water that you drink, we help promote a healthy lifestyle, along with complete peace of mind on safety.


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We Execute Easy Connectivity Our products are pre-programmed and ready-to-go right out of the box, and all the device needs is an internet (Wi-fi or Sim network) connection and a power point. Data generation After a quick installation, the device immediately starts generating data regarding numerous air variables (temperature, humidity, air quality, etc) and water quality. This data is crucial to maintain a healthy workspace, home or inventory. Quality Control Our products keep a tab on the quality of your environment and keep sending you notifications in case anything starts to get out of hand, so you can implement control measures and prevent harm to your inventory, property, personnel, or space.


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We Simplify A centralised and easy to use dashboard to monitor all the devices at the same time. Check the data from any location. Receive real-time alerts and notifications. See the exact position of all the crucial variables. Generating a downloadable report for all the data. REAL TIME UPDATES ON APP


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Our Products


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Aura Pro Temperature, Humidity, Smoke, Fire, LPG/Propane Monitoring Ideal for home kitchen and hotels. Must have for societies where we have gas pipelines. Single device to monitor all 5 variables. A combination of Korean, European and American sensors. International standard quality for the LPG sensors.


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Aura Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Informs about temperature and humidity data at any location you are. Temperature accuracy of ±0.5°C. Humidity accuracy of within 2-5% on a range of 0-100%. Korean high quality and high life sensor. Motherboard imported from the UK.


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Aqua Water TDS Monitoring Monitors water to ensure it is safe to drink.  Ideal standards for drinkable water is >100 TDS European sensor which has a chip to monitor the data every 2 seconds. Ideal for home, hotels, hospitals.


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We Provide Setup of thresholds as per your requirement at a device level. Provide notification on the device being offline. Supporting features like Mobile Application, Email Alerts, SMS Alerts and downloadable reports. Interactive Dashboard to monitor all the devices conveniently.


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We Customize SMOKE AND FIRE SENSORS With smoke and fire sensors as two separate units as well as a single unit, we help you gain control and exercise control before a fire hazard happens, preventing loss of property and personnel. MOTION SENSOR LIGHT Discouraging trespassing and to help you keep a peace of mind about the privacy of your space, our motion sensor lights offer instant notifications to you in case of a movement, allowing you to take necessary measures in time.


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We Connect 9th Floor, Brigade IRV Centre, Nallurhalli, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, 560066 +91 97417 16461


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