Different Types of Bed Sheets


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Different Types of Bed Sheets: Microfiber, Cotton, Bamboo & Silk There are mainly four types of bed sheets: microfiber, cotton, bamboo & silk sheets. Below are some of their pros and cons, which will help you make the right decision when buying bed sheets. Pros Cons Synthetic Microfiber fibers, like Sheets polyesters, nylon • Microfiber is and tightly woven, it repels stains and water, making them easier to maintain than other sheets • It holds color very well, making them great for sheets with vibrant colors and designs. • Microfiber is hypoallergenic. • Very cheap. • Easy to wrinkle, and wear down over time. You’ll have to replace these more often than other types of sheets. • Created from petroleum waste products. Not organic. • Static and can conduct electricity. This can cause an undesirable feeling when getting in and out of bed. Cotton Natural Sheets fibers • Temperature regulating ability, keeps you cool in the warm summer and warm in cold winter. • Widely available for every budget, style, size. • Prone to wrinkling. • Cheaper cotton sheets can deteriorate with time, causing tearing and thinning.


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Bamboo Natural Sheets fibers Silk Natural Sheets fibers • Incredibly soft to the touch, even better than cotton. • More breathable, allowing heat to escape and keeping you from being overheat. • Naturally hypoallergenic and moisture reducing, limiting your exposure to dust mites and mildew. • More durable than sheets of any other material, staying true to bamboo characteristics • Even better insulation properties than cotton • Naturally hypoallergenic, resists mold, dust mites, and mildew • Moisture absorbency good for skin and hair • More expensive than other types of sheets (other than silk). • There are wide quality gaps in bamboo sheets, a cheaper sheet set may have been made with chemicals that can minimize it’s benefits. • Difficult to care for; Better to do it by hand • Expensive. Source: https://www.pandasilk.com/the-different-types-of-bed-sheets-microfiber-cotton-bamboosilk/



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